Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don't read if you don't want to.

Warning: Rough rape story.

Synopsis: Buffy Summers, after losing her Slayer powers, decides to continue
fighting crime as a normal girl but has a harsh wake up call.

Comments: This story occurs sometime after BtVS season 5 has begun simply
because Dawn is in it. It is totally original and is not intended to "fit"
into the BtVS show plotline.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Codes: MF, rough, rape, viol

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers Is `Powerless'
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

"There has to be something we can do! SOMETHING!?!" Buffy screamed at her
mentor and watcher.

Giles wiped his glasses clean and shook his head, "I'm sorry Buffy. I've
exhausted every resource. This appears permanent."

Buffy Summers, the Slayer, the one girl of this generation (well, except for
Faith, but she was a fluke) who was granted the strength and speed and skill
to combat evil; to fight the vampires and demons that have prayed on mankind
for thousands of years, slumped onto the sofa with a dumbstruck look on her
face. It was all fading away.

"This can't be happening. It simply can't! There has to be a cure?"

"Buffy, this isn't a sickness to be cured. In fact, what's happening is
you're returning to your normal state. Unfortunately, that normal state is
that of an ordinary twenty-one year old girl."

Buffy's powers had been fading for several weeks now. At this point, she was
barely stronger than a normal man. At her peak she had the strength of over
ten men. "But why? What's causing it?"

"It appears to be part of the Slayers life cycle. When she reaches her
twenty-first birthday, apparently, the Slayer loses her powers. And it
appears to be irreversible."

"Irreversible! So we can stop it! What do I have to do?" Buffy's face lit up.

"Um, no Buffy. Irreversible means it can't be changed." Buffy looked dejected

"It appears to be a failsafe. We theorize that it's to prevent any one Slayer
from becoming too powerful. We never knew about it because, well, frankly, no
Slayer ever made it this long. The oldest Slayer ever recorded was a girl
named Marie, from France, she was a few weeks shy of her twentieth birthday
when she was..." Giles decided a detailed description of her death, which was
rather gruesome, was not needed..."uh, when she died."

"This isn't another test is it? Like when you gave me those drugs when I was

Giles shook his head.

"What about Faith?"

"Since she is a few months younger than you, she will keep her powers until
she turns twenty-one, but then she too will lose them. We are in the process
of tracking her down to help her deal with the transition."

"I can't, c-can't believe this! I can't believe I'm going to be weak and
pathetic again! Not after what I've seen!" Buffy burst into tears and covered
her face with her hands. Giles held her while she wept. He decided not to
tell her the rest of the news he had. They would finish this conversation

A few days later...

Buffy had calmed down and ever the team player, she was looking for a way to

"So, this isn't all bad I guess. I mean, I can still help the team and all. I
have a lot to teach the new girls. I can help train them." Buffy's face
showed the first signs of lighting up since Giles gave her the horrible news
about losing her powers.

"About that Buffy. It's the decision of the council that you...not be
involved with the new slayers."

"What? Why?" Buffy looked like she had been punched. Since this whole ordeal
had begun, Giles had purposely kept her from the rest of the group, telling
the new girls Buffy was off on a secret mission.

"We're afraid that if they understand that they will lose their powers in a
few years, it will interfere with their training. Plus, we...I mean they feel
you would be a distraction."

"Y-you agree with them?"

"Actually, I do, yes."

Buffy couldn't believe it. In the matter of days, she had lost her powers and
now her family. Over the next week, as her powers totally faded, Buffy tried
all she could to change Giles mind, but to no avail. Buffy and Dawn left
Sunnydale as requested and headed to the East Coast. Buffy wanted to put as
much distance between her and her former comrades as she could.

One year later...

The first few months were tough for Buffy. She was depressed and barely got
out of bed for weeks after leaving Sunnydale. In fact, if not for the support
of her younger sister, she would have killed herself several times over. But,
to her surprise, things got better. Life moved on. She had no choice but to
accept what happened and keep going.

Buffy and Dawn shared an apartment for several more months but Dawn, like
most girls her age, wanted her own space and so Buffy had moved out.

In fact Buffy hadn't seen her sister in weeks. Dawn was busy with her life.
She loved the big East coast city they were in now, so different from

Buffy had gotten a few phone calls from the old gang but she hadn't returned
them. The bottom line is Buffy didn't want to speak to them. In fact she was
avoiding Dawn as well. As well as she had adjusted, in her heart, she was
ashamed. She hated to face anyone from her old life. To have been what she
was, a Slayer, and now to have them see her as just...Buffy.

Buffy was working as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. Not the best job
but it paid the bills. Once she had found the job, she had made a few friends
and even moved in with Penny, another waitress, when she needed a room-mate.

Buffy walked into her building and up the four flights of stairs to her
apartment. The building had an elevator but it had been broken ever since she
had moved in. Once she was one flight from her floor in the stairwell, she
stopped and listened for a second. It seemed the coast was clear.

Hurrying but trying to be quiet, she ran up the stairs and past her
neighbor's door. Penny was friends with the guys who lived across the hall
and their two geeky friends, but Buffy didn't like them. The little Jewish
one was always hitting on her and the tall one was just plain mean. Plus,
they reminded her of the trio of nerds who had tried to make her life
miserable and had ultimately been responsible for the death of a friend,

Buffy ran to her door, unlocked it, and was inside quickly. Relieved not to
have run into the geeks, she stripped off her coat and dropped her purse on
the floor.

"Penny? You feeling better?"

Penny had been supposed to work that night but had called Buffy to say she
wasn't feeling well. Buffy didn't get an answer and went to her room-mates'
bedroom door. She knocked lightly and heard some movement, but no answer.
Buffy opened the door and looked in, "Penny?"

Buffy saw her friend sitting on her bed. She could tell something was wrong.
Stepping in, Buffy got a good look at Penny. The pretty blonde's face was
bruised and her cheek had a cut on it. She had what looked like it would
become a black eye and her lip was swollen.

"Oh my god! Penny! What happened? Were you mugged?"

Penny looked up at Buffy with a mixture of sadness and humiliation in her
eyes. It instantly hit Buffy what had happened.

"NO? He didn't? That bastard! Did Greg hit you again!?!?"

"Buffy, please. We h-had a fight and things got out of control."

"That's it. I'm calling the police and reporting that dirt bag." Buffy
grabbed the phone from the nightstand.

"NO! Please don't."

"This is the third time. I told you I would if it happened again."

"I know, I know. And I really am going to break up with him this time. I
swear. Please, just let me do it my way."

Buffy put the phone down. She was mad. Not just mad at Greg though but also
at Penny for letting him do this to her over and over.

"Okay. But this is the last time. If you don't break up with him, I call the
cops. I swear I will."

Penny nodded and began to cry. Buffy sat down on her bed and held her best
friend while she wept. After a minute, Penny looked up, "Maybe I should take
one of those self defense classes you teach." The two girls laughed a bit to
break the tension.

It was nearly 11 PM when Penny fell asleep. Buffy walked into her room. She
was pissed. How fucking dare that scumbag put his hands on Penny.

Buffy was pacing back and forth trying to convince herself to do what she
already knew she was going to do. She opened her closet door and pulled a
large foot locker from it. It was heavy. She still sometimes forgot she was
not super strong anymore.

The chest used to hold her weapons for fighting vampires and demons, but now
it held something different. She opened the lid. A few months ago, Buffy had
made a decision. Just because she wasn't a Slayer anymore didn't mean she
couldn't still help people; couldn't still make a difference. Buffy had
decided to do what most people only dream about. She decided to become a
super hero. Well, a hero anyway since she wasn't exactly super anymore.

Buffy may have lost her super strength and reflexes but she had been training
in martial arts for years and, even with her limited physical capability, she
was pretty good. She had started patrolling the streets around her apartment
building, mostly the park nearby, a few weeks ago.

She had even done some good; scared some kids spray painting a storefront;
broke up what looked to be a drug deal (she yelled at them and they ran off);
and even stopped a mugging. Well, she didn't exactly stop it, the guy still
took the woman's purse and knocked her down, but he might have done worse if
Buffy hadn't been there to scare him off.

She had even designed an outfit, which she pulled from her locker. A few
minutes later, she was decked out from head to toe in her kick ass crime
fighting costume. She had on dark red leather pants and heavy thick soled
black boots that laced up the front.

Her black top was made of a stretchy material that hugged her chest, stomach,
and shoulders. She slipped her tight leather gloves on and pulled her long
black leather coat over her and admired herself in the full length mirror.
Her outfit was hot! No reason she couldn't look good while kicking some ass.
That had always been her motto.

Buffy lifted the last piece of her outfit from the locker and placed it over
her head. It was her mask. It covered the top half of her face and concealed
her identity. She wasn't the Slayer anymore; she had to take precautions to
protect herself and not be identified. Every superhero needs a secret
identity after all.

She grabbed her belt with her gear and stowed her mask in the inside pocket
of the coat and headed out. She wasn't going on just another patrol. She had
a target tonight. She had a score to settle. It was time for some pay back.

Buffy parked her car about a block from the address she got from Penny's PDA.
She moved through the back alleys, using the shadows to stay out of sight. It
was after midnight, so most people were inside their homes, but there were a
few on the streets, and she didn't want to be seen. But Buffy could be
stealthy when she needed to be.

She slipped down the alley next to Greg's apartment building. He was on the
second floor. Buffy climbed up onto top of a trash dumpster and used it to
jump up and grab the bottom of the fire escape. It took a good bit of effort
but she managed to climb up to the ledge.

"Whew, that's a lot harder when you can't lift a car."

She peered through Greg's window and saw the young man in his twenties moving
through the apartment. He was in jeans and T-shirt, the TV was on, and no one
appeared to be with him. She pulled her mask from her pocket and slipped it
on. Next, she tried the window and it started to slide upward.

"Perfect," she muttered to herself. She planned on slipping inside, taking
Greg by surprise and beating the crap out of him. It was the least he
deserved after what he had done to Penny and no telling how many other ex-

Buffy stopped abruptly and ducked down when Greg came into sight. He was
carrying a bag of trash and walked out his front door.

"Even better," Buffy said to herself. He was coming to her. She waited from
her perch for him to walk outside. She didn't have to wait long before he
turned the corner, heading to the row of dumpsters below her. He put his
trash in one and let the lid slam back down. Apparently, some rain water
slashed his face.

"Oh man! Gross!"

He exclaimed and began wiping his face on his shirt. Buffy took the
opportunity while his vision was averted. She leapt over the railing of the
fire escape and landed on the dumpster behind her quarry. But the lid was
slick and wet and Buffy's boots shot out from under her. She landed on her
back, her skull cracking on the metal.

Buffy bounced off the trash container and landed in a heap on the alley floor
in a puddle.

"What the fuck!" Greg turned, startled by the commotion. Buffy jumped to her
feet, ignoring the pain in her back and head. Plus it felt like she might
have twisted her ankle. She took a fighting stance.

"Greg Roberts!" She used his full name and tried to alter her voice as best
she could, making it deeper than it really was.

Greg was shocked by her sudden appearance and by her outfit and by the fact
that's he was wearing a mask. But she was a tiny little thing, barely five
feet tall, so he certainly didn't think she could hurt him. He stood, more
surprised than scared.

"Yeah? Who the hell are you? How do you know my name?"

"I'm, uh, my name is..."

`Dammit!' Buffy thought, `I forgot to come up with a cool name!'

"I'm Nightcat!"


"Nightcat jerk-face!"

"Did you just call me jerk-face?"

This was getting surreal.

"Yeah. You like beating up girls don't you asshole? Well, I'm here to pay you
back for being such a creep."

Greg raised his hands in front of him his palms out and fingers out-stretched
in an `I don't want any trouble' kind of gesture.

"Look lady, I don't know what you're talking about or who you are, but you
have the wrong guy. So, I'm just gonna go back inside now. Okay?"

He started to walk past her, but Buffy stepped into his path. "You're not
going anywhere!"

Greg pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started to dial 9-1-1. "I'm
calling the cops, so if you're smart you'll get the hell out of here."

Buffy spun and kicked the phone from Greg's hand. It sailed across the alley
and smashed against the brick wall of the building.

"HEY! You little bitch! That was a three hundred dollar phone!"

Buffy spun again and slammed her boot into Greg's gut, "WHHOOOFFF!" She
seemed to knock the wind out of him. He fell against the dumpster and she
attacked again while he was off balance. She threw three hard punches, two
rights and a left that hit him squarely across his face.




Greg was stunned but still on his feet. He was a big guy; over 6 feet tall
and well built. Penny liked the jocks; she had brought several home in just
the past few months since Buffy had moved in.

Buffy needed to deliver the coup-de-grace and she knew just how to do it. She
snapped a hard kick right between his legs and right into his exposed groin.
Buffy's boot tip slammed into his balls. Greg grabbed his crotch and sank to
his knees his face twisted in agony.


Buffy smiled. `That got his attention'.

Greg fell forward, holding his balls in one hand and keeping his face out of
the muck on the alley floor with the other.

"Oh fuck, uh uh, ugh, oh man, my balls."

"Maybe you'll think twice next time you want to beat up on a girl half your
size dirt bag!"

Satisfied she had done what she came to do, Buffy turned to leave. As she
walked away, she could hear Greg moaning behind her.

`Serves him right!'

Before she could make to the street though, Buffy's head snapped backward.
Someone had grabbed her by the pony tail and jerked her back into the alley.
Buffy spun and slammed into one of the dumpsters.

"You fucking little cunt!" Greg screamed at her as she looked back over her
shoulder. He was still holding his genitals but he was on his feet and looked
really mad.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you bitch!" He charged at her. Buffy kicked backwards
and hit him in his gut again, stopping his momentum. She turned and threw a
punch but he lifted his arm and blocked the blow from landing.

Buffy never saw his fist before it slammed into her stomach. The tiny blonde
was lifted from her feet and knocked backwards. She could barely breathe.
Buffy couldn't ever remember being hit so hard. The metal edge of the
dumpster caught her between her shoulder blades. Buffy would have screamed in
pain but she had no voice.

She fell forward to the pavement but didn't even have a second to recover
before Greg grabbed her by the lapels of her leather coat and lifted her to
her feet.

"Fucking bitch!" he spat at her as he slammed her against the alley wall. He
was right in her face, using his size to overwhelm her and it was working.
His hands wrapped around her throat and he was throttling her and slamming
her into the brick.

Buffy knew she needed to get free of his grip. She couldn't fight him like
this; he was too big, too strong. Buffy raised her hand and pointed the
canister she had pulled from her belt at his face.

A mist sprayed from it and Greg reflexively jerked his head back when the
pepper spray hit him. It hadn't caught him directly thought and while it
stung, it didn't disable him. This had gotten out of hand for Buffy. She
hadn't planned on an actual fight. It had been over a year since she had been
in a real battle and she was the Slayer back then.

She ran.

Buffy tried to make it past Greg and out of the alley, but even with his eyes
watering he seemed even more enraged. Greg lurched forward and slammed
himself into the small blonde mask wearing girl who had attacked him. He sent
her sailing into a pile of refuse and garbage along the alley wall.

Buffy was momentarily disoriented as she lost track of Greg and all she could
see were boxes and green trash bags. She was pushing the junk off her and
trying to get to her feet when suddenly she felt an incredible pain in her

"Not so much fun is it bitch!?!?"

Buffy knew what it was even though she had never had the experience before
now. Greg had picked up the pepper spray that she had dropped and used it on
her, spraying it right in her eyes.

"YEEAAARRRRGGGHHHH!" Buffy screamed and covered her eyes with her hands as
the intense burning sensation blinded her.

She felt herself jerked off her feet but she couldn't see what was happening.
Suddenly she was flying through the air. She felt something hit her shoulder
and then she was tumbling and rolling; bouncing down what felt like stairs.

Buffy landed in a heap and finally was able to get her bearings. She looked
up, her vision finally clearing some. She was in the basement of Greg's
apartment building. He had apparently thrown her against the door that leads
to the alley and it had given way under the force. Buffy had fallen down the
rickety wooden staircase and into the basement.

Buffy's entire body hurt. She could barely move but she forced herself to her
feet. There was a creaking sound to her right.


She looked up startled to hear her name. Greg was walking down the stairs.
She reached up and touched her face. Where she should have felt leather she
felt skin. Her mask had come off.

"!" He took a step down with each word. "I can't believe
it's you."

Buffy staggered backwards as he reached the bottom of the stairs. She was
careful to try and stay away from him.

"Is this all because me and Penny had a fight?"

"A fight? Is that what you call it asshole!?! You beat the crap out of her."

"Oh please. Is that what she said? It was nothing."

"I saw her face you liar. I know what you did."

"And you came here to try to kick my ass huh?"

Greg was still advancing on her and Buffy was walking backwards, scanning the
basement looking for a way out. She reached a doorway and moved through it,
not turning her back on him. She entered the laundry room. It was dimly lit
by a single light bulb burning in the center of the room. Along the far wall
was a row of washers and to her right were two tall dryers. In the middle of
the room was a table for folding laundry.

Buffy noted a small window over the washers. She thought she could fit, but
there was no way Greg could. That was her way out if she could make it.

"Look Greg. Penny knows I'm here. And others do too. You better let me go."

"Let you go? But you're Nightcat aren't you?" He laughed. He was making fun
of her. "And no, I don't think anyone knows you're here. You don't get
dressed up like that, put a mask on, and come all the way across town to beat
some guy up and tell all your friends first. You did this all alone."

Buffy suddenly jumped to one side and Greg mirrored her movements, just like
she wanted. She grabbed a box of detergent sitting on the table and flung it.
The lid opened and the white powder flew out in a large arc. Greg had shield
his face and eyes or be blinded. It gave Buffy the time she needed.

She turned and sprinted for the window. Jumping up and onto the washers, she
grabbed it and to her relief it opened. She managed to get her head and
shoulders through it when she felt Greg's hands on her left ankle. He was
pulling her back into the laundry room.

"N-no, stop! Let go!"

He was winning the tug of war. She was being pulled back. "HELP! SOMEONE!
HELP ME!" Buffy screamed praying someone would hear her and come or call the

Buffy was yanked back into the basement by Greg. He dragged her off the
washer. She was still struggling, but at this point he had the upper hand. He
was fully recovered from their initial encounter and she was in real pain
from the beating and falling down the stairs. Her ankle was swelling by the
second, her eyes were still hurting and her ribs were sore as hell.

Not to mention the fact that all her training meant very little when facing
an opponent who outweighed her by at least ninety pounds and had eight inches
on her in a small basement with little room to maneuver.


Buffy reached up and tried to claw his face. Greg grabbed her by the hair and
slammed the back of her head into the thick glass of the dryer door.

"UGH!" Buffy moaned as she was stunned.

"You always were a royal bitch Buffy! Anyone ever tell you that?"

Buffy's head bounced off the glass a second time and she began to see stars
and her vision turned red. Buffy had a dull look on her face as Greg lifted
her by the hair and held her, savoring his apparent victory.

Greg backhanded Buffy across the cheek.


Her head snapped to the side and she fell over the washer. She looked up just
in time to see his hand coming at her a second time, "no!" was all she could
say before...


Buffy was sent sprawling across the room. The edge of the folding table
caught her in the gut. She felt Greg pulling her coat off her from behind.
She tried to stand but he grabbed her by the hair again and she felt him
press his weight down on her.

"You really think you're going to come here and kick my ass huh Buffy? You
really that stupid?!?!"

"P-please Greg. Okay, you win. I'm sorry. It-it was a mistake to do this. But
you don't have to hurt me. Just let me go. Okay?"

Greg spun her to face him. "Let you go? But we haven't even gotten started
yet!" Greg had a crazy look on his face as he grabbed her shirt and yanked
it. The thin fabric tore and split right down the middle.

"OH GOD! What are you doing?" Buffy was topless as he ripped her shirt off.
She grabbed her small pert breasts with her hands to cover herself but her
hands were competing with Greg's for her control over her nipples. She turned
to try and run for the door back to the stairs, but he grabbed her from
behind and wrapped his arms around her waist.

He lifted her from her feet, one of his hands cupping her left tit and his
fingers tearing at her soft flesh. She kicked the table, pushing off it as
hard as she could. As it was bolted down, it did not move but she and Greg
were knocked back and fell to the floor, rolling around on the concrete.

Buffy found herself on top of him. She pushed herself up and straddled his
chest. She was ignoring the fact that she was topless and her tits were
bouncing free. She was fighting for her life now. Buffy managed to get one of
his arms pinned under her knee and she began pounding her small fist into
Greg's face over and over. He reached up and managed to block several blows,
but she got several to land, in spite of his best efforts.

Unfortunately for Buffy, she couldn't do enough damage to disable him before
he broke free. She simply wasn't strong enough. He grabbed her by the hair
and pulled her off him.

"OWW! Let me go, god-damn you Greg!"

While she struggled, he flipped their positions. Greg was on top of her now.

"No! Please!" Was all Buffy could muster.

Greg was enraged as blood dripped from his nostrils from where she had
punched him. He grabbed the small blonde by the throat, wrapping the fingers
of both hands around her thin lithe neck. Greg began to squeeze and Buffy
found herself being choked.

She began to kick but Greg forced himself between her legs, putting all his
weight onto her, she was trapped. The heels of her boots were pounding his
buttocks and thighs. They hurt a bit but he ignored it as he strangled her.
Buffy's eyes were wide as she looked at the crazy look on his face.

`OH MY GOD!' a voice in her head screamed, `He's going to kill me!'

Buffy's vision began to dim and she was making short gurgling noises as he
wrung the life from her. She wouldn't have lasted much longer if he hadn't
let her go when he did. Releasing Buffy, Greg pushed himself up onto his
knees with her on the floor, her legs spread and her tits hanging out, before

Buffy's eyes were rolled back in her head as she was coughing and trying to
catch her breath. He took her chin in his hands and turned her head side to
side, looking at her pretty face.

"uuuhhhhhhhh," Buffy made a soft moan. She was out of it but alive.

He slid his hands down and rubbed her small pert tan tits. He was enjoying
himself. He looked down and was struck by the huge bulge in his jeans. His
cock was hard. Greg paused for a second to think about what he was
contemplating. He hadn't intended to rape her. But as he sat there with her,
alone in a basement, he asked himself...`Why not?'

While a different man might have answered simply because it was wrong, Greg
didn't think that way. He had no trouble slapping girls' around; he had
beaten up almost every girlfriend he'd ever had. In college he had used GHB
on a few girls at parties. And even back in high school, it was known that if
a girl didn't play ball, she might get hurt a little.

No one knew she was here, he was sure of that. There was no way she came here
with anyone else knowing what she was going to do. And no one would respond
to the noise they had made so far. Minding your own business in a city like
this was full time job. No one would respond to some random screams over the
normal roar of the lively city.

Greg reached down and unfastened Buffy's belt and opened her leather pants.
She began to stir. While he knew he could beat her down again, he was in no
mood for more of her shit. The pain in his nose was so bad he thought it
might be broken.

He saw the remnants of her shirt on the floor and picked it up. Lifting her
to a seated position, he used the thin material to tie her wrists behind her
back. Greg picked Buffy up and shoved her from behind up against the table in
the middle of the room. She was awake but dazed still and only now becoming
fully aware of what was going on. Greg was holding her up or she'd have
fallen back down to the ground.

"please, wha-what are you doing?"

He grabbed her open pants and pulled them down her legs to just above her


Suddenly Buffy realized what was going on and she reacted violently. She
lashed out and thrashed trying to get away. Greg shoved her forward, bending
her over the edge of the table. Buffy's ass was incredible; her buttocks,
tight and round and slightly paler than the rest of her skin. Her thighs were
smooth and supple. He pressed his crotch up against her from behind.


While holding her down with one hand, he opened his pants with the other. He
worked his jeans and underwear down enough to let his cock, now rock hard,
spring out like a switchblade from between his legs.

"Oh yeah bitch! Now you're gonna get yours!"

Buffy was like a wild animal. She was desperate to get free but it was no
use. A voice in Buffy's head was screaming at her like it was a separate


"NO!" Buffy screamed as she felt Greg positioning himself behind her, he was
getting ready to violate her. She didn't have long to get out of this.


"No, but you're gonna be cunt!"

And before Buffy could plead anymore, he reached his right hand down and took
the shaft of his organ in hand and guided the bulbous swollen tip of his cock
between the soft folds of Buffy's pussy.

"GGGYYYYAAAHHHHH!!! NNNOOOOOOO!" Buffy shrieked like she was being killed as
she felt his cock pushing past the outer parts of her womanhood. Once he had
gotten an inch or so inside her, Greg took her by the arms and jerked her
back hard while thrusting with his hips forward.

The effect was as if Buffy had been shot. She stood as straight as she could
and threw her head back, "NNNNOOOOOOOO!"

She screamed at the top of her lungs as Greg violated her against her will.
She felt every inch of his cock shoved inside her and a sharp pain shot up
her spine as the tip jabbed into sensitive parts of her abdomen.

The voice inside her yelled, `DO SOMETHING YOU STUPID CUNT! KILL HIM! HOW CAN

But Buffy was helpless and could do nothing as Greg began fucking her. Tears
began streaming down her face. She didn't want to cry, but she couldn't help

"no, oh god no, please." She could only whimper.

"ugh ugh ugh!" Greg was grunting as he thrust his cock in and out of her

"God damn you got one tight little hole! Man, if I didn't know better, I'd
say you were a virgin."

Greg took Buffy's chin in his hand and turned her face so he could look her
in the eye, "But you're not are you?" He laughed. "Oh yeah. This ain't the
first time you've been bent over, I can tell."

He let go of her face and took her hips in his hands. Greg began guiding her
body back and forth letting her pussy slid up and down his erection.

"Oh man, that's good."

Greg had his eyes closed and was enjoying the sensation of her tiny slick
orifice on his cock. Buffy's eyes though were wide open. She looked straight
ahead and saw her reflection in the glass of one of the dryer doors. She
could see what was being done to her. She was watching herself be raped and
she couldn't believe it. Tears were pouring from her eyes and her mouth was
open like she was screaming but all that came out was a throaty gurgling
noise. It was as if she couldn't articulate the violation she was
experiencing with actual words.

Buffy wasn't sure how long the actual penetration lasted. It felt like
forever but was actually a few minutes. She could hear Greg grunting behind
her and the speed and intensity of his thrusts increased. He was close to
climaxing, she could tell. But just before he came, he pulled his cock free
of her pussy.

Buffy was panting and moaning in front of him. She was wondering if they were
done. Greg grabbed her and threw her to the floor. She landed on her coat
which was spread on the concrete. Before she could even sit up, Greg was on
her again.

He grabbed her legs and began to pull at her pants which were wrapped around
her ankles. She began to kick, but she couldn't stop him from getting one of
her boots free of the tangled leather and fabric.

"No, Greg, no, please."

Greg ignored her whining as he pushed her onto her back and mounted her

"Oh god no!"

Buffy began screaming, praying someone would hear her.


Greg didn't even bother to cover her mouth. He simply shoved his dick into
her again. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he felt the
incredible warm sensation of her cunt wrapped around his hard sex organ
again. In this position, Buffy could move more than when they were standing.
She was writhing under him, her legs thrashing and her body squirming. While
she couldn't get free, it did make it even better for Greg as her body
twisted and shook on his cock.

"Oh yeah, that's it! OH OH OH MY GOD! OH YEAH!"

He was humping her vigorously, driving his entire length into her snatch over
and over. Buffy was a tiny girl and couldn't handle deep penetrations. She
never had been able to. She had to always make sure her lovers, whether Angel
or Riley or Spike, were careful not to go too deep.

But Greg had no such concerns. He was driving the tip of his cock as deep
into her as he could. Not only was Buffy being violated, she was in agony as
her tender womanhood was battered mercilessly.

"OWW! You-you're hurting me! PLEEEAAASSSE SSSSTTTTOPPP!"

Buffy was losing it. She was crying and sobbing hysterically. The thought of
being taken like this had never occurred to her. Sure, she had dealt with the
possibility of dying or being killed. She had resigned herself to that
possible fate years ago. But at no time did she ever think this could happen
and her mind couldn't handle the violation.

The voice in her head spoke again, `YOU DUMB FUCKING WORTHLESS CUNT! HOW

While Buffy was succumbing to the mental anguish in her head, Greg was
approaching climax. His body tensed and he pushed every inch he could of his
cock into Buffy Summers and his face contorted. Below him, Buffy could see
every twisted facial expression he made. With one final thrust that made
Buffy scream in pain, he held his cock deep in her and she felt him cumming
inside her. She felt the warm spurts of his semen filling her vagina.

"OH FUCK!" he screamed out as he felt the best climax of his life. He was
savoring his orgasm which was intense. He had her by the hair and was making
small quick thrusts with his hips. He was so sensitive, it was almost
unbearable for him to remain inside her, but he couldn't bring himself to
pull out of her cunt either. He wanted to savor these few seconds.

Finally, Greg fell forward, slumping on top of her.

"OH MY GOD!" he screamed in her ear.

Buffy was sobbing as his weight pinned her to the cement, pinning her as Greg
panted on top of her. After a long minute, Greg pushed himself up and winced
as he pulled his cock free from her pussy. Buffy could feel his cum, slimy
and dripping from between her legs and running down her thighs.

She rolled onto her side in some vain attempt to cover her nakedness but it
was no use. She buried her face in the folds of her coat beneath her, again,
as if she was trying to hide her shame. As he climbed of her and began
pulling his pants up, she pulled her knees to her chest and curled up into a
ball as tight as she could muster.

"oh god, oh god, oh god no." Buffy was muttering to herself over and over.

Greg was trying to figure out what to do with her now. He grabbed her by the
hair and jerked her head up. She shrieked, "GOD NO! Please don't kill me!"

Greg looked like he was debating just that. Buffy watched as he drew his fist
back and slammed a punch across her chin. Then everything went black for her.

Sometime later...

Buffy's eyes flickered open. She immediately closed them again as a bright
white light hurt her. She opened them a crack again. Her vision was blurry
and she couldn't focus.

"Am I in heaven?" she wondered, "Am I dead?"


She heard a familiar voice and blinked, trying to focus her eyes on the
person next to her. As she did, she saw...


It was Buffy's little sister. She was standing next to Buffy's hospital bed
with a worried look on her face. Buffy heard a beeping that was the heart
monitor she was hooked up to.

"How long?" Buffy asked weakly.

"You've been unconscious for three days. You were found in an alley in New

The door to the hospital room opened and a third blonde girl walked in. Dawn
turned and yelled to her, "Penny Penny, she's awake. Go tell the doctor."

Dawn leaned down and hugged her sister. Buffy wrapped her arms around her as
well, ignoring the pain she was in. She had handled worse.

"It'll be okay Buffy I promise." Dawn tried to reassure her sister.

The End


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