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Rating: NC-17. Buffy/Dawn torture, loads of sex in every conceivable form and
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where you are.

Summary: This is a further exploration of my own work, Never Part that I felt
needed a little more. As always a little once I start writing turns into a
great deal more.So here we are, Drusilla and VampJoyce sexually enslave Buffy
and force her to work the streets as a common whore. But events take a rather
unexpected turn...(happy/kinky ending as ever don't worry)

Timeline: Season 5

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Part of this is in response to a request by JoeHundredaire, hope he likes it.
Please note this get's extremely nasty for a little while but don't worry,
happy ending for everyone I assure you.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Buffy The Streetwalking Hooker Part 5 - The Hookerisation of Dawn
by GoolCaptain ([email protected])

Buffy cautiously made her way along, stake in one hand, poised and ready for
action at any second, the Slayer on the hunt for her demon prey, just as she
had done a thousand times before...

"And now, here she is, the girl you've all been waiting for, THE SLAYER!"
the MC announced as the lights went up followed by a roar from the audience
proving the truth of his statement. The half-human/half demon stripper who
had preceded her passed her as she walked off the stage giving her a
sympathetic smile as she did so. As the girl stooped to pick up her clothes
Buffy noted that her garter was stuffed to overflowing with dollar bills.
It was going to be a good night.

She'd found that the secret to stripping was to work some sort of story into
her routine. It wasn't complicated, pretty much just Slayer is out hunting,
get's overcome with horniness and decides to get naked and masturbate herself
with her stake before being unwillingly gangbanged by a host of demons.
Overcome by horniness in more ways than one. It always had them rolling in
the aisles.

She circled the stage a couple of times doing her hunting routine then
perched herself on the fake gravestone they'd set up for her in the centre.
For once she actually was wearing pretty much her ordinary clothes in order
to preserve the illusion. She began to lick Mr Pointy a couple of times,
tracing her tongue suggestively up and down. She unbuttoned her blouse and
walked to the front, peeling it off her body and tossing it into the crowd.
She shimmied out of her jeans and they followed her top into the audience.
She undid the clasps of her bra and began to ease it off, even with the
straps undone it's lacy cups still clinging to the shape of her colossal
tits. She had to smile as she finally removed it and the roars of approval
from the crowd reached a deafening crescendo. She rubbed her already hard
nipples with one hand and dangled her bra to the crowd with the other. A
tidal wave of demons swept forwards, fighting each other for her skimpy
lace garment. The competition was so intense that a severed head bounced
onto the stage...

"For crying out loud!" Buffy thought, kicking it back into the melee. She
could have sworn that as she struck it the eyes were still staring up at her,
a big goofy grin on it's face. The fervour of the crowd was so furious that
it threatened to drown out the pulsing techno music that she performed to.
She hoped it didn't, she always found it easier to do her striptease with a
beat to guide her dancing.

She slid down her panties with agonising slowness, making sure to tantalise
them to the maximum, wiggling her pert ass invitingly as she did so. She was
a sorry to see the garment go, they were one of her favourite pairs, the ones
with the orange polkadots. But the Sex Shop was now a regular weekly
appointment for her and pretty much had a 'take whatever you want' policy in
return for her modelling their latest products for their customers. Not to
mention letting their clients try out their latest purchases on her

She turned and tossed them over her shoulder as she strutted back towards
the fake gravestone, not really wanting to see her prised underwear shredded
in the frantic scrabbling that was sure to greet them, her magnificent
mega-titties jiggling delightfully as she walked. She sat herself down and
spread her legs wide, playing with her nipples and ramming Mr Pointy deftly
up into her cunt until she came, her orgasm heightened by hysteria of the
crowd's adulation, always guaranteed to put her in the mood.

She loved to dance. She rarely got the opportunity to nowadays so the chance
to shake her divine booty at the demon stripclub was one she always jumped
at. The leering attention from the crowd was also a plus, it was weird but
she never really did tire of the effect her sensational naked body had on
them. Well, naked except for her lacy pink garter of course.

She did a couple of turns around the stripper-pole, leaving it slick with her
sweat and cunny juices as she took full advantage of her Slayer strength and
agility, twirling and flexing herself around it, rubbing the lips of her
labia against the smooth, hard metal. She could hear her dance track winding
down, the signal that it was time for the main event.

She walked haughtily over to the edge of the stage, shoulders back, breasts
jutting formidably outwards, coming within reach of the audience for the
first time. A dozen taloned hands and a few tentacles reached out to seize
her and snatch her body into the heaving mass of spectators, packed nearly
wall to wall into the club. Within moments Buffy found herself taking it in
every possible way, her ass and cunny being relentlessly pounded by what
felt like the pistons of a battleship as she bucked her hips back and forth
in time with them, two more hard, throbbing demon shafts clasped in her
hands, Buffy gripping them tightly and pumping both with vigour. She would
have screamed with pleasure were she not currently being forced to decide
which of the pulsing demon cocks within her mouth she preferred the taste
of, her tongue expertly licking and stroking them both. As they emptied
gallons of inhuman cum down her throat she noticed the club bouncers
standing above her with axes and Holy Water, making sure none of her demon
lovers went too far and tried to harm her. It was a good precaution, she
could feel the fangs of half a dozen vamps biting into her and sucking on
her just as avidly as she did on each of the dozens of cocks that were
successively rammed between her lips, each one coming plentifully in her
mouth only to be replaced instantly by another as she gulped down their
seed. She made a mental note to give each of the club staff a complimentary
blowjob as a thank you at the end of the night. Her pleasure was heightened
by something biting and sucking on her breasts, whether they were mouths or
tentacles she really couldn't tell. And it really didn't matter, just as
long as they DIDN'T STOP!

She had time enough to make note of the evergrowing bundle of dollar bills
slipped into her garter in the second before her earth-shattering orgasm
robbed her of the capacity for conscious thought.

* * *

Buffy limped along Revello Drive. Much as she loved being a demon sex-toy
she always ached for days afterwards, even if her Slayer healing could
always completely repair any damage done. Ached in a good way. She really
did appreciate all their muscles and Herculean cocks, some of them so oddly
shaped and textured that they pleasured in all sorts of unique and special
ways. Sure they were ugly but that hardly seemed to matter when they were
sending her up the wall in ecstasy. Besides, there was always doggie-style.

It was amazing how many demons who had cowed in fear from her now liked to
impregnate her fertile womb with their young, making the Slayer, their mortal
enemy into a mere vessel to propagate their race. She figured it was their
ultimate revenge on her, the absolute way to conquer any woman, making her
unwilling host to their spawn within her, knowing that however obscene and
outlandish the life she carried inside her uterus she would eventually come
to feel overwhelming maternal love for it. When they inevitably took it away
from her she felt a tortured loss deep in her soul that was hard to define.

She banished such maudlin thoughts from her mind. No matter how much she
enjoyed being a demon breeding slave she knew that it couldn't compare to the
feeling of bearing a human baby, especially one conceived with someone she
loved. She would definitely go ahead with her plan of having seven kids and
name them all after the Von Trapp children. It might be a bit tough on little
Liesl and Brigitta but being called Buffy hadn't exactly been a walk in the
park for her either, even before she became the Slayer.

She knew in some ways it was a pipe dream, especially in her current
predicament but she still clung to it. As the Slayer she knew she would never
live long enough to enjoy watching her children grow up. But if they could
get Faith paroled for nine months she could cover her slaying duties and
Buffy would be glad to return the favour. And she was sure Aunty Dawn would
make a wonderful parent. And Aunty Willow and Uncle Xander and Grandpa Giles.

Besides, as long as the demons were planting their seed in her they couldn't
be doing it to other women who lacked Slayer healing.

Her fantasy disappeared as she came into sight of the Summer's house. What
she really felt like was some girl-on-girl action but she knew that all that
lay in her home was cruelty. And not the enjoyable kind either.

She wondered if Monica was free tonight? No, that would be wrong, if her
family was home it could be a disaster for her. She thought about the
Kendalls but they never let her come to their house, always meeting at a
hotel. It wouldn't be right to turn up on their doorstep uninvited, it
would be a violation of the trust in their relationship. She wondered why
the hell she'd never taken the opportunity to bed Faith and Willow when
they had both been practically offering themselves on a plate to her for

The sound of combat reached her ears. She took a moment to comprehend it's
significance before she broke into a run.

* * *

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Buffy screamed tearing Xander and Giles off Joyce as they
prepared to stake her. She seized Drusilla by the arm and dragged her clear,
ignoring the holy water that Tara was splashing over a shrieking Dru. The
trio disappeared into the night as the Scoobies gathered themselves together.

"Well that went BRILLIANTLY!" Xander observed acidly. For once Giles was lost
for words.

"Where's Dawn?" Willow asked suddenly.

* * *

Buffy stood in the corner of the factory, guarding the entrance throughout
the day. It would have been a simple matter for her walk out and leave but
the barrier preventing her was greater than any door of metal and wood.

A hand took her arm. She looked up in alarm.

"Buffy" Dawn pleaded "Come with me! Please!"

Buffy hugged her, hugged her desperately. "Dawnie, no, you have to get out of
here, you have to go now!"

"Come with me!"

"No, I can't leave, I can't go. I can't leave her, it's my fault this
happened, I can't leave her, she's still my mother, I have to protect her.
But you've got to go, you've got to go before they find you..."

Dawn shook her head. "No, if you're staying so am I"

"Dawn you don't understand" Buffy turned around and pulled up her top,
revealing the dreadful lash marks that Joyce's cat-o-nine tails had made on
her skin of her back. Dawn winced at the sight, Buffy turning around and
taking her hands.

"You see why you have to go. Mom's changed Dawnie. She does things to me,
things much worse than this, does it for fun. That's why she didn't kill me.
She wants to torture me".

"No" Dawn decided. "I don't care, I really don't. I'm staying. At least we'll
be together, at least we'll be a family once again".

"Dawn, go now!" Buffy pleaded.

Joyce materialized out of the gloom snatching Dawn up by the neck, holding
her off the ground, Dawn's legs flailing helplessly in the air, choking.

"Well, well" she observed. "A little take out snack".

Buffy stared down at her shoes and wept.

* * *

"All out attack!" Xander ventured. "We ask the Fang Gang for help, we call
the Council, the Initiative, hell, see if we can get Faith out of prison?"

"Maybe not" Willow ventured "Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way?"

* * *

Buffy closed her eyes as Drusilla hungrily licked Dawn's virgin blood
from Joyce's strap on. Dawn just lay there, unable to comprehend that her
virginity had been robbed from her by the mother she loved so much.

Joyce took out her whip. "On your knee's girls" she instructed.

The obeyed, holding each other's hand's as they did so.


The sharp leather cut deeply into their skin. Dawn howled with pain. Buffy
was silent, knowing that to react in any way was to just encourage more

"No, mom, please, please don't..." she begged silently in her mind.

Buffy stared deeply into Dawn's eyes which seemed to say "At least we have
each other" even through the pain.

"Please, let that be all" Buffy begged under he breath, "Please let that be

"Say thank you to mommy girls" Joyce goaded.

"Yes mommy" Buffy replied evenly.

"SAY IT!" Joyce snapped.

"Thank you mommy" Buffy replied.

"T-thank you" Dawn stuttered.

Drusilla sat in the corner, giggling helplessly.

Joyce grabbed Dawn up in her arms and looked at her like a hawk at a scrap of
meat. She smiled and vamped out.

"Maybe I'll kill Dawn tonight?" she wondered.

Dawn whimpered. Buffy looked blankly at her.

"Or maybe I'll turn her? She always was my favourite" Joyce goaded her.

"Oh God mom please, please don't do that!" Buffy broke down. Joyce and
Drusilla smiled at having penetrated Buffy's stoic facade. Being a whore
hadn't fazed her, in fact she had learned to love it but Dawn was the key
in more ways than one. Joyce bit deeply into Dawn's neck, draining her of
blood in big greedy swallows, never taking her eyes of Buffy for a moment.
Dawn was paralysed with fear. Buffy just wanted to die in that moment.

She dropped Dawn to the floor. Then she collapsed on top of her.

"Mummy?" Dru inquired.

Joyce didn't reply.

"Mummy are you alright?" she asked again.

"Mom?" Buffy inquired, still concerned, still caring in spite of it all,
stricken between helping Dawn or helping her mother.

Joyce stood up. She looked at Dawn on the floor, barely conscious, bleeding
from her neck wounds. She looked at Buffy standing anguished before her. She
looked at Dru.

Her punch sent Dru sprawling.

She swept Dawn up in her arms. Dru picked herself up and advanced towards
her, snarling.

"Buffy!" Joyce implored. Dru smashed into the room's wall as Buffy gave her
a flying kick. She raced outside, following Joyce as she bore Dawn in her

* * *

"Please, please help her, she needs a doctor!"

Giles took Dawn in his arms and wrapped her in his jacket before placing her
in his car. He raced off towards the hospital burning rubber all the way.

Xander gallantly gave Buffy his coat, Tara gave Joyce hers. Willow offered
Joyce a goblet of oddly coloured liquid.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Mohra demon blood" she responded. "I already restored your soul. This will
make you human again".

Joyce snatched the cup from her and drank deeply, ignoring the awful taste.

* * *

Buffy walked the street, her high heels clicking as she stalked across the
paving stones.

The vamp reared out of the darkness. It went to attack her and she
instinctively retreated back into a fighting stance. But then it recognised
her and a big smile spread across it's face.

"Slayer!" it beamed "Come here, I want to you to fuck me again!"

Buffy recognised it. It was the vamp that had fucked her over the trashcan.
Or rather it was the FIRST of a long line that had done so that night.

Obediently she came forward and proffered her neck to it. He snarled as he
leaned in to bite her then reeled backwards as her stake pierced his heart.

"You're fucked NOW!" she informed him sweetly a second before he

* * *

Buffy paused in the hallway. She wanted to knock on Joyce's door. She could
smell the booze through even through the wood, her mother hiding behind her
door and her alcohol. She actually raised her hand towards the wood but at
the last moment decided the better of it. At least when her mother had been
a vampire she'd talked to her. She almost preferred that to her silence now,
Joyce couldn't even look her daughters in the face any more.


She had her life back now, her studies, her friends, everything. And Dawn,
best of all she had her Dawn back. And Dawn had her.

As if on cue the door to Dawn's room opened. Buffy smiled at her and Dawn
returned it with gusto. She beckoned Buffy into her room and closed it
quietly behind her.

"Buffy, where are you going?"

Buffy took a second before she answered, looking to one side as she spoke
"Patrol Dawnie, you know that."

Dawn reached forwards and pulled apart the coat Buffy was wearing. Beneath
it she had on her ultra-short black vinyl dress, cut away in all the right
places. It was so revealing it would make a Vegas showgirl blush and Buffy
finished it off with her traditional three-inch high heels and tiny black
Gucci handbag. Buffy stared at the floor, mortified by Dawn's discovery.

"You knew" she mumbled.

Dawn flicked Buffy's huge hoop earrings with her index finger. "It was that
or you were hunting vamps at the 'Ho'sRUS' stripclub".

Actually Buffy wasn't due to perform at the club until tomorrow night. But
she restricted herself to stripping only for humans nowadays.

"I can't explain it Dawnie, it''s just something I have to do.
Something I want to do. I don't know why". She actually had a few theories.
She'd read up that people who'd suffered extreme sexual trauma as she had
would often become uncontrollably promiscuous as a result. It also occurred
to her that she was trying to replace the physical affection she now no
longer received from her mother.

Or maybe she was just a great big ho? Her experience as prostitute had just
unleashed her libido and there was no way to put it back in the bottle.

"Buffy, are we in Iran?" Dawn asked her.


"Are we in Iran? Am I wearing a big blackout curtain and have my life
dictated for me by the men in our family?"

"No" Buffy wondered where she was going with this?

"So why are you ashamed? If you enjoy it, great, good for you. No one thinks
it's wrong for men to enjoy sex, why not women? What's wrong with you having
sex with anyone you like?"

"Nothing I guess. But for money?"

"So what? Are you any different from an actress doing a love scene or a
lingerie model or Carrie Bradshaw wanting to marry a millionaire? Men have
been dictating to women how to live and trying to control our bodies for
thousands of years. Well, they're our bodies, we should do what we want with
them. Who are they to condemn us for being sexually attractive when at the
same time they're the ones who are lusting after us all the time? Why is slut
an insult and stud a compliement? Why is virginity something prized in a
woman but despised in a man? Because it's not for the girl's sake, I'll tell
you that for nothing".

Buffy giggled. "You're channeling Will's mom right?"

"I stayed with her when mom was a vamp. But what I'm saying is true, people
shouldn't be judged by their promiscuity..."

"...or their lack of it" Buffy completed her sentence for her. "You're right
Dawnie. Nothing wrong with what I do. Never considered prostitution a form of
feminist expression but I guess it can be in the right circumstances. Better
that we can demand payment for our favours than have them forcibly taken for

"So can I do it too?" Dawn asked.

Buffy sat down on the bed. You could literally have knocked her down with a
feather. She finally managed to stammer "W-w-what?"

"Can I be a hooker with you?" Dawn asked the question as though she were
requesting another portion of ice cream. Dawn her gave her the big eyed
'little girl lost' look she'd used so effectively on their parents in the
past. Now that she was the target Buffy realised for the first time how
devastatingly powerful it really could be.

She considered for a second. Everything that applied to her also applied to
Dawn. If she felt the compulsion to do this then she could hardly deny the
same to Dawn. She found Dawn irresistible at the best of times and since
they'd been reunited they'd practically doted upon each other, months of
pent-up affection pouring forth from both girls like a tidal wave.

Plus she remembered her confession when she'd been wearing her truth collar.
The idea of watching her little sister on her knees sucking cocks for cash
made her hotter and wetter than an Alabama thunderstorm.

She leaned back on the bed and extended her high heel towards Dawn. "Strip
for me."

It was Dawn's turn to stutter in shock "S-strip?"

Buffy raised a playful eyebrow "Can't be a hooker if you can't get naked

Dawn hesitated for a moment. Buffy actually thought she might not go through
with it but instead she reached up and stripped her top off, revealing a pair
of pert breasts in a lacy white bra. They were nice, nice as Buffy's had been
before their magical enhancement. Of course, not that they couldn't do with a
little improvement...

Dawn unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles before stepping
out. Buffy gazed in awe at Dawn's legs, so long and limber and shapely. They
were just wonderful plus her ass was a perfect peach. The very sight made her
lick her lips in anticipation.

Dawn unhooked her bra, shyly covering her breasts with one arm. She repeated
the performance with her little white lace panties, covered in red hearts.
Dawn stood in front of Buffy naked except for her white cotton socks but
still covering up her cunny and breasts.

Well there was a way to fix that.

"Off with the socks, Dawnie".

Dawn realised she was still wearing them and tried to take them off whilst
still not exposing herself fully. It didn't work, Buffy catching delightful
little glimpses of jutting red nipples and chestnut brown pubic hair with
hints of pink beyond. Buffy beckoned Dawn forwards and twirled her finger
in the air, ordering Dawn to spin. She did so, Buffy running her hand over
her sister's beautiful skin as she span, so soft and smooth. As Dawn turned
Buffy gently brushed her arms away from what she was trying to hide and Dawn
stood there stark naked in front of her, her hands at her side, awaiting
further instruction. Buffy could see that Dawn's nipples were swollen and
hard. She was so close she could feel her breathing getting ragged and
shallower, her Slayer senses picking up the aroma of arousal from her cunny.
She was almost ready. But Buffy decided to have a little more fun with her

She took her by the hand and led her to the mirror. Buffy put on Dawn's
makeup practically with a trowel, layer upon layer. By the time she was
finished Dawn looked like....well, like a painted whore.

She put in the hoops, gratified to see that Dawn had had her ears pierced
whilst she'd been at Willow's house. It was funny to imagine that once upon
a time she'd actually have been mad at Willow for doing that.

They walked hand in hand to Buffy's room and Dawn found herself having the
pick of Buffy's panties, delighting in trying each on in turn and parading
around in them for a deeply appreciative Buffy like some x-rated fashion
show. She eventually selected herself a V-shaped black lace pair that were
just the bomb. Dawn placed her hands on her hips and admired herself in
Buffy's dress mirror.

"Wow, I look hot!"

"No lie" Buffy conceded. She barely restrain herself from throwing Dawn on
the bed and ravishing her just there and then. With great self-control she
fitted her out with an in an ultra-slutty black dress and a pair of knee
length spike heeled boots, Buffy taking the opportunity to stroke Dawn's
trembling calves as she tied up the criss cross lacing at the front.

Buffy finished her off with a small black Prada handbag worn over one
shoulder and let Dawn look at herself in the mirror.

"You look a dish Dawnie!" she exclaimed, tying her little sister's hair into
a ponytail.

"I do, don't I?" Dawn agreed. She gestured to her handbag "What's in here?"

"Makeup, condoms, spare panties" Buffy informed her. She noted Dawn looked a
little sad.

"You know, I don't really fill this dress" Dawn pointed out, gesturing to her
chest. Buffy knew she didn't, that's why she'd picked it for her. Dawn's
cleavage was perfectly ample for any woman but Buffy had had this dress
specially altered to accommodate the massive breasts she'd developed as a
result of drinking Drusilla's potion. But then that was the idea.

Buffy reached into her desk drawer and extracted a vial of blue liquid. She
handed it to Dawn and they just stood there together for a moment. Dawn took
the hint and with a deep breath drank it down in one.

It took a few seconds. Then Dawn closed her eyes, her breathing sounding as
though she had just run a marathon. Her breasts began to swell before Buffy's
very eyes, a long, guttural moan erupting from her little sister's mouth.
Buffy smiled and stroked Dawn's hair affectionately, remembering her own
scintillating feelings when she'd taken the potion. After about 30 seconds
Dawn's titties stopped growing and she opened her eyes. She cupped her
incredible new cleavage in her hands, her breasts so big she could barely
reach around them, staring at them, hardly able to believe they were real.
And they were hers, all hers.

"How do you feel?" Buffy asked her.

"Like I've got two enormous melons attached to my chest!" Dawn gasped.

Buffy laughed. It was an apt metaphor, Dawn's breasts really did resemble
a pair of large spherical melons in size and shape. But she was sure that
Dawn's tits were so much sweeter and juicier than any succulent fruit, as
perfect in every way as her own massive mammaries.

"Want to know a secret?" she asked.

"Huh?" Dawn was still distracted by her colossal new boobs. "Yeah sure,

"I had Willow look into this potion in case there were any side effects.
Turns out there aren't but also your breasts only ever grow as big as you
want them to be. They're the breasts you always secretly wanted. Plus it
makes your ass and cunny permanently virgin tight". Given the choice she
figured every woman would like to look like the Playmate of the Year whilst
every guy would like to look like the male model in the aftershave
advertisement. Now both sisters had the kind of figures porn stars could
only dream about.

Dawn stroked her enhanced cleavage a little guiltily and looked at herself
in the mirror then down at the floor. "I can't see my feet"

"Haven't seen mine in months" Buffy confessed. Dawn giggled and put her hands
on her hips, turning herself this way and that, admiring her new figure from
every angle.

"Am I ready to hook now?" she asked, turning to Buffy.

Buffy shook her head "You're not hooking tonight, Dawn".

"What?" Dawn could hardly believe her ears.

Buffy pushed her back onto the bed then crawled forwards and pinned her to
the bed, grasping her wrists firmly in her fingers, her body pushing down on
top of Dawn's. She gazed into her eyes "Tonight you're all mine. Tonight I've
got you all to myself"

To Buffy's amazement she actually resisted, trying to push her off and
forbidding Buffy's probing tongue entry to her mouth.

She resisted for a whole half-a-second.

Then she got over her shock and yielded to the desire for her sister she had
born deep within her for as long as she could remember. They kissed deep and
long, groping and exploring one another all over before Buffy undid the front
of Dawn's top and suckled on her engorged nipples.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhh, AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!" Dawn came in great shuddering waves of
pleasure. Buffy just lay to one side for a moment, stroking her hair and
watching her.

"I....I can come from just having my titties sucked?" Dawn wondered, her
voice a hoarse whisper.

"Oh, better than that!" Buffy assured her. She took Dawn's nipples between
her forefingers and thumbs and squeezed HARD.

"NNNNGGGHHHHHH!" Dawn screamed, shaking as though she was being pleasurably
electrocuted. When she'd recovered from her second climax she found Buffy
unlacing the front of her own dress and releasing her own terrific jugs.
Dawn didn't let her finish, leaping forwards and tearing the dress from
Buffy's body, immersing her head in her sister's chest, sucking, licking
and gently biting. As Buffy felt her own orgasm approaching she took the
time to strip every single stitch of clothing from them both, Dawn's arms
around Buffy's waist, Buffy hugging Dawn's head to her cleavage.

They lay on top of one another, finger fucking each other vigorously and
breast-groping like there was no tomorrow, kissing on the mouth, on the
neck, on the shoulder, almost unable to get enough of one another. They
came together and spent the next five minutes just kissing the droplets
of sweat from each other's awesome curves.

Buffy turned herself 180 degrees, resting herself on top of Dawn, her mouth
over her little sister's cunny, her cunny suspended directly over Dawn's pert
mouth. She started off by running the tip of her tongue around Dawn's labia
then thrusting it inside her, circling her clitty then lapping and probing.
Dawn repeated Buffy's actions as if a mirror image of her sister, receiving
the most pleasurable lesson in history and graduating with honours during a
single period of instruction. They kept licking until each of them was forced
to stop through tongue cramp, both feeling that they would just explode if
they had yet another uncontrollable orgasmic surge.

Buffy righted herself and gave Dawn another long searching kiss.

"So that's what I taste like" Dawn murmured.

Buffy nodded "Sweeter than honey. Dawn do you trust me? Totally and

"You know it".

Buffy reached into her drawer and pulled out a set of handcuffs. There
was a moment of electric tension between them then Dawn extended her arms
behind her head towards the headboard. In a thrice Buffy had the cuffs
securely fastened around her younger sister's wrists, a shiver of erotic
thrill travelling through her body as her big sister clicked the cool metal
bracelets in place.

Buffy reached into the drawer and produced a nine-inch strap on. Dawn visibly
quailed at the sight of it.

"Buffy I..." Dawn began nervously. Buffy silenced her with another
devastating kiss. She wound Dawn's ponytail around her fist and redirected
her head downwards. The dildo slipped effortlessly between Dawn's lips and
soon she was deepthroating it all the way, lubing it up for where it was
destined to go next. Buffy watched with pride as Dawn took every inch of
the formidable dildo into her mouth and far beyond. Oh, the boys were just
going to love her!

She withdrew it then stroked her fingertips softly up and down Dawn's cunny
lips, causing her to moan and arch her back, flexing her thighs apart. She
rested the tip of the formidable dildo against Dawn's intimate entrance and
gently eased it inside.

Dawn gave a gentle sigh of acceptance as it entered her but pursed her lips
and winced in pain as Buffy tried to press further forwards.

"Uhhh....Buffy I don't...ahh, ahhhh, I don't think I can fit it all inside
me" she wailed, a tear trickling down her supple cheek.

Buffy kissed the tear away and smiled an evil grin "Only one way to find out,
isn't there Dawnie?"

She stroked Dawn's clitty with her fingertip and suckled on and groped each
of Dawn's immense breasts in turn. She soon had Dawn purring like a kitten,
her juices flowing like a fountain, spreading her legs further and further
apart to allow Buffy greater and greater access. Buffy began thrusting
further and further into Dawn, her younger sister bucking her hips up to meet
Buffy's pelvis as it rammed back and forth, forcing the dildo deeper and
deeper inside her. She angled her penetration to ensure the stimulation of
both her clitty and G-spot, ensuring that she rubbed her younger sibling in
all the right ways. Dawn groaned and writhed as Buffy fucked her, their
extraordinarily large breasts rubbing gloriously against each other. Buffy
felt like she was resting upon a couple of marvelous fleshy beachballs wedged
between them. No wonder guys loved the missionary, that look of ecstatic pain
and surrender on Dawn's face as she fucked her, conquering Dawn yet knowing
that she wished it just as much as she did and found immense pleasure in her

She took Dawn to the very brink of orgasm, Dawn's vaginal muscles spasming
and clenching like crazy around the fake cock inside her. Then she paused for
a moment and released Dawn's hands from the handcuffs...

"FUCK ME BUFFY! FUCK ME!" Dawn screamed, her released hands hugging
desperately around Buffy, her nails clawing frenziedly down Buffy's shoulder
blades. Buffy just lay there for a moment, letting Dawn grind herself wildly
against her before giving a few last, hard thrusts, sending the strap on
finally all the way down Dawn's tight fuckchannel.

Their orgasms lasted for a whole minute of blissful ecstasy.

Whether Dawn passed out or fell asleep she wasn't sure. Either way she was
awakened by Buffy's fingers in her cunt once more, gathering up her vaginal
juices. She obligingly opened her legs wide to enable Buffy to take all she
wanted, toying with her own breasts as she did so, still pleasurably dozy and
content in the aftermath of her tumultuous climax.

She woke up a lot quicker when she felt Buffy's sharp nails probing between
her ass cheeks. She swallowed nervously but did not forbid her. They'd gone
this far and she knew Buffy wouldn't hurt her. Well, only as much as she
wanted to be hurt.

She rolled over onto all fours, her enormous tits swinging pendulously
beneath her, offering her heavenly ass to Buffy to with whatever she wished.
She enthusiastically played with her own nipples and cunny as she felt
Buffy's slick fingers slip inside her, widening her back passage for what
she knew would be a much more impressive visitor it would receive that day.
She began to squirm uncontrollably, whimpering and gasping as Buffy's fingers
were withdrawn and the strap-on replaced it. She groaned like crazy as Buffy
forced the dildo inside her and began to fuck her in earnest, Dawn feeling an
impressive power in each penetration that she had never dreamt of before. Her
ass felt exquisitely hot and tight around the cool plastic and she was so, so
glad Buffy had been thoughtful enough to lube her up first.

She relaxed into it, content to let Buffy dominate her in every way possible,
to be the instrument of her pleasure. Dawn felt Buffy biting gently down on
her shoulders, earlobe and nape of her neck, felt the sharp sting of her big
sisters hand furiously spanking her pert butt. The slaps on her ass-cheek
transformed inevitably into a sublime, pulsing heat that had her cunny
juicing up even more, pouring like crazy over the nimble fingers frantically
manipulating her clitoris. She grasped her own nipples as hard as she could
and twisted and pinched them until they throbbed with pain and pleasure. In
between the groans and moans she sighed in carnal delight, thrusting her
backside out towards her sister/lover, aching for more and more penetration
and hard, hard fucking.

"Fuck me Buffy!" she begged fervently "Fuck my ass and spank me like the bad
girl I am!"

VampJoyce and Drusilla had stolen Dawn's virginity from her in a ordeal of
horror and evil. But that memory was banished from Dawn's thoughts as she
willingly surrendered her anal cherry to the sister she loved, the pair
coming together in a moment of perfect rapture.

Buffy slowly withdrew, engendering another whimper from Dawn. She took off
the strap-on and placed it under the bed then turned Dawn around for another
kiss and some gentle, loving cuddling. Both felt that they could just stay
there forever.

"You made one mistake Dawnie" Buffy remarked with an impish smile.

"What was that?" Dawnie replied grinning back at her.

Buffy reached into the drawer and came up with a flowery pink garter. She
slipped it onto Dawn's toned thigh and then tucked a hundred dollar bill into

"Money up front, ALWAYS!"

Dawn shook her head. "You don't need to pay Buffy. I'm yours. And you're
mine. I love you."

Buffy nodded "Always and forever. I love you".

They lay there naked in each arms all night long, only wakened the following
day by the gentle caress of the morning sun.

* * *

Her heart leapt as the limo rounded the corner. He was one of her regulars.

The chauffeur opened the door for her and she stepped in. He was on the
mobile, examining a sheet of figures as he talked. She waited until he was
finished then he spoke.

"The usual" he ordered snapping his phone shut, barely glancing up at from
his fax.

She shook her head. "Not tonight".

He looked up at her, stunned. "No?"

"No, you see tonight is a very special night. Tonight I have a special offer"
She opened the car door and his eyes bulged in surprise and disbelief as Dawn
stepped in, clad in an identical hooker outfit to Buffy's.

"This is Dawn, my little sister" Buffy introduced her, stroking Dawn's
gorgeous black hair affectionately, Dawn rubbing her head against her fingers
like a petted cat. They stared deeply into one another's eyes as Buffy asked
her trick "Isn't she beautiful?"

Taking his agreement as a forgone conclusion they shared a long, deep,
lingering kiss, moaning in passion as they tongued each other for all they
were worth. The trick dropped his mobile in shock, literally open mouthed and
a long groan of desire came from the driver's seat.

Buffy broke away and clutched Dawn to her, her little sis resting her head
contentedly on her shoulder as Buffy stroked her arm. "I'm teaching her the
'tricks of the trade', so to speak. So for one night only we're buy one get
one free. Hire me tonight and you get Dawn too for no extra cost."

He still couldn't bring himself to speak. Buffy decided to take the
initiative and guided Dawn onto her knees before him. She undid his zipper,
releasing his springing erection, confronting Dawn with a real cock for the
first time. She gazed at it in wonder for a few seconds but then Buffy
directed Dawn's hand to his shaft and knelt behind her whispering into her

"Ok Dawnie, now bring it's head to your lips, that's a good girl. Don't take
it into you mouth just yet, kiss it all over, that's it, up and down, up and
down. Now trace it's length with your tongue a few times. That's it, perfect.
Now swirl your tongue around the base of the head..."

As she spoke she slipped her hand under Dawn's dress and into her panties,
beginning to stroke her cunny lips, Dawn parting her legs obligingly. Her
left hand slipped down Dawn's front and toyed with her swelling nipples,
Buffy's right forefinger delicately circling her little sis's clitty, already
slick with desire.

" take it between your lips. Now into your mouth. That's a good girl,
suck and lick all you want but don't ignore his stones, lick them and caress
them and work your hand gently up and down his shaft. You feel his balls
tightening? That means he's about to shoot his load so you have to be ready
for him to come in your mouth..."

She made sure she'd brought Dawn to the very brink of orgasm by the time he
was spurting his seed down her throat. "That's a clever girl, now swallow it
down, ...perfect, think of it as your baptism into the delights of the flesh.
Now here's your reward."

She showered the back of Dawn's neck with kisses and brought her off with a
firm pinch of her hardened nipples and a few strokes of her clitty.

"I'm going to make her the best little cocksucker in Sunnydale" Buffy
thought, withdrawing limo guy's cock from Dawn's mouth and kissing her once
more, relishing the taste of Dawn's first trick's seed in her little sister's
willing mouth.

* * *

"Right on time Buffy" the owner of the sex shop greeted her as she opened the
door. She noted that he had already set up the camera to record her weekly
performance. There was quite a crowd gathered in the shop, news of Buffy's
regular show and her gangbang that inevitably followed travelling far and
wide. Their faces showed surprise as Buffy stepped in, leading Dawn by the

"This is my little sister Dawn, she needs some more grown up clothes" Buffy
undid the lace-up front of Dawn's tiny black dress and let it fall to the
floor. Dawn stood there, hands on hips, shoulders back and enormous breasts
thrust out, naked except for her grip-top black stockings and 3-inch black
high heels. She was an incredible mixture of haughtiness and sexiness mixed
with an innocent, submissive sense of desire. Buffy thought her an absolute
vision of loveliness, perhaps the most desirable thing she'd ever seen.

"Maybe you could make a few suggestions?" she asked the customers as she
undid her own dress, revealing herself to be identically clad to Dawn in only
her black high heels and matching grip-top stockings. To finish the entire
effect Dawn slipped her arm through her sister's, the siblings holding hands
in a show of incredible intimacy.

"Boy, they're going to buy us the whole shop!" thought Buffy, smiling at the
expressions of uncontrollable lust on the faces of their audience.

Buffy lay on her back upon the counter, legs spread, arms behind her head in
a gesture of ultimate surrender as her current client thrust his cock deeply
into her tight, hot, wet cunny. Behind him a long line of customers queued up
waiting their turn to fuck her, each holding a bag of sex toys and slutty
clothing they had purchased for the sisters in return for her and Dawn's
services. But even when she was being fucked, spanked, ass-fucked or giving
blow-jobs her attention never wavered from the astonishing scene in the
centre of the shop.

Dawn was suspended from a frame-like device set up like the stand for a
punchbag or something. She had chains around her wrists and ankles and was
suspended face down and spreadeagled like a starfish about two feet off the
floor. She was blindfolded, a ball gag in her mouth, the nipple clamps
attached to her gargantuan, shuddering breasts jiggling like crazy as her
titanic titties hung invitingly beneath her. Her client was fucking her
doggy style, the gentle hum of the vibrating butt-plug in her nubile ass
just about audible over their cries of euphoria and the sound of his palms
striking repeatedly off her now throbbing pink asscheeks.

Even through the ball gag Buffy could still make out a big smile spread all
over Dawn's face.

* * *

"You're both very bad girls. And you know what happens to very naughty

Buffy and Dawn dutifully looked at the floor.

"We get punished?" Buffy pouted sulkily.

"We get spanked?" Dawn suggested, a note of hopefulness in her voice.

"That's right" he told them "But all spankings must be done in the nude so as
not to mess up your pretty outfits. So strip".

Dawn undid her tie whilst Buffy stripped off the short blue miniskirt of her
incredibly slutty schoolgirl uniform. Buffy turned and undid the buttons on
Dawn's little white blouse, Dawn returning the favour, revealing a pair of
lacy white bras that struggled to contain their bountiful, fleshy cargo. They
continued to undress one another, Dawn removing Buffy's tie, Buffy tearing
off Dawn's miniskirt, their client gasping in wonder as their bra's were
ripped off and their stupendous breasts revealed, their nipples rubbing
against one another and hardening as they stripped the little white panties
off one another's shapely backsides. They walked up to him arm in arm, clad
only in their black three-inch high heels and white knee-length socks and sat
on either side of his lap, their thighs straddling him, huge, jutting tits
thrust into his face. Buffy kissed him first then Dawn. Then they
passionately kissed each other which seemed to excite him even more.

"I'd be happy to die at this exact moment" he declared wistfully.

"I hope not" Buffy thought as she and Dawn kissed long and hard, revelling in
the sensation of the other's sweet tongue and lips.

* * *

"That's it baby, suck my cock, suck my big powerful cock, suck the cock of
the best running back on the team".

Maybe he was, Buffy didn't know. If so he was the best running back on the
worst football team in town otherwise they'd have been able to get a couple
of real cheerleaders to do this rather than hire Buffy and Dawn. They were
the worst in the history of Sunnydale which was saying quite something
considering Sunnydale High's football team had always been handicapped by
the school's high death rate.

Poor Larry. She missed him sometimes.

The 'best running back' on the not very good team had a cock that was neither
big nor powerful compared to what Buffy was accustomed to. But she wouldn't
let him know that, she'd always make all her johns feel like Casanova crossed
with Tarzan, it was one of the most important parts of the job. After all,
she was an utter professional in what she did. A 'pro ho' as Dawn had dubbed

She played with her own cunny and titties, looking around to see what Dawn
was doing. When she caught sight of her it took her breath away.

The cheerleader's outfit Dawn had 'earned' at the sex shop was still lying on
the floor alongside Buffy's at the spot where they'd done their striptease
together. The rest of the team were in various states of undress, their
well-muscled bodies rippling in the light. Dawn was now entirely naked and
being passed from team-member to team-member, each doing her hard up against
the wall in turn, groping and kissing her terrific breasts as they did so.
Dawn's arms hugged around their powerful shoulders, her legs wrapped in a
vice-like grip circling their waists as she earnestly fucked them back,
bucking and grinding her hips against their lancing, pumping cocks. One jock
couldn't wait until his teammate finished so instead of taking his turn he
approached Dawn from behind as she was fucked and parted her ass cheeks with
his fingers. Buffy was glad she had introduced Dawn to the pleasures of anal
sex before now but still saw Dawn gasp as he positioned himself and then
lanced deeply up her delicious ass in one swift, all-conquering thrust. Dawn
wailed as he penetrated her but rapidly gained enormous pleasure from the
experience, revelling in the feeling of the twin cocks hammering inside her,
cushioning their hardness with her soft, warm, yielding flesh. She was still
recovering from her first orgasm when they handed her to her next partner who
fucked her doggy-style, so strong that he supported her body in front of him
by grabbing and mauling her enormous titties, keeping her feet suspended well
clear of the floor. He lowered her down until she was parallel to the ground
and Dawn found herself sucking another of the team off as she was suspended
between them. The sight so aroused Buffy that she found herself masturbating
to climax long before her current client ejaculated, just kneeling there in
a post orgasmic daze and letting him slothfully fuck her pert mouth before he
poured what seemed like gallons of cum down her greedy throat. By which time
Dawn was already being passed to a new pair of schoolboys...

By Buffy's estimation Dawn went around the room three times without ever
touching the floor.

They sat around for a couple of hours watching basketball on TV as they
recovered. Dawn sitting nude on an equally naked Buffy's lap, her big
sister's hands clasped around her belly as she leant her head back on Buffy's
shoulder. One of the team offered Dawn a beer.

"NO" said Buffy firmly.

"Oh come on Buff" Dawn pleaded.

"NO" Buffy repeated. "Two lemonades please".

As they sipped their soft drinks the game ended and the guys slipped in some
porn. Cries of delight and astonishment echoed throughout the room as Buffy
realised that it was actually HER on DVD, getting her first gangbang at the
sex-shop on her very first day of being a whore, the first time she'd ever
had sex for money.

"Do you get any royalties for this?" Dawn asked eagerly, enjoying the show as
much as everyone else.

Buffy shook her head "No. I guess it's something I should really look into I

The DVD ended. Looking around Buffy saw that all the players were now hard
again and gazing at her and Dawn like a pack of starving wolves suddenly
presented with a plate of steak.

She arched an eyebrow "Wanna try it?"

The team practically leapt from their seats, Dawn nodding avidly.

She selected the two with the biggest cocks and had them lie side by side
face-up on the floor. After all there was no sense wasting those great big
lovely lady-pleasers in her and Dawn's mouths and hands when there were a
couple of hot, tight cunnies that needing filling all the way up! She and
Dawn both groaned loudly as they gently squatted down and impaled themselves
upon the athletes' mighty pork swords, beginning to slowly rock themselves
back and forth as they started fucking them. Buffy played with her clitty
and nipples, Dawn following her actions, copying her idea as Buffy took some
of her increasingly plentiful love juices and smearing it on her asshole. She
gestured for the next two to kneel behind them and they rapidly got the idea,
methodically easing their cocks into Dawn and Buffy's exquisite asses, the
sister gritting their teeth at the intensity of what they were feeling yet
thrusting their hips back in order to take more and more anal penetration,
fucking the guys beneath them faster and faster, building to a steady rhythm.

Buffy ordered the next pair to come and kneelon either side of her. She
directed their mouths to her gigantic breasts and soon they were suckling
like starving babes, making Buffy keen in pleasure. She looked over and
found that Dawn had once more followed in her big sister's footsteps. She
winked at Dawn who grinned back at her then once again learnt from Buffy's
example and grasped the hard cocks of the boys sucking on her huge tits and
began to masturbate them just as enthusiastically as Buffy did.

There were still four guys left to go. No problem.

Buffy summoned two of them over with an inclination of her head. She began to
kiss and lick each of their pulsing cocks in turn, switching quickly from one
to the other. Within seconds they were both inside her mouth, each fighting
for the greater share, swordfighting for possession of her tongue and lips,
Buffy equally happy to submit to either. She glanced over at Dawn and found
that she was also letting the last two simultaneously fuck her mouth. Which
was a good thing as there was no way that she could give Dawn any verbal
instructions at this precise moment!

The sisters screwed the football team with abandon, every fuckhole filled
with a cock (or two!), vast breasts being powerfully sucked on in return for
extremely skilful handjobs. Even the two greedy, thrusting cocks in Dawns
mouth couldn't stifle her cries of pleasure as she orgasmed like a supernova.

"Way to go team!" Buffy thought a second before what seemed like a fireworks
display of climax exploded inside her, banishing any thought whatsoever from
her mind. The boys kept on fucking both their limp, unresisting bodies until
they all erupted in utter sexual bliss inside them, Buffy and Dawn coming
around to find rivers of cum mixed with sweat dripping from their skin and
slowly seeping from their every orifice.

* * *

To be continued in Pt 6 Love's Eternal Flame


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