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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 5 (Ff,inc,anal,toys,oral)
by LL

"Now the pair of you be good while I'm away," Joyce said with a smile so knowing it was almost like she knew Buffy's plans.

"I'm not planning to burn down the house," said Buffy. She glanced over to her sister. If anything Dawn looked even sexier than normal in a tight vest, which drew over her lovely titties and just about covering her ass a piece of denim that put the hot into pants. "And we won't be bringing anyone over to party." Which didn't mean they wouldn't be partying, Buffy was sure they would be, it was just it would be a girl on girl party.

"Yeah Mom. We'll be fine," Dawn flashed her most winning smile at her Mom, the type she used when she wanted to get her own way, "Just go already."

"I'll be back tomorrow evening. You've got the hotel number if you need me and the number of the auction house... You can call if there's any problem," Joyce's hand slid to the handle of her small suitcase.

"You just go," grinned Buffy, "Get those pieces of art for the gallery."

"And make us so much money by selling them on again that our next vacation is Hawaii," her younger sister added.

"If you can't contact me, you can call Rupert, I'm sure he'll help," Joyce said.

"Yes, yes, yes," Dawn took a step forward, "If you don't go soon you'll miss your plane."

"And the cab driver's looking at his watch," said Buffy.

"Okay, I'll see you both tomorrow," Joyce walked through the door and down the path, the suitcase trundling behind her. Buffy and Dawn crowded in the doorway, waving brightly as there Mom got in the car, continuing as the taxi began to pull away from the sidewalk and drive down the street. They remained there for what seemed a reasonable length of time for two teens saying goodbye to their Mom, before stepping back into the house and closing the door.

Immediately Buffy's mouth closed on her sister's, her hands on the teen's waist dragging her towards her. Dawn responded with unsisterly enthusiasm, her lips opening and trembling as they tried to suck Buffy in, a naked knee rubbing at Buffy's inner leg as the younger teen moved it up and down. "Mmmnn," Buffy broke the kiss, but not the hold, "I thought Mom would never go."

"I know," giggled Dawn, "I thought she was about to change her mind and stay."

"I've been looking forward to this all week," grinned Buffy, looking down at her lovely, sexy sister.

"You just want to spend a night fucking my ass," Dawn gave a sexy titter as she smiled at her sister.

"You read my mind," Buffy's hands moved from her sister's waist to her buttocks, gently squeezing the round mounds through the denim. "But who can blame me? It's the most bangable butt in Sunnydale." In the two weeks since Buffy had popped Dawn's anal cherry she'd been showing how true that statement was by taking Dawn as often as they were alone - the two of them at it like rabbits when their Mom was at the gallery. And now the two of them had been left alone for the weekend Buffy intended to make the most of it... Or at least she would do after she'd met Giles and Willow for a briefing on where they were on tracking down the new big bad in town, a Goddess called Glory.

"You want it now?" Dawn stepped back from her sister's embrace, popped open the button and began to shimmy the tight pants down her rump and thighs.

Her shaven slit was quickly displayed. Buffy gazed lustfully down at her second favourite hole. "Mmnnnn, it's so tempting, but you know I'm meeting my Watcher. Slayer business."

Dawn stuck out her lip in a fake sulk. "Surely saving the world is not more important than this," she swivelled on her feet and turned her back to Buffy, wiggling her hot little behind in her sister's direction. Buffy was tempted, it had been Friday afternoon when she'd last banged that hot butt and she had to admit she was jonesing for it like a coffee addict for caffeine. Dawn moved her hands behind her and rolled the palms over the round rump, massaging her cheeks teasingly. "Could you say no to this?"

Gulping Buffy shook her head, "I'm going to have to. Giles gets all grumpster when I'm late and if he rubs his glasses any harder he's gonna wear out his tie."

"You could get him a new one," Dawn waved her ass at Buffy, teasing her.

"You know the fate of the world is at stake?" Buffy tried to play on Dawn's conscience, not that she thought Dawn would care too much about the Earth being destroyed as long as she got her hot little tushy rammed.

"If you're five minutes late?" Dawn asked, smiling at her blonde sister over her shoulder.

"I'd be very late if I stayed to fuck your hole," Buffy replied with impeccable logic.

"But I'll be so horny" whined Dawnie.

"Well we'll have to do something about that," grinned Buffy. She walked over to her sister, twirled her round so that she was facing her and then lifted her up under her butt cheeks. Dawn giggled as Buffy carried her to the couch and dropped her down across it. The younger teen's legs shot up in the air, the hotpants still attached to her ankles. Buffy pulled them off and threw them to one side. Then she leant over the armrest of the chair, balancing herself on it for a moment, before lifting her feet off the ground and shifting forward so her face fell on her sister's cunt.

Her hands pressed at the inside of Dawn's legs, pushing them apart as her mouth opened and her tongue slid out. Her sister was already wet, the juice seeping from her crack. Buffy licked over it, quickly wiping away the cum and replacing it with her saliva. She pressed the younger teen's legs apart further, firmly spreading them and watching as the pussy open, more cum visible. "Looks yummy. This should last us until later."

"Oh God, Buffy," moaned Dawn, "Make me cum."

Without any more ado Buffy's head dropped down and her mouth opened. She began to lick and lap, not wasting any time with slow sensitive licks, but going straight in for an old-fashioned knee-trembler, her tongue hammering and slurping like it was an out of control missile. Her sister squeaked as Buffy's tongue raced over her, automatically spreading her legs even further to give the Slayer better access. Buffy rammed her tongue down, forcing it between the slit entrance and against the tunnel walls, feeling the warm, wetness of her sister's hole, the cum covering her tongue. Spots of it slid down her throat as she lapped hard, driving her younger sister to distraction.

"Oooohhh, urrrrhhh, fuck, yes, Buffy, yes," Dawn squealed, her entire body shaking. Her hands were on the back of her sister's head, mussing the hair and massaging the skull. It would have encouraged Buffy to lick harder - if she had needed encouragement. But she'd found over the last few weeks that with a tasty pussy such as Dawn's, once you dived in you didn't need any further motivation to eat it all up. She brought a finger into play as well, driving it into the teen cunt and opening it further for her tonguing. Dawn squealed even louder, her back bending in pleasure, and her legs waving in the air like stalks of corn in the wind. "Oooohhh, urrrrhhh, yesss, Buffy, yessss..."

Finger and tongue worked in tandem, juicing up the brunette so Buffy could slurp down her wonderful juice. It was so tasty. And it was win-win, as Dawn enjoyed being eaten as much as Buffy loved the Dawn flavoured cum she was devouring. She slammed harder, pushing her face so far down that her nose was dug into Dawn's flesh, the aroma of sex saturating Buffy's nostrils. The brunette squealed louder, her entire body quivering, as Buffy's tongue dug deep inside her, driving her to places of unearthly pleasure. "Aaaarrrrghhh, yessss, fuuuuckkk Buffy, you're making me cum. Ohhhhh, aaaarrgggh, you are making me cum so much."

It was a reluctant Buffy who pulled her face up, leaving her sister panting and gasping. The blonde grinned, "That should keep you."

"No, I'm still horny," Dawn pouted.

"It'll have to keep," Buffy said. She grinned wickedly, "Anyway I don't want to tire you out before tonight, the hornier the better."

"That better be a promise," Dawn grinned back. "I've got plans."

"Oh," Buffy raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Don't hurry back. I'll make dinner, for about seven. Be back for then."

"On the dot, mistress," laughed Buffy, she leant down once more and gave her bossy sister's cute pussy a peck on the lips.

* * *

"So spill" Willow raised her latte and looked at Buffy over the rim, a wide grin on her face.

"Spill what?" asked Buffy, glancing down at her own latte and then picking it up.

The meeting with Giles hadn't been a productive one, he'd yet to track down where Glory and her minions were based or any weak point with which to defeat her. As Anya and Xander were on vacation he was short handed in the Magic Box and kept having to rush from the backroom to the front to help his temporary assistant and stop her selling ultra-rare diamond encrusted skulls for the same price as the plastic Halloween models. Seeing that nothing was going to be solved that afternoon the two girls had made their excuses and headed for the Mall for coffee and catch-up.

Willow put her cup down and looked from side to side like there might be an semi-visible demon listening in. "For the last two weeks you look like the cat who found the cream, so either you've secretly discovered you're the secret heir of Bill Gates or there's a new guy in your life." She raised her eyebrows quizzically.

"Got me," Buffy laughed. "Not about the Bill Gates thing. And not really about a new guy either. It's a girl..."

"A girl as in a one you're up close and personal with?"

"Like we're melded together," Buffy said.

"I guess that means me and Tara aren't the only lesbos in Sunnydale," Willow grinned.

"You don't sound surprised," said Buffy, slightly surprised herself.

"It's Sunnydale, I've coped with finding out I live on some mystical mouth to demon land, he town Mayor turning into a giant man-eating worm and Xander managing to get off with the most popular girl in school. You being a lesbian doesn't even come into the faintly surprising category."

"Put like that..." Buffy grinned.

"So... Is it anyone I know?" Willow smiled

Buffy had come out to her best friend before she even realised she was doing so, but telling her who she was banging was a step to far, "Kinda..." she admitted, not wanting to lie.

"Is it Cordelia? I always suspected she's into girls, her and Harm were way too touchy feely to be straight with each other."

"No, it's not someone we were at school with."

"Is this a guessing game? It's not one of our tutors or one of Tara's friends from the Wicca Circle - I mean none of them know magic, but they didn't join an all girl group, which has been known to prance around naked, because they do great cookies."

"It's complicated," said Buffy, hoping to close of the conversation.

"My God, Buffy are you banging a married woman?" Willow asked with a grin.

"Shall we say it's not someone I should be with," said Buffy, which wasn't technically a lie, even if it might lead Willow to think it was someone in a relationship she was fucking, not her sister.

"Okay, I won't pry," grinned Willow. "As long as you promise to make sure you won't get hurt."

"Hey I was thrown at a brick mausoleum last night, I don't hurt easy," Buffy gave a mock frown at her friend's lack of faith.

"Sure, I know. But this is different. Doing a married woman, that's in the big girl's league - you could find yourself on the wrong side of a messy break-up," Willow said.

"Trust me, won't happen. We're cool with things," Buffy said.

"So if you don't want me to know who it is, you're not going to tell me how you met and hooked up?" Willow paused as Buffy shook her head with a smile. The redhead leant forward conspiratorially, "So how far have you gone?"

"All the way," Buffy grinned. "We're at it like bunnies when we're alone."

"So how far is all the way?" Willow asked with a smile.

"Put it this way, yesterday afternoon I was in her bed banging her ass with a strap-on," Buffy grinned.

Willow's eyes widened and her jaw fell open, "Seriously, how long have you been going out. It took me about four months before Tara let me pop her ass cherry."

"A few weeks, she's insatiable, so am I."

"Good for you," grinned Willow.

Buffy looked at her watch and drained the remnants of her coffee, "I better go, Dawn's cooking dinner, when Mom's away."

"She'll make a great wife," laughed Willow.

"Yeah," said Buffy, not wanting to describe the other attributes that Dawn would bring to a marriage and especially the wedding bed. "I better shoot, I'll see you Monday?"

"It's a date, just don't tell your secret girlfriend you're meeting a hot redhead for coffee and clothes shopping."

"I won't," laughed Buffy standing up. She picked up her bag and left, leaving behind Willow who seemed immediately to fall deep into thought.

* * *

Opening the door to her house, Buffy called out "Hi honey, I'm home." She didn't have a hat to gently tip onto the hatstand, nor a coat to hang, but she did have a small rucksack filled with those things a Slayer needs, which she placed on the floor.

"Hi, just a minute," Dawn called out from the dining room. "Stay there. I'll be a moment."

Intrigued Buffy waited, looking out the window at the gathering dusk and glad that Giles had given her the night off so that she, not that he knew it, could spend the night banging Dawn whilst their Mom was away. "I'm nearly ready," Dawn called from the back.

"Okay, I'm here waiting," Buffy smiled as she wondered what was happening in there; whilst it was called the dining room they hardly ever actually dined in there, the kitchen table was the more common eating place.

There was a pause of another few moments and Buffy could hear the door between the kitchen and the dining room being closed, before Dawn called out, "I'm ready."

Buffy got up off the couch and walked towards the dining room door. Before she reached it Dawn was standing it. Buffy paused and smiled, "Wow."

"You like?" her sister smiled and gave a small twirl from side to side.

"Wow," Buffy did. She certainly didn't mind it when Dawn walked around in a tiny vest and a skirt so short you could see she didn't bother with panties when she bent over. But dressed as she was Buffy realised her sister could pull off sexily hot and classy at the same time. She was wearing a slinky black dress that went down to just above her thighs, it's front so low it barely covered her tits, the cleavage full on display and her back cut to just above her ass - so near you could see the top of the crevasse. The heels she was wearing added an inch to her and stretched her calves and thighs, make them appear firmer and sexier. She done her hair in a stylish beehive and put on enough lip gloss to accentuate her beauty without adding to it. Buffy looked her sister up and down, smiling, "Dawn you look so beautiful."

"This?" Dawn said with false modesty as she drew her hands down the dress's side, "It's just a few things I threw on."

"I feel seriously underdressed," Buffy said. She was wearing a T-shirt, knee length skirt and pumps (with socks) - it had been fine for hanging round with Giles and Willow, it seemed a little casual for her sister.

Dawn shook her head "You look fine, y'know as hot as ever." She took Buffy's hand and led her into the dining room.

She'd put effort into that as well. All the curtains were closed, but the room wasn't dark as in the middle of the white clothed table, laid with their Mom's best silverware, was a candle burning brightly. Another couple sat on the dressers, flickering and casting romantic shadows round the room. Dawn gestured at a seat, "I thought I'd make dinner something special."

"You've succeeded," Buffy took a seat. As soon as she did so Dawn was picking up a bottle of wine and pouring it. Buffy grinned, "Naughty, that's some of Mom's expensive wine."

"Mom's going to get suspicious if we're at home all weekend and we don't raid the drinks," Dawn said with impeccable logic. She poured herself half a glass and smiled, "I'll just go and collect the food."

She slipped from the room into the kitchen, Buffy quickly wondered what her sister had done. Something foreign and exotic? Or artistic and complicated? The door opened again and Dawn returned with two plates. Buffy looked at what was on them and laughed, "Pizza?"

"Straight from the oven," grinned Dawn, "I thought about cooking something ambitious, but then decided you can't beat the old stand-bys."

She placed one of the plates in front of Buffy and took the other one and sat opposite her sister. Raising the wine glass, the brunette said, "To us fucking."

"I can drink to that, " smiled Buffy raising her own glass before taking a sip.

Opposite her Dawn put down her glass and picked up her knife and fork, then she paused, a small frown passing over her face and then a smile as she looked at her sister. She put down the cutlery, "You're right, I am a little overdressed." She reached for the front of her dress and pulled it down so her round titties popped out and bounced over the material. "I think that's better."

Buffy took another sip of the wine, smiling as she drank it. "It works for me."

The two of them ate, devouring the pizza as Buffy also devoured her sister with her eyes, continually looking down at the pair of sexy teen tits on display even as Dawn was talking. God, her sister was so hot and sexy, if only Willow knew who it was that Buffy was banging...

"Finished?" Dawn stood up, plate in hand, her titties bouncing over her dress. As Buffy replied in the affirmative she took her sister's plate, her naked tits just inches from Buffy as she bent down to pick it up. She vanished into the kitchen and Buffy heard the sound of the dishwasher opening before her sister returned, a broad smile on her face. "Do you want dessert now?"

"Sure, what we having?" Buffy replied.

"I thought we'd have different desserts. Mine first " Dawn smiled sexily, sashaying over to the table. "Tasty Buffy cunt juice." The teen slipped to her knees and under the table. Buffy pushed back her chair and her younger sister reached up under her skirt and pulled down the Slayer's panties. "I'm going to carry on eating it until you squirt all over me and make me yours," her voice was muffled under the table, but her intention was not as she pushed up Buffy's skirt to the top of the blonde's thigh.

"I think I'm going to enjoy your dessert," Buffy grinned, opening her legs wider to allow her sister in.

Dawn's lithe tongue tickled at the twat, slowly and casually running up and down over the slit, teasing Buffy as a taster. The blonde grinned and opened her legs wider, stretching herself open as she brought one hand down to her skirt and hoisted it higher. "MMMMnnnnn, that's good. Lick my pussy clean."

"Yum," giggled Dawn, still teasing her sister. She brought her hand up, positioning her thumb so she could rub the clit in a circular motion, whilst she slid two fingers either side of the slit and gently pried it apart. Her tongue moved over the labia and into the pink hole, swishing round the top of the tunnel, the wet flesh becoming wetter as her tongue pushed and prodded at it.

"Oooohhh," Buffy gave a small moan and took a sip of wine. It might be Dawn's dessert time, but there was no reason why Buffy couldn't have a drink at the same time, the fruity tang of the wine seemed to go well with the quivering surges of pleasure, making her cunt feel warmer and more excited. Dawn tongue curled round the hole, gently pushing forward and lapping at the pink flesh, finding the nerve endings and stimulating them. Her thumb pushed and pressed at Buffy's clit, adding to the blonde's pleasure, waves of sexual bliss slipping through her. She let go off the skirt, it slid down her belly to rest on Dawn's head below the table. With the free hand Buffy began to stroke and massage her sister's head, keeping the younger teen in place. She took another sip of the wine, gasping again as Dawn's skilled tongue began to move faster and harder, driving at Buffy's slick hole and slurping up the juice. Her sister was really skilled at pussy licking, Buffy decided, a total artist of cunt lapping. The teen's tongue was finding the right spots and concentrating on them hard.

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuucckk, aaaaarggghh," the chair legs vibrated as Buffy rocked and arched, her body tensing and relaxing rapidly as Dawn's hot tongue swung deep. The brunette's thumb continued its massage of the clitoris, sending further waves through Buffy. The blonde put down the glass, scared it might spill and gripped the table, her thumb jammed at the mahogany wood so hard that it was almost sore.

"Ooooohhh God, Dawnie, eat me, eat me all up," the Slayer squealed rocking back and forth, her back bending and her toes curling. The orgasms were hitting her like cars smashing into a wall, so powerful was the waves of blissful ecstasy that the room seemed to be whirling round and filled with colourful stars, popping and exploding in front of her eyes. "AAArrrrrgghhh fuck Dawnie, you're making me cum... don't stop, aaaarrrghhh..."

Not only did Dawn not stop as her sister came, but she didn't show any sign of pausing. Her skilled and practised tongue carried on doing its job in Buffy's pussy, driving the blonde higher and higher towards orgasmic paradise. Buffy closed her eyes and let the waves of bliss roll over her, like standing in the middle of a wind storm, pleasure whipping at her like leaves. Her sister hammered harder and harder, slurping at Buffy's juicy cunt and stimulating the sweet spots with the expertise of a hardcore pussyhound. The pleasure bar rose higher, the temperature in the room moving from hot to boiling to volcanic. Buffy shrieked again, "AAArrrrghhh," as her entire body rocked.

She came. In great gushes. Her cunt spurting out the cum like a geyser. The liquid shot into Dawn's mouth and over her face, exploding over her lips and chin and cheeks and nose, dripping down onto her naked tits and below that to stain the dress.

Buffy lay panting in her chair, too orgasmed out to even reach for her wine glass. Her sister came up from under the table, gleaming with Buffy juice and with a smile on her face. "I loved my dessert."

"Me too," Buffy forced herself to sit up.

"Are you ready for your dessert?" asked Dawn.

"Yes," Buffy grinned, "What is it?"

"Ice-cream," replied Dawn.

"Oh," said Buffy. It wasn't that she didn't like ice-cream, she did, probably more than was good for her long-term figure, but she had been expecting something a little more exciting like feasting on Dawn's cunt for a second time that day.

"Let me just clear the table," the topless teen said, "You sit there. I'll get the ice-cream once I've finished."

Buffy sipped on her wine as Dawn put out the middle candle, leaving only the two on the side to provide light and picked up the empty serving plate in the middle and her unused spoon. She went into the kitchen, leaving Buffy awaiting her return.

She didn't have to wait long, as the kitchen door opened and in came Dawn. She was naked apart from her heels and was holding a carton of ice-cream in one hand and a scoop in another. She grinned and handed them to Buffy before hopping butt first onto the table. She turned to Buffy, "I was thinking that you might want to decide how much you wanted."

"You haven't given me a bowl? Buffy looked at her, with a vague air of puzzlement.

"Oh, that's because I thought I could be the bowl and you could eat it off me, if you'd like."

"I'd like," grinned Buffy.

Dawn dropped back to lie on the table, resting the back of her knees on the edge and letting the rest of her legs hang down. Buffy got out a scoop and dumped a generous helping on her sister's shaven pussy. There was a squeaky, giggle from Dawn, "It's cold."

"Well, duh, ice-cream," Buffy grinned and scooped out a second lump, which she dropped on the teen's belly button. Dawn giggled and shivered again, as the ice cold dessert slithered over her stomach, leaving a small trail of melting cream. "You know I'm still hungry and since Mom's not here to say no..." grinned Buffy and greedily went for a third scoop.

"Oooohh," squeaked Dawn, laughing and smiling as her sister dropped the third scoop at the top of her titties, just above the cleavage. "I don't think you need a spoon."

"MMmnnn, that sounds like a challenge I can accept," agreed Buffy. She moved round to in front of Dawn. Pushing the brunette's legs apart she bent down and went for the ice-cream between her sister's legs. It was harder than she thought, the cold cream kept nicking at the tip of her nose and slipping around as she tried to lick it, never staying still for a moment, not helped by the fact that Dawn was giggling and jerking as Buffy lapped. Buffy persevered, enjoying the chocolate flavour which soon acquired a distinct pussy tang, which made it even more yummy. The blondes tongue probed through the cream, lapping it up and licking at the cunt beneath, shifting the pussy from frozen to hot with her tongue.

"Oooohhh, mmmnnn, urrrrrhhh," Dawn moaned, her body quivering and shaking and hardly any of it down to the frozen ice-cream slithering around. Buffy licked up the last lumps of the ice-cream and then continued to lick away the dregs of cream, continuing until her sister's pussy was as clean as if it was a freshly scrubbed bath. Then she moved up to slurp up the lump on the teen's tummy. It didn't have the pussy flavour of the other lump, but it still tasted yummy. It had melted more so was harder to catch and Buffy found herself chasing it around, the teen's tummy, both of them giggling as the ice-cream refused to stay still to be eaten. By the time Buffy had slurped up the last bit, her sister's stomach was wet and slick with cream. Buffy's tongue stabbed down, licking it away and getting the most of the chocolately taste. Even as she was cleaning the chocolate away her hand was finding her sister's pussy and gently stroking it. Dawn moaned and quivered, evidently enjoying Buffy's desert as much as Buffy had enjoyed Dawn's.

The second lump gone, Buffy went for the third. It was even more melted, already down to half its size and slithering back and forth between Dawn's titties with every pant of laboured breath from the hot young teen. The blonde's tongue flickered out as she played with her food, chasing it up and down the cleavage whilst giving the bare flesh a few good licks as well. Dawn giggled, "Oooh, that's cold Buffy."

"Mmmnnn," Buffy replied, slurping in some ice-cream and then swinging her tongue up the inside of her sister's boob. "Mmmnnn, tasty."

Dawn giggled again, her body shaking as her older sister's tongue slid over her and up round a nipple, even though there was no ice-cream there. Buffy curled round the teat before returned to slurp at the remaining lump and swipe through the remnants of the melted cream which covered the teen like the fallout from an impressionistic painting. She carried on her tonguing until Dawn had been licked as clean as a new born kitten.

"You liked your dessert?" Dawn giggled.

"Best dessert ever," grinned Buffy. She stepped back and looked at her naked sister, the teen's skin slick and wet from lickings and gleaming in the candle-light. The blonde gave an exaggerated yawn and stretch, "You know after that I could do with an early night."

Her sister smiled up at her, "Me too. Assuming early to bed doesn't mean early to sleep."

"I'm sure we can think of something to while away the time," Buffy grinned.

"Goodie," smiled dawn and got up off the table. She looked down at the crumpled cloth, stained with ice-cream and then the candles, the wax filling their glass holders. "I'll just tidy here. I'll meet you in your room in five minutes."

"I'll get washed and ready for bed then," grinned Buffy.

Five minutes Buffy had her teeth cleaned, her pores exfoliated and her hair brushed. She had stripped out of her clothes and put them in basket in the bathroom, before heading to her bedroom. She opened a drawer and looked inside, before deciding that for the night of energetic sex she was planning to have even flimsy nightwear was an encumbrance. Instead she looked under the bed, pulling out her chest of weapons, nestled among the stakes, holy-water and throwing knives was a large strap-on and a half-filled bottle of anal lube. She took the dick out and put it on, slathering a generous helping of lube on the toy, before placing the bottle back in the chest and pushing it under the bed. She got under the covers and waited.

It was exciting. Whilst it wouldn't be the first time she'd fucked Dawn in her bed, they switched between her room, Dawn's and sometimes downstairs, it would be the first time she'd done so where she wasn't half-consciously worrying about the time and when there Mom would be home. It seemed to take ages for Dawn to tidy up downstairs and then get washed and ready to join Buffy.

But the wait was worth it.

The bedroom door opened and in stepped Dawn, wearing nothing but a pair of suspenders and a smile. " Hi, as Mom's away I was hoping I could spend the night with the big, tough Slayer," the teen giggled. She slid into the room, wrapping herself sexily around the half open door and swinging round on it, turning her back to Buffy so that the blonde could see her firm, sexy butt cheeks - round and squeezably nailable.

"You're so hot," Buffy replied, gazing in lust at her sister.

"You think?" grinned Dawn, continuing her sexual entrance to room, letting go off the door and twirling in like she was dancing a ballet, twirling round to show both her sexy, shaven slot and her beautiful, bangable butt.

Nodding Buffy continued to watch her near naked sister glide towards her, the brunette teen's hands moving sensually down her waist as she moved and her tongue flickering sensually over her red glossed lips. Stopping at the bed, Dawn pulled back the covers as Buffy rolled onto her back so her large strap-on was pointing upwards. Dawn beamed like a Cheshire cat as she looked down at the large dildo. "Is that for me?" she purred, her finger sliding over her pussy as she did spoke.

"You want it?" Buffy grinned back.

"You know I do," smiled Dawn. She climbed onto the bed and knelt forward over Buffy, her knees inches and shins inches from the blonde's waist and thighs. Her sexy teen titties juggled as she shuffled forward a few more inches, her eyes locked to Buffy's and her smile, deep and sensuous, full of promise. Dawn raised herself upwards, stretching her thighs and back, whilst keeping her lower leg on the bed. Her hands reached to her cheeks and still smiling she pried them apart. "Buffy, I'm going to ride your toy like the Pony Express."

"Oh yes, do," Buffy kept her gaze on her sister as the younger Summer's lowered herself again. She could feel the pressure on the toy as it pushed at her sister's backhole and see Dawn's expression turn from lust to focussed concentration to pleasure as it slowly entered. The teen pushed herself down an inch or two and then rose the same amount, down she went again and up, slowly repeating the action again and again as Buffy watched entranced. Her sister was so beautiful and sexy, looking so hot with her eyes closing and flickering and her mouth half-open as she gave little moans, the firm, but bouncy bosoms jiggling as she moved up and down, her stomach, toned and flat, and as cute as the rest of her.

"Mmmnnn, this feels so good," Dawn moaned happily. If her eyes hadn't been closed, she'd have been looking up at Buffy's ceiling, her head back and her long hair travelling down her back. Buffy could see the underside of the teen's chin, a spot made for kissing if Buffy could have reached it, and the lovely jiggling boobies. The teen's hands were still on her butt cheeks, keeping them apart and rubbing them as she moved. "Mmmmmn," the brunette moaned again, her asshole gently rising and falling. OOohhh yes."

"Oh Dawn, this is so great," Buffy lay back relaxing and enjoying her sister's slow sensuous glide up and down the large dildo. Despite Dawn's boast/promise about riding the dildo like the Pony Express she was going slow, a shire horse clopping along, not a mustang galloping. But shire horses are strong and steady and have their uses. The teen pushed it down just enough to make the Slayer buzz, little pinpricks of pleasure crowding round Buffy's pussy. "Mmmnnnn," Buffy moaned in pleasure, her own hands moving to stroke and play with her tits. "That's great Dawn, that's so great."

"Uuurhhh, mmmnnn," Dawn moaned in response. She was down deep enough that she didn't need to keep her cheeks apart, the dildo deeply enough encased in her tight teen ass that it wouldn't easily slip out. Instead she moved her right hand to the same side tit and caressed and played with it, making the nipple hard between her finger. At the same time her other hand slipped down to her pussy, to play with that hole, as she slid her other one up and down Buffy's strap-on. She looked so hot and content...

"Oh Dawn, I love you," the words slipped out of Buffy's mouth before she could stop them. It was true, but she also worried it was too early and she'd scare of her sister. For a moment she stopped breathing as she awaited the response.

It wasn't long in coming, just enough time for Dawn to slide down the dick and let out a heartfelt moan. "OOoohhh. Buffy I love you too."

"Dawn I really love you," now she'd said it Buffy didn't want there to be any mistake and for her sister to think the original words had just come out in the throes of passion - even if they had.

"I love you too," Dawn's eyes opened and she leant down, her ass still moving slowly up and down the cock. Buffy pushed herself up on her elbows, rising to meet her sister, if not half-way at a least a third. The brunette's naked tits brushed at hers as the teen's mouth closed and they kissed, their lips moving together and their tongues teasing at each other. For a few moments they remained like that and then Dawn straightened, her ass moving up and down faster as if the words and the kiss had energised her.

Buffy responded, she kept herself at an angle and gripped Dawn's sides, her own waist starting to jerk and push, the toy thudding up her sister's butthole. The younger teen gasped and giggled, smiling down lovingly at her sister and rubbing her pussy as she rode the cock. Buffy's tits trembled like eggs frying in a pan as her sister's bounced like jumping beans in the pot next to them. "MMMnnn, yesss," Dawn moaned and Buffy moved faster. The teen gave another squeak of pleasure and leant forward again, her tits swinging and her eyes locked on her sister's, love shining from them, as she smiled in pleasure, "Oh God, yes Buffy, fuck me, fuck my ass, I love you, fuck my ass."

Buffy sped up, her hips working overtime as she pounded up. her sister squealed in pleasure and swept down like a tidal wave, bouncing and jerking, her tits waving wildly and her long, dark hair, sweeping across her back like the opening of a peacocks tail. "Oooohhh, urrrrhh, faster, Buffy, harder. Oh God, I love you, give it me in my ass. Hammer it harder.... ooohhhh, yesssss."

Buffy was at maximum speed now, her back bending and wrenching of the bed, as she slammed up. Her younger sister could match her, speeding down the dildo to meet the Slayer, her face screwed in sexual excitement. "More, Buffy, more. Stick that dick all the way up my butt. Ooooohhhh, yessss, fuck me, I love you. Bang me more, faster, harder..."

It was time to swap positions. Buffy grappled briefly with her sister, Dawn not resisting as she was swung round and onto her back, Buffy moving onto the top grabbing the teen's ankles and pushing them back like levers. The quick burst of movement had pushed the dick out of its hole and Buffy wasted no time in returning it to it's place, thrusting the thick slab of flexible plastic into the teen butt. Dawn squealed again in pleasure as she was penetrated anally again, her body shuddering and shaking underneath her older sister's. Buffy gripped the teen's ankles harder and began to fuck, pushing Dawn's legs further back with each thrust and levering her ass up.

"Oh God yes, I love you so much, you've got the sexiest ass in the world," Buffy gasped.

"Fuck it, fuck it good. I love you too," Dawn squealed back. "Aaarrrghhh.... Fuck it as hard as you can."

Taking her sister at her word Buffy slammed the teen even more vigorously. Her Slayer strength pulsed through her and she hammered the cock all the way down with a violent passion that shocked even her. She listened for Dawn to tell her to stop, for the teen to shout out that she was going to hard and too fast for the younger Summer's butt to cope. But, if Dawn wasn't silent - she shrieked loudly, she didn't say anything about stopping or slowing down. Buffy continued going at it like a hammer at an anvil, the cock rapidly vanishing down her sister's asshole and reappearing just as quick.

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss," the teen jerked and shuddered, her hands thrown out at either side like she was at the crucifixion. Buffy slammed down. Dawn squealed again, her back arching like she was thrusting her teenie tits at her sister. "AAAarrrghh, yessss, Buffy, yessss, fuck me more, harder, harder."

Again, Buffy did so, putting her entire Slayer strength into ramming the teenage butt. Her own pussy was wet, throbbing like a thousand wires were pumping electricity through it. She grunted and gasped, from pleasure, not exhaustion - her Slayer enhanced stamina keeping her going. The bed bounced and rocked, hitting the wall like it a machine-gun burst. There was no way they could have fucked like this when their Mom was home, the whole house must be reverberating from their banging. Dawn shrieked again, sounding like a firework rocking screaming into the night sky. "AAAarrrrghh, yesssss, aaaaarrrgggghhh." Her body jerked and twisted, shaking like she was in the electric chair, "AAAAarrrghhhh." There were no calls to stop.

But Buffy decided to pull out anyway; she knew how much strength she was putting in and how long she could go, and she didn't want to wreck her lover's asshole. So after one final intense thrust she pulled back, letting go off her sister's ankle and dropping down on the bed. Immediately Dawn was rolling towards her and opening her mouth, Buffy responded, kissing back, her hand stroking down her sister's side, wiping away the sweat beads which formed down her side and back.

"Mmmnn," Dawn's head moved back and she smiled, "I'm hoping this is just a pause, not a stop, I'm not nearly tired enough to sleep and I'm still really, really horny."

Buffy marvelled at her sister's stamina and libido; she could continue - but she was the Slayer - Dawn didn't have her skills or strength, but still she wanted more. The blonde Slayer nodded, "Just a few minutes gap to recover." She didn't say who was recovering, but kissed her sister again.

The brunette's head moved forward and her tongue probed at Buffy's before they broke. Dawn's face creased as she smiled, "I love you Buffy Summers."

* * *

A thin sliver of sunlight came through the curtains, leaving a strip of gold across Dawn's face like a lopsided crown. The teen murmured something sleepily and so indistinctly that Buffy couldn't hear it. The blonde smiled, the two of them were moulded together so perfectly it was like they were one, Dawn lying spooned in Buffy's arms, the small of her back resting against the Slayer's toned stomach and the round butt fitting below Buffy's waist like a ball resting in a crease.

Rising her head an inch Buffy looked at her clock. It was almost lunchtime and she'd only just woken. It didn't surprise her that she and Dawn had slept late. Last time she'd glanced at the bright red electronic display it had been reading somewhere past three in the morning and Buffy estimated she'd spent at least half an hour butt-banging her sister after that. If there was any surprise, it wasn't the lateness of the morning, but how much fucking she and her sister had done last night. The blonde wasn't sure exactly when she and Dawn had gone to bed, just after nine she thought, by the time they'd got washed and Dawn had sidled sexily in. Say nine-thirty, to be conservative, Buffy thought, and then again being on the low side, say they stopped and fell asleep at three-thirty. That was six hours... Buffy reckoned they'd had four breaks, she didn't think any had been longer than ten minutes, but perhaps she'd underestimated the time she'd spent kissing and snuggling and jacked the time up to quarter of an hour each.

That still left five hours. Five hours she'd been butt-fucking Dawn. With passionate intensity.

For five hours they'd banged doggy style, reverse cowgirl, leap frog; face-down, face-up, face to the side; Buffy on top, Dawn on top, beside each other; on the quilt, under the quilt, the quilt covering the floor. All had been fast and hard, Buffy putting the A into the anal, hammering her sister's asshole as far down as the dildo could go and not stopping until Dawn had climaxed more times than pent-up nuns at a convent lesbian orgy. Buffy still couldn't believe how tough her sister's tight asshole was and how horny the teen could be, if Dawn had had her way they would still have been fucking as the sun had come up. The brunette seemed to thing the pauses were for wimps, all the time they were kissing and canoodling hinting (and more than hinting) her butt could do with some more hardcore fucking.

And then there had been those magic words. Once they'd come out they didn't seem to be able to stop, either of them, and all through the night they'd been repeating them, "I love you, I love you, I love you." Even just thinking them made Buffy squirm happily in her tummy.

There was a movement from the bed beside her and Dawn sat up, the sunlight across her naked tits. She looked down at her naked sister, nestled beside her and smiled, "Morning Buffy." She was wide awake, unlike Buffy who struggled down for breakfast half-asleep Dawn was always up straight away and as alive one second after waking as Buffy was an hour later. She leant over and kissed her older sister on the cheek, "Last night was brilliant. Best night ever..." she paused and carried on looking down at her sister, a nervous expression on her face. "But what you said last night... did you mean it?"

"I love you?" Buffy asked. Her sister gave a small anxious nod. Buffy smiled widely, "I meant it. I love you."

Dawn's face broke into a happy smile, "Oh thank God. I was worried I was dreaming. I love you too... lots." She bent over again and kissed Buffy. The blonde returned it with equal passion, her hand stroking one of Dawn's titties as it dangled over hers. The kiss carried on until dawn, it seemed with reluctance, broke it. She glanced over at Buffy's luminous alarm clock and gave a small grunt of surprise as she realised the time, before returning to look towards her sister. "No wonder I'm hungry," she smiled and pushed the quilt back so that Buffy could see her almost naked body, the teen clothed only in a pair of suspenders. Dawn swung her legs out and stood up, her back to her sister, exposing her delightful behind, still a little rumpled looking from the hours of backdoor fucking. She looked over her shoulder, "I'm going to shower and then I'll go make us some lunch."

"You're going to make someone a great wife someday," the Slayer grinned.

"A slutty one," Dawn grinned and wiggled her ass, before walking out of the room leaving Buffy alone.

The Slayer lay back for a few minutes, letting herself wake up in with the sunlight, before sliding out of bed and into the bathroom. Ten minutes later and she felt ready to face the rest of the day. Returning to her room she slipped on a robe and picked up the strap-on, beside the bed, where she'd dropped after the end of last night's fuckfest. she pulled it on and tightened it, letting it stick out of the front of her robe, like a gun sliding between some curtains. She walked to the kitchen, eager for lunching on Dawn.

As she got nearer she could hear the rhythmic chopping of a knife on a board as Dawn prepared the food. Buffy entered the kitchen and admired the view. Her younger sister was standing with her back to her, wearing a pinafore and nothing else, so that her round rump was on perfect display. Buffy crept in and slid her hands onto Dawn's waist. "What you making sexy?"

"Slicing some carrots for a salad," her sister giggled as Buffy's mouth moved round to nuzzle just below her ears.

"I'm hungry for something else," said Buffy.

"I bet you are," Dawn tittered again and stretched herself back against her sister, her back arching into the blonde.

"MMMnnnn, I am," Buffy slid down into a crouch behind her sister, hands reaching to the teen's buttocks. Her palms glided over the round mounds, her fingers drifting after them, tracing invisible patterns in the skin. Her sister giggled and put down the knife, pushing it and the cutting board to one side. Buffy's pressed her fingers into the round flesh and slowly pried them apart to expose her sister's hole. It was still red and easy from the hard bangings it had received last night. Buffy smiled hungrily and leant forward, her tongue coming out. She licked over the rosebud, sliding up and down between the ass cheeks.

"Oooohhhh," Dawn moaned and shivered. buffy's tongue slipped down, gliding over the hole and leaving a wet trail of saliva. Dawn gave another moan and lent heavily on the workstation, pushing her ass out as she did so. Buffy smilingly pushed her face further forward, prying the cheeks further apart as she did so, her tongue slipping up and down the crevasse, the tip tickling at the hole as it passed.

"Mmmnnn, Buffy, ooooohhh," Dawn groaned. "Tongue my asshole."

Gripping Dawn's cheeks hard Buffy pulled them further apart. The sphincter eased open and Buffy forced her tongue in. Only the tip at first, licking and sweeping round the top of her sister's hole, but as she heaved harder the tunnel spread deeper and more of Buffy tongue could press in. There wasn't much space, but the blonde made the most of it, her tongue darting back and forth like a hungry salamander, leaving the top of her sister's anal passage coated in saliva.

"Oooohhh, ooohhh," Dawn shuddered again, her legs quivering as her sister's tongue pressed in as deep as Buffy could make it. "Oooohhh my... oooohhhh."

Buffy mentally grinned as she lubed and licked the ass, the saliva dribbling like a cooling salve. She'd never eaten an ass before, hadn't even considered it before she'd come in and seen Dawn looking so yummy. But now she was doing it was hot and even as her tongue continued to crawl in the hole, she was rubbing one of her titties, playing with the erogenous zone around the nipple. "MMmnnnnn, oooooohhh," Dawn moaned again, her back arching and straightening, "That is so good Buffy. You're making me so horny. I want you to fuck me in my butt."

Buffy felt the same. But being so close to the teen's ass, she knew how hard fucked it was. She slipped her tongue out and looked up, "I would do, but can you take it? I don't want to hurt you."

"I don't mind. I love it in my ass," Dawn giggled.

Buffy still felt concerned, if she sometimes didn't know her own strength, she was worried Dawn wouldn't as well and another bout of vigorous anal lovemaking would be too painful for the teen, but that Dawn's pride wouldn't allow her to admit it. She looked up frowning, "I'm not sure."

"Oh Buffy, you can't tongue a girl and then leave her wanting," Dawn pouted. Then she smiled, "Okay, if you don't want to fuck my ass temporarily..." she placed great emphasis on the final word... "I've got another hole which could with a hard ramming."

Moving a finger round Buffy stroked her sister's shaven slit, "I'm always ready to bang your tight pussy," she grinned.

"No... I want to try something new," Dawn grinned., "You know from that lesbian strap-on movie we watched on Thursday..." She giggled and Buffy knew exactly what one she meant.

"The one where the redhead gave her girlfriend a blow job?" just to make sure.

Dawn grinned widely, "That wasn't a blow job, that was a proper face-fucking. She rammed her throat with the toy."

"Okay, a deep blow job," Buffy replied. She couldn't deny that she had found it hot to watch, a tall brunette ramming her dildo down a petite redhead's throat. She had rubbed her pussy raw during the scene, only taking her eyes off it to kiss her sister with passion. But it had looked hardcore, the redhead hardly able to breathe by the time she'd finished being fucked. Buffy stood up and reaching to Dawn's shoulder she turned her round and looked at her. "You sure? You're not just doing this to please me."

"A little," giggled Dawn. "You were really turned on watching it. But I really want to try it...." She stuck her bottom lip out in bad imitation of an unhappy toddler, "...please, Buffy, face-fuck me."

"Okay," Buffy smiled, "If you really want."

"Lucky you came down equipped," Dawn grinned and slid her hand down to the strap-on, running her fingers along it. "I better keep my pinny on."

"Let me take my robe off," Buffy pulled at the belt and hoisted her shoulders, sending the light cotton garment fluttering down her arms and on to the ground. She took her sister's hand, "Let's go into the main room."

She led the teen into the main room and onto the rug in front of the fake fireplace. She looked at Dawn once more, "Are you sure?"

"Stop being such a wuss, Buffy," her sister smiled and dropped to her knees. The teen's mouth opened and she began to lick at the toy her, her tongue slithering up and down the plastic dong, from the rounded tip to the fake balls, covering it all a sheen of saliva. Buffy mentally prepared herself, gearing herself to fuck her sister's throat, whilst making sure she didn't lose control too completely. "Okay, Dawn, if you want me to stop bang the floor with your hand."

Her sister gave her a look, "Don't worry. We're going to love this."

"I'm not worrying," Buffy said, "I'm just looking out for you."

"Don't hold back," Dawn gave her sister a warning glance, before returning to the plastic prick. Except this time instead of licking it she opened her mouth and pushed her head forward.

Buffy leant forward, balancing on her sister's shoulders, her fingers pushing into the flesh. She kept her hips still for the moment, letting Dawn find a rhythm. The brunette's head bobbed up and down the dick, her long hair swinging behind her. She moved quickly and enthusiastically, the sound of her slurps filling the room. Buffy looked down, her pussy itching with lust, there was definitely something sexy about having her younger sister on her knees in front of her sucking dick, even a fake, plastic one. Soon Dawn had got into a groove, her head bouncing back and forth like she was dancing, her mouth going half way down the rod, but not going any further. Buffy knew it was time for her to take control and fuck her sister's face.

"I'm going to fuck you now," she said in warning. Her hand moved to the back if her sister's head and grabbed it hard, keeping it in place. She paused just for a moment to make sure Dawn wasn't going to hit the ground with her palm. Her sister's only reaction was to roll her eyes upwards so she was looking at Buffy. With a little reluctance, but mainly with excitement, Buffy moved her hips back and shoved forward, slamming the toy deeper into her sister's mouth. She could feel the brunette automatically try and jerk back, but Buffy's strong grip kept the teen in place and the toy pushed in, filling dawn's mouth. The teen's eyes widened and misted with water, as she gagged and grunted, gasping over the dick. Buffy pulled back and thrust again, shoving the toy deeper into Dawn's mouth. The brunette shuddered, her neck muscles moving uselessly and jaw straining as more of the toy went in.

"Remember I can stop if you want," said Buffy and thrust again. She was getting into a rhythm now, thrusting the toy deeper and deeper each time and moving faster and harder, giving her sister the face-fucking the brunette said she wanted.

"Ggrrrrffff," Dawn snorted and gagged, white bile spewing from the gaps of her mouth like Buffy had just let loose a load of gooey white cum in her mouth. Her eyes were blinking like windscreen wipers, trying to wash the watery tears that were leaking from them. Her hands were gripped in concentration beside her, the wrist muscles straining as if she was about to open them. Buffy almost slowed, but Dawn wasn't hitting the floor, so she carried on and soon the large inch cock was slamming all the way into her sister's mouth, filling it and almost choking the teen as it hit into her throat. Dawn gagged more and washed the dick with her saliva; it looked liked a leaky pipe as it slid from her mouth, for a few seconds dripping her saliva down the pinafore, before Buffy rammed it back in. The teen's head shuddered and jerked, pushing against Buffy's grip, but the Slayer was stronger, keeping her sister in place.

Harder and faster Buffy fucked. There was something deeply sexy about it. Ramming her sister's mouth and into her throat, fucking her beautiful face. Not that Dawn looked particularly beautiful at the moment, she looked a mess. Her hair was spiked and awry, looking like - as her Mom would say - that the brunette had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Her make-up was all over the place, the eyeliner smudged down her cheeks like a horror clown and the lip-gloss smeared down her chin like her lips were melting. White wet bile leaked from mouth, leaving trails down her chin and mucus slipped from her nose to add to the teen's unsexy look. And to cap it all her eyes were so watery she looked like she'd been pouring bottles of eye drops over them. Fuck, she was hot.

"Oh God, Dawn, I love you," Buffy repeated as she hammered, "I love you so much. You're so sexy and hot."

Her hips jerked back and forth, driving the dildo into the teen's throat. Dawn gave no reply apart from a jerk, one of her hands was between her legs, thrumming at her pussy. It told Buffy her sister wasn't inclined to stop just yet and the blonde carried on her ramming, her naked butt jiggling as she face-fucked Dawn. "Fuck, fuck, this is so good. It's even better than watching. Dawn you're just made for fucking."

Dawn's hand went over her pussy, rubbing the shaven slit as her sister's cock filled her mouth. Buffy went quicker, hammering as hard as she dared. Her own pussy was wet and hot, the clit rubbing at the toy. But it was looking down at Dawn that was the turn on as much as anything, seeing her cock vanishing between the brunette's lips, seeing her face react to the prong, the blonde totally in control and loving it. She slammed hard, feeeling Dawn gag as the dong hit the back of her throat and pushed at the tonsils.

Still enough was enough, Dawn might never hit the ground with her hand and Buffy needed to be the big sister and be in charge. She gave one final thrust and pulled out. As the dildo popped out, Dawn doubled over and gasped and wheezed like an old man who'd spent forty years smoking sixty a day. The dildo dripped the teen's saliva. Buffy waited, smiling, until her sister straightened, "Christ, Dawn, that was so hot."

The teen smiled weakly and gingerly stood up, Buffy reaching down to help her. "I told you it would be," she said with a small grin.

"You go and sit down and recover," Buffy kissed her sister lightly on her nose, ignoring the bile and mucus below it. "I'll do lunch."

* * *

Joyce had hardly time to see her eldest daughter, traffic had been heavier between the airport and her house than she had been expecting. By the time she had opened the front door, suitcase behind her, Buffy was just coming down the stairs, rucksack over her shoulder, ready to go on patrol. Joyce pecked her daughter's cheek, worried over whether she'd got enough warm clothes and weapons and checked that she and Dawn had eaten something for dinner, even if it was a takeaway pizza. Then Buffy was up and out.

Joyce went into her bedroom and opened her suitcase. She'd not even had time to start to unpack when Dawn came in. The teen was in her normal attire, a tiny short skirt and tight vest, without underwear or bra under either. She dropped onto the bed with a sigh. "Hi Mom, how was your trip?"

Unlike Buffy Dawn knew the real reason her Mom had been in LA wasn't to get some pieces for the gallery, though that made a convenient excuse, but to allow Buffy time alone with her sister. But Joyce wasn't going to tell the whole story - after dinner and a look at the items to be auctioned the next day, Joyce had hired a petite teen brunette hooker, gone to her to room then spent the evening fucking her, while telling the teen to call her Mom. She just smiled and said, "I picked up a few pieces. How was your weekend? How was Buffy? She looked happy."

Dawn gave a small shrug, "It went okay I suppose. Buffy enjoyed it, she started fucking my ass at just after nine and we went on until three in the morning. My butt was agony..."

"Are you using that healing cream Rupert provided? It should help," Joyce gave a concerned look.

"Yeah, it does, a bit, after..." Dawn said. Joyce sat down and put her hand gently on her daughter's and rubbed it sympathetically. For a moment she almost picked it up to put a finger in her mouth to suck sensually. But even as thought appeared she dismissed it, Dawn was Buffy's and Joyce wouldn't complicate that - the fate of the world rested on it and perhaps her daughter's happiness. The brunette forced a small smile, "It's not too bad, the sex is pretty good, even if there's no connection with Buffy beyond us being sisters, I've got to admit that she bangs me well; I always cum."

"That's something sweetie," Joyce smiled consolingly and stroked her daughter's hand some more, before deciding she needed to pull it back before she went too far. She moved her leg, keeping an appropriate distance between it and her daughter's naked thigh. "I know it's hard. Saving the world and no-one knowing it but Rupert, Mr Travers and me. But we appreciate it, we know how hard it is and when this is over..." she paused, she had no idea what they were going to do when this is over. "...well, everything will be okay," she finished lamely.

"I know. I don't blame you, or Buffy. I mean I went out to seduce her, I can hardly complain I succeeded to well," Dawn said. She paused, "Last night, Buffy said she loved me."

A wave of jealousy rose in Joyce as a vision of it being her came into her head, smothering Dawn in kisses from head to foot, in between each of them telling the teenager she loved her, as Dawn moaned in pleasure. She forced the feeling down, she had to be professional for Dawn and Buffy and the world, "That's good, it shows you're doing well. Did you reply?"

"I told her I loved her back, I couldn't think of anything else I could do. I might have laid it on too thick," Dawn said, a little worried frown appearing.

"No, no I'm sure you didn't," Joyce smiled encouragingly at her daughter, "Buffy looked happy as she left, so she must think you are. You've got to keep it up, make sure she remains in love with you and thinks you're in love with her."

"Yes Mom," Dawn nodded.

Joyce stood up, "You're doing well, sweetie, keep it up; save the world."

* * *

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