Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

Summary: Faith leaves Sunnydale and ends up in San Francisco where she meets
the Halliwell sisters. What happens then? Well, the title pretty much says it

Timeline: For Charmed somewhere near the end of season 2 - For BtVS during
season 3, just before Bad Girls (S03E14) happened.

Notes: This story is told from Faith's POV.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Faith Fucks The Charmed Ones
Part 1 - Meeting The Halliwells (no sex)
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Things were getting kinda tense between me and the Scoobies, making me decide
to take a break from the whole Sunnyhell thing... At first I considered
headin' back to Boston, but I quickly changed my mind about that. It's not
like I actually had something to go back to there... Besides, I was getting
kinda hooked on the whole California experience: the sun, the sea, the chicks
in skimpy outfits... It just sorta made me GET the Beach Boys lyrics - if I
wasn't WAY too cool to ever listen to the Beach Boys, that is.

Anyhow, I travelled around a bit and finally ended up in San Francisco.
Pretty cool city, with plenty of opportunities for some girl-on-girl action,
so it seemed like the perfect place to hang. No shortage of slaying, either:
not a night went by that I didn't get to beat the crap outta some vamps or
demon. But those baddies weren't even the biggest problem in this town.

For some reason, San F. was crawling with some kinda demon/witches
half-breeds called "warlocks": hard-to-kill mother fuckers with some nasty
powers, who seemed to be drawn to this city like Xander to a donut. Just like
vamps, most of them looked human - right till the point when they suddenly
try flambeing your ass with fireballs.

It didn't take me long to figure out that a stake through the heart just
doesn't cut it with these guys. But chopping off their heads with my trusty
axe that I "borrowed" from Giles, worked lika charm! And luckily, they're
polite enough not to leave a collection of human-looking body parts lying
around for the cops to find after I slay 'em. Once dead, they clean up just
as nicely as vamps, only way cooler. Some of these suckers go up in flames,
others explode - or implode - into a billion pieces, some even do a kick-ass
light show before hightailing it to Hell.

Fucking weird, but whatever...

It was while fighting one these nasty fuckers that I suddenly got some
unexpected help from three witches. Now, I've had a bit of experience with
witches before. That's one of the "benefits" of living in Sunnydale,
eventually you'll encounter just about any magical creature there is. And
let's not forget that Red's an aspiring witch. But these witches were unlike
any other I've seen... and they made one helluva first impression!

* * *

I was out patrolling in one of San F.'s many parks, when I came across this
woman picking weeds - or maybe they were herbs, I dunno. And why she felt
the need to do a little gardening at midnight, in a public park, I've got no
fucking clue either - but I don't think she deserves to be killed for it.

Someone else seemed to disagree.

Suddenly this guy appears out of nowhere and tries to make a shish kebab
outta the poor bitch using this big-ass dagger. Or should I say poor witch,
'cause that's what that warlock guy called her.

Well, if she is a witch then she didn't have much in the power department,
'cause all she did was scream and run for her life with the warlock dude
following after her, calling out lame-assed threats.

He was pretty melodramatic too, all: "Your life is forfeited and your powers
will be MINE witch!" Sheesh! Gimme a freakin' break. This guy obviously read
way too many comic books growing up.


Okay, I admit it, I like comic books too, but I don't make it a way of life
like some people do - for example, this guy.

It's too bad he's such an obvious closet comic book nerd - Oh, and a demonic
killer as well - 'cause he looked damn fine. Buff build, wavy brown hair you
just wanna run your fingers through, and an incredibly handsome face... I'm
telling ya, this guy could be a Calvin Klein underwear model, except he was
wearing a dark Armani suit (sure, you can say a whole lotta nasty things
about these warlocks, but DAMN! Most of them really know how to dress), and
he's more likely to be employed by the devil, or one of Satan's little
minions, then Calvin Klein (yeah, I know, but I'm sure there IS a

Hmm, now where the hell was I?! Oh, right! This hippie chick is being chased
through the park by a knife-wielding maniac/comic book fanatic/warlock... and
I considered this the perfect time to jump from the bushes and show this
nutter that mine's way bigger then his - by which I mean my axe.

So I leapt in front of him and gave a mighty swing with my axe in the
direction of his neck... Then, with the blade of the axe only an inch away
from his neck, the bastard suddenly disappeared (Man! I really HATE enemies
who teleport - damn cheats!). So instead of chopping off his head, like it
shoulda, the axe swung around and went right through a tree trunk - cutting
off the top half of the tree with one fell swoop.

Whoa! This must be one of those Gin-Su axes that can cut through anything.

Hippie chick takes a moment from her fleeing to call out to me that Mother
Nature is my friend and I should treat her with more respect. She seemed
about to continue her lecture when knife-wielding warlock reappeared (which
I considered damn good timing on his part) and she quickly scurried away.

Warlock-dude turns to me, all upset for some reason, and decides to exchange
his knife for some nifty lightning bolts, which he then proceeds to throw my

So there I was, dodging freakin' lightning bolts like Xena in that episode
when Callisto has all these cool, godlike powers.

Let me tell ya, after being in the exact same spot: I don't get how Xena
could've won that fight so easily, 'cause for me, things were beginning to
look pretty fucking bad with that lightning bolt throwing maniac blowing up
every bit of cover I could hide behind.

The bastard had a pretty good aim too, and already managed to nick me twice
with a bolt, almost turning me into extra-crispy Faith... when, suddenly,
help appeared in the form of three beautiful women.

For a moment there I thought I'd died and went to heaven - then I noticed
that warlock-dude was still present, which pretty much ruled out the heaven
thing. He'd spotted the gorgeous gals as well and abruptly stopped pelting
me with lightning bolts, instead turning his full attention to the new

Can't say I blame him, 'cause they looked damn noticeable.

Not only did they dress like they're about to attend a movie premiere (two
of them were actually wearing high stiletto heels way past midnight in the
middle of a freakin' park!), all three of them were incredibly good-looking.

Apparently, warlock-dude had a former run-in with the glamorous ladies 'cause
he recognized them instantly.

"The Charmed Ones!" he vehemently hissed while taking a threatening step in
their direction. Wow! This guy has a real flair for the dramatics. Only thing
missing is a cape he can use as a prop.

There was this moment of total silence as the three women and warlock-dude
glared at each other... Then, all of a sudden, warlock-dude lets out this
loud roar that literally shook the surrounding trees and hurled a huge
lighting bolt straight at them.

Just before the big-assed bolt reached them, the long-haired cutie on the
left quickly raised her hands, making the bolt freeze in midair a couple of
feet before them. Half a second later, the angry-looking one in the middle
sends the bolt flying back to its master with a casual wave of her hand.

The lightning bolt crashed into warlock-dude's chest, making him fly back
across the clearing.

Before he could get up, the three witches stepped closer, holding hands while
they chanted:

"Warlock Garnoth, we banish thee!"
"Leave this Earthly realm, never to return."
"As we command, so shall it be - by the Power of Three!"

Okay, that must be some of the most god-awful rhyming I've ever heard! Have
to admit, though, the results were pretty impressive. Warlock-dude started
screaming like his hair's on fire... seconds later, not only his hair but
also the rest of him actually IS on fire! Then, with a loud thunderous noise,
his flaming remains were sucked into the ground, and warlock-dude was a

Bye, warlock-dude! Our relationship was a short, yet intense one. But, let's
face it: with a name like "Garnoth" it never coulda worked between us,

Coming out from behind my hiding place - one of the few trees left standing
in a fifty yard radius - I gave the three cute chicks a friendly wave, and
went over to retrieve my trusty axe that I was forced to drop earlier.

Picking it up, I quickly examined it and wiped some dirt from the blade.
Looking up, I noticed that the three witches were eyeballing me, looking a
bit baffled, like they've no freakin' clue what to do. Kinda like the look
B often gets during a lengthy research session. Guess they weren't expecting
any company at their magic show.

The three shared a long look, then slowly headed my way. When they're only
3-4 yards away from me, they suddenly stopped and didn't come any closer -
keeping a safe distance between us.

Hmm, maybe the huge battleaxe I'm holding is making me look somewhat

"Uh... are you okay?" the right one - the brunette with the biggest tits of
the three - asked, eyeing my scorch marks with a worried look.

I gave the cutie my most dazzling smile. "Five by Five. Thanks for askin',

The three witches shared another look, then the middle one spoke up, "Look,
you're probably wondering what that was all about... and I--"

"Nah, not really," I cut in. "It's pretty obvious that you're witches who
hunt warlocks - same as I do."

My little revelation only seemed to confuse them even more.

"You're also a witch?" the middle one questioned somewhat sceptically while
eyeing my axe.

"Nope. I'm a vampire slayer - THE vampire slayer. But I basically hunt all
kinda supernatural baddies."

Flashing the glamorous ladies a confident grin, I threw my axe up in the
air - letting it spin around a few times before catching it again, while all
the time keeping my eyes on the girls.

"And this is one of my "tools of the trade"."

"So vampires also exist?!" the left one groaned.

"'fraid so, cutie." I smirked. Couldn't help it. That one is really adorable.

Her face turned all red, which made her look even more adorable.

The black-haired beauty in the middle cleared her throat. "Anyhow... like you
already guessed, we're witches. We're also sisters, and are known as the
Charmed Ones - mostly by the demons and warlocks that we vanquish. My name is
Prue, I'm the eldest. The cutie here is actually named Piper. And this little
vixen is my youngest sister Phoebe."

The youngest - Phoebe - smirked at her big sister, and gave me a little wink.
"Nice to meet ya!"

"Likewise," I grinned. "I'm Faith."

The young witch shot me a bright smile. "Cool name! Faith the Vampire

Normally, I don't smile that much - just not my thing - but she had such a
great smile, I automatically found myself smiling back.

"Yeah, it sure as hell beats "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"."

They looked at me kinda puzzled.

"Private joke," I clarified.

Phoebe smirked, and then turned her attention to my tits - or to the scorch
mark close beneath them - could be either one. "Are you sure you're okay?
That burn looks nasty, and so does the one on your thigh."

"No biggie," I reassured her. "We Slayers heal quick."

"I thought you said you're THE Slayer - as in the only one," the eldest
sister remarked. Hmm, pretty observant that one.

"Yeah, well... there's supposed to be only one Slayer," I began explaining,
"that's what the prophecy is all about."

"What prophecy?" Prue questioned.

"Hmm, let's see... Oh, right: "In every generation there is a chosen one. She
alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness.
She is... the Slayer!" ... and that's about it."

I shot them a smirk. "Pretty lame 'ey? Anyhow, the way it works is that some
girl gets to be the Slayer, which basically means she's much stronger and
faster then the average human. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it... but at the
same time she also gets shafted with the sacred duty to slay vamps, demons
and other assorted supernatural baddies... Anyhow, the fun usually lasts for
a couple of years, by that time she's likely to get done in by some mega
nasty demon or vamp, and another girl becomes the Slayer. It's been going
like that for several millennia... Then, a couple of years back, the current
Slayer got killed as well, but instead of staying dead like the others, she
was revived a couple of minutes later... by then, another Slayer had already
been called. So then there were two."

Prue nodded thoughtfully. "And are you that second Slayer, or the one that
was revived?"

"Neither, actually. That second Slayer got killed by a master vampire about
a year after she was called, making me the next Slayer."

"So now there are still two Slayers?" Phoebe asked.

"Yup, and I'm guessin' it's probably gonna stay that way until B bites the
big one."


"Short for Buffy - that's the name of the Slayer who came back from the

"Poor girl," Piper said, looking a bit teary-eyed after hearing my cliff
notes version of Slayer history. I know just how ya feel, hon. I remember
back when Giles gave me the - lengthy - version of this story, I was bored
to tears as well.

I shot her a sympathetic smile. "Yeah, tell me about, I'd hate to be stuck
with a name like Buffy."

"I was actually referring to the dying part," Piper clarified.

"Oh... well, in that case, the one you really should be feeling sorry for is
Kendra. She's the one who died and DIDN'T get revived."

Piper blushed again.

Heh. She looks so darn cute when she does that.

"Personally, I'm feeling kinda sorry for all you Slayers," Prue stated.
"Sounds like you girls got an even lousier deal from The Powers That Be then
we did."

"Yeah," Phoebe chimed in. "At least we've got each other, and something
resembling a life."

I shrugged. "Whatcha gonna do? Suing them is pretty much outta the question."

"Well, the first thing we're gonna do, is getting those wounds of yours taken
care off," Prue announced in a tone that allowed for no argument. "They look
way too serious to remain unattended, no matter how well you heal."

Whoa! Sounds like this Prue is a real "take charge" kinda gal.

Mmmm, I like that!

Next thing that happened, managed to surprise even me - and I've seen a LOT
of weird shit. The shy, cute chick suddenly starts calling out, "Leo! Leo!
LEO!!" like she hasn't got all her marbles in place.

And just when I'm about to ask her sisters if it isn't time for lil' Piper's
medication, this twirl of blue-white lights appeared, which moments later
formed into a really good-looking guy, casually dressed in jeans and a

"Hey girls, what's going on?" he asked while directing a smile at the three

"Hey, Leo!" Piper greeted him warmly. "We've got someone in need of a little

Turning to me, she announced, "Faith, this is Leo."

"Hey." I saluted him with my axe and he took a quick step back.

Yeah, this battleaxe definitely makes me look kinda unapproachable. Maybe
painting it pink would... Nah! Screw it! That would be a waste of a perfectly
good axe.

Turning back to the hunky (and also jumpy) guy, Piper continued the
introductions, "Leo, meet Faith, she's a Vampire Slayer."

He nervously smiled and gave me a little wave. "Uh... Nice to meet you,

"Leo's our white-lighter," Piper explained. "He watches over us and helps us
when needed."

Hmm, judging from the sappy tone in cutie's voice, and the lovey-dovey look
she and light-boy are sharing, I'm betting they've got something goin' on.

"All witches have one," Phoebe clarified.

What?! Okay, this just pisses me off!

"Damn! So every witch gets their own personal little boy toy?! All we Slayers
get is a watcher - and most of them are senior citizens!"

Piper started blushing again while Prue and Phoebe looked like they're
trying to keep from laughing. Light-boy, on the other hand, looked downright

He got all huffed up, which was kinda neat to watch.

"Hey!! Excuse me! I'm NOT a boy toy!" Light-boy fiercely declared.

Whoa! You'd think I'd just insulted his manhood or something...

Heh. Funny stuff.

"He really isn't," Prue came to Light-boy's defence, while trying to hide the
smirk on her face. "Leo's sort of our magical protector. He heals us whenever
we get injured in the line of duty, and is also our link to the elders who -
occasionally - provide us with information about the latest magical threat."

"And as an added bonus he also does a lot of work around the house," Piper
put in.

"Yeah, and he also does Piper," Phoebe helpfully added.

Heh. I KNEW IT! And there's that pretty blush on Piper's cheeks again - and
on her boyfriend's cheeks as well.

"PHOEBE!!" Piper cried out mortified while aiming a punch at her little
sister's arm.

"Oww!!! That hurts!" Rubbing the sore spot on her arm, Phoebe poked Piper's
arm. "See how you like it!"

Piper instantly returned the favour.

I looked on with interest at what had plenty of potential to become a
full-blown catfight, when Prue quickly stepped in between her bickering
sisters and calmed things down.

"Hey! We summoned Leo to heal Faith, not you two! So take it easy, and let's
remember we have company here."

What?! Not even a couple good bitch-slaps?

*sigh* Killjoy. I so love a good catfight.

Big sister then turned her attentions to me and light-boy. "Can you heal
those burn marks, Leo?"

Light-boy stepped closer, and after quickly looking over my wounds he nodded.
"Sure, no problem."

Looks like light-boy has some pretty cool mojo besides the lightshow I saw
earlier: he raised his hands to the burn mark on my belly and a bright,
yellow light shone from them. When the light touched the burned skin, the
throbbing pain I felt disappeared. And a couple of seconds later, my skin
was completely healed.

And not only was my skin healed, but my shirt as well! Wow! That's pretty
wicked. If he can heal my shirt then maybe he could have a go at my favourite
leather jacket that some inconsiderate vamp tore up.

But I should probably wait till he's over that boytoy thing before asking.

After taking care off the burn mark on my belly he healed the burn on my leg
AND my leather pants. Now this is some useful magic!

"Hey, thanks man! This sure beats Slayer healing and shopping for new

"You're welcome," he smiled.

Light-boy seems pretty cool. If he and cutie weren't already together, doing
the down the dirty, I'd happily give him a taste of my own special brand of
magic... After all, there's really no better way to thank a guy than with a
good, hard fuck, I always say.

Suddenly, light-boy got this concentrated look on his face and perked his
ears like he's Lassie.

"Uh-oh, I've got to go, I'm getting a summons from the Elders," he declared
while giving the gals an apologetic look. Hurrying over to Piper, he gave her
a quick kiss. "I'm sorry I can't stay longer, Piper."

She kissed him back and smiled. "Don't worry about it, I'll see you tonight."

Awww, how sweet... too bad it's giving me flashbacks of Angel and B's
freakin' soap opera relationship. Ugh!

Once again, light-boy did his lightshow, only now in reverse. As he began to
disappear he waved at us. "Bye girls!"

"Bye, Leo!" the three sisters called out together.

"Later, dude," I said while giving him a friendly wave with my axe.

And then he was gone.

* * *

Shortly after light-boy made himself scarce, the three sisters had a little
powwow to decide what to do with me. They huddled together a bit farther from
me - but not far enough to stop my slayer-hearing from picking up every word
they said.

Hmmm, maybe I should've mentioned my super-sensitive hearing when I told them
about Slayers? Oh, well... no harm no foul!

"So, whaddaya think?" the youngest witch -Phoebe- asked.

"About what?" the oldest sister -Prue- replied.

"About Faith, of course," Phoebe said, "and what she told us about Slayers:
one girl to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of

Big sister appeared to consider that question before shrugging. "Honestly?
I'm not sure... the whole "sacred duty thing", fighting the forces of
darkness, sounds like something straight out of a comic book..."

"But so does our very own Charmed Ones' prophecy, which coincidently sounds
a whole lot like the Slayers' story," Piper cut in.

"That's a pretty good point," Prue conceded.

Phoebe nodded. "Exactly. So I think we should give her the benefit of the
doubt, at least until we've had Leo check out her story."

Aha! Maybe that's what that "summons from the elders" was all about -
checkin' my credentials.

"Okay, but what do we do in the meantime?" Piper questioned. "Have her stay
at the manor?"

"Why? She obviously already has a place to stay," Prue said. "She just told
us she's been here for almost a week - I don't think she slept on a bench in
a park that whole time."

"Yeah, but she might need our help," Phoebe said. "I'll bet it's no
coincidence that we ran into her here, she must be an innocent we have to

An innocent? Me? Heh. I think that's the first time I've EVER been called

"She looks like she can take care of herself, Phoebe."

You've got that right!

"But if she does need our help then its best if she stays in the manor, where
we can keep an eye on her," Piper suggested.

Hmm, sounds like cutie is the mediator of the three.

UberSister still didn't seem convinced, so Piper and Phoebe aimed their big,
brown puppy-dog eyes on their big sis and pleadingly looked at her until she
caved in, which didn't take long.

"Okay, okay! She can stay," Prue exclaimed, throwing up her hands in disgust.
"Damn cheats! You know I can't say no when you look at me like that."

The two younger witches giggled and high-fived each other.

Heh. Cute. It's at times like this, I'm really wishing I also had some
siblings I could share those kinda moments with - especially sisters like
these. And that's not the only thing I wish could be different about my

Oh well... Life's a bitch, and then you die.

Having finished their little get-together, the glamorous gals headed back
over to me and announced their proposal to take me, the poor lil stray
Slayer, into their home.

I acted all surprised and reluctant to go with them - but I didn't make it
difficult for them to convince me, though... I mean, free room and board
don't sound half bad when you're living in some fleabag motel you can hardly
afford. And when it's offered by three gorgeous women, then it's not a tough

So after playing hard to get for a bit, I accepted their offer and followed
them to their car.

During the ride to their place, I started chatting up the sisters - to see
what they're about... Got to say, the longer I talked to them, the more I got
to like them - and considering that I basically liked them already from the
moment we met, these are some pretty -unusual- strong feelings for me. Only
other person I've felt these kinda intense feelings for after just meeting
'em, is B. And I always figured that's because we're both Slayers.

But enough of this touchy-feely crap...

It's actually Phoebe who talked the most during the ride; she's like this
little bundle of energy, practically bouncing on her seat while telling me
all about their life as the Charmed Ones.

Damn that girl's adorable - I could hardly take my eyes off of her. Her long,
brown hair was pulled back and tied into a ponytail that swung around while
she enthusiastically told me about their latest adventure. Something about a
demon who could appear in old movies - seems like a pretty lame power to me.
But anyway, I kept getting distracted, first by her ponytail, and then by her
big tits which were bobbing hypnotically beneath her tight blouse. Little
sister sure as hell wasn't wearing a bra - and definitely wasn't little in
the boob department. Damn!

I'm pretty sure she caught me checking out her assets. The little sexpot
didn't seem to mind, though. In fact, if anything, she stuck out her chest a
bit further - the little tease.

Heh, seems like Pheebs swings both ways. And is she's THIS passionate while
telling me a story, I can just imagine what a little hellcat she must be in
the sack - and I've got a damn good imagination.

Mmmm, can't wait to try her out.

The two older sisters also managed to get an occasional word in. And I soon
found out that Piper isn't as shy as she first appeared. Judging by some of
the snarky, smart-ass comments she made during Pheebs' quick recap of Charmed
Ones' history, that girl has no problem speaking her piece.

And even UberSister turned out pretty damn decent once you've got passed her
icy exterior. She got that same deadpan, wicked sense of humour that Piper

So by the time we arrived at their place, I was really getting into the whole
sleepover thing.

Thing is, I've always dreamed of getting it on with three gorgeous sisters...
Sure, in my fantasy they're usually triplets, but this is even better - I
kinda like a bit of variety. Dunno if they're into that sorta thing,

Well, I'd bet my favourite (among the three that aren't shredded) leather
jacket that Phoebe is, but I'm not so sure about the other two P's... I'm
gettin' some repressed lesbian vibes from lil' Piper, so I'm pretty confident
I can seduce her like I did with B. And that was one straight girl before I
got my hands on her. But with Prue... it's hard to get a good read on that

Anyhow, with me crashing at their crib, it looks like I'll have plenty of
opportunity to find out.

To be continued in Chapter 2 - Fucking Phoebe


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