Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
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Crossfire Part 6: Turned Ones Trilogy - Spell Bound
by Arcane ([email protected])

"AGHH!" yelled the blonde to what appeared to be an empty room. It was all
she had said since storming into the lounge moments before and slamming the
door behind her.

The only reaction from the room was for the black cat to look up at her.

"Problem?" he asked.

Once upon a time that might have bothered Sabrina. But a talking cat was
something a witch had to get used to, even if it was a smart mouthed one.

"I worked all night on that stupid science project and a faulty wire in the
lab causes it to blow. I didn't even sleep last night."

"You would have got it done sooner if you hadn't tried to magic up an
artificially intelligent robot."

"Don't remind me Salam. Why does everything in my life have to be a lesson or
a test?"

"Your options are A: all witches have to undergo these trials, B: Nature is
cruel and hates you or C, you have a knack for doing really stupid things."

"Well. Which is it?"

"Trick question." The cat flicked it's tail and hopped to the floor. "The
answer is D: All of the above."

His feline agility was all that saved him from a flying cushion.

Sabrina Spellman slumped down on the sofa, lifting up a note from the coffee
table and reading it aloud.

"Sabrina. Away for a few days. Planetary alignment. Feed Salam. Hilda... That
is so unfair! How many planetary alignments can there possibly be in one

"It didn't specify what to feed me. I suggest the salmon in the freezer."
Salam suggested from the doorway, avoiding another missile flying his way.

"I wonder if other teenage witches have to put up with this?" she asked of no
one in particular.

* * *

Willow felt helpless as she watched Xander gradually coming to terms with
what he had done and what had been done to him.

"You know it wasn't me right?" he desperately sought understanding. "You know
I wouldn't do something like that? NEver. I didn't even know. Not until after
and.. Oh my God what did I do. What was I thinking? How could I.."

"Xander!" Buffy grabbed his shoulder. "Get a grip. I know this is hard but we
need you right now. We need you to tell us."

"I ..can't.."

"You can and you will or Katie and god knows who else might be in serious

Xander sat in the corner and curled into a ball.

"What do you want from me?"

"Anything Xander. A place, a reason a name."

"Yeatril." he coughed.


"That was the name that crazy guy called out." Willow noted.

"The High Demon?" Buffy frowned. "You think it got out after all we did?"

"Or perhaps a part of it did." Giles mused. "It needed a host and it found

"Great. So what do we do now?"

"The Demon seems to have left a few impressions on his mind. He may be able
to recount them to us."

"Giles." Xander looked up in desperation, "Don't make me go through that
again. Please."

"We need to know."

"No. I don't want to think about it."

"Xander," Willow took a step towards him, "You know me. You can tell me."

"Willow. Don't. You have no idea what it's like. None of you have any idea."

"I do." Alyson stepped forward, turning to the others. "Leave us alone. I'll
talk to him. We'll catch up."

Willow nodded in understanding and motioned for the others to leave the room.

Alyson looked for somewhere to sit and ended up slumping down against a wall.

She looked at Xander.

Xander looked down at the floor.

"Do I like look the violent type to you?" she asked after a few seconds.

Xander looked up at her.

"You.. you look like Willow and Willow isn't a violent type.. No.. You don't
look violent."

"No.. I don't."

She looked away from him, running her eyes over the shelves.

"I killed somebody." she said, her voice wavering with regret.

Xander looked up, not sure whether or not to believe her.

"Not by accident, not unwittingly. I remember every little action. I raised
my hand, gathered magical energy and shot her in the back. I turned her into
dust. Till the day I die I will remember the vision of my magic turning her
body into mist. It doesn't matter that she wasn't human. She was one of the
good guys and she didn't deserve to die. But me, I was one of the bad guys.
It was War. I was going to destroy anything that got in my way. Jezebel
kidnapped me, tortured me, brainwashed me and turned me into something evil.
Only once I was defeated was I free again. But I remembered every single
detail. And do you know what I did then Xander?"

"No." He answered softly.

"I dealt with it!" she punched her fist against the stone. "And I deal with
it everyday because I made a choice. That pain is part of who I am now. I
know what it's like to be controlled, to be manipulated. I know what they can
do to you, what they can make you do to others. But it was not you!"

She rose to her feet and crossed over to him.

"So you have to deal with that. And it can take a long time, I know. You
can wait in that corner and come out whenever your ready, that's up to you
Xander. But we need you now. Katie needs you right now."

She paused and looked down at him. Xander looked up at her, so much like
WIllow yet so different.

"What's it going to be?" she asked, reaching out her hand.

Xander breathed deep then took it.

* * *

After cooking her dinner two shades short of charcoal, Sabrina gave up on her
culinary efforts and ordered pizza. Salam had pestered her to get seafood
with extra anchovies and hadn't stopped until she dumped a fish on the
kitchen floor and shut him in there.

The young witch had opted for simple Hawaiian. For all she new her aunts
could be in Hawaii. Their witches covens seemed to meet in the most scenic of
locations at convenient times of year. Sabrina herself wasn't allowed to got
of course, not until she as a fully qualified witch. At the moment it seemed
like she never would be. Every time she passed what she thought was going to
be the last obstacle, another would appear.

Right now she was looking forward to dissolving that depression with pizza.

When the doorbell rang she hopped to her feet, eager to eat.

She opened the door to the pizza girl, a young woman dressed in the typically
tacky pizza delivery uniform.

"One Hawaiian Pizza for Sabrina Spellman?" she asked.

"That would be me." Sabrina fished notes out of her pocket. "Here you go...
Hey no name tag."

"Oh yeah." the girl looked down at her shirt. "I left it at home. I won't
tell if you won't."

"Secrets safe with me."

"I'm Katie in case you were wondering."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Pretty quiet place you have here." Katie looked in at the living room.

"What do you mean?"

"Well all the other pizzas I delivered tonight were to parties or families."

"Oh.. yeah well I'm not to big on parties or families."

"Yeah, me neither. But I can never manage to eat a whole pizza by my self."

"Same here. And it has nothing to do with a diet. I'd invite you in but I
guess you have more deliveries."

"Actually I finish in four.. three.. two.. one.. Off Duty." she flicked the
red cap from her head, letting her dark brown hair fall to her shoulders.

"Come in. I was just about to throw on a video."


"Practical Magic."

"Umm. Witches right?"

"Yeah." Sabrina lay the pizza down on the coffee table and took a slice.

"Kind of corny don't you think?" Katie examined the cover. "I mean who
believes in witches."

"Yeah.. I guess." Sabrina chuckled nervously. "But you can suspend disbelief

"It's your video and pizza. I'm willing to suspend anything."

"So," Sabrina fast forwarded through the credits, "how is someone like you
delivering pizzas?"

"Someone like me?"

"I mean most of the delivery people are greasy faced teenage boys who need
the money."

"Well I guess I'm a smooth faced teenage girl who needs the money."

"I guess so."

"You see, If I had magic like a witch then that wouldn't be a problem."

"I don't think you can just magic difficulties away." Sabrina countered,
knowing that all too well from past experience.

"Why not? You could have food, money, a great house. You could charm any guy
you wanted."

"It doesn't work like that. I mean it wouldn't work like that.. if it were

"I still think it would be sweet. All the neat stuff you could do. But
wishful thinking huh?"

"Yeah. I guess so. Hey do you want a drink of Coke or something?"

"Yeah that'd be great."

Sabrina moved to get up, putting her pizza piece down and getting tangled in
a string of cheese.

"I'll get them." Katie volunteered, standing up. "Where's the kitchen?"

"Through there."

Katie walked away as Sabrina fought to stop the cheese touching the ground.

The kitchen was pretty much how she imagined it. And almost exactly how she
remembered it from the few times she'd seen it in the past.

There were glasses on the bench and she pulled a bottle from the fridge.

It was then she noticed a black cat staring at her.

"Hello there." Katie walked over to him as he looked up at her oddly. "What's
your name? Salem." she noted on his collar.

"Well Salem you look like a nice well behaved cat."

She lifted him up and he promptly began to purr as she held him snugly
against her chest.

"I''m sure you'd never cause any trouble. Especially for me would you?"

Salam continue to purr.

"Good." Katie cooed. She put him down inside the pantry and closed the door
before he could escape. Katie heard claws scratching on the door and a
distressed meow. Even trapped Salam was still in character. "You won't be
giving me any trouble at all."

Katie returned with the drinks, and sat down again.

Sabrina was focussed on the film and continued to munch on pizza.

"You want some right?" Sabrina pointed to it.

"Yeah. But I'll wait until you're done. It's your pizza. And thanks for
taking me in like this. I mean pizza people aren't exactly the most
interesting companions."

"Believe me," Sabrina smiled, "there are time when you really value a nice
boring companion."

"Oh. You lead an exciting life?"

"Potentially. My aunts make things interesting from time to time."

"You live with your aunts? Where are they?"


"And they didn't take you?"

"They never do."

"That kind of sucks."

"You don't know the half of it. I'm stuck here with a cat for company."

"I saw him in the kitchen. Black cat. Just like witches."

"What?" Sabrina spluttered slightly.

"You know? Witches and black cats. It just made me think of them. And the

"Oh yeah.. Um Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are sisters and..."

"I've seen it."

"Oh. Okay. This is a really good pizza by the way."

"Don't thank me. I just deliver."

"Well next time you're in tell them it's great. Are you sure you don't want
a bite. I might end up eating the whole thing."

"I'll be fine. You look like your enjoying it."

"I am. This may well be the best pizza I've ever eaten."

"Well then," Katie laughed, "tuck in."

Sabrina gulped another large bite.

Before she knew it the entire pizza was gone.

Sabrina apologized to Katie, who didn't seem to mind, and tried to focus on
the movie.

But no matter how much she tried to focus, the details seemed to fade in and

"Are you following this?" Sabrina asked Katie who shrugged.

"Not really. Finding it boring?"

"No...Just..Well my mind was wandering." Sabrina lifted the remote and turned
off the screen.

"Ate too much pizza."

"Maybe. I don't feel full. Just kind of weird."

"Weird how?"

"I don't know."

"Never mind. It's a pretty weird film. I mean have you ever met a real

"Yeah." Sabrina replied drearily, barely able to keep her eyes open.

"Really. Who?"

"I'm a witch.." Sabrina heard her own words slurring as she spoke. Her mind
was drifting and all she could hear was Katie's voice from time to time.

"Really?" Katie smiled as she shuffled along side the young witch, waving her
hand before her face. There was no response.

"Uh huh."

"That must be fun."

"No." Sabrina shook her head slightly. "I never get to do anything.."

"Oh. That's such a shame." Katie's voice oozed sympathy as she ran her
fingers through Sabrina's hair. "You must really want to break out and have


"With all those powers you could do anything."


Katie leant over, whispering close to Sabrina's ear. "Anything."

"I shouldn't." Sabrina shook her head again. "There are rules."

"But don't you want to break them? Can't you feel a need within you, a desire
to do what you want?"

Sabrina's mind wandered. There was something inside her, a part of her that
simply wanted to go wild with arcane abilities. But it had only ever got out
in slips of temper, often causing terrible results. To willingly unleash her
magic forces would certainly spell trouble.

"Can you feel that need?" Katie whispered again, pulling in closer, slinking
over Sabrina like a seductress, wrapping one arm about the witches waist, her
other hand still stroking her hair. "You know you want to be bad Sabrina.
You want someone to free you from this life, someone who can make all your
dreams come true. Don't you want that?"

"I'm.. not sure..."

"Don't you?" Katie hugged tighter.

Sabrina felt her desire building. It was almost like a passion, a sexual
desire to unleash her power. She didn't know why her mind felt so fluffy at
the moment but she knew that the desire was growing by the second. She felt
Katie beside her, holding her close, her warm body pressing against hers,
soft voice whispering into her ear. It was such a pleasant feeling, so soft
and comforting.

"I want to help you Sabrina. I want to free you." Katie rested her chin on
Sabrina's shoulder, still combing her blonde locks.

"That's why I came here. I came to set you free. To fulfil your desires. I
mugged a pizza boy, took his uniform, but that wasn't wrong was it Sabrina?
Not if I was helping you?"

"No." Sabrina found herself willing to agree with anything Katie had to say.

"And I drugged your pizza. But that was to relax you. You like being relaxed
don't you?"


"Good. Good Sabrina. Just relax. And let that power build within you. The
desire, the passion, the need to use that power. I know someone who wants you
Sabrina. He want's to help you, wants to give you a chance to use that power.
He helped me Sabrina, freed me from my limitations. He can do the same for
you. You want to help him don't you."


"You do want to help him don't you?" Katie repeated, stroking her fingers
softly over Sabrina's stomach.

"Yes." Sabrina smiled, relaxing under the pleasant touch. The force inside
her was almost overwhelming now, the desire to unleash her magic
irresistible. She wanted to help Katie, to help Katie's friend. It felt good
to be next to Katie, someone who wasn't telling her what to do.

"You want to help?"


"You want to free yourself?"


"Sabrina. Open your eyes."

Sabrina's vision opened to see Katie smiling at her.

"My master wishes to bind you to him Sabrina. You want that don't you? You
want to be with him so you can use your power."

"Yes.." Sabrina nodded.

"Then give yourself to him Sabrina. Turn to him with a kiss."

Sabrina lent forward, opening her lips and pressing them against Katie's.

The young witch felt a rush of air flow into her lungs then through her whole
body, surging with passionate release as it fused itself to her soul. Sabrina
felt the power rush through her veins, magic ready to erupt from her when the
time was right, when her master told her to unleash her force. She reached
out and hugged Katie close as the irresistible desire and love for her master
burned into her mind.

She let go and sighed, sated with the knowledge of finally being able to be
free from the restraints of her life.

"Come on." Katie smiled, reaching her arm out to Sabrina. "We have places to

Sabrina reached for her hand dreamily.

Salam scrambled out of the air conditioning vent and onto the living room
floor. The path from the pantry to the kitchen wasn't particularly easy to
navigate but he had a nasty suspicion that very evil things were afoot, bad
enough to make his fur stand on end. What his cat eyes saw as he crashed to
the living room floor proved that he was right.

In the centre of the room was a large swirling portal into which first the
pizza girl then Sabrina, holding her hand, was engulfed.

For a second Salam considered his actions and being a cat they were somewhat

He made his choice and ran.

The portal was closing fast but feline agility saved the day. Just before the
portal was too small, even for a cat, Salam threw himself into the whirling
maelstrom, hoping desperately that wherever Sabrina and Katie were going, he
would make it there behind them.

And he prayed he would land on his feet


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