Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon. I only borrow them to
have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Lesbian, Oral, Violence, and of course sex)

Paring: Buffy/Faith

Setting: Rewriting of the episode Bad Girls. Buffy and Faith act on their
sexual tension and do what you wish they would have done.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Faith
by Robbins([email protected])

Buffy and Faith are in a fight with several vampires. Together Buffy and
Faith dust them.

Faith goes up to Buffy.

"Great work, B!" Faith says.

Buffy smiles. Faith looks at Buffy. 'She is so attractive,' Faith thinks.
She has wanted Buffy since coming to Sunnydale. Faith makes a decision.
Faith leans up to Buffy and kisses her hard on the lips. Buffy is stunned
by Faith's actions. After what seems an eternity. Faith withdraws from Buffy.

"Hey, girlfriend. Was that as good as Angel?" Faith asks Buffy.

Buffy says nothing,and runs off. Faith thinks soon Buffy will know she is now
her girlfriend.

* * *

Buffy runs into her bedroom and closes the door. She can't believe Faith
kissed her. But the worse feeling was she liked kissing Faith. Buffy didn't
know what to know.

* * *

Faith walks into her motel room. She removes her clothes. She thinks soon
Buffy will be here with her.

Faith walks to the bed. She gets on the bed.

* * *

Buffy arrives at school the next day. Faith is there waiting for her. Buffy
notices how attractive Faith looks. Buffy thinks to herself, 'I can't have
those thoughts.'

"Hey, B!" Faith says.

"I have to go inside, Faith," Buffy says.

Buffy runs inside the school. Faith smiles. She knows Buffy liked kissing
her. And all she has to do is make sure Buffy can't ignore those feelings.

* * *

Buffy and Faith are patrolling that night. There is tension between them.
Buffy doesn't want to discuss what happened.

Suddenly they are attacked by Vampires. A fight breaks out. Buffy and Faith
end up dusting them.

Suddenly Faith pushes Buffy to a tree.

"What's going on, Faith?" Buffy asks.

"You're not going to deny it, B. There is something between us," Faith tells

Faith kisses Buffy long and hard. Buffy's defenses are finally down. She
wants Faith too and she puts her arms around Faith. Faith now knows Buffy has
surrendered to her.

* * *

Faith and Buffy arrive at Faith's motel room. They kiss hard some more.

Faith withdraws.

"I want you so much, B," Faith says.

"Fuck me, Faith," Buffy says.

Faith thinks that is all I have been waiting for. Faith throws Buffy to the
bed. Faith starts to undress.

* * *

Faith, now nude, goes to the bed. She pulls Buffy's pants off. She pulls
Buffy's panties down and spreads her legs.

"Your pussy is now mine," Faith says and buries her face into Buffy's pussy.

Faith begins to lick away at Buffy's cunt. Buffy enjoys this.

"Oh, Faith!" Buffy moans in pleasure.

* * *

Buffy explodes into Faith's mouth. Faith drinks all of Buffy's cum. She likes

Buffy has never felt like this before. She feels completely with Faith.

* * *

Faith lays on the bed with Buffy on top of her. Faith is caressing Buffy's
tits. She feels so much pleasure.

Faith thinks Buffy is so much now her bitch.

The End


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