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Authors note: This story takes place in a slightly altered future a few years after Buffy ends and is a Buffy/Dawn pairing.

Keywords: BDSM, Ff, Inc, Language, Oral, Spank, TV-parody

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Buffy walks out of the bathroom of her hotel room wearing a white dressing gown with a small white hand towel in her hand. She walks over to her queen size bed and sits down on the bottom of it in the middle and starts to dry her hair. As she does so Buffy thinks about the wedding dress rehearsal earlier in the evening.

She can remember how good everybody looked in their finest attire, all smiling at her whenever she looked at them or they looked at her. Whenever that happened she smiled back at them doing her best to look as though she was as happy as she looked when in point of fact she was anything but. Not that any of them could have noticed what with Riley doing his best to make sure the dress rehearsal went perfectly as if it where some military parade rather than a wedding luckily it only took a couple of practices of the whole getting married routine before he was satisfied with the results. Once he was finally satisfied he asked her how she felt about it and she told him she was happy as well, even though she was happy with how the rehearsal went the first time they did it.

It's hard for Buffy to believe that years ago this would have been her dream come true to get married to the man she loved and have a nice normal life.

Well one out of three isn't bad.

She's getting married, however her life isn't going to be normal the way she defines normal, or at least not the way she used to define normal. After her honeymoon it's back to Sunnydale and back to putting her life on the line in order to protect the world from daemons, vampires and all sorts of other creatures while her husband goes off playing soldier in dark jungles with his army buddies.

To an outsider looking in you could say in 9 days her life will be complete. All of her friends are either married like Xander and Anya or in serious relationships like Willow and Tara and Faith and Cordelia.

Buffy closes her eyes at the thought of her sister-slayer being in a serious relationship with her former high school enemy.

And she is about to marry a great guy named Riley Finn.

As Buffy thinks about Riley's surname she thinks about what her surname is soon going to be once she is married.

Buffy Finn.

No matter how many times she refers to herself by the name she still can't get used to it and although she is going to try her best to do so she can't imagine that she ever will get used to it. She tried convincing Riley to let her keep her surname and adding his so she would become Buffy Summers Finn but he refused and would only accept her taking his surname because in his eyes that is traditional.

"Buffy Summers Finn." Buffy says aloud to herself, "Buffy Finn."

Neither name really appeals to her. Buffy likes her surname, and while she always thought for the right guy she would give it up somehow 'Finn' just seems wrong, like it doesn't fit her, however she has to continue to make it seem like everything is ok and that means making some sacrifices, one of which is going to be her surname.

Another thing Buffy has had to sacrifice is being able to get married in Sunnydale although she is sure that is a good thing after Xander and Anya's wedding. However if they were still in Sunnydale at least she would have been able to continue doing her job every night. Buffy doubts there were a lot of vampires in Iowa but at least it would give her an excuse to go out at night and clear her head. It would also mean she wouldn't have to entrust the protection of Sunnydale, and perhaps the world itself, to Spike.

Spike. Even after everything that has happened Buffy still hates him. The only reason she gave him the assignment of nightly slayage in her absense is because of the chip in his head which stops him feeding off of humans and although so far there has been no problem with the chip as far as malfunctions or it not working at all is conserned it has been a few years since the Inishative placed the chip in his head and Buffy knows that one day the chip will stop working. The chip wasn't made to last forever, Riley always pointed that out in the many 'we need to kill Spike' conversations they had, but while Spike could still be useful in situations like this Buffy had a problem with killing him. The fact that he had, rather reluctantly, helped to save the world and her friends on more than one occasion also was a factor in her decision not to kill him, but often she debated whether or not it was the right one.

All of a sudden Buffy's thoughts are disturbed by somebody knocking on her hotel room door. She stops drying her hair with the hand towel and looks over at the alarm clock on the night stand on the right side of her bed. The clock reads midnight.

Buffy leaves the hand towel on the bed and walks over to the door secretly praying that it isn't Riley having come to try and convince her that they should spend the night together due to her having managed to convince him that they should not sleep together until their wedding night. Despite having told him that it was to make their wedding night special she has ulterior reasons for saying it however Riley reluctantly agreed. Since they made the deal every now and then he has tried his luck but she has stood firm on the agreement and used the fact that he likes to consider himself a gentleman against him saying that a gentlemen would not break a deal he has made with the woman he loves.

Buffy reaches the door takes a deep breath doing her best to try and prepare herself for another round of trying to convince Riley that they should wait until their wedding night as she opens the door and is both shocked and relived to find that it isn't Riley standing on the other side of the door but her little sister Dawn.

Dawn looks at Buffy and as she does so her throat goes dry at seeing her.

"Hi Dawnie." Buffy says genuinely happy to see her kid sister due to her having not had a lot of time to spend with her since they arrived in Riley's hometown of Huxley Iowa.

"Hi Buffy." Dawn says swallowing hard and doing her best to smile at her sister now that she is face to face with her she can't help but feel nervous and yet deep down she knows she has to do this despite how nervous she is feeling.

"It's ah... it's very late Dawn." Buffy says noticing Dawn's nervousness and not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable or anything but feeling the need to point this out to her for some reason.

"Yeah I know... it's just there's um... there's something I wanted to talk to you about and... and it couldn't wait until tomorrow." Dawn says confident that if she had waited until tomorrow she would have decided against doing what she is about to do either that or she wouldn't have found the chance to do what she is about to do... what she has to do for her sister's own good.

"Ok." Buffy says able to tell from the tone in her younger sister's voice that whatever this thing is it's obviously important, "Come on in."

Buffy steps aside to allow her sister to enter.

Dawn takes a deep breath and swallows hard as she enters Buffy's hotel room looking around as she does so.

"Nice room." Dawn says doing her best to try and make herself relax as she slowly turns to look at her sister who is standing in front of a now closed hotel room door.

Buffy smiles at Dawn.

"I doubt it is any different to your room." Buffy says as she walks back over to the bed and sits back down in the same spot she was sitting in before she answered the door.

Dawn smiles at Buffy as she gives the room a proper look.

"Apart from the queen size bed it's pretty much the same." Dawn confesses.

"So." Buffy says as she picks up the hand towel and continues drying her hair with it before looking at her sister and noticing for the first time that she has an envelope in her right hand, "What did you want to talk to me about Dawnie?"

Dawn looks at Buffy, wanting to go over and dry her sister's hair for her due to her always having done in the past back when they where both younger. Despite this desire she stays where she is and watches her sister like a hawk, doing her best to try and set what she is about to say and do out right in her head before she says or does anything.

"Well." Dawn says again swallowing hard having never been this nervous in her whole entire life, "I er... I wanted to ask you a question. And I want the truth."

Dawn looks down at the ground due to her not being able to look at Buffy due to her already knowing the answer to this question and knowing the answer her sister will give her even though they both know it is the wrong one.

Buffy stops drying her hair, partly because it is dry, and partly due to her being shocked by what Dawn has just said due to the fact that ever since she got over being brought back from the dead by Willow and the others she has done her best to protect her little sister but she has also tried to treat her sister the way she has wanted to be treated like an equal and not just her kid sister.

"If I can I will." Buffy says not sure what else to say in response to what Dawn has just said.

Dawn slowly lifts her head and looks at Buffy who is staring at her despite knowing what Buffy is going to say there is a part of Dawn that needs to both hear her say it and look into her eyes when she says it.

"Do you... do you love Riley?" Dawn asks forcing herself to keep looking at her only living relative and sibling.

Buffy is even more shocked by her sister's question than what she said a few minutes ago she picks up the hand towel again and starts rubbing her hair even though it is already dry.

"Of course I love him." Buffy says doing her best to sound convincing, "What makes you ask that?"

Buffy laughs softly, doing her best to sound amused when in point of fact she sounds nervous.

Dawn closes her eyes hating the fact that her sister is lying not just to her but also to herself.

"I don't know." Dawn says lying herself now, "It's just... for a while now I've had this gut feeling."

"What sort of gut feeling?" Buffy asks watching her sister as she stops drying her hair and puts the hand towel back on the bed.

"That you're hiding things from me." Dawn says opening her eyes and looking at Buffy.

"Dawn I told you that..." Buffy begins.

"I know." Dawn says interrupting Buffy from saying what she was about to say, quoting the verbal agreement the two sisters had made years ago, "You told me that if you could tell me everything you would and I told you that if you couldn't I would trust that it was better I didn't know."

"That's right." Buffy says feeling as though this problem whatever it was has been solved.

"It's just." Dawn says but then stops and hangs her head.

Buffy looks at her sister really concerned and worried as to what this thing is that is affecting her sister so much.

"Just what Dawn?" Buffy asks.

"The things that I feel your hiding from me... I feel you could tell me if you wanted too." Dawn says lifting her head once again and looking at Buffy.

Buffy swallows now really worried but not for the reasons she was just a moment ago.

"And what is it that you think I am hiding from you?" Buffy asks doing her best to remain calm.

"Lots of things." Dawn says acting upset.

"Such as?" Buffy asks pushing Dawn for examples.

"The fact that you're not really happy." Dawn says.

Buffy just looks at Dawn in shock knowing she should be denying this accusation and yet too stunned that Dawn has figured this out due to her having thought she had been putting on a pretty good fa‡ade.

"And the fact that you don't really love Riley." Dawn adds, knowing from Buffy's silence that what she is saying is true.

Dawn has known these things for a long time and yet she had hoped eventually her older sister would have done the right thing and if not told her at least told somebody this stuff, but after having watched her go through the wedding rehearsal with the same fake 'I'm so happy' smile as Dawn had named it smile on her face that she had used since she and Riley got back together she knew Buffy wasn't going to tell anybody how she really felt and so she had to make Buffy face the truth. Despite how much it hurt her older sister she knows it will be good for her in the end.

"I'm right aren't I Buffy." Dawn says after a brief silence between them not so much asking as stating a fact and just wanting Buffy to confirm it as such.

Buffy hangs her head picking up the hand towel again and moving it towards her head.

"Your hair's dry." Dawn says causing Buffy to stop and look at her sister who is looking at her and slowly she puts the hand towel back down on the bed next to her.

"Riley's a good man." Buffy says finally looking at her kid sister still unable to believe how she was able to see through her fa‡ade so easily.

"Yes he is." Dawn says in agreement.

"And he is happy. Happier than I have ever seen him." Buffy adds swallowing hard due to her knowing the truth as far as her feelings are concerned, "He's really looking forward to walking down the isle and having me become Mrs Finn."

"And what about you Buffy?" Dawn asks, "Are you as happy as Riley? Are you looking forward to walking down that isle in 9 days time and becoming Mrs Finn?"

Buffy hangs her head and closes her eyes for some reason despite part of her wanting to she can't bring herself to lie to Dawn not now that she has seen through the lie she has been living.

"In 9 days time. I'm going to walk down that isle and become his wife." Buffy says not sure who she is trying to convince her sister or herself.

"Do you love him?" Dawn asks watching Buffy like a hawk again.

Buffy's head snaps up as she looks at Dawn who is staring at her.

"I will learn to love him." Buffy says, doing her best to convince herself more than her sister on what she has just said.

"It won't be real love." Dawn says almost wanting to cry at what her sister has just said due to her knowing and feeling that her older sister deserves so much more than what she is settling for, a loveless marriage to a man who is a very decent man if a little old fashioned in his thinking, "It won't be the type of love you had for Angel."

Buffy smiles a sad smile.

"I don't think I'll ever find that type of love again." Buffy says in a weird way wishing that Angel had come to the wedding even though she understands why he didn't.

A part of Buffy is glad he didn't due to her knowing deep down she couldn't stand to have him watch her marry another man any more than he could, and yet the part of her that wanted him to be there was because she thought in a crazy way that maybe him being there would have made her going through with this easier some how.

"It looked as though you had found it with Faith." Dawn then says causing the smile to disappear from Buffy's face as she turns and looks back at her sister again now in even more shock than she has been all night.

"What... what are you talking about?" Buffy asks doing her best to act ignorant and yet again she is more shocked than the way she is trying to sound.

Dawn slowly opens the envelope she has been holding and pulls out the photographs in it and holds them up showing them to Buffy one at a time.

"I'm talking about this." Dawn says as she flips through each photo giving Buffy enough time to look at them and see what is going on in each one of them.

Buffy's eyes bulge in shock horror and disbelief as she looks at each photo. Each one is of her and Faith in a compromising position or doing something kinky to say the very least.

"Where did you get those?" Buffy asks looking from the photos to Dawn.

"Remember a few months ago when we went to LA to help Angel save the world?" Dawn asks.

Buffy slowly nods her head remembering that really she and the others weren't needed Angel had called asking for Willow to go to LA because he needed her magic however Buffy wasn't about to let her best friend walk into a dangerous situation not when her and Tara had just gotten back together. Another reason why she decided to tag along was because she wanted to see how Angel and Faith where but she knew she couldn't go to LA with Willow and leave the others in Sunnydale to take care of the potential Big Bad's still there and so she decided that they would all go and leave the nightly slayage for Spike to deal with.

In the end everybody except for Dawn went to face the Big Bad that was threatening to destroy the world. And while they did Dawn stayed behind at the hotel which was Angel Investigations base of operations.

"Well while you where off saving the world I decided to take the opportunity to sneak into Faith's room to see if I could find any evidence that you and her had been together an I found these photos." Dawn says.

Buffy looks at Dawn unable to believe what she has just heard and yet seeing no lie in her young sister's eyes and partly shocked that Faith had kept anything of their time together due to the incident they are talking about having taken place a while after she had ended their relationship.

Doing her best to look and act authoritive Buffy reaches out her hand towards Dawn.

"Give them to me." Buffy says, doing her best to sound in control.

Dawn smiles at her older sister.

"Sure." Dawn says and with that she takes a couple of steps forward until she is within reach of Buffy's outstretched arm.

As soon as she is within reach Buffy snatches the set of photos out of Dawn's hand and rips them in half.

Dawn simply steps back until she is once again standing where she was before Buffy snatched the photos out of her hand and watches as her sister rips the photos in half, turns them around and rips them in half again.

"Feel better?" Dawn asks completely at ease with what Buffy has just done.

Buffy looks at Dawn with a smile.

"Do you really think those were the originals?" Dawn then asks her.

Buffy's smile immediately disappears.

"You didn't think I would risk bringing the originals knowing that you would react the way you have. Those where just one set of copies I have plenty more up in my hotel room ready and waiting to be either destroyed or given to every single person who goes to the wedding." Dawn adds.

Buffy looks at Dawn unable to believe her own sister is doing this to her.

"You can't do this." Buffy says not so much afraid of how her friends would react, no doubt they would be shocked but they would forgive her eventually.

However as far as Riley and his family are concerned there is no way in the world they would forgive Buffy or allow Riley to marry her due to the whole family Riley included being exceedingly homophobic. Riley is probably the most homophobic out of his whole family due to the fact that after he found out about Willow being a lesbian Riley tried to make Buffy stop being friends with Willow simply because she was gay. He tried to make it seem like it was because she was a witch or using magic but Buffy found out that it was because Willow was gay and she almost ended the relationship because of it. She had tried, but he had promised to change and it just seemed easier to give him another chance and it's a flaw Buffy has chosen to overlook, even though she knows deep down he is just as homophobic as ever. It wasn't his fault though, it was just how he was brought up, and it wasn't like he was hostile towards Willow and Tara or anything.

He would never be able to accept it if he saw those photos though, especially if he saw the one showing Faith fucking her in her old UC Sunnydale dorm room which would let Riley know that she had cheated on him with Faith at the start of their first attempt at a relationship.

"I'll do it Buffy." Dawn says not wanting to embaresse or humiliate her older sister and yet determined to do so if she has to.

"Why?" Buffy snaps angrily and upset at the same time, "What have I done to make you hate me so much that you would do this?"

"I don't hate you." Dawn says honestly.

"Then why would you do this to me?" Buffy yells.

"I don't want to do this to you but I will if I have to if it saves you from a loveless marriage!" Dawn yells back, before calming herself, "There is a way in which you can stop what I'm threatening to do from happening."

"How?" Buffy asks looking at Dawn on the verge of tears.

"First I want you to tell me how long you and Faith have been together." Dawn says.

Buffy slowly nods her head figuring she has no choice but to tell her younger sister how she and her former lover got together and how they ended.

"Me and Faith's... thing... affair... whatever you want to call it started on the very first night she came to Sunnydale. Right from the start of our... relationship Faith... dominated me and when she turned evil our relationship continued only it became a lot more abusive and kinky. As horrible as it sounds I... I liked it. I loved it. I don't know if it was because it was kinky or what some would consider wrong or if it was because I was in love with Faith... which I was at the time, but whatever the reason I loved what she did to me... how she made me feel." Buffy says hanging her head due to her talking about Faith is bringing back both good and bad memories, "When she went to jail... I was devastated."

"Why didn't you tell anybody?" Dawn asks causing Buffy to lift her head and look at her, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Dawn isn't angry or hurt, just confused as to why her older sister wouldn't tell her due to them having kept all kinds of secrets before. Nothing as big as this at the time but still if Buffy had told her not to tell anybody she would have not told a soul.

"To begin with when me and Faith first started because it was new and because I was afraid you and the others wouldn't accept it. When she turned evil and things got more... abusive I was ashamed. By the time it was finally over I had become an expert at lying to everybody and acting like everything was ok. I thought I had everybody fooled including you." Buffy says honestly.

"What happened when Faith was paroled?" Dawn asks curious to find out why the relationship didn't either continue or start back up again.

"Well." Buffy says swallowing hard due to this part of the story still being a sore spot for her, "When I found out through Giles about Faith's impending release I called her up and invited her back to Sunnydale. When she got back we met in one of the crypts we used to... be together secretly and I told her I wanted her back, but this time things would be different. This time I wouldn't insist we sneak around or hide from you or the others, this time we could be open about our relationship, that I didn't care what she'd done or what we'd been through I just wanted to be with her... I just wanted to be hers... and that's when she told me that we where finished. She told me she had moved on and had found somebody new... somebody better. I asked her who it was but she told me that wasn't important the only thing I needed to know was that we were done and unless the world was ending she wasn't coming back to Sunnydale ever again. She then told me that Angel had offered her a job with him and she was going to take it... that was pretty much the end of the conversation and the last conversation we had until I saw her here at the hotel."

"Didn't you guys talk when we went to LA that time?" Dawn asks.

"We where as civil as two ex-lovers can be. But we didn't really talk not properly at least like you and me are talking now." Buffy answers.

"Cordelia?" Dawn asks.

Buffy looks at Dawn a tad confused by the question.

"The other person Faith had found and was... going to get with when she left prison. Was it Cordelia?" Dawn asks and explains at the same time feeling tempted to ask if it was Cordelia that Faith was basically dumping Buffy for however deciding against it and saying what she had just said instead.

Buffy nods her head looking at Dawn once again on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry Buffy." Dawn says really meaning what she says and feeling what she says.

"I'm over it." Buffy says doing her best to smile, "She's moved on... and so have I."

Dawn slowly hangs her head able to see from the look in her sister's eyes that she isn't over it and hasn't totally if at all moved on.

"How long after Faith ended your relationship was it that you and Riley got back together for the second time?" Dawn asks having a gut feeling she already knows the answer to this.

"Not long." Buffy says not wanting to say how long exacterly due to her already knowing what Dawn is no doubt thinking and not wanting to confirm her suspicions.

"So was that it? Are we done?" Buffy asks, hoping to change the subject from Faith and Riley back to how she can stop Dawn from humiliating and embarrassing her in front of her friends and Riley and his family by showing them the photos of her and Faith.

Dawn takes a deep breath doing her best to refocus her attention from what she has just heard to the other thing she wants Buffy to do.

"The other thing I want you to do Buffy..." Dawn says taking a deep breath due to her knowing that this is the main thing she wants her sister to do for her, "Is I want you to spend the next week doing whatever I want."

Buffy looks at Dawn in confusion, unable to believe the way this night has turned out from being a simple dress rehearsal to her revealing to her younger sister her relationship with Faith and now having her sister blackmail her.

"What is it that you want me to do?" Buffy asks finally not saying that she will do it but willing to hear what Dawn wants her to do.

"I want the same thing you want Buffy." Dawn says with a smile confident that she is going to get what she wants and what Buffy wants deep down.

Buffy frowns in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" Buffy asks.

"Do you remember January 28th 1998?" Dawn asks back.

Buffy thinks about the date she has just been told and slowly shakes her head even more confused.

"So you don't remember that night moaning 'oh fuck me Dawnie fuck me hard'." Dawn asks impersonating the way Buffy moaned her name that night.

Buffy's eyes go wide wider than they have before as she does remember that night due to Dawn's impersonation of her.

"You remember it now don't you." Dawn says able to see the realisation all over Buffy's face.

Buffy just stares at her younger sister.

"But how..." Buffy begins.

"How do I know about that night?" Dawn says, finishing off Buffy's question for her.

Buffy nods her head.

"Well because to start off with I was in the next room listening to you moaning. I was supposed to be at a sleepover but one of the other girls got sick so we called it off and I came home. Mom was away because of the gallery and I got home before you did. I heard you come in, but by then I was in bed and I didn't let you know I was here until the morning, at which point I pretended I was just coming home. I had too after that night. I mean to begin with I thought you where just... playing with yourself but then I heard the bed springs start to move which told me you weren't playing with yourself somebody was in there with you and I couldn't resist trying to find out who. So I crept out of my bed into the hall and down to your bedroom door which was open a fair bit. Not all the way, but just enough for me to get a good view of what was going on in your bed and who was with you." Dawn says smiling an ear to ear smile at the memory of seeing Faith and Buffy together for the very first time, "I stood there shocked as Faith..."

"Don't say it Dawn." Buffy snaps interrupting her little sister which just makes Dawn smile more.

"As she made you moan I leant against the door which caused it to creak open. You where too lost in your own little world but Faith heard it and looked over and saw me. She then turned her attention to you and told you to moan 'fuck me Dawnie' you refused at first but eventually she... convinced you and that is when you moaned 'oh fuck me Dawnie fuck me hard'." Dawn says.

Buffy breaks down and cries out of shame.

"So you know it wasn't my fault." Buffy pleads looking over at Dawn as the tears roll down her cheeks, "Faith made me do it... she made me pretend she was you... I swear I don't really feel that way about you Dawnie."

Dawn looks at Buffy knowing that what she has just said is a lie.

"Well I feel that way about you." Dawn says causing Buffy to look at her, "And ever since that night I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I can't stand to see you with Riley and I'm not going to let you marry somebody you don't love and won't give you what you need! Which is why I am doing this."

Buffy simply sits where she is having stopped crying and now simply staring at Dawn not knowing what to think or say or feel right now.

"You asked me what I wanted." Dawn says her eyes locked with Buffy's.

Buffy slowly nods her head.

"This is what I want," Dawn says, "For the next week you're going to do everything I say and you're going to help me fulfil every little sexual fantasy I have ever had about you and by the end of this week I will show you that you shouldn't be with Riley, you should be with me, or at least someone who can actually give you what you really want... what you really need."

Buffy simply sits where she is staring at her little sister her brain having stopped working due to everything that has happened thus far tonight what she has confessed to what she has talked about and what she has heard and seen.

She slowly hangs her head trying to get her brain to start working again so that she can try and figure out what she is going to do, however she is too shocked and confused to figure anything out.

"I need to think this through." Buffy says slowly lifting her head and looking at her sister unable to believe what her sister has just said as well as what she wants, "I need some time Dawn."

"You have until... 7pm tomorrow night." Dawn says tempted to give Buffy 24 hours but if she does it will be after midnight and she won't be able to do what she wants to do with her sister before they get to the good stuff, "If you really want your relationship with Faith to remain a secret come to my hotel room on the floor above at 7pm tomorrow night."

Buffy simply looks at Dawn wanting to believe that she is dreaming or rather having a nightmare and any minute now she is going to wake up and yet at the same time she knows or rather doubts that this is a dream or a nightmare as she slowly nods her head.

Dawn nods her head back and with that she turns and heads for the door stopping once she reaches it and turns to look at Buffy who has her head hung.

"And Buffy." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Buffy lifts her head and turns to face her sister.

"Wear something sexy." Dawn says.


Buffy takes a deep breath, feeling nervous about what is going to happen once she knocks on the door in front of her, unable to believe she is actually going to go through with this.

As she continues to stand where she is Buffy thinks about what happened almost 24 hours ago with Dawn and how she has been unable to think about anything else since then. She tried to put it to the back of her mind long enough for her to get to sleep but she just couldn't stop herself from thinking over and over and over again about it. It became an obsession, Buffy practically sleepwalking through the whole day as she desperately tries to think up an explanation for what is happening and how to get out of it.

Amongst the many, many different thoughts throughout her day Buffy considered breaking into Dawn's hotel room, bribing her sister and even using physical force, but Buffy would never hurt her sister, she doubts Dawn would be stupid enough to just have one copy in her room, which at least left her with bribery but there was this nagging feeling in the pit of Buffy's stomach that Dawn didn't want anything else.

Thinking back to what Dawn did and said it was so out of character for her. Dawn wouldn't do this to her, she couldn't do this to her, something has to be making her do it, something has to be manipulating her or there has to be some type of spell, whatever it is there had to be something wrong because there is no way her sweet little sister could actually want to fuck her.

But throughout the night and day a terrifying thought kept circling in Buffy's head... what if Dawn really wants her?

That thought led to other thoughts such as what if there is no spell to break? What if Dawn couldn't be bribed? What if there was nothing wrong with Dawn and this is how she really felt?

But Buffy didn't allow herself to listen because they couldn't be true. Dawn didn't want her. Dawn couldn't want her. She is her sister, and a girl and Dawn is straight so she couldn't possibly want her. Ok, so it has been awhile since Dawn had a boyfriend, but that didn't mean anything. She could have been dating secretly or maybe she is going through an incredibly long dry spell or maybe she's the only girl her age not that interested in boys... who seems to have a lot of girlfriends... friends who are girls... was Dawn gay? No, she would have said something. Buffy isn't the most open person about her sexuality but if it was something this big, Dawn would have said something. And yet, it kind of made sense, and Dawn sort of had just come out to her... but that couldn't have been the real Dawn, or at least not a Dawn who knew what she is doing.

Something or someone has to be doing this to Buffy's little sister, Buffy has to believe that, and as she is unable to think of a way out of this situation all she can do is go along with it and desperately try and find a way out before things go too far.

Unfortunately as Buffy stands in front of her younger sister's hotel room, one floor above her own hotel room, she is unable to 100% convince herself that Dawn doesn't really want this, that she isn't really here because of Dawn, standing here, forced to wear... this.

Buffy looks down at what she is wearing, hoping it is sexy enough for her younger sister and yet as she does so she can't believe she is actually hoping that she looks sexy enough for her own sister.

She raises her head and looks at the hotel room door in front of her once again.

She takes a deep breath as she quickly tries to think of another way of stopping Dawn from revealing to Riley and his family and her friends her and Faith's past without having to go through with what Dawn wants her to do, however she quickly comes to the same conclusion that she has come to all day long and that is that the only way to stop Dawn revealing what she is threatening to reveal is by doing what she wants.

So Buffy slowly raises her hand up and knocks on the hotel room door and after a few minutes of waiting the door opens to reveal her younger sister.

Dawn smiles the moment she see's her sister.

"Hi Buffy." Dawn says her happiness evident from the tone of her voice as well as the expression on her face.

"Hi Dawn." Buffy says trying to smile and yet just not feeling it.

Dawn ignores her older sister's discomfort, looks quickly left and right to make sure they're alone in the corridor and then smiles mischievously before she slowly and obviously looks her sister up and down, her eyes lingering particularly on Buffy's tits as she admires her sister's cute little outfit. It's sexy, but not blatantly so, making it perfect for tonight.

"Very nice." Dawn says, resisting the urge to lick her lips, "Turn around."

Buffy is shocked by this as she looks down either side of the corridor making sure nobody is around as she slowly gives her younger sister a twirl letting her see all of the outfit she has on.

Dawn's smile grows wider as she watches her sister, the mighty vampire slayer, do as her younger sister says, loving having this power over her as she gives Buffy another look up and down as she finishes her twirl. The twirl lasts just long enough for Dawn to check her older sister's cute butt out as she gets the full view of Buffy's outfit, a tight fitting sleeveless and backless dark brown coloured top with tight fitting light brown pants and brown shoes.

"Very, very nice." Dawn says, turning her attention from the outfit to her sister's face and smiles an ear to ear smile at her, "Is my outfit sexy enough?"

Dawn then gives Buffy a twirl to show her what she is wearing.

Buffy looks her sister up and down and can't deny even if she wanted to that what she has on is most defiantly sexy a lot sexier than what she has on as it is more in your face type of sexy as to her reserved type of sexy. Despite Dawn's outfit being in your face sexy it also looks casual so that even if you weren't trying to look sexy you would but then again Buffy is sure that if Dawn didn't want to look sexy she would have worn something else other than the tight fitting dark black leather pants, purple long sleeve top and black leather shoes that she has on right now.

Dawn smiles as she finishes her twirl able to tell from the look on Buffy's face and in her eyes that although she isn't smiling she approves of what she is wearing and pleased that she is for a number of reasons one of them being she picked this outfit out for a reason and that reason is because she wanted to make a statement with how she looks and the statement she is trying to make which she isn't 100% sure she has made is to ensure that Buffy knows this isn't going to be a friendly sister outing it's a real life proper date. However she didn't want the outfit she was going to wear out on her first date with her older sister to look too sexual.

"So?" Dawn asks finally causing Buffy to turn her attention from the outfit to her sister's face, "Do I look sexy?"

Buffy swallows hard.

"You look nice." Buffy says softly.

Dawn smiles figuring Buffy is paying her back for the comment she made about her own outfit earlier.

"So." Dawn says stepping out of her hotel room completely and shutting then locking the door behind herself once she has done that she turns back around to face Buffy, "Shall we go?"

Buffy nods her head and with that the two start walking towards the elevators.

"Where exacterly are we going?" Buffy asks feeling the need to know.

Dawn smiles at her.

"Just down to the hotel restaurant." Dawn says totally at ease.

"But what if..." Buffy starts to blurt out before Dawn cuts her off.

"I've already checked nobody we know is going to be down there. They are either ordering room service going home to eat or going out to eat." Dawn says.

Dawn knew this because she had spent the day first trying to figure out what to wear tonight and 'accidentally' bumping into Riley, Xander and Anya, Willow and Tara, and Faith and Cordelia and 'casually' chatting to them about what their plans for tonight where. Without raising any suspicions Dawn was easily able to find out that nobody was going to be eating down in the hotel restaurant, making it the perfect location for her first date with her sister.

"But what if they change their minds and decide to have dinner in the restaurant downstairs?" Buffy asks thinking quickly.

Dawn smiles.

"Well if they see us they will just think we're having a friendly sisterly dinner together." Dawn says shrugging her shoulders as she answers her sister's question.

Dawn had mainly picked the downstairs restaurant because it isn't super romantic so the setting won't freak her older sister out and most importantly of all as she has just told her sister if any of their group does come into the restaurant they will simply assume they are having a friendly sisterly dinner together.

They reach the elevator and Dawn presses the call button. The elevator soon arrives and the doors open.

"Age before beauty." Dawn says gesturing for Buffy to enter the lift first.

Buffy looks at Dawn as she walks past her, unable to believe how relaxed her sister is.

Once they are both on the elevator Dawn presses the ground floor button and the doors close and open again when they reach their destination and once again Dawn gestures for Buffy to get off first this time not saying anything.

After getting off the elevator they head over and enter the hotel restaurant.

As soon as they are inside Buffy immediately starts looking around making sure none of her friends or Riley or any of his family are there after having done a full sweep of the restaurant Buffy turns her head and looks at Dawn.

"Happy?" Dawn asks having watched Buffy do a full sweep of the restaurant with her eyes.

Buffy slowly nods her head.

Dawn nods back and with that she leads the way over to a man wearing a black suit and with a black leather book in his hand.

"Good evening ladies how may I help you?" He says and asks as they approach.

"Reservation for Summers." Dawn tells him.

"One moment please madam." The man in the suit says opening the book and looking down a list of names.

"Ah yes. We have a reservation under that name. Table for two yes?"

The man asks looking between Buffy and Dawn.

"Yes." Dawn says.

"Please follow me." He then says and with that he leads both Buffy and Dawn over to a table at the centre of the restaurant which is exacterly what Dawn asked for.

The man in the suit holds out Dawn's chair for her first which she sits down on and then does the same for Buffy.

"A waiter shall be along in a moment to take your orders." The man in the suit tells them.

"Thank you." Dawn says smiling at him.

"Enjoy your evening ladies." The man in the suit says with a smile and with that he leaves Buffy and Dawn alone at the two seater table.

Once the man has left the table Dawn turns to look at Buffy who turns and looks back at her across the table. Dawn smiles warmly at her sister, who looks away and then does another sweep of the place, double checking nobody is watching them and none of their group is there. Buffy then triple checks as Dawn sighs and picks up one of the menus that were waiting on the table.

After a few moments of silence a waiter approaches them and asks, "Are you ready to order?"

Buffy doesn't feel that hungry but she finally reaches for her menu, until Dawn stops her.

"No need, I'll be ordering for the both of us tonight." Dawn says.

Buffy thinks about asking why but instead says nothing as Dawn turns to the waiter and smiles.

"I think we'll have a bottle of your finest and most expensive white wine and your finest and most expensive thing on the main menu." Dawn says.

"No problem." The waiter says and with that he takes the two menus from Dawn and leaves the table.

Buffy looks at her sister in shock at what she has just said.

"Will you be able to afford that?" Buffy asks the shock evident from the tone of her voice as well as the look on her face.

Dawn looks up from the menu and over at Buffy and smiles.

"Considering the fact I am not paying for tonight I think it is safe to say I will." Dawn says.

Buffy's shock turns to confusion.

"If your not paying then who is?" Buffy asks.

Dawn's smile disappears.

"Your soon to be future husband." Dawn says, not wanting to mention the man in question's name unless absolutely necessary.

"Dawn we can't put this on his tab." Buffy says immediately realising what her sister is getting at.

"Why not? Your going to be his wife in a couple of days." Dawn says, hoping she can stop what she has just said from happening, "He wouldn't begrudge you spending some money on yourself and your sister having a friendly dinner together before the big day would he?"

Buffy glares at Dawn but she knows there's not much she can do.

"Just this once." Buffy says looking over at her sister with a serious look on her face, although she knows she's in no position to stop Dawn from doing whatever she wants.

"You have my word after tonight I will be paying for everything." Dawn says with a smile.

Silence than falls between the two sisters for a few moments until the waiter returns with a bottle of white wine in one hand and two wine glasses in the other. He places the glasses down onto the table opens the bottle and pours equally into the two glasses and leaves the bottle on the table in between the two now equally filled wine glasses.

Once he is gone both Buffy and Dawn pick up their wine glasses.

Buffy goes to drink her's immediately.

"Ah ah Buffy." Dawn says stopping her and causing her to look over at her, "We have to propose a toast first."

Buffy reluctantly agrees.

"What shall we drink to?" Buffy asks.

"To the week ahead." Dawn offers raising her glass in the air.

Buffy glares at her sister but slowly does the same, clinking her glass with her sister's before the two of them take a sip of their wine.

The two sisters sit where they are in silence for a while, sipping their glasses of wine, neither of them sure what to say to the other or what to talk about.

"So." Dawn says once she has taken another sip of her wine, "What shall we talk about while we are waiting for our meals?"

Buffy thinks for a moment due to her having loads of questions she wants to ask her younger sister however there is one question that she wants to ask more than any other she just isn't sure weather here and now is the right time. Still, the place is virtually deserted and if she doesn't start asking questions soon she might not be able to get out of this. So, after thinking long and hard about it Buffy decides to start at the beginning.

"Dawn... I wouldn't have any problem with it if you are... I mean my best friend is one and... I've dabbled in it, as you know... I'm just curious whether or not you're... whether you're... whether you're a full one... or half a one... or just curious... because you can tell me if you are... I just need to know... are you... are you a... you know." Buffy says, not wanting to say the word or words in public.

"No what?" Dawn asks acting like she doesn't know what her sister's asking.

"Dawn you know what I'm talking about." Buffy says looking at her sister seriously.

"No, why don't you tell me." Dawn says playfully.

Buffy frowns and then sighs.

"You've... you've never had a boyfriend.. at least I can't remember ever seeing you with one..." Buffy begins.

"So? Maybe I'm dating a vampire. Wouldn't be a first for a Summers girl." Dawn suggests with an ear to ear grin.

Buffy glares at her.

"Ok." Dawn says, pretending to get serious, "So you've never seen me with a guy... so that means you are going to ask... if I'm still a virgin?"

"No... are you?" Buffy asks.

Dawn wants to laugh however she manages to suppress the desire as she simply looks at her sister.

"Surely your not that naive." Dawn says.

Buffy just looks at her.

"For your information I've had plenty of sex, both with men and women, but mostly women. Actually almost all women except one guy, but he was kind of a turn off." Dawn says, completely at ease with what she's saying.

Buffy just looks at Dawn unable to believe what her sister has just told her.

"So you're... so you're a... you're... you know..." Buffy can't bring herself to say it.

"Gay? A lesbian? Yes, yes I am." Dawn says, finally admitting it to her sister.

Really Dawn came out the night before to Buffy but saying those exact words still made Dawn feel like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders as she reveals her sexuality to the last person in the world she cares about who didn't know... the one person in the world she cares most about.

"Are... are you sure?" Buffy asks.

The question is beyond silly given what Dawn has just revealed but Buffy is in such a state of shock she can't help it.

This reaction is far from unexpected but it disappoints Dawn nonetheless, so much so it actually shows on her face a few seconds before her disappointment is replaced by anger.

"Believe me, I'm sure." Dawn says, avoiding the urge to go on a long and detailed monologue about just how much she loves women as from the looks of her sister she is unsure whether she would be able to handle it.

For a few moments the sisters sit in silence, Dawn patiently waiting for Buffy to digest the information she has just given her. There is no way it should be a surprise, but the only thing Dawn can guess is that Buffy has been so preoccupied with her little blackmailing scheme it hadn't even properly sunk in until now that Dawn herself had 100% confirmed that the slayers innocent little sister is in fact gay.

"Can I ask you a question now?" Dawn asks looking at Buffy a tad worried as to how her sister feels about her confession.

Dawn has told all of her's and Buffy's friends but she has never told Buffy. Their friends always asked her when was she going to tell Buffy and Dawn always told them she was just nervous of telling her but the truth behind why Dawn didn't tell her older sister was and is a very different story.

"Sure." Buffy says, still in a state of shock.

Buffy certainly isn't homophobic considering her best friend is a lesbian and taking into consideration her own past she can't really have a go at Dawn for trying it but still hearing your own sister say the actual words or basically confirm that she is one is still a lot to take in.

Dawn slowly turns her attention from Buffy down to the wine bottle as she thinks about what she can ask her older sister as she does she notices out of the corner of her eye Buffy's left hand laying flat on the table and the finger next to her little pinky which is where she had been wearing her engagement ring the night before is now naked. In other words she is no longer wearing her engagement ring.

"What happened to your engagement ring?" Dawn asks curiously.

Buffy looks down at where her engagement ring normally rests and closes her eyes and swallows hard having hoped Dawn wouldn't notice that she had taken it off.

"I don't know." Buffy says looking at Dawn hoping she buys her answer.

"Did you loose it?" Dawn asks able to tell from the look on her sister's face that she is lying.

"No." Buffy says quickly proving that she was lying, "I just... didn't want to wear it tonight."

"Why?" Dawn asks even more curious now.

Buffy rolls her eyes.

"Because I don't want to wear something that reminds me of Riley while I'm doing... this." Buffy says doing her best to try and control her anger.

"Ok, after tonight though I want you to wear your engagement ring for the rest of the week." Dawn says with a smirk.

Buffy looks at Dawn in disbelief.

"Why?" Buffy asks with a frown, not understanding why Dawn would make her do that.

Dawn's smirk turns into a smile.

"Because for the next week you have to do what I say and that is something that I want you to do." Dawn says plainly and matter of factly even though that isn't the real reason.

The real reason she wants her sister to wear her engagement ring is because she wants Buffy to look at it and think about Riley and the boring mediocre life she is trying to convince herself that she is willing to settle for and how that dull loveless life can't compare to what she can offer her.

Buffy hangs her head knowing that she has no choice but to accept what Dawn wants and that she has to do what her younger sister tells her to do.

"Ok." Buffy says lifting her head and forcing herself to look at Dawn.

Dawn smiles as she picks up her glass of wine.

"Your turn to ask me something now." Dawn says as she takes a sip from it.

For a few moments Buffy tries to think but there is one question which is echoing in her head which just might save her which she needs to ask before it's too late and now seems as good a time as any, so taking a deep breath Buffy summons up the courage she needs to ask the question.

"Last night after you told me about the time you caught me and Faith together." Buffy says keeping her voice as quiet and as low as she can so that only Dawn can hear her, "You said that you felt a certain way about me... that you thought I felt about you. And that ever since that night you haven't been able to stop thinking about me."

"Yeah, and?" Dawn asks not understanding what Buffy is asking or getting at.

"Well I've been thinking and I think I might know why you think you feel that way." Buffy says.

"Oh really?" Dawn says smiling a small smirk interested to hear Buffy's theory on why she loves her the way that she does.

"Yeah." Buffy says, not liking the smirk on her younger sister's face due to this being a serious matter.

"Ok then, tell me, why do you think I feel the way I do about you?" Dawn asks her.

Buffy ignores the cocky bordering on arrogant tone in her younger siblings tone of voice.

"Well." Buffy says swallowing hard due to her not wanting them to go over old ground which they have both or had both dealt with years ago, "You know the spell that was used to create you?"

Dawn's smirk quickly disappears at the mention of her true origins.

"Yeah." Dawn says.

"Well... maybe this... maybe these thoughts and feelings are a result of the spell to create you... having gone wrong." Buffy suggests. "Or perhaps someone's put a spell on you to make you think you want me the way that you claim. I mean, you can't really feel that way, someone or something has to be doing something to you, or maybe... or maybe there's a problem with the monk's original spell..."

As Buffy trails of Dawn looks at her older sister, wanting to smile and yet managing to keep a straight face.

"Well, those are interesting and plausible theories." Dawn says taking a sip of her wine, deciding that she is going to have to tell her older sister how she came to find out weather what she now feels for her older sibling was real or not, "However I know for a fact that neither of those theories are the right ones."

Buffy looks at her sister in shock at her statement.

"And how do you know that?" Buffy asks.

Dawn takes another sip of her wine about to start explaining how she knows that what she feels for Buffy is real when she spots the waiter heading towards them with a tray in either hand.

"I'll tell you once he's left." Dawn says keeping her focus on the waiter while talking to her sister.

Buffy's head snaps around to see who the 'he' is that she is referring to and is relived to see that it is just the waiter due to her having feared it might be either Riley or Xander.

The waiter reaches their table and puts the two trays down and then moves the plates of food off of the trays and puts them down in front of Buffy and Dawn before he heads off, leaving Buffy and Dawn alone again with their meals.

"Bon appetite." Dawn says smiling a small smile at her sister before tucking in to her meal.

Buffy just sits there, watching Dawn eat.

"Come on Buffy, eat something. You'll need the energy." Dawn says smiling, before adding after Buffy glares at her, "Eat a little and I'll tell you what you want to know..."

Buffy glares again, but does as she's told, eventually earning herself the story.

"After the night I caught you and Faith together." Dawn says starting to tell Buffy the story of how she came to find out that her feelings for her sister where and are real as they eat, "And you said what you did..."

"Faith made me say that." Buffy snaps keeping her voice down but making sure Dawn knows that she didn't want to say what she did.

Dawn keeps her focus on her food hating the fact that her sister refuses to accept the truth and yet every time she denies it it simply makes her more determined to make her accept it.

"After the night I caught you and Faith together... and she made you say what you did." Dawn says altering the end to please her sister, "After that night I started to think about you in a new way... and like I said last night I couldn't stop thinking about you in that new way... however while I was thinking about you in this way I was very conflicted about what I was now starting to feel for you... even after you and me had talked about whether what I felt and thought was real I still had doubts. I do admit that I did wonder if maybe I had been created wrong when those monks turned me from my original form into... this. I felt I needed to learn more about myself and I thought about who could help me."

Dawn takes a moment before she continues.

"I was tempted to ask Willow for her help what with her getting better at using magic and me being... magical." Dawn says with a small smirk, "I even knew what I would say if she asked why I wanted to know I was going to tell her I simply wanted to know about my past because I was curious however I was worried that even if I told her not to tell you she might still tell you I then thought about asking Giles but I was again worried that he would also tell you even if I asked him not too. Which led me to somebody I knew I could trust not to tell you if I asked them not too partly because there was a good chance you wouldn't believe him even if he had."

"Spike." Buffy interrupts.

Dawn nods her head.

"And he helped you?" Buffy asks, anger clear in her voice.

"Yes, he did." Dawn admits, hoping this admission won't lead to Buffy unnecessarily hurting her friend.

Dawn is grateful to Spike for all of his help over the years, not just helping her but helping her sister and the gang. She had always had a little soft spot for him, starting from the little crush she had on him and then that crush developing into an odd friendship as he continuously came through for her. Dawn is certain he has developed a soft spot for her, not one in the sense that he is attracted to her but simply due to her always having been nice to him. Despite this though Dawn knows she can't completely trust Spike and is a little worried what could happen if he ever manages to get the chip out of his head or if it ever stops working.

"He managed to find another Monk that belonged to the Order Of Dagon. When he had gotten the monk he called me and told me to meet him at his crypt which I did and sure enough the monk was there and so after I had managed to convince Spike to leave us alone for a while I asked the monk to tell me everything he knew about me and my creation nothing he told me explained why I was feeling the way I was and so I told him my dilemma... or at least an edited version of it in which I told him I wanted to know if the feelings I was having for another girl were real or not." Dawn says taking another sip of her wine, having reached the end of her glass and so she stands up and refills both her's and then Buffy's glass before sitting back down and continuing with her dinner and her story, "He told me that his brethren where in a hurry to create me so they gave me a soul which gave them a template of thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc which more or less equals a human being or more accurately who I was then and am now. The monks than did a spell where the or should I say MY template of a person was given the identity of being your sister and put me in the memories of everyone in your life for 14 years. While I wasn't really there for those 14 years. Through the spell the monks were quickly able to create a template of how I would affect things and the thoughts and feelings I would inspire in both myself and those around me. This gave them an overall template of everyone's thoughts feelings and memories before turning the key... before turning me into the template they had created and sending me to you. The monk went on to tell me that this way every decision I ever made, everything I ever did in the past was something that I would have done had I really done it because those decisions where based on the most likely decisions that my soul would make."

Buffy blinks a couple of times and looks down at her half eaten dinner trying to understand and process what she has just been told.

"What exacterly does that mean Dawn?" Buffy asks lifting her head and looking over at her sister.

Dawn stops and looks up and across at her sister and smiles.

"What it means is Buffy the way I feel about you now and the way I felt about you back then isn't due to the spell that created me having gone wrong and nobody has put a spell on me to make me think I feel the way I do about you." Dawn tells her looking Buffy dead in the eyes as she says this, "The way I felt and still do to this day and will always feel about you is real. I love you. I'm in love with you. And my love for you is pure, the purist love can possibly be. It isn't just a physical attraction because the monk told me if I fell in love with someone in the past it was because they were my soulmate, the one person in all the world who is perfect for me and I belong with. My very soul itself, the very embodiment of who I am, is totally and completely in love with you."

Buffy's brain almost immediately goes dead on her, leaving her unable to think or speak or do anything but look at her sister in shock and disbelief at what she has just heard her say. Slowly she manages to break eye contact with her younger sibling and looks down at her half eaten meal and slowly picks up her knife and fork and starts to eat it, again still not able to say anything and the only thing going through her head is what Dawn has just said.

Dawn watches her sister continue to eat her meal in silence. To begin with she is worried at how Buffy has reacted to what she has just told her due to her having expected Buffy to explode at her telling her things like what she has just said not being true and that she is sick etc. Although she would be embarrassed and humiliated Dawn almost wishes her sister had reacted like that and yet at the same time she is glad she has reacted this way if only to save her from being humiliated and embarrassed in front of complete strangers.

Although she expected Buffy to react differently the way she is reacting or has reacted was also a possibility that Dawn had anticipated and rather than try and make her sister talk Dawn simply does her best to enjoy the silence as she finishes her meal watching Buffy as she does so.

Up until now the evening has gone brilliantly from Dawn's point of view. Both of them have had a wonderful evening together and it hasn't been super romantic however it has felt like a date, at least to Dawn, although she is sure Buffy feels the same way if she thought about it, and up until now there has been only one type of tension between them. Although she is sure Buffy would deny it being there Dawn has been able to feel it, as she is sure Buffy has as well, and that tension was a sexual type of tension.

Once they have both finished their meals the waiter returns with a tray and collects their empty plates.

"Would you like to look at the desert menu?" He asks them.

Dawn looks over at Buffy.

"Buffy?" Dawn says.

Buffy doesn't say anything she just continues to look at Dawn evidently she hasn't been able to digest what she told her yet.

"No thank you." Dawn says turning her attention from her sister to the waiter.

"Very well. I shall bring you the cheque then." The waiter says evidently conserned by Buffy's silence due to his tone of voice and the way he turns his attention halfway through the sentence from Dawn to Buffy..

"No." Dawn says quickly doing her best to remain focused stopping the waiter before he leaves causing him to turn back around and face her, "Put the bill on Riley Finn's tab."

The waiter looks at her.

"Please wait here a moment." He says and with that he walks off only to soon return, "The bill has been put on Mr. Finn's tab madam."

Dawn smiles.

"Thank you." Dawn says and with that she get's up and walks around the table and stands next to Buffy who looks up at her sister, "Shall we go?"

Buffy nods her head and slowly get's to her feet and with that the two of them leave the restaurant and head over to the lifts this time Buffy presses the call button the lift arrives and they both get in with Buffy pressing the button for Dawn's floor. The doors close and soon open again when they arrive on the floor of Dawn's hotel room the two walk down to the actual door of Dawn's room which Dawn unlocks and opens.

"Once again age before beauty." Dawn says allowing Buffy to enter the room first.

Without a word Buffy walks past her and into the room. Once she is inside the room Buffy looks around and see's that what Dawn said the previous night is true, apart from her having a queen size bed and Dawn having a big single bed her hotel room and Dawn's really aren't that different in appearance.

Buffy slowly turns around and see's Dawn standing in front of a now closed hotel room door, almost as if she is blocking her exit or making sure she knows that there is no escape from what is about to happen.

Dawn watches as Buffy turns around and faces her able to see the realisation of what is about to happen cross her face which causes Dawn to smile as she slowly makes her way towards her older sister and stops a short distance in front of her.

After a few minutes of the two sisters simply standing where they are staring at one and other Dawn slowly moves in closer until the two Summers girls are almost touching noses.

They both stare into one and other's eyes for a few minutes until Dawn moves forward closing the small gap between them and closing her eyes as she places her lips gently but at the same time firmly against Buffy's.

The moment Buffy feel's her sister's lips touch her's her whole entire body goes as stiff as a board.

Dawn feels Buffy suddenly go stiff. In an attempt to try and relax her she runs her tongue across her sister's top and then bottom lip however this doesn't do anything and so she decides to try something else. So Dawn does the same thing again only this time she also runs her tongue across where Buffy's top and bottom lips meet.

Despite how much what Dawn is doing sends a tingle of pleasure through Buffy's body she keeps her lips firmly shut, her body having relaxed however now she is simply refusing her sister access to her mouth.

Dawn slowly opens her eyes and looks into Buffy's able to see the determination to resist her in her eyes. After a minute or two she breaks the kiss and takes a step back, keeping her eyes locked with Buffy's.

Buffy watches Dawn as she takes a step back away from her, wondering what her younger sister is about to do due to the look on her face being one she hasn't seen before. It's kind of a mix of hurt and anger, but while Dawn has been angry at her before seeing Dawn angry has never scared Buffy like the look of anger her younger sister has on her face and in her eyes right now does.

Dawn takes a deep breath and exhales heavily, part of her having hoped she wouldn't have to do what she is about to do so soon and yet being able to see that she has no alternative. So Dawn slowly turns and heads towards the bottom of the big single bed. Once Dawn reaches it she turns around and sits down in the middle at the bottom in almost the same exact spot Buffy was sitting on her bed the night before.

Buffy watches every move Dawn makes continually mentally asking herself what her kid sister is going to do.

Dawn looks Buffy in the eye having hoped maybe in the time it took her to sit down the determination for her to resist would have gone however it is still there, as strong as it was when she first saw it.

Dawn takes another deep breath and this time exhales slowly and gently.

"Pull your pants and panties down." Dawn says firmly.

Buffy blinks a couple of times as if she has been hypnotised and is just now starting to come out of it.

"What?" Buffy asks, not sure she just heard Dawn correctly.

"I said pull down your pants and panties." Dawn says repeating herself with a slight hint of anger at having to do so in her voice.

"Why?" Buffy asks unable to stop herself.

Dawn is starting to get really annoyed with all of her older sister's questions.

"Because you obviously need to be reminded who's in charge here." Dawn says doing her best to control her anger.

Buffy goes to say something however before she can utter a word she is interrupted by Dawn.

"I'm going to count to three." Dawn says using a technique their Mom always used to use whenever they didn't do something she wanted when she wanted them to do it or they weren't fast enough in doing it, "And when I get to three I'm going to go to Riley's hotel room and hand him some pretty pictures."

Buffy swallows hard staring at her sister in disbelief, and yet while she is in shock at what her sister has just said she is in no doubt she means it.

"One." Dawn says starting the count.

Buffy thinks real quick about her options.

"Two." Dawn says not wanting to have to do what she has threatened but she will if she has too.

"Th-" Dawn starts to say however stops as she see's Buffy bend over and pull her bottoms down and then does the same thing with the light brown thong she is wearing underneath and stands up, allowing Dawn to see her naked from her waist down.

Dawn smiles glad to see that her older sister is finally starting to co-operate. Her smile gets even bigger when she notices the thong.

"Mmmmm, a thong... you really did dress up nice and sexy for me." Dawn teases, loving the blush that appears on Buffy's face. Buffy's face turns even redder when she see's Dawn pats her knee and says, "Now come over here and lay face down across my lap."

Buffy looks at Dawn knowing she has no choice but to do what she is told however despite knowing this she does her best to either resist or try and convince Dawn not to do it.

"You can't be serious Dawn." Buffy says.

Dawn looks at Buffy in shock having hoped that she wouldn't do anything except what she is told after what she has just done.

"Does it look like I am joking?" Dawn asks the anger once again starting to slip through into her voice.

"I'm not going to let you spank me." Buffy says and with that she bends down to pull her thong and bottoms back up.

"Fine." Dawn says causing Buffy to lift her head and look at her, "Go ahead and pull your underwear and pants back up. I'll just give Riley a call and ask him if he doesn't mind coming to my hotel room for a couple of minutes. Then when he get's here I'll give him the photos and tell him what he needs to know."

Buffy swallows hard unwilling to show any fear.

"How do you know he's back from his parents house?" Buffy asks due to Riley having gotten a hotel room on the same floor as her due to him wanting to be as close to his bride as he could be at least that is the story he told his parents however she is sure he just did it because he was hoping to get with her physically before their wedding.

"He told me what time he would be back from their's." Dawn says with a smirk, "Your welcome to stay if you want. I'm sure once he has seen the photos and heard what I've got to say he'll want to talk to you. Then again your on the floor below us and Faith is on this floor with me so maybe he'll go and talk to her first."

Buffy swallows hard, able to imagine how a meeting between Faith and her soon to be husband would end after he has seen the photos of them together as well as heard what Dawn has to tell him. Riley may be homophobic but she doubts the fact that Faith is a lesbian will stop Riley taking a swing at her even though he considers himself a gentlemen sometimes anger makes you forget everything except the fact that your angry.

Buffy looks back down at her thong which is still wrapped around her ankles but also in her hands and she slowly let's go of it and stands back up straight and immediately starts to walk like a penguin over to where her younger sister is sitting and slowly lays down across her lap looking down at the floor trying to mentally and physically prepare herself for what she knows is coming next.

A shiver of lust runs through Dawn's body as her big sister, the mighty slayer Buffy Summers, lays across her lap ready for a spanking, but the littlest Summers is more concerned about making sure Buffy doesn't freak out and pointing out to her this is what has to happen rather than concentrate on the sheer joy of having her elder sister face down across her lap.

"You understand don't you? That I have to punish you for not doing what I wanted?" Dawn rhetorically asks as she places her right hand on one of her sister's fairly well tanned and toned butt cheeks and then slowly starts to run her hand over her sister's tight ass, "However since you eventually did what I told you to do I promise this will be gentle... well, as gentle as a punishment can be."

Buffy closes her eyes, doing her best not to allow herself to fall into a false sense of security due to Faith having said the very same words or words similar to the ones her sister has just used and yet having always ended up with a major sore behind when she had finished punishing her even when she hadn't done anything wrong.

In a sense Buffy feels as though she hasn't really done anything to deserve the spanking she is about to get now and yet at the same time there is a another part of her that does feel as though she deserves this spanking. After all, isn't it her fault she's here? She's the one with the past which could destroy her current life, if she had been more careful she wouldn't be in this position. Also deep down there is a part of her which is actually wanting to get spanked, even if it is a her own sister, and not just because she feels like she should be punished, but because some twisted part of her will enjoy it, which just makes Buffy feel like she should be punished all the more.

After a few minutes Buffy feels Dawn's hand stop travelling all over her left and right ass cheek and then feels Dawn remove her hand from her ass completely, knowing that her spanking is about to begin.

Dawn looks down at her older sister's behind feeling almost conflicted, part of her wanting to give Buffy a serious spanking for not doing what she wanted her to do as well as questioning and arguing with her, and yet the other half of her doesn't want to do that due to the fact she is afraid it will overwhelm her or it will be too much on the first night.

Dawn decides to listen to the half of her that feels that she shouldn't give her older sister a serious spanking at least not tonight.

Much to Buffy's surprise the first hit from Dawn's hand to her backside isn't hard at all in fact it is very gentle, as is the second one, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth. With each strike that Dawn gives her Buffy can't help but slowly start to relax and enjoy the spanking.

As Dawn continues to gently spank or maybe the right word for it is pat Buffy's ass with her hand she can't help but smile each time she watches her sister's ass wobble just a little a sign that she is being just hard enough on her older sibling. As Dawn continues the punishment she thinks about all of her previous lovers and how she always used to start their spankings off maybe not as gentle as this but still gentle and then get a bit harder and rougher half the time however she'd keep the spankings gentle. The reason she did this is because unlike some other women who she knows like to spank hard and rough and will find any excuse to be hard and rough she believes that to be the wrong way of punishing a lover.

If a lover or slave or whatever you wish to call the person your spanking is good then the spanking should reflect that by being gentle and loving like the spanking she is giving Buffy right now. If the lover or slave etc has been bad or done something wrong then spank them really hard. This shows the lover/slave that what they have done is wrong and it gives the slave or lover the motivation they need to be the type of lover or slave you want.

Of course there is always an exception to the rule and Dawn has met only a couple of exceptions to this rule all of whom will do anything and everything in order to get there asses spanked as hard as the punisher can spank them.

As she thinks more and more about her past lovers Dawn starts to remember how before Buffy had told her that Riley had asked her to marry him she had at least on some level accepted the fact that Buffy would never be her's nor would she ever accept her as anything other than her sister.

However on another level deep down Dawn had never accepted this. She didn't realise it at first but slowly over time Dawn did start to realise that the only woman she had ever wanted had been her own sister. The way in which Dawn found this out was through going with what she now called 'Buffy Substitutes' and those where women with blonde hair or had a faint resemblance to Buffy as far as looks where concerned or the same build as her etc. Dawn had even gone so far as to ask a few of her 'Buffy substitutes' if she could call them Buffy. Some of them allowed her too and when they asked her why she told them she had just always had a fantasy of sleeping with a woman called Buffy. Some of the women refused her request and those that did she would still fuck but just imagine that they where Buffy and do her best not to call them by her name.

Around the time that Buffy told Dawn that she had accepted Riley's proposal of marriage she had started to grow sick and tired of having 'Buffy Substitutes'.

The only reason she had accepted or gone with Buffy substitutes in the first place was because she had always believed that eventually her big sis would realise that Riley wasn't right for her and find somebody who was not only that but she would find somebody who could give her what she needed and so long as they did that Dawn was willing to force herself to be happy for her big sister.

But when she heard that Buffy was going to marry Riley she realised that Buffy was never going to see the truth about him and rather than dump him and find somebody who was right for her, somebody who could give her what she needed and wanted, she was willing to settle for second best something Dawn has never believed her sister deserved and something she was not and is not going to allow her sister to settle for.

That was when she decided if Buffy wasn't going to see that Riley was wrong for her and that there was somebody better who could give her what she needed and wanted then she would open her sister's eyes for her.

Dawn shakes her head re-focusing her attention on the present as she see's Buffy's ass starting to go a very light shade of pink which causes her to smile due to the fact that although she doesn't like or enjoy causing pain like some people she knows she does like to cause a little bit of pain on occasion especially if the ass looks as though it can take a pounding and leaving aside the fact that laying across her lap is a slayer with super human strength and healing Buffy's ass defiantly looks as though it could take a pounding but then given who her first lesbian lover was Dawn has no doubt the reason it looks like it can is because it has.

Buffy grits her teeth and closes her eyes as Dawn continues to spank her not because she is getting harder with the force of her spankings but because she doesn't want to do what she is getting closer and closer to doing and that is crying out in pleasure and pain due to her having stopped worrying about weather or not Dawn will get harder and having started to actually want Dawn to spank her harder. The only thing that is stopping Buffy from crying out in both pleasure and agony at how gentle her sister is being is just that the fact that it is her sister that is spanking her.

Although she is doing her best to keep telling herself mentally who it is that is spanking her the power of this thought is starting to disappear due to the pleasure and the desire for Dawn to spank her harder. Despite herself Buffy starts to moan in a barely able to hear tone of voice however the longer the spanking goes on the louder and louder her moans start to get until she is sure Dawn can hear them. Even though she still keeps the moans quiet in volume they are now loud enough for a normal human to hear.

"Ok that's enough." Dawn says suddenly immediately, stopping the spanking due to her having listened to her sister's moans for a few minutes despite loving the sounds of her sister's moans apart of her wanted them to be louder and she could feel the desire to make her sister moan louder by spanking her harder grow with each moan she heard until she almost got to the point where she gave into that desire however she managed to stop herself from spanking her sister harder than she was convinced that Buffy would do something wrong a some point in the week and then she could give her a really good hard spanking.

Buffy takes a deep breath and slowly exhales relived that her sister has stopped and at the same time wanting her to continue due to the fact she was really starting to enjoy the spanking she was receiving. She tries to convince herself that the only reason she enjoyed it was because of the fact she hasn't had the chance to be submissive or be treated like a submissive in a very long time and has nothing to do with who was spanking her.

Suddenly Buffy feels Dawn's hand on her ass and feels her once again start to run it over both ass cheeks which causes her to moan softly due to the fact she actually likes the feeling of her sister's soft hand massaging her sore ass. Once again Buffy tries to convince herself that it's simply because it something her former lover used to do and even though the spanking was reasonably gentle her ass is feeling a little sore anyway.

Eventually Dawn's hand stops rubbing her ass and slips a little farther down Buffy's backside than it should and Dawn starts to feel Buffy's pussy.

Oh god no. Buffy mentally says to herself knowing what Dawn is going to find down there even though she has done her best to hide it and convince herself why she is wet down there.

Dawn feels Buffy's wet pussy which causes her to smile an ear to ear smile.

"Feels like you enjoyed that Buffy." Dawn says, "Did you?"

Buffy doesn't say anything she simply lays where she is feeling more humiliated then any of the things Faith made her do or did to her, in fact this is the most humiliated she has ever felt in her whole entire life.

"Did you enjoy that Buffy?" Dawn then asks again.

Buffy keeps quiet refusing to answer Dawn's question.

Dawn looks down at Buffy laying across her lap feeling tempted to make Buffy answer her by spanking her again only this time harder however she is sure Buffy would like that and for all she knows maybe that is what she is planning on her doing.

She takes a deep breath and swallows hard resisting the desire to give Buffy what she wants knowing if she does that then Buffy will be in control of her rather than it being the other way around.

"Stand up." Dawn says again swallowing hard.

Buffy slowly get's up off of Dawn's lap and looks down at her younger sister trying not to think about the fact that the girl or rather woman sitting before her is the same one who just spanked her.

"You can pull your thong and pants up." Dawn says wondering if Buffy was waiting for her permission or not.

Buffy slowly bends down and pulls her thong and then her bottoms back up.

Dawn smiles loving the fact that her sister is now doing what she is told without argument.

"You see over there?" Dawn asks turning her head to in front of her and pointing in the direction she is looking.

Buffy turns and looks in the direction her sister is pointing and see's on the other side of the room a dressing table.

"You see my portable CD player?" Dawn asks having stopped pointing and is now once again looking at Buffy.

"Yeah." Buffy says having gotten her sister the portable CD player that she is now looking at last Christmas.

"I want you to go over to it and turn it on. On the top of it you'll find the remote control for it. I want you to bring it to me." Dawn says watching her sister.

Buffy swallows hard now starting to wonder what her sister is going to have her do and what it has to do with the CD player.

"Go on Buffy." Dawn says causing Buffy to turn and look at her sister who then repeats in a much more authoritive tone of voice, "Go on."

Buffy slowly turns and heads over to the portable CD player on the dressing table. Once she reaches it she finds the on switch and flicks it from off to on, she then picks up the remote control turns and walks back over to Dawn offering her the remote once she reaches her.

"Thank you." Dawn says with a smile, "Now stand in between the dressing table and here."

Buffy slowly turns and walks until she is half way in between the dressing table and where Dawn is sitting.

"Turn around and face me." Dawn says.

Buffy slowly does as she is told starting to get an idea what her little sister is about to make her do and yet not being able to believe that she would actually make her or have her do that.

Dawn smiles even more as the realisation once again crosses her older sister's face.

She points the remote control at the CD player and presses the CD button making sure the CD player is set to play CD's and not cassette tapes or radio which it also can do. She then goes through the CD that is currently in the CD player part of the machine until she reaches the track she wants she then presses the play button twice which starts the CD with one click but pauses it with the second click.

Once the CD is set Dawn turns her attention to Buffy who is staring at her.

"I want you to strip for me." Dawn says matter of factly.

Buffy closes her eyes having had a gut feeling that that is what Dawn had wanted her to do when she walked up to the spot she is in now.

"And I want you to do it to the music I will play when your ready." Dawn says causing Buffy to open her eyes and look at her sister.

"Dawn..." Buffy starts to say.

"Buffy." Dawn snaps being able to tell from the way her sister just said her name that she was going to try and get out of doing what she wants her to do and quickly interrupting her due to the fact she doesn't want to hear whatever it is she has got to say and deciding to stop her sister from arguing or trying to get out of doing anything she tells her from this point on the only way she knows how, "You knocked on my door, and I gave you a couple of minutes to change your mind and walk away."

Buffy looks at Dawn a tad confused by this statement.

"But you didn't you stayed. Then I opened the door. Once the door had been opened that was the deal made. Once the door had been opened you agreed to do what I want for the rest of the week." Dawn tells her older sister with deadly seriousness in her voice and in the look on her face and in her eyes, "I have been patient with you but from this point on I don't want to hear anymore arguing. You don't do something I want you to do or you argue or try and get out of any of the things I tell you to do and there will be serious consequences."

Buffy swallows hard, wondering what Dawn means by serious consequences. Part of her feels tempted to tell her sister to just do what she has been threatening to do simply because she is backing her into a corner and Dawn knows that she is leaving her no choice but to agree to her demands due to the fact she can't afford for Riley his family or any of her friends to find out what Dawn knows.

"So." Dawn says after a few minutes of silence allowing what she has just said to her older sibling to sink in, "Are you ready? Or am I going to-"

"I'm ready!" Buffy snaps not wanting her younger sister to mention Riley's name.

Dawn looks at Buffy a tad surprised by her out burst.

"I'm ready." Buffy then says calmer.

Dawn smirks at her sister.

"In that case." Dawn says once again aiming the remote control at the CD player, "Start stripping."

With that she presses the play button and puts the remote control down on the bed next to her and turns her attention to her older sister who slowly starts to move to the music.

Buffy cringes slightly as I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears starts to play, the slayer trying to ignore the lyrics and concentrate on the beat as she starts dancing, doing her best to pretend that she isn't dancing for her younger sister but for Riley which isn't an easy thing to imagine due to the fact she can't help but feel as though he would never have her do this he's more the type of guy who is get your clothes off and get to it rather than build up to it. Despite this Buffy does her best to keep imagining that it is Riley she is doing this for and not her own sister.

As she watches her sister take off her top to reveal underneath a dark brown coloured bra Dawn can't help but think about the part of the song she just listened to where Britney talks about how she may come off quiet and may come off shy and how that was her weapon when she went looking for Buffy Substitutes, acting all meek and mild until she got them into her bedroom and then showing them who was in charge.

Dawn smiles as she watches her older sister take off her pants to reveal the light brown thong underneath, unable to believe that this is actually happening, that her older sister is actually stripping for her despite how often she has dreamed and fantasised and imagined this.

Although in her fantasies and dreams etc Buffy is a lot better at stripping than she is in real life. Evidently this is the first time Buffy has ever stripped for somebody before which isn't that surprising given her history of lovers. Angel, let's not go there, Parker, bigger mistake than Angel if that's possible considering what Angel did, Riley, Dawn can imagine him being very straight laced and only interested in what Faith would call 'vanilla' sex, Faith, rather surprised she didn't have Buffy strip for her but then again she is very, anti-vanilla sex and very pro-kinky sex taking into consideration what the two of them are doing in the photos she has of them.

Dawn shrugs her shoulders able to see that despite how bad she is at the moment there is potential for her sister to become good, all she needs is practice something which Dawn is more than happy to have her do for her.

As she starts to take her bra off Buffy despite herself, and although she is still trying to imagine that it is Riley she is dancing for, can't help but feel herself getting more turned on by what she is doing more so than when Dawn spanked her due to her having always wanted to strip for her boyfriend or lover.

She can remember having wanted to strip for Angel which leads her to remembering dancing the way she did with Xander in the Bronze years ago in an attempt to make Angel jealous.

As for Riley right from the start Buffy kinda knew or rather doubted she would ever strip for him the way she is now, even though she is trying to maintain the mental illusion that it is him that she is doing this for due to the fact that he has always been very play by the rules and boy scout like.

Last but not least Faith who is and was the exact opposite of Riley in more ways than one and the only other person apart from Angel who Buffy can imagine herself having stripped for now looking back on it. Not only that but just like Angel she really had wanted to strip for her former same sex lover only she had never gotten the chance due to Faith never asking her to do so.

As the song comes to an end Buffy kicks her thong over to Dawn who catches it and although she is tempted to smell it she simply drops it onto the floor and applauds Buffy for the striptease.

"Very impressive Buffy." Dawn says with a smile as she get's to her feet, "For a first time at least. A few more practices and you could turn pro."

Buffy hangs her head part of her not wanting to have to do what she has just done for her sister again and yet hoping that she can maybe try and persuade Riley to let her strip for him at least once after their married because it is something she really wouldn't mind doing again for the right person.

"Now it's my turn to strip for you." Dawn says causing Buffy to lift her head and look at her sister who walks up to her, "Go and sit down in the same place I was just sitting."

Buffy goes to say something however stops due to the look her younger sister is giving her which reminds her of what she said before she started stripping and slowly turns and walks over towards the bed.

Dawn watches Buffy go glad to see that she didn't try and argue with her as she turns and walks over to the CD player opens the top of it takes out the Britney Spears CD, puts it in it's rightful CD holder and then flips through the small collection of CD's she has next to the player until she finds the CD she is looking for. Once Dawn finds it she opens it takes out the CD puts it into the player closes the lid skips through until she comes to the track she is looking for and presses play twice causing the CD to play and then immediately pause.

Once the song she wants to dance and strip to for her sister is ready Dawn turns and see's her older sister sitting in the exact spot she was just sitting in as she walks to the spot where Buffy was just standing in between the dressing table and CD player and the bed.

"On the bed next to you Buffy on your right you'll see the remote control for the CD player." Dawn says watching as Buffy turns her head spots the remote control and picks it up, "When you want me to start dancing and stripping for you press play and the music will start and then I will start."

Buffy turns her attention from her younger sister down to the remote control in her hand feeling the need to try and stop her sister from doing this and yet knowing what will happen if she does and so with this in mind she lifts her head and looks at her sister and slowly points the remote control at the CD player and presses play.

Dawn smiles at Buffy having expected her sister to have said something in order to try and stop her from doing this and happy that she didn't as she start to slowly move to the music having practiced this routine to this music ever since she had decided that she was and is going to make Buffy realise the truth about Riley.

As Buffy watches her sister dance to the techno type of music she can't help but wish she could do what she tried to do when she was dancing for Dawn and that is imagine that the person in front of her is somebody other than her little sister and yet for some reason she can't and so she forces herself to watch her baby sister as she starts to take her top off to reveal a purple bra on underneath and then she takes off the black leather pants to reveal a black thong on underneath.

As Dawn continues to dance Buffy can't help but really start to notice how her little sister has turned into a very attractive young woman and as she notices this she can't help but think back to their conversation earlier in the evening about her sexuality etc and as she does she can't help but wonder why if Dawn really does feel the way she says why does she feel that way about her. She knows Dawn explained why but Buffy still finds it hard to believe that somebody as beautiful as Dawn would feel that way about her own sister when Buffy is sure that there are a lot of attractive women out there who would love to have Dawn and yet Dawn seems intent on making her big sister want her.

As the music comes to an end Dawn does the same thing Buffy did when her stripping ended she tosses her thong at Buffy with her foot and Buffy manages to catch it.

"Sniff them." Dawn says looking directly at Buffy.

Buffy once she has caught her younger sister's thong looks at her in shock at what she has just said and slowly shakes her head.

"Buffy." Dawn says in a tone of voice which makes Buffy know that she isn't joking or asking or anything like that and so after a few minutes Buffy slowly brings Dawn's thong up to her nose and sniffs them closing her eyes, doing her best to not think about what she is doing.

Dawn smiles as she watches her sister sniff her thong knowing that her older sister can smell her scent in them. Quietly Dawn walks up to where her older sister is sitting and sits down next to her picking up the CD player remote control and turning the CD player off before sitting down and putting the remote control down onto the bed next to her. Dawn then turns and looks at her sister who is looking at her with her thong now in her hand.

"I didn't tell you to stop sniffing my thong." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile.

Buffy looks at Dawn in complete and utter total disbelief as she slowly raises the thong back up to her nose hating what she is being forced to do.

"It's alright." Dawn says grabbing Buffy's hand which has her thong in it and stopping her from reaching her nose, "I'll let you off this once."

Buffy allows Dawn to take her thong out of her hand and tosses it onto the floor she then slowly lowers Buffy's now empty hand down to her side and slowly moves her hand over and places it on her older sister's thigh closest to her rubbing and massaging it as she slowly makes her way from one side of her older sister's thigh to the other slipping her hand in between Buffy's crossed legs and immediately able to feel how wet her big sister's pussy is.

"Wow." Dawn says shocked by how much wetter Buffy is compared to after she had spanked her, the younger Summers girl gently but firmly running the palm of her hand up and down the lips of her big sister's twat to make sure there is no mistake before smiling happily, "There's no doubt about it, you defiantly enjoyed watching me strip for you."

Buffy hangs her head and closes her eyes out of shame and disgust not with Dawn so much as with herself for having gotten turned on watching her sister do exacterly what she just said which is strip for her.

"Look at me Buffy." Dawn says watching as Buffy slowly lifts her head and looks at her.

As she stares into her older siblings eyes Dawn notices that the resistance she once saw so clearly in her sister's eyes is now almost completely gone. This causes Dawn to wonder what would happen if she tried what she had tried earlier now and decides rather than wondering she'll find out. So Dawn slowly leans forward closing her eyes as she feels her lips touch her sister's once again and this time there is a lot less resistance from Buffy when she does so.

Buffy closes her eyes and does her best to go as stiff as she did earlier when her younger sibling kissed her however for some reason this time she can't make her body do what it did earlier. In point of fact her body reacts in completely the opposite way to how she wants it too. Instead of going stiff her body slowly melts into the kiss with her lips being the last part of her to surrender to her sister's touch.

Dawn smiles as she decides to try something else she tried earlier just to see if it will work this time and so she slowly slips her tongue out and runs it across Buffy's upper and then lower lips and then runs it across where Buffy's top and bottom lips meet and halfway across Buffy's mouth opens allowing her to slip her tongue in. As she does so Dawn closes her eyes, letting herself savour this special moment, her first French kiss with her sister, while continuing to rub the palm of her hand gently but firmly up and down against her pussy.

While Buffy is enjoying the kiss and enjoying the feeling of her pussy being played with she continues to mentally try and ignore the fact that it is her little sister who is kissing her and playing with her however the longer the kiss and playing goes on the harder it is getting for her to ignore or pretend that it is somebody else who is kissing and playing with her and not her younger sibling.

Slowly the kiss is broken and Buffy blinks a couple of times rather surprised that the kiss has been broken and yet secretly at least in part grateful due to the fact that her body, and maybe part of her mind, was starting to accept, and even enjoy, the fact that it was her baby sister doing this to her.

Once the kiss is broken Dawn slowly removes her hand from Buffy's twat, able to feel that her palm is wet with her big sister's pussy juice and although she would love to lick it clean she decides to wipe it off on the bed which she does. Dawn then stands up and walks around to one side of the big single bed and climbs on laying down on her back with her head on the pillow. Once Dawn is comfortably in the position she wants to be she looks down at Buffy who hasn't moved a muscle except to turn her head and watch her sister.

"Come up here Buffy." Dawn says doing her best to keep a serious expression on her face when what she really wants to do is smile however she feels the need to try and look serious for this part of her plan to work.

Buffy slowly climbs up the bed next to her sister and once she reaches the other pillow she stops and looks down at her sister wondering what her younger sibling is either planning or playing at.

Dawn looks up at Buffy and can't help but smile due to the look of confusion and what she is sure is curiosity on her face and in her eyes.

"Climb on top of me Buffy." Dawn tells her older sister, doing her best to get the smile off of her face and replace it with a look of seriousness again.

Buffy looks at her sister in shock at what she has just told her. She still feels tempted to argue or try and stop this whatever Dawn is planning from happening, however she knows what will happen if she does argue or try and stop whatever Dawn wants to have happen from happening and so she slowly climbs across and get's on top of her little sister until she's looking down into Dawn's eyes her body on top of her younger sister's unable to believe this is actually happening.

"Now kiss me." Dawn says looking her sister dead in the eye.

Buffy looks down at her sister taking a deep breath and swallowing hard reminding herself that she has no choice but to do what her baby sister tells her and slowly bends her head down moving her lips closer and closer towards her sisters until they are pressing against one and other's.

Dawn immediately responds to Buffy kissing, her having wanted to make her older sister work for her to respond, but just having her sister's lips on her's is enough to make her crack, much to her surprise however Buffy very quickly increases the intensity of their kiss without adding her tongue.

The younger sibling opens her eyes, having closed her eyes the moment her lips made contact with Buffy's or rather Buffy's made contact with her's and when she does she see's that Buffy also has her eyes closed.

Dawn breaks the kiss.

"Open your eyes Buffy." Dawn says causing Buffy to do as she says, "I want to be able to look into your eyes while we kiss."

The second she is done talking Dawn re-attaches her lips to Buffy's which is the truth but it isn't the whole truth as to why she wants Buffy to keep her eyes open while they kiss. The real reason she wants Buffy's eyes to be open is because if she has them closed she can pretend that she isn't kissing her younger sister however if she has to look into the eyes of the person she is kissing it makes it very hard to imagine or pretend that she is kissing somebody else other than the person she is actually kissing.

Buffy does her best to keep kissing Dawn the way she had been before her sister broke the kiss wanting to close her eyes and yet forcing herself not to due to what Dawn has just told her, hating the fact that she has to look into the eyes of the person she is kissing due to her having had her eyes closed so that she could block out who it is that she was kissing.

Dawn, able to see the discomfort in her older sister's eyes, decides to have her move on to another part of her body and once again breaks the kiss.

"I want you to start kissing my neck and slowly work your way down." Dawn says.

Buffy slowly moves down Dawn's body until she reaches her neck and slowly starts to place little kisses all over it doing her best to please her baby sister as best she can grateful to her in a way that she no longer has to look her in the eye due to her having once again started enjoying the kiss and who she was kissing. Slowly Buffy goes from kissing to licking and then from licking to nibbling and finally sucking on her little sister's neck now starting to get into what she is doing while still trying to ignore who she is doing it to however now who she is doing it to doesn't bother her quite so much due to her being more focused on what she is actually doing.

Slowly Dawn feels Buffy move down her body to her breasts, loving the feel of her big sister's mouth on her body unable to feel any form of resistance in her lips or what she is doing which only adds to her enjoyment as she feels her older sibling slide her tongue from the bottom of her left breast to the nipple and takes the nipple into her mouth.

Buffy takes her time slowly and gently licking the nipple in her mouth before she breaks contact with it and moves on to the other nipple giving it the same treatment while she is working on the two breasts and nipples. Going back and forth Buffy suddenly feel's a hand on the back of her head cupping her to the breast which distracts her and momentarily reminds her who's breasts she is working over however as she goes back to work Buffy soon is able to forget or ignore who's breasts she is working on or rather who the breasts belong to and simply enjoy what she is doing to them massaging whatever breasts she doesn't have in her mouth with her hand while working over the other breasts with her mouth.

After a while Dawn can feel Buffy once again making her way down from her breasts past her stomach until she reaches her pussy. She looks down and see's that her older sister has reached her final destination which causes her to smile having waited and wanted this all night.

Buffy stares at Dawn's pussy, knowing what her little sister wants her to do now, and knowing that there is no way she can imagine or pretend that this is somebody else's pussy she is licking etc however she hopes that once she get's into doing what she is about to do she will be able to forget who's pussy it is that she is licking and simply enjoy doing it like she did with Dawn's breasts and neck.

Despite herself Buffy can't help but love the smell of her younger sister's pussy, the slayer instinctively inhaling deeply and moaning softly at the sweet aroma filling her nostrils.

No matter how much she has tried to deny it Buffy has missed eating pussy and just the smell of it now was really getting to her, her mouth craving that sweet taste regardless of the fact that it is her baby sister's pussy which is in front of her.

Acknowledging her own body's lust for her own sister's pussy horrifies the slayer. What had she become? What is this night turning her into?

"Dawnie." Buffy says, looking up at her younger sister, with desperation in her voice, "Please don't make-"

"Stick out your tongue." Dawn bluntly cuts her sister off.

There is a few seconds of pause and then Buffy does as she is told.

"Now..." Dawn says, savouring the moment she has waited for what feels like her whole life for, "Lick my pussy."

There is another pause as Buffy's mind races for something that she can do or say to get out of this, but she knows it's hopeless and the smell, the wonderful smell gets to her.

Almost as if her body is acting of its own accord Buffy finds herself closing her eyes and slowly leaning forward until her face is less than an inch from little Dawnie's snatch, her tongue pressing itself at the very bottom of that little entrance and then sliding all the way up Dawn's lower lips, Buffy giving the first of many long, slow licks to her younger sibling's pussy.

Immediately Dawn responds to Buffy's action with a slow drawn out moan which is possibly the most sexiest thing Buffy has ever heard.

That last thought terrifies Buffy, especially because it followed a thought about her sister's delicious cunt and how after just one lick she wants nothing more than to bury her face in this sweet snatch and devour every drop of this heavenly honey she can find.

Doing her best to ignore her baby sister's moans so she can indulge her pussy eating desires Buffy eagerly licks the sweet slit in front of her again, only this time going the opposite way which causes Dawn to moan even louder. The moans continue to increase in volume but Buffy just ignores them as she continues to run her tongue from the top to the bottom of this yummy pussy and back again.

Dawn feels completely overwhelmed at the physical and mental stimulation she is receiving from having her big sister lapping gently at her womanhood, Dawn desperately trying to stop herself from doing or saying anything that could spoil this perfect moment.

Buffy's tongue is gentle, shy even, but it's so knowing, that wonderfully soft piece of her sister's flesh skilfully sliding over Dawn's pussy lips which forces the littlest Summers to moan and writhe in pleasure on the bed.

The wonderful thing is this is only the beginning and what happens next has Dawn almost literally crying with joy.

After having spent some time on her outer lips Dawn feels her sister's tongue move in past her outer lips and begins to work on her inner lips which causes her to moan even more. Buffy suddenly changes her licking technique from going up and down to licking both clockwise and anti-clockwise, proof to Dawn that her older sister is really starting to get into what she is doing as she also feels Buffy change the speed she is licking going slow in one direction and then fast in the opposite direction making her moan and groan more and more with pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." Dawn suddenly moans uncontrollably due to Buffy having intentionally or unintentionally, she isn't quite sure which, but having found her clit none the less.

Either having noticed how Dawn's last moan was louder than all the others or not Buffy takes Dawn's clit into her mouth and gently begin to suck on it causing Dawn to moan even louder.

Buffy let's Dawn's clit go and goes back to her pussy lips, this time sticking her tongue in between them and thrusting deep inside her baby sister.

In her current state of delirious pussy hunger Buffy is of course oblivious to the fact that she is actually giving head to her little sister, her tongue thrusting with a machinelike efficiency in and out of the tight wet hole in front of her, fucking her younger sibling with it, starting off slowly but with each thrust she picks up speed, her tongue plunging deeper and deeper until she is mindlessly tongue fucking little Dawnie as hard as she can.

Dawn continues to moan, each one getting louder and louder as Buffy goes from tongue fucking her to gently licking and caressing her pussy almost as if she knows how close she is to bringing her little baby sister to orgasm and decides to stop before she get's so close she can't control herself and cums which Dawn is slowly edging near and near to however this thought soon leaves Dawn's mind as she feels her older sister go back to tongue fucking or licking her cunt. Buffy soon stops the licking and seems to focus on simply tongue fucking her going faster with each and every thrust both in and out.

All those nights Dawn had dreamed of Buffy's mouth and tongue, all those fantasies, all those great masturbation sessions and wonderful orgasms, none of it did any justice to experiencing the real thing.

Buffy showed a level of passion and skill for eating pussy that no one Dawn had ever been with could possibly ever match. Only a few came close, but as good as they were they weren't the one person Dawn wanted above all others, they weren't her big sister Buffy so all of them paled in comparison.

What Dawn is experiencing is so wonderful part of her would be happy to just spend the rest of her life like this, but as much as Dawn is loving the tongue fucking she is receiving from her sister the need to cum is to great and the littlest Summers soon finds herself scheming on how to cum in Buffy's face as soon as possible.

In an attempt to encourage her older sister Dawn wraps her legs around her head while at the same time running her hands through her hair. Neither of these two things seem to bother Buffy. Either that or she simply doesn't notice as she continues tongue fucking Dawn for all she is worth.

That wonderful tongue slides in and out, in and out, in and out of Dawn, driving her closer and closer to cumming until little Dawnie can't take anymore and she cums unable to warn her sister as she does so.

Buffy realises that Dawn is coming as she get's the first taste of fresh pussy juice in the back of her mind tasting her own little sister's pussy juice disgusts her however at the same time she also loves it and almost immediately closes her mouth around her hole not wanting to miss a single drop of the tasty treat she is receiving no matter who is it cumming out of.

While Buffy swallows her cum Dawn's body shakes almost violently, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as the most wonderful climax washes over her, leaving her just conscious enough to enjoy the sights, sounds and feelings of her older sister devouring her creamy cum.

Buffy continues to greedily gulp every last drop of the warm honey she can until there is no more cum left to pour out and when the cum stops pouring out completely she does her best to clean the pussy the sweet nectar just came out of doing her best to get any and all remaining traces of the delicious juice before she slowly removes her tongue completely and almost as soon as she does the full extent of what she has just done hits her like a sledgehammer to the head.

Having expected something like this Dawn immediately recognises the look on Buffy's face as the realisation of what she has just done set in.

"Buffy get up here now." Dawn snaps not wanting her older sister to have too long to think about what she has just done.

Buffy looks up at Dawn half conscious that she still has to do what her little sister wants her to do and yet at the same time still trying to mentally come to terms with what she has just done and the fact that she actually enjoyed doing it.

"Get up here now." Dawn says looking down at her older sibling, doing her best to sound as in control and authoritive as possible, which isn't easy to do when you have just been given the best orgasm of your life.

Buffy slowly moves up next to Dawn until she comes to a stop looking into her younger sister's eyes.

"I want you to lie here on your back." Dawn says able to imagine what her older sister must be mentally going through and yet not allowing herself to think about it at the same time due to her knowing that although in some people's eyes this might be or seem wrong it is what she wants to have happen and she also knows that deep down this is what Buffy wants to have happen she just has to make her realise it and accept it and this is part of her doing that.

Buffy watches Dawn climb off of the bed and stand up.

"Lie down here, where I was laying." Dawn says looking down at Buffy with an emotionless look on her face.

Buffy slowly moves over and lays down in the very spot her younger sister was just laying.

Dawn slowly walks down to the bottom of the bed until she is standing at her older sister's feet.

"Spread your legs apart." Dawn says looking Buffy in the eye.

Although Buffy is sure she knows what is about to happen part of her brain has frozen due to it not being willing to accept what she has just done while the other half of her brain only knows that it has to do everything Dawn tells it to do. So Buffy slowly spreads her legs apart and she watches as her younger sibling climbs up onto the bed and positions herself in a seated position in between her legs within arms reach of her pussy.

Dawn slowly moves her focus from her older sister's face and eyes down her body until she reaches her older sister's bald and beautiful pussy and the moment she see's it she can't help but want to get down onto her stomach and immediately start returning the favour however she knows she has to stick to the plan in order for this week to work.

So she slowly turns her attention back up to Buffy's face and eyes.

"Now." Dawn says doing her best to remain authoritive, "I want you to finger fuck yourself."

Buffy's brain is too over loaded with other things to be shocked or argue or try and get out of doing what her younger sister has just said or rather told her to do as she looks down at her and slowly moves her right hand across and down to her pussy and she almost immediately slips the first finger on her right hand into her dripping wet pussy.

"That's it, now add another finger." Dawn says, watching as her sister does as she is told, "You have no idea how much I have enjoyed tonight or how much I am looking forward to the week ahead."

Dawn looks into her older sister's eyes, able to see the look of shock and disbelief at what she has just done a few minutes ago now slowly starting to disappear which causes her to change the subject a little.

"You know I've done what your doing now many times... finger fucked myself that is... and do you want to know what I almost always think about as I have been doing it?" Dawn asks.

Buffy simply stares at her sister knowing what she is about to say.

"You." Dawn says matter of factly, "I've imagined all sorts of scenarios involving you. I've imagined you just watching me like I am watching you right now. I've imagined your fingers inside of me instead of mine. I've imagined your tongue inside me, just like it was a few moments ago. I've imagined making you do lots of nasty little things to me, and I've imagined doing even more nasty things to you, almost all of which I'm going to try and do to you this week."

As the other half of her brains slowly comes out of it's frozen state Buffy tries not to picture the things her sister is telling her and yet for some reason she can't help but to picture them and get turned on even more as she does so.

"Have you ever thought about me Buffy?" Dawn asks, genuinely curious, "Have you ever imagined me being with you while you finger fucked yourself to orgasm? Have you ever imagined me watching you as you do it like I am right now? Have you ever imagined me finger fucking you instead of you finger fucking yourself?"

Buffy whimpers softly, her pussy clamping down hard on her thrusting fingers as she tries in vain not to think about it, Dawn quickly making it impossible for her not to.

"Imagine it Buffy." Dawn orders, keeping her eyes locked with her sister's, "Imagine two of my fingers are inside of your soaking wet tight pussy right now, moving in and out at the speed your fingers are currently going, bringing you closer and closer to exploding."

Buffy swallows wanting to close her eyes and block out what her younger sister is saying and yet for some reason unable to do either of those two things nor is she able to stop herself imagining two of Dawn's fingers doing exacterly what she says.

"Add another finger and imagine it's another one of mine going inside of you." Dawn says loving the fact that her sister isn't closing her eyes nor has she broken eye contact even though she can tell from the look in her older sibling's eyes she wants too.

Buffy does as she is told.

"Does that feel good Buffy? Having three of your little sister's fingers inside of you? Fucking you closer and closer to orgasm?" Dawn asks, "Imagine if it was my tongue."

At this point Buffy closes her eyes unable to allow herself to imagine her little sister's tongue inside of her.

"Keep your eyes open!" Dawn demands.

Buffy swallows hard knowing she has to do what her little sister tells her and so she slowly opens to see Dawn staring at her with an ear to ear smile on her face.

"Imagine it's tomorrow night and it's my tongue that is inside you for the very first time." Dawn continues on wanting to make her sister cum, "I bet you can't wait for that to happen can you. I bet you'll be thinking about it all day tomorrow. I bet you'll be thinking about nothing but your little Dawnie's tongue all day tomorrow."

Buffy despite Dawn telling her not to closes her eyes and grits her teeth able to feel herself on the edge of a climax.

"Take out your fingers." Dawn snaps causing Buffy to open her eyes and look at her in shock.

Dawn smiles as she see's the shocked expression on her older sister's face and see's her reluctantly do as she is told despite the shock.

"Good girl." Dawn says as she slowly reaches out with her right hand and curls up her little finger with her thumb, letting Buffy see that she only has three fingers out stretched as her hand reaches it's destination.

Dawn takes a few seconds to enjoy the moment before fulfilling another one of her lifelong fantasies, this one of penetrating her older sister, Dawnie smiles happily as she slowly slides all three fingers into her sister's warm wet hole, moaning almost as loudly as Buffy as those soft velvety walls clamp down so hard on her fingers she thinks they'll break.

It is so overwhelmingly erotic for Dawn, staring down at her big sister, who's face is a beautiful mask of ashamed pleasure, as she slowly starts to move her fingers in and out of this mighty and powerful vampire slayer, reducing her to a whimpering wreck with just a few of her fingers.

Buffy looks at Dawn in completely and utter disbelief at what she is doing.

Part of Buffy is so horrified that she wishes it would all just end, but the part of her which seems to be in control of her all too willing body seems content to let her little sister have her way with her, and as Dawn's words invade Buffy's head again the slayer finds herself a slave to the desires of her body.

"Do my fingers feel as good as you imagined they would?" Dawn asks looking at Buffy with a smirk as she continues to finger fuck her older sibling, slowly getting faster with each thrust, "I'll bet they do. Your pussy feels just as good as I imagined it. It's so tight, and wet, and warm, and wonderful. I just can't get enough. I love fucking your pussy with my fingers. Mmmmmmm, I can't wait till tomorrow. Just think what it is going to be like having my tongue in there tomorrow night. Me, your little sister, fucking you with my tongue just as fast and as deep and as hard as I am right now."

With that Dawn feels her sister's pussy clamp down and around her three fingers like a vice, her older sibling starting to cum hard all over her fingers which causes her to smile the biggest smile of the night.

Dawn slowly turns her attention from her sister's pussy up to her face and see's her with her eyes closed and teeth gritted, a clear sign that she is in the throws of a very powerful orgasm which only makes Dawn smile more as Buffy's pussy slowly releases her fingers from it's death like grip and she slowly removes them from her sister's pussy completely.

Buffy had tried, tried so hard, but her body had betrayed her and those skilful fingers, and perverted dirty talk, had forced her to explode in a massive orgasm that completely devastated her for the longest time.

Eventually Buffy slowly opens her eyes having not cum like she just has in quite some time as she slowly regains her focus she see's her younger sister sucking her fingers clean of her cum.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." Dawn moans as she sucks her sister's cum off of each of her three fingers keeping her eyes locked with Buffy as she does it.

"Oh my God, your cum tastes even better than I imagined." Dawn says once she has finished cleaning her fingers, looking directly into her big sister's eyes, "Honestly, there's nothing I would love more than to get down in between your legs right now and suck every single drop of cum from your pussy, but I'm not going to do that. You want to know why?"

Buffy doesn't say anything she just continues to look or rather stare at her sister.

"Because I want you to think about my tongue all day tomorrow." Dawn says hoping that her sister's silence is a good thing as she slowly climbs off of the bed and walks around the floor where they both stripped for one and other picking up each item of clothing Buffy had worn.

Once she has gotten it all Dawn carries it over and dumps it on the bottom of the bed and looks back at her sister.

"Now you can get dressed and go." Dawn says doing her best to sound emotionless.

Buffy looks at Dawn unable to believe what she has just said and the way she said it.

"Well don't just lay there Buffy I said get dressed and go." Dawn snaps suddenly shocking Buffy even more as she quickly get's up picks up her stuff and heads over towards the bathroom but stops suddenly and turns to look at Dawn who is watching her.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" Buffy asks looking at her younger sister.

"Be quick." Dawn shrugs.

Buffy nods her head and with that she disappears into the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

Once her sibling is gone Dawn takes a deep breath and exhales heavily as she sits down on the bottom of the bed hating the way she has just spoken to her older sister and yet feeling as though she has to act as unemotional as possible at least for the time being and make it seem to Buffy as though she doesn't want her to stay when in point of fact if she could she wouldn't allow her older sibling to leave. Despite her desire to have her sister stay she knows she has to keep to the plan in order for this week to work.

After a few minutes of waiting Dawn hears the door to the bathroom opens and looks over and see's the door open and her sister walk out once again fully dressed.

"I want you here tomorrow night same time or else." Dawn says once again doing her best to sound as emotionless as possible, "Understood?"

Buffy slowly nods her head after swallowing hard, feeling really hurt by the way her sister is acting and treating her.

"Goodnight Buffy." Dawn says.

Buffy stares at her sister for a couple of minutes trying to figure out how she can go from being the way she was before to being this icy cold heartless bitch now.

After a few minutes of staring at her sister she slowly makes her way across the room to the door and is about to open it when she hears, "Oh and one more thing."

Which causes her to turn around and face her sister who is once again looking at her.

"Before you go to sleep tonight I want you to finger fuck yourself to at least one orgasm while thinking about my tongue being inside you." Dawn says doing her best to stop herself from smiling, "Understood?"

Buffy wants to say something however she simply nods her head and then turns back around to face the door, opens it and walks out closing the door behind herself.

Once the door closes Dawn smiles widely.

So far her little blackmailing scheme is working perfectly and she can only hope it continues working like this so she can achieve her ultimate goal, turning her big sister into her sex slave.


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