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Author's note: This story is written from Faith's POV set after Season 4 of Charmed/alternative ending to Season 3 of Buffy.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Faith Vs The Charmed Ones Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

So, what do ya do when you successfully take over a crappy town. Celebrate? Open a bottle of bubbly? Throw a parade? Crack some skulls? Something fun, right? But nope. Not if ya my boss. Or me, apparently. Boss man was happy for maybe an hour once we got Sunnydale on locked down and that magical barrier up to keep people out of our business, then he started yammering on about other threats and how I needed to deal with them before they come for us.

So here I am, San Francisco. Got to say, there are worse places to be. Honestly though I'm already a little homesick. Sunnydale was just getting good, especially now I've got myself a pet who I'm missing so bad.

Grinning wickedly I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the picture I took of B before I left, cute as a button in her collar and fluffy tailed butt-plug, eyes downcast in shame. I'll soon beat that out of her, but for now I like that she's fighting me. It'll just make it sweeter when she finally breaks and becomes my obedient little bitch.

Damn, just thinking about B makes me all hot and horny. Wish I could have bought her with me, but she isn't housebroken enough yet. Keeps trying to run away on me. Oh well, I'm a smoking hottie in a town full of rug munchers. I reckon I can find a sweet young thing to give me a lil' lickin'. Maybe get me a little ass too. What am I saying, definitely some ass.

So I tuck my picture of B into my back pocket and turn into the nearest dyke bar to where I'm staying. In the process I'm nearly knocked over by a pale little thing trying to scurry out of the door. Black as night hair, creamy skin, real red lips, tight little dress hugging her curves. She'd make a good Snow white if that dress wasn't showing off her titties so much. Actually she kinda looks familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

"S, sorry." She mumbled, trying to get past me.

Instinctively I blocked the exit. Briefly I considered whether it was worth the trouble, but fuck it. She was cute.

Putting on the most soft and comforting smile I could muster I said, "First time."

From the look on her face she noticed it wasn't a question, "Is it that obvious?"

"Yeah, but don't worry. There's nothing scary in here." I said.

"You sure about that." She said with them raised eyebrow, looking at a couple of butches in the corner.

"Them? They're harmless?" I said, then on second thoughts, "But hey, if you're worried I could protect you."

"I don't need anyone's protection." She snapped, obviously hitting a nerve.

"Whatever you say cutie." I smiled, looking her up and down.

"Hey, I don't." She insisted, "I can take care of myself."

"I believe you." I said, trying to sound sincere and doing a pretty good job of it if I do say so myself.

There was an awkward pause and then her shoulders slumped, "Sorry, I've just been a little on edge lately."

"No harm, no foul." I shrugged, before taking a tiny step forward, "Anyway, can I buy you a drink."

She bit her lip, "I don't know."

"Oh come on, you just got here. You really want to leave, just to work up the nerve to come back." I said. It was practically scripted out in my head at this point as I had talked many a first-timer back into a bar before talking my way into their pants. Waiting a beat I added, "Look, just stay for one drink, and if I bore you, or if you feel weird or something you can scurry away like nothing happened with those lingering questions of yours pretty much answered."

There was a very long pause, then inevitably she sighed, "One drink."

I smiled widely, first because I knew I had her hooked and just needed to reel her in, secondly because she turned around and showed off a damn fine ass as she wiggled it on her way to the bar. I followed close behind, trying not to stare at her ass too much, although she almost got me when she looked over her shoulder.

"I'm Paige by the way." She said, causing me to frown in recollection for a few seconds, prompting her to add nervously, "Matthews. Paige Matthews. That's erm, my name."

"Faith." I replied without thinking and then inwardly cursed myself. Boss man had given me an alias, and maybe I should have used it, but I doubted anyone in this town knows what a Slayer is, let alone the name of the current one.

"Really? That's... erm, different." Paige briefly frowned before smiling, "I like, different."

Her smile got a little flirtatious towards the end. It was more cute than anything. Showing her how it's done I grinned wide enough to show off my dimples and purred, "That's why you're here, right?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Paige blushed, before adding a little more gently, "So, you were buying me a drink?"

"Lead the way." I said, still trying to figure out why her name was familiar.

A couple more seconds later everything clicked into place and I did a pretty good job of fighting the urge to grin if I do say so myself. Course, it wasn't exactly guaranteed, but as we sat down and started talking it looked increasingly promising. When she eventually excused herself to go to the bathroom I checked out the other photo I had in my pocket and sure enough it was her.

Paige Matthews. One of the three witches, known as The Charmed Ones, that I'm here to 'subdue'. Boss's words, not mine. He then added that killing was preferable but as I had particular... quirks, I should feel free to explore other options. Hadn't been sure just from the photos, after all killing would be a lot quicker and easier, but now I've got one practically throwing herself at me I might as well have at least a little fun before things turn nasty.

And make no mistake she was throwing herself at me. Yeah, she was a little unsure of herself at first, but once I had a few drinks in her she just wouldn't shut up. She kept yapping on about her sisters, her home life, her sisters, her lousy job, even louser boyfriends, lousy men in general, and did I mention her sisters who she always seemed to have a weird fixation on. I was only half listening, and maybe not even that, because despite a few crumbs of intel on the other Charmed Ones what she was saying wasn't that interesting. It was what she wasn't saying which interested me.

The way she looked at me, bit her lip, smiled, and leaned in to talk to me, almost like she was sharing a secret. Perhaps most telling of all was when she would catch herself staring at my lips or my boobs, the latter of which was being put on display by one of my lowest cut tops designed to pick up hotties. It seemed to be working, although I was risking serious friend-zone if I didn't make a move soonish.

So since it had been several hours, and drinks, since we first met I finally got to the good stuff, "So how long have you been into girls?"

"I'm not really sure." Paige said, going quiet for a few seconds before adding, "I guess... I guess I've just been having some... thoughts lately. Really, really inappropriate thoughts."

"Inappropriate?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

"No, not, I, I mean." She stammered before sighing, "You wouldn't understand."

"Try me." I pushed.

She was quiet for a minute and then said, "I, I guess I recently met a couple of girls, and they're great, really they are, and nothing could ever happen because it would be inappropriate and weird. But just because we're... friends. Like really, really good friends."

"Sounds like you want to be more than friends." I smiled.

"Well I don't." Paige insisted, then when I didn't look convinced added, "No, seriously, I don't. I would never... it just, can't happen. But, it got me thinking, that I should, you know... try something, different."

We exchanged a smile, and I offered, "And get all these inappropriate and weird thoughts out of your system?"

"Maybe." She said, "Or maybe, I wanna see where it goes."

I smiled, "And how's that been going for you so far?"

"Well... I haven't left yet." She flirtatiously smiled.

Taking that as a sign I decided to push her, "I guess, but you haven't really done anything yet, have you?"

She looked a little taken aback, the urge to make excuses and leave inevitably rising. Nearly always did with first timers, most of them sticking around despite that urge in my experience. Paige proved to be no different, after a long pause the pale girl relaxing and softly murmuring, "I suppose not... but, we could do something about that."

"That's so?" I grinned, "Got anything in mind?"

She blushed, glanced over to one of the dark corners of the bar where a couple of lipstick lesbos were making out, and then obviously gathering up her courage so she could quickly blurt out, "Well, I always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss a girl."

Her blush was wicked cute, and it only got cuter when I leaned in and said, "Well, that I could definitely help you out with."

"Ok." She said softly, quickly adding when I leaned in further, "But not here, ok?"

"Fine." I shrugged, standing up, "Follow me."

I took a couple of steps and smiled, able to hear her get up and follow me even over the sound of the soft music. The fact that she was wearing high heels definitely helped, those bad boys letting me know where she was at all times. Still I glanced over my shoulder to see how she was doing, a grin crossing my face as instead of the nervous deer in the headlights look she had when I first met her she looked reasonably chilled. More importantly she was totally checking out my ass, which I got to say is looking fine in one of my favourite pairs of leather pants. Making sure I give a little extra wiggle in my walk I make my way to one of the corner tables, taking a seat with Paige slipping in right next to me.

Turning to her I began, "Now just relax and-"

That's all I got out, Paige crashing her lips against mine and just holding them there for a few seconds. Then she started caressing my lips with hers, not objecting when I started kissing her back or when I suggested adding tongues into the mix. In fact she was the one who ended up getting her tongue into my mouth first, although I made sure the tongue fight ended in hers. Lasted quite a while though, way longer than most first timers when I finally get them into this type of kiss, and this was the first chick who ever started with the rough stuff. Had a couple of guys shove their tongues down my throat when I was still bothering with all that, but they weren't half as good as this girl, who was proving to know her stuff.

Just as I was really starting to like her Paige broke the kiss and murmured rather pitifully, "Sorry."

"Don't be." I said, trying to keep the annoyance out of my voice. Not sure I totally succeeded so I quickly added, "That was great."

"Thanks." She said in a voice barely above a whisper, her eyes travelling up and down my body with an unmistakable look of lust, "I... I just... you're really hot."

I smiled and was about to throw her back a complement when she leaned forward and kissed me again. It was becoming wicked obvious that she was still as nervous as hell and was compensating by attacking her fear head on. Not that I was complaining, and after a while I felt her relax into my arms, the kiss momentarily becoming real gentle before it kicked into high gear again. I definitely prefered high gear and things mostly stayed that way, the two of us making out for what felt like hours. The only thing that changed was that at one point Paige was either feeling real brave or real horny because the girl literally jumped up on my lap, not only straddling me but grinding up against my hot bod in just the right way to make us both squirm. Luckily we're sitting in a bench like area, our seats the joining type, which gave us plenty of room to move around. Unluckily I was running out of patience with this PG-13 shit. I came here to fuck, and that was what I was determined to do.

So after who knows how long I broke the kiss and asked her huskily, "So, ya wannna take this somewhere more private?"

I was fully prepared to have to talk her into it. Telling her the usual stuff, that she came here looking to experiment and she's liked everything so far, and if she gets freaked out later we can stop and she never has to see me again if she doesn't want too and shit, but I guess all that already crossed her mind. Either that or she was just so horny she didn't give a fuck.

Whatever the reason she smiled at me and said, "Lead the way."

* * *

The trip back to my hotel room was uneventful except for Paige looking anywhere but right at me for more than a few seconds, like she was terrified of anyone thinking we were more than gal-pals. I also resisted the urge to look at her, not wanting to scare her off considering I was so close to banging a hottie who could be my way into the Halliwell home. So I was on my best behaviour. Until we got into my room that is.

"Nice place." She murmured, looking around.

"Thanks." I said dismissively.

After living in one of Sunny D 'luxurious' motel rooms for about six months, and living in places even crapper than that, I had gotten used to the serious upgrade had been enjoying lately. This place was no different, and I loved it when I first saw it, but now it was something of a hindrance.

The frown on Paige's face kind of said it all, "What did you say you did again?"

"I didn't. But do you really want to waste time with details now?" I questioned dismissively as I slowly began to step forward. The look she gave me said I better come up with something quick, so I shrugged and clarified, "My boss is wicked generous. When he heard I was going to swing by San Fran for a little R&R he insisted on hooking me up. Didn't realise how nice it'd be till I got here."

"Wow, nice boss." Paige said, apparently buying it from the way she relaxed.

"The best... come on, I give you the grand tour..." I grinned, turning to walk through the suspicious luxury suite, Paige following me as I pointed out all the room's features, "We got a room with a view, TV and PlayStation, bathroom with actual running hot water, and a sweet minibar which is wicked expensive but my boss is picking up the tab so no worries. Oh, and my personal favourite, the bed."

I tried to repress the grin as I turned back to her and gave her the once over. She really is smoking hot. Hope that I don't end up having to kill her.

Right now I'm more worried about her bolting as she's looking wicked nervous again, so I ask, "So... can I offer you an overpriced drink?"

"Na, I'm good." Paige said, then after a beat added, "So you're just visiting."

"Right." I confirmed, "Which kind of works out for you. Regardless how this goes I'll be gone in a week and you'll never have to see me again."

"Yeah, I guess." She said, not sounding very enthusiastic.

"Look, don't over think this. Doesn't have to mean anything. It can just be some fun, get it out of your system, like I said, or..." I trail off my little speech, which honestly sound really rehearsed considering how many times I'd said it, Paige not really listening as she took a deep breath then pulled that oh so short dress over her head, real slow and sexy like, leaving her just standing there in her undies.

They were small and lacy, really accentuated her curves even more than the dress if that was possible. Then, apparently feeling emboldened by my staring, Paige said, "Shut up and fuck me."

Not needing to be told twice I moved forward quick as a flash and kissed her, Paige wrapping her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist. We stayed like that for a little while, making out like crazy, but honestly it wasn't long before I started moving her towards the bed. To my delight she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, getting rid of it just before we got to the bed, me wasting no time in pushing her down and getting on top of her. To do that I had to break the kiss momentarily, but we soon had our lips together again, our hands all over each other as we began grinding against the other sweet spots.

Since I was getting nothing but green lights and I was wicked hungry and horny it wasn't long before I was making my way down her body, hoping to satiate both Hs with the yummy treat that was between her legs. Course, I made sure to take a detour up each well rounded boob, paying some attention to each of those rock-hard nips. She really has a wicked set, and if I was in the mood or really thought she needed a little more relaxing I'd happily spent hours suckling on those full, round twins. But she was all but begging for it, her body all wound up and ready to pop. The feeling of her hand pushing down on my head sealed it and after only a few minutes of tittie sucking I slid my tongue down her flat stomach and settled in between her thighs.

I grinned widely when I saw just how wet her panties were, another grin crossing my face after I press my nose against that soaked fabric and breathed in the sweet scent of an aroused lesbian virgin. I continued enjoying the scent as I slowly reached up and grabbed the tiny pair of panties, looking up into her eyes as I slowly pulled them down, discarded them and made my way back to my prize.

Unable to resist I waited a few seconds, then licked my lips and said, "Tell me what you want."

"Lick me." Paige groaned huskily after a couple of shallow breaths, her taking a couple more before she realised I wanted her to be more specific. She was reluctant to do this at first, but just when I thought I was going to have to talk her into it Paige gritted her teeth and in a rather demanding tone said, "Lick my pussy. Eat me! Do it! Please, I OOOOOHHHHHHH fuckkkkkkkk!"

Soon as the Witch said the magic word, ha, I gave her what she wanted in the form of a real long slow lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top, making sure to linger on her entrance and flick her clit at the end. I avoided her entrance and clit on the following licks, just concentrating on her pussy lips as I got down to some gentle cunt lapping.

Now see, this is my idea of foreplay. All that tittie play and tongue kissing is fun and all, but so is spanking and beating the crap out of something. Actually I prefer the latter, but I'd pretty much take a gentle rug munching over all of the above. As in both giving and receiving, of course. In fact I've got to admit as much as I like licking up some creamy goodness and making some chick squirm beneath me with just my tongue I'll take shoving some slut's face in my cunt and making her lick me over any other form of foreplay. Not that I'd do that to a first timer, at least not one that I'm planning to get some future use out of. No, I'm gonna ease Paige into this whole dyking out thing. Well, my way of easing in.

Paige seem to be digging my way so far considering she was moaning and writhing on the bed, her right hand quickly entangling in my hair as she pushed me into her pink. She even started begging for more way sooner than I thought she would, "Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd, eat me, mmmmmmm yessssss, lick me, lick meeeeeee, oh fuck, HARDER! Lick me harder! Work that tongue you fucking bitch! Get it inside me and fuck me! Oooooooooh God yes, fuck me hard. Fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me you fucking OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MYYYYYYYY GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Rewarding her for being the most eager first timer I ever had I, eventually, slammed my tongue deep into her cunt as it'll go. I listen to her squeal in pleasure and then wait a heartbeat or two, letting her get use to the intrusion and anticipate what comes next. Then I start sliding my tongue in and out of her twat, sliding against the inner walls and finding all of her sweet spots... and then ignoring them.

This soon has her on the edge but she's having problems forming words at the moment, so instead Paige wraps her thighs tight around my head and started grinding into my face so hard I could barely breathe. I knew I liked this girl. Course a veteran muff diver like me knows how to keep her on the edge no matter what she does, even if that involves playing dirty and slowing down and even nipping at her at just the right moments.

I could easily keep her on the edge for hours if I wanted too, but with most first timers it's better to let them cum nice and quick. Besides, I had my own selfish reasons for wanting this finished.

So I sped up my tongue thrusts and began curling upwards to attack that guaranteed sweet spot, Paige's screams becoming deafening as she almost immediately squirts her cum directly in my face. It's real good, like her regular cream, and I gobble down as much as I could, but even an experienced rug muncher like me have our limits. Besides, I was practically drowning in this stuff, my tongue working overtime as I swallowed the first couple of orgasms then switch to licking and sucking her clit, mostly as a chance to get some more air. Course I replaced my tongue with my fingers, jamming first one then two into that eager fuck hole, Paige's inner walls tightening around me almost immediately in yet another climax.

I switched back and forth between those two styles for a while, making Paige scream herself hoarse as she came over and over again. When she finally stopped grinding against me and her legs gave up on their vice like grip I looked up and checked she was awake. She was, barely.

Looking over at my travelling bag I thought about retrieving my knife. I like Paige and all but this was almost an irresistible opportunity. Boss man might be mad at me if I didn't take it.

I looked back to see Paige still breathing real heavily with her eyes closed, so I make my way over to my bag nice and slow like, not so much that it would aroused suspicion but just enough to keep my steps quiet. Paige still seemed out of it when I made it to the bag so I reached down and rummage through the layers of clothes hiding my favourite toys.

Just as my hand closes around the knife I hear a nervous voice ask, "Hey... whatcha doing?"

I turned my head and saw Paige sitting up and staring at me, wearing a nervous look which was quickly threatening to go into fight mode. I was pretty sure this wasn't the really dangerous sister who could blow me to pieces with a flick of her wrist, but not enough to bet my life on it. Even if it was just the one I thought it was she could easily teleport away, alert her sisters to my presence and then I'd be in deep shit. Luckily I ain't dumb.

"Just figured I'd get something to help you feel more at home." I shrugged, quickly let go of my knife, grabbed my strap-on cock and pulled that out instead, dangling it in front of her so I could enjoy the shocked look on her face for a few seconds before adding, "What? Never seen one of these babies before?"

"Only online." She murmured, then let out an adorable little yelp as I tossed my bitch-tamer down next to her so I could strip.

"Look, I am in serious need of getting my rocks off." I said, undoing my belt and fly then slipping a couple of fingers underneath my pants and panties so I could give myself a little rubbin', letting out a little moan as I do so, "If you're down for a little lickin' that's cool, but I thought you might just want to keep lying back and letting the good times roll."

Touching myself was meant to intimidate her into choosing the strap-on option. It succeeded, but not in the way I thought, Paige almost nonchalantly shrugging, grabbing hold of my toy and then suggesting as cool as a cucumber, "I could always fuck you."

There was big time silence as I stared, trying to gauge if she was serious or not. Back at the bar she'd tried on a sexy smirk here and there and it had been real cute but this was the first time she pulled off sexy and confident since we met. Still, after a couple seconds the mask slipped, revealing she wasn't half as confident as she was pretending to be. She might have even been joking entirely, but regardless this definitely didn't seem like a serious problem. All I had to do was firmly put her in her place and we would be five by five.

"Sorry Twinkie, I ain't no bottom." I growled, "You want to keep partying with me you better recognise who's on top and bend over! And I mean right now girly, cause I ain't done with that sweet little pussy."

I think I see a brief moment of rebellion followed by relief, or possibly vice versa, then Paige shrugs, drops the toy on the bed, flips over onto her hands and knees and mutters so I can barely hear it, "Maybe next time."

I opened my mouth to tell her she'll be lucky if there's a next time, naturally in a flirty way to hide the true meaning, but honestly I'm really not sure I want to kill her, so instead I tell her, "It don't matter how many times we fuck, I'm always going to be on top."

Seeing as I'd already wasted enough time I pulled my top up over my head and unhooked my bra, listening out for a snarky comeback but none came. I was kind of disappointed. I love it when they have a fighting spirit, makes them more fun to break. Still I'm not that cut up about it so I quickly get rid of my shoes, socks, pants and undies before grabbing hold of my strap-on and pulling it up my thighs. Once it's tightly around my waist I quickly kneel behind Paige, pausing only to spit onto my hand and rub it into my big dick, make it real easy to slide into my latest conquest.

Not that she really needed the extra lube, Paige's pussy was still glistening with left over juices from the first-class lickin I gave her. Maybe even a few drops of girl cum. Maybe. I did a pretty good job of cleaning that cunt, but hey, much as I love munching muffins I'm always eager to dish out a fucking and these things happen.

Speaking of fucking, I gripped the dildo and guided it into Paige's pussy, the full length sliding in real easy. It slid out just as easy, Paige moaning in pure pleasure as I quickly establish a rhythm, fucking her with long, steady strokes.

I almost literally had to bite my tongue to stop pointing out how easy she's taking this. Don't get me wrong, there still some pleasant friction on the dildo which makes the end bash real nice into my cunt, but most girls I pick up suffer from never-been-properly-fucked-atitis. This girl though has either been blessed with a couple of well endowed boyfriends or as fucked almost as many guys as I have girls. Which just endears her to me even more, but normally I'm not one to keep my mouth shut when I have the chance for some friendly teasing. Or unfriendly teasing. But I don't want to drive her away, especially not during sex, so I decided to be on my best behaviour. For now.

That includes giving her a nice slow fucking to start, slowly pumping her with the full length of the cock, making sure her cunt has more than enough time to relax. Even when it couldn't be more obvious she's ready for more I refuse to give it to her, partly to tease her so she's ready to pop when the real pussy pounding gets underway, but mostly because I really want to hear her beg for it.

She doesn't disappoint, "Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd fuck me! Mmmmmmm fuck me! So good, that's so fucking goooooooddddddd! Fuck me just like that, mmmmmmmm, fuck me deep, ooooooohhhhhhhh more, aaaaaahhhhhhh shit harder! Fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhhhh Godddddddd, that feels so fucking good but I want more. I need more. Please give it to me. Mmmmmmm give me more of that big fucking girl cock! Fuck my little straight girl pussy with your lesbian dick! Oooooooooh fuck, make me want to give up on men forever. Turn me into a lesbian like you, if you can."

She sounded a little hesitant with the last part, like she was fairly sure I'd get off on it but was a little worried she got the wrong vibe off me and I'd be offended. Little did she know that it takes a lot to really offend a tough ass bitch like me. Besides, she hadn't been wrong. Everything she said was a major turn on, and better yet gave me the chance to lay some ground work. Prepare Paige for her true destiny.

"Oh don't worry sweet-thing, I'm going to fuck you." I growled, "I'ma fuck you so good you're gonna be begging to be my lil' lezzie bitch!"

With that I start really giving it to her, pounding her little pussy hard and deep, the sound of our flesh smacking together echoing throughout the room almost as loud as Paige's incoherent squeals of pleasure. She seemed to be desperately trying to tell me something but from the few words I got like 'harder' and 'more' it's safe to say she doesn't want me to stop. I'm only too happy to oblige, especially now I'm getting into my stride and showing the little Witch what a Slayer can do. Not that she knows what I am yet but she will soon enough when she's kneeling before me wearing nothing but a pretty little collar. Mmmmm, just like my beloved B.

Momentarily I let my mind wander to a happy place. An extremely happy place where B is joined by three sisters, all of them fully enslaved and looking at me like obedient little puppies. Maybe Queen C too, and B's geeky little best friend, both of which I've got locked up an' just waiting their turn to be trained. I grinned widely. I'm gonna end up with a real Harem on my hands.

An orgasmic cry from Paige awakens me from my thoughts. I'm a bit pissed off till I see just how much she's shaking, her cum gushing from her dildo stuffed cunt as I continued slamming into her. I keep up the fucking, finally breaking a sweat as I pound her through multiple climaxes, the whole time feeling kind of impressed. It takes a real workout to make me sweat, and not every girl I've bedded has managed to hang with me long enough to do it. Paige really was a keeper.

With that in mind I start thinking about really making her mine. Sure, the only real way to do that is through hours of solid domination, but in my experience there is one thing that really help speed up the process, and it just so happens to be my favourite thing to do to a girl. What the fuck am I saying, it's not just my favourite thing to do to a girl, it's my favourite thing. Because believe me, nothing in this whole fucking world compares to sliding a nice long, thick cock up another girl's ass and pounding her pretty little butt until she's a whimpering submissive wreck.

Still pumping Paige's pussy I start admiring the roundness of her ass, spreadin' the cheeks with both hands so I could get the best possible view of my dildo fucking her cunt and that little puckered hole right above it. Then I lick my lips. Her back hole look delicious in more ways than one, the poor little thing teeny tiny and almost certainly never been fucked before.

Popping one of my fingers into my mouth I give it a little sucking for lube then wait for Paige to cum again. I'm not waiting long, a familiar in pitch scream echoing throughout the room and I can feel Paige's cunt clamp down hard on my cock as she covers it with her cream. At that moment I quickly pressed my saliva coated finger against my next target and pushed slowly but forcefully inside. There's a long moan, but I ain't exactly sure whether it's coming from me or Paige. Don't matter though, judging by the way this little hole is crushing my finger this is definitely a cherry back door which seals the deal, I'm going to take this ass and make it mine.

In fact, why wait?

I can't think of a God damn reason, so I pull my finger out of Paige's ass, removed my cock from her cunt, press the tip of that big dildo against that almost certainly virgin butt hole and slammed forwards as hard as I could.

Paige lets out a sound like she's been gutted, but offers no other form of protest. I wait a few seconds, fully prepared to talk her into a little butt fun. After all it wouldn't be the first time I'd pick some chick up who's curious about a little muff munching fun only to surprise her with a nice big strap-on in her ass. So far I was batting a perfect score when it came to talking a girl into anal, and was confident I could continue that trend, but at the moment Paige wasn't saying anything so I decided to continue, see if a few more inches up her ass would loosen her tongue.

Looking down I grinned proudly. There was about two, maybe three, inches currently inside that nicely rounded booty. The exact number I was of going for. Course, I could have effortlessly slammed every inch inside her ass in one go, but even with my cock covered in her cunt cream it would've been painful for her, way more so than what I gave her, which wouldn't help talk her into this if need be. With that in mind I pushed forward real slow, stuffing her shitter with a couple more inches then letting her rest, listening out the whole time for a sign of complaint but still hearing none. The only thing I hear is a long moan of pain and pleasure when my hips meet her ass cheeks again, only this time instead of her pussy every inch of my strap-on was buried inside her butt.

I enjoyed the heavenly sight for a little bit, then, inpatient to know the truth, I smacked her ass and growled, "So slut, ever taken it up the ass?"

She whimpered, then again when I smacked her ass a few more times when she didn't reply, Paige eventually taking the hint, "N, no."

"Yeah, that's what I thought." I grinned, pleased with the confirmation that I had busted another anal cherry, "Well just stay nice and relaxed for me Twinkie, cause I'm about to take you for the ride of your life. When I'm done with you you're going to be my personal anal whore, bending over and begging for me to fuck your ass all the time."

With that promise I grabbed hold of her waist again and began pumping in and out of her pooper, officially beginning the Witch's first ever ass fucking. She moaned loudly right from the get go, further proving herself a natural anal whore. The first clue was how she didn't complain at having her anal virginity forcefully taken, the little ass slut probably fantasising countless times before that a muscle-bound stud would do exactly this to her, take her ass and not take no for an answer. Well I was going to make that fantasy come true and show her that muscle-bound studs had nothing on The Slayer.

That's right, The Slayer. There's only really one of us now that B's busy being my full-time bitch, the fact that I made her my little fuck toy proof positive which one of us is the real deal. That and all the butt banging, B's now nearly constantly gaping back hole proof that she'll never be a threat to me again.

Speaking of butt banging I dished out a hell of a one to Paige, quickly establishing a steady ass pounding rhythm till she is once again moaning like a banshee, albeit one with an incredibly sore throat from the sounds of it. Not that stopped her from continuing to wail as I rearranged her insides, turning her rectum into a nice little fuck passage I intend to get some good use out of.

I pounded into her ass over, and over, and over again, gradually building up my speed until I'm butt fucking her almost hard enough to make her cum but not quite, my supernatural reflexes helping me keep her on the edge but never going over it.

Inevitably she begged, "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee! Fuck my ass, ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddd, oh fuck, I can't fucking believe I'm letting you do this but fuck my fucking ass! Oh God it feels so fucking good! Mmmmmmm harder! Ass fuck me harder! Ooooooooh shit, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me up the ass as hard as you can! Please, please, please oooooooohhhhhhhhh Godddddddd please butt fuck me, fuck my butt, fuck me in the butt and make me fucking cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" I teased as I continued the merciless sodomy, "Huh? Then you're gonna have to make it worth my while, girly."

"Yes! Yes... wha, what do you want?" Paige questioned, sounding real nervous at the end.

I smirked, hiding my hesitation. Honestly I was really pushing her, but fuck it, I was horny.

"Well like I said, I'm going to be here a week. I could use a bitch to keep me company. Someone to come when I call, ready and willing to give me her sweet fuck holes whenever I want. Maybe eat a little pussy too, if you're up for it." I said, trying to make it sound like I'm offering a week of lesbian fun and not a one-way ticket to becoming my full-time bitch. Sensing Paige hesitating I add, "Course, you got work and shit to do, that's fine. You do what you gotta do. But if you're free, you're here either getting fucked like you've never been fucked before or tending to me and all my twisted little desires."

There was a long pause, Paige obviously hesitant. Even if she agreed now she might freak out later, in which case I might have to 'bump into her' and then convince her to hold up her end of the deal. Luckily I can be pretty convincing.

Proving the point I suddenly start slowing down the butt fucking, quickly making Paige cry out, "No, NO, mmmmmmm, don't stop, oooooooh I'll, I'll do it! Mmmmmmm I'll do anything you want, ohhhhhhhh, I'll eat your pussy, let you fuck all my holes, come when you call if, mmmmmm, if I can, just please, please don't stop. Fuck me! Fuck my ass and make me cum! I'll do anything you say, mmmmmmm fuck, just make me fucking cum!"

I grinned widely and savoured the moment. I really should take the deal and give her what she wants, but I just couldn't help but push her a little more, "Sooooo, you'll be my bitch?"

She hesitates, seeming not just reluctant but annoyed to have to say this, but eventually mumbling, "Yes... I'll be your bitch."

Again pushing I increased the pace back to the same hard, but not quite hard enough, pace, smacked her ass and growled, "What was that?"

Excited by the harder ass fucking, and probably just wanting to get this over with, Paige cried out more enthusiastically this time, "I'll be your bitch."

I smacked her ass again, "Louder!"

"I'll be your bitch." Paige screamed almost loud enough for me to believe it.

Deciding it was good enough I gave her what she wanted, increasing the pace ever so slightly and almost immediately making her cum. Not that I stop there of course. After all Paige was nowhere near broken yet. More accurately she maybe broken in but she wasn't housebroken or trained, and if I wanted to start a collection of Charmed Ones simply making her cum wasn't enough. Multiple orgasms weren't enough. No, I was going to need to give Paige the hardest fucking she'd ever had. Make her dream of me. Make her daydream of me. Crave me. Need me. I was going to have her crawling back here on her hands and knees not just because she wanted too, but because she literally couldn't stay away.

I'm pretty confident I achieve that if I do say so myself. I increased the pace until I was slamming her ass as hard as I dared, almost but not quite reaching the level of brutal butt busting I reserved for B. Paige ain't no Slayer but turns out she can take a hell of an ass pounding, the black haired Witch not only staying conscious way longer than I would have guessed but she began slamming her backside against my anal invading thrusts, working with me to make sure her rectum was well and truly wrecked.

By the time she finally fell face down into the bed sheets her body was covered in sweat like she been in the world's most unpleasant shower or rainstorm and I felt like I'd gone ten rounds with a rock daemon my joints were aching so much. It was worth it though. Not just for the mind blowing orgasms I received from the end of the dildo repeatedly bashing against my clit and the overwhelming mental stimulation of sodomising another girl, supposedly a powerful Witch at that, but because when Paige went limp the feeling of victory that flooded me was awesome.

You know what else was awesome? Pulling out after one more hard climax to admire the damage done to the poor little Witch's butt hole, Paige's formerly virgin puckered rosebud now a widely gaping crater letting me see deep into her bowels. Moving my hands to Paige's rounded cheeks, her pale skinned so beautifully bruised and battered from all the hard pounding, I pulled them apart and then moved my head downwards so I could get an even better look at her wrecked ass hole, committing the sight to memory. Then I let go and the unconscious Witch collapsed motionless onto the bed.

I sighed and reached over to grab the packet of cigarettes I'd left on the bedside table. Quickly lighting up I enjoyed a nice long drag and looked down at my soon to be pet and smiled. Way she landed she ended up on her side with her butt facing me, giving me a real good look at her gaping back hole which looks like it ain't going to close any time soon. Gives me something real pretty to look at while I'm finishing my cancer stick. Perfect way to relax after some quality butt bangin' if you ask me.

When I'm done with the first ciggie and lighting up another, after all I've earned it, I hear a gentle groan from Paige. Again I'm impressed, it's not everyday I find a girl still ticking after a Faith Lehane butt bustin', especially if I've just taken her anal cherry. In fact it may just be her and B, and I don't hold back with my former fellow Slayer turned submissive slut. Ha, Paige really is going to make a great bitch.

Feeling cocky I decide to push her more, reaching out and giving her battered booty in nice hard smack, making her yelp, flip over and glare at me. I give her a no-nonsense look back, take a long drag and blow in her direction before telling her, "Rule one, when I'm around you do what I say, when I say. If you're good I'll reward you. Fuck you like no one else can and make you cum like a fuckin' rocket."

She continues glaring for a second, then obviously thinks about what just happened to her and her eyes kind of glaze over. I let her enjoy the memory for a few seconds, then move in for the kill, so to speak.

"But if you're a bad little bitch, I won't fuck you... or worse." I said, letting her imagination run wild as I take another long, slow drag before adding, "You don't like it, you can leave. Or we could tone things down, make it more lovey-dovey and shit, but you know what I think? I think you like being my bitch. It turns you on, and you wanna see what depraved thing I'll make you do next. Like, I don't know... suckin' my cock clean after it's just been up your tight lil' ass."

Paige looked surprised, then disgusted, then offended before slipping into staring at me with an unreadable expression. So pretty much exactly what I predicted, including the part where we stare each other down for several long seconds before Paige lowered her gaze, hesitantly moving forwards until her mouth was directly over my strap-on. She then nervously looked up at me for several long seconds, then closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around my big dick, tasting her own ass for what is pretty much guaranteed the first time in her life.

She grimaces, not that I'm surprised. The head of that thing has been in the deepest part of her bowels so it probably doesn't taste good, but she seemed to get used to it, gradually beginning to suck the ass flavoured dildo with increasing gusto. Again impressing me she was soon bobbing her head up and down on the dick, gradually taking the entire thing into her mouth and down her throat for a real thorough cleaning. When she reached the base and finished getting the last of her ass juices Paige looked up at me for approval. I was happy to give it to her.

"Good bitch!" I grinned, taking another drag of my ciggie and patting Paige affectionately on the head.

I think I'm going to like San Francisco.


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