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RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, Dawn/Dog, Buffy/Dog, Dawn/M/M, Tara/Dog (MF, Mf, mmff
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SPOILERS: Buffy Season 6, sometime after the episodes `Smashed' and `Wrecked'

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Can I Keep Him? Part 2
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

A few weeks had gone by and still no one had found an owner for the dog.
Buffy had complained about it to Dawn for a while but eventually gave up as
the animal was rapidly becoming part of the household. She still asked
customers at her workplace if they knew about it but no one seemed to know a
thing. After several days of deliberation, she'd even let Dawn name the dog.
The girl finally settled on Fang, purely to annoy Buffy by making constant
vampire jokes. It was becoming that this was the only time Dawn got to have
any kind of fun as she found herself being reduced to the animal's sex toy,
spending several hours a day bouncing up and down one of the three monstrous

She had only managed to stay at home for a few days before Buffy began to get
suspicious. She tried going to school again but only found herself sneaking
off home during the lunch break to fuck Fang again. It wasn't long before she
resigned herself to the fate of being the animal's bitch until she could find
some way to stop it. Every time she had an idea as to how to escape the dog's
thrall she had another overwhelming urge to let it violate her over and over.
It was as though the harder she tried to escape, the more difficult it

For the third time that week, Dawn had managed to get out of the school gates
and run home so that Fang could have its way with her again. She was naked on
all fours on the living room floor, her ass pointed at the animal's snout
which was nudging between her thighs as its tongue worked over her pussy,
covering it in doggie slobber. Dawn looked down between her legs to see the
tongue slide up and down her slit, savouring her juices. Her hand reached
down between her legs and she began to finger herself while the dog lapped at
her cunt. "Mmmm... Fang... Good boy. Oh god, yes! Good boy!" she moaned
loudly as she climaxed, the touch of the warm, rough tongue on her womanhood
just too much too resist.

The teenager soon noticed the small amount of precum oozing from the wedge
shaped tip of the throbbing red cock that hung between the dog's legs. Fang
lifted himself up onto his hind legs, paws reaching forward. Dawn closed her
eyes as she prepared for it to enter her as it now did at least five times a
day. As scared as she was, each time it reached this point she was always
excited. She just couldn't make sense of the feelings she was having. Fang
lunged forward, his cock just missing her pussy and smudging thigh with
seeping fluid. He tried again and got it, driving his hot, thick shaft deep
into her, tender cunt!

Dawn closed her eyes tight as the huge cock seemed to split her open. Fang
grunted loudly as he thrust into her over and over at speeds Dawn was sure
that no man could ever manage. The hard rod continued piston in and out of
her cunt for several minutes as the animal used its paws to drag her body
back onto it, penetrating her as deep as it possibly could. The first few
times it did this Dawn found herself experiencing sheer agony as it went in
further than anything should have but the more she was violated by the
creature the more pleasurable it became. "Fuck me, Fang!" she called out,
reaching behind to stroke his fur affectionately while she was being
penetrated. "I'm your slut... your bitch! Use me!"

She knew that he was going to cum soon and had a sudden moment of
inspiration. She managed to pull herself forward so that Fang's cock slid out
of her sopping wet pussy and reached into her school bag. The dog kept trying
to start fucking her again but Dawn had other ideas. She pulled out an empty
Coke bottle and unscrewed it. Once this was done, she reached forward and
gripped the cock in her hand and started to jerk the powerful beast off. She
leaned forward and began to lick the pulsating cock, then taking it as far
into her mouth as it would go. She bobbed her head up and down on it several
times while gently massaging his balls. She could feel the rod swelling in
her mouth and began to use all the tricks she had learnt since Fang appeared
at her home. She rotated her head in a circular motion, while moving up and
down the shaft. She stopped after a few moments and began to lick it again,
feeling its knot begin to build up. She grabbed the bottle as the dog began
to shoot its load and directed the stream of sticky cum into it until it was
almost overflowing. She repeated the procedure on Fang's second cock and
managed to fill yet another bottle. By the time her mouth was wrapped around
the third, she didn't care about saving the salty goodness for later. She
lapped hungrily at the hard rod until the knot forced its way passed her
lips, forcing her mouth to open wider as it blasted its cum straight down her
throat. She gasped for breath when Fang pulled out, dripping more semen down
her chin and over her tits. She looked over at the two bottles she'd save
and, pleased with her achievement, Dawn rewarded Fang by licking his cock
clean, slurping loudly as she tried to get all the cum she could.

* * *

Dawn didn't need to escape class to get her fill of canine cum the next day.
Whenever she started to feel faint she just took a gulp of the batch that
she already had with her. It was just enough to tide her over for the rest
of the day. For a while she felt a sense of victory over Fang at last but
then remembered that in order to do that she was lowering herself to the
level of drinking his ejaculate to survive. She was a cum junkie! There was
no way she could last a day with imbibing the salty goo.

"Hey Dawn!" a voice next to her called out.

Dawn looked around dazed to see Janice at the table next to her. She must
have fallen asleep in class but thankfully her friend was the only to notice.
"What?" Dawn whispered.

"I'm having a party tonight. My parents are away. You wanna come?"

Dawn sighed. "I'd love to but..."

"Don't say you've got work `cause I know you haven't."

"Buffy..." Dawn began, trying to find another excuse.

"You said she's never home before eleven anyway. If she thinks you're in bed
when she gets back she won't care."

"I guess."

"I'm not taking no for an answer," Janice said before grinning. "Josh is
gonna be there. And Dan and you know what that means."

Dawn smiled. She couldn't deny she had a crush on Josh. And Dan for that
matter since they were both cute. For a moment she stopped thinking of the
dog waiting for her when she got home. Anyway, she could let him fuck her
when she got home from school then shower and go to the party. She couldn't
believe she was organising her life around being sexually assaulted by a
dog! If it wasn't so traumatic she would have laughed at the ridiculousness
of it all. "Okay," she said eventually. "I'll be there at eight."

* * *

After letting Fang violate her for the second time with all three cocks, Dawn
was finally able to have a shower and get ready for the party. She applied
just enough make up to get the boys looking at her then put on a tight
fitting, low cut dress that made her cleavage look even more impressive than
it already was. For a fifteen year old, Dawn realised she was developing very
well indeed and she had to give credit to Fang for bringing out a side to her
that revelled in her sensuality.

Before leaving she quickly did the old trick of shoving pillows under the
bedclothes to make it look like she was sleeping and shut the lights out. As
she walked out of the door she noticed Fang stare curiously at her but shook
it off without thinking much of it - the first time she had been able to do
it in far too long. She checked her bag for another full bottle of his cum
then headed off down the road to Janice's house.

* * *

Several hours later, they had just finished the pizza that they had ordered
and were sitting around Janice's bedroom talking about whatever came to mind.
It was clear that Janice was getting increasingly jealous as both Josh and
Dan spent most of the night staring at Dawn's tits. While they listened to a
CD that Josh had brought to the house, Dan pulled out a small bag of weed and
began to roll a joint.

"Jeez!" Janice exclaimed. "Put that away! If my parents come back and my room
smells of pot they'll kill me!"

"For god's sake, lighten up," Dan sighed. "It's not like they're coming back
for another three days! It'll be cool. Just chill." He lit up and took
several drags before passing it to Josh. Dawn began to feel the affects just
from the smoke that quickly filled up the room and by the time it was her
turn she didn't care about all the drug education classes they'd been given
at school. She'd tried smoking a cigarette once when she was thirteen and
didn't like it but figured this was something totally different.

It wasn't long before the whole room was buzzing with a relaxed atmosphere.
Josh had managed to shift himself so that he was sitting closer to Dawn and
Dan had made his way near Janice although he continued to give the young
Summers girl admiring glances. Maybe it was the pot or the jealousy or both
but Janice felt an urge to do something about the situation. She grabbed Dan
and kissed him passionately, her hands trailing down his body until she
reached his pants. She fumbled to unzip them to free his semi-erect cock.
She began to stroke Dan's dick to hardness then started to tongue the head
making him groan with pleasure. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity
of torture on his part, Dan put his hand on the back of Janice's head and
began to coax her to take the cock into her mouth, which she did with relish.

While watching this happening, Dawn noticed that Josh was clearly turned on
at the sight of his best friend getting sucked off by the hot teenage girl.
He was rubbing his cock under his pants and was already hard. Dawn was
impressed by the size but after having so much experience of being fucked by
a nine inch dog cock it wasn't huge. `But waste not want not,' she thought
to herself as she gently pushed Josh's hand out of the way and began to
stroke his cock herself. He smiled at her as she began to ease the zip on
his pants down until she could release his cock. It was about seven inches -
a good size for a regular seventeen year old guy, or she'd heard. She lowered
her head to meet the cock and without a second thought pulled him closer and
wrapped her lips around his meat pole. Very quickly, Josh followed Dan's lead
and began to face fuck Dawn. She was shocked how amazing it tasted, so much
different to Fang's doggie dong. Dan kept banging his erection into the back
of her throat as she tried to swallow as much of it as she could.

Janice began to realise that Dan's attention was being taken up by Dawn
sucking on Josh's cock rather than the treatment she was giving him. She
pulled his dick out of her mouth, leaving a trail of precum between the
head and her lips. "Look, do you want me to do this or not?" she asked
but suddenly realised that she shouldn't have.

"Sorry, Jan," he apologised as he got to his feet and removed his pants. Dawn
was on all fours as she sucked Josh off and could sense Dan getting closer to
her. She knew what was about to happen and was a little concerned about what
Janice must have been feeling but she was so horny that all she could think
about was having two cock all to herself, one pounded into her mouth and the
other buried in her sopping wet pussy. Dan grabbed his cock with one hand,
and spread Dawn's pussy with the other before guiding himself into the
fifteen year old's waiting pussy. She pushed backwards, letting the shaft
sink deep into her and started to ride it as hard and fast as she could. She
screamed with joy as she was bounced back and forth between the two horny
guys. "Oh yes!" she wailed. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Her voice was muffled
with Josh' cock in her mouth but that didn't last long as he shot his load
down her throat. She gagged a little but was so used to sudden bursts of cum
in her mouth that she swallowed it quickly. Josh pulled out of her mouth a
little too soon and another shot went up the side of Dawn's face, from her
cheek up to her forehead. She grinned at him.

Now all that was needed was to get Dan off. It was obvious that it wouldn't
take much after the blow job that Janice had given him. Dawn pushed back onto
his every thrust, letting him penetrate her deeper until finally, he grabbed
her waist tightly, ramming himself fully into her hot young body and held her
there as his cum shot up into her pussy. He waited for a few seconds until
every last drop of spunk was inside her then pulled out with a slurp before
collapsing back against the side of Janice's bed.

Dawn turned guiltily towards her friend who was looking understandably pissed
off. "Sorry," she shrugged as some of the cum on her face dripped down to her

* * *

Buffy returned home exhausted. It had been a long day. On top of an ten hour
shift at the Doublemeat Palace she'd went straight onto her patrolling the
cemeteries until it was midnight. She fell back onto the couch and let out
a long sigh. Dawn was probably asleep already so she didn't have the added
stress of arguing with her little sister until she finally went to bed. It
did worry the Slayer that she wasn't spending enough time with Dawn but
everything in the past few months had been getting to her. Getting over being
ripped from the afterlife by her friends had affected her deeply and coping
with the financial issues of life were not easy.

She looked around for the TV remote but noticing it was on the other side of
the room just gave up and laid back. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed
Fang walk into the room. The large dog looked at her curiously for a few
moments and almost seemed wary, nervous even. "Hey, it's okay," she said.
"Come over here boy." After a few moments, Fang eventually plodded over to
her. Buffy reached out and began to stroke the back of his next. Running her
fingers through the fur was almost soothing. She smiled. "There's a good
boy. You like that, don't you?" Maybe a pet around the house would be a good
thing. It would definitely bring a little lightness to the place after
everything from her depression to Willow's recent addiction to magic. It
dawned on the Slayer that her best friend had kept away recently, probably
because of her guilt over hurting Dawn in the car accident. She sighed. It
was hard going for them all so, yeah, an animal would definitely make relax
the atmosphere a lot.

Fang made a peaceful rumbling sound as Buffy kept stroking him. He looked up
at her and for a moment his eyes flashed red. Buffy blinked several times
and shook her head. `That was odd,' she thought as her hand moved down to
Fang's side, stroking him a little more. The animal nudged his snout against
her knee, pushing her legs a little further apart. Buffy was too tired to
try and fight it, in fact she rather liked it as Fang started sniff at her
crotch. It was odd but she seemed to find it arousing. "Mmmmm..." she moaned
with a slight grin spreading over her lips. "Stop it Fang. Hmmm... Stop it...
That's nice..."

Her hand moved down between her legs and began to unzip her pants. She didn't
know what she was doing but it felt as though there was nothing wrong with
this, in fact it felt good as Fang started licking at her panties. He
occasionally stopped to sniff her and could clear smell her arousal.
"Mmmmm... God..." Buffy sighed as she continued to stroke the dog's neck. She
was getting more and more curious as to whether Fang would continue his
investigations so she pulled her panties to the side. He really went at her
then, licking her pussy with such long deep strokes so that she could feel
every inch of his tongue moving up and down her pink slit. "Aaaaaahhh... Good
boy... Oh *good* boy!" Her pussy was tingling like never before. Angel hadn't
done this to her during their only time together and despite being good in
bed, Riley wasn't able to give her oral like the canine between her legs was
giving her now! The constant lapping at her cunt led to Buffy's first
explosive orgasm of the night. "Oh goooodddddd!!!" she called out loudly as
her pussy began to practically gush juices.

She suddenly realised what was going on and pushed Fang away. "Oh shit!" she
exclaimed, trying to cover herself up from the dog that continued to nudge up
against. "Get away! Oh my god! I can't believe I..." The Slayer looked at the
animal who just stared at her curiously as if he didn't know what was wrong
with her. Buffy thought for a moment and touched herself again. It was good
and she hadn't had this kind of release in so long and it's not as though
anyone would know... "No," she told herself. She could believe she was
thinking of this but it seemed so irresistible and it wasn't as if it was
any less depraved than fucking Spike. Hell, at least Fang wasn't a soulless
living corpse like her vampire lover was. "What the hell," she shrugged.

Buffy looked at Fang and smiled as she pushed her blouse up over her tits,
pulling her bra down to expose herself. She started rubbing her tits until
her nipples felt like hard pebbles. She began to breathe heavily as she
slowly ran her hand down her body, over her well toned stomach until her
fingers lightly touched her already wet pussy lips. Fang moved in closer and
started nudging her pussy again with his nose and sniffed at her. He quickly
started to lick her again. Realising that this could be made even better,
Buffy used her fingers to push her pussy lips apart for the dog so that his
rough tongue could lap at her clit in an increasingly rhythmic motion.
Before long he was working at her with longer strokes that went from the
edge of her asshole to the top of her pussy. "Oh god," she purred quietly,
biting her lips so that she didn't call out too loudly in fear of waking
Dawn. "It feels so good." With her free hand, she pushed Fang head closer
to her cunt and started to gyrate her hips against his mouth so that his
nose was rubbing her clit, while his wide tongue entered her hot wet
opening. "Oh..... oh god yes!!!" she moaned.

The Slayer rolled off the couch onto the floor and reached up under Fang's
body until she found one cock sticking out from its sheath. She started to
rub it with her hand and he began to whimper as if to urge her on. Buffy
suddenly noticed another long object rubbing against the back of her hand
and soon found the second and third cocks. She looked curiously at Fang
whose eyes just glowed again stopping her from questioning the oddness of
the situation. She began to pump another one of the two shafts lightly,
making it just as hard and long as the first one. Before long all three were
oozing precum after enjoying the sensation of the Slayer's skilled grip.
With a smile on her face she lowered herself so that her head was tilted
slightly under his torso and the cocks were right in her face. Using her
hands to pump the two on the sides, she licked the tip of the pink rod in
the middle with her tongue, before slowly easing her mouth over it.

Before long she was moving her head slowly up and down the nine inch shaft,
taking it down to her throat. She silently thanked Riley for being so big
that she'd gotten used to deep throating during the year she spent with
him. Her attention was brought back to the here and now when she felt Fang
swelling in her mouth. She took this as a positive sign and quickly began
pumping his canine cock with her face faster until he starting humping
against her. He picked up speed until the tip was slamming against her
oesophagus, making her gag until all of a sudden she could feel his hot cum
shoot into her mouth. It filled her up quickly. She pulled away quickly and
let the cock slip from between her lips as she swallowed as much as she
could. The rest blasted all over her face, getting into her hair and up her
nose. She coughed violently for a few seconds.

She leaned back and stared at the two still-erect cocks that stood out to
the side of the one that hung limply between the dog's hind legs and quickly
retreated into the sheath. Buffy smiled. At least there were still enough to
keep her satisfied and Fang definitely didn't seem to have had enough. She
licked the cum from around her lips. "Okay boy," she said. "I think I know
what you want now." She pulled herself from under his large, hairy body and
moved onto all fours, her ass pointing in Fang's direction. He didn't need
any more of a hint than that and jumped up on her. She didn't care about his
claws scratching her, realising that her inherent healing powers would deal
with any injuries she sustained during this. Hell, she wanted it to be rough.
Reaching behind, Buffy took Fang's cock into her hand and directed it to her
pussy. She rubbed it against her clit for a while but it was clear the dog
didn't like being teased like that. She pushed forward suddenly, his hardness
ramming into her warm, wet hole.

As he began thrusting into Buffy, she spread her thighs wider, letting him
get even deeper into her. Before long she was pumping against each of his
powerful thrusts, grunting loudly as the large cock pistoned in and out of
her like a part of a machine. "Oh fuuuuuccckk..." she moaned loudly, suddenly
not caring about waking up anyone in the house. "Fuck me Fang! Fuck me with
your doggie cock! Shhiiittt! That feels so good!" He got the message that she
was enjoying it quickly and started to pump her faster and harder. She
whimpered loudly, throwing her head back and screaming out for more as her
whole body jerked with the impact of his groin banging against her ass. She
came there and then, her pussy muscles tightening around the dog's hard dick,
almost milking him.

Very soon the blonde Slayer could feel his cock get harder and bigger and
his knot started to go inside her. If nothing else, Buffy remembered reading
about this in a text book when she bored during biology class in high school
and figured it may not be a pleasant experience. She reached back and put
her hand in the way of the knot to stop it entering and getting stuck in her
cunt and ripping it apart! She could feel Fang's hot cum blasting out again,
going deep into her hole. She pulled him out fast, but he continued to pump
into her hand and he continued to cum over her pussy lips and ass, even going
all the way up her back. The hot liquid poured out over her thighs and onto
the carpet. She couldn't believe the power his orgasm had! "Yesssss..." Buffy
hissed under her breath. "Shoot your hot cum all over me!" She knew the
animal wouldn't understand what she was saying but it made her feel all the
more dirty!

She fell to the ground, utterly exhausted, only just managing to turn herself
around to face Fang. She smiled contentedly at him and stroked his side.
"Good boy, you're a good boy you know that?" He clearly did but he wasn't
finished yet. Buffy felt the third cock rubbing against her pussy as the dog
tried to find the right spot to push in. The Slayer just didn't care about
remaining in control anymore and spread her legs apart to let Fang do
whatever he wanted to her. The cock slid into her cunt that was still
dripping with her own juices as well as dog cum. "Oh yeah, boy!" she called
out. "I'm your bitch! I'm your vampire Slayer bitch! Oh god, fuck me like a
bitch boy! I'm your slutty bitch!" Fang drove his huge tool deep into her
pussy, thrusting repeatedly as Buffy's body rocked with another orgasm. She
continued to cum over and over. She was so wet that she didn't notice the
knot slip into her hole until it expanded and locked into place. Her tight
pussy was clamping the cum knot in his dick but he couldn't seem to be able
to cum. He fucked harder and harder, desperate to drag his dick from the
human pussy it was trapped in, forcing Buffy into yet another orgasm until
her pussy dilated and his sperm burst forth covering her pussy and stomach
with his cum. It went all the way up to her tits and one shot even went into
her open mouth.

With all of his cocks totally satisfied, Fang walked off leaving Buffy on the
floor panting heavily. Unwittingly the Slayer had been turned into a doggie
cum junkie just like her little sister had been. She was trapped.


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