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Author's note: This story is written from Faith's POV set after Season 4 of Charmed/alternative ending to Season 3 of Buffy.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Faith vs The Charmed Ones Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Gotta admit, I'm wicked nervous. That's really sayin' something, because I'm THE Slayer. Course, I was bad ass before all that, but now I am who I was always meant to be, the greatest warrior in the world with a pure Demon in my corner, I'm untouchable. But that doesn't mean my plans can't go to hell, or a certain blonde won't suddenly spoiled the party because she's feeling naughty.

Course, if I was really worried B wouldn't be kneelin' in front of me right now, her talented little tongue lickin' the dirt from my boots as we wait for Paige Matthews, a.k.a. one of The Charmed Ones.

This was B's first time out of Sunnydale since she became my bitch, and if she misbehaved all it would take is one word, the name of our now Demon run home, and the tiny crystal in her collar would send her straight back home. Specifically to her naughty cage, the tiny little dog cage I keep her in whenever she's been bad, or I'm just in one of my moods. I know she hates that because I often leave her there for days, and sometimes I don't even bother ta give her a little water and/or that kind of bread she once told me doesn't like, before I finally take her out to beat her butt, and even then I often stuff her back inside her cage so I can go fuck one of her friends or somethin'.

Damn, I'm makin' myself way too horny already, I gotta calm myself down. Luckily it's easily done and I just have to imagine what would happen if B's conscience gets the best of her and she warns Paige about me. It's unlikely, she doesn't know anything about Paige, including the fact that the super pale brunette is a powerful witch who could not only teleport out of here in a second but bring her sisters over here just as quickly to kick my ass. Not that they would, but even I've got to admit together they'd be a challenge, hence why Boss man insisted that one way or another I divide and conquer.

Anyway, I've got the lives of everybody B cares about in the palm of my hand, so the chances that she would risk their safety for a stranger who as far as she knew was powerless to do anythin' to stop me was almost unthinkable. Besides, B had been so good today, the perfect bitch, so much so that it's gettin' to the point I was wonderin' if I'd actually done it. If I had finally completely broken the high and mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all that was left was my obedient little bitch.

It was certainly lookin' that way, B glancing up at me every so often during the tongue cleaning of my boots, the look in her pretty eyes one total love and devotion. It was the same submissive look I'd been noticing all day long, and while B had played possum before this time it felt different, my favourite bitch now doin' anythin' I want with enthusiasm and determination to do a good job, no matter how degradin'/humiliatin' it was. In fact, it kind of felt like she liked it best when it was humiliatin'/degradin'.

Just then there's a knock on the door, which causes a huge grin to cross my face, "Get in position B, it looks like my guest is finally here."

Quick as a flash B turned around so she was kneeling while facing the door, her head lowered and her arms behind her back in a nice little submissive pose. It's so damn cute I can't help but spare her a couple of glances while I'm heading to the door, somethin' which has saved my ass more than once. But that's enough bad memories, I'm about to make new, better ones. And hallelujah, its Paige Matthews, lookin' almost as cute as B as she nervously looked down at her feet.

"I'm sorry Faith, there was... a family emergency." Paige explained with little or no conviction in her voice.

Translation, she and her sisters had just taken out another Demon or something. Hopefully it wasn't one of Boss man's friends, it would be such a waste to have to kill a hottie like Paige, especially now she was pretty much fully trained.

Realising I was just standin' there with a smirk on my face I took a step back and said, "No problem, come on in."

Paige nodded and stepped inside my hotel room, only advancing a few steps before she spotted B and stopped in her tracks, "Is... is that her?"

"Who else could it be?" I quipped as I closed and locked the door.

"Well, you did say you had a number of slave girls." Paige said, more than a little hint of jealousy in her voice.

"I also said I'd let ya top my favourite slave to see if ya had what it takes to co-own your sisters with me." I said casually as I walked over to stand next to where B was kneeling so I could possessively place my hand down on her head and start stroking her pretty blonde locks, "Are you calling me a liar?"

I could tell she didn't like me talking about her desires for her sisters in front of B, but she was way too broken in at this point to mention it, "No Faith, absolutely not, it's just..."

"Relax girlie girl, I'm just playing with ya." I grinned, delighting in the look on Paige's face. I know it an't helping me any, but I just can't help play hot and cold with Paige when it makes her face look all cute like that. Still, I change the subject pretty quick back to where it belongs, "So, what you think of my bitch?"

"She's beautiful." Paige said without hesitation, and then when she had a moment to think about it grinned and added, "Easily the hottest blonde I've ever seen."

"Me too." I smile, giving her a knowing look before adding, "Then again, her Mom's wicked hot. And an awesome fuck."

"What?" Paige's eyes went wide with shock, and then sparkled with glee, "Really? You fucked her Mom? And she was ok with it?"

"Ok with it? Oh honey, B insisted that I get a shot at her Mom's sweet pussy, and tight ass hole." I bragged before looking directly down at the blonde, "Isn't that right B?"

This was it, the moment of truth. If B was going to try and worn Paige about me, now would probably be the time. Instead she made my heart swell with pride as she meekly looked up at me and simply said, "Woof."

Grinning wickedly I added, "Actually, she was kind of like you when we first met. Surrounded by hotties she felt she couldn't touch, and part of the reason she's so submissive to me is because I made it happen for her. I helped realise her dream of fucking her friends... and her Mom, making her my original incest slut!"

Paige's eyes went cartoon wide, "Really?"

"Woof." B replied without prompting.

"Hell yeah!" I added with a grin, "In a month of becomin' my bitch I had this sweet little blonde munching on her Mommy's muffin like it was her job, just like you want to with your sisters. Except B's a total bottom and she was the one taking it up the ass for Mommy dearest, not that either one of them complained."

"Oh my God." Paige murmured in disbelief.

"That's not all." I bragged, "I have her so well trained she do anything for me. Fuck anyone for me-"

"Including me?" Paige interrupted cheekily.

"You're damn right including you." I said proudly, "But not only that she does tricks too. Observe, rollover B!"

Obediently B got down on her stomach and rolled over, Paige's eyes going wide as for the first time she got a chance to spot the little tale poking out of B's backside courtesy of the butt-plug I had shoved up her ass. I enjoyed the look on Paige's face as I took my jacket off, throwing it into the corner once B was back in the beggin' position.

"Fetch!" I ordered with a grin, watchin' with delight as B made sure to wiggle her plug filled ass as she crawled over to my jacket, picked it up in her mouth and then brought it back to me like a good girl. Then I added, "Now assume the position."

Immediately B lifted herself up from all fours to the beggin' position again, Paige cheekily moving forward and stroking the pretty blonde's head while murmuring, "Wow... you really are well trained, aren't you?"

"Woof." B said softly, not lookin' Paige in the eye.

It distracted me from seeing how Paige was looking at me at first, then when I registered that frown I quickly explained, "It's one woof for yes, two for no."

"Oh." Paige nodded in realisation, and another grin quickly crossing her face, "Hot."

"You think that's hot, check this out. B, do ya want Paige to spank you?" I asked my favourite pet.

This time B did look up at Paige before softly replying, "Woof."

"Well, who am I to deny a request like that." Paige smiled lustfully before sitting down on the nearest bed and patting her knee.

Without a word B crawled over and placed herself over that knee, Paige just eating up the sight of B's plugged butt for a few long seconds. She even spread the cheeks with both hands and traced the stretched flesh of B's butt hole with her finger tips, probably not getting that was one hole which was used to being stretched much wider than that. Course, I had told her plenty about my butt busting skills, and Paige had been on the receiving end of my anal lovin', but she'd never really seen it before. But she was going to today. Oh boy was she going too.

All of a sudden Paige wrapped her fingers around B's tail and tried to pull it out, prompting me to order, "No! Spank around it... mmmmm, B loves it when her ass has something to clench down on while she's getting her butt whooped."

Those first few words were said in a bit of a harsh tone, even for me, prompting Paige to give me another wary look. I tried to brush it off by attempting to appeal to Paige's desire, and after a few tense moments it seems to work, the Witch pushing that plug all the way back into B's butt and goin' back to groping it. Not that the plug got very far, from the looks of it just the bulbous end stretchin' B's ass hole, but it was enough to make the blonde let out the cutest little squeak which made me think my comment wasn't entirely bull-shit.

Course I tend to leave the plug buried up B's rear for my own selfish pleasure as it's so easy to get off on both the sight and the knowledge it's causing my defeated rival some extra pain, but I'm pretty sure I've trained B to enjoy that shit by now, and from the look on her face I think it's safe to say Paige is very much lovin' this. Perhaps a little too much, given how long she's taking to get to the butt beating, not that I can entirely blame her.

B's butt is a work of art and I could easily spend hours a day just squeezing that soft yet firm flesh, marvelling at how flawless it looks despite the abuse I give it inside and out on a daily basis. Still, sometimes ya just got to get on with it, and it's not like Paige can't keep groping B's bottom in between hittin' it. I know I do, pretty much every time I discipline her if I'm honest. So after a while Paige really didn't have an excuse.

Luckily for the other brunette just as I'm about to open my mouth, which would have meant serious repercussions for her later, Paige raised her hand up as high as she could and brought it down with some serious force on B's butt, making the mighty Buffy Summers cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure like the little bitch she had become. Which of course had me grinning widely, especially as Paige only paused ever so briefly before dishing out a series of wicked hard spanks which really made B squeal.

That first series of strikes was enough to make B's behind turn from flawless white to a light pink, especially in this one spot Paige concentrated on for the last few blows. Then, after a little butt groping, Paige returned to the spanking, this time using much weaker slaps which almost had me saying something, until she increased the force again. From then on they constantly seem to vary, Paige doing an excellent job of keeping B on her toes as every little bit of her ass was thoroughly spanked.

Well, obviously not her ass hole, and as Paige knew I sometimes like to reach between the legs of my bitches and give one of their sensitive little fuck holes a good slapping. B's butt hole was busy right now with the plug, and while I was somewhat disappointed Paige didn't go for the blonde's pussy outside a lingering groping session I was very pleased with the way the super pale Witch beat the ass of my favourite pet until those beautiful cheeks changed from a light pink to pink, then dark pink and then a nice little red.

Course, it wasn't close to what I could dish out, and although B was whining like usual it felt a little forced. In fact I was more than 100% certain that B was taking this no problem, even seeming to enjoy it more than she'd ever admit without prompting. Hell, I can practically smell her arousal, and I wouldn't stand for that. Don't get me wrong, it was making me wet as hell watching the self-righteous Buffy Ann Summers get her ass spanked by a hot chick, but enough with the warm up already. It was time for a real top to take over.

Not being an animal I let Paige have her fun for a little longer, see if she could kick it into high gear or not, then when I continue to be disappointed I got up and strolled over to her, "Not bad, for a first timer, but let me show you how it's done."

Without waiting for a reply I reached down, grabbed hold of B's pretty blonde hair and yanked her off of Paige's knee. Then I strolled back to the bed I was previously sitting on, dragging B by her hair behind me, then sat down before pulling my defeated rival over my knee, B whimpering loudly as she knew she was about to get her stuck up ass beaten by a professional.

Ok, so I may have spent a few minutes admiring Paige's handiwork/my well earned prize, soothing away some of B's pain with my greedy caresses. But I brought back all that pain and more when I lifted my hand up and brought it down hard on her right ass cheek and then did the same to her left, repeating the process over and over again until B's butt was rosy red and the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer was bawling her eyes out.

Remembering Paige was still in the room I held myself back a bit, and took a serious break halfway through for more butt groping, but ever since I started giving Miss Holier Than Thou Buffy Summers the discipline she so desperately needed there was a limit to how much I could control myself. Sure enough the blows eventually sounded like gunfire, B's firm little butt cheeks jiggling almost comically while this allegedly tough supernatural warrior screamed her head off. Which of course had me giggling with sadistic delight, especially because I was staring at B's battered and bruised butt the entire time.

Honestly, I'm not sure how long I spanked B's ass for. It was longer than when I first had her teleported here, and as a side note I'm happy to see that the neighbours have learned their lesson about complaining, and I'm definitely happy to see B's backside becoming as damaged as it's ever been, at least when it's just my hand dishing out the punishment. Seriously, I'm giving it to her like only a Slayer can, and she's taking it like only a Slayer could, and it's pure heaven, me totally showing little Miss Goody Two Shoes who's boss.

Course, eventually I do stop, which kind of leaves me with a problem. See, I'd obviously been spanking B harder and faster than any human could dish it out, and B had been able to take it without needing medical attention afterwards. As a result Paige was giving me a very dubious look, and unlike most girls she wouldn't be able to dismiss what she'd seen entirely because she knew about the supernatural. Luckily for me I had an easy way to distract her.

"So Paige, ready to get your pussy eaten by a total bottom?" I asked with a happy grin.

"Erm... sure." Paige mumbled, then when I gave her a look she quickly snapped out of her daze and added, "I mean, yes please. I really, really want your bitch to eat me out."

"Then take your clothes off." I said sweetly, adding in a somewhat less sweet tone, "Now."

That seemed to do the trick, Paige momentarily forgetting about her suspicions in favour of almost literally tearing off her clothes. I watched with amazement and increasing interest, then when she was naked I pushed B off of me, stood up and slowly stripped myself. When we were all naked I gave the other brunette a wicked grin, marched over to her and pulled her into my arms for a passionate kiss. Course she kissed back eagerly, massaging my tongue with her own for several minutes as I groped her body, grinning into the lip lock as I rubbed against her pussy.

It was soaking wet, which was hardly surprising but in my experience had never been not enjoyable. I mean, who wouldn't love finding a chick soaking wet for them and their favourite sexual plaything? Speaking of which I really should let B get to work, so I gently moved Paige to one of the beds in this room and laid her down on it, all without breaking the kiss. When I did finally break the lip lock I spent some time kissing her neck and playing with her titties before I turned to B, smiling to myself as I notice she was obediently waiting for restrictions on her knees like the well-trained bitch she was.

"B, get over here and eat Paige's pussy." I ordered loudly.

"Woof." B said, diving in between Paige's legs.

From the way Paige tilted her head back and let out a long moan I'm guessing B wasted no time getting down to some serious pussy lickin', my favourite bitch lapping away hungrily at my new bitch's cunt like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Or in her case a little puppy, only B was way better than some mangy animal. She was the perfect sex slave, as Paige was very quickly finding out, the other brunette making me proud as she reached down to grab a handful of blonde hair and push B deeper into her cunt.

As if trying to make me prouder Paige then moaned, "Mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh goooooodddddddddd, harder you bitch! Lick my pussy harder! Faster! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck! Ooooooooooh fuck yes, just like that mmmmmmmmmm eat my pussy just like that you dyke bitch ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddd! Aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me with your tongue! Get your tongue inside me and AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

I grinned widely. Looked like my latest conquest was in no mood for gentle lickin'. No, no, no, the pale little whore wanted to cum already, and honestly I couldn't blame her. Spankin' B's perfect butt always gets me worked up, and I know how much Paige had been looking forward to toppin' someone so she probably been wet all day long. Then comin' here, seein' B crawl around on her hands and knees and barkin' like a dog, then being allowed to put the hot blonde over her knee and give her ass a spankin', then watch me show her what a real butt beatin' is, it'd be enough to make any slightly twisted girl cream her panties, and I knew for a fact Paige Matthews was one twisted slut.

Course I had trained B to adapt to the needs of her top. After all, sometimes I wanted to relax in bed or on the couch and have her lick my cunt for hours, but sometimes I just wanted to shove her head in between my thighs and get off good and quick. For that B knew exactly what to do, and from Paige's constant moans, groans, cries and screams I knew exactly when my blonde pet was dishing out a lickin', pushin' her tongue into Paige's needy pussy and that wonderful moment when she started to get down to some serious tongue fuckin'.

I also knew what speed B was using her tongue, and when she added those pretty lips of hers into the mix, the other supernaturally strong girl suckin' at Paige's pussy lips so she would have more yummy girl cream to swallow. Though I'm sure Paige was giving her more than she could handle pretty much from the first lick, and now Paige had a vice grip on B's head and was grinding herself against the other sub's face I'm betting B was practically drowning in the liquid I had trained her to crave above almost anything else.

She soon received the liquid she now craved most, Paige clearly cummin' in B's face/squirtin' her cum down the other girl's throat, the Witch becoming so wild any normal girl would have probably struggled keeping up. But B wasn't any normal girl, she was still technically a Slayer regardless of what I like to think of her as, and more importantly she was the best slave girl a ball busting top like me could ask for, my heart swelling with pride as B seem to keep up with ease throughout Paige's orgasm and even obviously tongue fucked the other girl to a few more.

Watching Paige writhin' and squirmin' under B's super skilled mouth and tongue was hella entertainin', but it was also kind of torturous considerin' I was desperate for some of that pleasure myself. Still, I gave Paige plenty of time to have fun, which included several hard orgasms, but I made sure she didn't have too long. After all, it wasn't like she'd want to use up all her strength anyway, given what I was gonna let her do next.

"B, that's enough of that, get over here and give me a lickin'! A nice, slow one so I can enjoy watching Paige butt fuck ya." I ordered loud and clear, lovin' the fact that B immediately pulled away from Paige, the Witch's by now no doubt loosened grip no match for Slayer strength.

Not that Paige could have stopped B if she wasn't tired from cumming in my blonde bitch's mouth, but her tiredness, and perhaps the fact she had just heard what I said, meant that Paige let B go without a fight. She didn't move much at all after that, the Witch just gasping for breath as she enjoyed her afterglow. Normally I'd punish such disobedience, but to be fair I didn't give her a direct order, and I very quickly had B gently licking away at my pussy, so I decided to be generous and let it go. For now.

Course, the sooner the butt fuckin' got underway the sooner I could cum in B's mouth, so the lack of response got old fast. However before I got impatient enough to order Paige to move her lazy ass and bang B's my latest conquest jumped up as fresh as a daisy, or near enough, and then quickly grabbed one of the strap-on cocks I had helpfully left on the main stand. She then scurried to step into the device, pull it up her thighs and fastened it tightly around her waist. Then she grabbed a bottle of lube and started spreading a liberal amount all over her new cock, Paige staring at B's butt the entire time as it wiggled in the air invitingly.

I'd told B she should do that once we got to the stage and it was heart-warming to see not only had she remembered but she was obeying the previous order with a type of graceful seduction which I once had thought was beyond her. It just goes to show you what a little trainin' can do, and maybe just how big of a slut prudes could become if they were given the chance to cut loose and embraced their inner desires.

Just then I noticed Paige adorably bringing the anal lubricant over, to which I grin and tell her, "Hey, you don't need to bother with any of that. B's a professional ass whore. She don't need no fuckin' lube."

Looking unsure of herself Paige asked, "Are you sure?"

I smiled and tapped B on the head, "Tell her B."

B lifted her mouth from my cunt, her face covered in a combination of mine and Paige's cum, a very familiar look in her eye of nervousness and embarrassment, but again she didn't let me down, "I... I am an ass whore. You don't need to use lube on my slutty ass. It's, it's just a fuck hole for you and Faith to use."

"See? It's fine." I beamed as B return to licking my pussy, and then when Paige continued to look at me sceptically I sighed and added, "I guess you can spit on your hand and rub it into the head of the dick if it makes you feel better, but it really isn't going to make a difference. Like I already told you, fucking this blonde bitch up the ass is my favourite hobby. It's something I do all the time, so B is really used to getting huge dongs shoved in her butt."

There was another pause and then Paige shrugged, tossed aside the lube and then spat on her hand, rubbing it into the tip of her dildo as instructed as she got behind B and grabbed hold of the handle to B's butt-plug. Paige was then courteous enough to pull it out real slow like, her eyes going wide as she saw just how thick and long the toy was, obviously surprised that an itty-bitty thing like B could take something so big inside her butt. It seemed to turn her on though, and once the plug was completely out she didn't waste any time in replacing it, B's no doubt gaping ass hole having no time whatsoever to close as it was immediately refilled, this time with strap-on cock.

For the briefest of moments B stopped her pussy licking duties to let out a sharp cry followed by a long moan, the fact that this was caused by Paige anally penetrating her meaning that I let it slide. Sides, this had happened before, as Paige was far from the first I'd let fuck B's slutty ass while I was getting a lickin' from her, and just like all those times B quickly went back to lapping away at my cunt like nothing had happened while the third member of this little party filled up her slutty ass with a cock, this one made out of rubber.

It was what B was used too. Sure, I'd had her gang banged a couple of times for fun, and she looks real good getting all three of her fuck holes stuffed with hunky vampires (just the way she likes it) or at a pinch some human-ish looking Demons. Of course she looks even better with her face dripping in their cum, and because they can't get her preggers I let them blow their loads deep in her cunt as well as up her ass and down her throat, so by the end she is in quite a state. But given my personal tastes I definitely prefer watching her get fucked by other girls, and while this ain't no gang bang it's still pretty hot.

My only regret is that I don't have a minion to hold up a mirror so I can watch Paige's strap-on fill up B's virgin tight ass and then begin to slowly pump in and out of it, my new bitch officially beginning to butt fuck my favourite bitch. Of course I'd watched B's butt hole stretching for dick countless times, mostly from me doing the fucking but also sometimes when a vamp holds up a mirror just right so I can see somebody fuck B's ass. Not that it worked when the vampire was taking her ass, but not everybody working for boss man is a vamp, and I've even trained a few of her friends to fuck her, my favourite being her Mom. Oh there's nothing quite like watching Mrs S ass fucking her precious daughter. The looks on their faces alone is priceless.

Sadly I'm awoken from this very pleasant/perverted memory when Paige asked, "Are you sure she's done this before?"

Annoyed at being interrupted from my thoughts I glared at her, "Are you calling me a liar?"

"No. No! It's just that, she's sooooo tight." Paige moaned, her obvious enjoyment softening my mood, "Are, are all asses this tight?"

"Well..." I begin, unsure what to say but ultimately decided not to set her up for disappointment, "Yes and no. I'm a total ass wrecking stud, and no matter how wide I've gaped an anal slut's ass it's eventually returned to some degree of tightness. But there's nothing in this world that's better than fucking a virgin ass hole, and B's ass hole always seems to return to virgin tightness regardless of how long or hard I pound that ass. It's almost like magic, if you believe in that crap."

Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed dropping little comments like that and seeing the look on Paige's face, trying to determine if I know what she is etc. Honestly I do it way too much, but I just can't help it, she looks so cute when she's confused. However this time it had the unfortunate side-effect of making her stop butt fucking B, which just wasn't acceptable.

"Clearly B was made to be a butt slut, and luckily she ran into me. An Alpha female who can give her the type of butt lovin' she so desperately needs. The question is, do you have what it takes to give her what she needs?" I questioned, grinning wickedly as I then added, "How about for your precious sisters? Have you seen what juicy, round fuck-able asses those two have? Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, those two asses need a serious fucking. And spanking. Ohhhhhh yes, the outside and the inside of those bottoms completely destroyed by a butt busting top until their back doors are stretched wide open and they know whose boss. Can you be that top Paige? Can you fuck your sisters into submission?"

"Yes." Paige practically growled without hesitation, my words clearly getting to her.

"Then prove it." I challenged, "Prove it by destroying B's slutty little ass. Mmmmmm, pound it with every ounce of your strength and prove to me that you deserve to co-own your big sisters with me. Prove that you've got what it takes to be a top."

Paige let out a almost inhuman sound and then started quickly picking up the pace, not stopping until the sound of her thighs smacking against B's butt cheeks was almost as deafening as the squeals of joy the broken Slayer was letting out into my cunt. I'd already had plenty of build-up what with the spanking, watching Paige get her pussy eaten, and forcing myself to keep my hands off B for a few hours so that her ass would be nice and tight for my new ally, and honestly if I just let the pretty blonde in between my legs keep licking me like she has I would cum.

But I wanted more, so I yanked her up by her head and yelled at her, "Make me cum bitch! Stick your fucking tongue in my cunt and make me cum in your mouth!"

Normally I'd say a whole lot more, but I was horny and wanted to cum so I just shoved her face down into my pussy again where she immediately shoved her tongue inside my cunt, rendering me speechless. The only sounds which came out of my mouth for the next few minutes were incoherent screams as I shoved B's head as deep as it would go in between my thighs and came in her pretty little face, the other Slayer, if she could be called that anymore, practically drowning in my cream. I could tell she was trying desperately to swallow as much as she could, and tongue fuck me like a good little lesbian sex slave in between orgasms, but mostly all she could do was just go limp while I savagely fuck her face with my cunt, happily using my bitch for my own selfish pleasure.

Meanwhile Paige was making me proud by hammering B's ass hard and deep, the Witch seemingly taking no prisoners as she brutalised the heavenly tight bottom in front of her. I wondered if she imagined one of her sisters in B's place, possibly both of them kneeled in front of her so she could go back and forth between their butt holes, showing them both at the same time who was the new head of the household. It was an image which made me cum extra hard, and I silently promised myself I would see it one day, but for now I more than happy watching Paige brutally bang B's butt from behind.

It was an incredibly erotic sight, one I would treasure forever. Because sure, I'd seen Paige look real happy plenty of times during our affair, but honestly I'd never seen her happier than when she was sodomising my favourite sex slave. It was like she'd found her calling in life, and now there was no doubt in my mind that she preferred being a top over a bottom. Which might be a problem in the future, but as long as I could keep her in line it would all work out.

Not sure how many orgasms Paige had before she finally stopped, and to be fair I'm not sure how much I came and I'm certainly not sure/don't care how much B came, but it was clearly a lot. All I know is that the three of us were near constant screamin' and cummin', sweat covering the bed and our bodies by the time Paige finally pulled out of B's butt hole and collapsed exhaustively down beside her.

Perhaps anticipating my orders, perhaps because she was just wicked tired, B started decreasing the thrusts of her tongue. Briefly considered punishing her for it, but ultimately decided not to bother. Or do my best remember this as an excuse to spank her later. Either way I was more interested in fucking her ass than spanking it, so I let her bring me down from my high and clean up any left over cum and pussy cream which was around before roughly pushing her away with a satisfied grin my face.

For a moment B looked annoyed, a flash of the girl who had once been my equal, then the mighty Buffy Summers just lowered her head submissively. This caused me to chuckle slightly as I bounced up fresh as a daisy, thank you Slayer healing/stamina, and quickly retrieved my favourite strap-on. While I was doing that I gave B's butt a glance and then a lingering look, again impressed with Paige's work. Sure B's butt hole was nowhere near as gaping as it always was when I'd finished with it, a.k.a. as gaping as it was about to be, but for a newbie to all this Paige really had done a hell of a job.

Good enough to get praise from me, "Nice work Paige."

"Huh?" Paige mumbled, clearly half unconscious from using up all her energy.

"B's ass. Ya did a great job at wrecking it." I grinned at the brunette before turning to the blonde, "Show her B. Show off just how well my new friend did at wrecking your slutty ass hole."

B blushed but didn't hesitate to turn her body around and position herself on her knees with her ass facing towards Paige. She even spread her cheeks without prompting, giving me and Paige the best view possible at her gaping butt hole. It was way too tempting a target for me to pass up for too long, so after giving Paige a couple of long seconds to admire her handiwork I kneeled over B in a crouching position, grabbed hold of my newly acquired dick and slowly fed the head of that dildo into B's butt.

The hole barely had to stretch at all for the big mushroom head of my strap-on, and I'm guessing it was the same story for the battered walls of B's bowels given the way my favourite bitch just moaned in pure pleasure as I slowly stuffed her slutty ass with cock. Well, I was slow at first. When I had about half of my dick firmly lodged in B's backside I hammered the rest down in one brutal thrust just so that my former rival would cried out in pain as I completed her anal violation. Although in this case there was more surprise and pleasure in the cry she let out, but it was still ear piercing and I got plenty of cries just like that as I began sodomising the other Slayer.

Not that I think B is really worthy of that title anymore, but whenever we have sex it's a thrill to think of her that way, especially when it comes to spanking or fucking her ass. It's just wicked hot to remember how this girl is my equal in so many ways. She's got the speed, the strength, the stamina and she's even smarter than she looks. Maybe smarter than me. But now I'm making it crystal clear who's better. With every thrust of my big cock up her ass I'm telling the high and mighty Buffy Summers who's the boss around here. Who's in control. Who's the Alpha female, and who's just the Alpha female's anal loving bitch.

For all her tough talk, her snappy one-liners and impressive track record B's the one squealing in pleasure as I wreck her rectum with my massive strap-on dildo, her and her precious little friends nothing but my fuck toys that I can use whenever I want. Her speed, her strength, her destiny itself doesn't mean shit right now, because all she is and ever will be from now on is a walking fuck hole for my amusement, and I'm telling her that loud and clear by slamming her tight little shit pipe.

That's why B is my favourite by the way, because no matter how hard or often I slam fuck her shit hole B's back door not only always returns to virgin tightness but it remains tight no matter how long I butt fuck her for. Sure, it's not as tight as during the original penetration, but it's still way tighter than any other ass I've ever fucked. It's also the Goldilocks of asses, not too big, not too small, but just right for me, almost as if B's butt was literally made for me to use for my pleasure.

You can be damn sure that I'm using my property right now, slamming that ass hard and deep without a single care for B's well-being. To be fair I sodomised her pretty slowly at first, at least by my standards, and all she did was moan and quiver with pleasure. I kept increasing the speed and she kept with the sounds of pleasure, only becoming more high-pitched and frantic, until I was pounding that tight little ass hole with the speed and force that only a Slayer could give, and only a Slayer could take.

Instead of complaining B started slamming her butt back against me in perfect time with my thrusts, the two of us working together to make sure that even with a slayer healing she wouldn't be able to sit down or shit right until late tomorrow by the earliest. Not that either of us care as at that point we were total animals, pretty much lost in the brutal butt banging. The only thing keeping me from totally losing it was I wanted to hear her total submission to me, and luckily there was a very easy way to get that.

Reaching down I grabbed hold of B's pretty blonde hair, yanked it backwards almost hard enough to snap her neck and screamed at her, "WHO'S MY BITCH B? I SAID, WHO'S MY BITCH?"


B might have said more, but I didn't hear it and it was unlikely that I would bothered to ask Paige about it later. Honestly although really cared about at that moment was slamming B's butt hole with every ounce of my strength, well and truly making B's words true regardless whether she meant them or not. And even if she didn't the liquid squirting out of her like a river made it clear no matter how rebellious she was goody two shoes Buffy Summers was my bitch who loved it up the butt.

I'm not sure how long I sodomised her for. Felt like it could have easily been hours, maybe even days. All I knew for sure was when I was finally able to focus again I was lying flat against B's back, sandwiching her body in between me and the bed, both as dripping with sweat and me lazily pumping into her well fucked ass. It was only then my eyes focused on a gobsmacked Paige and I realise I may have made a mistake. Nothing I couldn't fix of course, but a mistake nevertheless.

See, Paige has been under the impression that I'm human, but there's no way a mere mortal could fuck B's ass with the type of speed, strength and stamina I had just displayed. It was also at least unlikely that a human could take that type of abuse, so I pretty much just 'outed' both me and my favourite bitch as something at least more than human. Luckily for me Paige didn't really look scared. Honestly it looked like she was impressed.

"What are you?" Paige asked softly, seemingly in awe of me.

"Human, mostly." I admitted, "But what's important is what I can do for you. Namely give you everything you really want. And you do still want it, don't you?"

"Yes." Paige said without hesitation.

"Good." I smile, rolling off B and positioning myself next to Paige, "But it ain't going to be easy. You're just going to have to trust me, and do everything I say."

"I understand." Paige said softly, before looking down at B, "Well, don't just lie there looking stupid, suck our cocks clean you dumb slut."

That had me grinning so proudly I barely even looked away from Paige to watch B crawl in between our legs and start sucking our strap-ons, moving from one to the other over and over again until both were shiny with spit. Meanwhile me and Paige went through the details of her sisters' fate. Oh and of course make out, can't forget about the making out. Then we spent the rest of the day double teaming B. Man what a day, and the best is yet to come.


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