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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 7 (FFF, anal, dp, inc)
by LL

With a groan Dawn pulled herself up and off Buffy's strap-on. The blonde lay back in bed as her sister slithered up, her cunt dripping juice after their marathon fuck session and her skin red and flushed. The younger Summers got off the bed and walked slowly across her sister's bedroom to the cabinet where a bottle of water was nestled between Mr Gordo's legs. She opened and gulped the liquid down, Buffy suspected it would be slightly warm from sitting in the sun for the last hour, but she also knew given the amount of cum and sweat her sister had produced the brunette was close to dehydration.

"That's better," said Dawn, putting a now two-thirds empty bottle down on the cabinet. She walked a few feet and dropped into Buffy's comfy chair, ignoring the tops and jeans Buffy had neatly folded and placed there. As she slipped one of her legs over the arm rest and slid the other wide letting Buffy get a lovely view of the teenage pussy the Slayer didn't complain. Instead she sat up, resting herself against the bed board so her sister could get an eyeful of her own pert tits. Dawn smiled as she looked at them, "That was something Buffy, you really gave me a hard fucking."

"You were saying to bang you harder," Buffy replied.

"I'm not complaining," said Dawn, with a smile, "Just saying."

"I didn't think you were," Buffy wondered if her reply had been a little sharp and misconstrued, or was she should be overly defensive given the conversation she'd had with Willow the evening before. She smiled herself, "Not the way you were bouncing on top of me, you can't fake than enthusiasm."

"I'd have to be a very good actress," Dawn laughed and brushed her hair back so it fell over her shoulder and left her tit uncovered. She relaxed back, "How was the patrol last night?" she said suddenly changing the subject.

"Why?" Buffy felt suspicious. Not of Dawn obviously, but herself, that in some way she'd given away what had been talked about.

"No reason," Dawn shrugged, "It was just you and Willow were out alone, wondering if you talked about anything?"

"Like what?" Buffy tried to appear casual, but failed.

"I was just making conversation," Dawn said, "No need to become huffy, if all you want to do is fuck me say and we won't bother talking."

Buffy blushed, "I didn't... I don't." She sighed, deciding she better come clean, "Okay, you won't like it, but Will suggested I join her and Tara for a threesome."

Dawn laughed and smiled, "Why wouldn't I like that?"

"Errrmm, cos we're together and you're not invited?" Buffy answered, trying to make sure she walked a delicate line though she wasn't now sure what or where that line was.

"I know that; Will's broad minded, but I think even she'd be having kittens if you turned up with your sister as your incestuous lover."

"She invited me for a threesome and not you," Buffy repeated.

"Still not seeing the problem," Dawn said, "I mean when we watched that dyke DP movie yesterday you were so turned on I thought you were going to cum without me even touching you. You said 'yes' didn't you?"

"I said 'no', it'd be cheating on you," Buffy said.

""Oh Buffy, you're giving up a chance of a threesome for me," her sister laughed joyfully.

"Kind of," admitted Buffy though a more accurate answer would have been 'yes'.

Dawn stood up and started to sashay towards her, "So if I give you my permission you'll call Willow and tell her you're in."

"Ummm, yes," Buffy nodded. Suddenly she could see where this conversation was going and whilst she did like the end point, she wasn't sure she understood it, "Why?"

Her sister got on the bed again and shuffled up over Buffy's legs so that she was opposite the teen, her naked butt resting on the Slayer's thighs, "We're never going to be able to have a threesome. Who would we ask? Mom? But that shouldn't stop you, I know how much watching them turn you on, so it'd be cruel to keep you away from trying it out. Anyway call me selfish, if I don't give you some space, you're more likely to break with me and have a threesome with Willow and Tara anyway."

"I wouldn't do that," Buffy smiled, her hands slipping to her sister's waist - her skin was so smooth and flawless.

"Well put it this way, permission given for a Buffy, Willow, Tara fuckfest on the one condition I hear all the details afterwards... deal?"

"Deal," grinned Buffy.

"Now you'll call Will and tell her it's on..."

"In a minute," grinned Buffy climbing out of the bed and walking towards her sister, "Let me thank you first...."

* * *

If anyone had asked Tara she'd have admitted she was nervous, actually that wasn't true, she'd have admitted it to Willow and Buffy, to everyone else she'd have just laughed and pretended that tonight Buffy was just coming round for a normal sleep-over. Nerves were only part of what she felt, there was a touch of surprise that Buffy had turned out to be a lesbian, some jealousy towards her girlfriend's best friend and curiosity over how Buffy, a typical straight, had met someone of the same sex who'd turned her head. None of this would she have admitted to Buffy, but she would to Willow, if asked. But overlaying all this was one further emotion, which she struggled to suppress and control, but which threatened to overwhelm her if she wasn't careful and that was uncontrolled excitement. Tara had so many dark and kinky urges, that she'd always struggled with, of which a deep desire for other women was the most tame. Her father and family said it was her Mom's demonic nature coming out and tried to force her into a straitjacket of conformity. She knew the day was coming when she'd have to slip it on, but not yet... not tonight.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She would drive Willow wild and if Buffy was as lesbian as she claimed, her as well. She was wearing a matching black lingerie set, see through, so that you could see her nipples through the top and that beneath the tiny fluffy skirt realise that she was pantyless. There were a couple of bows at the back holding the lace outfit in place, but they were designed for ease of access. Her hair was freshly washed and flowed down her back, a faint trace of mint from the shampoo still noticeable if you had good smell and were close enough. Her lip gloss was understated, but she had been practising her fuck me smile ever since she'd started seeing Willow and had it down to a fine art.

The door of the apartment opened and for a half second Tara's heart bumped that it might be an intruder before Willow's voice called out, "We're here."

Forcing her tone to remain calm Tara replied, "I'll be out in half a minute."

"Okay," Willow called back.

Tara closed her eyes and breathed slowly, but heavily, feeling her diaphragm move and her muscles relax. She opened them and smiled, she was ready for anything and everything.

* * *

"You sure I shouldn't have brought something? Flowers, chocolates, some wine?" Buffy asked for probably about the tenth time. She had been well brought up and it seemed borderline rude to turn up, even for a threesome, with just yourself and your strap-on.

"No, I don't think so. Just think of it like you're coming over for a normal sleepover except with added sex," Willow replied.

"Sorry, I don't really know the social conventions of lesbian orgies... or straight orgies come to that or mixed straight, lesbian orgies."

"Buffy, you're babbling."

"Yeah, so the convention is not to bring anything for the host?"

"I don't know, Buff, I'm as much making this up as we go along as you are," Willow smiled.

The door to the bedroom and all Buffy's nerves fled as Tara walked in, if walk was the right word, for the sensual swaying glide that the Witch was managing. The blonde could see the other woman's nipples through the translucent top and a glance below showed that beneath the equally transparent lace miniskirt her slit was shaven and ready for a slurping. She sashayed into the middle of the room, letting Willow and Buffy admire her as she moved between them and gently turned. Buffy noted there was a slight quiver in her legs and if she too was nervous, funnily it made Buffy feel less so, if Tara was anxious, perhaps only Willow was approaching this without fear, and even her friend might just be better at hiding it.

"So what do you think, Buffy?" Willow asked as her girlfriend paraded herself sexily.

"I think your girlfriend is hot," said Buffy.

"And dirtily slutty," said Willow as she reached out and stroked at Tara's butt.

The other Wiccan giggled and continued to move round, gently lifting her skirt, so that there was even the dark material between her pussy and Buffy's lusty gaze. The blonde could feel her excitement rising, Tara might not have been Dawn, but she was still hot and the idea of sharing her with Willow was making her pussy tingle with anticipation. She licked her lips and tried to keep the tremble of excitement from her voice, "So how do we play this? I've not done it before."

"Neither have we," Willow reminded her with a smile. Then she glanced over Buffy, "I think we should be wearing less."

"Good idea," grinned the blonde and Tara gave a sultry smile of agreement.

"And head to the bedroom as well," said Willow. She slipped her hand down on Tara's ass again, gently guiding her girlfriend to the room. She glanced over at Buffy and smiled, "You can touch her as well."

"Sure I can," Buffy said and placed her hand on Tara's other cheek, joining Willow in the gentle push.

The door wasn't wide enough for them all to get through so Tara went first, swinging over to her bed and positioning herself in the centre of it, half sat with her hands pressing on the bed, holding her at an angle and her legs opening to show her pink.

Buffy and Willow followed. Willow immediately began to get undressed. Buffy slid her rucksack of her shoulder and onto a chair. She opened it, but left the toy nestling there with her spare sweater, a bottle of (drinking water) and several stakes and a throwing knife. Willow was already half undressed, her shoes and blouse off and her unbuttoning her jeans. Buffy copied her, kicking off her pumps, before starting at the top, her sweater and T-shirt landing on a clump on the floor, her leather pants peeling down her smooth legs and she bent to take them over her ankles and remove her socks. By the time she'd straightened Willow was naked, smiling as her eyes switched between Buffy and Tara, taking in the nakedness of them both. Tara had sat up a little as well and had slid a hand under the skirt and was gently rubbing her slit, giving her girlfriend and Buffy a show. The blonde felt her pussy stirring with passion, but she still looked at Willow - if neither of them had done a lesbian threesome before Tara was still Willow's lover not Buffy.

"Shall we start?" Willow seemed to be reading minds. She looked at Buffy and added, "You want to help me get Tara out of her things."

Despite the fact Tara was old enough to undress herself, Buffy nodded with enthusiasm. She joined Willow on the bed, her hand slipping round the back of Tara to find the bow. Willow did the same, but also leant into to kiss her fellow Wiccan's, the slurping of their mouths against each other loud in its passion. The top came off and dropped forward. Willow broke her kiss and looked at Buffy, "Try one of Tara's tits, or both of them, they're so suckable."

"Let me give it a go," grinned Buffy and did as her friend suggested. The bosoms were bigger than Dawn's, swinging down like ripe fruit. Buffy took the nearest teat in her mouth and began to suckle and nip it, gently swallowing it between her lips. It wasn't quiet as good as Dawn's taut teen titties, but she couldn't say it was unenjoyable. She hoped Tara was enjoying it as well, though the young woman couldn't say as Willow had resumed her kissing, whilst kneading the spare tit with her fingers. Buffy was just wondering where to place her own hand when Tara took it by the wrist and guided it down and under her translucent skirt. She let go of it there, but Buffy got the hint.

Tara shuddered as Buffy's fingers stroked her slit, though whether it was the digit, mouth, Willow or all combined which made her shake was impossible to tell. Buffy's fingers slid up and down the crack, moving so that there was one on each side and using them to gently ease the hole open.

"That's it Buffy," giggled Willow, breaking the kiss. Her own hand moved down to join Buffy's, the two friends fingers sliding together as they stroked and played with Tara's pussy.

The Witch, free of Willow's lips, gasped in pleasure, moaning in excitement, "Uuuuhhh, uuuuhhh, yes, oooohhh."

Willow's mouth closed on the second tit, her hair brushing against Buffy's face as she began to tease and lick it, her lips enclosing round the nipple and slurps filling the room as she sucked it in. Tara gave another little squeak and gasp, "Ahhh, ohhhh." Buffy and Willow moved their fingers faster, starting to slide into hole and explore the tunnel within. "Oooohhh, uuuhhhh, that's so good," Tara moaned, "This is so good."

Buffy and Willow lifted their heads and grinned, neither disagreeing. Willow looked at her girlfriend, "Tara, lie back baby and let Buffy plant her pussy on your face." She smile to Buffy, "It'll be something."

"You okay with that?" Buffy asked.

"Yes," giggled Tara, "It's what we're here for." She dropped to the bed and Buffy moved over her, turning round so that she lowered herself she could see Tara's legs spread, the tiny skirt bunched round her waist.

"Ohhhhh," Buffy gasped as Tara tongue pressed up. She kept her weight on her haunches, so that she was pushing onto Tara, but just swaying above her. The other young woman grabbed the Slayer's thighs and pulled her downwards. Buffy let herself be guided, leaning forward to place the pressure on her hands not Tara's face, whilst still making sure her pussy was down low and lickable. Tara went at it like she'd been possessed (something which was certainly possible in Sunnydale), her tongue flying like a spaced out hummingbird.

"Oooohhhh," Buffy groaned again.

"Told you," grinned Willow, sitting on the edge of the bed, her finger sliding in and round her girlfriend's fuckhole as she watched her tongue her best friend. "Tara knows exactly what to do with her tongue."

"God, she does," moaned Buffy in agreement. The Wiccan's tongue pushed up, spearing between her slit lips and powering over the pink. Buffy gasped and shuddered, a trickle of cunt juice slipping from the hole and down Tara's tongue.

"Don't stop, but let me give Tara a turn," Willow grinned and moved onto her hands and knees. Her head lowered, vanishing between Tara's thighs. Buffy felt the effect within seconds as Tara began to shudder and shake, her own tonguing become faster and more frenzied, burying itself deep into the blonde Slayer's twat.

The groans of Buffy competed with the slurps of her friends, the two sexy Witches seeming to compete in who could lick cunt the hardest and quickest; and Buffy was the ultimate winner. Her entire body seemed to be alighting with pleasure, and she only wished that Dawn could be there to share it. "MMmnnn, oooohh, yesssss," she gasped, her pussy pressing down at Tara's mouth and filling the young woman with her juice. The young Wiccan slurped even harder, ramming at Buffy's hole with extreme passion. Buffy squeak and shuddered, closing her eyes and rocking her head back. "Ooohhh, aaaaarrggghh," she gasped, the pleasure rising in her like an elevator whizzing up its shaft.

Yummy grunts and slurps came from in front of her as Willow's mouth worked its magic on Tara. The redhead raised her eyes to look at the shuddering and shaking Buffy and the blonde was sure her friend was grinning at the sight of her face-sitting her girlfriend. She pushed her face deeper, gripping Tara's thighs and using them to pull herself forward. The other Witch's back arched and she bent like she was about to snap, her face rubbing at Buffy's cunt. The blonde squealed again, slipping her body down to follow Tara's mouth as the Wiccan's head rocked. Tara recovered and thrust up, her tongue driving into Buffy, deeper and harder. "Aaaarrrrghh, yessss, yeessss," Buffy shrieked as the orgasms slammed through her. "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessss."

She levered herself off Tara and tapped Willow on the shoulder, "Swap, let me taste that pussy and you face-ride her." It was time to return the favour to Tara.

The redhead nodded, licking her lips of her girlfriend's cum and moving to lower her face on the Witch's waiting mouth. Buffy didn't wait for her friend to descend, before she got down herself, pushing aside Tara's thighs and placing her mouth onto the lips. Her tongue shot out, pushing at the gap and working its way inside. She swept it up and down, tasting the cum that was already formed on the soft flesh. She didn't waste time with slow teasing, they were past that stage and instead she slammed hard and fast, lashing Tara's soft flesh in a violent lickathon. From the squeaks and squeals from Willow, the redhead was appreciating her slurping of Tara as much as the Wiccan herself.

"Oooohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck. Don't stop," Willow shuddered.

Buffy smiled inwardly, she didn't know about Tara, but she wasn't planning to call a halt just yet. Tara's pussy was too wet and tasty, not as yummy as Dawn - what cunt would be? - but certainly well worth a good eating, the blonde Slayer lapping down the cum like a cat with cream. Her tongue flicked forward and down, slipping over the pink walls of the tunnel, sweeping over the crevasses and folds to find the treasury of cum as it leaked into the valleys. She brought her finger up and pushed it into the hole, further opening it so that she could go deeper and faster, her tongue, unimpeded by the lips, slashing at the soft flesh. Tara shuddered and shook, her legs trembling like she was a schoolgirl awaiting a Principal with a penchant for the cane.

"Oh fuck, oooh fuuuck, ooooohhhh fuuuucckk," Willow squeaked and squealed, just feet from Buffy, her entire body rocking as she rode her girlfriend's face. Buffy raised her eyes above Tara to watch her friend, the redhead's tits jumping and bouncing as she shook back and forth, her back arching and bending as the orgasms hit her. Buffy's tongue moved up and she began to lick at the clit, pushing at the bud under it's hood and making Tara vibrate and lap Will all the harder. The redhead shrieked louder and her body shook so much it looked like she was having an epileptic fit, "Aaarrrrrghhh, fuuuuckkkk, aaaaaaarghhhh." An explosion of girl cum jetted from her pussy and across Tara's face, reminding Buffy of her doing the same with Dawn.

"Fuck," Willow moaned and rolled off.

"Aaaarrrhhh, oooohhh, urrrrrrhhh," her mouth free Tara began to gasp and moan. Buffy upped her game, her finger slamming into the pussy as her tongue worked the clit above it. The Witch's back arched, her body rising from the bed like she was possessed by Satan. "Oooohhh, fuck, Goddess, fuckkkk, ooooohhhh, urrrhhhhh, Goddess." The sentence might have been an incoherent jumble but it was perfectly understandable to Buffy. She pushed her finger even deeper, the warm wet pussy slurping round the digit and soaking it in cum as she rammed it hard.

"Use this," Willow crawled towards Buffy and handed her a dildo.

"Okay," said Buffy and pulled out her finger. She gave it a lick so as not to waste the tasty girl cum and then leant forward, her spare hand slipping over the twat in a inverted V-shape to pry apart the slit lips. With her other hand she introduced the eight inch toy to her friend's girl's pussy.

"Oh my Goddess, oooohhh that's awesome, ooooohhhh aaaaahhh, Goddess," Tara gasped and moaned, her body reacting to the toy by thrusting against it. Buffy hit her harder, her spare hand moving to rub and massage the clit, making Tara shake and rock even harder. Willow lowered herself over her girlfriend's tit and sucked first one and then the other hard and passionately. Buffy rammed the toy harder and deeper, watching the juice seep from Tara's cunt and cover the toy with it cum. The Witch squeak and shuddered her hands above her head, gripping the bedding and pulling it down. "Ooohhhhh, aaaaarghhh, yesssss, Goddess, Buffy, that's it, hammer me harder.... Goddess."

Buffy pumped, grinning as she pleasured Tara to heaven and beyond, whilst her friend switched from tit to tit, slurping and gobbling them in, sucking then deeper, the redhead's hand stroking at her lover's stomach, before slipping down to compete with Buffy's in massaging the clit through its hood. Tara shrieked louder, her back bending and her body thrashing. More cum leaked from her pussy. "Fuck me, fuck me," she shrieked.

Willow got up again and slid off the bed, walking from Buffy's view. The blonde continued to pound Tara's cunt. A few moments later Willow returned, this time with a strap-on hanging from her waist. "Wanna go?" Buffy read her friend's mind and moved aside. Willow got on the bed, gripping her dildo and sliding it into Tara's cunt. She began to thrust in and out, driving the toy deep into the hole, as Tara's legs wrapped around her waist. The redhead pushed her hands down, pacing them on either side of Tara ass and pounded faster and faster, ramming the cock in as deep as it could go. Buffy watched in fascination, her pussy buzzing with lust. She rubbed it gently, it was like brushing aside the froth from the coffee, in that it still removed a little bit of inconsequential liquid from a container that was still hot and wet.

"Aaaahhh, yessss, fuckkk," squeaked Tara. Her back arched and her hands gripped the bedding like she they were claws of a werewolf and it was dinner.

Willow rammed her harder, driving the dildo deep into her pussy. As she did she turned her head round to grin at her friend, "Hey, Buffy you should put on your toy as well."

Reaching into her rucksack Buffy pulled out the strap-on she'd brought along. It was ten inches, and was Dawn's second favourite (the teen brunette had refused to allow Buffy to take her favourite, in case the Slayer lost it if a vamp stole the rucksack); nine inches of plastic, with thick ridges and large mushroom like head. Though if the contours were the shape of a real dick the purple colour was so deep that if you're cock really was that shade you'd be advised to see a doctor, pronto. She pulled it up her legs until it was nestling over her pussy, the haft rubbing comfortably over her cunt. She tightened the strap, enjoying the pull of the plastic and it pressed at her, reaching down to adjust it so that it lay across her clit, meaning every thrust would send waves of sexual pleasure coursing through her.

Willow didn't seem close to finishing, hammering her girlfriend's hole with enthusiasm and energy. Buffy got on the bed and ran a tongue round Tara tit, not quiet dry from the suckling it had received from Willow. Tara groaned and Buffy opened her mouth to swallow the teat, slurping loudly as she sucked it in.

"Hi baby, let's move you to your hands and knees," Buffy had barely started with the titty before Willow was suggesting a movement change to her lover. Buffy's mouth moved up as Tara slid into the position suggested by her redheaded girlfriend, Willow grabbing at the teen's side and preparing to mount her lesbian doggy-style. She looked at Buffy and grinned, "Let's spit roast her, get your dick nice and lubricated."

"You mean I should get her to suck my dildo whilst you're fucking her?" Buffy said, then looked at Tara, "You okay with that?"

"Okay with it," grinned Tara, "It was one of the things I demanded to Will we did. Now get your strap-on here so that I can give it a nice, hot blowjob."

Buffy didn't need asking twice. She shuffled forward on her knees, guiding the toy towards Tara's open mouth. It was so big that the Witch had to really stretch her jaw to accommodate it, her eyes opening wide with the effort. Buffy reached behind Tara's head and used it as a lever as she went in and out. The Witch bobbed her head, sucking greedily as behind her Will resumed the fucking, grasping Tara's waist and thrusting forward.

"My God, this is hot," Buffy grinned, looking down at Tara's bobbing head. She let go off it, reckoning Tara didn't need the encouragement and used her spare hands to rub her own super-sensitive breasts. Even without Buffy to hold her the Wiccan slurped energetically, the only difference was that she raised her eyes somewhat to look up at Buffy as she sucked.

"Told you it would be," grinned Willow, looking so pleased it was like she'd solved the riddle of the Sphinx. She was moving faster than Buffy, hitting the pussy hole deep and thrusting her toy in with practised speed and vigour. She wiped a tiny bead of sweat from her face, "Tara's so up for it."

"She is," giggled Buffy. She was hardly moving herself now, just staying upright on her knees as the wanton Wiccan was bounced forward and took the toy deep. Not that from the greedy slurping sounds coming from Tara's mouth was their any lack of enthusiasm from her.

"Let's swap," said Willow.

Buffy nodded in total agreement. There was nothing wrong with having her fake phallus sucked, the dildo had been rubbing at her clitoral hood quiet sweetly as Tara had pushed the dick against it with her mouth. But fucking her would double the pressure on the toy and more than double the fun. She pulled the toy out, saliva dripped from it as she waddled on her knees round to behind Tara. The Witch's pussy was still open and the wetness was obvious, the juice glistening like tiny beads of glass under the bedroom light. Buffy slid the toy into the waiting hole, pausing as it went in to wait for her friend to take position.

"Mmmmnnn yes, that's it, fill my pussy with that big plastic dick, Buffy, fuck me good," Tara moaned. "Mmnnnnn, you too Willow, baby, give me that lovely tasty cock to suck, mmnnnnn I want to suck it clean of my sexy juices."

Willow did as her girlfriend asked, kneeling opposite her and Buffy and feeding the dildo between her lover's lips. The sound of Tara's slurps showed that she was enjoying the taste and signalled to Buffy that, now she had Willow's dildo under control, that her pussy could be banged hard. The blonde gripped hold off the other young woman's sides and began to thrust hard into the cunt.

The hole had been well prepared by the fingering, tonguing and fucking that it had already received and Buffy's dildo rammed in fast and hard. It was a matter of a few thrusts and even fewer seconds for the full length to be filling the Wiccan, the dildo only stopping as the fake balls hammered home and Buffy's thighs smacked against the cheeks with a loud smack. Buffy went faster and harder, pounding at the twat like it was Dawn's. Tara rocked under the ramming, her mouth shooting up and down Willow's dick so deep it was almost a deep-throat. Willow grinned happily, like the cock was real not fake. Buffy smiled back and slammed as powerfully as she could, feeling Tara's cheeks wobble with every hard thrust. The toy pressed at her own clit stimulating it, the pleasure enhanced as Tara worked the toy, bouncing back to meet Buffy's thrusts in a series of head-on (or more accurately pussy-on) collisions.

"Yes, fuck, yes," Buffy groaned in pleasure as she hammered away.

"Go for it," Willow giggled, "Fuck Tara's pussy, she loves it." As she spoke she was holding Tara's head and dragging it forward, making the other Witch take even more of it into her mouth, so that it was pressing at her tonsils and Tara was gurgling saliva. Buffy slammed forward to push Tara even further onto the cock, helping her friend. Willow grinned and rocked forward in return, the two friends squeezing Tara like a tube of toothpaste. The Wiccan in the middle wriggled and writhed in enthusiastic enjoyment, bashing herself back against Buffy and throwing herself forward against Willow, spit leaking from one pair of lips and cum from the other.

"Fuck, yes, yes," Buffy held Tara tight, pounding away.

"Hammer her, hit that pussy," gasped Willow.

The bed squeaked and rocked, shuddering as the three of them hammered away. Cum stained its blanket, sliding from three hot holes as all the young women enjoyed themselves. The dildos slammed in from each end, filling Tara with plastic and pleasure.

Willow grinned at Buffy and pulled the dick out of Tara's mouth. Her lover squealed as Buffy continued to hammer, going ever faster at the hole and giving it the Slayer treatment. "AAaarrrghhh," Tara screamed, "Yesssss, aaaargghhhh."

"You should bang her butt, slam your dildo down that hole," Willow said.

"Yes," squeaked Tara in agreement, "Ram my back hole, I want that big dildo in my ass."

Ever since Dawn had introduced Buffy to anal it had been the Slayer's favourite position, so she didn't need any urging. Pulling the slick dick out of the pussy she grabbed Tara's cheeks and drew them apart, lining the dildo head up against the Wiccan's asshole. It looked so inviting. She pushed forward.

"Ohhhhh, yessss, Goddess, give it me in the ass," squeaked Tara.

The gates to her backdoor opened easily, confirming she was far from an anal virgin. Buffy still went in slowly, aware that she was Willow's girlfriend not her own and not wanting to force the toy down to hard until she was sure Tara was a big an anal slut as Dawn. The Wiccan moaned, "OOohhhh, urrrhhhh, fill my ass, Buffy, I want that big plastic dong in my butt."

Willow moved round so that she could see the toy slide in, her eyes fixed on the dildo as it vanished into her girlfriend's most taboo hole. "That's good, Buffy, she can take it, don't stop."

"No, don't stop, give it me deep," Tara moaned.

Buffy moved a little faster, working the toy in and out, pushing it deeper each time. She looked at Willow. Her friend's face was feverish with excitement. Buffy envied her as she both thought how hot it would be to watch someone else bang her sister's ass (especially Will) and how that could never happen. She pushed harder at Tara, sending the toy further into the Wiccan's ass. The walls resisted the intruder, but not much.

"Fuck her, Buffy, fuck her," Willow said excitedly.

"Yes, yes, I want it all my butt, I want you to make it gape," Tara added her pleas to her girlfriend's.

"That's it, fuck this ass is sexy," groaned Buffy as her legs rested against Tara's cheeks, the dildo fully buried between them. For a second she rested, relaxing against the round cheeks. Then she began to pound again, working herself forward and back, thrusting the toy deep into the other young woman's anal fuckhole.

"AAarrrhhh, yessss, Buffy, yessss," squealed Tara, her body rocking. Willow moved on top of her, lying on her back, the dildo pressed between it and Willow's stomach as it pushed up. The redhead lowered her face and began to lick at the ass crack, sliding her tongue down the crevasse. She didn't stop as she got to the toy going in and out, but used the tip of her tongue to lick the fast moving toy. The tip flickered fast and light, so that if it had been a real cock it would have been a tickle. Buffy slowed her speed, but upped her power to allow Willow's tongue to lap up the toy whilst still making sure Tara was getting a good deal. The Wiccan wasn't complaining, "Aaarrrghh, yesssss," Tara squealed, "Yesssss, yesssss, my ass, fuck my ass!"

Buffy obliged. She raised herself back and ripped forward, sending the dildo slamming into the hole. Willow's tongue flickered out, trying to lick the toy just as the edge of her lover's hole, as if she was also trying to fit in their. Buffy pulled back and shot in again, moving so fast that she was almost a blur. Tara shrieked and screamed and arched her back, bucking Willow like a rodeo rider. "Yesssss, yesssss, yesssss, fuck it, fuck it, oooohhh Goddess, fuck it!"

"Mmnmnn, God yes," moaned Buffy in enjoyment as she pounded away. If Tara's ass wasn't Dawn's it was a good second, the Witch seeming to enjoy anal almost as much as the Slayer's younger sister/girlfriend. The sexy Witch bounced and rocked with enthusiasm, meeting every thrust of Buffy with a squeal. "Your ass is so bangably bangable."

"It is," giggled Willow, looking up from tonguing the dick. "I think Tara has an ass that was just designed for fucking."

"Yes, yes, it is, made for being fucked," squealed Tara. "Aaarrrhh, yessss, Goddess... just like my mouth Willow, I want to be taken end to end... ooohhh fuck."

"Sure thing baby," giggled Willow. She slid from her girlfriend and standing on the bouncing bed, rather like a raft in a stormy sea, she tottered round to Tara's front. Buffy paused for a moment, letting her friend feed the toy back into her girlfriend's mouth. Tara took it enthusiastically, her head bobbing down it as far as before. Willow grinned and gave Buffy a wave with her hand, gesturing for her to resume. The blonde grabbed Tara waist and used it like a lever to hammer in. Again the Witch was squeezed between the two friends and like before she spasmed with unseemly enthusiasm.

Buffy grinned and hammered hard. Opposite her Willow was smiling, her naked boobs bouncing and jerking as she worked her hips forward and back in a sensual, dirty dance. The tits were great, thought Buffy, not as big as Tara's but still nice and round and still firm, with cute hard nipples; almost of a Dawn standard. She wondered whether the redhead was also admiring hers, she seemed to be looking downwards, but that might be to watch the dildo as it pounded between Tara's cheeks. Buffy wasn't sure if the thought of Willow checking her out wasn't a little of a turn-on, she'd never have thought that before Dawn had brought her out.

In and out went the Slayer and her friend, their plastic dicks filling two holes. Tara's body bounced between them, slurping sounds coming from her mouth and the slaps of Buffy's thighs on her butt coming from the rear. They competed with the squeaks of the bed and the passionate pants the two strap-on wielders.

"Mmmnnn, uuuuhh," Buffy hammered the asshole hard, smashing into and driving Tara forward. It was so hot and sexy, she'd never have guessed Tara was such an anal fiend, she seemed so quiet and shy. Willow must be good for her. The Witch was quiet an expert as well, her ass wiggling and rocking with Buffy, timed for maximum pleasure so that Buffy's clit was zinging with joy.

Still she felt a little guilty about monopolising the back-hole, when Tara wasn't even her girlfriend. "You want a go in here?" Buffy popped the toy out, not giving chance to politely decline.

The redhead slid the toy out of her lover's mouth. Tara looked up, her gaze switching between Willow and Buffy. There was a wanton smile on her face, "I want more, one of you stick it in my ass." She paused and licked her lips, which had dried out, "and the other fuck me in my pussy."

"How about it Buffy," Willow smiled, "You wanna dp my girlfriend?"

"I'll give it a go if you two want to try it," replied Buffy, unable to keep her smile of her face, "Which hole?"

Willow smiled and sat down, spreading her legs. "You've had the ass, now it's my turn. Come here baby, sit on my dick."

This time it was Buffy's turn to watch as a fake phallus vanished up Tara's ass, the young woman lowering herself backwards onto the dong. Her face twisted and contorted as it went in, her eyes screwing together and her mouth opening to let out faint moans. She leant her hands back on the bed, pushing her back against Willow and easing the redhead onto her back, as Tara herself stopped at a forty-five degree angle, her legs spread and the feet planted next to Willow's thighs. The sexy Wiccan raised and lowered herself a couple of times until the cock was fully in.

"Come on in," giggled Willow, "The holes are lovely."

"You sure," Buffy asked, hoping they wouldn't change their minds. She'd have loved to have done this with Dawn, she decided, but sharing Tara was probably the next best thing.

"Fuck me, Buffy, fuck my front as Willow fucks my back," Tara groaned, wiggling on her girlfriend's dildo.

That was the answer Buffy needed. She moved forward, getting onto her knees and guiding the dildo towards the waiting wet fuckhole. Tara groaned as the tip touched her twat, the moans getting louder as Buffy pushed it past the waiting lips and into the tunnel. "Ooooohhhh, that's it, good, ooooooohhhh," Tara moaned.

Buffy continued to slide the dildo in, marvelling that Tara could fit tow such big strap-ons in her at the same time - the human body was such a flexible instrument, the Slayer realised. Further and deeper Buffy went, the toy gliding down the lubricated passage with ease. Tara legs closed together, the knees clamping at Buffy, trapping her in position. The Slayer grinned and placed her hands down on the bed, competing for space with those of Tara and Willow. The dick was getting deeper and deeper now, going in like a knife through butter. She could feel the touch of something hard at the end, the dildo scraping over the lump caused by Will's toy, firmly encased in the other Wiccan's butt.

Filled as completely as she could be, Tara groaned, "Fuck me, fuck me good."

There was a brief pause as Buffy waited for Willow and Willow waited for Buffy and then they both began to fuck Tara together. The young Witch squealed, her back arching and her feet lifting so she was resting them on her toes, the muscles visibly straining beneath her skin. "That's it, fuck me both together."

It was messy and uncoordinated, like a quivering amoebas blob, but Buffy and Willow slammed in and Tara quaked between them. "Yes, yes, uuuuuhhh, give it me in both holes."

"Uuurrrhhh, uuuhhh, let's do this together Willow," Buffy panted.

"Slow down or speed up?" up her friend asked.

It was Tara who answered, "Buffy go faster, give it me like Willow."

Buffy had been holding back, but with Tara's blessing she upped her pace, soon catching up with Willow and hammering the holes rhythmically, the two of them moving so that as one came up and the other was going down and Tara was getting pounded continuously. The sexy young Wiccan squealed and shuddered, her feet leaving the floor and her only source of support her hands and the straps-on keeping her in place. Her face was contorting sexily, so twisted it was impossible to tell pain from pleasure, but it looked so hot and beautiful regardless that Buffy wished she could take a picture to show Dawn.

But that would mean stopping fucking Tara and stopping fucking Tara would stop the waves of pleasure which were coursing through Buffy as her dildo rubbed her clit, its power enhanced by the vibrations of Tara and the thrusts up of Willow. The Slayer moaned in ecstasy, "Oooohh, urrrrrhh."

Below her Willow was groaning as well, but, like Buffy, not letting that stop or slow her pounding, "Oooohhh, mmmnnn, Tara this is so hot, you're the best girlfriend ever."

That wasn't true, not while Dawn was around, thought Buffy, but she appreciated the sentiment - Tara was pretty damn cool to let Willow and Buffy bang her together. Not that she was a silent partner, the sexy Witch squealing and caterwauling, shuddering and jerking, her eyes bright with pleasure and her hair matted with sweat. The Witch's tits were bouncing and jiggling against Buffy, the blonde could feel them slap pleasurably against with each one of her thrusts. It made her go even harder, ploughing the cock deep and hard into the waiting hole.

Tara screamed, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuck me, aaaaaarrrghhhh yesssss, make me cum, aaaaaarggghhhh."

She shuddered and shook, her head going back like her neck was elastic.

"Fuck yes, yesssss, ooohhhh, urrrrhhh," Willow moaned beneath her, gasping and panting as she too came with pleasure.

"Mmmnnn, oooohhh," Buffy rammed harder and deeper, slamming her dick in deep and speeding up as an exhausted Willow slowed.

"AAaarrrrrghhh, fuck me, fuck me," squealed Tara, her body rocking like she was a ship on the ocean. Buffy rammed harder, forcing the Witch down on her girlfriend's dick. It made her cum all the louder, "AAAAaarrrrghhh, aaaaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, fuuuckkk, yesssss!"

Faster and faster Buffy went, a frenzy of fucking, ploughing the dildo deep into Tara's cunt. The Witch screamed so loud and so continuously her vocal chords must have been made of iron. Below her Willow lay back, her hands gripped round her girlfriend's stomach to hold her in place, grinning encouragement at Buff, "Bang her, ram her cunt, fuck her onto me, give her all that dick."

"Aaaarrrrghhh, aaaaarrrggghhh," Tara was cumming so much she was out of control; it was like trying to ride a thrashing sea-serpent intent on taking you to a watery grave. The Witch's cunt was so wet that with every thrust cum was spurting out, covering the cock and Buffy, before dripping down Tara's thighs and onto Willow. "AAAaarrrrrrgghhh, aaaaaarrrggghhhh, fuuuucccckkk!"

"Uuuhhh, uuhhhh," Buffy panted and ignored the dribbles of sweat sliding down between her eyes and the sides of her cheek. She concentrated on slamming Tara onto Willow, hammering the hot Wiccan and her girlfriend into eternity.

"Ooohhh, mmmnnn," Willow was hardly moving, but the pressure of Tara on her strap-on was enough to keep her in constant state of sexual bliss. She gripped her lover tighter, "Fuck her Buffy, slam her pussy."

"AAAAAArrrrrghhh, yessssssss," screamed Tara in probable agreement.

"Uuurrrhhh, ohhhh," Buffy panted, her own pussy soaked and pleasured. She was a Slayer so she wasn't exactly tired, but her muscles were starting to ache a little from the position she was in and anyway Tara and Willow weren't as tough as she was or as slutty as Dawn. "Yes, fuck, fuck," Buffy gave herself a couple more thrusts, feeling the pleasure wash through her, before pulling out the dick.

For a moment she remained in place, her cock dripping cum over Tara before she rolled off and fell onto her back. Tara rolled off as well, squeezing between Willow and Buffy and lay their panting,

"Enjoy?" Willow raised her head wearily.

"Totally," said Buffy.

"Well recover and then you can do me again, except this time Buffy gets my butt," giggled Tara, her hands reaching out to stroke both her lovers' stomachs and down to their dildos.

"I can live with that," Buffy grinned.

* * *

"Is Buffy coming back home after her patrol?" Joyce asked her youngest daughter, she herself had only seen Buffy for about half a minute this evening, just returning from late night opening as her eldest had been exiting the front door. Dawn had been upstairs and whilst she'd greeted her Mom with a shout she'd seen no sign of coming down. Joyce had allowed her the privacy, so much of Dawn's time now was spent being Buffy's secret girlfriend that Joyce didn't want to interrupt the teen's alone time.

From the unwashed crockery Joyce could see that Dawn and Joyce had eaten. She had shouted up once more to confirm it before settling down to make herself something to eat and to reflect in a couple of years time, when Dawn went to college, that eating alone would be her life - it wasn't a particularly happy thought. As she cleaned the kitchen, wiping down the surfaces, she heard Dawn come down. Completing the tidy up she had headed into the main room and asked Dawn about her sister.

Dawn was so sexy thought Joyce, in a tiny cropped vest and a pair of denim hotpants that hardly touched her thighs, to seduce Buffy she'd had to dress sexily, but somewhere along that seduction, Joyce had fallen for her as well. She knew it was wrong, for so many reasons, Dawn being her daughter only being one and so she resisted the impulse to jump on the teen and ram her mouth against Dawn's. It was hard to do as Dawn looked up, her lips as red as roses and so accidentally wanton. The smile the teen gave was so sensuous that if it hadn't been Dawn Joyce would have thought it was a come-on, "She's spending the night with Willow and Tara."

"In a threesome?" Joyce asked, feeling her muscles tensing and her heart pattering as she sat next to her daughter, and not just because of what Buffy was hopefully doing. The Watcher's Council seers had seen futures where Buffy and Willow were sharing Tara and futures where Glory had sucked the earth into a wormhole. However as they hadn't seen any futures where both these things had happened they were keen that Buffy did the first in the hope that in someway it might prevent the second. Dawn had been briefed and told to subtly encourage her sister towards it.

"Yes," Dawn nodded, "She didn't take that much persuading." She gave a small sigh, "Though I could have done without the thank you anal."

It was a sign of how much the relationships in the Summer's house had changed over the last couple of months that instead of freaking out and collapsing at the admission that one of her daughter's was butt-fucking the other one, that Joyce just nodded sagely. "How's it going?"

"Buffy's still head over heels, if that's what you're asking," Dawn said with a trace of bitterness.

It was easy for Joyce to sympathise; to save the world she and the Council were making Dawn do things that were so much against the teen's nature. She patted the teen's thigh gently, hoping that Dawn wouldn't realise that it was more than the touch of a Mom giving comfort to her daughter. "I know, we're asking a lot of you in becoming a trampy lesbian."

Dawn gave a small half-laugh, half-grunt, "Mom, that's the bit I don't mind. I never thought I was a dyke, but as I started to watch the lesbian porn it turned me on so much and I began to notice other women and think how hot they were. I don't even mind dressing like this, it's kinda liberating especially as I do have a pretty great body, don't I?"

"You do," agreed Joyce, hoping that Dawn didn't see anything amiss in Joyce's look, as she ran her eyes up and down her daughter's sexy frame. She could say she was checking so she could answer the question, except she'd already known the answer even if her eyes had been closed.

Her daughter continued speaking as if she hadn't even noticed her Mom had spoken, never mind heard what her answer really meant, "It's not even the anal. I mean there may be a little too much of it, but that healing cream for Slayer's really does the trick and no matter how hard or long my ass can be back to new within minutes. And I kinda enjoy it, actually not kinda, I like it a lot, I think I may actually be a lesbian anal fiend."

This conversation would replay itself in Joyce's brain tonight, as she rubbed her pussy under the bed covers and thought about taking Dawn's, so cute, behind herself. She forced an innocent looking smile, "So it's still Buffy?"

"You can't force a connection," Dawn replied, "I love Buffy as a sister, but as a lover - there's nothing; I'm pretending all the time I'm in love with her as she is with me, but even as she's banging me I'm wishing it was someone else."

"I know, it's hard," Joyce said, "I wish there was another way and that it didn't have to be you. But it does."

"I know," Dawn said, " I can get through it, I have to. Can I make a confession?"

"I don't think we have any secrets left," Joyce said, whilst thinking 'Just one, my desire for you'.

"While Buffy's banging me I fantasise about it being someone else," Dawn said.

"That's only natural," Joyce said, "Other women?" Her daughter had admitted to becoming a lesbian. "Who?" It would do her no good to find out, but there was a small part of her that wanted to know who Dawn fancied and what the competition was.

"Lots," said Dawn, "Tara, Janice, my English Teacher, that hot single Mom who sometimes come over to see Mr Baxter..." She paused and took a deep breath, "...You."

Before Joyce could anything Dawn pushed her mouth up and forward, connecting hard against Joyce's lips...

* * *

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