NOTE: This story takes place in an alternate Buffyverse, a few years into
the future. Faith has remained with the good guys, and is Buffy's secret
girlfriend. Willow and Tara are still together and Dawn is now at college.
Although a separate story, this series follows chronologically from Buffy
and The Corrupter.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy And The Daughters Of Gaia Part 3 (MF+,anal)
by Mindfiend

Music began to blare from Dawn's bedroom. Willow groaned. With a bleary eye,
she looked at Tara. Her lover sat on the edge of the bed, already dressed,
and brushing her long blonde hair. When she felt Willow stirring, she turned
and flashed her a smile.

"Morning, sleepy-head."

"Urgh. It's morning already? We've only just got to sleep."

Tara leant over and gave her a peck on the cheek. "And whose fault is that?
I seem to remember a certain redhead getting rather frisky with a soapy
sponge, right about the time even vampires are saying 'Gee, it's a little
late.' No wonder you're still tired."

Willow looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. "Yeah? Well, I seem to
recall a certain blonde mentioning that she would let me have a lie in, if I
could make her pop, just once more."


After fondly ruffling Willow's tangled hair, Tara got up. She placed the
hairbrush back onto the dressing table and gathered her purse. As Willow
rolled over and pulled a pillow across her head, Tara quietly shut the
bedroom door. Heading down the hallway, she stopped at Dawn's door. The
music drowned out the sound of her knocking.


She knocked again. Still no answer. Tentatively, she pushed the door open.
Inside, Dawn was dancing to the music. Dressed only in a small pair of white
panties, she pranced in a circle and sang into a pretend microphone. Her eyes
were closed, and one hand cupped an imaginary headphone to her ear. Watching
the teenager with a smile, Tara folded her arms across her breasts and leant
on the door frame. After a moment, realising that Dawn was still oblivious to
her presence, Tara spoke up.


Instantly, the young girl's eyes flicked open. Seeing she had been caught,
Dawn flushed pink and gave an embarrassed grin. With one hand, she reached
out and dialled down the volume of her music.

"Morning," she said, hooking some hair behind her ear.

"Something, or someone, has put you in a good mood. You're normally last to
get up." Tara was smiling as she teased her. Seeing Dawn squirm a little,
she let it go. "I just wanted to ask if it's okay that we meet for lunch a
quarter of an hour later than usual. I've got to go and see some people

"Sure, no problem. I'll get the orders in."

"Fine. Just a small shake for me. I'm watching my figure."

"Oh really? I thought that was Willow's job."

* * *

Giles was sipping at a cup of tea when Anya got to work. From all the books
on the table it was obvious that the Watcher had been there for several
hours. She peered at the book he was reading.

"Tomulok's Compendium Demonica? I never knew that you had a copy of that.
It's supposed to be one of the most complete catalogues of demonic species,
and individuals, ever written." She hovered behind his shoulder, trying to
see more.

With a sigh, he looked up at her. "I called in a big favour to get it and had
Simpkins on the council send it over."

"But it does list a great many different demons in it?"

"Yes. It is remarkably informed."

"Many individual demons?"


"Sort of a who's who?"


"Am I in it?"

"Hmm. Let's see," he said, his interest piqued. "Vengeance demons. Vengeance
demons. Ah, here we are, Vengeance demons. Anyanka. This demon concerns
herself mainly with wreaking a bloody and savage vengeance on all who have
wronged women. It was in Sjornjost in 880 AD that she first manifested her
true calling. Then, she was a lowly peasant girl named Aud. When she
discovered that her lover, Olaf, had been unfaithful with a bar matron named
Rannveig, she cast a spell to transform him into a troll. The inventiveness
of the revenge caught the attention of D'Hoffryn. He appeared to her,
revealing her real nature and demonic name. Joining his ranks of disciples,
Anyanka set about her chosen task with imaginative brutality. Many claims
have been made about her influence on the passage of history, some are wildly
exaggerated, but most are based on fact. She is fanatical about her cause,
caring for no-one and nothing, except the smiting of faithless lovers."

Giles tapped his teeth with his glasses. "Of course, that last part's
inaccurate, as of late, but that's hardly Tomulok's fault. Him having been
eviscerated by a Shognath demon back in the sixties, that is."

The shop bell rang as Buffy and Faith walked in. "Hey, Giles," Buffy said,
slipping wearily into a chair beside him.

Anya looked Buffy up and down. "Are those the same clothes that you wore

Buffy appeared taken aback. "W..Well," she mumbled, struggling for words.

"Heavy night slaying vamps," said Faith, thinking quickly.

"Oh," replied Anya. "You do know that you have grass stains all over your
back and are missing several buttons from your blouse?"

Buffy looked shocked and surprised. She raised her eyebrows at Faith in a
why-didn't-you-tell-me gesture. The brunette gave her a grin full of

"Was it rough?" asked Giles.

Buffy kept her eyes fixed on Faith's. "Yeah, kinda."

* * *

Tara lightly knocked on the dorm room door. After a moment, it was opened by
one of The Daughters of Gaia. They all looked so much alike, that Tara wasn't
sure which one it was.

"H..Hello. I wondered if I might have a talk with you and your sisterhood."

Jody looked Tara up and down. Still blocking the doorway, she looked back at
someone out of sight. "Meg, it's that Wiccan from yesterday."

A small tingle in the air made goose bumps rise on Tara's arms.

"Let her in."

Obediently, Jody stepped back and drew the door wide. Inside, the other four
Daughters of Gaia were waiting. Kim and Ruth sat on a sofa. Mary had her back
against the headboard of the bed and Megan perched on the edge of her desk.
Her long black ponytail swung, its red tip bobbing, as she nodded for Tara to

Once she was inside, Jody closed the door and leant against it.

"I wanted to offer you and your coven my help. You have done exceedingly well
with your study of magic. I can show you to focus and harmonize that
knowledge. Thespia can guide and nurture your calling. I want to help you
understand The Craft and its uses."


"Yes. I was once a Daughter of Gaia. So was W..Willow." She looked around at
the young witches. "You know. The girl I was with yesterday?"

Megan folded her hands across her black blouse. Her studded dog collar
glinted as she took a step toward Tara. "You mean that pyro bitch that
incinerated my spell notes?"

Tara frowned. Something was wrong. Megan seemed changed somehow. In fact,
each of the girls seemed to exude an air of confidence that they had lacked
the day before. This had been a big mistake. Opening her mind to the flow of
life, she could see the aura around Meg swirl with a muddy green. A taint of

"Er.. I think I'd better go. I can see that you don't need my help." She
took a step backward, toward the door. The atmosphere in the room changed
and became full of menace. Fumbling with her hip pouch, she felt the air
tingle like it had just before she entered the room. Megan's features
changed. The face of the beautiful young woman melted away and in its
place leered the dryad. Her suddenly brown skin had the pattern of wood
grain upon it.

"Your gonna be sorry you ever crossed me."

Tara cast a handful of lotus dust at the demon. As it struck her it made a
sizzling noise. Shrieking, she clutched her face and staggered back. Mary
sat upright, making raking gestures with hooked fingers. "Gaia strike from
the wilderness; let her feel the bite of the maw. Gaia strike from the
deepest wood; let her bleed from the slash of the cla.."

Before she could finish, Tara spun towards her and twisted her hand in a
pulling motion. Mary was yanked from the bed by an invisible force and
crashed to the floor on her hands and knees. Kim and Ruth were already
jumping to their feet, holding hands. As one, they snapped their free arms
forward. Green bolts of energy exploded against Tara's side and threw her
across the room.

* * *

At five o'clock, Xander put down his hammer and stretched. His back ached.
It had been a hard day. The rest of the guys from the construction site began
to make their way home, calling farewell as they went.

Once he had put his tools away, he walked down to his car. A girl was leant
against the passenger door. She was young, about nineteen or twenty, and
dressed to impress. Her tiny black skirt accentuated her long, slim legs and
her silk blouse was so tight that her breasts were clearly defined. She wore
her hair cut into a pageboy bob and it was as black as a raven.

"Hi, handsome."

He recognised her immediately. It was impossible to forget someone that
beautiful after only a couple of days. She was one of the girls that had
surrounded Dawn at school.

"What do you want?"

Kim gave him a coy look and held out her closed hand. "Only to return this.
Dawn dropped it when she was knocked down by Morris."

He glanced down as she opened her fingers. A brief spark of light flashed
from her palm. When he looked back up at her, Anya looked back. Confused, he
looked left and right.

"Where did she go?"

"Who?" said his girlfriend, pushing herself off the car door.

Realising that telling Anya he was looking for a hot young woman in a
miniskirt might not be too smart, he shrugged. "Oh, never mind." He circled
the car and got in. Reaching across the seats, he unlocked her door and she
slipped in beside him.

"I got a quote from a mechanic about fixing those holes," he said, nodding at
the axe marks in the hood. "You don't want to know how much that's going to

As he drove the car down the street, Anya turned to him and kissed his cheek.
"I've got a surprise for you."

"Yeah? Is that the good sort of surprise involving outfits and sweatiness,
or the bad sort of surprise that involves large yellow demons with big slicy

"Oh, I guarantee that you'll get sweaty."

He took his eyes off the road for a second to flash her a leer. "Okay,
straight home it is then."

"No, Honey. What I have planned for you is in the woods. Turn left up here."

Deep inside, a little voice was trying to tell him that this was wrong, but
something made him ignore it.

* * *

Buffy had long since returned to the Magic shop. After going home to shower
and change, she had made her way back to help Giles with his research. At
the moment, he was assisting Anya in filling an order for an old couple.

While her fingers turned the pages of a large book, her mind drifted.
Unbidden, it flashed up images from her sexual encounter with Giles. She
closed her eyes and felt his hands as they caressed her body; the gentleness
with which he had stroked her skin. She could remember the sweet feeling of
his kiss; soft and gentle at first, but with a mounting passion. The glorious
sensation as he slid his long, hot shaft inside her. A sigh of longing
slipped from her.

Suddenly, she bolted upright. Her eyes scanned left and right to see if
anyone had heard. It didn't seem like anyone had. Angry with herself, she
pushed the thoughts away. They were wholly inappropriate. She didn't think
of Giles that way. She told herself that thought again, just to make it
sound convincing. With a shrug, she shuffled her shoulders to move the
fabric of her blouse from her hard nipples.

The doorbell rang as the old couple left the shop. Giles returned to the
research table. As he sat down, Anya followed him.

"I'm just saying, that perhaps we should have made them sign a form,
absolving us of any injuries they incur."

"That's not very practical, now, is it?"

"On the contrary, I think it is very practical. My way, when they throw a
hip, or whatever, they will not be able to sue us."

Giles removed his spectacles and massaged his nose. "Dear Lord."

"What are you talking about?" Buffy asked.

"That couple wanted the ingredients for a temporary revitalising potion."

"They wanted to have sex," Anya interjected, helpful as only she could be.
"And they shouldn't. They're too old. It's disgusting. And they will probably
damage something trying, and sue us for lots of money. That's not fair. I
like the money, it should stay with us."

Faith walked in from the training room. Her skin shone with sweat and she was
mopping at her forehead with a towel. Almost at the same time, the shop door
rang as Willow arrived.

"Hey guys."

"Hi, Will."

As the Wiccan moved toward a chair next to Buffy, Faith pushed past and
dropped into it. Dabbing the sweat from her cleavage, she gave the redhead a
look. Willow paused for a moment and then circled around to the other side
of Giles and sat down.

"Any luck with Anya's fanclub?" she asked, slipping her purse from around her
neck and onto the table.

"No, none at all. Sorval demons are so rare that not even Tomulok's can

Faith rocked her chair back by pushing her feet against the table's edge. "I
bet you ten bucks that chopping him into little pieces will work." Giles gave
her feet a disapproving stare. When his eyes caught hers, she held them,
daring him to reprimand her.

"Y..yes, quite," he said, looking away.

"Where'd you get ten bucks from?" Buffy cocked her head to one side and
glanced at Faith.

"I didn't. But then, I won't need it. All I have to do is make sure that
Bull wax dies when I cut him up. Then I get ten crisp bills from The Tweed

"That's Bullthrax," Anya corrected.


Giles once more met Faith's gaze. She lifted her eyebrows, suggestively. He
was about to say something when the shop bell rang. Dawn walked in and
boosted herself up onto the glass counter. She looked at Willow. "Tara owes
me the money for lunch. She could have called if her meeting ran that late."

The colour drained from Willow's cheeks. "W...What?"

"Tara. She didn't show up for our usual lunch date. She said this morning
that she might be a little late, but she didn't make it at all."

Buffy could tell that Willow was concerned. She stood. "Did Tara say where
she was going before she was supposed to meet you?"

"No. Only that she had to go and see somebody. I don't know who."

"I do."

Everybody turned to look at Willow. "She wanted to help The Daughters of
Gaia. Thought she could guide them in the right direction."

"Okay," said Buffy, already making for the door. "Willow, come with me. Giles
take Dawn home. Anya you stay here and wait for Xander to pick you up when he
finishes work."

Chairs scraped as everybody moved to do as they were told. When Faith began
to follow Buffy, she held up her hand to signal no. "You stay here, Faith.
Someone has to keep an eye out for Anya. We don't know when this Sorval may
show up."


"Just do it."

After all the others had left, Faith put her hands on her hips and turned to
the Vengeance demon. "Okay, you just volunteered to hold the punch bag while
I work out."

* * *

The door to the dorm room swung open as Buffy pushed it. Stepping inside, she
looked at the trashed room. The sofa was toppled backward, the bed was pushed
awry and the desk looked like it had exploded.

Willow followed her friend into the room and her face fell. Seeing several
scorch marks on the wall, she pressed her hand flat against one. Her eyes
fluttered shut and her lips moved in a silent spell. Faint blue ovals
appeared around the scorch marks. Buffy saw Willow's lips tighten into a
narrow line. Suddenly, the Wiccan let out a strangled little gasp and jumped
to the side of the bed. She ducked down and then straightened up holding a
purse. It was made from tan suede and had a felt picture of a black cat and
daisies sewn onto the front. The shoulder strap had lots of cotton woven
around it in multicoloured bands.

"This is Tara's purse," she said to Buffy, not taking her eyes from it.
"There has been magic cast in here." She indicated the glowing blue marks.

The Slayer nodded, looking around, "They must have taken her somewhere else."

Buffy placed an arm around her friend's shoulders. She could see the tears
brimming in Willow's eyes. "Don't worry Will. We'll find her. I don't know
how, but we'll find her."

"I can find her." She opened her hand and a small globe of white light lifted
into the air. Without any command, it drifted toward the door and into the
hallway. Students walked right through it, oblivious to its presence because
it was invisible to them.

Buffy and Willow followed the telltale as it skimmed out of the building.
When she spoke, steel filled Willow's voice.

"If they've hurt Tara, I'll show those bitches what real magic is."

* * *

After they parked the car, Anya led Xander deep into the woods. For a while
they walked hand in hand.

"Are you not even going to give me a hint as to what my surprise is?"

"Okay, but just a little one. The ancient Romans used to have a lot of them."

He though for a moment, watching his feet plough through the wild flowers.
"Baths? You're going to give me a bath. Out here?"

Anya laughed and cast him a fond glance. The sunlight made her hair
shimmer with a golden halo. "No, silly. Think of something they put on for

"Toga parties?"

Her free hand gently slapped his bicep. "No."

"Feasts? That'd be great. I'm quite hungry."

"You're always hungry. And no."

As they entered a clearing, he shrugged. "Well, that only leaves orgies, and
I know you wouldn't..." In the middle of the clearing he could see the girls
waiting for him. Four of them. Completely naked. For perhaps the first time
in his life, Alexander Lavelle Harris was speechless. Not even a jokey quip
crossed his mind. He just couldn't believe what he saw. As he and Anya
reached them, one stepped forward and gave him a little peck on his cheek. He
felt arousal flood through him as he looked at her small breasts, crowned by
firm pink nipples. Her lolita-like body was bathed in sunlight. It glinted on
the smooth moist folds of her bare quim.

"Wow, Dawn. You look great!"

Dawn looked puzzled and turned to Buffy. "Dawn? I though his girlfriend was
called Anya?"

Anya let go of Xander's hand and began to take off her clothes. "It is. He's
been calling me that all the way here."

Buffy smiled. "Ah. I see. The glamour makes him see what he wants to see. The
other guys all saw just their own girlfriends. This one must be seeing her,
and ones he has fantasies about, as well."

Faith stepped forward and planted a kiss on Xander's lips. Her tongue slipped
into his mouth and played there. Hesitantly, he slipped his hands down her
back and cupped her soft buttocks. She put her arms around his neck and
hugged him, tightly. Her lips roved against his as he felt her breasts squash
against his chest.

For a long moment, they embraced ignoring the others. When she pulled away,
Xander looked at Anya. "Are you sure, Ahn? You don't mind?"

Anya wobbled on one leg as she unclasped her shoe. "No, Honey. You go right
ahead and have fun. In fact, it is important that you do. Very important. Do
anything you wish to. They'll let you. Anything."

"Are you the best girlfriend ever, or what?!" With a beaming grin, he drew
his T-shirt over his head and cast it aside. As he did so, Buffy looked at
Willow. "Ruth, you be the first gate. I'll be the second." She turned to
Dawn, "Mary, you're the third gate."

As Xander struggled out of his pants, Dawn pulled a face and cupped her hands
protectively around her buttocks. "Aww! Why do I have to be the third gate?
That last guy was big and it hurt!"

Buffy fixed her with an unsympathetic stare. "You know very well why. You're
the youngest. The gathering spell to draw the energies that summon The
Spirit of Oak requires the three gates of woman to be blessed in a particular

"But Meg..."

"Obey me!" Buffy screamed, making all the girls freeze. Xander looked up from
the grass, where he was sat pulling off a sock. When she saw him looking,
Buffy mellowed and blew him a kiss. "Don't worry, you big stud, you're still
going to get to fuck us all, if you want."

Xander flipped onto his back and began to yank off his boxer shorts. "Oh man!
I knew all those years of humiliation at the hands of Cordelia and Harmony
would have to balance out sometime! Thank the powers that be! This is going
to be pay back and then some!"

As he wriggled his last garment free, he was suddenly surrounded by the five
young, nubile women. Everywhere he looked, he could see bare breasts, smooth
skin and inviting pussies. He'd died and gone to Xander heaven. Oh, yes!

Ten hands began to caress his flesh. They were everywhere. Stroking his
chest, caressing his arms, dancing along his thighs and curling around his
quickly stiffening cock. Buffy kissed his nipple on one side; Faith the
nipple on the other. He watched as they traced wet sticky trails with their
tongues across his pecs, until they met in the middle and treated him to
the sight of a long French kiss. How often he had dreamed of the sight!
Their glistening tongues writhed in the space between their mouths, tiny
strands of saliva stretching between them.

As he watched Buffy and Faith kissing, Xander felt someone plant tiny kisses
on his ankles and begin to work her way up the inside of his left leg. He
could feel a warm tongue flick out and lick him with each press of the lips.
Glancing between the nearly touching breasts of the two Slayers, he could
just see bright red hair drape his thighs. Willow reached his groin and began
to see if she could coat every spare inch of his scrotum in her saliva.

Xander groaned and let his head slip back down to the grass. As he did so,
a shadow fell across his face and Dawn lowered her ruby lips to his. With
endearing hesitancy, she licked his lips. The sweet taste of her filled his
mouth. Even as he lifted a hand to cup her tiny breasts, he felt her sister's
mouth envelope his nipple, again. Another thrill went through him as he felt
Faith do the same. Lost in the tender caress of the five young girls, he
surrendered to the pleasure. He barely noticed as Anya lifted his arm by the
wrist and guided his fingers into her juicy pussy. In those sticky depths,
his fingers began to work of their own volition.

His tongue pushed its way eagerly into Dawn's mouth. When she gave a little
bob of joy, her long hair swung loose and drifted against the side of his
face. As he found the pleasures of her little tongue, he felt Willow lick a
trail up the shaft of his cock. His breath caught as she sucked it into her
mouth and began to milk it.

Laying there in the glade, he drifted under their combined assault. Waves of
pleasure washed across him. One hand held a young breast, his other ploughed
into his girlfriend's wanton cunt. His mouth explored the delights Dawn had
to offer. Even his chest was not neglected, as he felt Buffy and Faith
grinding their breasts against him, their nipples hard and poking into him.
But the greatest wonder of them all was the sheer skill with which Willow
swallowed his length. Where had she learned such things? He doubted that it
was from Oz. Like a snake, her tongue slithered around his glans as she
sucked him. Each time she thrust him into her mouth she took him as deep as
he could go. Her lips pulsed in tight waves along his rigid flesh.

His moans of exquisite delight were breathed into the mouth of Buffy's little

How long they worked on him, he didn't know; time seemed to stretch and
contract wildly. Finally, he could take it no longer. With a gasping shudder,
he heaved and began to pump his warm, creamy cum into Willow's sucking mouth.
She sank him deep and surrounded his throbbing shaft with her throat. Each
pulse shot a jet from his balls and into her receptive embrace. The final
twitches of his spitting staff were so pleasurable that he saw spots before
his eyes. Dimly, he was aware of the four girls whispering something, but he
could not make out what it was.

"Oh, Jeez!" Exhausted and utterly spent, he lay in a pool of sunshine
surrounded by beautiful women. They had taken every drop from his body. Bliss
washed over him.

Happily, he grinned at Anya and Buffy. "And there was me hoping to get inside
one of you. Ha. No chance now, I'm done!"

Buffy reached out and gently cupped his empty balls. "Oh, we'll see about

"Gaia, Mother of Nature, look with favour upon your Daughter's prayer. Gaia,
Maiden of springtime, bring freshness upon this man. Gaia, Well of life, fill
this spring again."

As the words finished, Xander felt his scrotum swell and become tight as it
filled with fresh spunk.

"Oh, man!"

* * *


Faith hid her grin and slammed the bag with another left hook. It bounced and
the force shook Anya loose. She tottered away from the other side and rubbed
her sore arm.

"Stop that! You're doing that on purpose!"

"Look, Babe. I'm a Slayer. We're strong. I know you are. So stop whining and
hold on."

"I'm only strong when I'm in my demon form."

"Well the..."

She didn't finish the sentence because the door to the alley behind the Magic
Shop was smashed inward. Bullthrax strode into the training room. His long
white hair cascaded down the back of his bearskin jerkin. Instead of his axe,
this time he was holding a five foot broadsword.

"Anyanka, you mould from a dog's prick, I am here to relieve you of your

"Bullthrax, will you just knock it off and quit, already!"

"Never, you pock-faced wretch! It is a matter of honour. A true warrior would
never forgive such a thing as you did. I have sworn a mortal oath that you
will die by my blade."

He strode toward the little blonde. Faith stepped between them. "I don't
think so, Snow White. Give me one good reason why I should let you kill her."

"Because she is a blight to all who know her. Her stink rots the very air
around her. No blade is sharper than that Harpy's tongue. The world would be
a better place without her!"

Faith looked at him for a moment and then stepped aside, "Okay, you convinced

Anya's jaw dropped in disbelief. "What!"

Bullthrax strode a step closer and sliced at her with his blade. The steel
cut through the air where she would have been if she hadn't ducked. "Faith,
stop messing about and help me!"

The Slayer folded her arms and watched as the Sorval demon repeatedly swung
his sword at the Vengeance demon. He was sloppy, but effective. Each time,
Anya only just avoided the swipe. When it cleaved above her head and cut a
groove in the swinging punch bag, Anya managed to duck behind Faith. "Help
me dammit! Buffy said you should protect me. That sword is magical, it will
kill me!"

Faith gave her a wry smile. "Oh, come on. You're not in any real danger. If
you wanted to, you would just 'port away. Besides, this is fun."

"Fun! Fun! You call watching me get chased around a room by a psychotic with
a broadsword, fun!"

"Hell, Yeah!"

Miffed, Anya watched Bullthrax's blade sweep toward her and teleported away.
Or rather didn't. The only reason she wasn't there when the blade swept
through where she had been stood, was that Faith had yanked her backward.

"Don't piss about. Teleport."

"I can't!"

"What? Why?"

"This is why you putrid, painted faced whore." Bullthrax was gloatingly
waving a wooden disc that hung from a cord around his neck. "I had a shaman
make me a Talisman of Binding. She can't leave the room in which this token
is present."

Faith seemed about to say something when she frowned and stopped. "Did you
just call me a putrid what's-n-how?"

"A putrid, painted faced whore. Yes, you loathsome Jezebel."

Now, it was Anya's turn to gloat. "Big mistake, Bullthrax."

* * *

Xander swirled his tongue in Buffy's mouth, sipping at the nectar of her
saliva. She tasted so sweet. She had straddled his chest and was grinding
her slick slit against his nipple, while bending almost double to kiss him.
Beside him, Dawn had her mouth fastened onto his throat, sucking a love
bite up from his flesh. Anya still writhed on his questing fingers. On his
other side, Willow was licking into his ear and nibbling at his earlobe.
That only left Faith, who was sucking his slowly hardening cock.

Moans of delight, groans of pleasure and the wet sucking noises made by the
eager young women, all mixed into one euphoric melody. Xander's pleasure
centres were on overload. They flicked rapidly from enjoying the hot, moist
slippery flesh inside Anya's twitching pussy, to the feel of Dawn's soft
lips against his sweaty skin. Her sister was leaving a wet sticky trail on
his stomach and Willow's flexible tongue was curling deep into his ear.
Combine all that with the mouth of the girl who had taken his virginity,
working on getting his shaft to stand up, and Xander was floating in

"Oh, Buffy," he moaned as she drew her mouth away. "I want you. I've wanted
you since the day I first saw you."

Framed by her golden hair, she gave a little smile. "Then you shall have me.
If that is what you want."

"More than anything."

Hearing that, Buffy pressed her palms against his chest and scooted her hips
backwards. Faith took his hardened cock from her mouth and guided it into
Buffy's sopping gash. The blonde Slayer sighed as his length slid into her
slippery passage. Tiny squelches sounded as she twitched her hips and
wriggled him deeper. Xander's fingers slipped out of Anya and he used both
hands to grasp hold of Buffy's firm breasts. He squeezed and moulded them as
she rose and sank on his pole.

Dawn's lips brushed his ear. "Fuck her. Fuck my sister for me. I want you to
pump that nice cock of yours into her cunt until she cums. Fuck her, Xander."

Anya reached over and tweaked his nipple. "Yes, darling. Pump that pretty
pussy for us. Poke her and splash your hot, sticky cum into her little

Xander whimpered when he felt Faith press her face down between his legs,
and beneath Buffy, to lick at his shaft as it plunged in and out. Each time
Buffy's silken flesh slithered upward, Faith would follow it with long lashes
of her tongue, eagerly licking up their combined juices.

Together, Dawn and Willow began to lick an ear each. The feeling of a tongue
slithering inward from each side at once was making him squirm with delight.
All the time, Anya caressed his nipples, urging him onward.

"Fuck her, Sweetie. Do her for me. Slide your cock into her juicing cunt
and gush into her. Make your creamy spunk dribble from her wet gash and her
sister will lick it up."

"OOOHHHH, Fuck this feels good," he gasped, surrounded by writhing bodies.
His hips bucked and cork-screwed his rod into Buffy with a steady rhythm. He
could feel the weight where her hands supported her against his chest; felt
it increase as she drew herself up his cock. When just the tiny slit on the
end of his glans was still in contact with her slick flesh, Buffy reversed
course and slammed her hips down so that he buried himself as deep as he
could in her womb. Their wet thighs mashed with a loud slapping each time.
She groaned as his hands plucked and pulled at her nipples, teasing the
tingling buds. As she threw her head back and began to grind faster, her
sister reached across and stroked her fiery clit.


Dawn swirled her tongue in Xander's ear as she twisted to watch her sister
cum. Her fingertips danced across her love button and pushed her over the

"I'M CUUMMMMIIIINNNGGG!" she screeched, violently rutting up and down.
Xander gasped as he felt her internal muscles clamp down and squeeze him.
The pulsing rhythm of her orgasm was too much for him and he cut loose. A
fountain of his spunk burst up into her spasming crevice. Gobs of his white
juice pumped into her heavenly hole. Their cries of delight mingled in the
same way as did their love juices.

"YES! YES! YES!" Buffy squealed, grinding out a circular pattern against his
hips. She slowly stirred his cock about inside herself. Weakly, she hung her
head forward and her hair brushed his heaving chest. For several minutes,
she sat in his saddle and let the waves die away. Finally she lifted a leg
and swung it across him, dismounting. With a little plop, his sticky cock
slipped from her with a cascade of cum following it. Faith's hungry mouth
went to work cleaning it all away.

He could do no more than lie there and gulp for air. Until he felt a hand cup
his balls.

"Time for your tribute to enter the third gate of woman," Buffy said, looking
not at him, but at Dawn.

* * *

The vaulting horse disintegrated into a pile of splintered wood as Bullthrax
crashed through it. The large demon skidded along the floor and came to rest
amid the shattered timber. He didn't have time to rise. Faith was upon him
before he even came to a halt. She landed on his back and rode him like he
was a sledge. One hand tangled in his hair, the other balled into a fist and
slammed into the back of his head. As the impact knocked his face into the
floor, she yanked on the hair and pulled his head back up to collide with her
descending fist.

"Call me a fuckin' whore, would ya? Well, who's the one that's taking the
pounding now, you Conan wannabe!"

She punctuated each word with a blow to the back of his head. Flexing his
mighty arms, Bullthrax managed to twist onto his back. Faith was too nimble
to be trapped beneath him, and slid around him as he rolled, to finish
straddling his chest and punching him in the face.

"Who's a fuckin' Jezebel, now, eh?"

Spitting in his face she curled both hands in the hair on either side of his
head and used it as a handle to slam his head repeatedly into the floor.

"I'm sick of Goddam mouthy demons thinking they're better than me!"

Rocking backward, she pulled up with her hands at the same time. This made
his head come up and his body arch. As his face reached chest height,
Faith slammed her head down and butted him on the bridge of his nose. The
splintering crack was so very satisfying.

The blinding pain galvanised Bullthrax; he interlocked his hands together
above his head and brought them down like a hammer. The impact was so great
that Faith sailed through the air, skidding to a stop against the far wall.
Through her blurry vision, Faith saw Bullthrax stagger to his feet and
recover his sword. He then tottered toward Anya.

"Hey, Bullwinkle! Ya missing something, Babe?"

The demon turned to see Faith hold up the wooden Talisman. With an animal
grin, she snapped it in half. "Anya, skidaddle. Me and Arnold here have a
few things to discuss."

She didn't need her vision to clear for her to know when Anya teleported.
Bullthrax's howl of rage told her that. Shaking her head, Faith tried to
stand. Her legs became jelly and she collapsed. She could make out a large
yellow blur heading for her. She spoke encouragement to herself.

"C'mon, c'mon. Get up girl. Otherwise you're going to be responsible for
activating another Slayer, and you don't want to do that, do you?"

When she was in a half-crouch, Faith leapt to the side. Sparks sprang from
his blade as it sliced a groove in the floor. Finding she had leapt the wrong
way, Faith was cornered. As things swam back into focus, she cast her eyes
about. This was the training room, after all. Weapons adorned every wall.
Except where she had ended up. "That's something I'll have to point out to
Giles, if I live that long," she thought. The nearest weapon was in a rack
just by the Demon. It was a short sword. Not much, only having a foot long
blade, but better than nothing.

Diving toward the weapons rack, Faith nearly made it. The Sorval saw her
intent and leapt to intercept her. Reaching out, his hand grasped her by the
throat and slammed her into the wall beside the wooden shelves. Snarling, he
pulled his sword arm back and then plunged it forward.

Faith cried out in pain as his sword pierced her shoulder and punched out of
her back, to pin her against the wall. Her left hand came up and grabbed the
blade as he tried to twist it, to widen the wound. She grimaced as she felt
the hot gush of her own blood cascade down across her breast, making her
T-shirt cling with its stickiness.

Bullthrax sneered as he tried to free the blade from her grasp. "You see,
girl. You have fought well and brave, but in the end, you were no match for
a true warrior!"

"Go to hell!"

"Ah, defiant to the last. I shall cut out your heart and eat it, to honour
your bravery." He leaned in close to Faith's face. She could smell the
rotting meat stench of his breath. His arm muscles flexed as he continued
to exert pressure on the blade. It took every ounce of strength she had to
hold it still and keep it from twisting.

"Time to die," he whispered in a sibilant hiss.

"I couldn't agree more!"

The fingertips of her right hand finally closed around the hilt of the short
sword and she drew it from the wall in a swift arc. Her fist swept up between
their bodies and plunged the blade, with a savage thrust, up to its hilt in
his belly. His eyes bulged in shock and pain as she began to saw the blade up
his chest, spilling his guts in coils at her feet.

* * *

Xander just couldn't believe how lucky he was. His beautiful girlfriend
helped him to his knees to make room for Dawn. Casting a hesitant look at
Buffy, the younger Summers rolled onto her hands and knees before him. She
then bent forward and placed her cheek against the moist earth. Her small,
rounded arse raised before him.

He gave an incredulous look to both Anya and Buffy. "I can't. I mean... It
wouldn't be right."

Buffy took hold of his prick and began to stroke it back and forth.

"Of course you can. It's what she wants you to do. Fuck her up the ass. You
know you want to. Do it. Fuck her in the ass. Make that young girl buck as
you slide your meat into her back passage. Enjoy yourself."

He twisted to face Anya. "Ahn?"

"Sure, why not? Knock yourself out. Have a blast."

Xander returned his gaze to Dawn's upthrust buttocks. Faith knelt beside
her and drew them apart. Her actions revealed the pale pink, puckered hole
between them. Xander moistened his lips as he looked at it. His cock was
stiffening rapidly.

"Here," said Willow, "let me make it slippery for you." Pushing her face down
between Dawn's spread cheeks, Willow flicked her tongue over the forbidden
flesh. Dawn quivered as she felt the tongue slide across her arsehole. With
an expert touch, Willow traced circles around the crinkled hole, leaving
glistening trails of saliva. She knelt behind Dawn and wetly licked at her
most private area. Around and around, she drew her tongue. With teasing
slowness, her circles gradually diminished in diameter, until her tongue tip
rested in the very centre of Dawn's puckered arsehole.

Firming her tongue into a point, Willow began to press it hard against the
sphincter muscle. With a gasp, Dawn felt it give slightly and the tongue sink
into her. She moaned at the dirtiness of it. Knelt on the grass with another
girl's tongue up her ass and several people watching, one who was itching to
bury his cock in that forbidden place. It began to get her pussy very wet.

When she had her tongue as deep as she could get it, Willow suddenly began to
bob her head, stabbing her tongue in and out.

"OHHH!" Dawn gasped.

Willow continued with tongue-fucking Dawn's arsehole until Buffy placed a
hand on her shoulder. "It's time, Ruth." Leaning in, Willow placed a tender
kiss on Dawn's little rosebud. When she moved away, Buffy guided Xander's
cock forward.

"That's it. I want you to fuck her hard up the ass. Fuck my little sister's
asshole, okay?"

Nodding, he pressed the head of his cock against the young girl's arsehole.
He could feel the wrinkled flesh against his glans. It was wet and slippery
from Willow's licking, but her tongue had caused it to gape a fraction. This
gave him a hollow to settle into and he pressed gently forward. Dawn gave a
little "Oommff" as he did so, wriggling her butt slightly. Placing a hand on
either hip, Xander held her still. Pulling her body back against him, as he
pushed forward, accomplished his goal. His cock head began to slide into her.

He delighted in the totally different feeling it generated from sliding into
a pussy. The way her arsehole squeezed like a tiny vice was great. Dawn
shuddered with the discomfort. As his cock slid further in, he suddenly felt
the resistance give as she relaxed and he slid in a little quicker. That
tough neck of muscle blossomed around his shaft and he buried himself deep
inside her. When his hips rested against her buttocks, Xander paused and let
her get used to his feel.

He felt a sense of elation as he looked down at her finely sculptured back.
Her long brown hair hung across the upper part in drapes. His hands reached
out and, starting from the base of her neck, drew themselves along the valley
of her spine. She shivered under his touch and then slowly started to rock
back and forth.

"OOO," he gasped, as he felt that tight muscle drag up and down his length.
The contrast between the firm grip around the base of his cock, and the way
his upper shaft seemed to enter into an open cavern felt glorious. He began
to increase the momentum of the thrusts. Dawn gave a sharp intake of breath,
and let it out in a long sigh.

"AAHH. That's it, Dawnie. Relax and take it. Oh, Yeah. Relax and take it

His fingers tightened around her small waist as he began to thrust harder
and faster. He could feel her arsehole soften as she got more used to his
violation. Back and forth he ploughed into her arse. Her butt cheeks began
to make slapping noises as he bounced his hips off them. Beneath this, he
could hear her moaning, very quietly. It no longer sounded like she was in
discomfort, far from it. Little Dawnie was getting off on it!

As he thrust deep into her arsehole, he felt something flex and move under
her lower ass wall. A bolt of pleasure shot through him when he realised she
had pushed three fingers into her cunt and was frigging herself, rapidly.

Faster and harder he went, each inward thrust making her pant a gasp of
pleasure. It wasn't long before he began to cum. His hot spunk splashed out
into the depths of her bowels. Wave after wave jetted into her young body.
With a shiver, he relaxed and slowly pulled out. He loved the way the little
red hole slowly closed itself behind him. Exhausted, he rolled onto his side
on the grass and lay there, panting.

The girls began to get up and drift to different parts of the glade. Anya
gave him a little peck on the cheek, "Have a rest, Honey, we will only be a
minute, and then we have one more surprise for you."

* * *

"Well, I think Tinkerbelle is lost."

"Na-huh. It's just that Tara must have come by a winding path to these

Buffy pushed a branch out of the way and looked around. Nothing but forest.
Trees, trees and more trees. The tiny white ball of light threaded itself
through branches and continued on its way.

"Look, Will, why don't we head back and get Giles to.."

Both girls heard a familiar voice cry, "But, you're not Anya!"

Bolting in the direction Xander's voice had come from, Buffy zigzagged around
some large trunks and out into the clearing. On the other side, the naked
Daughters of Gaia had Xander kneeling before a tree. Two of the girls were
dragging a bound and gagged Tara from out of the woods.

"Hey!" Buffy called, racing toward them.

Megan looked at the Slayer and her form rippled into that of the dryad. With
an upward gesture, she brought the roots of the nearby trees to life. They
leapt from the ground in small clouds of dirt and coiled like snakes around
Buffy. She gasped in pain as they tightened and tried to squeeze the life
from her. Buffy pounded in vain against the wooden coils.

Willow stepped beside the thrashing tentacles. Without even looking in their
direction, she placed a hand on one of the largest coils. Her eyes stayed
focused on Meg.

"Time run quick, and time run slow. Cast these beasts, back down below!"

Like they had been electrocuted, the wooden roots sprang apart and retreated
beneath the surface of the glade. Buffy landed on her feet and headed for the
dryad. Again, Meg turned her magic upon her. With a flick of her wrist, she
sent a green ball of energy arcing toward Buffy. The Slayer cartwheeled to
the side, but the bolt changed course and struck her. She was blown into a
back flip. Megan cast a bolt at Willow, who was walking slowly, but
inevitably forward. The Wiccan casually batted it away with the back of her

All five Daughters of Gaia fled back into the forest. As she disappeared into
the woods, Meg called, "Awake, O Lurker in the Woods. Feed as you will."

Buffy paused to check on Xander and Tara, loosening their bonds and then she
started after the coven.

"No," said Willow. "You stay here and protect Tara. She'll need a couple of
minutes of freedom to work the disenchantment. I'll deal with the witches.
They think that they're using black magic? They're not. I'm going to give
them a small lesson."

Then, without looking back, Willow disappeared into the forest after the

* * *

Buffy looked around in puzzlement. Protect Tara from what? Give her a few
minutes freedom from what? She helped remove the last of her friends bonds.
That was when the tree made an unpleasant creaking noise and the demon's
face appeared. Silently, it issued the call.

"Now there's something you don't see every day," Buffy whispered.

"Yeah, unless you happen to be us," Xander added. Tara struggled to her feet
and ran to the centre of the clearing. She took some powders from her pouch
and began to mix them.

"Buffy, Xander, I think you should come over here, quickly. They're coming."

The Spirit of Oak flexed a few of its massive branches. The ends curled
around into claws.

Tara cupped the mixed powders in both hands and raised them above her head.
Flicking her wrists in a tight circle, she let the powder spray free. It
cascaded to the ground in an eight foot arc around her.

Xander looked up in awe at the demonic tree. "Well, granted it's big, but
things could be worse. There could always be more of them."

Suddenly, a shreeching wail filled the air. The leaves of the trees in the
clearing shook as things leapt from the upper boughs. They looked like
something had carved chunks of wood and bark into what it thought men may
look like. Crude wooden masks substituted for heads. Their hands and feet
were roughly shaped, but ended in wicked, splintered claws. Dozens dropped
to the floor of the glade. With an unearthly scream, they attacked.

Buffy spun towards Xander and shot him a black look. He held both his hands
out, palm upwards, and shrugged. "Tha...That's not my fault. 'Cause there's
no possible way...."

The Slayer dodged a slicing talon. She grabbed the swinging arm and smashed
it into kindling with her knee. "If we get out of this, remind me to have a
long talk with you about appropriate phrases to use when you live near a

* * *

At that moment, Anya appeared in the glade, near Tara. She cried with
dismay as she saw the ever increasing legion of homunculi descending to the
clearing. Buffy quickly disappeared in a throng of the wood demons. The way
lots of the animated creatures were being flung back out of the pack showed
that she was holding her own, for now.

Xander was having less luck. He already had a ragged slash across his naked
chest that was bleeding profusely. He had snatched up a thick branch and was
clubbing the wooden men backwards. He obviously couldn't keep back such large
numbers for long. It was only a matter of time.

A screech to her left warned her of a homunculus leaping from the trees at
her. As she turned, her face shifted into the scared visage of the Vengeance
demon. With a single punch, she shattered the body of the wooden demon.

"Anya, Thank Thespia. You're the only one who can help save us!"

Anya ignored her and headed for her beloved Xander. Tara stayed motionless
in the centre of her circle and called again.

"Anyanka, listen to me. If you go to help him, he'll die. You have to help
me. I need you."

The Vengeance demon flung another wooden man across the glade. She spun on
Tara. "What do you expect me to do? It's Xander!"

Tara nodded, fear filling her eyes. A homunculus ran towards her, but bounced
back when it met the mystic circle. "The only way to stop these things it to
cast a spell to disenchant The Spirit of Oak. It controls the Homunculi. It
can make them at will. Go fetch me the supplies I need. Quickly! Then you can
go and get Xander. Bring him into this circle and he'll be safe for a brief

Anya started toward Xander, again. "I'll bring him into your protective
circle, and then I'll go and get your supplies."

"No. There isn't time. The circle's power is rapidly dissapating and I need
some time to work the disenchantment! Fetch me the Baskin's weed and silver

Anya cast a last look to where Xander struggled for his life. Then a
whirlwind of air marked her teleporting away.

* * *

The Daughters of Gaia regrouped. Nervously, they looked to Megan for orders.
She seemed to have recovered her calm. But her anger still had free reign.

"That redheaded Wiccan bitch is in real trouble now. Our summoning ceremony
gathered enough power to release The Spirit of Oak. Let him devour her and
her freak-like friends."

A voice spoke up from the wood. "That's not going to happen. Buffy won't let
it. I won't let it."

The five girls all turned to see Willow walk toward them. "It's almost over
now. Tara will banish The Spirit of Oak and his woodland legion. I know she
can do it. All that's left is to deal with you. That's my job. Submit, and
you won't be harmed. I promise. Fight, and not even this," she gestured
disgustedly at Megan, "Dryad, can help you. Trust me. We can all just leave
now and sort this out at home."

The Dryad lifted into the air and hovered a few feet above her coven. "Don't
listen to her, sisters. She weaves lies to try and suck your power from you.
Join together and kill the bitch." She dropped to the ground between Ruth and
Jody. She linked hands with them and Mary and Kim took hold of their other
hands. In line, and as one, they lifted their arms to point.

Willow lifted her hand in a plea for them to wait. "No, don't!"

Green flames leapt from the hands of The Daughters of Gaia. For a moment, the
flames swerved in the air to avoid Willow. Gritting their teeth, the coven
redoubled their efforts. Together their power was magnified. They let out a
cry of triumph as the eldritch flames broke through Willow's barrier and
exploded around her. Before she disappeared in the flames, the witches could
see her buckle to her knees.

* * *

Faith was impatiently pacing back and forth when Anya swirled into being,
behind the counter. Quickly the demoness began plucking spell components from
the shelves.

"What's going on?" Faith asked.

Turning to look at her, Anya was momentarily silenced by the sight of all
the blood. "It's Xander! He's in great danger! The Daughters of Gaia have
summoned a tree demon and a legion of Homunculi. Things aren't going well."

"What about Buffy?"

"Huh? Oh, she's there too. She's fighting the demons, but it's hopeless. She
far too outnumbered. Willow's gone all super witch and Tara's sent me back
for supplies to help."

Faith strode around the counter, to stand beside her.

"Take me with you when you 'port back."

"But I can't!" Anya protested. "No human can survive the magics involved as
I teleport. It will kill you!"

Faith grabbed the front of Anya's blouse and tugged her forward, until they
were nose to nose.

"I'm not really human, am I? If that doesn't convince you, look at it this
way. Teleporting me to Buffy might kill me, but NOT teleporting me to her
will definitely kill you. Got it?"

* * *

Tara stepped back as the air in front of her twisted into a vortex and Anya
appeared. The demoness released hold of Faith, and the brunette Slayer
collapsed to the ground in agony. Frost coated her body and icicles had
formed in her hair. As she doubled up, her breath came out in a gust of icy
air. The blood that had flowed from her shoulder was frozen into a crimson

Shoving the spell components into Tara's hands, Anya ran toward Xander. He
was swinging the fallen branch like a club and knocking back several wood
demons at a time. More took their place. As she neared the melee, she was
struck and knocked sideways by a homunculus. Its claws tore at her and
ripped into her side. Angrily, she tossed it into the treetops.

Quickly, Tara sat down and began to work the spell components. She started
the chant as she focused her mind. Another homuculus bounced back from the
repelling field she had created. But it got a lot closer to her than the
others. It would only be a minute before the barrier failed. Not enough time
to complete the spell.

Nearby, Buffy spun in a circle. He foot swept round and sent a demon crashing
through the wall of its fellows. As she fought, she let herself slip into the
rhythm of the fight. Slayer's instincts took hold of her and her body moved
with deadly precision. Fists slammed the creatures back and feet broke legs.
Her elbow caught a demon in the face and its wooden mask flew from its
shoulders, which caused its body to revert to a collection of branches and
sticks that tumbled to the ground. With primal savagery, she tore into the
mass of demons, but still more leapt toward her. When she smashed one to
pieces, its debris blinded her to another's attack and she was knocked to the
ground. The tide of homunculi closed above her.

As she was pinned beneath a struggling mass, Buffy saw a splinter talon
slash for her exposed throat. Death loomed large. Just before the talon
struck, it was gripped by a blood and frost covered hand. Faith snapped
it off and batted the beast away.

"Hey, Bee. Dying on the job is not an option. Remember the rule. We win, they
lose." With a few tugs, she freed her girlfriend.

Buffy knocked two demons back with a spin kick. She punched another to pieces
and grimaced. "We win, they lose."

Faith threw a demon back into the crowd. She flashed a grin of pure delight
at the mayhem. "That's my girl. Now, let's plant these suckers back where
they came from!"

* * *

Tara was only at the mid point of the spell when she felt the barrier give.
The next wood demon to try and attack her would have a free strike. It was
quick in coming. With its horrid, banshee wail, the creature lunged at her.
She could have defended herself. But if she had, the spell she was crafting
would have been broken. There were no replacement components to try again.
People would die if she stopped.

Tara had followed The Craft her whole life. Never before had she had to exert
such self control to stay still and chant. The beast's wooden claws sliced
down and pierced her chest. Just. No deeper than a scratch, before the talons
flew backwards. The homonculus sailed back into the crowd of demons.

"Hey, bozo. Can't you see the lady is busy?!" Buffy set herself between
Tara and the crowd. In front of her, Faith made an impassable barrier. To
her right, a hole appeared in the throng and Anya pushed Xander through and
stopped to cover his back.

Even in the midst of her meditation, a small part of Tara rejoiced. This was
what life was about. Friends you could rely on. All her fear disappeared. She
trusted them completely to buy her the time she needed. Murmuring the Ancient
tongue, she continued with the disenchantment. Around her, the numbers of
wood demons grew and the battle got more ferocious.

* * *

As the ball of green flame slowly diminished, the Daughters of Gaia recoiled
in fear. Willow straightened up, unharmed. She looked at them with black,
soulless eyes.

"You dumb bitches didn't listen to a word Tara told you. She warned you about
Gaia's fickle nature, but you chose not to hear. Well, listen now. Gaia likes
an easy path into this world. The stronger the magic wielder, the better for
her. So she has deserted you now. Because I wield power beyond anything that
you amateurs can possibly imagine."

She cocked her head to one side and an evil grin spread across her face. "Let
me show you." She casually pointed at Megan.

"From darkest night, from blackest pit, and long forgotten years. Take this
wretch and drag her down, then choke her with her fears."

A distant rumble sounded. The Daughters of Gaia looked about in terror.
Suddenly, the earth before Willow lunged upward, as if struck by a blow from
below. A second blow enlarged the hump to the size of a small car. The third
time, it split down the middle. Instantly, roots and vines shot from the pit
and coiled around the Dryad. She screamed and struggled, but was pulled from
her feet and dragged toward the hole.

"HELP ME!" she screamed. "FOR GOD'S SAKE, HELP MEEEEE!"

The earth reclaimed its own and she was dragged into the pit. Vines thrashed
and followed her down. With a rumble, the hole closed above her.

"Now," said Willow amicably. "Would any of you care to reconsider my previous

* * *

As Buffy began to tire, she heard a quiet whisper from Tara behind her.

A cool breeze blew out from the circle of friends and swept across the glade.
As it touched the homunculi, they ceased to be animated and tumbled into the
piles of wood from which they were formed. When it reached the angry Spirit
of Oak, the tree demon screamed in torment and slowly faded from the trunk of
the tree it possessed. As the breeze faded to nothing, the group looked at
each other and grinned.

From across the clearing, Willow emerged and rushed into the arms of Tara.
Kissing her cheek, she hugged the blonde girl. "I knew you could do it, Baby!
I'm so proud of you." Her gentle eyes grew hard as she saw an ugly burn on
Tara's side. She cast a glance back into the woods and then put her arm
around Tara and began to follow the others to Xander's car.

* * *

Buffy sat on the edge of her bed as she fixed the last bandage around Faith.
The brunette was naked from the waist up. She showed no sign of embarrassment
as Giles hovered in the doorway. He showed enough for both of them, keeping
his back to the two young women. Buffy got up and slipped past him. "I need
some more bandages. She's a real wreck."

Giles watched the doorway where Buffy had disappeared. She herself was a mass
of wounds. His eyes remained fixed on the space she had left.


The Slayer eased herself back against the pillows and headboard. She gave a
small sigh of relief. "Yeah?"

"Anya told me what you risked for her." They both knew he didn't mean risked
for Anya.

Using a forget-it tone of voice, Faith casually said, "It was nothing."

Still with his eyes fixed on his departed Slayer, Giles whispered, "It wasn't
nothing. And I won't forget what you did. Ever."

For a long moment, there was silence between them.



"You owe me ten bucks."


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