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Author's note: This story is written from Faith's POV set after Season 4 of Charmed/alternative ending to Season 3 of Buffy.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Faith vs The Charmed Ones Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

P3 wasn't much to look at from outside and definitely wasn't anything special on the inside but damn, it had good looking bar staff. Yeah, sure that's kind of a given, even in backwards hick towns there were normally pretty people behind the bar and San Fran was proving to be chock full of hotties, but the hottie I'm currently checking out is one first class piece of ass. From her picture I know that's a trait she shares with her sisters, but like Paige before her picture just doesn't do Piper Halliwell justice.

She's less pale than her sister but no less pretty, her hair long and brown, same as her eyes, and best of all she's curvy in all the right places, maybe even more than Paige, which she was rocking in a simple jeans and shirt which I'm guessing she just threw on, barely acknowledging how it hugged her assets in a way which would make men and the likes of me drool. She seemed absent minded like that. Then again maybe she was just preoccupied, Piper coming across like she had a million and one things to do and like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. It's something that I found equally annoying and intoxicating in B and Piper was no different.

I watched her for a while, slowly walking around the bar and attending like I was checking out the talent when really it was just who was behind the bar that interested me. Place is pretty dead actually. I only get hit on twice, both guys giving up without much of a fight. I'm almost insulted. Still, it is pretty early, and I am making my interest in what's behind the bar pretty obvious so maybe they're getting the hint.

Piper certainly wasn't. She seems as oblivious to my interests as B. Think I'm ready to see just how much.

Pulling up a chair, I call out to her, "Hey, I'll have a cold one. Whatever's best on tap."

Looking over me she raised eyebrow and then said, "ID?"

Wow, been a while since anyone ID'ed me. Luckily Boss man set me up with a state-of-the-art fake. Way better than the old crappy one I had, which I'm guessing wouldn't have fooled Piper seeing as how much she looks over my card once I hand it over. She still seems unconvinced so taking a gamble I lean over slightly, making sure she gets an eye full of the girls. She definitely looks. It's just a second, but it's plain as day from her blush.

"Sorry, you're very young." She said, quickly getting me my drink.

"No biggie, I get that all the time." I said, waiting until she's given me my ID back before adding, "Not that you look much older? What are you, 22?"

Some women would have blushed and taken the compliment. Piper just looked suspicious, "Why would you say that?"

I shrugged, "No reason, you're pretty is all."

Never really cared for subtlety, and I'm kind of out of practice what with me dropping anvils at B's feet and her still not getting the hint, but I'm briefly wondering if I've taken the wrong approach with Piper. Then this moment of realisation crosses her face followed by the cutest little blush and I figure I'm right on track.

"Oh, I... thanks." Piper stammered, glancing down at the ground momentarily before rushing to get my drink.

"So... how long have you been working here?" I asked as she grabbed a glass and started pouring me whatever's on tap.

"A while... it's mine. The, the bar... it's mine, I own it." She mumbled, looking kind of embarrassed as she handed me the glass in exchange for the money I'm holding out.

"Really?" I said, acting like this was news to me, "Huh... impressive."

"It's not that..." Piper began as she looked up at me, then stopped.

I've seen that look before. It's a look I get from a lot of girls who wouldn't normally give me a second look, but the second they realise I'm interested in them they take the time to look at me, really look at me, and they realise I'm hot. And even if they're not gay or bi or whatever having someone hot hit on them is kind of flattering. Although some second guess themselves for actually thinking I'm hot. Wonder if they meant it in more than just a respectful appreciation. It looked like a Piper was definitely among them, although I'd have to wait to find out whether she was respectively appreciating the goods or generally intrigue by what I have to offer.

Realising she had been staring for a couple of long seconds Piper stammered, "I, I gotta go. Things to do."

With that she left, giving me a great look at her ass looking so damn fine in those genes I just want to rip them off, bend her over the bar and butt fuck her right here, right now. Mmmmm, or at least give her a little spanking.

Just then I sense someone approaching. Someone powerful. But there ain't no way I'm breaking eye contact from that fuck-able little ass unless I have too, so I just keep staring, casually taking a sip of my beer as I do so.

I heard a bemused voice tell me, "Just so you know, you're totally barking up the wrong tree."

Slowly I turned my head, smirked and asked, "What makes you say that?"

Apparently the Charmed Ones with a shy types as Phoebe Halliwell blushed almost as red as her sister. She was also way hotter than her picture, and the pic had been smoking. Light brown hair, pretty brown eyes, again like Piper, and one of the best racks ever seen. Not that Paige and Piper slouches in the boob department, but damn. Phoebe was packing some really full round attention getters, and she knew just how to use them, those babies stuffed in this tight fitting top which almost completely distracted from her face, which just like the rest of her was flawless.

After a couple of seconds of looking her up and down and notice her blush has almost all but faded and she's nonchalantly telling me, "Just trust me, you're not her type. I mean you're hot and all but Piper is as straight as an arrow."

I raised an eyebrow and gave her a wicked half smile, "I wouldn't be so sure, but if you're worried about your friend don't be, I'm actually meeting someone."

"Oh." She murmured, relief crossing her face before she suddenly got apologetic, "Sorry, I don't mean to be bitchy and unwelcoming, it's just that I'm very protective of my sisters, you know?"

"I don't, but it's cool." I said, "A lot of people aren't comfortable with that kind of thing."

As I predicted she quickly corrected me, "Oh no. No, no, no it's not that I have a problem with it, and if one of my sisters swung that way I'd be totally supportive. And impressed they landed someone as hot as you."

Giving her another smirk and raising an eyebrow I softly taunt, "You think I'm hot?"

Shooting back a pretty wicked smirk of her own Phoebe lent in a bit and said, "You're gorgeous, and totally fuck-able, but you're also meeting someone."

"Yeah, but we're..." I began, before trailing often forcing a sigh, "Actually, I don't know what we are."

"Oh, well maybe I can help." Phoebe said, predictably not being able to resist helping, "Advice is kind of my thing. I have a column and everything. Ask Phoebe. Maybe you've heard of it?"

"Can't say I have, but honestly..." I said, leaning in, "I was just hoping to get caught flirting with some hottie."

Phoebe frowned, "Really... that works?"

"Nine times out of ten it's five by five." I replied.

"Oh... well... I guess I could spare a few minutes." Phoebe said, pausing before smirking again, "So you think I'm a hottie."

"You're gorgeous, and totally fuck-able." I repeated her earlier phrase and we both shared a smile. There was another pause and then I asked, "So how long have you been into women."

There's that smirk again, "What makes you think I'm into women."

"Cause I's got mad skills." I grinned, then when she gave me a look like she didn't believe me I added, "Check it, you've thought about it, but you've never actually done anything. Nothing that counted. Sure, you may have drunkenly kissed a girl on a dare or to turn on some douche who probably threw up on your shoes, but it never went any further. And now you're thinking, if it was going to happen it would have happened by now, so you keep it strictly dickly because that's what you know and love. But every now and again you see a chick with a smoking bod and you wonder, what if?"

There's a super long pause, the expression on Phoebe's face telling me I totally nailed her. Not in the way I want but that will come later. For now I'm waiting to see whether she'll freak out or get angry.

It's happened before but luckily for me her look of surprise turns to bemusement and admiration, "That's... actually pretty close."

"Really, what did I miss?" I asked.

"Well..." She said, leaning in real close and whispering, "I haven't totally ruled it out."

"Really?" I grinned, then when she smiled back added, "You know, I could totally hook you up, if you want."

"Thanks..." She trailed off, obviously considering it for a few seconds, like really considering it, then taking a breath and then with a somewhat flirtatious smile, "If it doesn't work out with your date, you should come and find me. I'm here most nights."

"I might just do that." I smiled.

We stare at each other for a few moments, and I genuinely think she's going to kiss me. And the very least she's thinking about it, her eyes dropping down and lingering my lips.

Then we're interrupted, "Hey Phoebe, how... F, Faith! What are you doing here?"

I turned and smiled, "You did say to meet here, didn't you?"

"I specifically said outside." Paige snapped, before quickly softening her tone, "I mean, I... I've been waiting out there."

"Well sorry babe, must have misheard you." I said casually, glancing back at Phoebe.

I had to fight the urge to grin at her dumbstruck face. After all I wasn't supposed to know they were sisters and all.

"Paige!" Phoebe softly exclaimed, looking back and forth between us before leaning into me, "You, you were waiting... for her?"

"Uh-huh. Why, is that a problem?" I asked innocently.

"No. No, not at all." Phoebe said, the second 'no' sounding much more believable as the middle sister clearly got over her shock, a wicked smile crossing her face as she added, "So Paige, aren't you going to introduce me to your... friend?"

"Sure, this is Faith, and we're just leaving." Paige said before looking at me pleadingly, "Remember we have the thing, with the thing, and we should probably leave now if we're going to catch it."

I leave her hanging for a couple of seconds, then shrugged, "Sure, just a second."

With that I downed my drink in one, put the glass next to Phoebe and tell her, "Nice meeting you."

"Likewise." Phoebe said, that big grin pretty much plastered on her face as she turned to Paige, "See you later... have fun on your date."

"It's not a date." Paige said sharply, before telling her sister and a softer tone, "We'll talk about it later, ok?"

Before Phoebe could reply me and Paige were out the door, Paige pretty much dragging me the whole way. Course I could have stopped her, but this was kind of fun.

I'm actually chuckling by the time we make it outside and Paige finally turned to me, "What was that?"

"What? You can't expect me to meet you outside your sister's place of business and not go in for a little look." I said casually, and then when she look like she was going to pop with frustration I added, "Relax cutie, I didn't out you or nothin'. Just tell them I'm a friend who got the wrong end of the stick."

"But they'll know I'm lying! Especially Phoebe, do you have any idea how hard it is to lie to her?" Paige exclaimed in frustration.

"You'd be surprised what you can get away with if you try hard enough." I said, before adding, "But yeah, I was kinda pushing my luck back there. Can't help it, I'm kind of a bitch. But maybe I could make it up to you?"

"Oh? And how would you do that?" Paige scowled.

"Well... I could give you a few lessons on topping." I said casually, trying to smile as I see her eyes lit up.

"Really?" She murmured, looking right and left, briefly hesitating as it was pretty crowded around us before blatantly deciding 'fuck it' and leaning in, "You'd let me top you?"

No. I'm a pure top who bottoms for no one. But Paige doesn't need to know that. At least not just yet.

"Maybe." I said, choosing my words carefully, "Maybe I could give you some advice on how to properly use a strap-on. Or how to give a spanking. That is if you're willing to forgive me and come back to my place.

Paige briefly grinned, then gives me a stern look, "I'll go back to yours, sure... but you'll have to earn my forgiveness."

* * *

Luckily my place was nearby so it didn't take much time to get back to mine. Well actually luck ain't got nothing to do with it, boss hooked me up with a hotel as close as possible to both the Halliwell home and P3, but the point was I was soon back in my room making out with Paige from the comfort of a nice comfy bed. Paige had pretty much jumped me the second we got in, shoving her tongue down my throat and grabbing my ass real aggressive like. She even shoved me down onto the bed and got on top of me, not that it really mattered as I quickly flipped us and held her down with my Slayer strength, Paige not complaining has I overwhelmed her with my mad skills.

This is how it's been the last few times with her. She starts out aggressive, then has a quick burst of it again but ultimately yields to my awesomeness. Still, the fact that she's still fighting back makes me think Paige just might be a natural top, or at least a switch, something if I can't beat out of her I'll just have to use to my advantage. Luckily I've got a plan in which I can give Paige the type of beating I've been meaning to give her and then just as easy switch gears if it doesn't work, and honestly I'm kind of hoping it doesn't.

Putting my little plan into action I break the kiss, sit up, wriggle forwards so I'm sitting on the edge of the bed and position Paige over my knee so that her ass is in perfect position for a spanking. My Slayer strength makes this really easy, although I could have probably done without it seeing as Paige isn't exactly heavy, but then again it's not like there's an off button to my Slayer powers, something I've got to keep in mind for what comes next.

Of course it wasn't as simple as just doing it, Paige complaining, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?"

"What's it look like?" I grinned, slapping her ass as gently as I possibly could.

It still made an audible smack, Paige crying out in pain before complaining "Ahhhh, no fair, you, owwww, you promised I could spank you."

"Na, I promise to give you some advice, and there ain't no better way to learn than to be on the receiving end." I told her, giving her a couple more playful swats before adding, "Relax cutie, dishing it out will come later, I promise. Besides, given the way you've been cumming from my dick hammering your ass you should love this."

I could practically feel her blushing, Paige obviously struggling for what to say as I continue gently swatting away at her ass, leaving plenty of time between every other blow to play with those nicely rounded cheeks. I'm not really good with delicate situations but I recognise I'm in one now. I've been pushing my luck and it's clear Paige is considering teleporting away, the only thing really stopping her at first being that she doesn't want to out herself as something more than human to a supposed 'innocent'. Course I can't remember ever being innocent, but the point here is things are real tense for about a minute or two. Then, slower than I would have guessed, things pick up.

First there was that tell-tale smell. A tiny whiff of arousal. I don't really notice it when I'm surrounded by loud noises or something equally distracting but if I'm close enough to check out who's hot for me I can sometimes get a little sniff of her arousal. The familiar scent is easier to detect, and Paige has been real horny for me since we met. Originally the spanking seemed to be a turn off but gradually Paige got used to it and arousal returned, that sent the first sign that I was on the right track.

That was quickly followed by a real soft moan of enjoyment, but seeing as a human wouldn't have heard I resisted the urge to point it out. When her moans got more audible there was another sound which demanded my attention even more.

"Let's see, what do we have here." I said, suddenly yanking her tight pants downwards and sticking my hand between her thighs to find her panties were soaking, "Mmmmm, seems I was right, you're loving this."

"I, ohhhhhh fuck, I think love is a bit of a strong word." Paige moaned.

"Maybe." I said, starting to gently rub her pussy through her panties, "Maybe something else has got you really worked up."

"Yeah, the thought of topping you." Paige cheeked, earning herself a semi-hard smack on her ass for her trouble.

"Na... that ain't it..." I murmured thoughtfully, pretending I was guessing here, "And it something more than just generally being hot for me, or being a little pain slut. No, I reckon it's something else. Something you're not telling me."

"And what would that be?" Paige boldly challenged, although her tone suggested she was preparing to bolt if I suddenly tried to kill her. From what I've read/heard it wouldn't be the first time.

Luckily I got me a plan, one involving me thinking about it for a second before replying, "The girls you met recently, the ones who got you craving pussy, they were in the bar weren't they?"

I knew the answer, but I wanted to see if she would deny it. She didn't.

Although I'm pretty sure that was about to change, "Behind the bar?"

"What?" Paige squeaked, before quickly adding, "No! No, no, no, no, it's not OWWW!"

"Has anyone ever told you you're really, really bad liar?" I asked.

"I'm not OWWW AAAAAHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!" Paige screamed as I started showing her what spanking was all about.

As tempting as it was I still restrained from using full Slayer strength. That would have really fucked her up, not that I didn't give her plenty of punishment as it is, her well rounded cheeks jiggling from the impact of each blow which echoed throughout the room along with her squeals and begs for mercy.

Unlike before it's not just her not wanting to expose her magic which keeps Paige from busting out of here. Na, her cunt is literally dripping with juices, the sugar sweet liquid literally covering my thigh as I give her a nice hard spanking. Well, hard for the human I'm pretending to be, making sure to use enough strength so that her cheeks slowly turned from the light pink they have been from the gentle butt swatting to a dark angry red under this serious ass whopping.

Through it all Paige is protesting her innocence, bawling her eyes out at the idea that someone would discover her shameful secret far more than the pain and humiliation of the spanking, although I'm sure the latter helped the tears flow freely. Course I knew every sordid detail of her desires. Sure, they'd all been speculation in my notes, but all it took was five minutes with her to know Paige was pretty much obsessed with her sisters. Seeing the way she looked at Phoebe earlier only confirmed my suspicions. Not that I wasn't taking tremendous pleasure from beating it out of her.

When Paige's butt was beginning to bruise she finally wept, "Stop, stop, stop! I'll tell you everything!"

Immediately I did as she requested, giving her a chance to continue. As I'm waiting a while I press my hand against her well spanked butt and begin to gently stroke it, Paige cooing softly at the gentle touch.

After letting her enjoy that for a little while I murmured, "Well?"

"I... I..." Paige stammered, one good spank quickly loosening her tongue, "I WANNA FUCK MY SISTERS! I want to fuck them... my own sisters... oh God."

Paige begins to weep, obviously overwhelmed by getting that off her chest. As I reckon that's the first time she's said it out loud, and probably first time she's really acknowledged it, I give her a few minutes of gentle butt stroking to cry her eyes out. You know, get it out of her system.

Then I pushed, "Go on... you promised to tell me everything."

There was a slight pause and then Paige softly continued, "It... it all started when I first met them. They, they were just so beautiful. So hot. So fuck-able. I never really thought that way about a girl before, and it was kind of scary. Then really embarrassing when I found out we were related. I was ashamed and grossed out... but not as much as I should have been. And then I got to know them and they were so wonderful I couldn't help wish I was a guy and in no way related to them. Then I started wishing I just wasn't related to them. Then... oh God, the dreams. They just wouldn't stop. It was worse at night but they began haunting me during the day too and I just needed them to stop."

"Have they?" I interrupted.

"No." Paige wept, "But you're very... distracting. The past couple of days have been great, but I... I am guessing you never want to see me again."

"Why? It's not like I can blame you." I shrugged, "I've seen your sisters and damn, if I were you I'd have fucked them both the day we met."

Things got real quiet for a couple of long seconds, then Paige softly said, "Bull-shit."

"Na, I'm speaking the gospel truth girlfriend." I grinned, reaching back in between her cheeks to tease her lil pussy again, "I'd have gone after Phoebe first. I knew she was a wild child before she even said anything, and she misses it. Sure, sister-sister action is way beyond whatever she's done in the past, but with the right amount of persuasion she'd give in. Then I'd make sure to fuck her till she screamed somewhere that Piper would come running and while your oldest sis would get all embarrassed and judgey at first she wouldn't be able to take her eyes off our naked bodies. Next thing you know we're in an all girl three-way, your... my two sisters begging me to never ever stop fucking them."

The whole time I was talking I was gently teasing Paige's pussy lips, mostly just sliding around and around the outside of her centre and only occasionally slipping in between those soaking wet lips to brush against her fuck hole and clit. A touch like that could only frustrate a girl on its own, but Paige was moaning in pure pleasure and it wasn't hard to guess why.

After letting her enjoy those images for a little while I added, "I could have done it you know? Fucked them. And I ain't talking about if I was you. Na, I mean back at the bar. Cause sure, it would have taken a while, but if I'd have tried hard enough, I could've definitely got my tongue inside Phoebe's cunt. Mmmmm, then got her tongue in mine. Ohhhh yeah, I'd have turned her into my lil cunt lapper, then done the same to Piper. Oh, or better yet turned her into my ass licker. Mmmmm, that way I could have your sisters eating my pussy and ass, them on their knees with me standing proud to show who's the Mistress and who's her obedient lesbian slaves."

"Oh God!" Paige moaned again, a phrase which was becoming slightly annoying the times she'd repeated it over the last couple of minutes. Then she said something that really pissed me off, "They... oh, they'd never let you."

More as a reflex than anything I flipped her round so that she was sitting on my lap with her legs either side of me, her weight half resting on me and half on her knees which were pressed against the bed. Thanks to Slayer strength this 'manhandling' was as easy as my Mom, but probably impossible for a normal human and as we were now face to face I could tell Paige was dangerously close to figuring that out.

Luckily her brain was still clouded with lust and I had the perfect way to keep that forecast, namely returning my fingers to her cunt, rubbing her clit a little for good measure. I had to remove my fingers momentarily to get a firm grip of her and honestly I was nearly as keen to get back to the teasing as Paige was, my pet in training's eyes rolling in the back of her head as she became lost in the pleasure briefly.

To seal the deal I grinned and playfully cocked my head to one side as I said, "You doubting my wicked game?"

"No, mmmmm, I mean oooooohhhhhhhh God yes, I mean no, I mean-" Paige stammered, clearly becoming nervous as I gave her stern look. Then, in a move which honestly surprised me, she told the truth, "Like, ohhhhhhhh, like I said, mmmmmm, I'm pretty sure that they're, oh God, both straight sooooo oooooohhhhhhh, no, no matter how, Gooooooodddddd, how much would wicked game you've got, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkk, and you've got plenty, oh fuck, I, oh I just don't see it happening."

I stare at her blankly, let her sweat it out. Then when she opened her mouth to say something, apologise most likely, I slammed two now very wet fingers into Paige's cunt, leaving the cute little Witch's open feeling open in a silent scream of pleasure and shock.

"Would you like too?" I asked before I started thrusting in and out of her warm, wet and welcoming hole, turning that scream into a very loud one.

Paige made no attempt to answer my question, which was rude. Not that I didn't get it, fingers in pussies distract me all the time even on the rare occasion one of my fingers or my pussy ain't involved, but I'm her fucking owner. She should put in the extra effort.

I would be definitely punishing her for this later. For now I was concentrating on getting an answer from her. Had to be 100% truthful though. I'm beyond sick of this bitch's excuses and lies. Luckily I found it pretty easy to get the truth out of my sluts once I'd given them a taste of the ecstasy I could give them. All I had to do was get her to the edge of cumming and I'd have her singing like a canary.

Gettin' her there was a piece of piss. Kinda disappointing actually. Even with spanking and teasing B normally takes longer to reach climax, stubborn bitch she is. Of course Paige wasn't fighting me every step of the way, and while she clearly enjoyed getting her butt beaten it was all that talk about her sisters that really got her hot, the pale little dyke ready to pop in what seemed like no time at all. Hell, I'd been barely going at half speed, annoyance filling me as I have to really slow things down to stop her cumming too soon. This of course got her whimpering but it's her own fucking fault.

"I asked you a question bitch?" I growled in her ear, "Would you like to see me fuck your sisters?"

"Yes!" Paige cried out, correctly guessing if she answered wrong she'd be punished.

"Do you want to see me fuck them in front of you?" I pushed.

"Yes!" Paige repeated.

"Do you want to join in?" I pushed even further.

This time there was a pause but all it took was a stern look from me to get her to reply, "Yes."

"Do you wanna have a big old fuck-fest with me and your sisters? You suckin' and fuckin' them as well as me?" I asked, deciding to paint a graphic picture of what I decided was the future of The Charmed Ones, "Help me lick and suck those pussies dry? Feed your big sisters our cunts? Maybe strap on a nice big cock and help me DP those sluts? Mmmmmm, me in their pussies, you in their asses? Spit-roastin' em, one cock in each end? Maybe double stuff those asses? Mmmmm fuck yeah, can you imagine that Paige? Both of us stuffing your sisters' shit lockers, Phoebe and Piper taking two big fat strap-ons right up their ass holes? Would you like that Paige?"

"YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" Paige screamed, literally humping my fingers.

"Will you help me do it?" I ask, giving her the final push, "Will you help me seduce your sisters? Help me fuck them? Break them? Train them? Turn them into my bitches? Our bitches?"

Paige hesitated for a teeny tiny second, but all it took was me slowing down the finger fucking a little and she was screamin', "YES, YES, YEEEEESSSSSSS! I'LL HELP YOU! I'LL HELP YOU FUCK THEM! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD I'LL HELP YOU FUCK MY SISTERS! I'LL, I'LL, OHHHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD!"

After that the bitch just screamed so loud she practically deafened me. I just grinned and kept fucking her though, totally getting off on reducing this powerful Witch to a trembling wreck with my fingers. Well, as mad skills as my digits have truth is the vivid picture Paige had to look forward to more than helped. Fuck, I'm practically juicing so much I might actually cum just from fucking her and imagining doing the same and more to her red hot sisters, but there would be plenty of time for that in just a second. Right now I'm all about rewarding my bitch.

See, as important as it is to dish out plenty of punishments and constantly make it clear who's in charge around here it's just as important to reward a bitch for being good, and so far Paige had been very, very good. Certainly better than I was expecting, and I had no problem rewarding her for it. Sure, it would be nice to hear a little more about how she was going to help train her sisters, but as I'd already got the answer I wanted I saw no point in beating around the bush when I could be flat-out fucking it and getting her off so we could move on to getting me off. Course I was getting off in away from hearing her scream for me. And writhing in my arms. And clenching around my fingers, those already soaked digits soon being coated in girl cum.

To the untrained eye it was hard to tell at first given all the fuss Paige was making, but I could tell. It was in the way her pitched changed, the extra grateful look she got her face, and her body suddenly tensed and then relax. It became more obvious the more she came, her generous mistress giving her a couple of good hard climaxes before deciding she'd had her turn. Mmmmm yeah, now it was my turn.

The greedy bitch whimpered pathetically as I started slowing down but at least she didn't actually try complaining. Probably because she thought I would spank her again if she did, which I totally would have eventually, but right now I have something else in mind which I think, given time, she'll enjoy a lot more than getting her butt whopped.

"Guess what? I'm going to help you make your dreams come true baby." I whispered cheekily once I'd pulled my fingers out of her and clean them off in front of her, "But first, you're going to do something for me."

With that I stood up, unceremoniously knocking her to the floor. She landed on her well beaten butt, yelped in pain and quickly moved up to her knees, pretty much getting eye-level with my crotch. Just the way I planned it.

I just stood there for a moment grinning down at her, then I unbuckled my belt and pants, pushed them down along with my underwear and then said, "You gotta eat my cunt. Mmmmmm yeah, it's time for your first taste of pussy baby girl. Time for you to become my personal little rug muncher. My carpet cleaner. My lesbian slut!"

Yeah, I know I'm coming on way too strong, but I can't fucking help it. I'm just too horny. Luckily Paige seems way too taken aback from all this talking about her sisters and barely seems to react. She certainly doesn't try to run away, or teleport away, not even when I grab her by her pretty black hair and shove her face first into my dripping cunt.

FUCK, she even starts licking my pussy right away, making me cry out joyfully before I praise her for it, "Aaaaaahhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhh fuck, that's it girly girl, lick me. Lick my pussy like a good little lezzie. Mmmmmm yeah, just like that baby. Make me feel good. Eat my pussy like a nasty lesbian slut and make me feel all tingly. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh fuck, embrace your inner muff muncher and make me cum in that sweet little mouth of yours. Oooooohhhhhhh shit, dyke out for me baby, dyke out like you always wanted. Use my pussy as a way to satisfy the craving for cunt you know you've always had. Aaaaahhhhhh fuck, fucking eat me bitch!"

To my delight each and every one of these words pushes Paige onwards to eat my cunt with the enthusiasm of a experienced muff diver while showing the kind of inexperience which really gets my juices flowing. It was a combination of slight hesitation, doing something almost right, and not licking the right spots often enough which came off as cute while at the same time she found my clit pretty easy and wasn't afraid to attack it with her tongue. She even wrapped her mouth around it and gave it a sucking, the pleasure so intense even I had trouble talking for a bit, which only endeared her to me more.

Finding a virgin who's eager to eat pussy was a rare treat. I was half expecting to blow it with the whole shoving her right in thing, but she was too hesitant to expose herself to teleport away and, like me, she was clearly way too horny to act coy and shit. Na, she'd gone right at it, lappin' away with that virgin tongue and FUCK, added her mouth into the mix without needing to be asked, the feeling of another girl's lezzie-virgin mouth wrapping around my pussy again rendering me silent.

Honestly, that was kind of a good thing as I wanted to try and avoid talking about her sisters again until she really got into it. Luckily for me that didn't take long, but seeing as I was already pushing my luck I still chose to wait a while. In the meantime I concentrated on things with more current importance like shoving Paige's pretty face as deep as it would go into my cunt and grinding my box against that sweet little mouth, maximising my own selfish pleasure by using my soon-to-be lesbian sex slave as a fuck pad.

Of course it was only a matter of time before I mentioned the other Halliwell hotties that would soon be mine, "Mmmmmm fuck Paige, your sisters are going to love you. Ohhhhhhh yeah, your big sisters are just going to love your sweet little mouth on their cunts. And that little tongue of yours, mmmmmmm, your sisters are just going to love that. They're gonna love having their little sister's tongue inside their pussies, fucking them hard and deep until they cum in that sweet little mouth of yours. You want that Paige? Do you? Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh shittttt, then you better make me cum. Make me cum in your dyke mouth and I'll make sure you get to fuck your sister you perverted little slut!"

I was rewarded for that promise by Paige shoving her tongue deep inside my twat, making me cum almost instantly. I actually had to hold back, something I rarely do during oral, just so that I could keep my tough chick cred intact and properly finished taunting her. Eventually my words became just gibberish though, just falling out of my mouth in random order, not that I gave a fuck.

Paige didn't seem to either, my target once again proving she was a girl after my own heart by concentrating on tongue fucking me no matter what I threw her way. In fact all the insults, taunts and genuine encouragements seem to only make her fuck me harder, as did the shoving her against my cunt and grinding into her face. All of which really added to the fun and make me feel like I was on the edge for an hour instead of only a few long minutes.

Eventually though I creamed in her pretty face, covering it in my cum and marking her as my bitch. Not that she didn't try swallowing it down because she did, Paige again making me proud by just how much of my cum she took down her throat. Although to be fair my attention wasn't exactly focused on her and I'm not sure how much of it went down her throat in the end, especially considering when I finally pushed her away she seemed to be drenched in cum and pussy juice. Sometimes it's the thought that counts though, and in this case I was pleased with my bitches efforts.

Sure, I had been so jacked from the spanking and talk of sister fucking even the biggest amateur cunt lapper in the world could have got me off, but it was still some damn fine head and with some quality practice time I'm sure I could train Paige to be a world-class pussy eater. Right now though I'm more interested in something else, namely the little hole in between Paige's butt cheeks.

So I left Paige to recover while I got my cock, quickly stepping into the harness and then pulling it up my thighs. Soon as it was around my waist I grab my tube of lube and start rubbing it into my cock, jerking the shaft like it was real while I slowly made my way back to Paige til I was standing over her while menacingly jerking off my cock at her.

After a few seconds of that I tossed her the lube and ordered, "Start finger fucking that tight little ass of yours. Make it nice and loose so I can fuck it."

For a few seconds Paige just stared at me, making me think maybe I need to dial it back a notch. Then she lowered her gaze, slowly covered one of her fingers in lube and then reached behind her. From the concentrated look on her face it was clear she had a little trouble aiming, but I could tell when she found her target. Better yet I could tell when she took a shot at it, her face stretching up slightly as she pushed a finger up her own ass. Or at least that's what I was pretty sure she was doing. It wasn't like I could see, at least not in this position.

Deciding to push my luck again I ordered, "Show me. I want you to bend over so I can see that finger pumping in and out of that sexy ass of yours."

There was another hesitation but after a few long seconds Paige bent over like a good girl, showing me her training was still going great as I could clearly see her pumping her finger in and out of that tiny hole which had been virgin up until yesterday. It's so hot I just keep watching for a while, letting her add a second finger to really stretch that hole, getting it nice and ready for my dick.

Eventually though I get on the bed, lay down on my back and call out, "Now get over here babe. I want you to ride my dick reverse cowgirl with that tight little butt hole of yours."

Again there's a brief hesitation, but it's like the shortist ever, the Witch bitch obviously eager to get some more of what she got before. Lucky me, she's even smart enough to spread her cheeks when she's in position so it's easier for her to aim, and it creates such a pretty sight for me. A sight I get to keep enjoying as I hold the dildo steady as Paige first lines up her ass hole to it then pushes down, penetrating her own ass with a loud cry. Then after a brief pause she starts lowering herself down further, her ass hole swallowing my cock and Paige still spreading her ass cheeks so I get a perfect view of it.

"Not so fast babe." I tell her softly, "You don't want to hurt yourself, do ya?"

Paige took my advice and the tension in the air became a little less intense as she relaxed, thinking I gave a fuck about her. I didn't, I just wanted to diffuse the situation a little and gain her trust. Or possibly earn it back after getting a little carried away. But honestly the most important thing to me was that the lowering down was nice and slow from here on out, giving me even more time to enjoy watching her ass stretch. Course, she hadn't been exactly in a hurry before, but this was like, super slow and sexy, it maybe taking a couple of minutes for my little Witch-Bitch to be sitting on my lap with every inch of my strap-on up her cute lil ass.

"Way to go Paige." I beamed, in no way having to fake my smile or enthusiasm, "Now start bouncing on my dick. Nice and slow, remember? Mmmmmm yeah, that's it, keep those cheeks spread! Ohhhhhh yeah, show me that pretty little butt hole wrapped around that cock. Mmmmmm, that's so hot."

Again, I didn't give a shit about her. Sure, she was my way into Halliwell HQ, but I was confident I could seduce her sisters so she was replaceable, in this moment this Charmed One nothing but a fuck toy to me, something to use for my pleasure. However she was totally into this, bouncing her ass up and down my big poll and spreading her cheeks in submission, so I was in no hurry to do anything which could lead to me having to get rid of her. Besides, if ya think about it, throughout this early stage it was in her best interest to go slow, so it all worked out.

See, she started off whimpering and shit at first, but there were some moans of pleasure and the like mixed in. Soon as the whole dildo was up her butt, shit, didn't take long for any sounds of discomfort to fade away like it never happened, Paige instead switching to moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure. Honestly as much as I didn't give a shit about her I love hearing a girl moan for me, a wicked grin crossing my face as I lay back and watched as one of my targets anally rode me like a total ass whore.

Mostly my eyes focused on that cute little ass hole of hers stretch wide open and sliding up and down my dick, that brutalised back hole a sign of total submission to me. The fact that she was presenting it to me by spreading her cheeks sweeten the deal somewhat, and definitely gave me a better view, but I craved having a unblocked view of those cheeks jiggling for me. Besides, it was hindering her movement and shit, which was in no way a problem which was loosening her ass for me, but later when it became clear she was all relaxed and worked up I figured I'd do us both a favour.

"Ok twinkie, let go of these cheeks and really start hammering that horny little dyke ass hole of yours." I ordered, then in the name of not making it sound so harsh I added, "Mmmmmm, make yourself cum, if you want. That would be so hot. Ohhhhhhh, I love it when my bitches cum with my cock up their asses. Mmmmm, I get off soooooooo hard on it, mmmmmm, and I'm going to get off real hard when I'm ass fucking your sisters. Oooooohhhhhhh yeah, I'm gonna fuck them up their butts til they cum for me just like you do. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'll line all three of you up so your face down on my bed with your asses in the air waiting for me to fuck them, ooooooohhhhhh yeah, me going back and forth between your little ass holes until all three of them are gaping wide and you're all begging to be mine!"

Maybe that didn't make things sound any better, but Paige didn't seem to give a fuck. If anything she got off on what I said, this really throaty moan escaping her lips as she let go of her ass cheeks and started increasing the speed of her current rhythm. Soon she was hammering her ass up and down, those well toned cheeks of hers jiggling for me just the way I like it as my latest conquest butt fucked herself to orgasm.

As a general rule I'm not a big fan of just lying back and watching, but there are exceptions to every rule and this was one thing I didn't mind so much. It helped that I was getting major clit rubbing my end of the dildo, and I knew from experience I could cum just from another girl slamming her ass on my strap-on. Immediately I think of my last time with B and smile. You wouldn't think it'll look at her but B is a real anal animal, best ride I've ever had, not that I let her go on top that often. Paige wasn't on B's level but she was doing a damn fine job, more than enough to make her cum.

After a few orgasms for her and one for me I slowly slid my hands up her thighs to her waist, gripped on tight, and started pounding upwards into the wonderful little hole in front of me. This unsurprisingly made Paige squeal with delight and cum harder on my dick, the pale beauty riding my strap-on even harder in the process. Of course this made us cream extra hard and often, the two of us completely lost for a while in wrecking her rectum til I decided to take advantage of the situation.

"WHO'S MY BITCH?" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Without hesitation Paige replied at the top of hers, "ME! I'M YOUR BITCH! I AM YOUR SISTER LOVING BITCH!"

Even in my sex crazed state I grinned happily. The 'sister loving' part was a wonderful touch, and really showed how far Paige had come in her training. I rewarded her by rolling her onto her back and sliding out from underneath her to go on top of her and put her legs on my shoulders. I even impressed myself a little by more or less keeping the dildo inside her ass. Sure, a few inches slipped out, but most of it continued to stuff her butt and the repositioning only lasted a second or two anyway.

Once I was comfy I gave her a wicked grin and then started pumping her pooper real gentle like, letting her get used to this new position and gradually work her back-up to her previous high. And by gradually, I meant about a minute before I'm slamming her ass with almost the same strength I used to fuck B's butt, Paige squealing with joy again as her cum squirted onto my belly instead of out onto the sheets for a change.

Not sure how long I ass fucked her in that position for. Could have been minutes, could have been hours. What mattered was when she eventually passed out from exhaustion I had made her cum countless times, and had even started telling her a somewhat edited version of what I actually have planned for her and her sisters. She probably didn't hear any of it though, too far gone and all, and really after a while all I could do was stare into her pretty eyes as I made sure her rectum was well and truly wrecked.

When she did eventually close her eyes I pounded her for a little longer, but not much. It's not really the same when their unconscious, so I pulled my dick out of her ass, rolled her over and spread her cheeks so I could get to look at just how much damage I had done. Unsurprisingly I done plenty, a wicked grin crossing my face as I studied her widely stretched anal hole and the inside of her bowels which were visible thanks to that cute little gaping ass hole.

After staring at that well loosened back hole for maybe a minute or two I let go of her butt cheeks and then brought my hand down on them with almost full Slayer strength. That woke her right up, Paige squealing and agony as her tender lil butt received a devastating smack, then she looked round at me with a angry if tired glare. I just smiled at her sweetly, although I made sure there was an undertone of 'don't mess with me bitch', which from the look on her face she definitely picked up on.

Breaking the stare I collapsed onto the bed, sighed deeply and said, "Well, don't just lie there looking dumb, clean up your mess you little slut. You know the rules. Mmmmmm, a good little submissive bitch cleans a dildo with her mouth whenever her top has been nice enough to fuck one of her slutty lil holes, and after the poundin' I just gave your dirty dyke ass I'm expecting a real spit shine."

Paige hesitated, but it was real brief like. Seeing as I'd fed her the sweet flavour of her own ass before I figured it was less her not wanting to go ass to mouth and more out of tiredness and maybe a touch of that cheeky streak which I just couldn't seem to beat out of her. Not that I spent much time worrying about it once her lips were wrapped around my cock, the slut moaning happily as she thoroughly cleaned her butt juices from my dildo, showing increasing enthusiasm with every inch of strap-on she took down her throat.

Smiling like the proud owner I am I reached down and patted her head briefly before switching to stroking her hair and then eventually grabbing a tight grip of those pretty dark locks and 'gently encourage' her to deep throat my dick, something she did with only a little bit of choking and gagging. And honestly, those choking sounds and tears in her eyes only made her cuter, especially when her lips slipped around the base, announcing she had taken the entire thing down her gullet.

Knowing and opportunity when I saw it I began gently thrusting in and out of her mouth, literally fucking her pretty little face for a few minutes before letting her go completely so she could pull away and gasp for breath. Clearly some things still needed a little work, but overall I think that Paige's training was going swimmingly. She'd certainly taken great strides this session, something she proved when she looked up at me with such gorgeous submission and respect in her eyes.

Then, and here's the best part, asked me in a subservient tone, "Were you serious about wanting to fuck my sisters and... and helping me fuck them?"

I grinned, "Did you want me to be?"

Paige blushed furiously and momentarily lowered her head before glancing up at me, "Yes."


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