Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
them now. Also, if you're after a heap of plotless sex, you won't find it

Crossfire Part 11: The Counter Turn Trilogy: Count Charm
by Arcane ([email protected])

If there was one thing that Prue was good at, it was knowing antiques.

She had worked at an auction house for a good length of time and had a broad
knowledge of the subject. More often than not, those same antiques would be
the bringer of some curse of sealed force which she and her sisters would
have to battle.

It meant that her life was in danger every time she went to work.

But it also meant that she knew antiques.

Thus she knew a 15th Century, Imperial Chinese Torture Ring when she saw one.

Six feet tall, an imposing ring of steel and iron with shackles to bind
victims in the centre.

In the centre was exactly where she was.

Exact memory failed her.

She had been in a park, helping a girl and the next thing she knew she was

Naked, and immobile on the ring.

The room she was in was simple. Grey stone walls without features. A large
wooden door in front of her.

No clues about where she was or why.

When she had first gained consciousness, she had attempted to use her powers
but they were gone.

All she could do was hang on the frame and wait.

Time passed.

Prue hung wearily, sweat rising on her body. The positioning of her limbs was
designed for discomfort and the longer she remained here the worse it would

She focusses on her right wrist shackle.

This time the iron bent.

Prue pulled her wrist out, concentrating on the other bonds, using her
returned powers to free herself.

When all the manacles were broken she stepped to the door and opened it.

Prue stepped out into the lounge of her house.

Her eyes moved around the room but there was no doubting that it was her
home, exactly as she remembered it.

She was still naked, feeling a gust of wind as the door slammed closed behind


The witch turned to see her youngest sister at the entrance to the room.

"Phoebe." Prue called, running to her sister and hugging her. "What's going

"You don't remember?"

"She can't."

The sisters turned to see Piper enter the room, crossing to them. She took a
bathrobe and places it over Prue.

"Prue made the biggest sacrifice and forgot how it happened."

"How what happened?" the eldest Halliwell asked.

"You'd better take a seat." Phoebe led her to a chair.

Piper crossed to the couch and sat, looking over to Prue and Phoebe.

"What's the last thing you can remember?"

"I was. in a park. Looking for a monster or something."

"Githlanis. A hell demon. He was going to open a gateway to hell and none of
us could stop him. We tried everything and in the end, we found something."

"A sealing spell." Phoebe said, resting her hand on Prues shoulder.

"It would close the gate. But there had to be a physical barrier and a magic

"We used the house and us."

Prue frowned.

"What does that mean?"

"We became a seal, a barrier between heaven and hell. But there's a big

"We can't leave the house. Ever. And no one can enter."

Prue felt a chill run through her.


Piper shook her head. "If we do, earth will become hell."

"But why was I.."

"There were two curses to pay, that of forgetfulness and that of torment. You
offered to take them both. You just got off a hundred days and nights on the

"And now you're back." Phoebe said, hugging her sister tightly.

"Our powers?" Prue asked.

Piper lifted a cushion and threw it into the air. She raised her hands and it
stopped in mid flight.

Prue concentrated, sending flying back to Piper.

"Premonitions are a little less prevalent. Danger isn't a biggy anymore."

"What about my astral projection." Prue asked, closing her eyes.

"NO!" Phoebe grabbed her shoulder hard.

"Ow. What's wrong?"

"You shouldn't use it." Piper explained. "If you were to project outside the
house then the seal might break."

"Oh. Okay." Prue nodded.

Dinner was wonderful, perhaps Pipers best creation that Prue could remember.
Her sisters had seen her to bed, telling her that she needed her rest. But
something was amiss. There was something that bothered her about everything.

Perhaps it was coming into the situation late and forgetting everything else.

She felt like she was giving up, though she knew the others would have sought
means of escape.

She slipped out her very comfortable bed, wrapped a robe around her and
walked out.

The halls were dark and empty. Prue crept so as not to wake or worry her
sisters, up to the attic.

It was exactly the same as she remembered it.

All save one missing feature.

The Book of Shadows was gone.

Prue frowned. Piper and Phoebe hadn't mentioned that, and the book was their
best hope of escape.

The witch looked around, catching a reflection of herself in the mirror.

She wondered about earlier. Astral projection was dodgy but she had been
getting the hang of it.

Shrugging off her sisters warning, Prue closed her eyes and concentrated.

She felt a brief jolt, then a sense of weightlessness.

She opened her eyes, finding herself in the attic.

In front of her was her body, eyes closed. It had worked, just as she had

Prue's body opened it's eyes.

"Prue. Listen. This is wrong. You've been tricked. Remember what you wrote on
the tree in Mill Woods."

Prue's eyes flew open and she stumbled, falling to the floor from
disorientation. She was back in her body. But had that body just talked to
her. That wasn't possible but..


She looked up to see Piper, dressed in boxers and singlet, at the door. "What
are you doing up here?" the middle sister asked.

"I.. where's the book?"

"The book?.. It was sacrificed to cast the spell. I guess we overlooked it."

"Is everyone okay?" Came a call from the stairs, matched seconds later by
Phoebe entering. "I thought I heard a fall."

"It was me. I'm okay."

"What happened?"

"I.. astral projected."

"I thought we said not to!" Piper growled, her anger causing Prue to be taken

"I mean.. I said it was dangerous." Piper continued, her voice softening. "We
wouldn't want you to get hurt."

"After all," Phoebe added. "You're our big sister."

"Prue? Nothing happened did it?"

Prue frowned, wondering why her sister was so concerned. "No. I just tripped
over. Disorientation. I'm good."

She walked over to an old chest, looking inside.

"Hey Piper? Do you remember when I was ten? I got lost in Mill Woods?"

"Yeah. I was terrified."

"Do you remember what I wrote on the tree in the middle of the forest?"

"Sure. You wrote. 'I refuse to be lost.'"

Prue nodded, concealing a chill that ran through her.

"That's right. I did. Only, I never told either of you that."

Piper and Phoebe turned to each other, their expressions becoming cold.

"That's right." Piper frowned. "You didn't. Too bad. We could have had fun."

Before Prue could mount a defence, Phoebe lunged forward and caught her with
a kick to the stomach. The eldest sister went down hard, gasping for breath.

She looked up, wondering what was going on, only to see Phoebe swing her fist
and connect with her jaw.

Her world went blank.

Prue groaned as she regained consciousness. She shook her head, coming back
to her senses.

She was back on the wheel, naked once again. For an instant she thought it
might have been a nightmare but then the door opened.

Phoebe entered the room, her face as cold as it had been before. But her body
was now fully exposed.

She walked up to Prue, seemingly oblivious to her nudity.

"Poor Prue." she said softly. "It would have been so much better if you'd
played along."

"Phoebe? What's going on?" Prue tried to remain calm.

"We told you not to astrally project. Why didn't you listen."

"Why? Phoebe, why are you doing this?"

"Because Prue, this is too important for anyone to ruin it. Even you. If only
you'd accept it, then we'd all be happy."

She stepped up, hugging Prue tightly.

"Phoebe? What are you doing?"

"It's just us now Prue. Just us. And we need you. We need each other."

She bent over, placing a soft kiss on Prues bare nipple.

"Phoebe!" Prue winced.

Her reaction only elicited a smile the younger woman. Phoebe leant forwards,
this time attaching her lips and sucking the breast, licking her tongue over
the nipple.

Prue let out a helpless groan, tugging and trying to escape the attentions of
her sister. She shivered as she felt the nipple growing erect under Phoebes
touch. The witch grasped Prues other breast, rubbing the nipple with her
thumb, stroking her fingers across the exposed flesh.

Cries of protest only serves to increase the work of the younger witch,
causing her to move from breast to breast, sucking and licking at them
wildly. Prue struggled, but the bonds held firm.

"Phoebe! What are you doing?"

Prue looked up to see Piper standing in the doorway, as naked as her sisters.

Phoebe stopped, casting her a grin.

"You know that she'll never break with just that."

Phoebe nodded wordlessly, kneeling down before the wheel.

Piper walked up to Prue, moving close to her.

"You're going to like it here. One way or another."

"What AAAH!" Prue felt a surge of shock as Phoebe began working between her
legs. Her tongue was wild, lapping at everything, lips kissing every inch of
tender flesh.

Piper merely smiled.

"I know you're confused." she said sweetly, placing a kiss on Prues cheek.
"But soon it will all be clear. We will give you all the pleasure you need."

She kissed her again, this time pressing their breasts together.

Prue wanted to pull away but there was nowhere to go. The wheel was

She felt Piper's warm fingers run over her cheek, over her jaw.

Her jaw.

Prue frowned, finding a moment of though among the perverted pleasure that
assailed her.

Her jaw was not hurt though Phoebe had hit her hard enough to knock her out.
Something was wrong. Very wrong.

She looked past her sister, to the open door. If she could escape then she
might find answers.

She tugged at her wrist manacles but they were as tight as ever.

But she had broken them before.

The power. The power of her mind.

Prue closed her eyes, ignoring the fingers and tongues that probed her
bodies, ignoring the pleasure she knew was building, ignoring the desire
within her to simply submit to it all.

Prue open her eyes. And pushed.

The ring exploded into pieces, pushed by a massive telekinetic wave. Piper
and Phoebe stumbled back.

Prue was already moving.

She rushed out and up the stairs, seeking the one thing that would have the

The attic door flew open, revealing the same attic as before.

With one difference.

Prue ran to The Book of Shadows.

She opened it at random.

She stared at the page then turned else where, flipping through the entire
book. But there were no spells.

On every page was a single word.


At first the word meant nothing, but as she flicked through page after page,
the truth hit her.

Yeatril was a High chaos demon, trying to destroy barriers between reality.
With the help of three witches he had almost succeeded.

"Prue!" cried Piper as they rushed in, both now fully dressed.

"Yes." the eldest which replied. "But you're not Piper. And you're not

The sisters scowled, then turned sweet again.

"Prue, please. You're confused. You wouldn't hurt your sisters would you?"

"No." Prue sighed, taking a step forward, opening her arms to a hug. "But
you're not my sisters."

Prue unleashed a massive wave to force, stronger than anything she could
achieve in the real world.

The sisters flew back crashing against the walls with sickening thuds.

But as they fell to the floor, their bodies dissolved, becoming puddles of
rainbow coloured goo.

Prue leapt forward, hopping over them, even as they reached out tentacles for

She sprinted down the steps, propelled by the single desire to escape the
clutches of Yeatril, to be of free will once again.

The front door was open, spilling it's blinding light into the room.

Prue moved forward, squinting, then closing her eyes in the intense light.

She stepped out, past the doorway, past the steps.

She flt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her. She felt the belief
that her sisters were still all right. Now she would fight alongside them,
the way it was supposed to be.

Prue set her jaw.

And she opened her eyes.


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