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Spoilers: Spoilers for the second episode of Buffy.

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Feedback: Writing outside of what I would consider my natural style I am
interested to see how people think I did.

Dedication: When I first got into reading erotic fiction it was well before
the creation of the wonderful site TSSA, and thus finding television based
stories could be very difficult. However there was one author who was
incredibly prolific, turning out stories on a daily basis sometimes. That
author was Wonder Mike and I am very appreciative of the time and effort he
put into writing. His style was very different than my own, and sometimes
while reading his stories I had to divide all of his measurements by two or
three, but I never came across a story of his I didn't enjoy.

This story is dedicated to his works and I hope it is a fraction as good as
some of his ideas. It is told in the "Wonder Mike" style and I hope I do it

Storyarc: This takes place during the second episode of Buffy (the one after
the two hour first episode).

A quick recap. In this episode Buffy is attempting to join the cheerleading
squad. Also trying out for the squad are Cordelia and Amy, though in the
episode she has been possessed by her mother to relive her glory days. Amy
does not quite make the team and uses magic to try and get rid of those in
her way.

In this story I tell of one of Amy's attempts to knock some of the other
girls off the team.

Other notes: While Amy is actually possessed by her mother in this episode
I am going to refer to her as Amy anyway.

The character Amber is a the leggy dark haired girl who is seen doing splits
in the beginning of the episode.

I switch how I write the story when I get to the sex part. Character dialog
changes to name first followed by lines.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Cheerleaders
by Archer

Amy stared anxiously out the locker room door. Practice had just finished and
most of the girls had already headed home.

Cordelia and Amber had stayed around, as being the likely team captains they
were suppose to work on their cheers (though it seemed like they were just
sitting on the locker room bench gossiping). Buffy was still around for
whatever it was she was doing in the library.

Amy knew that her chances at the team weren't that great, thus she was
completely prepared to cheat. Unfortunately being in her daughter's body made
most magic very difficult, but there were a few spells that could still be
used, and today she had two in mind.

Amy had written a note and sent it along to Buffy that said Cordelia wanted
to see her in the locker room. She figured taking out the team leaders would
not only increase her chances at just making the team, but captaining which
was her ultimate goal. Buffy seemed to be her strongest competition of the
new girls so it would help if she was taken out as well.

Looking down the hall she saw Buffy coming and smiled as she ducked back into
the gym teacher's office where she had hidden her spell materials. She picked
up a piece of chalk and began to draw a circle

"Hey," Buffy said as she came in wearing her cheerleader outfit like all the
other girls. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"What?" Cordelia asked confused looking at Amber who just shrugged.

Amy finished drawing the circle in the back office and picked up the bowl of
ingredients as she listened to the girls outside confused. There was one
spell that would be to cast in a situation like this, a simple lust spell.
With teenagers hormones raging lust spells were very easy. She murmured the
incantation and watched as the bowl lit ablaze and the circle glowed

"Oh yeah," Cordelia murmured as the spell took effect. "We figure we need to
expand our performance, with some nice lesbian shows for the crowd. So you
need to practice your pussy licking."

"Sure," Buffy said happily. "Always glad to help the team."

As Buffy went over and kneeled down in front of Cordelia, Amy began to
prepare for the second spell when she suddenly heard, "Hey Buffy, Giles
wanted to let you know you are done ... what is going on!?"

"What?" a male voice suddenly added. "Willow what is ... oh my God,
everything I ever believed is true!"

Amy quickly looked out of the office to see that Buffy's friends Willow and
Xander where standing at the door in shock and arousal, respectively.

Thinking quickly Amy expanded her initial spell hitting Xander and Willow
with the lust.

"Slutty cheerleaders?" Willow said as the spell affected her. "You were right
Xander all cheerleaders are sluts."

"Damn straight," Buffy said as she left Cordy and Amber going over to her
friends "And we love sucking cock."

As Buffy kneeled down in front of him Xander got out of his clothes in record
time. As he pulled down his boxers a foot long cock flopped out, not even
hard yet.

Cordelia: Wow, guess we know why you always wear baggy clothes.

Buffy eyed the cock hungrily before getting to work, stroking it to get it
hard before taking it into her mouth. She took about half of it on the first

Xander: I know cheerleaders can do better than that.

Xander grabbed her head thrusting his cock in and out till she had an entire
foot buried in her throat.

Xander: That's better slut.

Willow ran her hand through Buffy's hair as she felt the Slayer's head slide
back and forth on her best friend's cock. Willow felt incredibly aroused
watching Buffy suck Xander's enormous cock, as well as a surprising amount of
joy pushing on Buffy's head forcing her to take even more cock, but she also
felt an unusual tingling running through her body and she regretted being in
such restrictive clothing, a baggy pair of overalls and long sleeve shirt.

Amy prepared to cast her second spell but noticed that the spell components
seemed to have burned up. She guessed expanding the area had used up

Amy shrugged, it would have been fun but by no means critical. She picked up
the bag of toys that she had brought with her. She had a normal six inch
vibrator, a larger 8 inch dildo, but her strapon was 10 inches long and very
thick, though she guessed Xander's cock would serve a better purpose than her

Amber and Cordy had discarded their panties and were fingering their pussies
while watching Buffy going down on Xander. Cordelia already had four finger
in her shaved twat while Amber was struggling with just two.

Cordelia: There are going to be two new rules for the cheerleading team. One
you are going to have to have a shaved pussy, and two you need to be able to
fuck the entire football team on a moments notice, which I have been doing
for the past two years which is why I am doing so well at this. But it looks
like we need to do quite a bit of work on your pussy Amber ... Willow get
over here.

Willow looked up shocked. She had been licking Xander's nipples while
continuing to guide Buffy's head up and down Xander's cock. She nervously
paced over to the two cheerleaders playing with themselves.

Willow: Uh ... yeah?

Cordelia: Help Amber she needs to be able to get more into her pussy.

Willow: She's a girl and I am a girl and ...

Cordelia: Do what I tell you bitch.

Willow gulped, she certainly didn't want to risk Cordelia's wrath anymore.
She got on her knees, getting a whimper from Amber as she removed the girls
own fingers. She stared at the light haired pussy almost transfixed while
debating the best way to go about it, deciding on the simple approach she
pushed two fingers in. When Amber arched her back Willow's mind flashed to
all the porn she watched on her computer at home and used her other hand to
slip a finger into Amber's ass. Cordelia moaned at the sight and pushed her
whole hand into her cunt.

Cordelia: Good idea, all cheerleaders will also need to be able to take it up
the ass.

Amy had finally watched enough. Getting her toys she walked out of the

Amy: Oh my God what is ...

Amy stopped when know one turned to look at her, not caring that they had
just been walked in on, so she dropped her planned speech. Shrugging her
shoulders she went over and kneeled down behind Buffy. The little blond had
not been able to get the last two inches of Xander's cock.

Xander: Cheerleaders should help each other.

Xander grabbed Amy's head pulling her over so she could lick his balls as he
grabbed Buffy's head beginning to fuck her mouth.

Xander: I thought you said cheerleaders loved cock.

Buffy looked up at him determined and dove down taking the rest of his cock
causing Xander to moan and finally begin to cum. As Buffy began to gag on the
thick load Xander pulled out, the rest of his cum shooting across her face.

Amy leaned over and licked some of the cum off Buffy's face as she grabbed
the vibrator.

Amy: As Xander said, cheerleaders should help each other.

Buffy: Oh yes, I need something in my pussy.

Amy: Well not quite ... I guess you didn't hear Cordelia's new order.

She slid the vibrator under Buffy's skirt pushing past the very slim panties
the cheerleaders had to wear and straight into Buffy's very tight ass. Buffy
let out a moan of shock but was silenced as she felt Xander's enormous cock
slap against her face.

Xander: Be a good slut and take it up the ass. But make sure you get me hard
again as I have more I want to do with you.

Cordelia was enjoying watching Willow, who now had two fingers in Amber's ass
and four in her pussy. She glanced over at the other group and noticed Amy
using the vibrator on Buffy.

Cordelia: Amy, do have any other toys?

Amy smiled as she pulled out the 8 inch dildo throwing it over to Cordelia.

Cordelia: Here Willow, use this.

Willow looked totally possessed as she took it, almost scaring Cordelia. It
also took Cordelia a moment to realize that Willow had grabbed it with the
hand that had been fucking Amber's ass and thus Willow used the dildo on
Amber's butt as she also finally got her entire fist into Amber's pussy.
Amber's piercing scream filled the locker room as both her holes were

Willow: Need more.

Cordelia just stared at her, a little bit worried now, Amber was shaking very
hard from orgasms, her cum squirting out around Willow's hand. She grabbed
her gym bag pulling out a 2 liter bottle of Coke (diet of course). Willow
quickly grabbed it and began to push it into Amber's pussy.

Willow: This just what I do at home. I need more.

Cordelia looked at her stunned, she searched her bag but had nothing else.
Looking around she saw the supply closet and rushed over to it.

When she came out she saw that Willow had Amber squating over the bottle
allowing gravity to pull the cheerleader down onto it while Willow used the
dildo to fuck Amber's ass. In Cordy's hand was a tennis racket, some tennis
balls, and a baseball bat.

Willow: Give them to me.

Cordelia: I don't think she can take anymore.

Willow: They aren't for her bitch they are for you.

On the other side of the room Buffy was cumming around the vibrator in her
ass and the three fingers that Amy had added to her pussy. Xander was
stroking his cock and occasionally slapping it against Buffy's face, already
hard again. Unable to take any more just watching he grabbed Buffy and pulled
her to her feet.

Buffy: Fuck me with that huge cock Xand.

Xander smiled as he grabbed the small girl picking her up and sliding her
onto his cock.

Amy: Take it all.

Amy grabbed Buffy's shoulders pushing her down on the cock stretching her out
on the 14 inches. She and Xander grabbed Buffy's sweater top pulling it off
her head.

Amy: How can you be a cheerleader with such small tits.

Buffy: I have other talents.

Amy: Well lets find out if one of them is double penetration.

Amy grabbed her strapon with the ten inch dildo, putting it on as she removed
the vibrator from Buffy's ass. As Xander sucked on Buffy's tits Amy pressed
the strapon into her butt. The Slayer began to buck wildly as she felt her
pussy and ass filled, the two feet of cock, real and fake, making her cum in
a shocking manner.

Cordelia: Oh wow ... be gentle Willow.

Willow: Get ready whore I am about to play tennis.

Cordy already had one tennis ball inside her pussy while Willow get the
tennis racket ready. She pushed the base of the racket up against Cordy's
pussy shoving it in, the base stretching Cordy out while the ball penetrated
far into her.

Cordelia: That is so good!

Willow: It will be even better when I fuck your ass with the bat.

Cordelia looked at in horror, there was no way she could take that. She
glanced over at Amber, the girl only semi-conscious and blindly following her
last instructions, who had managed to get pretty much down to the base of the
bottle and was now raising up again. Thinking quickly Cordelia kicked the
bottle out.

Cordelia: Look Willow, I think Amber has had enough.

Willow: The cunt is still conscious, she hasn't had enough yet!

Willow grabbed the bat, Amber having fallen to her hands and knees when her
support was suddenly removed. She placed the edge of the bat at Amber's pussy
shoving it in eliciting a scream from the cheerleader as she was stuffed full
with an aluminum bat with a dildo still lodged in her butt.

Amy: I think this cockslut has had enough.

Buffy was practically limp between Xander and Amy having cum multiple times
from the double penetration.

Xander: Yeah she seems used up for the moment, let's join the other group.

Cordelia watched Xander and Amy advancing on her as she continued to
masturbate with the racket. Xander's cock would be almost as bad as the
aluminum bat Amber was currently being raped with. Thinking quickly she
ripped off her shirt and freed her massive tits from their bra.

Cordelia: Hey Xander, why don't you fuck my tits with that huge cock.

Xander smiled as Cordy invitingly pushed her breasts together. After all the
time he had spent staring at them in school he couldn't help but take up the
offer and slid his cock between her boobs.

Amy looked over at Amber and Cordelia, both seemed well fucked enough for her
plan, and Buffy was already taken care of. She figured now was time to get
some pleasure for herself. She pulled off the strapon and sat in front of
Willow who was still fucking Amber, now also unconscious, which didn't seem
to stop Willow's efforts at all to get the bat as far inside her as possible.

Amy: Willow, I need you to lick my pussy.

Willow: How about I fuck you like the rest of these bitches.

Amy allowed her eyes to glow.

Willow: I need to get a taste of your pussy.

Willow dived in, her tongue lapping at Amy's slit dutifully. Amy grabbed her
hair forcing as much of her tongue into her as she could.

Xander moaned loudly as he felt himself approaching the edge. He had been
close to cumming before Buffy passed out and now he had Cordelia with her
tits wrapped his cock. When she glanced up at him, her big eyes begging for
cum, he finally began to explode, his cum coating Cordelia's face and tits.

Willow caught the sight of her archnemesis getting drenched in cum out of the
corner of her eye as Amy's pussy juice exploded on her tongue. Willow's body
began to shake.

Willow: I need to fuck someone.

Willow began to finally strip of her clothes. As she pulled down her overalls
Amy's eyes went wide. Coming out of Willow's pair of cute panties was an
enormous 18 inch cock which she began to advance on Amy with.

Amy: You can't fuck me with that.

Willow: You are going to get such a hard fucking slut.

Amy's eyes glowed.

Willow: I am going to push you up against those lockers and fuck your ass and
pussy until you can't move.

Amy looked scared, her powers weren't working on Willow. The second spell Amy
had tried to cast was to give herself a cock. It must have gone to Willow
somehow. The spell was suppose to make a cock as big as the Wiccan's own
energy, that must mean Willow had a huge amount of magical energy inside her.

Amy: Wait ... wouldn't you rather fuck Cordelia up the ass instead?

Willow looked over at the girl she had hated for so long, it wasn't even a
debate. Cordelia never even saw it coming as she was still licking Xander
clean. Willow suddenly grabbed her and bent her over the bench. She pushed
the cock directly up and into Cordelia's ass causing the cheerleader to yelp
in surprise then pain.

Cordelia: Fuck!! What is that?!

Xander: Amazingly that is Willow's cock fucking your ass.

Buffy: I want some.

Amy looked up in shock Buffy was again conscious and looked perfectly ready
to go.

Willow: No problem.

A second cock appeared above the first. Buffy climb onto Cordy's back and
slid her pussy down onto the second cock, equal in size to the first.

Xander stood by stroking his cock but it refused to get hard. Amy muttered a
few words and it instantly sprung to life.

Xander: Well might as well take every one of Buffy's holes.

As Xander moved towards the bench Willow grabbed him, surprising him with a
deep kiss.

Willow: Let's fuck these sluts good.

Xander: I think I love you Will.

Xander climbed in front of her and slid his cock directly into Buffy's ass,
the Slayer moaning loudly at the intruding cock but moments later began
pushing back, grabbing Cordelia's huge tits for leverage, and driving it
deeper into her ass.

Amy had grabbed the discarded vibrator and had it in her pussy. She muttered
a few words and it picked up to a pace that no machine could reach. Cordy and
Buffy looked to be having continual orgasms, Cordy's pussy leaking around the
tennis ball still trapped inside her cunt while Buffy was drenching Willow's
cock. Both girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. Xander leaned down
sucking on Buffy's neck as his cock fucked her. As Willow's cock finally
buried completely in her completely she bucked, Xander accidentally biting to
hard, drawing a slight bit of blood.

Xander: Well that is fairly gross.

Buffy saw what had happened, her body cumming again from Willow and Xander's

Amy: This has worked out perfectly.

Willow: Oh wow, I feel something amazing ...

Xander: I think you are going to cum.

Willow: I want to coat these cheerleading bitches in my cum then.

Buffy: Yes we want to be covered in cum.

Cordelia was moaning, her ass in quite a bit of pain, barely conscious from
the orgasms, but in no mood to disobey. Especially when Buffy's hands pulled
her to her knees. Buffy grabbed both cocks, aiming one at Cordy's face and
one at her own. Using her Slayer strength she stroked them as fact as she
could. Xander got up on the bench and shoved his cock into Willow's mouth.
As he gave his best friend her first ever taste of cum she exploded all over
Buffy and Cordelia, covering their entire bodies in mystical cum.

Amy got up and looked at the scene as she smoothed out her cheerleading
outfit. Xander had fallen back on the bench after emptying his balls for
a third time. Amber lay unconscious on the floor, still wearing her
cheerleading outfit, a bat in her pussy and dildo buried in her ass.
Cordelia was leaning back against a locker completely drenched in cum her
eyes with a vacant look in them. Willow's cocks had disappeared and it
looked like the redhead girl had finally been drained enough that she had
taken a seat and didn't look like she would move any time soon. Buffy was
the only one still conscious, bringing handful after handful of cum to her

Amy: Buffy, clean up and dress the girls then take a nap.

Buffy: Need to get fucked more.

Amy's eyes glowed.

Buffy: Need more cum, will lick everyone clean.

Amy: Good enough.

Amy walked out of the locker room with a smile, listening to Cordelia's moans
as Buffy started on her. Despite a few surprising events things had went as
planned. When everyone woke up they would remember nothing that happened. And
with the hard fucking they had received they wouldn't be able to do anything
at the final cheerleading tryout.


Amy seethed as she watched the tryouts. Buffy was currently doing cartwheels
like nothing in the world had happened. Cordelia had managed to get herself
'pre-appointed' to the team somehow and wasn't required to tryout. At least
Amber had failed miserably, the girl barely able to walk.

She didn't know how Buffy could move. One cheerleader off the team wasn't
nearly enough. More drastic measures were required.

That night a number of weird dreams took place.

Cordelia normally pictured rich guys and amazing sports cars. But she ended
up dreaming about Xander and for some reason picturing him with a huge cock.

Buffy's hand rubbed her neck as she slept, dreaming of incredibly rough sex
and actually fucking a vampire.

Willow normally dreamt of Xander, but she found herself dreaming of having
sex with girls. In her dream she was also able to use magic to make them do
anything she wanted and give herself a cock. In her dream she was fucking a
big titted brunette and a petite blond, her mind combined the parts she liked
the most and by the end of her dream she was fucking only one girl, a big
titted girl with dirty blond hair.

Xander dreamt of having the most wonderful orgy, all the hot girls of
Sunnydale falling in love with him, and of being chased by knife wielding
Nazi Clowns.


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