The story is set during season 4 or Buffy The Vampire Slayer and season 2 of
Charmed. In fact it takes place DURING the Buffy episode New Moon Rising,
where Oz comes back to Sunnydale.

The main female characters are Prue and Phoebe Halliwell. They meet (and
occasionally fuck) a number of the residents of Sunnydale in their
adventurers. So where is Piper when all this happens? That's a different

The story includes F/Demon, F/Vampire (twice!), FFMMM (three times) and FF
sex, as well as magic, non-con, siblings, growth/enlargement and lots of
other fun things.

I would appreciate feedback, suggestions, spelling corrections, grammer
checking, or you can just say "Hey Primal! Cool fic!"

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Charmed In Sunnydale
by Primal


Prudence Halliwell was her name. She was a good looking dark haired woman of
nearly 30. She was also a good witch born with the power to move objects with
her mind and a duty to protect the innocent as one of the Charmed Ones. It
was that last part the she had trouble accepting. Prue wanted a normal life
once. Instead she was sitting on a bus on the way to do battle another
nameless, faceless being of darkness. She often wondered what her life would
have been like if she was a normal woman.

Chapter 1. Snake Dance

Prue stepped off the bus with the rest of the passengers. She was wearing
tight blue jeans and a white blouse, she carried her black purse under her
arm. Her sister Phoebe had had a vision of danger and told her she would be
needed, but Prue didn't think a simple town like Sunnydale could possibly
offer any great evil. Since her sisters Phoebe and Piper had other business
she agreed to check on it and call them if she needed help vanquishing it.
Between her arsenal of spells and her power to move things with her mind,
she had been more then a match for any demon she had encountered so far in
her short career as protector of the innocent.

It didn't take her long to home in on the danger in this seemingly normal
town. There had been a rash of sexual assaults in Sunnydale the last few
weeks. The problem wasn't catching the attacker, they'd already done that,
but then more assaults followed. Each time a seemingly normal person, man
or woman, would suddenly attack some innocent person at night, then claim
they didn't know why the next morning. Something was driving people to turn
into sexual predators and she was here to stop that something.

All the attacks seemed to happen near one particular cemetery in the town,
which strangely had seven of them, so Prue decided to patrol it that night.
As she walked through the rows of gravestones Prue heard a growl from behind
her. She was surprised she wasn't alone. Some blonde high school girl almost
jumped her at one point, but Prue figured she was harmless. Probably some
kid out on a dare. Don't kids have the sense to stay out of danger any more?

Later Prue came some people at a gravestone. There were two people standing
there, a man and a woman, but they didn't seem quite right. Their faces were
messed up, with yellow eyes and thick foreheads with wrinkles. The female
smiled showing pointed nasty teeth, the teeth of a vampire.

"Not safe to be out alone at night around here." The male said.

"Not safe, but definitely tasty." The female laughed.

The female came closer and sniffed Prue, like it was sampling a fine wine.

"Smells good, I like this one."

Prue was terrified, she didn't know why. It was like these unnatural
creatures brought out some inner dread in her.

"What are you doing here?" Came a voice from behind Prue. It was a man with
a British accent. He had short blonde hair, way too blonde, and wore a long
leather coat and a red shirt. He appeared to be carrying a paper grocery bag.

"Spike?" The male vampire called him "I'm taking my lady out for a meal you
have a problem with that?"

Prue realized she was the meal.

"Yeah, I got a problem with that. You keep your hunting out of my back yard,
I don't need the Slayer stepping up patrols near my place, now off with you
before I forget my manners." The man called Spike didn't seem at all afraid
of two vampires. Did he say this was his back yard?

"Word is you don't hunt any more, why should I be afraid of you?" The male
vampire said.

"Word was wrong!" Spike punched the vampire in the face.

Prue took that as her que and lashed out with her powers at the female
vampire. She sent it flying into a tombstone shaped like a cross. The smell
of burning flesh permeated the air as smoke flew from the female vampire's
face, which had contacted the cross. She screamed, and ran off. The male
vampire got up and joined it's companion in running.

"Bloody hell! They made me spill my supper." Spike commented as he picked up
the bag. Inside were several plastic containers filled with red thick blood,
one had broken open.

"What are you?" Prue asked.

"What?" He said, seemingly not noticing her, more concerned with the blood
that had spilled. "What does it look like I am? I'm a vampire. I'm the
baddest vampire in the whole damn city for that matter, you should feel lucky
to be alive, but I'm not in a mood to hunt right now, so bugger off!"

Spike was lying, he couldn't harm a hair on her head thanks to the chip in
his head, but he didn't need to tell her that. He also realized she wasn't
all she seemed. He had seen her move the female vampire with a glance.
Probably a witch.

Prue decided to act tough and see if she could get some information out of
this handsome if somewhat rude vampire. "You live here? I'm looking for
whatever has been causing the sexual assaults around this cemetery."

"Beer and short skirts is what causes it." Spike snapped back.

"No, something is causing people to loose control." She remembered he
mentioned the word Slayer, as if he feared it. "I guess I'll just have to
find the Slayer..."

Spike didn't like that. "Now wait a minute, no need to include her in all
this. Look dear, there's a lust demon been hanging around the other end of
this cemetery. Not a bad bloke, stinks at poker, but he gets his jollies
by biting passers by and turning them into raving loons who hump socks off
anyone that catches their eye. He's the guy you want."

"Show me where he is and I won't mention it at all to the Slayer." Prue
didn't want to be alone. One demon she could handle, but if this town was
a nest, she didn't want to have to face more then one at a time. Besides,
this Spike was attractive.

"Now wait a minute, Merv, that's the lust demon, happens to be a great
source of money for me. Keeps me in kittens, blood and fags with his
constant loosing at cards. If I'm going to loose him I'm going to need
some cash to bide me over."

Prue was shocked. She never thought she'd be standing in a cemetery with
a sexy vampire paying him for the location of a lust demon he played cards
with. Life had gotten so strange since she became a witch. Oh well. She
opened her wallet and offered him a fifty.

Spike took it with a smile and lead her off to the other side of the
cemetery. "Well, he's usually over in that area, have fun." He said glibly
as he spun and left.

Prue was a little upset he was gone so suddenly, leaving her alone in the
darkened cemetery.

She walked for about a minute until she heard a hissing sound, like steam
escaping from behind her. She turned and was faced with the largest snake
she had ever seen. It had a head nearly as large as a man's, and an all too
human face. The eyes were hypnotic, she couldn't move. She muttered and
tried to say something, but she was too afraid.

"Come looking for me did you?" The snake-creature hissed to her. "Well here
I am, I hope you're not disssappointed. You look uncomfortable in those
clothesss, take them off."

Prue tried to resist, but the lust demon was too powerful. She unbuttoned
her blouse, unable to take her eyes off the snake thing.

"Yesss, continue." It urged her as it moved closer, standing up to nearly
it's full length as it approached her. It's tongue flickered out and she
felt it dab her face, it was tasting her!

Prue couldn't believe she was caught in it's trap so easily. She could do
nothing but what it commanded, as she moved her hands to unbutton her pants,
and let them fall to the ground. She was wearing nothing but her white lacy
panties and bra, her pants around her ankles.

The lust demon brought it's tail to meet her left leg, and it slowly wrapped
around her. Her body shivered at it's touch. The body of the snake wrapped
around her now, squeezing her torso gently, it's scales massaging her warm
flesh. This was at the same time the most frightening and most erotic feeling
she ever felt.

The lust demon moved it's head between her breasts and clamped it's teeth at
the center of her bra, it bit down hard, cutting the bra in two and releasing
her bouncing breasts to the cold night air. The demon wrapped a loop of it's
body around one breast and started to kneed it as it's tongue flickered at
the second breast, teasing her.

By this time the whole body of the snake-like creature had surrounded Prue,
and it gently had lowered her to the ground, she was lying on her back as
it reared back it's head and exposed it's fangs with an evil hiss.

Prue was scared so much. She never knew real fear before, as the demon's
mouth shot forward and punctured the flesh of her breast, it's cold venom
pumping into her. The sudden intense pain of the teeth piercing her flesh
awoke her from her trance. Suddenly Prue was able to fight back, but the
demon was too strong. Instinctively she lashed out with her power and aimed
at it's head. Strengthened by the madness of desperation the force of her
power snapped the neck of the lust demon, and it's head went limp, but the
fangs kept pumping their hot venom into Prue. The body started wreathing
around her, sporadically twitching. Prue passed out for a minute, then came
too, the fangs still clamped to her breast. It had pumped in tons of venom.
Prue screamed and clawed her way out of the half-dead demon's grip. Once
she pulled away from it she grabbed her blouse and ran. Her pants were
trapped under it's still twitching body, and she didn't want to go near

Prue discarded the broken bra and put the blouse on, but left it open to
keep the blood trickling down from the bite on her breast from soaking it.
She found a spot under a big tree that shielded her from the half dead
demon body and fell down and cried.

Chapter 2. Hard and Fast

Prue sat there half naked and shivering. She had found the demon she had
come to the town of Sunnydale to vanquish. She had been successful in
killing the beast, but it was the most frightening experience of her life.
She barely survived, and ended up half naked and bitten for her troubles.

The shock suddenly hit her. She had been bitten, by a venomous demon! Not
only that it practically empties both it's venom sacks in her body as it
died. What did that vampire Spike say? "Gets his jollies by biting passers
by and turning them into raving loons who hump socks off anyone that
catches their eye."

"Oh god, why me?" Prue asked as her heart suddenly contracted and she passed
out for a minute. When Prue awoke, surprised to be alive she felt very
different. She was worried an overdose of venom killed her, but now she felt
good. No longer cold in the night air, she was warm, hot even. Hell she was
burning up! Her skin tingled with delight, as she ran her hands up her legs,
up her sides to her breasts, surprised to discover that her tits had probably
grown two full cup sizes thanks to the mystic venom in her blood. She liked
them this way.

She got up off the ground, sweat dripping from her body, the musty scent of
lust coming off her. She needed a man, now! "Where has that wonderful Spike
gone off to?" She asked aloud. "Lets see if he lives up to his namesake!"

Prue made her way back to where she had first encountered Spike, and looked
around. She noticed light coming from one of the crypts. Her head was full
of evil lusty ideas. She'd never screwed the undead before. She needed him
badly. As she approached the door of the crypt her powers threw it open, a
startled Spike nearly jumped from his seat. He was watching the television
and didn't expect to be interrupted by a half naked sex starved witch.

With a wave of her hand Prue's power threw Spike back onto the top of the
casket. "Look Missy, you asked to know where Merv was, I sent showed you
where, no need to get violent!" With a wave of her hand the clothes on his
body were painfully ripped apart, exposing him. He noticed the bite on her
breast and realized what must of happened. "Oh, so he did get you? Well
then I guess you want..." Spike started to smile. A shred of his torn pants
snaked up around his head and gagged him, as others tied his hands and feet.
Prue's power bound him with his town clothes.

Prue moved in on her prey, taking his soft prick in her hands and putting
it in her mouth. In was almost immediately hard.

Spike let the demon inside him take control. His face shifted and with it
his manhood also changed. Prue didn't know that when vampires change to
their demon face their dicks also become engorged like this - all bumpy and
hard, more then a humans, but she was happy to learn it. The massive prick
nearly choked her as it grew to overfill her throat in moments.

She pulled herself off it and looked with surprise. "Well, I'm sure I can
find a good use for this bad boy!" She said as she moved up to sit on top
of the helpless Spike. She hovered with her still covered pussy over Spike
monstrous tool, then moved her fingers inside her panties, stroking her
wetness in eager anticipation for the intrusion soon to come. She pulled
her panties to one side and moved her pussy lips over the curved head. It
was cold, not like a human's. Once it was inside her moist waiting body
she slammed down hard on it, savoring the pain and pleasure, enhanced to
inhuman levels by the venom pumping through her system.

Spike could smell the blood on her breast as she pleasured herself on him,
humping up and down with reckless abandon. She was like a machine pounding
Spike's poor tool until he couldn't take it any more and he released into
her. Wave after wave of vampire cum pumped into her body as Prue shook with
her own orgasm, flooding his body with sticky moist wetness. Spike passed
out under the assault and changed back to human form, his dick deflating to
a fraction of it's old size inside her. The bonds relaxed and freed Spike
as the both fell asleep, nearly naked against each other, totally sated.

Chapter 3. Soft and Slow

Prue awoke slowly a half hour later to the sound of soft sucking and a slight tickle on her chest, she practically
jumped up from where she lie when she opened her eyes and saw the vampire licking the wound on her breast,
she pulled away.

"Hey!" Spike yelled.

"No way hell I'm letting you drink my blood." She shot back. Prue nearly fell to the ground as her legs gave out.
Their was a throbbing pain between her legs, and she recalled what she had done to herself and was thankful she
could stand at all. Her breasts ached now that they had returned to normal size.

"Oh come on, It's been ages since I have some fresh human blood, and it's not like I was hurting you, I just
wanted a little taste, for old time sake. You liked it, admit it.

She didn't want to say so, but the feel of her on him, licking and sucking her flesh was very actually very good
feeling. She thought she must still have that venom in her system to even think such things. Then the tingling
started. The sudden shot of adrenaline in her system was all it would take for the venom to take hold of her
again. Despite the pain, all she could think of was the wonderful chunk of man standing before her in tattered
clothing. "Oh, I'll let you have a little, but before that you have to make better use of that wonderful tongue of
yours." Prue reached down and pulled off the stretched and battered pair of panties she had had sex around and
then sat back on an old wooden chair Spike had set up for watching television and spread her legs. She cooed as
the rush and pain and pleasure hit her
. Her breasts enlarged again as the venom started to pump through her system. Spike moved forward her and
went down on Prue's battered and dripping snatch.

Prue was amazed how very talented and gentle Spike was at administrating oral sex. It was a bonus that vampires
need not breath. He got her off several times before he finally came up, face glistening with her fluids. Spike got
up and grabbed an old beer bottle, broke it sharply against the crypt floor and handed a jagged piece to her. With
an almost pleading look in his eyes, Prue found it hard not to give the demon his due. She took the jagged bottle
and ran it across hand, making a nasty cut in her palm. Spike quickly moved to the cut and sucked gently. She
could tell he was finding the whole experience sexual, and his prick became hard as he sucked her blood. He
rubbed himself against her leg like some sort of dog in heat and shot off a cold wad that dripped down to the floor
off her naked calf.

After the small cut clotted Spike reluctantly removed himself from her and went to get himself some clothes. "Let's
get you cleaned up." He said, almost with compassion that should be impossible for a vampire. He pulled out a box
of baby skin wipes and preceded to clean every inch of Prue's naked body. Her breasts started to shrink back to
normal size as the surge of venom enhanced adrenaline subsided and her senses returned.

Feeling extremely satisfied is a little embarrassed by her actions, Prue gathered the rags of her clothes and walked
out of the crypt, not looking back.

Outside she walked to find the dead body of the snake-like lust demon, still lying on her pants. She felt anger, but
was too tired to act on it. "What the hell did you do to me?" She asked the dead demon. No answer. It took all
her strength to merely move the body aside with her power enough to get the pants back. She dressed and tried
to make herself look presentable. She found her purse, which had been thrown during the struggle with the

She made her way to the nearest motel and crashed, sleeping the nights events off.

Chapter 4. Falling Down

In San Francisco Phoebe wondered how her sister Prue was doing. She picked up a picture of her and a vision
rushed into her head. It showed her sister dressed in leather with a whip like a dominatrix. Bloodied and dying men
and women all around her with an evil grin on her face. Her vision zoomed in on the exposed left breast of her
leather-clad sister and she saw the scars of the bite on her. "Oh my god! What is happening to her?" Phoebe
rushed to pack her stuff and get herself to Sunnydale A.S.A.P.

It seemed like fate itself was conspiring to stop Phoebe from helping her sister. Phoebe's car broke down several
hours away from Sunnydale and she was left with a long walk ahead of her. As she was about to give up she
spied a van approaching. As it got to her it slowed and the door opened. Phoebe got inside, happy to get a ride
from anyone at this point. When she looked she was happy to see a small but dashing looking fellow behind the

"I'm Oz, you need a lift?" He said.

"Yes, I'm on my way to Sunnydale, you know where that is?" Phoebe said with a bit of a blush.

"Yes, yes I do." He replied as he put the van back on gear and resumed driving.

There was silence for about an hour until they started talking. Once they did they really hit it off. Phoebe was
struck by the sincerity of her savior. He said she reminded him of her former girlfriend, which she took as a
compliment. He told her a story of his meeting Willow. Phoebe could tell he held some parts back, but she didn't
pry. Everyone had their secrets. She told him of her sister's trip to Sunnydale and how she had a feeling she was
in trouble. He didn't ask, he merely accepted her at her word on that.

After some time on the road Oz pulled over to the shoulder. He asked if Phoebe was hungry and she said yes. He
handed her a wrapped sandwich and a can of pop. After they ate Phoebe realized how tense he was. She decided
to do something about it. "You need to get rid of all this stress if you are going back to meet your girlfriend." Her
hand moved down to the crotch of his pants.

"That's okay really, I shouldn't..." but the instinct in Oz was mightier then his reasoning. His voice trailed off with
the sound of his pants unzipping.

Phoebe worked his small but well shaped prick in her mouth. She liked the taste of cock. It was one of her favorite
things. She worked his prick in her mouth, making it rock hard. Oz places his hands on her head. Phoebe could
swear he was panting like a dog! After a few minutes Oz jerked in his seat and unloaded in her willing mouth. As
his cream hit Phoebe so did a powerful vision.

She was seeing the past. She saw Willow through Oz's eyes. To him she was perfection. She could feel his
warmth and love for her. Then she saw a small boy biting Oz. Then the image of the full moon and intense pain as
Oz changed into a beast. She then saw Oz kiss Willow as she accepted him for what he was. Then intense anger
and pain, a vision of a woman called Veruca, another werewolf. As the beast he'd fucked her and killed her and
then nearly killed Willow! That was why he had left.

"You okay?" Oz asked. Phoebe wanted to say no, it was probably one of the most intense visions she ever had.
The sperm dribbled down her cheek. He offered her a paper towl to clean off. She then downed the last of her
drink and looked at Oz. "That was some climax Ozzy boy."

She didn't know how to explain it. She just decided honesty was best. She confessed being a witch. Oz merely
nodded and accepted it. She told him about her visions, and what she saw. He was a little embarrassed by having
himself revealed to a total stranger, but he really had taken a shinning to this young witch. So much like his
Willow yet so different. He told her of his story. His trip to Tibet, where he met a monk who was also a werewolf,
learned to control his changes.

When they arrived in Sunnydale later it was like the two of them were best of friends. He dropped her off at a
motel that she had a feeling her sister would be at.

"Good luck with Willow, I really hope you two work things out." She said shyly to him. Her feelings were torn on
that. She wanted to see the two of them happy, but she was very attracted to him herself.

"Thanks, really." He said.

Before he could get back in the van she kissed him right on the lips. He seemed shocked at first, then enjoyed it.
She was a very good kisser and he liked the smell of her almost as much as he liked Willow's. Phoebe got another
vision. Oz and Willow were saying good-bye. A bit of a tear rolled down her cheek as she realized that he wasn't
going to win her back today. Willow had met someone else while Oz was gone, a blonde woman. She didn't tell
him, he had to try and nothing she said would stop him. "For luck." She said shyly and with only a smile Oz walked
back into his van and drove away.

Phoebe went to the front desk and described her sister and found out where she was staying. She made her way
to the room. The door was unlocked. She walked to see the shocking figure of her naked sister lying on the bed.
She was asleep but breathing quickly and the sheets were soaked with her perspiration. She wasn't well, and then
she saw the bite on her breast and knew it was the reason.

She quietly approached the sleeping form of Prue and ran her fingers across the bite. Another vision grabbed
Phoebe and she saw and felt what had happened. The lust demon, being controlled, the bite - too much venom,
the mind numbing compulsion to screw. The nerve splitting orgasms at the hands of Spike, her feelings of shame.
Phoebe could feel the intense pleasure Prue had as if it was her own.

Phoebe knew her sister would be asleep for another few hours, but when she awoke she would again be under
control of the overdose of mind altering venom. Phoebe needed to restrain her and then purge the mystic
substance from her system. She had to burn it out of her, use up all the venom at once, or it would drive Prue
slowly insane.

Phoebe left quietly and made her way to the town shopping strip, she needed to buy a few things to restrain her
sister as she worked the venom out of her system.

Chapter 5 - Strange allies.

Phoebe walked into the only adult novelty store in Sunnydale. She purchased sets of chains, paddles, a nice whip,
nipple clamps, and other things. The things she would need to work the poison out of Prue's system. While there
Phoebe was stopped by a nice woman named Anya. "You look like a sensible woman" Anya stated very matter-of
-factly. "When you have your boyfriend tied to a bed for the first time, should you whip him for a while or do him
with a strap-on right away?" Anya held up a riding crop and a large strap on dildo contraption.

Phoebe was shocked by the question, but she tried to keep her cool "Why don't you whip him first, and then
finger his ass for a while. He is likes that come back for the strap-on next time."

Anya smiled "Good idea, thank you very much." After Anya left Phoebe picked up the strap-on contraction and
purchased it along with some other things. This was an odd town.

Then she headed to the local magic shop and got some herbs she knew would help. She had to wait behind some
odd older British guy who seemed to be haggling over the markup on holy items.

Then she needed one last thing. As good as she was, she was a woman, and this really called for a man's touch.
Preferably several men. Sadly she didn't have much time, so she grabbed the first guy she saw on the street.

"Hey, what's your name?" She said to the short dark haired teen who walked by.

"Me? I'm Jonathan. Is there a problem? I'm sorry". He was meek and somewhat jumpy. Probably not used to
beautiful women noticing him.

Phoebe decided she might need more help. "Listen, can you get say... two of your friends... and have them join
me here?" She handed him a note with the motel and room number. "It has to be within the hour, and I'll be
wearing this." She showed him the leather thong undies in her shopping bag.

"Um, yeah, sure." Jonathan didn't believe his luck.

"So, get going! I need some men, the hornier the better! Go go go!" She ushered him away.

After Phoebe got back to the motel she quickly changed into the leather gear she bought. She chained Prue to
the bed and blindfolded her. Just in time too, because Prue woke up.

"Where I am? Who's there? Let me go! I need to... fuck." Prue strained at her ropes.

Phoebe stuffed a ball gag in Prue's mouth. "Sorry sis, but in your condition, you'll probably kill someone. I need to
burn this infection out of you, and the only way to do that is for you to be dominated completely."

Phoebe pulled out a knife and cut the remnants of Prue's clothes from her body. Leaving her naked body spread
eagle on the bed. Then she heard a knock on the door.

Phoebe opened the door to see Jonathan and two other guys standing there. Upon seeing her in her leather gear
their jaws dropped. "Who are your friends Jonathan?" Phoebe asked.

"Um, this is Andrew and Warren."

Pathetic... Phoebe figured they'd have to do. "Come in guys, they party is about to begin. Take off your clothes
and let me introduce you three to my sister Prue."

Prue was grunting and tugging at her bonds. Phoebe just giggled. "Don't mind her, she's into humiliation. That's
why you three are here. Now let's get it on boys.

Phoebe started with Jonathan. She pulled down his pants and his prick bobbed into her face. She hardly needed
to stroke it to get it fully hard. Then she guided him to Prue.

"You sure it's okay?" He wondered aloud.

"Would you just stick it in her already! Just make sure to tell me when you're ready to cum." Phoebe said irritated.

That was all Jonathan needed, as he mounted Prue's goddess like body and started humping her. Prue needed sex,
but she wanted to do the fucking. This was humiliating. She hated it, and why wasn't this guy any bigger! She
barely started to enjoy it when he said "I'm gonna cum."

Phoebe moved quickly, pulling him off Prue and locking her lips on his prick. She caught his whole load in her mouth
and then spit it in a small ornate bowl she had picked up at the magic shop.

"Well, who is next? Andrew?"

Andew was naked in a flash and bouncing on Prue like a rabbit in seconds. Prue was even more disgusted by his
quickness. Again Phoebe caught his load in her mouth and spit in it the bowl.

"You're up Warren."

Warren wasn't quite as bad as the others. He at least had some stamina. In fact Phoebe was getting impatient
and grabbed him by the balls and squeezed him with one hand and slapped him with a paddle with the other. That
was all he needed as he screamed "I'm cuming."

With that Phoebe started over again with Jonathan. She had the teens fucking her sister in turns, never letting
her rest.

Phoebe caught every load and mixed it in the bowl. "Well thanks boy for helping out. You were all real troopers."

Warren protested "That's it?"

Jonathan agreed "What about you?"

Phoebe admitted to herself she needed a good fucking after what she saw, but with these three geeks? Did they
have anything left in them? "What the hell!" They would probably last a while now that they got their rocks off a
few times.

Phoebe laid Jonathan on the ground under her and mounted him, Then she instructed Warren to slide his cock in
her ass as she gestured for Andew to kneel in front her so she could blow him. All three pricks in her holes were
enough to get her off, all three lasted longer then before. Soon Phoebe was screaming with ecstacy.

After they finished and rested for a minute Phoebe got up and told them to get going. "I need to be alone with my

"Um, can we watch?" Jonathan asked Mindy.

"NO! Now get going before I call the cops and tell them you raped me and my sister." With that the trio left.

Phoebe went over to the bowl she had used and sprinkled the herbs she had picked up. Sperm mixed with ancient
oils and herbs, and it turned a strange pink color. It was supposed to cause the most powerful orgasm possible in
a person. Hopefully this would burn the venom out of Prue.

Phoebe then picked up a turkey baister and a strap on dildo she had purchased. The dildo was the kind that you
could put a liquid in to fake climaxing with. With one squeeze you could shoot inside a woman like a real prick.

She loaded up the baister, the dildo, and then poured the rest of the potion on Prue wound. It hissed and burned
on Prue's flesh.

"Well, sorry Prue, but there is no other way to get it in your system. I really never thought I'd be doing this to you
in a motel." Phoebe then mounted her sister and slid the dildo in the warm cunt. Phoebe fucked Prue slowly and
deeply for what seemed like an eternity. Then as Prue was about to climax she shot off the load of potion deep in
her body, at the same time using the turkey baister to flush potion in the hole of the ball gag on her face. Prue
sucked the potion in her cunt and throat as she rocked with orgasm like none she had ever experienced. The
whole building shook with Prue power as she became the center of her own world.

Phoebe smiled with satisfaction. "You really cum like a bitch in heat Prue." She pulled off the ball gag. "You back
among the normal Prue?"

"Normal? You mean except for being naked, tied to a bed in a motel, with my sister's dildo still inside me? Yeah, I'm
fine" She said sarcastically.

"Glad to see you back." Phoebe smiled and kissed her sister as she took off the blindfold.

"Now would you mind getting that thing out of me Pheebs?"

"I don't know, I kinda like being on top" She thrust the dildo out and in again hard.

Prue purred with pleasure. "Okay, I'm going to give you an hour to stop that."

Phoebe again fucked her sister into orgasm. This time it was sweet and gentle.

As Phoebe finished her sister she helped take off the restraints. Prue's hands reached for Phoebe's hot flesh as
they embraced.

Suddenly Phoebe felt herself being thrown to the bed. "Oh you are so going to pay Phoebe" Prue said with a giggle
as she strapped Phoebe into the bed chains and giggled. Prue slid down her body and started to lap her younger
sister's cunt.

"Okay, I'm going to give you an hour to stop that." Phoebe squeeled.



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