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Authors note: This story takes place in a slightly altered future a few years after Buffy ends and is a Buffy/Dawn pairing.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Dawn slowly opens her eyes to find herself staring at her older sister who is still sound asleep. She smiles. She thought that as soon as she was asleep Buffy would sneak out of first her bed and then her room and go back to her hotel room which would mean that if she had done that she would have broken the rules which would have meant Dawn would have had to have punished her big sister, and while Dawn would have liked the excuse she honestly preferred to wake up to the beautiful sight of her sleeping older sister.

As she continues to stare at the face of her older sibling Dawn can't get over how peaceful Buffy looks which makes a nice change from the always on edge almost always serious older sibling Dawn see's when Buffy is awake the older sibling who has the weight of the world on her shoulders and looks as though she has. Right now Buffy looks as though she doesn't have a care in the world it also looks as though whatever Buffy is dreaming about it is a good dream due to the small smile on her face which makes Dawn smile even more due to her having not seen Buffy smile a great deal recently at least not a genuinely happy smile like the one she is wearing right now.

Dawn remembers how yesterday during the picnic when she was pounding her strap on into Buffy's ass for the first time she had wanted time to stop so that she could live in that moment forever. Now she wishes time would stop again so that she can live in this moment forever with her and Buffy laying in bed together and her watching as her older sister sleeps not having to worry about when the next Apocalypse is going to happen or anything. Neither of them having to worry about anything. Both happy, both at peace.

It is moment's like this which make Dawn realise just how much she really does love Buffy. Not in the way she should she knows that but she doesn't care about how she should love Buffy all that matters to her is that she loves Buffy more than anybody else has ever done or will ever do. It is because of that love for her older sister that she is doing this because she wants Buffy to be happy and she really does believe that she can make her older sister happy, happier than anybody else has or could. A hell of a lot happier than being married to Riley will ever make her which isn't much.

If anybody deserves to be happy there is no doubt in Dawn's mind that it is the woman laying opposite her considering everything she has been through since becoming the Slayer.

Dawn notices a small strand of hair on Buffy's face, the brunette slowly slipping the strand behind her sister's ear, that soft touch causing Buffy to slowly open her eyes and see her sister staring down at her.

"Sorry." Dawn says.

"For what?" Buffy asks through a yawn.

"I didn't mean to wake you." Dawn says smiling at how cute the yawn Buffy just gave is.

"What time is it?" Buffy asks.

Dawn turns over and looks at her bedside table clock. Once she has read the time she turns back over and looks at Buffy, "Just turned 6am."

"Why did you wake me?" Buffy then asks curiously due to her having felt something which caused her to open her eyes.

"I didn't." Dawn tells her, "It's just I noticed a strand of hair fall out of place and I was putting it back where it belonged."

Buffy blushes a little, "Have you been watching me long?"

"Not long." Dawn tells her.

Buffy blushes a little more, "So... erm, what are we doing today?"

Dawn smiles a rather devious looking type of smile.

"Wait and see." Dawn says not really thinking about what the two of them are going to be doing later as for right now the only thing on Dawn's mind is enjoying her time with Buffy right now and making sure Buffy enjoys their time together as well.

"You remember how I told you that I was going to fuck your ass again this morning?" Dawn asks Buffy with an ear to ear smile.

"Yes." Buffy says doing her best to ignore the fact that she can actually feel herself starting to get wet at the thought of getting butt fucked again by her own sister.

"Well I've changed my mind." Dawn says.

Buffy does her best not to let the disappointment at what Dawn has just told her show on her face.

Dawn smiles even more due to the fact that although Buffy is obviously doing her best to hide it she can tell her older sister is disappointed by what she has just been told. Buffy maybe able to hide the way she is feeling from a lot of people but the one person she can't hide her feelings from is Dawn.

"I've decided that before I butt fuck you and give you your first daily spanking I'm going to show you what I normally do when I wake up at home." Dawn says noticing the disappointed look on her sister's face changes to one of confusion, "You see Buffy when I wake up at home I always start the day by finger fucking myself to a nice hard orgasm thinking about you."

Buffy's blushes at hearing this due to her now knowing exacterly what Dawn meant when she said that she was going to show her what she normally did or does when she wakes up at home.

Seeing the realisation of what she means appear on Buffy's face causes Dawn to throw the quilt cover that is covering both of them off of her whole body to reveal her still naked body to her older sister.

Buffy slowly sits up and looks down at her younger sister, her eyes drifting all over her body. Despite herself Buffy can't help but think how beautiful Dawn's body is. Then her eyes lock on the thing that brought her so much pleasure the night before, the thing that her kid sister had used to stretch, fill and fuck her ass so good, the thing that although being fake is currently standing up straight almost as if it is real.

Dawn follows Buffy's gaze and does her best not to laugh due to her having totally forgotten that she was still wearing her strap on.

"Would you like to take this off of me?" Dawn asks turning her attention from the strap on still between her legs back up to her older sister's face.

Buffy swallows hard as she slowly reaches out and slowly undoes the strap on and once it is undone she slides it down her little sister's slightly well toned and very well tanned legs until it is completely removed from Dawn's body.

"Put it on the bedside table." Dawn says gesturing with her head to her nightstand which Buffy does.

Buffy puts the strap on on the bedside table next to where Dawn was sleeping earlier and then returns to her original position. She look back down at her little sister and out of the corner of her eye she see's Dawn's right hand which she quickly focus's her attention on as it moves over to her pussy. Buffy watches as Dawn starts to run her fingers up and down her outer pussy lips slowly.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Buffy watching her start to play with herself.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm this feels so good. Not as good as having my strap on buried in your ass, but it still feels pretty good." Dawn moans as she stops playing with her outer pussy lips and starts to rub her clit. "Do you want to know what I normally think about when I am doing this at home?"

Dawn keeps her eyes locked on Buffy while Buffy keeps her eyes locked on what Dawn is doing.

"Buffy." Dawn says wanting Buffy to look at her while she talks, "Look at me."

Buffy slowly pulls her focus away from Dawn's pussy and hand and moves it up her younger sister's body until she locks eyes with her younger sibling who is staring intently at her.

"Do you know what I think about when I am doing this at home?" Dawn asks once she has Buffy's focus now on her face and not on what she is doing.

"Me." Buffy asks after a couple of minutes hesitation.

Dawn smiles at her big sister. "That's right. I think about you while I am laying in my bed at home playing with myself."

Buffy blushes at Dawn's words.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm just thinking about you get's me wet." Dawn continues on, closing her eyes as she wants to enjoy and savour this, "Up until I started planning this week I used to think about my latest fantasy involving you. However since I planned this week I have been thinking about all the different things I was finally going to be able to do to you after having fantasised about it for so long. The one thing I thought about the most was fucking you with my strap on."

Dawn opens her eyes and see's that Buffy is still staring at her which causes her to smile even more.

"I imagined that by the end of the week you wouldn't be able to get enough of me fucking you with my strap on. I would imagine what it would be like to finally pound your asshole the both of us loving every minute of it. I have to admit I never thought we would make the kind of deal that we made last night." Dawn says remembering how Buffy had agreed to allow Dawn to fuck her ass whenever she wanted even if she wanted to do it on her wedding night if in fact her wedding night still takes place.

As she thinks about it Dawn realises that in a way Buffy has unintentionally given her the power to ruin her marriage to Riley if she still goes through with marrying him. Dawn realises that if Buffy does end up marrying Riley she can make it so that Buffy's "husband" doesn't get any due to her taking up all of Buffy's time and if Buffy ever complains all Dawn would have to do is threaten to tell Riley about the deal they made which would no doubt lead to him wanting to know what would cause Buffy to make such a deal which would lead to Buffy's relationship with Faith coming out.

Although Dawn can't help but like this idea it isn't how she wants or imagined this week ending. The way she imagined and planned on this week ending is with Buffy calling off the wedding and ending her relationship with Riley and her and Buffy going back to Sunnydale as a couple.

Doing her best to focus her attention on the present Dawn blinks a couple of times to help get herself refocused as she continues to look at Buffy able to tell that her older sibling despite doing her best to hide it is getting turned on by what her little sister is saying which in turn turns Dawn on even more as she stops rubbing her clit and slips a finger into her pussy and starts to slowly finger fuck herself partly wanting Buffy to watch her do it and partly wanting Buffy to keep her focus on her and what she is saying.

"I have to say Buffy the fantasy of what it would be like to fuck your ass and the reality where very different." Dawn says deciding to continue her verbal stimulation, "The reality was better than any fantasy I have ever had."

Buffy blushes and shifts uncomfortably.

"I'm looking forward to using your asshole again in a little while." Dawn says causing Buffy to refocus her attention on her younger sibling and not on her feelings, "I bet you wish I was pounding your asshole right now with my big strap on cock don't you?"

Buffy shifts uncomfortably again where she is sat not wanting to think about the night before and yet unable to stop herself and as she thinks about it she can't help but remember how much she ended up enjoying it.

"You know I could have spent all night with my strap on cock buried in your ass. In fact I could have quite easily fallen asleep with me laying on top of you and my strap on still buried deep inside of you and I'll bet you wouldn't have minded if I had done that would you?" Dawn asks partly wanting Buffy to answer her and at the same time wanting to enjoy the image of them doing that, "Maybe before this week is over we could give that a try."

Dawn pauses to mentally add that to her "to do" list as far as things she wants to do with and to Buffy is concerned.

"Mmmmmmmmmm I woke you up rather gently this morning.........maybe one of these mornings I could wake you up with a nice gentle butt fucking." Dawn continues on really liking the idea of her waking Buffy up by slowly starting to fuck her ass due to her having intended on having Buffy sleep with her every night from now up until the day before the actual wedding day, "At least that is how it would start nice and gentle."

Buffy turns her head away doing her best to try not to think about her waking up or even falling asleep with Dawn's strap on still up her ass and being woken up by the feeling of Dawn's strap on slowly starting to move inside of her butt.

"Mmmmmmmmmm It feels so good when I play with myself especially when I am thinking about you and thinking about doing nasty and dirty things to you." Dawn says closing her eyes again relishing in her sister's discomfort knowing that one of the reasons she is uncomfortable with what her little sister is saying is because it is turning her on hopefully just as much if not more than it is turning herself on, "Sometimes I use a vibrator but most of the time I just use my fingers. After the night I caught you and Faith together. I used to finger fuck myself listening to you two going at it. I used to imagine it was me making you moan and groan the way Faith was. I never honestly thought I would ever get the chance to actually do it. Funny thing is I always used to tell myself that if I got the chance I would make you moan louder than Faith ever could and you know what I think I did that last night. Did I Buffy? Did I manage to prove I am a better Dom than Faith?"

Buffy keeps her eyes locked on Dawn despite not verbally answering she does swallow hard which is a clear sign to Dawn that Buffy is nervous and the youngest Summers can't help but wonder why or what is making her nervous weather it is her wondering weather she did prove to be a better dom than Faith or weather it is the fact that Buffy knows she did prove herself to be a better dom than Faith.

"You remember our first night together Buffy?" Dawn then asks deciding to change the subject from weather or not she is a better Dom than Faith or not.

Buffy nods her head in response to Dawn's question.

"You remember how we ended that night?" Dawn asks.

Buffy nods her head again.

"How?" Dawn asks wanting Buffy to verbally answer her.

"I... I played with myself for you." Buffy says still a little bit embarrassed that she actually did that in front of her sister despite everything that has happened since then.

"An then what happened?" Dawn asks her.

"You told me to stop playing with myself and then you... you played with me." Buffy says.

Dawn smiles loving how Buffy is trying to put what they did the first night in a polite way.

"I finger fucked you to orgasm." Dawn says matter of factly, "Didn't I?"

Buffy swallows hard slowly nodding her head.

"Well then if that is what I did why didn't you say that?" Dawn asks acting as though she is angry which she isn't but she doesn't want Buffy to be polite when it comes to what they have been doing especially considering what she has planned for the next couple of days.

"You... you finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says hanging her head.

"Look at me Buffy." Dawn says now starting to get genuinely angry at Buffy's sheepishness.

Buffy slowly lifts her head and looks at Dawn.

"Say it again." Dawn tells her.

"You finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says hating her younger sister a little for forcing her to say it.

"Again." Dawn says.

"You finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says now starting to get a little angry herself.

Dawn smiles pleased to see her older sibling is finally starting to show some emotion even if that emotion is anger.

"Good. Save your polite terms for your husband to be. Now since I was nice enough to help you get off..." Dawn says turning her attention from Buffy down to her now sopping wet pussy which she is still playing with as she slowly turns her attention from her pussy back to Buffy who is now also looking at Dawn's wet cunt which causes Dawn to smile due to her having hoped her brief break in eye contact would cause Buffy to do this, "I think it's only fair that you return the favour."

Dawn keeps her eyes locked on Buffy as she slowly removes her finger from her pussy and watches to see how her older sister reacts.

Buffy watches as Dawn removes a now wet finger from her obviously very wet pussy and once she has done that Buffy slowly turns her attention from her little sister's pussy to her face knowing what she means when she says 'return the favour'.

"Don't you?" Dawn asks staring at Buffy who is now staring right back at her again.

Buffy swallows hard knowing that she doesn't have any choice but to do what Dawn wants her to do as she slowly reaches out with her right hand and curls up her index third and little finger with her thumb while keeping her first finger out stretched as she slowly starts to run that finger up and down both sides of Dawn's pussy.

"Inside me Buffy." Dawn says liking the fact that Buffy is doing as she is told without argument or question however wanting her to slip her finger inside of her cunt and not play around with the outside of it.

Buffy again swallows hard as she slowly moves her finger until it is directly in front of Dawn's pussy and slowly moves it forward able to feel her sister's tender folds move to allow her finger access.

Dawn closes her eyes allowing herself to enjoy the moment fulfilling another one of her many fantasies and that is having her older sister finger fuck her as she feels Buffy slowly start to slide her first finger in and out of her warm wet hole.

"That's it, Buffy finger fuck your little sister." Dawn says opening her eyes and looking down at Buffy who seems focused on her task. After a few minutes of having just one finger inside of her Dawn adds, "Another. Add another finger inside of me. Fill your baby sister's pussy up."

Keeping her eyes locked with her younger sister's pussy which now has one of her fingers inside of it Buffy does as she is told and slowly adds a second finger to her first doing her best to ignore the moan Dawn gives as she adds it as well as doing her best to try and convince herself that she is not enjoying what she is doing and that the only reason she is doing it is because she has no choice. However deep down Buffy knows that this is not true she isn't just doing this because she has no choice. As much as she doesn't want to admit it there is a part of her that is actually enjoying this and is enjoying the noises she is causing her younger sister to make and wants to hear Dawn make more.

Due to her having fantasised about this as much as anything else she has had Buffy do to her so far Dawn can't help but find what they are now doing overwhelmingly erotic just as much as what they did last night and despite Buffy's face being a mask of total concentration on what she is doing Dawn knows underneath that mask is a face of shame but also pleasure as she continues to move her fingers in and out of her.

"Add another finger." Dawn says wanting to feel three fingers inside of her just like she used on Buffy their first night together. Once the third finger is added Dawn moans, "Oh yes, that's it... now, fuck me harder Buffy. Fuck your little sister harder, deeper and faster."

Buffy continues to do as she is told doing her best not to think back to how having three of Dawn's fingers inside of her their first night together reduced her to a whimpering wreck. In an attempt to try and not think about that night Buffy turns her attention from what she is doing to Dawn. This is a big mistake due to the moment the two siblings eyes lock Buffy remembers locking eyes with her sister their first night together when the roles where reversed and it was Dawn finger fucking her and how she felt while she was doing it.

"Your fingers feel so good in my pussy Buffy. I always imagined that they would." Dawn says with a smirk as Buffy continues to finger fuck her slowly getting faster with each thrust weather this is intentional or not Dawn doesn't know nor does she really care she is just enjoying the moment, "Does my pussy feel good? Is it nice and tight? Obviously not as tight as yours because I don't have Slayer healing but I hope it is tight enough for you. I hope it's also wet and warm enough for you."

Buffy whimpers and slowly turns her attention back down to Dawn's pussy.

Dawn closes her eyes able to feel herself ready to cum and she allows herself to focus her attention on the pleasure as her first orgasm of the day hits.

Buffy's eyes bulge in shock as she feels Dawn's cunt clamp down around her three fingers like nothing she has ever felt before and she feels her little sister start to cum hard all over her fingers which despite shocking her inside it also makes her happy to know she has been able to make her little sister cum. Buffy slowly turns her attention from Dawn's pussy to her face and as she does so she see's Dawn has her eyes closed and is focusing on the orgasm she is evidently in the throws of which only makes Buffy feel even prouder of herself although she is doing her best to deny that she feels this as she feels Dawn's pussy slowly releases her fingers from it's vice like death grip and she slowly removes them from her sister's pussy completely. Dawn slowly opens her eyes to see her older sister looking at her pussy in shock and disbelief.

"Clean your fingers Buffy." Dawn says causing Buffy to lift her head and look at her. Buffy seems hesitant so Dawn repeats herself, this time more firmly, "Clean them."

Buffy looks at Dawn feeling tempted to refuse her command and yet knowing what will happen if she does and so she slowly raises her right hand up to her mouth and starting with her first finger starts to clean each finger that was just in her little sisters pussy with her mouth.

Dawn moans as she watches Buffy suck her cum off of each of her three fingers.

"I bet my cum tastes good." Dawn says watching Buffy for any sign that she is enjoying the taste of her little sister's pussy juice.

Once Buffy has finished licking her fingers clean doing her best to hide any sign that she is enjoying the taste of her little sister's pussy juice she slowly lowers her hand back down to her side and looks down at Dawn waiting to see what she wants them to do next.

"Why don't you lay back down here?" Dawn asks patting the side of the bed next to her that Buffy was laying down on a short time a go.

Buffy slowly does as Dawn tells her while Dawn climbs off of the bed grabbing her strap on as she does so. While keeping her back to Buffy she puts the strap on back on herself having feeling tempted to make Buffy put the strap on back on her however deciding to leave that for another time. Once the strap on is securely back in place Dawn slowly turns around and looks at Buffy who is once again laying down where she was on her back looking over at her.

"Ready for me to butt fuck you again?" Dawn asks looking at Buffy with an ear to ear smile.

Buffy nods her head doing her best to hide her excitement at having her little sister butt fuck her again.

"I can't hear you." Dawn snaps.

"Yes Dawn." Buffy says a small part of her still hating her little sister for forcing her to verbally answer questions like this.

"Yes what?" Dawn asks determined to break Buffy of her embarrassment at verbally answering her.

"Yes, I'm ready for you to butt fuck me." Buffy says despite being angry at her younger sibling she can't help but also like the fact that she is being forced to verbally respond.

Buffy watches as Dawn climbs back onto the bed.

"Roll over and get on your hands and knees." Dawn orders, looking at Buffy with a grin, "I loved fucking your ass in that position last night, but I want you bent over in front of me so I can spank your ass while I'm fucking it."

Buffy blushes as she slowly rolls over onto her stomach and get's up onto all fours, doing her best to mentally deny the fact that she is actually looking forward to getting butt fucked by her baby sister. Because she is to busy focusing on this denial Buffy doesn't see Dawn move from the side of her to behind her until she is able to feel Dawn's hands on both of her buttocks.

"That slayer healing is absolutely amazing." Dawn says looking at Buffy's ass as she runs her hands up and down and all over her sister's ass cheeks which doesn't have any signs of what it went through the night before. Then Dawn spread the cheeks wider, her mouth falling open as her eyes finally focused on Buffy's completely healed ass hole, "Oh my God... I can't believe it. Your ass hole... it looks virgin again."

Dawn immediately thrust a finger into her big sister's butt hole, crying out in pure joy as Buffy yelped in surprise.

"Definitely virgin." Dawn says lustfully as she gently fingers her sister's ass, "And now, it's all mine. All mine. God, I'm so glad I now own my big sister's butt. It really would have been such a waste if I hadn't butt fucked my big sister into giving me ownership of her hot slayer ass."

Buffy blushes and does her best to try and keep her focus on the headboard in front of her as well as the wall behind it and ignore what Dawn is saying as well as how much she is enjoying feeling her sister's fingers sliding in and out of her ass. Unfortunately for Buffy her little sister knows a lot about fingering ass hole and remembers exactly what to do with Buffy's butt, the slayer fighting back the urge to moan for as long as she could but inevitably a soft one escaped her lips which was quickly joined by others as Dawn's finger continued pumping in and out of her pooper.

"Does my big sister like the feel of my finger stretching out her hot slayer ass?" Dawn asks.

Buffy doesn't answer.

"It certainly sounds like you do." Dawn says, "I bet you can't wait for me to fuck your hot slayer ass can you? I bet you can't wait for me to slide my big cock into your hot slayer ass, fuck it hard and deep, make you cum like the little anal slut you are. Well... you're going to have to wait a little longer for it."

Buffy whines in disappointment as Dawn slowly slides her finger out of her ass, the slayer then blushing at her initial reaction.

"First, it's time for your spanking." Dawn says with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Buffy looks at Dawn hating the fact that she has to be spanked every day by her little sister until their time together is up and yet knowing that she can't argue with Dawn. So rather than try and argue with her baby sister Buffy simply lowers her head and raises her ass, presenting it to her little sister for her spanking.

Dawn is surprised by Buffy's response to what she has just told her however she can't help but smile due to this letting her know that even though Buffy may not be enjoying what they are doing together at least not yet she has accepted Dawn's rule over her at least for this week. Now all she has to do is make Buffy enjoy it and try and get Buffy to want her rule to last a lot longer than just this week.

Buffy knows what's coming Dawn smiles as she looks down at Buffy's well rounded behind and she runs her hand over both cheeks gently loving the feel of them underneath her hand.

Buffy closes her eyes doing her best not to let Dawn's gentle touch fool her due to the fact she is sure that any minute now Dawn is going to start to give her a really hard spanking just like she did last night and she does her best to mentally and physically prepare herself for what she is sure is about to come. Despite being a little bit nervous Buffy can't help but also be turned on and want to get spanked by Dawn and the longer she wait's the more Buffy's desire to have Dawn spank her outweighs her nervousness.

Dawn suddenly removes her hand from Buffy's ass causing Buffy to think that the spanking is about to begin and so she does her best to really make sure she is both mentally and physically ready.

"Because you have been a good girl and done everything I have asked you without question or argument this morning's spanking is going to be nice and gentle." Dawn tells her older sister, "However I want you to know if from this point on you ever question or argue with me or do something I don't like or didn't tell you to do then your spanking will be just like it was last night or worse."

Although she can hear sincerity in Dawn's voice Buffy does her best not to allow herself to be lulled into a false sense of security by it. Despite mentally and physically preparing herself for a hard spanking much to her surprise the first hit from Dawn's hand isn't hard at all in fact it is very gentle and almost playful as is the second one and the third and the fourth and the fifth. With each strike that Dawn gives her Buffy can't help but slowly start to relax and enjoy the 'spanking'.

"Good girls should get soft spankings. Bad girls should get hard spankings." Dawn says as she continues to gently tap Buffy's ass, "Don't you agree Buffy?"

When Buffy doesn't answer right away Dawn gives her big sister a hard slap on the butt in order to get an answer out of her and not have her nod or shake her head.

"Yes." Buffy snaps in response to the hard slap she has just received.

"Yes what?" Dawn asks as she starts to give Buffy's ass a gentle slap and then a hard slap.

"I agree with what you said." Buffy says doing her best to hide the fact that she is actually starting to like Dawn's technique.

"Which is?" Dawn asks her.

"Good girls should get soft spankings." Buffy says unable to believe her little sister is actually making her say this, "Bad girls should get hard spankings."

"So if your good you'll get what?" Dawn asks.

"A soft spanking." Buffy responds.

"And if you're bad you'll get." Dawn says leaving the question in the air for Buffy to answer.

"A hard spanking." Buffy says.

"That's right." Dawn says having never liked or seen the point in hurting a lover in anyway shape or form unless in the case of a spanking they deserved it.

Of course Dawn loves giving her lovers a spanking, she just likes the light gentle type of spanking she is currently giving Buffy and will continue to give Buffy these sorts of spankings unless Buffy gives her a good reason to give her a hard spanking like she did last night.

That is another thing Dawn has never understood why some people will use or try and find any excuse to beat a person's backside until its black and blue to Dawn it seems very counter-productive to slave training or laying the foundation of a Dom/Sub relationship. As far as Dawn is concerned when a slave had been good that slave should be treated well. If the slave misbehaves then you spanked her really hard. This way you are showing the slave her behaviour is unacceptable. This gives the slave the motivation they need to be good. Finding any excuse to brutally bruise a slave's ass just undermines spanking as a punishment as well as the mistress/slave relationship.

Having said that however Dawn does like to cause a little bit of pain on occasion and Buffy's ass has certainly proven it can handle a beating not to mention the fact that Buffy has the type of butt that was made to be spanked. It's round and fleshy not fat but big enough so that when Dawn hits it Buffy's ass cheeks ripple a little for about a second or two, as if someone has just thrown a stone into a pond.

It's almost hypnotic and very, very hot. Not to mention the fact that Buffy's soft yet firm cheeks are making a lot of noise and Dawn notices the harder and harder she spanks Buffy the louder and louder the smacking sound get's. And Dawn can't deny Buffy's ass looks just as good pink which is the colour it's starting to turn as it does it's normal colour.

As Dawn's strikes are slowly starting to get harder and harder Buffy is finding it increasingly difficult to stop herself from crying out. Not in pain, she has been doing that for quite awhile, but in pleasure.

It has always deeply shamed her but getting spanked turns Buffy on, and Dawn's firm and confident strikes really get Buffy's submissive juices flowing even more than they were before.

Of course as an humiliating turn on as being on all fours receiving a spanking from her little sister is it's made worse from the fact that Buffy knows that as soon as the spanking stops her ass hole will be taking a large strap on inside it, Dawn seemingly determined to butt fuck her again, and even though Buffy knows it's wrong she wants it. She wants to be butt fucked by her baby sister again. To be Dawn's anal slut. To be an anal slut and take it up the butt again like Buffy has secretly wanted to ever since Faith had last taken her tushy.

The fact only increases Buffy's desire to cry out in pleasure, however despite this the Slayer manages to retain her focus on not doing so, even though there is a big part of Buffy that desperately wants to give in as well as wanting Dawn to really lay into her just like she did last night.

Dawn continues to spank Buffy making sure she hits her hard enough that when her hand comes into contact with her ass it makes a really loud sound but not so hard that it really hurts Buffy however as soon as she see's Buffy's ass start to turn red Dawn iminidiatly stops.

"Ok that's enough." Dawn says as she starts to run her hands all over Buffy's backside in an attempt to try and cool her ass cheeks down and make her backside go back to its regular colour again.

Buffy lays where she is loving the feel of her little sister's hands on her ass and able to feel her ass cheeks starting to cool down.

After massaging Buffy's ass with the palm of her hands for quite a while Dawn begins groping her big sister's butt cheeks more firmly before spreading them part to spit on the Slayer's extremely fuck-able looking ass hole. She then quickly pushes her finger inside, Dawn licking her lips at the tightness of Buffy's back passage clamping down on her finger as she slid in and out of her, her older sibling unable to stop herself from moaning as Dawn stretches out her shit hole for the much bigger object to come.

"You ready Buffy?" Dawn asks lustfully as she continues to stretch out Buffy's ass until she is happy that she has loosened her big sister's ass enough. When she has she slowly slides her finger out of Buffy's ass, "You ready for your butt fucking? My cock is ready and so is your ass. Are you ready for me to fuck you just like I did last night? Ready for me to fuck your hot slayer ass with my big cock?"

Buffy doesn't respond due to the fact she is too busy trying to mentally and physically prepare herself for what she is about to experience.

Dawn simply smiles knowing that while Buffy maybe acting as defiant as their first night together deep down she really isn't feeling as defiant as she was their first night and that bit by bit she is slowly breaking her sister and if she hasn't completely broken her yet she will have by the time their time together is up of that she is sure. Dawn then refocus's her attention on her older sibling's ass taking a deep breath as she positions her fake cock at the entrance to Buffy's ass feeling just as excited as she did when she first fucked Buffy's ass the day before as she slowly starts to push the head of her cock into her big sister's ass again.

Once the head is inside Buffy's ass Dawn waits to let Buffy's ass get used to the feeling of having it there again.

"You ok Buffy?" Dawn asks.

Buffy slowly nods her head doing her best to deny the fact that she is actually enjoying the feel of Dawn's strap on back inside of her as she feels Dawn slowly push a little bit more of it into her ass and stops again so that she can get used to the amount she already has in her ass. Despite Buffy is grateful to her sister for doing she can't help but also hate due to there being a big part of her that wants her little sister to fuck her the way she did last night.

"How does it feel Buffy?" Dawn asks as she slowly pushes more of her fake cock into Buffy's ass, "How does it feel having my cock up your ass?"

"Good." Buffy whimpers after a hard slap on her behind tells her she had to answer, and answer correctly.

"Do you want more?" Dawn asks.

"Yes, I want all of it." Buffy says, not wanting to have to constantly beg Dawn for more.

Dawn decides to see if her big sister is telling the truth and so with one powerful thrust she forces the rest of the strap on inside of her big sister's ass.

"I'm all the way inside you now Buffy." Dawn says, impressed with Buffy's ability to take the whole thing in in such a quickly space of time.

Buffy whimpers in responds.

"Ready for me to fuck your ass now?" Dawn asks.

Buffy nods her head.

"That's not a good enough answer Buffy." Dawn says in her own way letting Buffy know what type of answer she is looking for.

"Yes Dawn..." Buffy says, "I'm ready for you to fuck my ass."

With that Buffy feels Dawn's hands take a hold of her hips, the younger sibling slowly starting to slide her fake cock all the way out of the older sibling's ass until Buffy can only feel the head remains and then the fake cock starts to move back in, going in and out of her butt, causing the slayer to whimper in a little pain but mostly pleasure, Buffy hating herself for loving the feel of Dawn's cock inside of her again and yet unable to stop herself.

Buffy's whimpers of pain and pleasure slowly turn to moans of pure pleasure as her virgin tight ass adjusts to stretching obscenely wide for that big fake dick, the hole the slayer pooped from becoming an orifice for her little sister's pleasure.

Dawn certainly seemed to be enjoying Buffy's poop hole, slamming her strap on into the deepest depths of her big sister's bowels with thrusts which gradually increased in speed and ferocity shortly after Buffy started obviously moaning in pleasure, the action of course making Buffy moan even louder.

The Slayer blushed shamefully, wishing she could control herself, but the feelings raging through her were just too amazing. Besides, what was the point? She was getting her ass fucked whether she pretended she didn't enjoy it for as long as she could or simply relax and surrender her ass to her little sister and that big dildo, so why fight it?

Of course, Buffy's ass was no longer hers to give away. Her ass was Dawn's now. Her little sister owned her ass. Last night Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the chosen one, the supernatural warrior who had defeated all kinds of evil, had surrendered her ass to her little sister, had given her ownership of it, and in the process she, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the chosen one, the supernatural warrior who had defeated all kinds of evil, had forever become her little sister's anal slut.

Buffy trembles with a mixture of shame and lust, not just from the thought of what had happened to her but because the little stud that she called her baby sister is beginning to give her the same type of butt pounding that had made Buffy surrender her ass last night, and despite any apprehension she may have Buffy can't deny she is loving every minute of it.

As she continues to slowly fuck her big sister's butt Dawn can't get over how tight it is again loving the fact that it is due to the fact that she now knows no matter how bad she fucks Buffy's ass each time she does it will be just as tight as the first time she did it.

Buffy's moans Dawn can tell are no longer strained or trying to be restrained they are now sounds of pure pleasure not only that but Dawn can feel Buffy has started to thrust her ass back against the strap on.

Taking this as a sign Dawn starts to really give Buffy an ass fucking as she takes a firm hold of her sister the Slayer's hips and starts to increase the pace of the ass fucking going deeper and harder with each and every stroke.

Both girls become completely and totally lost in the ass fucking she is giving/receiving.

Despite knowing that it is actually happening and that she is actually fucking her older sister's ass for the second time Dawn still finds it hard to believe having always known that if she ever got the chance to butt fuck Buffy it would be fantastic but she honestly didn't think it could be this good.

And the really amazing thing is how tight and firm and yet soft at the same time it is. Buffy's buttocks are like the perfect cushion for Dawn's thighs soft and firm against as her hips continue to smack against Buffy's perfect ass continuously.

The best thing of all though for Dawn is how Buffy's ass hole is clamping down on her strap on with a death grip which would make any man blow his load in seconds and could probably crush a regular strap on if it wasn't enchanted like this one is.

Forget fucking Buffy's ass all night long Dawn could fuck Buffy's ass 24 hours a day however from the way Buffy is moaning Dawn can tell her big sister is close to the edge all she needs is that little something extra to push her over the edge.

"Buffy." Dawn says.

"Mmmmm-Hmmmmm." Buffy moans in response.

"Do you wanna cum?" Dawn ask her.

"MMMMMMMMMMM." Buffy cries.

"I'll take that as a yes." Dawn says, "But before you do you've got to answer some questions for me honestly and clearly."

"Ahhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhh." Buffy responds.

"First, do you like my big dick in your ass?"

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss! I love it! Awwwww, I love your big dick in my ass!" Buffy whimpers.

"Who's big dick?" Dawn taunts.

"Yours!" Buffy quickly replies, and then when Dawn suddenly starts to slow down Buffy's mind races and she quickly adds, "My little sister's dick! Ahhhhuuuu, my little sister's dick is in my ass, and, ooooooooh, I love it. Mmmmmmmm, I love my little sister's dick in my ass."

"That's right, you love your little sister's dick in your ass." Dawn taunts, "And do you know why? It's because that's what your ass is for now. Taking my dick. Your ass's main function is taking my dick inside it, or pleasing me in any way I see fit. In fact, that's your ass's new name... your little sister pleaser. And this, this is your little sister pleasuring hole. Sure, it's still the hole you shit from, but it's main purpose is to be used for my pleasure. What is it?"

"It's... it's my little sister pleasuring hole." Buffy blushes, "My ass hole is now my little sister pleasuring hole. Ahhhhh-ooooh, my ass is now my little sister pleaser."

"Mmmmmmm, good anal slut, that's exactly what your ass and ass hole have become." Dawn beams, before smacking her sister's rear, "And now, you can cum for me. Cum for me Buffy. Cum from me fucking you up your little sister pleaser. Cum from me fucking you in your little sister pleasuring hole."

Buffy whimpers and then moans uncontrollably as Dawn starts to go as fast as she can, pounding Buffy's pooper until the Slayer has no choice but to cum.

Despite herself Buffy can't stop from screaming out loud as she feels herself explode due to everything Dawn has said and done being too much for her as she cums and the force of the orgasm is so strong it forces Buffy to fall forward back onto her hands and knee's on the bed.

Dawn however manages to stop herself from falling on top of Buffy as she continues to simply butt fuck her big sister through her orgasm, pushing through her own climax so she can bring both herself and her older sibling off several times to the rough rectum wrecking.
The Summers sisters become completely lost to the ass fucking, the harness's magic allowing Dawn to give Buffy the type of shitter slamming which would have literally destroyed a normal ass hole permanently, but the Slayer's ass hole lovingly took every ounce of abuse, causing both sisters incredible ecstasy for what felt like hours until Dawn finally ran out of energy, the younger girl forced to bring things to an end.

However instead of slowing down Dawn suddenly pulled out after she and Buffy were over their latest climaxes, the suddenness meaning that Dawn got to enjoy coming down from her high while staring at Buffy's once again well fucked ass, her big sister's butt hole gaping so wide that there probably wasn't anything in the room Dawn could shove up there.

After staring for several minutes Dawn looks over at her bedside alarm clock and notices that it is almost 8am.

"Buffy." Dawn says.

Buffy turns her head to try and look up at Dawn who looks down at her older sister.

"You need to get your things and go back to your hotel room quickly." Dawn says matter of factly.

Buffy turns her attention from Dawn to the alarm clock and after seeing the time nods her head as she get's off of both Dawn's lap as well as the bed.

"Do you mind if I get a quick shower?" Buffy asks looking at Dawn.

"I think it would be best if you get your clothes on, go to your hotel room and get washed and dressed there." Dawn says not really wanting Buffy to leave and yet knowing that the longer she stays the more chance somebody will see her and although nobody saw her yesterday and so if she was caught she could probably bluff her way out of it it's probably best she goes now that way there is very little risk of anybody catching her.

Buffy nods her head in agreement and understanding and so with that she get's dressed in the clothes she wore yesterday and once she is fully dressed she heads for the door to Dawn's room.

"I'll call you after I have gotten showered and dressed and tell you what we are doing today and tonight." Dawn says causing Buffy to stop and turn to look at Dawn who hasn't moved a muscle since she got off of her bed.

Buffy nods her head to show Dawn that she understands and with that she opens the hotel room door and slips out leaving Dawn alone in her hotel room.

After having watched Buffy leave the room Dawn leans back against the headboard and turns her attention to the ceiling. She thinks about why she made Buffy leave even though she didn't want her to and as she thinks more about it Dawn quickly comes to the realisation that it is time people knew about her and Buffy regardless of how the week ends she feels it is best to at the very least test the water as far as being seen out in public with Buffy and seen out in public with Buffy in front their friends.

The next question that crosses Dawn's mind is which of Buffy's friends should they be seen out in front of first? This question is quickly answered by the first two people who pop into Dawn's head and so with her mind having been made up on what she and Buffy are going to be doing that day or rather night Dawn climbs out of bed and heads into her bathroom.

After having gotten washed and dressed Dawn looks at the alarm clock and find's that it is 8:30am still pretty early however she is pretty sure the two friends she has chosen for her and Buffy to be seen in public together with will be up by now due to the fact that they normally are back home and so she walks over and sits down on the side of the bed she slept on picks up the telephone receiver and calls down to reception.

"This is the reception desk Gavin speaking how may I help you?" A friendly sounding young man answers and asks at the same time.

"Hi. This is Dawn Summers I was wondering could you put me through to Willow Rosenberg please? I would do it myself however I'm not sure what hotel room she is in." Dawn says.

"Certainly Miss Summers one moment please." Gavin says.

Dawn wait's a minute or two until she hear's a familiar voice say, "Dawn?"

Dawn smiles at hearing Willow's voice, "Hey Willow."

"Hey. Is everything ok?" Willow asks sounding concerned.

Dawn rolls her eyes unable to believe that despite everything that has happened whenever she calls Willow still always assumes something bad either has or is happening and that is the reason for her call.

"Everything is fine Willow. Remember we're in Iowa, not Sunnydale." Dawn says teasing her sister best friend.

"Sorry force of habit." Willow says down the other end of the line.

"That's ok. Buffy is the same whenever she answers the phone." Dawn says honestly, "Listen Willow. I was wondering. What do you and Tara have planned for the evening?"

"Well we thought we would go out and see if there are any bars or clubs." Willow says sounding rather surprised by Dawn's question.

"I don't think your going to find any of those sorts of bars or clubs here Will." Dawn says with a smirk rather suggestively.

"I know that Dawnie." Willow says obviously getting the suggestion, "But they do let lesbians into straight bars you know."

"Best not let Riley know that." Dawn says with a laugh before getting back to the reason for her call, "Do you mind if me and Buffy join you and Tara tonight?"

"Sure if you and Buffy aren't busy. You're more than welcome to join us." Willow tells her.

"I know I'm fee and I am sure Buffy would love to spend a night with her sister her best friend and her best friend's girlfriend before she becomes Mrs Buffy Finn." Dawn says.

"Ok." Willow says sounding completely at ease.

"So where and when should we meet up?" Dawn asks her.

"How about we meet downstairs at reception at say... 7:30pm?" Willow suggests.

"7:30pm it is." Dawn says smiling to herself.

"See you then Dawnie." Willow says.

"See you then Will." Dawn says back.

An with that Dawn puts the phone down only to pick it up almost immediately and once again call down to reception, "Hi Gavin, it's Dawn Summers again. I was wondering if you could put me through to Buffy Summers hotel room please?"

"Certainly Miss Summers one moment please." Gavin says.

With that the line goes dead for a moment or two and then Dawn hears a apprehensive voice reply, "Hello?"

"Hi Buffy." Dawn says.

"Hi..." Buffy nervously replies, "Is everything ok?"

"Everything is fine. I just wanted to call you and let you know what we are doing this evening." Dawn tells her older sister.

"Oh." Buffy says sounding curious or interested Dawn isn't sure which probably a little of both.

"Yeah I just got off the phone with Willow and I asked her what she and Tara where doing this evening." Dawn says smiling a small smile due to her having an idea of what she could tell Buffy.

"They said they where going to a gay bar." Dawn tells her older sister.

Buffy swallows hard as she hears her younger sister say this.

"I asked if we could join them and she said yes." Dawn continues on able to imagine the look on Buffy's face, "We're meeting them down at reception at 7:30pm. Will you be ready by then?"

"Y-Yes. I'll be ready." Buffy says swallowing hard again, "What are we going to do between now and then?"

"Between now and then Buffy the day is your own. However I expect to see you in reception at 7:30pm." Dawn tells her.

"Ok." Buffy says taking a deep breath, "I will see you down in reception at 7:30pm."

"Sure." Dawn says, "But before you go, let me tell you what you're going to be wearing for me."

* * *

Dawn is the first to arrive in the reception area and smiles to herself pleased that she is the first person to arrive as she stands and waits for the other three hoping that Buffy is next.

Sure enough a short time after Dawn arrives one of the lifts open and Buffy walks out immediately catching Dawn's attention.

Buffy smiles at Dawn who smiles back as the two of them look one and other up and down checking out what the other is wearing.

Buffy is wearing a really low-cut black top with no sleeves which could be described as a belt as it barely reaches high enough to cover her nipples but just manages to do so. The white skirt she has on looks like it was wrapped around her as there is no other way she could have gotten into it at least that is how it looks especially considering the way it hugs tightly to her legs and her ass which makes Dawn smile due to that being her favourite Buffy feature. Buffy is also wearing a pair of black high heels with a white coloured handbag.

Dawn is wearing a red dress which is cut almost as low as Buffy's so while her nipples are more firmly covered it's not by much and her tits and ass are definitely being hugged tightly by the material. Dawn's skirt is slightly longer than Buffy's. Dawn is also wearing a pair of black high heels with a black coloured hand bag.

"Hi Dawn." Buffy says once she has looked her little sister up and down and walks up to her.

"Hi Buffy." Dawn says smiling back at her big sister.

Before either of them can say another word they both hear the bell which signals the arrival of a lift which they both turn in the direction of and see Willow and Tara walks off of a lift both smiling when they spot Buffy and Dawn.

Both Buffy and Dawn notice how different their outfits are to Willow and Tara's where both of their's are blaintantly sexy Willow and Tara's are more conservative and less like they are going on a date type of clothes.

Willow is wearing a comfortable looking light green top which covers her tits completely with a long sleeved black shirt over it as well as a pair of black leather pants and a pair of comfortable black shoes she also has a brown handbag.

Tara is wearing a long black sleeve shirt or it might be a soft jumper brown pants and black shoes with a white handbag.

"Hey guys." Willow says as she and Tara walk up to Buffy and Dawn.

"Hi Will." Buffy says smiling at her best friend, "Hi Tara."

"Hey Willow. Hey Tara." Dawn says looking and smiling at both of them.

"Hi Buffy. Hi Dawnie. You two look nice." Tara says looking both Buffy and Dawn up and down.

"Thanks." Dawn says smiling at her.

"Yeah." Willow says checking both of the sister's out especially Buffy, "Not very conservative for a woman who is about to tie the knot."

Buffy blushes not knowing how to answer her best friend.

"Well Buffy figured this might be her last night out before the big day and she decided that she was going to enjoy her last night out as a single woman." Dawn quickly jumps to her sister's defence.

Willow's smile widens.

"That's fair enough." Willow says as she turns and takes Tara's hand, "You guys ready to go?"

"Yep." Dawn says taking Buffy's hand in her's causing Buffy to turn and look at Dawn who looks at her with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Willow and Tara however pay no attention to what Dawn has just done due to her having done it loads of times before as they turn and walks towards the entrance to the hotel followed close behind by Buffy and Dawn.

As the four of them make their way down the street with Willow and Tara looking for either a night club or a bar they can have a good time in a short distance behind them is Dawn and Buffy while Dawn is simply enjoying being out in public with her sister as well as
holding her sister's hand she can't help but continually feel Buffy trying to let go of Dawn's hand however despite her best efforts Dawn manages to keep a firm grip on her older sister's hand.

"Stop trying to let go of my hand!" Dawn finally snaps in a whisper not wanting to get Willow and Tara or anybody else's attention.

"Then let go of my hand!" Buffy snaps back in an equally low whisper.

"No." Dawn snaps back and to prove her point she holds on even tighter to her sister's hand.

"Dawn we are NOT in Sunnydale." Buffy snaps again doing her best to try and break free of her little sister's grip not wanting to use her Slayer strength even though she could quite easily.

"So?" Dawn asks.

"So the only two people who know we're related are Willow and Tara." Buffy says.

"So?" Dawn asks again.

"So everybody else might think we're..." Buffy starts to say however she cuts herself off towards the end due to her partly not wanting to say what she is thinking and also realising that this maybe Dawn's intention.

"That we're what Buffy?" Dawn asks with a smile, "A couple? Lovers?"

"Shut up." Buffy snaps back in a whisper.

This causes Dawn to stop dead in her tracks which causes Buffy to do the same as Dawn let's go of Buffy's hand and turns to face her older sister.

"What did you just say to me?" Dawn asks not caring if people are watching her or if they are in people's way due to her not liking the tone or what her sister has just told her to do considering the situation she is in.

Buffy immediately realises she has made a mistake in making Dawn angry, "Dawn..."

"I said what did you just say to me!" Dawn snaps not allowing Buffy to finish what she was going to say.

Buffy swallows hard.

"I told you to shut up." Buffy says feeling really embarrassed for doing it.

Dawn nods her head.

"Have you forgotten what I have back in my hotel room?" Dawn asks her older sibling having hoped and thought that they where past the point where she would have to threaten her older sister.

Buffy shakes her head.

"Is everything alright?"

Both Buffy and Dawn hear as they turn and see Willow and Tara a short distance away having stopped and are now looking at them wondering what is going on.

"Everything is fine we'll just be a minute." Dawn calls back after them.

Willow and Tara look at each other and then just stand there waiting while Dawn turns her attention back to Buffy.

"Give me your hand Buffy." Dawn says to her sister in a tone which makes it clear to Buffy that she isn't asking for her to do it she is telling her to do it.

Buffy slowly reaches out her hand which Dawn had been holding before they stopped walking which Dawn takes and with that the two of them turn and catch up to Willow and Tara.

"Is everything alright?" Tara asks curiously able to feel the slight tension in the air.

"Everything is fine Buffy just wanted to tell me something sister to sister." Dawn says smiling at Tara and Willow.

"Oh." Willow says looking between Dawn and Buffy curiously, then changing the subject as she turns to the right and points to the bar the four of them are standing in front of, "We where thinking we would go in here."

Dawn turns and looks at the bar and smiles.

"After you two." Dawn says gesturing with her free hand for Willow and Tara to go first which they do followed by Dawn and Buffy.

Once they are inside the bar Willow and Tara lead the foursome to a table on the edge of the dance floor and they all sit down with Willow and Tara sitting on one side of the table and Buffy and Dawn sitting on the other side.

"So what would you guys like to drink?" Willow asks looking across the table at the two sisters.

Buffy for some reason looks over at Dawn waiting for her to tell Willow what she wants to drink first.

Dawn smiles as she see's Buffy turn to look at her out of the corner of her eye.

"I've always wanted to try a cocktail." Dawn says as she reaches forward and takes the cocktail menu out of the menu holder in the centre of the table after reading through the list Dawn looks up at Willow and smiles, "I'll have a screaming orgasm please."

This causes Buffy to turn her attention to Willow expecting to see Willow blush or embarrassed however for some reason Willow does look a little embarrassed but not as much as she should or Buffy expects her to.

"Ok." Willow says turning her attention to her girlfriend, "Tara?"

"I'll have the same." Tara says looking at her girlfriend with an ear to ear grin.

"Ok." Willow says giving her girlfriend a look, "Buffy?"

Buffy goes to answer.

"She'll have the same." Dawn says before Buffy can utter a word.

Buffy turns to look at her younger sister who looks at Buffy.

"Is that what you want Buffy?" Willow asks able to feel the tension between the two sisters as well now.

"Yes." Buffy says, doing her best to smile at her best friend, "I'll have the same."

"In that case. That's four screaming orgasms." Willow says as she turns and leaves the table.

Buffy, Dawn and Tara watch Willow leave.

"I'll be right back I just have to find the ladies toilets." Tara says as she get's up and leaves the table.

Once Tara has disappeared Dawn takes the chance to look around at the inside of the bar which is half full with customers, "Nice Bar."

"Yes." Buffy says looking at her sister, "It's not a gay bar though."

"Who said we where going to a gay bar?" Dawn asks doing her best to look and sound innocent.

Buffy simply gives Dawn a look.

"Ok it was me." Dawn says breaking into a smile, "I just wanted to see how you would react."

Buffy simply turns her head away from Dawn.

Dawn watches as Buffy turns her head which causes Dawn to frown slightly as she wonders why them going to a gay bar or club is or would have been such a big deal even though they didn't and as she thinks about it Dawn slowly realises why it is such a big deal to Buffy.

Tara soon returns from having found the toilets and Willow returns soon after her with their drinks.

"So." Dawn says after having taken a sip of her cocktail, "How is your room?"

"They're fine." Willow says, "We've got two rooms connecting, not a double like we asked for, but I'm sure it was just a mix-up."

"Sure." Dawn roles her eyes.

Even Buffy has to suspect that 'mix-up' is because of Riley's homophobia but Willow is too nice to point it out. She's even nice enough to make sure nobody dwells on it by changing the subject, "So what did you two do yesterday?"

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile while Buffy looks at Tara a tad nervous and or embarrassed Dawn isn't sure which.

"We had a sister's only picnic." Dawn says not wanting Tara to become concerned by the look Buffy is giving her.

"Really where?" Willow asks curiously.

"Not too far from the Finn's farm."

Dawn tells her.

"It was actually my idea I felt me and Buffy needed some quality sister time alone together after how she reacted the night before to my revelation about having a new person in my life."

Dawn says looking over at Buffy who doesn't look at Dawn as she continues talking.

"So I thought a picnic would be the perfect way for us to spend some quality time together before she get's married."

"Sounds like a nice way to spend the day to me." Tara says with a smile.

"Yeah." Dawn says turning her attention from Buffy who still isn't looking at Dawn to Tara, "It was one of the best days of my life."

"That's a sweet thing to say Dawnie." Willow says.

Dawn just smiles at Willow.

"Oh I love this song." Tara says listening to the music the DJ is playing.

Willow turns and looks at Tara with a smile as she get's up and offers Tara her hand, "Care to dance?"

Tara looks up at Willow and smiles as she takes her girlfriend's hand.

"We'll be right back." Willow says to Buffy and Dawn before she leads Tara away from the table and onto the dance floor.

Both Buffy and Dawn watch their friends dance together, Dawn smiling because she is happy to see Willow and Tara having a good time together but also because in a weird way seeing them together gives her hope for her and Buffy. Thinking of Buffy causes Dawn to turn her attention from the dance floor to her older sister and as she does she see's the smile on her big sister's face which makes Dawn feel tempted to ask Buffy to dance however she feels that that would be pushing it a little due to the song Willow and Tara they are dancing too being a bit of a slow dance.

As she continues to look at her older sister the memory of what she realised earlier in the evening returns to her and as she slowly turns her attention back to Willow and Tara Dawn decides she needs to talk to Buffy about it tonight. Not just tonight but as soon as possible which causes her to get to her feet.

"We're going to go back to the hotel." Dawn says.

"Why?" Buffy asks, swallowing hard as she is worried what Dawn might have in store for her back in one of their rooms.

"We need to talk." Dawn tells her as she picks up her handbag off of the floor next to the chair she was just sitting in.

Buffy stands up picking up her hand bag as she does looking back out onto the dance floor at Willow and Tara, "We should tell Willow and Tara we're leaving."

Dawn looks over at Willow and Tara and nods her head as she turns her attention back to Buffy, "You go and wait outside. I'll wait for Willow and Tara to come back and then tell them."

Buffy nods before she turns and walks away from the table. Dawn watches Buffy as she leaves the bar. Once her big sister is gone Dawn turns back around and watches as Willow and Tara continue their dance.

As she stands where she is watching an idea pops into her head which causes Dawn to smile as she turns her attention from the dance floor to underneath the seats both Willow and Tara where sitting in. As she does Dawn spots both Willow and Tara's handbags which she goes over to and sits down in Willow's seat and picks up her handbag making sure nobody is watching her as she opens her friend's handbag and looks through it until she finds what she is looking for.

Willow's hotel room key.

Although Dawn feels tempted to take Willow's hotel room key she figures if she does then the two witches will just go into Tara's hotel room and not bother going into Willow's until the next morning which would ruin the plan which has already formed in her head.

An so she quickly notes the hotel room number puts the key back into Willow's hand bag and puts it back down while at the same time as she is putting down Willow's handbag she picks up Tara's opens it and takes out her hotel room key the logic being if Tara doesn't have her hotel room key they will both go into Willow's hotel room.

Dawn smiles as she quickly closes Tara's handbag back up and puts it back where it was she then opens her hand bag drops Tara's hotel room key in and as she is closing the handbag back up she hear's.

"Hey Dawn where's Buffy."

Dawn quickly looks up to see both Tara and Willow standing either side of her.

Dawn looks at her two friends to see if either of them saw what she has just done however neither of them look as though they did.

"Uh... She's not feeling very well." Dawn says doing her best to come up with a good reason for both her and Buffy to leave.

"Oh is she sick?" Willow asks concerned.

"She says she has a bad stomach." Dawn says glad to see her sister's best friend is buying this, "I don't think she likes the cocktail mixture."

"They do say cocktails are an acquired taste." Tara says supportively.

"Yeah." Dawn says in agreement, "I'm going to take her back to the hotel."

"Do you want us to come with you?" Tara asks her.

"No." Dawn says shaking her head, "No reason for everybody's night to be ruined. You guys stay here and have a good time. I'll look after Buffy."

"Are you sure?" Willow asks, "We don't mind."

"No I know." Dawn says wanting and needing time alone with Buffy without their two friends there. "But you guys should get to have some time alone together, don't you think?"

Willow and Tara look at one and other.

"Ok." Willow says with a small smile, "We'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'll come to your hotel rooms and let you know how Buffy is." Dawn says with a smile back.

"Ok." Willow says.

With that the two witches say they're good byes and Dawn turns and walks out of the bar leaving Willow and Tara behind.

"Hey." Dawn says to Buffy with an ear to ear smile, "Ready to go?"

Buffy nods and with that the two sister start to walk back towards the hotel, neither of them saying another word until they arrive at the hotel and enter the reception area.

As soon as they are in the reception area Dawn let's go of Buffy's hand much to Buffy's surprise as she turns her head and looks at her sister who is looking back at her with an ear to ear grin on her face.

"I've got a surprise for you." Dawn says looking at Buffy and with that she walks over to the reception desk with Buffy following close behind, Dawn greets the man behind the counter with a smile, "Excuse me."

"Good evening, how can I help you?" The receptionist asks.

"I am afraid I lost my hotel room key by accident and I wondered if you had a spare?" Dawn asks.

"We certainly do, we keep spares for every hotel room." The receptionist behind the desk tells her, "Which hotel room number are you staying in?"

Dawn gives him the number which causes Buffy to look at her due to it not being her real hotel room number.

The receptionist goes over to the wall where they keep all the primary and spare hotel room keys and takes the spare hotel room key off of the peg underneath the hotel room number Dawn has given him. He then turns and walks back over and hands it to her.

"Thanks." Dawn says as she turns and grabs Buffy's hand and leads her over to the lift once the lift arrives they both get on and once the doors close Dawn presses the floor for her hotel room the doors open again and Dawn leads the two of them out and they walk down the corridor past Dawn's hotel room until they come to a stop outside of the hotel room Dawn claimed was her's.

"Dawn what are you doing?" Buffy asks in a half whisper not wanting to attract attention.

"You'll see." Dawn tells her as she unlocks the hotel room door and walks in with Buffy following close behind.

Once they are both inside Dawn closes the door and turns to look at Buffy who is looking around obviously for some sign as to who's hotel room they are now in however after giving the room the once over Buffy turns her attention to Dawn having not found anything in the room that tells her who it belongs too.

"Who's room is this?" Buffy asks.

Dawn laughs despite herself, "Can't you tell by how clean and tidy and organised everything is?"

Buffy looks around the room again and notices that the room is very clean and tidy and organised and slowly she realises there is only one person she knows who has a room like this as she slowly turns and looks at her little sister.

"What are we doing in Willow's hotel room?" Buffy asks causing Dawn to smile even more due to the tone of her voice.

"I thought it would make a nice change to us being in mine." Dawn says as she walks over to the bed and sits down on the bottom of it and then looks over at Buffy who is still standing where she was when they first entered the room looking at her, "Why don't you come over here and sit with me."

Buffy slowly starts to make her way over to the bed and her sister.

"Dawn." Buffy says very calmly, "Willow and..."

"Willow and Tara are going to be gone for hours." Dawn says interrupting Buffy's attempt at an objection, "Let's just talk and then we can leave and go back to my hotel room, ok."

Buffy looks at Dawn feeling as though she should refuse and make them both leave and go to her hotel room now however she decides against this and slowly sits down next to Dawn on the bottom of her best friend's bed.

"Ok." Buffy says doing her best to calm her nerves about being caught by her best friend and or her best friend's girlfriend in her best friend's hotel room with her sister, "What do you want us to talk about?"

"Before we start talking let's get comfortable." Dawn says as she moves back until she is resting with her back against the headboard.

Buffy watches as Dawn repositions herself noticing what a mess she is making of the well made bed.

"Dawn the bed!" Buffy snaps.

"Relax!" Dawn snaps back, "Willow taught me this spell to make my bed look like it hasn't been slept in."

Buffy looks at Dawn, takes a deep breath and swallows hard before she joins her sister at the top end of the bed with her back against the headboard, "Ok, now will you tell me what you wanted us to talk about?"

"When I told you that we would be going to a gay club that really bothered you didn't it?" Dawn asks looking at Buffy with total seriousness in her facial expression and tone of voice.

Buffy looks at Dawn having not expected her to ask this, "Yes."

"What exacterly was it that made you feel uncomfortable?" Dawn asks her, "The idea of being there with me? Or just the idea of being there?"

Buffy swallows hard having not really thought about it just knowing that from the moment Dawn told her they where going to a gay bar or club she felt uncomfortable.

"Both." Buffy says honestly not really sure which made her more uncomfortable the fact that she was going to a gay club with her baby sister or the fact that she was just going to a gay club.

"Ok, I can understand why going to a gay club with your little sister would be discomforting." Dawn says trying to think of the best way to ask her next question. "However I don't know why you would feel about going to one if you where on your own or if it was just you and Willow and Tara. I mean your not homophobic are you Buffy?"

Buffy looks at Dawn in shock and disbelief, "Of course I'm not. I mean how can I be with two gay friends?"

"Not to mention your past with a certain brunette." Dawn adds.

Buffy hangs her head.

As Dawn watches her older sibling she thinks back to Buffy telling her about her relationship with Faith how to begin with when she and Faith first started their 'thing' she didn't tell anybody because it was new and because she was afraid she and her friends wouldn't accept it. Then when Faith turned evil and things got more abusive she didn't tell them because she was ashamed. By the time it was finally over Buffy told her that she had become an expert at lying to everybody and acting like everything was ok. She also thought she had everybody fooled including her little sister.

Dawn then thinks about what Buffy said when she asked about what happened between the two of them when Faith was paroled. Buffy had told her that when she found out through Giles about Faith's impending release she called Faith and invited her back to Sunnydale. When she got back they met in one of the crypts they used to be together in Buffy told Faith she wanted her back but this time things would be different. This time Buffy wouldn't insist they sneak around or hide they're relationship from Dawn or the others this time they would be open about they're relationship and that she didn't care what Faith had done or what they had been through she just wanted to be with her.

As Dawn thinks this over she can't help but come back to a word Buffy had used when she talked to Dawn about how she felt when Faith turned evil and they continued they're 'thing'.

"Ashamed." Dawn says aloud.

Buffy lifts her head and looks at Dawn with a frown, "What?"

"When Faith turned evil you where ashamed." Dawn says.

"Yes." Buffy says, not 100% sure where Dawn is going or what she is trying to say, "When Faith turned evil I was ashamed that I continued our relationship."

Dawn looks into Buffy's eyes able to see the truth.

"That isn't the only reason you where ashamed though is it?" She asks knowing the answer already but wanting Buffy to tell her.

Buffy looks into Dawn's eyes knowing that she now knows the truth.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Buffy says getting off of the bed and walking down to the bottom of it.

"Oh yes you do." Dawn says watching her sister walk to the bottom of the bed feeling tempted to get up and confront her however deciding to let her sister do whatever she wanted so long as she didn't leave the room, "You weren't ashamed because Faith had turned evil... ok maybe you where a little, but that wasn't the whole reason why you felt ashamed."

"Oh really? Then why don't you tell me the real reason why I was ashamed." Buffy says looking at Dawn angrily.

Dawn ignores her sister's tone of voice and simply looks directly at her, "You where ashamed Buffy because of how you felt about Faith."

Buffy turns her back on her sister which causes Dawn to smile due to her knowing she is right.

"When it first started you thought it was just a bit of harmless fun between two girls." Dawn says getting off of the bed and walking down to the bottom where Buffy is, "Maybe you thought it was just a little bit of experimentation. And maybe that is how it started for you, but it didn't stay that way did it Buffy?"

Buffy turns away from her sister who is now standing before her.

"No." Dawn says after waiting for Buffy to answer, and when she doesn't continues, "You had fell for Faith big time and when she turned evil you tried to convince yourself the reason you felt ashamed was because she was evil and you where good and yet you still did the things you had been doing before she turned. An maybe there is some truth to that but the real truth is Buffy you where ashamed of how you felt about Faith partly because she was evil but most of all you where ashamed of yourself."

Dawn notices Buffy's back tense up, a sign that she is telling the truth and it is getting to Buffy. This causes Dawn to swallow due to her knowing that is probably hurting Buffy and yet she has to say it if she is to help her big sister deal with her issues.

"Straight girls don't have the type of feelings you had for Faith for other girls which means you weren't straight. Which means you're a..."

Buffy spins around.

"Don't say it Dawn!" Buffy snaps.

"Lesbian." Dawn says looking her older sister dead in the eye.

Buffy stares at her little sister the anger clear to see on her face however she doesn't do anything she just looks at her little sister and as she does she can feel a tear makes it's way down her face.

Dawn see's a tear start to roll down one side of Buffy's face which causes her to swallow hard knowing she has to continue on.

"You where ashamed of what you are and so you where ashamed of Faith you blamed her for making you feel the way you felt about her but you knew it wasn't really her fault maybe you didn't accept that until she was incarcerated but you knew it. And while she was incinerated you eventually accepted what you really where and by the time Faith was to be paroled you where ready to tell people. You where ready to tell me and Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya weather we accepted it or not you weren't going to be afraid or ashamed of what you where anymore. And you where ready to be with Faith as a proper couple. Like you said, no more sneaking around or hiding. You and her would be the way Willow and Tara are now." Dawn says taking another deep breath knowing that this is hurting Buffy and the fact that she is hurting Buffy hurts Dawn just as much, "And then Faith dropped the bomb. She told you that you and her where finished. She had moved on and had found somebody new. Somebody better. And when she said that when she crushed your dreams and broke your heart she also made you feel ashamed of yourself again didn't she because when she said that she had found somebody better there was a part of you that thought she meant a better lesbian and when she left you ran back to what you knew to be safe and secure something you knew how to be or how to pretend to be that being straight and with a man and ever since then you have been trying to convince yourself that is what you are and that what you and Faith had was exacterly what you thought it was going to be at the start just a bit of harmless fun between two girls or a bit of experimentation that got out of hand."

Dawn pauses as she lifts her right hand up and wipes away the tears and tear stains on Buffy's face, "But deep down Buffy you know what you really are and that is what you will always be no matter how hard you try and hide it."

Buffy suddenly slaps Dawn's hand away from her face.

"You're wrong." Buffy says sounding determined with a look of anger on her face.

"Am I?" Dawn asks looking her older sister dead in the eye, not liking Buffy's attitude and as she thinks about Buffy's current attitude she remembers what her big sister had said to her earlier in the evening while they where out with Willow and Tara, "We'll see at the end of the week."

Almost without thinking Dawn grabs Buffy's arm.

"What are you doing?" Buffy asks taken by surprise by Dawn's sudden 'attack'.

Dawn ignores Buffy's question and drags her over to the middle of the bottom of the bed sitting herself down and forces Buffy across her lap.

"I've already had my daily spanking Dawn." Buffy says shocked that she is getting a second spanking due to her having thought that daily only meant one.

"You've obviously forgotten what I said this morning Buffy." Dawn says as she reaches down and undoes the white button on the back of Buffy's tight fitting pants, smirking a little due to the fact that unless you are as close as Dawn is to Buffy you wouldn't see the button due to it being the same colour as the rest of the outfit which cleverly hides how the pants are held together.

Once the button is undone Dawn pulls down the pants letting them end up on the floor and turns her attention to the white thong Buffy is wearing and decides to let that stay where it is due to the fact that it won't get in the way of her doing what she has to.

"What did I tell you this morning Buffy?" Dawn asks her older sister feeling as though she has given her enough time to think about it.

Buffy racks her brain trying to remember exacterly what Dawn told her this morning and suddenly it comes to her, "You said that good girls get good spankings and bad girls deserve hard spankings."

"And have you been a good girl?" Dawn asks noticing how she doesn't have to hold Buffy in place

"No." Buffy says thinking back to how she acted when they where on their way to the bar with Willow and Tara.

"And what exacterly have you done wrong?" Dawn asks wanting to make sure Buffy understands and knows why she is being punished which is because she deserves to be for not being a good girl.

"I tried to stop us holding hands on our way to the bar earlier." Buffy says actually feeling genuine guilt for what she did due to a part of her having known she should have just held Dawn's hand and not argued and yet there was a part of her that just couldn't let what they where doing go.

"You told me to let go of your hand." Dawn points out.

"I know." Buffy says knowing that what Dawn really means is that Buffy tried to tell her to do something when this week is about her doing what Dawn tells her to do, not the other way around.

"And when I teased you about what passers by might think of us holding hands what did you tell me to do?" Dawn asks.

Buffy closes her eyes and swallows hard, "I told you to shut up."

"That isn't the only time you broke the rules is it Buffy?" Dawn then asks her.

Buffy frowns at this, "When else did I break the rules?"

"Well there where two occasions when you broke the rules. First was when you questioned why we where coming back here to the hotel when what you should have done is simply have gotten ready to leave." Dawn tells her and reminds her at the same time, "And the second time was a couple of minutes ago when you told me to do something or rather told me not to do something. So I definitely think you have earned a hard spanking don't you Buffy?"

"Yes." Buffy says in a defeated tone of voice.

Dawn smiles.

"Unfortunately I didn't bring my magic crop or paddle so I am going to have to do the best I can with my bare hand." Dawn says making a mental note to herself that if she and Buffy go anywhere the next two days to make sure she takes both the crop and the paddle just in case she needs to use either of them, "Ready?"

Buffy opens her mouth however before she can utter a single word she feels Dawn's hand make contact with her right butt cheek which makes her cry out in shock.

"You understand Buffy that I have to do this." Dawn says as she runs her left hand, the hand she just used to slap Buffy's buttock, with over the 'injured' buttock, "If I can't discipline you then what type of Dom would I be?"

Buffy simply lays where she is, waiting for the next strike which comes again out of the blue and causes her to cry out in surprise again as Dawn's left hand this time makes contact with the left buttock.

Despite feeling tempted to try and get Dawn to stop Buffy manages to restrain herself from doing so and simply lays where she is and accepts her punishment due to a part of her genuinely feeling like she deserves to be punished for breaking the rules.

As she realises what she's just thought Buffy blushes. She shouldn't be thinking such things but she can't help it, partly because of her submissive nature but also partly because Dawn is beginning to get to her. Her little sister is getting under her skin and making her want to be her sex slave and she needs to stay strong and resist such wicked thoughts, even if Dawn is an incredible dom who can spank her ass so good.

Buffy can't help but spend a few moments thinking how good Dawn is doing, how she's really laying into her with hard unforgiving strikes, how it really feels like little Dawnie is putting her, the vastly stronger girl, in her place by whopping her ass to the point where it must be getting discoloured, but then Buffy realises how much these thoughts are turning her on so she does her best to just shut off her brain completely and take her punishment.

Dawn is also getting turned on but unlike her sister she is embracing it.

Sure there is part of her which hates having to do this to the girl she loves but Dawn had warned her earlier this morning and Buffy hadn't listened which meant that she had no other choice than to give her a hard spanking. Besides, her inner dom was loving every moment of this and bringing her hand down as hard as she could on those soft yet firm cheeks over and over again is making Dawn's pussy run like a river.

Buffy's muffled cries along with the satisfying sound of hand meeting ass cheeks and those cheeks jiggling ever so slightly only making Dawn's pussy run even more and motivate her to do her best to make up for her lack of slayer strength or magic by really putting the beat down on her big sister's butt.

Despite the lack of magic paddle or riding crop Buffy can feel that Dawn is trying to make up for it which makes Buffy want to smile in a weird way due to the fact that Dawn is doing her best to really make this a hard spanking and although the strikes she is receiving are hard they are not as hard as the riding crop or paddle where Buffy also noticed the patter Dawn was using to spank her she would start off with the right cheek then the left and then hit both cheeks at the same time however she also noticed that Dawn was starting to hit random places on her tight backside which cause her to moan in surprise.

Due to her doing her best to try and make up for no crop or paddle or slayer strength Dawn's hand quickly becomes sore from the roughness of the strikes and causes her to stop, but not until Buffy's ass is a nice shade of pink. When it is however Dawn finds herself waving her hand in the air and wishing more than ever she had brought the paddle or the crop.

"In future I am going to make sure that I take the riding crop and paddle with me everywhere we go." Dawn tells her older sibling, "So if you're ever bad again it won't be my hand you will feel it will be one of those two things."

Buffy does her best to ignore the slight thrill she feels at the thought of Dawn spanking her with the riding crop and/or the paddle.

"However I think I did a pretty good job without don't you?" Dawn asks.

"Yes." Buffy says actually appreciating the fact that despite not having the crop or paddle Dawn still punished her.

"So what do you say?" Dawn asks.

"Thank you." Buffy says, unable to believe she is actually thanking her little sister for punishing her.

"Stand up." Dawn then says which causes Buffy to do as she is told.

Dawn watches as Buffy get's up off of her lap and stands up in front of her.

"Turn around." Dawn then says.

Buffy does as she is told turning her back on Dawn.

Once Buffy has turned her back on her Dawn reaches up and unzips her top.

"Take it off." Dawn tells Buffy which Buffy does without question, "Now take off your shoes and then get onto the bed and lay down in the middle with your head on the pillows."

Moving out of the way Dawn watches as Buffy unclips her high heeled black shoes and then does as she is told, gets up onto the bed in her bra and panties, crawls up to the other end of the bed, turns around and lays down with her head on the pillows.

Dawn smiles as she climbs up onto the bed and makes her way up Buffy's body which is beneath her until the two of them are staring at each other with Dawn looking down and Buffy looking up.

After a few minutes of the two sisters simply staring at each other Dawn slows herself down until her lips are slowly pressing against Buffy's. Buffy soon responds by push herself forward pressing her lips firmly back against Dawn's which makes Dawn increase the intensity of the kiss without adding her tongue to the mix both girls could tell that this kiss they where/are sharing is soft but passionate.

Eventually Dawn decides to use her tongue and gently lap's her tongue against Buffy's lips doing her best to get her attention on nothing but what they are doing wanting her to forget where they are what room they are in etc. Buffy seems as though she is slowly doing this as Dawn feels Buffy open her mouth and accept Dawn in as soon as they're tongue's touch. It causes Dawn to once again increase the intensity of the kiss with a force that surprises Buffy having never experienced such a passionate kiss before.

Feeling the need to move on Dawn finally breaks the kiss leaving Buffy gasping for air which causes Dawn to smile pleased to see the affect her kiss has had on her big sister.

As her sister struggles to get air back into her lungs Dawn starts to kiss her way down her older sister's neck sucking on the sensitive flesh she finds at the base where the neck and the shoulder meet which ironically is also where a vampire normally bites a person. Much to Dawn's delight this causes Buffy to squirm with pleasure underneath her.

Although she feels tempted to leave a mark on Buffy's neck she decides against it and sits up causing Buffy to lock eyes with her wondering why she has broken body to body contact.

Dawn however just smiles as she reaches underneath Buffy and unclasps her bra strap and pulls it away, tossing it to the floor along with her top and pants. Dawn turns her attention from Buffy's face and eyes down to her breasts.

The look Dawn is giving her breasts fill Buffy with pride it is almost the same look she can imagine her giving her ass when she's not looking which is ironic considering both her ass and her breasts have a few things in common. They are both full round, and firm they are also both big, but not too big. From the look on Dawn's face Buffy would dare say that both her breasts and ass are perfect.

Part of Buffy expects and wants Dawn to really show her appreciation and bury her face in her cleavage and live out whatever perverted fantasy she can come up with. Instead Buffy watches as Dawn turns her attention from her breasts back up to her face and the two once again lock eyes as Dawn swoops down and the two once again lock lips just as passionately as before.

Dawn kisses Buffy due to the thought that just crossed her mind while she was looking at her older siblings beautiful and very impressive rack and that thought was how the boy she had the one night stand with in college, Faith, Riley and maybe even Angel must have acted when they got to her breasts. They probably tried to bury they're face as deep as they could in between the two beautiful mounds. Although she was tempted to do that and there is a part of her that is sure her sister wouldn't mind if she did that this week isn't just about her dominating her older sister it is also about proving to her older sister that she is not just a better lover for her but she would make a much better partner sexually and in every other way than any of her previous partners especially the one she is set to marry at the end of the week. So instead of diving in between her twin peaks Dawn went after her sister mouth wanting to show Buffy in a physical sense that it isn't just her body she wants, it's all of her.

Breaking the kiss again Dawn once again starts to make her way down Buffy's body kissing her way back down her neck on her way back to her sister's breasts but not rushing taking her time enjoying her sister's flesh making sure to get all the sweet spots she has discovered over the past couple of days before finally sliding her tongue from the top Buffy's right breasts down to the nipple which she immediately takes into her mouth.

Buffy moans as she feels Dawn slowly and gently lick her nipple before moving to the other one and giving it the same treatment, worshipping both at the same time something none of her previous lovers ever did. She also notices that Dawn is some how able to do something else none of her other lovers where able to do and that is hit every pleasure spot that she has.

Feeling nervous that Dawn may not want her to do this and yet willing to take the risk Buffy reaches down and cups her little sister's head to her breast feeding her the nipple like a mother feeds its baby.

Dawn opens her eyes upon feeling Buffy's hand on the back of her head and the two sister's look at each other.

Buffy swallows hard as she stares into the eyes of her little sister while Dawn simply smiles around her big sister's nipple as she brings her left hand up and massages the left breast for the next however long it is Dawn moves her mouth from one breast and nipple to the other and whatever breast or nipple isn't in her mouth is being massaged by either or left or right hand either way neither breast goes without her attention.

Until finally Dawn decides to move even further down her sister's body which she does by letting go of the nipple she has in her mouth and starts to once again kiss her way down Buffy's well toned and tanned stomach until she reaches her sister's centre.

Dawn smiles as she looks at her big sister's white thong which is the only thing left standing between her and her sister's core, however that isn't the reason she is smiling. The reason she is smiling is due to the fact she can tell how wet her sister has gotten from what she has done to her due to the white thong in front of her looking as though it is soaking wet. Without saying a word Dawn reaches for the waistband of the soaking thong and slowly slides them off with a little help from Buffy who lifts her ass and legs into the air at the right time so Dawn can completely remove them and let them join the rest of her clothes at the bottom of the bed.

Looking back at Buffy's pussy Dawn smiles even more now due to the fact she can actually see just how wet her big sister is.

"My god Buffy... you are so beautiful." Dawn says giving her big sister's cunt a sniff, "And you smell divine."

Buffy closes her eyes doing her best to remind her who has just complimented her on how good her pussy looks and yet despite her best efforts she doesn't care.

Dawn meanwhile has her eyes closed as she enjoys the sent of her sister's womanhood and slowly extends her tongue and gives her older sibling a long, soft, slow lick.

The moan which escapes Buffy's mouth is music to Dawn's ears as she continues to lick her pussy wondering considering how wet Buffy is how long it will take her to make her cum and deciding to see how long she can drag this out.

Buffy closes her eyes, letting herself enjoy each beautiful soft lick she feels running up and down her pussy lips, confident that if Dawn really wanted to she could already slip her tongue inside of her due to how wet she is and yet she isn't which makes Buffy wonder of her kid sister is teasing her until she finally feels her little sister push her way into her wet hole causing the volume of Buffy's moan's to increase dramatically.

Within seconds of having her tongue inside her Dawn finds the most sensitive parts of Buffy's pussy which has taken all of her previous lovers a lot longer to find. Angel never found it because they never did oral. Parker wouldn't be able to lick a woman's sensitive spots if he had a map. Faith didn't seem to care where she licked so long as it got the result she wanted. Much like Angel she and Riley had never done oral only because Riley considered it disgusting and wrong.

Even if Buffy was to compare Dawn to Faith's oral skills there is no contest hell the way Dawn is licking her it feels as though she is finding places inside her to lick which Faith and she herself didn't even know about.

Buffy's eyes shoot open as she feels her little sister's tongue start to actually follow a pattern and the pattern is between going clockwise and anti-clockwise as well as up and down. Biting her lip Buffy grabs a firm hold of the bed sheets willing herself not to cum too quickly due to her wanting to enjoy this unbelievable session she is experiencing, again doing her best to not think about who it is who is giving her this incredible oral experience and yet despite her doing her best not to think about it. It is the only thing she can think about is the fact that her little sister is actually making her feel better than all of her previous lovers combined.

Dawn meanwhile is busy focusing on what she is doing as well as enjoying what she is doing which she hopes is making Buffy feel special. Not 'you are the slayer it is your destiny to fight evil' special but special as in she means the world to somebody... she is not just something for somebody else to use to make themselves feel good or to help them get themselves off or make themselves feel more like a man or another notch on a person's belt as far as how many girls he or she has managed to talk into bed. Dawn is doing her best to show Buffy that she matters, she is important, she is special and above all else she is loved, not because she is the slayer, not because she is attractive, not because she is unattainable, not because she looks good on her arm but because she loves her.

Well, at least right now. Later Dawn intends to reinforce her dominance over her big sister, but for now things are all about the love. And making Buffy cum.

With this in mind Dawn slides her tongue into Buffy's cunt, that wet hole welcoming the invasion by clamping down on Dawn's tongue and filling the brunette's mouth with even more tasty juices than before. This of course encourages Dawn onwards, the younger Summers girl pulling her tongue out and then pushing it back in again before quickly repeating the process to start up a ever increasing fucking rhythm.

Buffy literally bites her lip to stop herself from begging for more, although she might as well have begged as despite her best efforts the slayer finds herself moaning, groaning and whimpering loudly in pleasure, the sounds echoing through the quiet room along with the occasional slurping sound as Dawn takes a break from tongue fucking her sister long enough to suck up and swallow some of Buffy's juices.

Usually when Dawn is fucking her Buffy tries to hold off her orgasm, partly because she wants to avoid the feeling of humiliation of cumming for her baby sister, and to her shame partly because no one has ever fucked her better than her little sister. But right now Buffy just want to get out of this room before her friends come back, so not only does she not fight the wicked and yet wonderful feelings her kid sister's mouth and tongue are causing her but she thinks of the most erotic moments in her life in an attempt to make herself cum quicker.

Unfortunately for Buffy the moments which sent her most crushing towards the edge involved either Dawn or Faith, and when she goes crashing over the edge it's her little sister that on her mind, and on her lips, "Daaawwwwwnnnnnn!"

Buffy blushes even though that's far from the worst thing she's said, however she can't dwell on it too much as her mind seems to slowly shut down, the only thing she's able to concentrate being the waves of pleasure rushing through her as she shudders and quakes in yet another wonderful climax given to her by her own kid sister.

Meanwhile Dawn has her lips firmly pressed against Buffy's pussy so her cum can flow directly into her mouth and down her throat, the brunette greedily swallowing down every drop of her big sister's juices before lifting her head up to look at the vision before her.

Buffy always looks beautiful, but she somehow looks even better after climax in Dawn's opinion.

After licking her lips partly at the sight and partly because she loves the taste of her big sister's pussy Dawn looks over her shoulder and frowns. She wasn't expecting them to still be alone, but as they were...

"Buffy." Dawn says as she sits up in between her sister's legs and looks down at her big sister who looks up and back at her, "How do you feel about me butt fucking you in your best friend's hotel room?"

Buffy whimpers softly, unable to believe that this is actually happening and yet knowing in the back of her mind that it is, "Dawn..."

"Buffy, look at me." Dawn interrupts her sibling, and then when the blonde is looking her in the eye adds, "Who owns the hole you shit from?"

There is a long pause after Buffy swallows hard, Dawn just looking at her until Buffy finally says, "You... you own the hole I shit from."

"And what is it I love doing to that hole?" Dawn asks.

Buffy blushes, but doesn't hesitate to reply, "You love fucking it."

"That's right, I love fucking it. I love shoving a nice big dick up my big sister's shit hole and fucking that hole she shits from until she can't fucking shit right. So, Buffy, Is there anything you think you can say which will actually stop me from fucking you in the ass?" Dawn asks, genuinely curious.

"But Willow..." Buffy protests.

"I am going to butt fuck you. You are going to get butt fucked by me. You are going to get butt fucked by your little sister." Dawn tells Buffy matter of factly, "I can't say it more clear than that. The only way you're not is if you want to break our deal, and since we both know you won't do that you're just wasting precious time I could be enjoying your sweet ass. Unless of course you're deliberately wasting time so Willow and Tara can catch us together."

Buffy's mouth opens and closes for several moments, and then she lowers her head in defeat.

Dawn grins in triumph, "Good girl, now this is what I want you to will search this hotel room until you find either a strap on or at the very least a dildo. I'm sure Willow and Tara must have brought some sexual play things along for the week."

The brunette smiles as she thinks back to not only hearing Faith and Buffy but the blonde and redheaded witches fucking each other's brains out like they're lives depended on it. Not that she was eavesdropping per se, but for some reason everyone seemed to think the walls of her home were thicker than they actually were. It was thanks to this not eavesdropping that Dawn knew that while Willow and Tara may not necessarily be the definition of Dom and Sub one of them is definitely the aggressive one and one is definitely the submissive.

Dawn refocus's her attention on Buffy who has only just got out of bed. Deciding to motivate her big sister Dawn gives her a hard slap on the ass, "Get looking. Before Willow and Tara come back."

This seems to give Buffy the motivation she needs as she moves almost as if somebody just shoved something up her ass which causes Dawn to smile due to her having every intention of doing exacterly that just as soon as Buffy has found something for her to use.

Meanwhile the slayer looks around the room, although luckily she doesn't have too look for very long. In fact all she has to do is look under the bed where she finds a bag which she opens and looks inside. To Buffy's surprise there isn't just a couple of strap ons but also regular dildos of all different shapes sizes and colours as well as a paddle, a whip, and a few other clearly BDSM toys.

Buffy wonders if every woman she knows is a lesbian dom or sub.

"Not bad?" Dawn says as she looks at the collection over Buffy's shoulder, "Now pull out one of those strap ons and put it around my waist."

Buffy does as she is told, pulling out one of the strap on cocks from the bag before pushing the bag under the bed. She then waits for Dawn to get up off the bed and stand in front of her. Then Dawn steps into the harness after which Buffy pulls the device up her little sister's legs and straps the dildo around her baby sister's waist. The whole time she does this Buffy feels nervous due to the fact her best friend and her girlfriend could come back from the bar at any minute as well as the fact that her little sister is about to ass fuck her with a strap on her best friend uses on her girlfriend or visa versa in her best friend's hotel room where her best friend and her best friend's girlfriend sleep. However despite how nervous she is by this there is another part of Buffy that is just as excited by it.

Dawn meanwhile is watching everything Buffy does unable to believe that her big sister is actually doing this and yet loving the fact that she is without question or argument and although she can see the hesitation and nervousness in her big sister's face and eyes she is not allowing that hesitation and nervousness stop her from doing what she is told as well as what her little sister knows deep down she wants.

Once the strap on is where it needs to be Buffy sits in between Dawn's legs looking down at her sister who is now laying in the very spot she had been laying a few moments ago.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile at her older sister, "Well don't just sit there looking at me... stand up, turn around and present your ass to me."

Buffy swallows hard as she slowly does as she is told and turns around so she is now facing the far wall wile her ass is facing her little sister.

For a moment Dawn just stares at the perfect ass she has lusted after for so long... the perfect ass of her big sister, the slayer Buffy Summers... the perfect ass which she owns.

"Mmmmm, I will never, ever get tired of this ass!" Dawn moans as she kneels down, reaches out and grabs a firm hold of Buffy's ass, "Such round and yet firm cheeks... and that tight hole between them all tiny and virgin even after I fucked it so hard this morning and last night... oh fuck I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to enjoy fucking my big sister's butt. But how? How should I butt fuck my big sister this time? How should I fuck this sweet ass that I own? How shall I enjoy my property? Oh, I know..."

Dawn stands up, and jumps back on the bed, laying flat on it with her cock pointing straight upwards.

"Buffy, get on the bed so you're kneeling over my cock and facing away from me." Dawn orders. Buffy slowly does as she is told and when she finally has Dawn orders her, "Spread your ass cheeks for me sis. Present your ass hole for your little sister."

Lowering her head in shame Buffy slowly reaches back and spreads her cheeks wide for her little sister.

Grinning at the beautiful sight before her Dawn sits up and spits on Buffy's butt hole and then quickly grabs firmly onto her strap on dick so she can firmly press it up against Buffy's back door.

"Now... start lowering yourself down onto my cock as slow as you can. I want us both to savour this. I want you to savour the feeling of my cock going back inside your ass hole and I want to savour the look of your obviously cock hungry ass swallowing the head of my strap on before it gobbles up the rest of it." Dawn says lustfully, her eyes glued to Buffy's ass.

Dawn's eyes remain locked on Buffy's butt hole as Buffy slowly looks down in between her legs and see's where Dawn's strap on dildo is she then takes a firm hold of the strap on at it's base and slowly forces herself downwards. Both Buffy and Dawn let out gasps both of which are from pleasure, although one is more willing to admit it than the other is, as Dawn continues to watch Buffy's back door open up and allow her or rather Willow's and Tara's strap on to pass through it and into her ass.

Once the head of the fake cock is inside of her Buffy takes a few moments to get used to the feeling before she lowers herself further down on the cock grateful for being allowed to go at her own pace so that she can minimise the pain even though if she is honest there is no pain only pleasure but she isn't willing to let her little sister know this. Despite how slowly Buffy lowers herself down it isn't long before she finds herself sitting on Dawn's lap with every single inch of that dildo buried in her backside.

"Wow Buffy, I wish you could have seen how easily that cock went up your ass. It was so hot." Dawn says sounding mesmerised, and then after a couple of minutes of allowing Buffy's ass hole to grow accustom to having a dildo back inside it adds, "Now, I want you to fuck yourself. Fuck that hot ass on my cock."

Dawn then licks her lips, wishing there where more people here to enjoy the sight she is getting to enjoy as she watches Buffy start to slowly lift herself up and then down on the strap on that is now anchored inside of her shit hole.

Buffy grits her teeth a little due to the fact that each and every time Dawn fucks her it get's harder and harder not to immediately surrender to the feelings she experiences each and every time the fucking starts and yet despite knowing that she is no doubt going to end up at her little sister's mercy there is still enough fight left in Buffy to at the very least resist the feelings she is now experiencing again to begin with.

Despite knowing that Willow and Tara could return at any moment and catch her and Dawn in this compromising position to say the least and feeling tempted for that reason as well as due to the pleasure she is already feeling having a strap on back inside of her Buffy forces herself to go slowly as she continues to move herself up and down repeating the process over and over as she sodomises herself for her kid sister's pleasure.

Since her ass getting fucked earlier that morning Buffy could tell that her ass once again returned to normal which she is sure had to have shocked Dawn due to her shocking her just as much as she imagined it shocking her little sister due to her ass having never been put through the 'tests' it has been put through by her younger sibling. There's still just as much pain as the first time Faith made Buffy bend over for her, yet each time Dawn invades her ass the easier it is for Buffy to accept the anal invasion.

Why this is Buffy isn't sure. Maybe Dawn is ass fucking her so much and so hard that even Buffy's slayer healing doesn't have enough time in between butt poundings to fix all the damage her baby sister does to her rectum. Maybe Dawn is awakening the ass slut within Buffy to the point where the slayer's ass is so horny for a fucking the pain becomes irrelevant in her mind compared with the pleasure she knows that is coming. Whatever the reason Buffy is grateful for it.

"How does this cock feel in your ass Buffy?" Dawn asks.

"Good. I love having your cock in my ass Dawn." Buffy says knowing this is what Dawn wants to hear as well as it being the truth even though she isn't willing to admit it yet.

"Technically Buffy this isn't my strap on it's either Willow's or Tara's." Dawn says knowing who's strap on this is and yet wanting Buffy to imagine it belonging to either of them, "Do you know what that means Buffy? That means either Willow has used this on Tara OR Tara has used this on Willow. How does that make you feel Buffy? Knowing that this strap on that I'm using right now to invade your back passage has been in possibly not only the pussy of either your best friend Willow or your best friend's girlfriend Tara but it could also have been in the very same place it's in you right now either Willow or Tara's ass hole."

Despite be able to imagine how much what she is saying must gross out and maybe even sicken her older sister on some level and despite hating the fact that she has to use these psychological tactics on her big sister Dawn knows that in the end it will all be worth it when Buffy finally once and for all accepts who she is and what she is and will not try and fool herself into denying herself or denying what she really wants and who she really is deep down.

Buffy closes her eyes, doing her best to block out the mental images Dawn is forcing her to imagine, images of her best friend Willow fucking Tara in all kinds of positions and Tara doing the same to Willow. Despite doing her best not to think about the images Buffy can't help but do just that and the more she thinks about them the more she imagines herself on the receiving end of either Willow or Tara's pussy as well as anal invasions in the images she is seeing in her mind's eye.

Dawn didn't think it could be possible for things to get hotter than they are right now but the thoughts and pictures or rather scenes she is imagining are making what she and Buffy are doing all the hotter as she imagines Willow and Tara each fucking her big sister's ass and pussy. She then imagines them having a sex sandwich with the slayer with one of them fucking her ass while the other is fucking her pussy and Buffy is in the middle of it, loving every second of what is happening to her.

Dawn could have happily continued making Buffy sodomise herself and watch as her sister's asshole got bigger and bigger however she wants to see her sister's face. She wants to see the expressions her sister is making as she continues to fuck herself on the strap on her two friends use on each other.

"Now I want you to turn around and face me while not letting that strap on slip from inside of you." Dawn says.

Buffy briefly hesitates but then slowly lifts herself up just enough for her to be able turn herself around while at the same time keeping the strap on partly buried inside of her ass once she has done a complete 180 she slowly slides herself all the way back down onto it.

"Now." Dawn says with an ear to ear grin on her face, "I want you to start fucking yourself on my cock. Work it over with your ass hole. I want to see you bouncing on my dick like the anal slut you are. Show me what an eager little anal slut you are."

Buffy swallows hard before she starts to slowly lift herself up and slide herself down onto the dildo fucking herself on it to please her little sister.

Doing her best not to think about or focus on the pleasure she is once again feeling as she continues to slide herself up and down on the fake cock that is inside of her backside Buffy looks at Dawn which is a huge mistake due to the fact the moment Buffy's eyes lock with Dawn's she can see from the look on her younger sibling's face and in her eyes that she is really not only enjoying this but also getting off on, and despite the fact that her little sister is blackmailing her into anal sex there is a part of Buffy that is pleased that she is making her little sister happy by doing this which causes her to blushes an even deeper shade of red then she did before.

As she continues to bounce up and down on her best friend or best friend's girl friend's strap on which is currently wrapped around the mid section of her kid sister and buried inside of her Buffy thinks about the three other times Dawn has fucked her in the ass and how she tried to resist and yet in the end she surrendered to her little sister completely and knowing that despite her best efforts to try and resist she has no doubt she will end up completely surrendering to Dawn again.

As this thought passes through Buffy's mind she thinks about the future, knowing that this is going to become a part of her life. Dawn with a strap on and her bouncing her ass up and down on it in every position imaginable and if she isn't bouncing her ass up and down on it Dawn is going to be ramming it in and out of her pooper like she did the first three times she fucked her in the butt. The more she thinks about those future ass fucking's the more Buffy slowly starts to realise that even trying to resist is a waste of time due to the fact it isn't going to stop Dawn from fucking her ass whenever she wants in whatever position she wants nor is it going to stop her from ending up enjoying each and every ass fuck her little sister gives her.

Despite knowing this to be a fact Buffy can't bring herself to accept this and in an attempt to try and convince herself that there is a way out of this Buffy hangs her head and closes her eyes, trying to mentally convince herself that despite the deal she made with her little sister and despite the fact that she will honour that deal each and every time Dawn fucks her ass regardless of how it ends she will resist for as long as she can.

Seeing her big sister close her eyes makes Dawn's grin get wider due to the fact that while her eyes maybe closed she is still whimpering and blushing which lets Dawn know that her big sister is enjoying this even though she can tell by the fact that she closed her eyes there is a part of Buffy that is still trying to convince herself that she is not enjoying it willingly nor is she doing it willingly but because Dawn is making her do this.

Dawn is actually willing to allow Buffy to try and convince herself of this due to the fact she knows that deep down Buffy knows the truth and that is that she didn't make her do anything, at least not totally. There may have been a part of Buffy that convinced herself she was doing all of this because she had no choice but Dawn knows that there is another part of Buffy that is doing this because she is enjoying it and the more things they do together Dawn is confident that part of Buffy is growing stronger inside of her until eventually Buffy will have no choice but to admit the reason she is doing what her little sister tells her to do isn't because she has to but it is because she wants too. When that happens she will be completely and totally 100% Dawn's.

As she thinks about this Dawn slowly turns her attention from Buffy's face to her breasts which are bouncing up and down hypnotically in time with her blonde haired sister's movements on the dildo.

There is no doubt in Dawn's mind Buffy easily has one of the best racks she has ever seen. Hell in her eyes despite there being a lot of impressive racks out there Buffy has the best ever and the sight of those boobs bouncing up and down has Dawn literally salivating and licking her lips.

She would love nothing more than to grab one of those well proportioned fun bags and bury her face between them and suck the life out of them while Buffy continued fucking the strap on but Dawn knows she has to concentrate and make sure Buffy remains focused on what she is doing and now allow herself or Buffy to become distracted from riding her cock. Besides she will have plenty of time to suck on Buffy's titties all she wants later.

Speaking of keeping Buffy focused on what she is doing Dawn realises that by allowing her big sister to keep her eyes closed she is allowing her to think about/imagine/focus her mind on something else and not what she is doing or what Dawn is doing to her.

"Open your eyes Buffy!" Dawn snaps at her big sister.

Buffy's eyes pop open almost like they where immediately responding to Dawn's command weather Buffy wanted them to or not.

"That's it, I want you to keep your eyes locked on me the whole time you're fucking yourself." Dawn tells her.

Buffy does her best not to allow herself to show Dawn how much she hates not only her for making her do this but more importantly how much she hates herself for starting to get into what she is being forced to do as she is sure Dawn has noticed the slow and steady pace she has set for herself.

"Faster!" Dawn tells Buffy almost answering her question as to weather or not she has noticed the pace at which she has set herself, "Ride my big dick faster! I want you to ride it like the anal slut you are!"

Buffy tries and fails to suppress a whimper as she bounces harder on the dick and slowly starts to go faster but not fast enough for Dawn's liking.

"Faster! Come on you can go faster than that. Ride that big dick like you can't get enough." Dawn says as she notices something out of the corner of her eye and turns her attention from Buffy to the thing that has caught her attention and when she realises what it is she smiles even more as she slowly turns her attention back to her sister, "And you can't can you? No you can't get enough of this big dick. You can't get enough of your little sister's big dick. You're a total anal whore for your kid sister's dick aren't you? An you're going to show it by riding it as hard as you can, aren't you Buffy?"

Buffy starts to really whimper under the attack on her aching backside doing her best to go faster using every ounce of whatever strength she can muster to slam fuck herself on the big fake prick that is buried deep inside of her and wrapped around her little sister's waist. Eventually Buffy's whimpers melt into moans as she finally reaches the speed which seems to satisfy Dawn. That speed is clearly inhuman, the bed creaking loudly as Buffy hammers herself up and down, the dildo slamming through her shitter like an automatic drill.

"Don't cum." Dawn says, "Don't cum until I tell you too."

"Please Dawn, I need it." Buffy whimpers, not pausing the rough butt bouncing which is hurtling her towards the edge of climax.

"I told you not to cum, so that means stop fucking your ass until I tell you otherwise!" Dawn yells, brutally slapping Buffy's ass until the blonde does as she's told, Dawn laying a couple of extra hard smacks to teach Buffy a lesson before adding, "Don't forget your place bitch! Next time I tell you to do something, you do it."

"I'm sorry Dawn." Buffy weeps, "I didn't mean to forget my place."

"You better not." Dawn growls, "And don't think your ass isn't getting spanked for this, but for now I want to hear you beg to cum for me, and you better make it good."

Buffy pauses for a moment to try to pull herself together before pleading, "Please Dawn, let me cum. Please let me cum for you. Let me cum for my sister."

"That's not nearly good enough." Dawn says, her eyes locking with Buffy's, "I want to really hear you beg. I want to hear you beg me, your little sister, to let you cum. To a submissive slut like you cumming is a privilege, not a right, and since this week I own not just your ass hole but every little part of you you're going to have to earn your privilege. But the good news is that all you have to do is tell me what deep down you know to be true. That you, Buffy Anne Summers are nothing more than an anal lesbian slut. You're an anal lesbian whore who is addicted to getting fucked in the ass by other girls, and you especially love it when your little sister is the one giving you your fix, because you love being my anal slave. You know your ass belongs to me and you love it. You love the fact that your little sister now owns your ass hole and that I can use it whenever and wherever I please. You want nothing more than for me to fuck your ass like it deserves to be fucked everyday. Like it needs to be fucked everyday. But most of all you want to make me happy. You now think of your ass as your little sister pleaser and that your ass hole is your little sister pleasuring hole and that you hate using your ass or ass hole for any other purpose than pleasing and pleasuring me. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me all of that. Tell me and make me believe it Buffy or I swear I'll fuck you all night and never let you cum!"

Tears flow and then fall from Buffy's eyes as she momentarily tries to convince herself to stay strong and deny Dawn what she wants before the slayer ultimately breaks down, looks deep into Dawn's eyes and in the most sincere tone she can possibly manage pleads, "Please Dawn... allow me, Buffy Anne Summers, the privilege of cumming for you. I need it so bad because... because everything you just said is true. I'm an anal lesbian slut. I'm an anal lesbian whore who is addicted to getting fucked in the ass by other girls, and... I especially love it when my little sister is the one giving me my fix, because I love being your anal slave Dawn. I know my ass belongs to you and I love it. I love the fact that my little sister now owns my ass hole and that she can use it whenever and wherever she pleases. I want nothing more than for you to fuck my ass like it deserves to be fucked everyday. Like it needs to be fucked everyday. But most of all I want to make you happy. I now think of my ass as my little sister pleaser and my ass hole is my little sister pleasuring hole and I hate using my ass or ass hole for any other purpose than pleasing and pleasuring you. Now please let me cum Dawnie, let me cum for you."

Dawn looks thoughtful for a few moments and then says, "Ok, you can cum for me, but only if you keep telling me how much you love it."

"Ok." Buffy quickly agrees, re-starting the fucking and taking the time at all to increase the speed to the point where she's viciously sodomising herself again, "I love it. I love it so much. Ooooohhhhhhh, I love taking my little sister's dick in my ass. I, mmmmmmm, I can't get enough. I... I love using my little sister pleaser and my little sister pleasuring hole to please and pleasure you Dawnie. I, ohhhhhhh, I felt so guilty today when I was sitting down because it hurt and that pain reminded me that my ass's main purpose isn't for sitting and, mmmmmmm, oooooh it's even worse for, aaaaaahhhhhh, I, oooooohhhhhh yeeeesssss I, aaaaaahhhhhh, I love being your anal slave!"

Any further words from Buffy were a lot less coherent, the slayer often repeating over and over that she was her sister's anal slut or her sister's anal whore, not that Dawn seemed to care. She was too busy taking Buffy's hips in her hands and slamming upwards, repeating the process, moving her hips back and forth at the same time Buffy bounced up and down, the strap on going as deep and as hard into Buffy's ass as possible.

As a result of this rapidly increased pace Buffy cries out in shameless pleasure which causes Dawn to fuck her harder which in turn makes Buffy cry out louder which then makes Dawn fuck her harder and so on and so on until the two women are fucking so brutally that they become completely lost in the anal sex.

Buffy doesn't care that she is in her best friend Willow's hotel room or that she is naked on her best friend's hotel room bed along with an equally naked Dawn who she is sitting on top of with the only thing separating they're two bodies being her best friend or her best friend's girlfriend's strap on which is currently being forced in and out of her ass. Buffy doesn't even care that this same strap on has been used either by her best friend on her best friend's girlfriend or by her best friend's girlfriend on her best friend all she cares about is that it is currently being used on her ass and that the user is her sister and she doesn't want it to stop.

Which is a good thing because Dawn has no intention of stopping until both she and Buffy have reached the point of no return and gone past it.

Despite loving every aspect of what she has done to Buffy over the past couple of days butt fucking her big sister is defiantly Dawn's favourite part of the whole week. Not just this time but each and every time she has fucked Buffy's ass she has loved it and she knows that each and every time she fucks it in the future she is going to love doing it. Weather Buffy marries Riley or not Dawn can't wait to have her big sister bouncing on her dick like the anal slut and whore they both know she is deep down back in Sunnydale. Not only will she have her do it in her bed but she is going to have Buffy do it in her and Riley's bed as well as Willow's and Tara's bed. Hell if she can she is going to have Buffy bounce her ass up and down on her strap on in the dining room, sitting room, and kitchen as well as they're bathroom. Basically Dawn intends on butt fucking her big sister in every room in they're house when they get home.

Buffy meanwhile isn't thinking about anything except how good it is going to feel when she cums. The pleasure she is receiving is far outweighing any discomfort she might have been feeling and yet despite still wanting to cum so badly it hurts she now finds herself trying to prevent her climax simply so she can feel more heavenly pleasure from Dawn and the strap on which joins them.

For a while the pleasure remains heavenly but soon the build up begins taking its toll on Buffy. She fights it off for as long as she can even as it slowly becomes too painful to hold off until finally it becomes too painful not to cum than it does to hold off at which point Buffy stops holding back and allows herself to cum.

Dawn grins widely as she feels Buffy hit the point of no return and pass it and while she does that Dawn continues to hammer into Buffy's ass with all her might.

Buffy cries out in pleasure and throws all her weight behind some thrusts of her own which are perfectly in time with Dawn's, the two sisters rutting like animals in heat.

For a few wonderful moments Buffy reaches the sexual high she can only seem to get from being with her sister or taking it in the ass, the combination of the two sending her to what feels like the highest place in heaven.

The whole time Dawn continues to pound into her pooper with what can only be described as the determination of a Slayer and Buffy is loving every minute of it, acting like a total anal slut and whore and not caring until she feels her whole body shake as a third orgasm of the night hits her and she screams out loud as she cums.

The powerful climax is quickly followed by another and another and another. Buffy feels like she is being fucked into a happy vegetable state by Dawn who continues pounding her ass as the slayer uses every ounce of her enhanced strength and stamina to keep the brutal rectum wrecking going, the greedy blonde craving more climaxes while Dawn just wants to experience her first.

After giving Buffy half a dozen orgasms Dawn gets what she wants and while her climax isn't as powerful as the ones Buffy has had and is continuing to experience it is still powerful enough to force her to stop, the littlest Summers lay gasping for breath as she watched Buffy brutalise her own ass hole over and over again until finally after who knows how many orgasms she finally collapsed onto the brunette in a sweaty heap.

For a while Dawn lets Buffy get her strength back, which didn't take too long thanks to the blonde's slayer abilities, Buffy soon lifts herself up blushing in embarrassment as she realises once again she's acted like a total anal whore.

"That was good." Dawn says, demanding Buffy's attention, "Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks, and then very slowly pull your ass off my cock."

Buffy does as she is told without thinking, which makes Dawn grin.

"Is your ass gaping Buffy?" Dawn asks. Buffy blushes and then nods, after which Dawn smiles, "Good. Now, keep spreading that ass. Show off that gaping, red ringed butt hole. Show what your butt hole looks like every time I'm done using it for my pleasure. Show it off because our guests are going to want to see it."

Buffy's eyes widen in horror. She slowly turns her head, a blush immediately covering her face...


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