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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 13 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

"It's not you, it's me," Buffy repeated for about the hundredth time. Each time she said it she put some more coffee in her cup and stirred it vigorously until it seemed that the ratio between water and sugar had moved definitely in the sugar's favour and the table she and Dawn were sitting at was covered with opened sachets. "I need to move on, to discover myself and be out with someone I can be out with. "

Dawn had never been broken up with before and she thought the proper expression for it should be a glum resignation. Still she was careful not to look too sad in case Buffy had a change of heart. And equally she certainly didn't want to go for the a gleeful look, even though that was what she felt, in case Buffy at the last moment got suspicious and found out what had really been happening over the last few months. Buffy had stopped talking and was looking at her, as if she was expecting Dawn to speak. The teen pondered her words, when Buffy had called her and suggested they meet in a coffee shop half way between college and their house Dawn hadn't known what to think. Was her sister jonesing for ass or was she wanting to check Dawn was being a good girl? (she was, even though she knew her Mom was lusting for her as much as she was for her Mom they'd both kept it strictly parent-child whilst Buffy was away). The one thing she hadn't expected was that Buffy would be breaking up with her. Especially as her sister seemed unable to come out and say it and had spent the first five minutes talking about caterpillars and butterflies and not becoming a moth. When she had finally managed to say they were breaking up it had taken all Dawn's willpower for the teen not to jump up and punch the air in delight. Instead she'd forced her face into a properly sorrowful expression and listened to Buffy badly break up with her.

The silence continued as Buffy still looked at her, Dawn's coffee as untouched as Buffy's was sweet. Seeing that the conversation wasn't going to continue without her saying something, she said, "Oh..." paused for a few moments, "We'll still be sisters?"

"Oh God, yes, you're still my sister," Buffy leaned across and grabbed Dawn's hands, squeezing them as she'd done when Dawn was younger and crying her heart out at their parents divorce, "Sisters for ever."

"Um, well, you know butterflies, moths, um I think I get the metaphor. Probably for the best," Dawn tried to sound resigned, not enthusiastic.

It must have worked because she thought Buffy was about to start bawling here. That needed to be stopped or else they'd be back together. "Um, I'm still stunned. But you know I'm a Slayer's sister, I'm tougher than I look."

"Why don't I give Mom a call when I get back to college? Tell her what's happened, when I used to break up with guys Mom would always feed me as much ice-cream as I wanted," Buffy said.

Dawn nodded and made her smile seemed forced, even though she wanted to beam so brightly she'd have shone like a torch in the darkness - ice-cream and breaking up with Buffy was just so perfect she could have sung. And perhaps now she was single... her Mom? "I'll be fine," she said trying to sound depressed, "I better go though."

"You sure?" Buffy stood with her.

"Yes. I'll speak to you in a few days, as sisters... when you call..." Dawn said. She picked up her bag and exited the booth, nodding briefly to the barista behind the counter. Buffy followed her, but Dawn deliberately walked apart from her as she headed towards the bus stop. She could feel Buffy watching her, but luckily the bus was coming and she didn't need to stand in a uncomfortable silence with her sister for long.

As soon as Buffy was out of sight Dawn's put in her earplugs and hummed happily to herself, jiggling in a seat-dance not caring what the other passengers thought; today was probably the happiest day in her life, if only all break-ups would be so good.

The bus deposited her at the top of the drive and she almost ran all the way home. Bursting in the door she shouted, "I'm back," as the telephone rang.

"Let me get that," her Mom called back down from the main bedroom, obviously unaware of the momentous news her youngest daughter had. "I'll take it upstairs."

Dawn took the stairs two at a time, speeding up them like it was a race. Her Mom was sitting on her double bed with the phone receiver to her ear. She turned and mouthed to Dawn, "It's Buffy."

Dawn nodded and pulled off her jacket as her Mom said into the phone, "How are you? Is everything all right..."

Dawn's kicked off her pumps as Joyce continued, "... you don't normally call on a Saturday afternoon...." She frowned as Dawn bent down and pulled off her socks, before continuing with the conversation, "... I love to hear from you anytime, Mom's do..."

Dawn waited a second for Buffy to move the conversation on. "Oh..." went her Mom in a slightly surprised tone and looked at Dawn. The teen took it as Buffy having just given the reason for her phone call and reached up and pulled off her T-shirt. She was wearing a small lacy black bra underneath. But not for long... "You're ok?..." her Mom asked the phone whilst staring at Dawn's naked tits bouncing as the bra fluttered to the floor. "You're sure...?"

Dawn turned her back to her Mom, leaning over as she peeled her hot pants down and wiggling her ass at the Milf. She could sense the gaze of the older woman as she bounced her cheeks, "Yes... I'm sure Dawn will be fine...." The teen slipped her fingers under her thong elastic and slowly pulled it down over her rump, down her thighs past her knees, to her ankles. "I'll look after her, don't worry Buffy..." Joyce continued. The brunette straightened and turned towards her Mom, standing naked with one hand on her hip and the other hanging relaxed by her side. She smiled as her Mom looked her up and down, "Oh, I'm sure Dawn will be okay. I'll make sure of it... yes, goodbye, speak later in the week... goodbye."

She put down the telephone and looked over Dawn, her lips curled in a smile as she took in the teen's naked beauty. Eventually she spoke, "Buffy said she's just broken up with you."

"She did, I'm now officially single again," Dawn grinned happily.

"You don't look too disappointed."

"I'm heart-broken," Dawn put on an obviously faked sad face, lip out, brow creased in exaggerated sorrow. She kept it for a second before the joy in her forced a beam, "Buffy said you'd treat me."

"She suggested ice-cream," her Mom replied, standing up as she kept her eyes on her youngest.

"Ice-cream would make me fat" giggled Dawn, "You wouldn't want me to be a chubster?" She ran her hands down her svelte body as she and her Mom walked towards each other "There's other things you could do to make me happy."

"Oh Dawn," Joyce replied.

"Oh Mom," the teen said.

They kissed hard and frantically, their mouths moving together, their lips trembling in passion, their tongues stabbing and exploring, sliding and slipping together like they were oiled. Joyce's hands reached down and round her daughter, pulling her closer and closer, kissing her more and more frenzied, her mouth running round the teen's, down over her neck and chin and back up, slurping and kissing at Dawn's opening, the jaw moving like she was in a soundless conversation.

Responding with an eager enthusiasm, Dawn thrust back her head allowing her Mom to kiss and suck under the chin, slurping at the teen like she was a vampire. Her own hands were on her Mom's blouse, undoing the buttons as fast as she could. Once they were open they broke long enough for Joyce to shrug off the blouse and then resumed, kissing like they were out of control.

Reaching round Dawn found the clip of her Mom's bra and snapped it open. The silky material fell to the floor and the blonde's big boobs bounced against her daughter. The two continued to kiss as Dawn's hand slid over her Mom's tits and down her sides to the pants. Round the front they moved to the belt and buttons, undoing them both she retreated back to the sides, slipping her fingers under the elastic and pushing down.

"Let me," Joyce purred, stepping back and placing her own thumbs in the pants. She pulled them down and stepped out of them so she was standing just in her socks and underwear. As Dawn watched lustfully her Mom wiggled her panties down, exposing her sexy shaven slit. She stood still letting Dawn drink her in as she had a few minutes earlier admired the teen.

"Are you going to say we shouldn't do this?" Dawn asked smiling. She wanted her Mom so much and she knew her Mom felt the same, the two of them had been dancing around since they'd done it the last time, both wanting to repeat, but knowing that they couldn't - not with Buffy. But now Buffy was out of the way...

"What do you think?" her Mom smiled and climbed backwards onto the bed, scooting back so she was fully on it, her legs apart and leaning on her elbow.

"I think we should do this," grinned Dawn, looking lasciviously down at her Mom's shorn slit, "What about you?"

Her Mom reached for her pussy and pried it apart from her daughter's inspecting gaze. She licked her lips, "I want you to show me what that sexy little tongue has learnt from licking Buffy..."

"A lot," said Dawn as she got on her Mom's bed. She crawled forward eager to show what she had learnt and pass on her experience to her Mom.

The Milf rubbed the slot as Dawn approached, making little guttural moans of anticipation. "Eat me Dawn," she murmured, "eat my Mom cunt."

"I have so wanted this for so long," said Dawn, gazing down at the pussy inches in front of her like she was an Israelite about to enter the land of milk and honey.

"Eat me Dawn, baby eat me," her Mom repeated a touch of urgency in her tone.

Dawn bowed down and started to slowly kiss the pussy, teasing her Mom with light pecks and smooth kisses, interspersed with tiny touches of tongue - just enough to show promise. The Milf quivered in excitement, her fingers rubbing at her clit just above Dawn's mouth. "Oh Dawn, you know what to do... oooohh, eat Mom's twat."

The teen continued to tease, peppering her Mom's pussy with tiny kisses, making the blonde Milf quiver with excitement. "Oh Dawn, oh Dawn..." The teen grinned to herself, she was in no hurry and whilst she did intend to please, she also knew that to do that it was best first to tease. Her lips moved up and down the pussy, round and round the fleshy mound, pursing down and covering it with small pecks of kisses. Her Mom was almost shaking in anticipation, her fingers jammed at her clit, pressing and circling it. "Oh Dawn, eat my cunt, tongue it hard, baby, make Mom cum."

The teen decided that her Mom was ready. She brought one of her hands up, sliding the fingers either side of the slit and prying it apart. Her tongue came out and flicked down, slipping across the wet pink. Her Mom gasped and shuddered, "Oh that's it Dawn, that's what I want."

The teen's tongue went faster, driving back and forth over the mottled flesh. Her Mom was so tasty and yummy, way better than ice-cream, warmer as well. The teen's finger slipped into the hole wiggling and jiggling, using the digit to open the cunt deeper for her tongue to explore. Joyce squeaked and gasped, her body shuddering in excitement as her youngest's tongue went further into her, finding spots untouched and lapping at them enthusiastically. "Ohhhh, oooohh Dawn, oooohhh eat my pussy you hot little dyke hound."

The teen continued to lap with an eager intensity, her finger thrusting forward at the same time. Her Mom gasped and shuddered, her back arching as she cried out in pleasure, the bed squeaking and shaking beneath them. Dawn's mouth was filled with her Mom's lovely juice, it coated her tongue and the insides of her cheeks and flowed down her throat as she lapped. She couldn't believe how wet her Mom was becoming, like she was a swimming pool of cum. Harder and faster the teen licked, until her tongue was aching with the effort. But it was worth it, "AAarrrggh," her Mom squealed, "Aaaarrrghh, Dawn, you're making me cum, oooohh aaarrggghhh, fucccckk, you are making Mom cum."

Joyce's hips raised and she squealed loudly, her cunt pumping juice out like a waterfall, "Aaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrghh."

Dawn's head shot back and she smiled as the gushing cum splattered all over her face. "Mmmmnn," she giggled, "That seems to have worked for you." The juice dripped down from her sodden face back onto her Mom's pussy.

Joyce lay panting for a few moments, recovering from the orgasmic pleasure that had rushed her body. Dawn licked her lips, savouring the last of the yummy flavour whilst she continued to admire her Mom's naked body in front of her. Her Mom sat up and grinned, "That was great, but now it's my time to have some Dawn pussy." She patted the bed, "Lie down and spread."

Being a good girl Dawn did as she was told, opening her legs for her Mom. Joyce moved into the same position Dawn had just been in, her mouth just inches about the teenage slit. She began to rub and massage the hole with her finger, sliding up and down the quim lips and onto the clit, pushing gently at the hood, but not so lightly that Dawn didn't feel the pressure and quiver. "Mmmnn, this looks a lovely pussy," her Mom giggled, "Good enough to eat." She lent down and gently took the labia flap between her teeth, pulling it up. "Yum, yum," she tittered and kissed where she had bitten.

Dawn knew what it was like to be teased, she was burning with desire for her Mom's mouth to open and her wonderful tongue to do its work. She gripped the bedding tight, "Tongue fuck me Mom, fuck my tight twat with that Mom tongue."

"Is there a hurry?" her Mom asked with a smile, enjoying her revenge for her daughter's earlier teasing. Her teeth nibbled lightly at the folds of skin, tugging and stretching them, before smothering them in tiny kisses.

Dawn was almost on fire, her pussy itching with lust, needing her Mom's tongue to scratch it. "Please, Mom, please. Tongue me."

Her Mom's finger stroked the pussy slit, it was joined by a second one, the two of them gently brushing at the lips. Dawn groaned in anticipation, her body so tense it was like a board as she waited for that magical moment her Mom's tongue would enter her and lap her cunt. Her pussy was already wet and tingling with pleasure, ready for the next step.

When it came it did so without warning. One moment her Mom was stroking the lips, following her fingers with kisses and the next she had slipped the fingers into the hole and angled it open for her tongue. Dawn gasped in pleasure as the Milf slid down her, burrowing deep into the wet pink, her tongue twisting and moving over the rumpled inner flesh. "Ooohhh, God, oooohhh Mom."

Her Mom lapped quicker, the tongue starting to pound over the wet cunt flesh, little droplets of juicing fizzing into the air as Joyce drove in. Dawn cried out again, "Ooohhh, yessss." Her Mom might have taken her time, but it was worth the wait, the older Summers seeming to know exactly where to place her tongue for maximum teen joy. Dawn shuddered and shook, her hands gripping the quilt, as her spine arched, bending like a hump-backed bridge. Her Mom gently placed a hand on her stomach and pushed her down, licking all the while. "Oooohhh, fuck, ohhhhh, urrrrrhhh," Dawn grunted again.

It wasn't the first time she'd been tongue fucked, far from it, Buffy hadn't been greedy and whilst Dawn had probably gone down more on her sister than vice-versa Buffy had plenty of times lapped Dawn's hot little fuckhole. Dawn couldn't deny her sister was skilled at it, each time making Dawn cum explosively, but her Mom was better. It might have been experience or just that she was better naturally with a more lithe tongue or maybe there was more of an emotional connection that upped the pleasure because Dawn wanted to be there. Whatever the reason Dawn's pussy was melting with pleasure, the orgasms more blissful than any that had ever come before. She groaned in ecstasy, "Uuurrrhh, Mom, urrrrhhh."

Joyce went faster, her tongue slapping down the open hole, finding new spots to lick and then hitting them with an eager enthusiasm. The teen's cunt filled with juice, the cum overflowing from the hole and coating her lips and the fleshy mound as well. Her Mom's tongue briefly switched to swipe round and clean it up, replacing cum with saliva, before she went back in, speeding round the hole and lapping so vigorously that soon Dawn was overflowing again.

"Mmmnn, yum, mmmmnn," Joyce wasn't quiet as she ate her daughter, her own excited grunts interspersing with lip smacking pussy lapping. "Mmmnnn, mmmnnn."

"Ooohhhh, urrrrhhh," Dawn was getting louder as well, shuddering in excitement, one hand rubbing at her clit and another squeezing a tittie, both adding pleasure to that she was getting from her Mom. The Milf licked harder and faster, hitting the right spots with violent intensity. The ecstasy built up in the teen like a volcano. "Aaarrrhh, yesss, aaaarrghh." Her Mom's tongue pounded down faster and harder, slamming the teenage twat. "Aaaaarrrghh," Dawn shrieked, the feelings in her too intense to hold in, "Aaaaarrrghhh fucccckkk, aaaaarrghhh."

Her pussy exploded juice, a geyser of cum shooting out like a cork had been removed. It splattered all over her Mom's hair and face, down the Milf's throat and down her chin and front. Joyce lifted her head, her smile suggesting she didn't mind, "How was it for you?" she said.

"The best," moaned Dawn truthfully, "Buffy had nothing on you."

"I hope that doesn't mean you're sated," smiled Joyce. She crawled the few feet forward over her daughter and kissed her, her cummy lips and mouth taking Dawn's. The teen kissed back passionately, her tongue probing back at her Mom's, flickering at the older woman's.

"No," the young brunette smiled as her Mom drew back, "I'm still so horny for you. Are you still horny for me?" She giggled and slid back, shaking her sexy body and looking seductively at her Mom. She stepped off the bed and wiggled herself slowly, her hands rolling down her shapely nude body.

"I am so hot for you," her Mom replied, gazing at her intensely. The Milf's eyes didn't leave Dawn's body even as she reached for her bedroom drawer and pulled out a dildo. "You are so sexy, Dawn."

Dawn carried on with her slow sensual solo dance, running her hands up and down her sides, up to her tits and over them, before back down to her behind, gripping it and swinging in a circle before coming back to face her Mom. Joyce was sucking the toy, slipping it with one hand into her mouth, as she pulled apart her pussy lips with the other. As Dawn turned to face her, reaching under her tits and jiggling the teen boobs, her Mom popped the dildo out of her mouth, "Dance for me, Dawn, show me that sexy, hot body of yours."

"Only if you masturbate for me," Dawn teased, but she didn't stop dancing. It had probably been her Mom's intention all along, but at Dawn's words she slid the toy into her pussy and started to work it gently back and forth. It was a big turn-on for the teen, to see her Mom dildoing herself, and her dance became even more sexual, her own hand slipping over her cunt and rubbing it as she moved.

"Uuurrhh, urrrhh," her Mom began to jack the toy harder, thrusting it deep into her cunt, juice shining on the toy as it retreated before being slammed in again. "Uurrrrh, that's so hot Dawn, shake that hot tush."

The teen did as she was asked, swivelling round and bending over so her hair flowed down to the floor and wiggling her butt. From her new position she couldn't quiet see her Mom, but she could hear her guttural groans and her own fingers found her slit again, and even as she twerked her tushie she was finger fucking her wet front hole. "MMmnnn, mmmnnn."

With a twist the teen turned round and straightened up facing her Mom. She continued to slip her fingers in and out of her hole, swaying slightly as she smiled sexily at her Mom.

"Uurhhh, you're so sexy Dawn, you're so bangable," Joyce shuddered in pleasure, her spare hand gripping a pillow as she rested against the bed-board and toyed herself. It was such a sight that Dawn found herself cumming, her fingers working hard at her pussy, driving in deep. Her Mom grunted again, shaking and twisting her head thrown back in passion, "Uuurrhhh, Dawn, urrrhhhh."

"Ooohhh, urrrhhh," Dawn moaned herself. She was still shaking, but it was questionable how much control she had. Her fingers were speeding in and out of her slot, the cunt becoming wetter and wetter, the cum coating her fingers. "Oooohhh, urrrrhhhh."

"You need something bigger," her Mom groaned as she pulled the dildo from her pussy and threw it to Dawn. The teen deftly caught it, slipping it briefly into her mouth to have another taste of her Mom's yummy juices before bringing it down. She slid it across her hole as her Mom reached into her drawer and pulled out a second dildo. The two Summers smiled at each other as they inserted the toys into their twats.

"Mmmnn, this is so hot," Dawn groaned, "Watching you watching me toy myself."

"Ooohh, yes, baby, I could watch you forever," her Mom grunted back, sliding her new toy rapidly in and out of her pussy.

Dawn gave up the pretence of trying to dance, just standing legs agape thrusting a toy up her cunt, ramming it violently at her special spot and gasping in pleasure. The cum dribbled down the dildo, over her hands and fingers, leaving them wet and warm. She shoved harder, her eyes glued to her Mom's pussy and the way the lips seemed to quiver with every thrust of the dildo between them, "Oooohh, urrrhhh, ooooh," she groaned in passion.

"Aaaarrrghh, aaarrggghh," her Mom squealed in pleasure, her body tensing and relaxing as she came. She shoved harder and harder, driving the toy through the orgasm and making it even more intense.

It made Dawn go harder as well, seeing her Mom's orgasmic face was both a turn on and a challenge. She thrust fast and vigorously, feeling her own orgasms welling up until...

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaarrghh," she squealed as she came, her back bending and her head shooting back so she was looking at the ceiling. "Aaaaarrgghh fuccckkk." She closed her eyes and continued to ram hard, desperate to make the ecstasy as long and powerfully blissful as she could, "Aaaaaarrggghh, fuuucckkk, aaaarggggh!"

The cum dribbled down the toy as Dawn slid it down her cunt. Opening her eyes she saw her Mom was smiling at her as she licked her own toy sensually. Dawn got on the bed and crawled forward between her Mom's still open legs. She leant forward as did her Mom and they kissed again, slower this time, but still passionate and long, their mouths still trying to swallow each other as their tongues probed and explored. "That was so hot, us toying our twats together," said Dawn.

Her Mom nodded, "As I said, you are so sexy, just looking at you was making me cum, the dildo was just the icing on the cake."

"I am still horny," grinned Dawn, running a hand over her Mom's wet pussy lips. "An remember I'm single, I want to be shown a good time to get me over my break-up."

"I've got the perfect solution," her Mom said with a dirty smile. She pushed at Dawn's shoulder's, lightly guiding her onto her back. "I want to fuck you with my strap-on, I want to ram it into your tight twat until you're screaming."

"Oh God, yes," Dawn agreed. She turned her head to follow her Mom as the Milf got off the bed and got out a strap-on. She slid the panties up her waist and turned back to her daughter. Dawn spread her legs, rubbing her pussy enticingly, "Come fuck me Mom, I want you to fuck my teen hole."

Joyce didn't waste any time. Within moments she was on the bed and on top of her youngest daughter. She grinned down and Dawn smiled back up, her dreams coming true. Joyce slowly guided the toy to the cunt, the hole already relaxed and wet and ready for dick after its earlier tonguing and self-toying. The strap-on dildo slipped in easily with only a little pressure from Joyce, Dawn lifting her hips to help it in. It felt so good, stretching her in the right way, filling her, rubbing at the spots she knew were sexually sensitive. But there was more to it than just the toy. Above her she could see her Mom's beautiful face looking down at her, a loving smile across her lips. Dawn had been fucked good by Buffy, but she knew it was nothing compared to how she'd feel as her Mom banged her; the woman she loved compared to one she'd had to sleep with. It wasn't a contest. "Fuck me Mom," she moaned in anticipation, "Fuck me so good."

Her Mom started to do so, thrusting the toy hard and fast into her daughter's pussy. Dawn gasped and shuddered, her fingers reaching down to rub at her clit as her Mom thrust in and out of the hole. Soon they got into a speedy rhythm, the bed rocking and creaking as Joyce pounded forward, her big tits bouncing and juggling over the teen. The wooden frame creaked as it shook to a hard passion, lightly knocking at the wall like a woodpecker in spring.

"Ooohhh, urrrhhh," Dawn grunted in pleasure. The cock was filling her, sliding down her tight hole. Every thrust was heaven, sending waves of pleasure through her. She looked up at her Mom, filled with love for the woman who was making her whole. She suddenly realised that without Buffy and needing to save the world, she'd never have realised she was a lesbian and even if she had she wouldn't have been so out and slutty. Nor would she have ever thought about incestuous sex and she was sure her Mom wouldn't either. It was fucking Buffy that had led to this point, to her being banged so hard and deep, by her loving Mom. It made all the fuckings with Buffy worthwhile, especially as they had taught her things as well....

"Fuck me, fuck me harder," she gasped and brought her legs and arms up to wrap her Mom and pressure her down. It was a position she knew Buffy loved and from the eager smile on her Mom's face and the way she upped the pace she too enjoyed her bottom daughter taking control. Dawn's fingers gripped hard, stabbing her nails at her Mom, "Fuck me, ram me, I want it good."

"Yes, baby, yes," Joyce replied and slammed down so hard that the ornaments on the nightstand wobbled and the creak of the bed was like the sound of a witch's cry.

"Aaahhh, yessss, aaarrrrhhh," Dawn gasped as she was fucked as she'd never been fucked. Okay, Buffy was faster and harder and possibly more skilled, but still her Mom was so much better. The teen squealed and rocked, shuddering and shaking against the hot Milf, "Aarrrghhh, yesss, fuck me, fuck me, aaaarrggghhh."

The two of them were as one, smacking together, Joyce's large tits bouncing at her daughter's pair, their stomachs smooth and resting against each other, their eyes locked, staring into each other's like they were windows into the soul through which they could climb. Joyce's hands were pressed to the bed, either side of Dawn and her feet stretched out behind her as she pumped in and out, her back bent slightly as her hips did the work. Dawn's feet were wrapped round her Mom's calves, the heels rubbing gently along them as the teen rocked with every thrust, her hands continued to hold her Mom's back, keeping her going, as her spine arched, her breaths coming in fevered gasps.

"Oh yes, Dawn, oh God, this is so good, your pussy is so sexy" Joyce moaned as she pounded down hard.

"AAarrrghh, yessss, fuck it Mom, aaaarrgghhh yes, give me your plastic dick all the way," Dawn squealed in response, her heels hammering at her Mom's legs. She raised her own hips, thrusting up to meet her Mom and squealing as the toy went all the way in, driving down the hole. Her Mom smiled and went even harder, the dildo pounding all the way in, filling the teen so completely she almost felt like she could burst. "AAaarrrghh, yesssss," she screamed as the pleasure ripped through her, "Aaaarrrrghhh, make me cum Mom, make me cum."

That seemed to be her Mom's intention as she pounded away with a vigour that could have been described as furious if hadn't been accompanied by a look of such love that Dawn could have melted. She and her Mom had been waiting so long for this, holding back their desires ever since that time over the summer and now they could let them go in a rampage of delightful, dirty sex. She gripped her Mom tighter, pulling her closer and harder, encouraging her to slam as deep as she could. "AAarrrghh Mom, fuck me good, fill my pussy with that hard dick."

The orgasms were coming thick and fast, an overflow of pleasure that was burning Dawn's brain and shredding her inside. Ever nerve felt like it was dancing on a rainbow, every muscles like it was being stretched and relaxed all at one. Her stomach was somersaulting and her brain was moving to a different plane of existence. Her back bent again and she screamed in pleasure, "AAaaarrrgggh, I am cumming, I am cumming so hard."

Her Mom continued to pound in, ramming her thick strap-on into the wanton pussy. Dawn screamed and shrieked some more - her body an explosion of orgasmic delights. "AAAarrrgrghhh. yesssss, aaaaarrrgggghhh."

Her Mom pulled the toy out, continuing to hover over the teen as it her cum dribbled down it and dripped back over her soaked pussy. It was a shame, thought Dawn, that her Mom didn't have the stamina of Buffy. If it had been her sister they'd have been banging for hours. Not that Dawn was in any way disappointed, it might have been shorter, but it had been better.

Joyce remained over as she got her breath back, her eyes still drilling down into Dawn's as the teenager looked back up in love. After a few moments Joyce stopped panting and lent down to kiss Dawn. The brunette replied with a passion, her arms wrapping round the Milf as if she was afraid Joyce might escape. Her Mom didn't show any sign of doing that as her mouth jawed over Dawn's, the lips pushing hard at the teen. "Mmmmnn, that was wonderful."

"For me as well, you banged me so hard that I thought I was in heaven," Dawn smiled.

Her Mom lay on her reaching down to stroke the wet cunt and Dawn quivered in pleasure. "I've been wanting you for so long, there was a lot of pent up energy."

"It showed, you really went for me."

"I did, though we'll need to get on an exercise regime, I want you to be able to fuck you all night."

"Isn't banging me exercise?" Dawn smiled.

"You have a point," laughed Joyce, "Regular fuckings of you should be on the menu." She kissed her daughter again, "And what better time to start my exercise regime than now and go again."

"Oh yes," her daughter nodded, "That sounds so good to me."

"Perhaps I should also ratchet up a gear and go for a tighter hole," Joyce smiled down at Dawn.

"That's a good idea," the teen giggled, "My ass is plenty tight as it's not been banged for a couple of weeks." She smiled and pressed her Mom's chest lightly, easing the older blonde up of her. "On one condition..."

"What?" her Mom's smile suggested she knew the condition wouldn't be a discouragement.

"I want you to fuck me as I lie on my back so I can see your face. It was so hot, being able to connect with you as we banged before, I want to be able to look into your eyes as you ram my ass so you know how much I'm loving it."

"Oh sweetheart, that's a deal," her Mom said. She got onto her knees and pulled Dawn forward onto them, bending her slightly so that her ass was directly opposite the puckered hole. "Your ass is so sweet."

"And it's your Mom, to fuck," Dawn said, her insides looping the loop in excitement.

The dildo rubbed gently against her sphincter once her Mom guided it the last few inches to its destination. For a moment Joyce paused, making sure she was looking down at her daughter, the teen smiling up. "Fuck me, ram my ass," Dawn purred.

"Oh Dawn your ass is so perfect," Joyce said as she began to push the toy in.

The rosebud gave way with little resistance, even though it hadn't been penetrated for two weeks and had plenty of Slayer healing cream, it seemed relaxed and ready. Dawn gave a small gasp, her tunnel was tighter than it had been for a while, really gripping at the toy and slowing it down. She reached out and grabbed the bedding, her nails digging into the cotton covers.

"Are you alright?" her Mom asked in concern.

"Yes, just give it me, my ass will take it," Dawn said, smiling.

Her Mom nodded and began to work the cock in and out, still holding it to keep it in as she jerked her hips. Dawn groaned, it was a little sore, but even as her ass ached the wonderful pleasure was starting to build. Gingerly she took one hand from the bedding and moved it to her pussy. She started to circle cunt and clit with her palm, pressing down on them as she moved. Her Mom smiled and continued to hammer home, pushing the toy into the anal passage, getting deeper and deeper as the walls slowly gave way like a stubborn rearguard against an invading army. "Mmnnn, you're so hot, baby, so sexy."

"Uuurrrhh, fuck me Mom, stick it all the way in my butt, ram my tight hole," Dawn moaned and rubbed herself. She rocked and wriggled, easing herself up the strap-on as her Mom rammed down. "MMmnnn, urrrrhhh, give it me hard, open my ass until it gapes."

Soon Joyce was able to move faster and harder, letting go off the toy as impaled itself in her daughter's sexy hole. She reached for the teen's legs, sliding her hands up them until she was gripping the ankles, pushing them like levers and driving Dawn onto her large plastic dong. Her thighs slapped against the teen's buttocks as she was all the way in and Dawn shrieked again in pleasure, "UUuurrrhh, ooohhhh, harder Mom, slam my asshole, ram it deep and fast."

Her Mom smiled down at her and pounded at the hole even more vigorously. The walls retreated further with each thrust, gradually giving up their defence and allowing Joyce to ram ever faster and harder. Dawn squeaked and squealed, her hand going overtime over her cunt, the palm soon soaked with her juice. It felt so good and pleasurable, her ass singing a song of ecstasy throughout her body, every fibre seeming to be rushing towards a circle of rapidly expanding light. "Uuurrrhhh, aaaahhh, oooohhh, harder, harder, fuck me good!"

"That's it baby, take Mom's cock in that hot little ass," Joyce pounded forward even more vigorously, perhaps so hard and fast that she was competing with her Slayer daughter - though in Dawn's eyes only her Mom could be the winner. The teen gasped and squealed again, her face twisting as the pleasure rose up through her body. Her Mom slammed down again, "Oh Dawn, you're so beautiful, I love the way your pretty face scrunches up as I butt fuck you."

"Oh my God Mom, you're so beautiful as well," Dawn gasped looking up, "I love you fucking my ass."

Ever since she and Buffy had first done it anally Dawn had loved getting her tushy filled, even if she'd have preferred it not to be Buffy filling it. Now, with her Mom banging her ass hard and deep the teen was in butt-fuck heaven, the pleasure and ecstasy of her anal orgasms combining with her love and desire for her Mom. Seeing her Mom looking down on her as her ass was deeply rammed made it all the more special and Dawn couldn't help but scream and squeal repeatedly, calling out to her Mom in sexual bliss, "AAarrrghhh, yesss, Mom, aaaaarrghhh, yessss."

The orgasms kept coming, explosive barrages of pure pleasure, tearing up and down her young nubile body, making her shudder and shake repeatedly. Her hand sped over her cunt, adding the roaring ecstasy that rushed through her. Her back arched and she pushed her teenage boobs up towards her Mom, the pair of them jiggling as her body rose.

"AAaarrrrghhh, aaaaaarrgghhh." Her Mom didn't stop even as Dawn was torn into metaphorical pieces by pleasure. "AAaaaarrrghhh, aaaaaarrggghhh."

"Oh yes, Dawn, oh yes, cum for Mommy, cum for me," Joyce panted as she pounded in deep. She smiled down at her orgasming daughter, gripping the ankles and using them to balance as she dangled her tits above the shuddering teen's mouth. Her hips moved faster and faster, the toy pounding in like a blur.

"Aaaarrrrggghh," Dawn seemed to just be continually cumming, the orgasmic waves coming so quickly it was like being caught in a flash flood, the teen helpless to do anything but squeal, shake and rub her pussy furiously. Her Mom pounded as fast as she could, not pausing for even the slightest second, as she made her daughter orgasm as intensely as Dawn could remember.

"AAArrrrghhh," the teen screamed again, her face contorting in pleasure and her head pounding back into the covers, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessss, fucckkk."

The final orgasm almost swept Dawn away and she wasn't sure whether her heart stopped beating or went so fast that her pulse rate reached four figures. The pleasure surged through her, so overwhelming that she was no longer sure who she was or whether she even existed, all that she felt was the ecstasy.

And then...

... there was a pop as her Mom pulled out, panting heavily. Joyce fell on her back beside her daughter, a sheen of sweat covering her and showing how much effort she'd put in.

"That was so good, much better than Buffy," grunted Dawn.

Her Mom reached out and took hold of her hand, "I wanted you so bad for so long, you were worth the wait."

* * *

It wasn't the first time Dawn had awoken with her butt still sore, but tingly, from yesterday's vigorous anal workouts, but it was the first time she wakened spooned against someone she loved. The teen lay there, feeling the slow steady movement of her Mom's chest as she breathed, hearing the bump of the heart as she rested her head, looking down at the flawless skin. Outside a bird chirruped as happy as Dawn and the sun streamed in through a small gap in the curtains like it would always be summer in this house.

They'd had spent most of the afternoon fucking and then after a brief break for dinner and to smooch in front of the television, most of the evening and night. Only stopping, exhausted if perhaps not sated, well after the witching hour had struck. Joyce murmured something sleepily and made as if to open her eyes, before stopping and laying further back as if the effort was too much. "Morning Mom," Dawn lifted her head and tenderly kissed her new lover.

"Urrr," Joyce murmured sleepily failing to meet the clich‚ of the Mom who'd been conditioned by years of child rearing to awaken at the drop of the hat (or the cry of a baby).

Dawn kissed her again before gently disengaging herself and slipping off the bed, draping the covers back over the naked Milf. She ignored her clothes, strewn around the floor - she'd pick them up later and instead silently padded across the hallway to her own room. She slipped into an old pair of comfy slippers before draping a light gown around herself, the silky satin barely covering her naked butt. She tied it at the front, loosely so you could see much of her boobs (and the light material barely hid what was covered) before going downstairs to make breakfast - she wanted to show her Mom that there were other benefits to banging her ass.

Whilst Dawn would never have put herself as a natural in the kitchen she could grill a sausage and brew some coffee as well as anyone and soon the succulent smells were filling the kitchen. Whether it was that which finally woke her Mom, the missing of her daughter from the bed or the rising sunlight just as Dawn was forking the sausages onto a plate and wondering whether to call up or take them up for breakfast in bed the door opened.

"Hello sexy, something smells nice," said Joyce, wrapping her hands round her daughter's stomach and nestling against her.

"I've made breakfast," giggled Dawn as her Mom's hands slid downwards to her rapidly wetting cunt.

"Mmmmmn, I was smelling the scent of sexy Dawn," her Mom replied, "Not sausages, though...." She pulled her teen daughter closer and Dawn felt a touch of plastic rubbing at her thighs, "...I may have a big porker between my legs," the Milf continued. She rubbed one hand down the teen's twat, gently strumming the quim lips as with the other she took hold off her rubber cock and gently slid it up and down Dawn's inner thigh, telling the teen exactly what her Mom wanted.

"Breakfast can wait," she giggled, as she reached for the belt and undid it.

Her Mom kissed her shoulder as the teen shrugged the robe down. "I'm guessing you still want some sausage," she moved the dick up, rubbing the flesh between the pussy and ass holes with the toy tip and not hinting which one she was interested in - though from last night (and because she was Buffy's Mom) Dawn could guess,

"I could enjoy a thick, long sausage," the young brunette tittered in reply. She kicked the slipper of her left foot and lifted it up, so that her heel was balancing on the table. She moved her same side hand to her ass, pulling the cheek apart from its twin, whilst she placed her right hand on the table balancing herself. "Come give me that sausage," she giggled.

"Mmmnnn, breakfast is the most important meal of her day," grinned her Mom, ignoring the fact that this normally referred to eating it, not fucking over it. She moved one hand to lean on the table, her palm pressed down inches from her daughter as she used the other one to guide the toy to the waiting hole.

The sphincter did it's duty and barely resisted as Joyce's powered the toy into her daughter's waiting asshole.

"Ooohhh," the teen moaned in pleasure as the thick slab of plastic pressed into her hole. She rocked gently as her Mom pulled it out and then came in again. "Ooooohh, this is so good."

"You have such a perfect ass, I love fucking it," her Mom purred in return. She moved her hand from the table to Dawn's shoulder, grasping it tenderly but tightly to hold them both in place as she shoved forward again. "It's a tushie made for fucking."

"MMmnn, urrrrhh," Dawn's body shook as her Mom's toy slammed into her ass, pushing deeper. The small ribs and ridges played back over her walls as her Mom tugged it back, the plastic veins sending waves of sensual pleasure pulsing through the teen. "Uuurrrhhh" she groaned and wiggled her ass back, "Mmmnnn, give it me."

Joyce slammed forward again and then again, letting go off the cock as it went into her daughter's hole and instead grasping her side, gripping it as she did the shoulder. She rammed deeper, sending the cock down into the hole and opening it wider. Dawn gasped in pleasure, her hand stroking her wet twat as the dildo pounded in. She'd been fucked here before, in this very same position, by Buffy, but the Slayer couldn't compare to her Mom. Or she could be, but it was a competition her sister was loosing. "Oooohh, yessss, butt-fuck me, hammer my hot hole," she squeaked in pleasure, her hand going overdrive over her cunt and clit.

"Urrhh, uurrrh, huh, huh. Fuck, fuck, this ass is so fine Dawn baby, I've been wanting to fuck you so often for so long and it's even better than I remember, you're the best bang in Sunnydale," her Mom panted as she got faster and faster and shoved deeper and deeper. Soon Sawn could feel her Mom's thighs crashing against her as the blonde Milf rammed the toy all the way into it's new home. "Huh, huh, this is the sweetest ass ever. I can't believe I managed to hold off fucking it for so long."

"Uuurrrrh, ooooohh," Dawn gasped in reply, her hand sliding over the fake wood of the kitchen table. "Give it me Mom, oh God give it me." They had done so well in saving the world it seemed the powers that be were rewarding them with waves of pleasure so powerful they could only be heaven sent. "Aaaarrrghh, yesssss, aaaaaarrrghh, fuuuucckkk!"

The table's legs scratched at the floor as the entire table wobbled under the two women's combined weight. The orange juice in the jug rolled and waved like a stormy sea and the sausages rolled on their plate as the hash browns jumped and bounced on theirs. Dawn tried to grip the 'wood' with her hand as her heel slid over the surface. her Mom continued to pound vigorously, violently, the dildo pounding in fast and furious, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarrrghh. Fuck me harder, fuck me good, aaaarrrghh," the teen squealed and shrieked as she battered against the table.

"Huh, yes, baby, yes," her Mom grunted as she slammed in. The toy sped in and out at speed, the hole opening with every thrust.

"Aaaarrrghhh," The pleasure poured through Dawn like molten lava was being tipped from a jug down her body. "Ooohhh fuck, yesssss, aaaarrrghhhh."

Her Mom continued ramming at the hole with a sexpertise that even Buffy couldn't match. The teen came and came again, her pussy squirting it's lust all over the table, the puddle moving from side to side as the surface was shaken by the pounding. "Aaaarrrggghh," Dawn shrieked again, "This is so good, fuck me like I've never been fucked. Aaaaarrrghhh."

Another orgasm hit her, so powerful that her scalp was almost blown off her head and she wouldn't have been surprised if her brain had melted and steam had come out her ears. "AAaaarrrghhh, fuucckkk, aaaaarrghhh."

"Huh, huh," Joyce panted, "This butt is the best, so bangable." She slammed hard and fast, ploughing the tushie like she was digging for gold under a time limit.

"Fuck me, fuck me," squealed Dawn in response. Every thrust was heaven, feeling of ecstatic pleasure rushing around like a swarm of bumble bees trapped in a tin can. Her muscles clenched, her stomach jumped and her legs trembled as the dildo pounded in, the sex even better than yesterday's. Her Mom rammed against her, the Milf's big tits bouncing against the teenager's back.

"AAaarrrrghh," Dawn screamed again, her cunt squirting juice all over the table and giving the, now cold, sausages a seasoning. "Aaarrrrghh." The orgasms tore through her, even more powerful. Her muscles seemed to go, her leg collapsing from the table as she could no longer find the strength to keep it up, sending her face forward over its surface, her hands stretched out as her Mom continued to butt-fuck her from behind.

There was a popping hiss as her Mom pulled out, reaching down to lift Dawn up, the teen turning as she did so to face her Mom. "I love you," she panted and gasped, meaning it as she'd never meant it before.

"I love you too," replied her Mom and brought her lips down towards Dawn's...

* * *

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