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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Gets Staked (f-mast)
by Zeekstories ([email protected])

It had been a long night for Buffy, she'd already managed to kill a number
of vampires although they hadn't been much of a challenge she wasn't even
warn out she'd been waiting all day to work off some frustration but it was
still inside her burning away she needed to vent or relax or something. As
she wandered through one of Sunnydale's many graveyards she something sneak
into one of the crypts "Hmmm what to do? Do I let it get away and stay
feeling like this or do I chase it down and see if it puts up a descent
fight.... Option B" with that said she ran over to the crypt and snuck
inside "Damn it another Vamp, well you'd better know how to fight or this
is really gonna piss me off."

The Vampire spun round and leapt at her landing straight on Mr. Pointy,
Buffy's favourite stake.

"Great of all the Vamps to run into I find the only Suicidal one," she
looked at the stake in her hand, it was a present from Kendra, what surprised
her was that it never needed sharpening it always hit the mark in any vamp
and seemed to always have a blunt end. Buffy looked deeper into the crypt
hoping to fine some more things to kill all she found was a bed and some of
the Vamp's clothes.

She sat down on the bed "Now what am I gonna do?"

Staking vamps always made Buffy horny and with no Angel or Riley to take it
away she had to resort to her own fingers and as she thought about the nights
kills her hand slid down to her pants and unbuttoned them, then her fingers
slid inside past her panties and down to her moist pussy, she slowly started
to rub herself pinching her clit and letting her other hand disapear under
her t-shirt so she could massage her breasts and nipples. Buffy started
rubbing her clit faster letter her juices flow out coating her fingers she
lifted a finger to her lips and tasted the wonderful juices "mmmmmm god I
needed this" she moaned to herself.

She continued rubbing herself getting herself wetter and wetter but she
couldn't cum no matter how faster she rubbed she needed something inside her
penetrating her. "Theres gotta be something I can use I can't go home like
this I'll scream the roof off".

As she looked into her bag Mr Pointy fell out onto the floor, she picked himup, "Well Kendra did say that this would help me" she looked at it it was
blunt enough not to cut her she decided to try the tip first.

Buffy stood up and removed her pants and panties then brought Mr. Pointy to
the lips of her pussy as it touched them she felt a tingle run up her spine,
then she slowly slide the Stake into her tight wet pussy, she started to pump
it in and out slowly fealing it pushing into her filling her up. She then led
on the bed and with one had rubbing her clit she started to move the stake
faster pumping it in and out of herself. Her pussy was so wet by now the
stake slid in and out effortlessly and she knew her orgasm was comming hard
and fast she kept rubbing her clit her fingers a blur and the moved
anti-clockwise around it. Her other hand sunk the full length of the stake
inside her hitting her G-spot and sending her over the edge, the force of the
orgasms hit her so hard that her scream echoed around the Grave yard and
almost most of Sunnydale.

So there she was Buffy Anne Summers led naked in a pool of her own sweat and
pussy juice on a bed, in some Vampire Den recovering from multiple orgasms
with her own stake jammed inside her tigt wet pussy, ad she'd never felt
better. She reached down and pulled the stake out of herself brought it up
to her lips tasting her own sweet juices "Mmmm I think patrolling is gonna
be a very regular thing, don't you Mr. Pointy."


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