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Rating: NC-17. Buffy/Dawn torture, loads of sex in every concievable form and
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Timeline: Season 5

Summary: This is a further exploration of my own work, Never Part that I felt
needed a little more. As always a little once I start writing turns into a
great deal more. So here we are, Drusilla and VampJoyce sexually enslave
Buffy and force her to work the streets as a common whore. But events take a
rather unexpected turn... (happy/kinky ending as ever don't worry)

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Buffy The Streetwalking Hooker Part 1 - Sex And Shopping
by GoolCaptain

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She cast it against the wall
smashing it into a thousand pieces.


"Be in me. Believe in me" Drusilla's thrall echoed around Joyce's brain,
warm, comforting, overpowering. She tried once more to close the door on her.

"Invite me in mummy?" Dru asked.

Joyce gave in. She nodded slavishly and gestured for Drusilla to enter.


"You're dead!" Buffy screamed pinning Drusilla to the wall and raising her
stake with her other hand. Drusilla didn't even look at her, instead looking
past her, over her shoulder. Buffy couldn't help but follow her gaze.

Joyce stood there, still in her normal clothes but the bitemarks readily
visible around her neck, the collar of her blouse stained with blood. She
shed her demon face and held out her arms to Buffy.

Buffy's stake was at her heart as Joyce embraced her but she could not use
it, dropping it uselessly to one side.

"Oh god mom, no, not you, not you..." she whimpered. As the pain of Joyce's
fangs entering her neck lanced through her senses she prayed for death to
release her from the agony of her failure. "It's ok" she told herself, "It's
only mom, it's only mom, she won't hurt me, she loves me."


When she came to Dru and Joyce were standing over her. Buffy barely
recognised her mother, no longer wearing her normal clothes but a 'vampy'
scarlet dress much like the one Drusilla wore. Abstractedly she gazed at her
mother's breasts which were now prominently on display. It had never occured
to her how buxom her mom actually was.

The biggest change however was in her expression. The benevolent gentleness
she was accustomed to had been replaced by a cruel, almost feral look of
lustfulness, an exact copy of the one on Drusilla's face. It chilled Buffy
to the core.

"Time for your punishment to begin, Slayer," Dru giggled. Joyce offered a
vial of light blue coloured liquid to Buffy

"Drink it!" she commanded, her voice sneering with contempt. Buffy obediently
took the vial from Joyce and with a deep breath drank it down in one. She
hoped it was poison that would kill her. But part of her knew that she would
never get off that lightly...


She had passed it she knew not how many times on patrol, the anonymous
'Private Shop' on a Sunnydale backstreet. In the back of her mind she'd known
it was a sex shop but it never bothered her one way or the other. Now she
walked up to it and timidly pushed the door open.

It was filled with guys of course. All eyes were on her as she walked in
generating a few wolf whistles. The man behind the counter looked up from his
wanted ads as she approached. It was obvious pretty girls were a rarity in

"Can I help you miss?"

She felt like running out the door but she remembered her orders and felt
she had no choice but to obey them. She pulled up her top exposing her new
cleavage and causing every man in the place to take a collective intake of

They were huge, at least 40DD and probably a lot more. They looked almost
absurd on her petite little frame, appearing incredibly artificial yet 100%
natural. Buffy felt as though she was smuggling a couple of volleyballs under
her t-shirt. She could no longer see her feet and had a little difficulty
standing upright. It was weird, every woman in the world would kill to have
breasts like hers, Dru could sell her potion for millions but to Buffy they
were a burden forced upon her.

That said they were kinda fun. They jiggled mightily as she walked and her
nipples were so sensitive that even the gentle friction against the soft
cotton material of her white t-shirt aroused her. She'd got deeply wet just
walking here. She was used to stares from guys as she walked past but her
new breasts took things to a whole new level. She'd caused two minor car
accidents on her way over and had noticed a few women give her the onceover
too, whether with sexual interest or rivalry she wasn't quite sure. Her
cleavage would now put Pamela Anderson in the shade. Literally so, she could
probably cover a small child with the shadow from her momentous new boobs.

She cupped her magically enlarged titties in her palms, unable to fit her
hands all the way around them.

"I...I need some new packaging for these" she stuttered, trying to remember
her lines.

"'s your size?" the assistant managed to reply, his eyes
practically bulging out of his head.

Buffy shrugged, causing her momentous bosom to jiggle again, sensing the
thrill that generated throughout her audience. "I'd say 40DD to 44FF. They
seem to get bigger when I...when I get excited."

And she was. She realised that now, that walking into this sordid place and
exposing her incredible new tits to this leering audience was getting her
hugely wet again. Her nipples were blatantly swelling, her breasts almost
visibly getting larger as they did so. She could only think that it was a
side effect of the potion.

"Help yourself" he gestured to the racks of apparell scattered about the
store, never for one moment taking his eyes off Buffy's chest.

She pulled her t-shirt down again, glad to be covered up once more despite
the groan of disappointment from the other shoppers. She busied herself
selecting her outfits for her new job. Basically it was matter of buying
everything she'd always wanted to wear yet had always rejected as being
too slutty.

Thongs, one white, one black and one scarlet red, the briefest of material,
basically a piece of triangullar lace that barely covered her cunny and a
flimsy string between her ass cheeks. Hot pants and high-split miniskirts
in the same colours.

She got herself a little black dress that was held together with black
criss-cross lacing up and down the seams and at the front. She complimented
it with a stretch lace see-through chemise that could just about pass for a
dress at a distance.

She got a range of sex toys, handcuffs, a riding crop, a whip and a pair of
nipple clamps, the latter shaped like little butterflies. She figured she'd
need them. A couple of different sizes of vibrators and a nine inch strap-on.
Anal lube and a couple of butt plugs. Before today she'd hardly known such
things existed but this was to be her life from now on.

Skimpy camis, black, white and pink lace up teddies. A scarlet strapless
corset that made her feel like some sort of saloon girl in the Wild West plus
a couple of identical black versions, one in lace, the other in PVC that made
her feel like some sort of comic book supervillainess.

She did like the shoes. A pair of shamelessly wanton spiked high-heels,
3-inchers, all black and shiny. Even shinier and blacker were her PVC spiked
knee boots but both were put into the shade by her PVC thigh boots which were
open down the sides with cris-cross lacing running all the way down to her
stiletto heels.

Stockings in various colours, both lacy grip top and with suspenders plus
suspender belts to match. Fishnets were also a must, obviously. No wonderbra
though, if she wore that she'd probably knock herself out by simply walking
down the street.

A fantasy nurses outfit and an extremely slutty schoolgirl uniform were added
to her pruchases. She was tempted to also get the cheerleaders costume but
she still had her own at the house. Her pride and joy however was her tight,
black PVC dominatrix bodice, resembling a strapless swimsuit in shape but
with a slender PVC strap at the back in order to cut sharply between the
wearer's ass cheeks and a pair of apertures carved in the material at the
front to totally expose her breasts. However Buffy's tits were now so big she
wondered if she'd have to get the opening enlarged just to accomadate them?

Ok, she had what she wanted. Now it was a question of the next stage.

"Where's the changing room, I need to try all this on?" she asked. The shop
assistant gestured to a curtained area at the back of the shop looking as
though all his Christmasses had come at once.

She changed into her first outfit and then took a deep breath and strutted
out into the shop. She was wearing her barely there black lace teddy with
matching stockings and suspenders and her 3-inch high heels. The customers
and staff gave a huge roar of lust at the sight of her.

"What do you think?" she inquired, hands on her hips, twirling herself around
and admiring her reflection in the mirror. She had to admit that she liked
the way the skimpy material stretched tightly up between her ass cheeks,
raising and seperating them for the half-moon effect. Someone else seemed to
like it too as she felt a firm hand give her a hearty spank on her left hip,
the audible sound echoing around the sex shop followed a moment later by
whoops of delight from the gathering crowd.

Buffy restrained herself from turning around and pumelling him as she knew
she would once have done. This was her role from now on and she had better
get used to it. She remembered what Joyce and Drusilla had told her, that
her body no longer belonged to her but was the property of anyone else to
use as they saw fit. Besides, the livid red spank mark on her hip had begun
to throb with an exquisite, pulsing heat, the sting actually giving her a
delicious, deeply pleasurable sensation that had her growing wet yet again.

Had to be the potion. It must have been affecting her brain as well as her
cup size.

She slowy stripped off her scanty clothing in full view of the spectators,
whipping them into absolute frenzy of delight. She actually blushed at their
reaction, amazed at the incredible power she held over them, revelling in
their appreciation of her sexiness. She was half blinded by the flashes from
the numerous camera phones that were recording her spontaneous strip show.

She popped back into the changing room and re-emerged in a pink babydoll
number. She eased it off with coquettish, over the shoulder glances, noticing
that the assistant had shifted the store security camera to record her act.
For some reason she found that she desperately wanted a lollipop. The urge to
tease was overwhelming, Buffy found she both wanted to get naked as quickly
as possible yet at the same time draw things out with an agonsising slowness.

She finished things off with parading around totally naked except for her
thigh boots. The onlookers simply broke into a round of spontaneous applause
that had her blushing much more than her exposing her naked body to them. She
loved how tall they made her feel, how powerful, towering over everyone for
once. The heels made her toned limbs sashay as she walked, her bare hips
wiggling like invitingly. She strutted up to the counter.

"I'll take the lot" she told the assistant. Behind her she could feel the
rest of the crowd gathering around her, eager to find out what she was going
to do next. She could actually feel their hot breath on her shoulders. A few
tentative hands reached out and started to stroke her hair. She did nothing
to disuade them.

"My body does not belong to me" she repeated her new mantra silently to
herself in her mind.

" or charge?" he replied, his gaze never rising above her collarbone.

Buffy suddenly realised she hadn't any money. She had no way to pay for what
she'd just selected. But that wasn't really what was distracting her at the
moment. The fingers that she'd let stroke her hair were becoming more and
more adventurous by the second. They caressed her neck and shoulders, down
the length of her spine, pinching, cupping and spanking her hips. A couple
found their way around to her front and began to stroke her inner thighs.
She could feel the front of their bodies pressing against her, the hardness
of their errections obvious even through their clothing.

"Uuuuuhhhhh...any...anyone feel like giving me a hand?" she moaned, spreading
her legs shoulder width apart and bracing her hands against the counter. The
hands that had previously shown any hesitation lost it all in that moment.
She felt fingers run up her rapidly parting thighs, brushing past her blonde
pubic curls and thrusting themselves uncremoniously into her tight, wet
cunny. She came like the thunder as someone siezed her breasts and squeezed
her engorged nipples between forefinger and thumb, tossing her head back and
crying out in ecstasy. Her Slayer hearing picked up the sound of a zipper
being pulled down and she felt the fingers within her replaced by a hard
throbbing cock. She came again almost instantly before riding her new
conquerer to her second orgasm whilst she felt him shoot his load deep within
her, feeling his hot cum trickling down within her womb. In the mirror behind
the counter she saw the rest of the customers queuing up to take their turns
to fuck her. On the counter she saw her first client drop a wad of dollars
before pulling out of her, his cock instantly replaced by another, the
fucking not abating for a single moment. Their thrusting actually lifted her
off her feet, Buffy riding their cocks like a bucking bronco, grinding
herself back and forth as if she was mounting a mechanical bull in a Wild
West theme bar.

"Hey, you can't do this...." the shop assistant objected. Buffy reached up
and pulled him over the counter, kissing him deeply to shut him up. She
smothered his face in her gigantic breasts, rewarded by him getting the idea
and suckling on her nipples. The twin effect of her breasts and cunny being
stimulated drove Buffy over the top once more and she came in great
shuddering waves of pleasure.

"OOOOOORRRRGGGHHHHHHH!" the Slayer wailed losing all self-control, not caring
a whit who heard her or what they thought.

As she came to she realised that whilst her latest partner was
enthusiastically fingering her cunny he was also working his fingertips
between her asscheeks and into her turgid virgin asshole. Buffy couldn't help
squealing as he probed her puckered nethermouth but she did not forbid him as
she knew that secetly she desired it just as much as she did. She groaned
loudly as his fingers were replaced by his cock, thrusting deep inside her,
effortlessly taking the formerly high and mighty Slayer's anal cherry in the
middle of a sex shop as a dozen other men looked on and cheered. To cap it
all he made her enjoy it, Buffy so turned on by the intense sensations she
was feeling that a few strokes of her cunny with his fingertip had her
cumming almost continuously as she felt his hot cum filling her anal passage,
her cunny shamelessly pouring with love juices all over the floor. She could
feel her taut anal muscles gripping his cock, giving him a glorious explosion
of pleasure, like a hot, tight fist wrapped around his cock. She could sense
his carnal joy as it communicated itself to her, enhancing her own climax,
making her buck her hips angrily back against him, eager to have more and
more of him inside her.

shrieked, sweat lashing from her forehead as she squirmed and writhed.

The orgasm was so powerful her legs buckled and she fell to her knees. Whilst
regaining her senses she realised that her head was now level with the shop
assistant's crotch, his engorged cock visibly straining against his jeans.
She couldn't resist pulling them down and exposing his springing erection.
She ran her tongue lovingly up and down the length of his penis, stroking and
caressing it before taking it into her mouth and wrapping her lips around the
cockhead. She sucked with instinctive skill and enjoyment and within seconds
he was pouring a torrent of cum down her throat, Buffy gulping it down
greedily. She licked him clean then planted a reverent kiss on his cockhead
as he withdrew.

Strong hands gripped her tiny waist and she found herself lifted off the
floor and impaled on two cocks at once, the hard, thrusting erections in her
tight ass and cunny meeting within her, seperated only by a thin layer of her
soft, warm, yielding flesh. She took two more cocks in her hands as the mob
clustered around her and pumped them furiously, soon having them splashing
what seemed like gallons of cum across her face and tits. Buffy wanted to
cry out in pleasure but instead found her cries stifled by two more cocks
penetrating her lips in unison, jousting for sole possession of her wet,
receptive mouth. Her tongue ended the battle by licking and caressing them
both equally, swallowing their seed with relish as it spurted within her.
Groping hands explored every inch of her nubile flesh, kneading and stroking,
pinching and spanking her buttcheeks. Mouths and fingers enveloped her
spectacularly colossal breasts, her orgasms merging into one continuous train
of sublime explosions of delight surging through her body.

The mound of cash on the counter top grew steadily as the afternoon wore on,
more and more customers arriving at the sex shop, summoned by text messages
and frantic, breathless, mobile phone calls from their friends. Within the
hour there was more than enough to pay for all of Buffy's purchases and then
some. But Buffy was unaware of her growing fortune, still writhing and
twisting uncontrollably in both pleasure and pain as she was endlessly fucked
by multipile men at once in every possible manner on the floor of the sex
shop. Her first gangbang was recorded on the shop security camera for all
posterity, before nightfall it was on the Internet and distributed all around
the world. It was a triple loss of virginity for her, her first gangbang, her
first ass-fucking and her first sex for money as a slut for hire.

Buffy had obediently taken her first step into her new life, obeying Drusilla
and vampire Joyce's commands, no longer the arrogant and strident Slayer, now
a common, willing whore, the best kind, taking genuine pleasure in her work,
her body the pliant plaything for anyone who could afford her suprisingly
cheap fee.


Buffy looked at herself in the mirror. She had more makeup on than the
average clown, the effect making her look like a cross between a Vegas
showgirl and the Maybeline spokesmodel. Her hoop earrings were so huge
that she suspected she could rent them out to the Sunnydale Zoo for the
dolphins to jump through. Her hair was styled into a severe ponytail,
all the better for pulling on and winding around your fist during the
throes of energetic, violent sex.

She wore her little black dress with the criss-cross lacing up and down the
seams and at the front. She adjusted it one last time, the lacing struggling
to restrain her bountiful breasts as they jutted forwards uncontrollably. She
sometimes thought they grew bigger almost daily. The tight material of her
dress just about covered the bottom of her black lace thong, the front a
scant triangle of material barely covering her cunny, the back a single
slender strand of material pulled tight between her ass cheeks, divinely
tickling the sensitive flesh there. It was remarkably freeing, as though she
wasn't really wearing anything at all. She finished her outfit off with her
3-inch high heels and a tiny black handbag slung over one shoulder, just big
enough for her handcuffs, nipple clamps and a large box of condoms.

"I'm a whore," Buffy said, truly accepting it for perhaps the first time,
repeating the words Drusilla and Joyce had drummed into her. There was a
strange relief in admitting as much, as though she was no longer constrained
by the rules and stereotypes of society which had been thrust upon her since
she'd been wrapped in a pink blanket on her first day of life. "My body does
not belong to me, it belongs to anyone who wishes to take it and use it as
they please. My body is for sex, for reproduction and for giving pleasure to
others, nothing more."

She opened the door and walked out onto the streets of Sunnydale to ply her
trade, selling herself guiltlessly and giving her body enthusiastically to
all who desired her.

To be continued in Part 2: The Whore of Sunnydale


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