Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
them now. Also, if you're after a heap of plotless sex, you won't find it

Crossfire Part 9: The Counter Turn Trilogy - Counter Turn
by Arcane ([email protected])

The air was dry and dusty.

She knew that the moisture that clung to her skin could only be her own.

Darkness was absolute save for the flickering flame that cast an orange sheen
over her naked flesh.

A year ago she would have crumpled. She would have folded into a heap and
been helpless.

But a lot could happen in a year.

She had been captured and bound by a mad woman.

She had been tormented, then infused with the souls and passions of hundreds
of long dead women.

She had been dragged into an alternate universe.

She had been bound and and all but raped, mind body and soul.

She had done the same to another.

She had helped bring all reality to the closest it had ever been to utter

For Katie Holmes, a lot could happen in a year.

The house was huge. Probably infinite.

But she didn't want to search it all. She just wanted to find the exit. The
exit meant that she would be free.

The house wasn't real. It was just the construct of her mind, or rather
minds. The souls merged with her own gave her mental landscape a decidedly
twisted edge.

One soul in particular filled her thoughts.

Catherina Hume.

The witch, long dead who had invaded her mind, taken control of her body and
sided with the forces of chaos.

The house belonged to Catherina. And she didn't want Katie getting out.

She pushed open a door.

The room was green. A dark slimy green, the colour of a forest after all
light has left it and only the mould and bacteria remain to consume what was

There was one dim light high above, flowing through the moss covered light.

Everything else was in darkness, once bright windows, covered in green filth.

Once it had been a greenhouse, part of the mind of Catherina Hume. But over
time, her life and after life, the room had rotted under neglect.

Katie felt an equal pang of disgust and pity. Catherina had once been an
innocent young girl. But corruption had spread through her soul until all
that remained was this dead place.

Katie shivered, not because of the temperature, which was hot and humid, but
because of the familiarity.

Catherina Hume was bound across time and space to her distant descendant and
namesake, Katie Holmes.

Their stories had not been altogether different.

Katie knew the taste of corruption. But it was something she would never

She stepped forward, feeling the ground ooze between her toes, her feet
sinking into the brown green muck.

At first it only reached her ankle, then her calf, then her thigh.

She kept going. There was no turning back.

Deeper. Past her hips, her waist, her breasts, until finally it reached her

She kept moving, but the liquid didn't get any deeper.

She moved her feet forward, but the ooze suddenly became thicker.

She tried to push forward but soon she found herself immobile.

Katie stood, remaining calm and keeping a clear head.

But even she had to tremble as she watched the surface of the mud set hard,
covering the entire surface with a hard skin.

She tried to struggle but below the layer, movement was so slow and laboured.

Across the solid surface, vines began to grow.

It was Catherina Humes mind. Anything was possible.

They grew closer, reaching over her face, crawling through her hair. The thin
vines tightened over her eyelids, forcing them open. In the murk below she
felt other vines, growing, moving, probing her body, creeping over her.

The walls themselves began to pulse with a sick green light.

Katie gritted her teeth as the feelers beneath the surface began to knead her
breasts and to masturbate her.

And the green light flowed into her open eyes.

Catherina Hume knew Katies weakness. She knew the draw of pleasure which had
kept her ensnared before.

But that was then.

Things had changed.

Katie strained her eyes. At least the pain counteracted some of the pleasure
that flowed through her.

Slowly, millimetre by millimetre she forced her eyes closed, resisting the
green threads over her face.

Slowly, inch by inch, she forced her foot forward.

This was not the domain of Catherina Hume. She merely resided her. Katie
Holmes was the undisputed mistress of her own mind and now she was taking
that back.

The pleasure stopped, vines tugged away by the movement, slow and laboured
but constant.

The surface of the pond was dissolving, allowing Katie to move on.

Gradually, very gradually, it became more shallow. Her chest, then hips, then
legs emerged from the murk, the slime coating her, vines still tangled about
her legs.

She cleared swamp.

For a second she stood and caught her breath, covered neck to toe in the
congealing ooze.

Then she opened the door.

The room was grey. Grey marble walls.

A fountain trickled down into a pool. It was peaceful.

Until the jet of water hit her.

Katie flew back, slamming against the wall as the torrent blasted into her.
High pressure spray buffeted her and it was all she could do to cover her
face from the assault.

She couldn't tell where the barrage was coming from, unable to see.

A second jet struck her from behind, sending her stumbling forward.

The icy cold water made her shiver but she kept her hands shielding her body,
stepping forward.

A third jet hit and this time she fell backwards onto the hard ground.

Pain. Pain stung her.

The icy cold of the water felt like needled on her naked flesh.

The rough force like hammers pounding at her.

Pleasure had failed to stop her, now pain was Catherinas weapon.

Uncontrollable shivers overtook her as she huddled, trying to protect herself
from the assault.

But pain was no longer a surprise either.

When she had been shackled to the torture table, that had been pain.

When the demon that inhabited in Xander Harris had molested her, that was

Pain was not new to her. And it would not stop her.

Katie forced herself to her feet, balancing and refusing to let the jets
strike her down.

She dropped her hands to her sides, fighting against the pain as the bruising
jets assaulted her face.

Ice cold water struck her.

Katie shivered, clenching her fists.

It was cold. Cold and painful. But it could be force.

She concentrated.

The water became colder and colder, stinging even more, her body aching from
the pressure.

Icy needles struck her, hail, thrown by torrents, then slabs, chunks of ice,
striking, bruising, cutting the flesh.

Still she concentrated.

The water slowed then stopped.

Katie opened her eyes.

The torrents of water which had assailed her were frozen solid.

She looked down at her body.

Welts and bruises covered her from head to toe. In several places, cuts were
bleeding their warm blood onto her freezing skin.

Shivering, Katie forced her limbs to move forward over the cutting ice,
towards the next door.

A cell. A small, underground cell. Katie knew it well.

This was the place that Yeatril as Xander had abused her, weakening her until
Catherina took over.

Every object and shadow was exactly as she remembered it.

A chill ran through her. A blow struck her from behind. Stars filled her eyes
and when she shook her head, things had changed.

She was manacled to wooden torture rack against a wall. Before her stood

Katie looked down at her body, naked, and battered.

She looked up at Xander. No. Not Xander, Yeatril, or a mental image of him.

"You're such a beautiful little thing." he sneered.

Katie refused to respond.

"So helpless and vulnerable but still so strong. I think I should break that
defence. I think you might even enjoy it."

Katie clenched her jaw.

He stepped forward, grasping her breast, rubbing his thumb over her nipple.

"Do you enjoy that my lovely? How much will it take to break you."

He leant in, kissing her breast and nipple, lapping at her with his tongue.

Katie let out a moan.

Terror and loathing surged within her.

It was happening again. This demon was gaining control of her through her

Lips sucked on her erect nipple and a hand slid over her skin, moving between
her thighs.

Her body was betraying her again.

"No!" she yelled, gaining a snicker from her tormentor.

He assumed it was a helpless cry of distress.

He was wrong.

No. Her body was not betraying her. Because it was not her body. It was her
mind. All this was in her mind.

She tugged. The chains held. She tugged again. Even as the demon laughed at
her struggles, maintaining his molestation of her body, she tugged at the

The chain broke.

Then the others shattered.

Katie pushed the attacker backwards, staggering forward, her tortured figure
still weak.

"You have a lot of fight in you. Breaking you again will be fun."

Katie scowled. She felt her strength surge.

"You never broke me!" she yelled in fury. "You just shut me away."

She reached to her side, lifting a jagged torture implement.

She took a deep breath, reminding herself it was in her head.

Then she decapitated the Xander.

The body deflated, folding in on itself. Then the entire room began to warp,
falling apart as the illusion collapsed.

Within seconds, a new room took its place.

An entrance room, a grand staircase leading upwards.

Katie stood, her body no longer cold or hurt. She wore black track pants and
a white singlet.

Before her stood Catherina Hume.

In a way she looked like Katie. Her hair was dark brown, flowing over her
back. Her small round face looked weathered, aged before its time. She wore
a flowing white dress, blotched all over with muddy stains.

"I'm leaving." Katie said after a lengthy silence.

Catherina stared at her.

Katie clenched her fists, preparing herself for one last battle, one chance
to get control of her mind. The witch would be a powerful opponent but she
had to be fought.

Catherina stared at her.

Then she burst into tears.

The woman collapsed to the floor sobbing and Katie stood, unsure what to do.

When she overcame her shock, she crossed to Catherine, kneeling by her.

Through tear filled eyes, the woman looked up at her.

"I'm sorry." she sniffed.

Katie looked at the face, so like her own, a face across time and space.
Tormented, trapped and tortured, Catherina Hume ad finally broken down.

Katie hugged her as she wept.

"I just wanted a life." she whimpered.

Katie nodded. She knew the story.

Catherina had every innocence stolen from her, every good thing taken from
her and now her soul was bound to Katie.

She just wanted to be free.

"You have to make things better." Catherina sniffed. "You have to fix what I

Katie nodded again.

She rose to her feet, offering her hand to the fallen spirit.

Catherina took it, rising up.

Katie and Catherina turned and, hand in hand, walked towards the door, which
opened as they neared.

Katie stood in the sunlight, warm and unafraid. She looked at her hand,

Catherina Hume was gone now. Her soul had been freed at last.

Katie closed her eyes, allowing the warmth to engulf her.

Her mind and soul were her own once again, and no corruption or despair were
going to consume her.

Back in the real world, a battle awaited her.

But she was not alone. And she was not afraid.

She shed a tear for Catherina Hume.

She smiled.

And she opened her eyes.....


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