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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster part 2 (Mf,anal)
by LL

Buffy woke with her ass both sore and tingly and Principal Snyder in her bed. The teen grimaced as she looked across at him, even with the morning sunlight streaming across him he hardly looked like a matinee idol. In fact if trolls existed (and Buffy was pretty sure they did) they would think Snyder was one of the least attractive of their kind. What was worse was that the sore and tingly ass was the direct result of letting her High School Principal fuck here there. She shuddered at the memory, unsure why she'd agreed to it, Ted was great and the smartest guy she knew, but even so that didn't mean she needed to go along with everything he said - especially in this case. She clambered gently out of bed, careful not to wake Snyder, not because he needed his beauty sleep but because she wasn't sure she could face him.

She wrapped a robe round herself and went down to the kitchen to think.

Ted was already up and dressed, pottering around and preparing some breakfast even as he baked some cookies. Buffy had never met anyone who needed as little sleep as her (hopefully soon to be) Step-Dad, he was awake into the small hours balling her Mom and then up way before anyone else, ready for the day. He was like a machine, even more powerful than a Slayer.

"Good morning," he smiled cheerfully, pouring her favourite cereal into a bowl, "Did you enjoy last night?"

The teen paused, caught between offending him as he had set it up and telling a lie. She compromised with a small shrug and a roll of her head that could be interpreted as a nod or a shake. Ted raised an eyebrow, "Is that a no?" he asked carefully.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Buffy felt the truth forced out of her.

The great thing about Ted was how concerned he was for her. He pulled back the cereal and instead moved a tray of literally just finished cookies from sideboard to the table. "Would one of my cookies help?"

"One of your cookies always helps" Buffy felt herself brighten as she reached for one of the tasty treats.

"So what is the problem?" he sat down opposite, his face etched with worry for her. He reached out and patted her hand with a fatherly concern her real Dad had never shown, "You seemed to be getting on so well last night. You were so loud last night that even as I was butt-banging your Mom your cries were drowning hers out," he gave a reassuring smile as he added, "and you know how loud she is when she's having anal."

Buffy did. She nodded and bit into the cookie. Sitting here it seemed so silly, but she felt she had to tell Ted anyway. "Thanks for setting me up with Snyder. But he's so old, and he's not good looking and he's my Principal and I think I love Angel." She took another bite, these cookies were delicious.

Ted seemed to read her mind as he pushed the tray nearer to her, "Have another one," he coaxed and Buffy quickly helped herself before the offer was rescinded.

"I'm not sure I'd want to see Snyder again, I know you think he's great, but I don't think he's the one for me," she finished her first cookie and bit into the second.

"If you don't think Snyder is right, of course you shouldn't see him," Ted said understandingly. "I want you to realise that I'll support you whatever your choice, I'm here for you."

Buffy blushed with pleasure, the words meant so much to her, all the more so because she could tell they were sincere and that Ted was willing to back her over his friend.

"Do you want a third?" he asked, "If you have a broken heart..."

"My heart is definitely broken," she agreed and reached for another.

"Oh, that sounds like you're having second thoughts?" he looked even more concerned than before.

Buffy didn't think she had being, it was Ted who'd raised the broken heart and she'd just been replying. At least she thought that was why she'd said it, her thought patterns seemed a little fuzzy and she wasn't sure what she was thinking. Luckily she was sitting near someone who not only was a fount of wisdom, but also cared for her so much that his advice would be purely with her best interests in mind. "What do you think? About Snyder?" She took a bite and chewed the cookie.

He paused, considering as Buffy finished her cookie. She reached for a fourth and he smiled and gestured for her to go ahead; it was lucky they were sugar-free. "I think you may be sub-consciously punishing yourself," he said.

She frowned, but nodded, as Ted continued. "You've come to Sunnydale and had a little trouble fitting in, what with not getting onto the cheer team, your grades not being great and hanging round with the uncool kids when you used to be head of the popularity clique." He looked at it her and now she thought about it his words were so true that she wondered if he was telepathic and could delve deeper into her mind than she could herself. She took another bite of the cookie as he continued. "You've got yourself into a little mind-set where you see yourself as second tier and that nothing good can ever happen to you and if it does you don't believe it or make excuses so that it doesn't happen." He smiled, "Sound right?"

She nodded, "A bit, it kinda does."

"So when someone like Dick Snyder comes along, who is perfect for you, someone who can tame you and treat you like you should be, you panic and your mind tells you to settle for second best, like Angel. I mean, how long have you known Angel and not banged him? That's not love; that's him putting you in a Nunnery. Whilst with Sny - first night you're fucking him like a pro."

He patted her hand and Buffy felt a rush of gratitude, that if Ted hadn't been here she'd have made a terrible mistake. She quickly finished her cookie and stood up, "Thanks Ted," she said with relief, "Things are much clearer."

"Good, but whatever the decision I'll support you, if you want I'll frog-march Sny, naked, out of the house this moment," he said.

The blonde teen laughed, "That won't be necessary, you're right. It was just the jitters."

She left the kitchen and went back to her room. Snyder was still asleep, but now Buffy could see him for what he was, not conventionally handsome like Angel, but with a different type looks which were infinitely more preferable and unlike Angel, who was chaste, a monk, given the to dull mooching, Snyder was sexual and alive. He might be demanding of her, but it showed she was a woman to him, not a Slayer.

And his cock was huge and felt so great in her.

The teen slipped out of her robe, determined to not give Snyder any hint of her silly worries. She pulled back the bedding, Snyder was naked under it; even asleep and flaccid his cock looked huge. Buffy stared at it, smiling as she remembered how much pleasure it had given - how could she have even contemplated that Angel could compare? Anyway she had a feeling the vampire would have fucked her and then left afterwards, not remained sleeping in her bed.

On the bed Snyder stirred as if he was about to wake up. It gave the teen an idea. What better way to wake him up and make sure he didn't suspect she'd being dumbly thinking he wasn't for her, than to do it in the most pleasurable way imaginable. Smiling she got onto the bed and slipped herself down, pushing back the covers, letting the morning sun warm her. She eased herself down, slowly and carefully, not wanting Snyder to wake without her ministrations. Soon she was in position and her lowering her head over his python she began to gently lick and kiss the huge dick.

He murmured something in his sleep and his arm moved across his chest in some reflex. Buffy paused for a second and then resumed her light licks and gentle pecks and the dick began to rise in all its morning glory. As his cock stretched and strained upwards her licks became harder and stronger, the tongue running all the way up and down the trembling shaft, lapping round the sensitive skin of the bulbous head and then down to his man-sized balls, filled with cum and juicy to suck in. Up she went and around, enjoying every second of the experience as she wiped the shaft clean of any night-time dust, which had settled on it when the dick had been out of use.

She wasn't sure at what point she woke Snyder up, but he grunted and shuddered, "Yes, Summers, that's an alarm call."

She licked and kissed with added enthusiasm now she knew her man was appreciating it. Her tongue caressed the gland, curling round and round the massive rod, leaving no patch of skin untouched and then when she was sure she had licked every inch, she opened her mouth and slid it down.

"God, Summers," Snyder grunted, "That's good."

Buffy would have grinned happily if her mouth hadn't been full, instead she bounced her head down with an enthusiasm which spoke of her happiness to serve him sexually. His cock was thick and hard, filling her mouth, pushing at her cheek and making it bulge. Down she went more, driving herself as far as she could despite the discomfort. She gagged as it pushed at her throat, her eyes watering. But looking up, through the misty watery tears that clogged them, she could see Snyder smiling and to know she was giving him such pleasure made it worthwhile. "Go for it, suck it good, you little slut."

The teen went down even harder, choking on his cock and covering it with her saliva. Snyder grunted and shuddered, evidentially in pleasure, as the muscles in his thighs relaxed and contracted. As she sucked Buffy trailed and tickled with her tongue, driving it along the underside of his massive shaft. he grunted and shuddered some more. "Take it all, stuff that slutty mouth down to my balls," he ordered.

Buffy made every effort to comply, scrunching up her eyes and forcing herself down. He was so big and thick that it wasn't easy, taking a smaller dick into her mouth would have been simplicity itself, one as huge as Snyder's was a challenge. She gagged and wretched, gasping saliva down it, several times drawing herself up for breath and to blink away the water from her eyes. Each time she could see Snyder, see the desire and lust and she knew she'd have to do it again so desperate was she to please him and show him how much she wanted his cock. Down she went again and again, taking a little more each time, before it became to hard and she had to fling her head back up, desperately breathing in air.

She wished he would take control and push her down, giving her a helping hand so to speak. But he didn't, he just lay back looking relaxed as if he'd set her a test and now was waiting for her to complete it for marking. Down she went again, steeling herself to force way past the gag reflex. She choked again, gasping and gulping, but still carried down and down and down. She felt relief and pride as her lips hit the balls, squashing them gently. She held her position for a couple of seconds, her tongue weakly playing at the cock, before her head zipped up and off the cock, gulping for breath, as saliva drooled down her chin.

She was about to go down again when Snyder grinned and said, "Now you've woken me with a morning blow-job, I've a fancy for some hot butt."

"You want to have anal sex?" Buffy asked, smiling at him.

"Yes, especially as you've lubed my dick so nicely," he leered. He moved to a sitting position on the side of the bed, his cock still dripping with Buffy's saliva. "Now come stick your hot little whore hole on this."

Giggling and smiling eagerly Buffy rushed to comply, clambering onto him and resting her feet on his thighs as his hands grabbed her waist and lowered her down. Even as she descended she was reaching for her cheeks and pulling them apart to allow easy access to the hole. Whether by luck, design or guidance she soon felt the tip of his big dong against her sphincter. Closing her eyes she pressed down, her face contorting with effort. The rosebud wasn't as unyielding as it had been this time yesterday when it had remained virgin, but it was still tight and it took her pushing down with effort for it to open and let the thick interloper in.

"Uuuuh," she grunted as her ring gave way and the bulbous head pushed past the muscle and into her anus. She screwed her eyes even tighter, even though she knew that didn't help, and pushed herself down, her lips twisting in a rictus grin as the huge dick stretched her asshole painfully and pleasurably. "Urrrh" she grunted again.

"Come on Summers', work that ass," Snyder grinned behind her, his hands squeezing at her petite waist and encouraging her to do her best and then some.

"Oh uurrhh, yes," she moaned, "I want your dick up my slutty butt."

"Yeah, do it Summers do it," he snarled behind her, starting to move himself so that he was pushing his dick up. It was what Buffy needed and she began to match his rhythm, letting him control the pace, as she pushed herself deeper and deeper down the dong. Soon they were thrusting and bouncing with speed and desire, the cock pounding far into her tushy, stretching the walls wide.

"Ooohh, yesss, oooohh, yessss," cried Buffy, "Fuck me, fuck my ass."

"Uh, uh, take it you dirty little slut, take my large cock," Snyder grunted in reply, gripping her sides hard and making sure she remained in place.

Her toes scrunched up on his legs, like she was a bird trying to grip a perch, and she leant back against his shoulder, glad she was so slender and light he could hold her without effort. His cock felt so good in her ass, like it belonged there and he owned the hole. As she boinged up and down she reached for her pussy and began to rub it, the slit was already slick with her juice and the liquid smeared all over her fingers as she rubbed at it enthusiastically, before moving upwards to find her clit and pleasure that. "OOOohhh yessss, ooooohhh."

The bed shuddered and shook beneath them, unused this treatment. On the shelves her ornaments rattled and Mr Gordo looked down on her with a knowing look across his porcine features. The teen drove herself even harder, her pert tits shaking as she went up and down with a vigorous enthusiasm. Her pussy burnt with excitement as she rubbed even harder, but it was nothing compared to the ecstasy flooding from her ass like lava blazing down from a volcano, "Ooooohhh, yesssss, oooohhh, yesssss!"
The door opened and her Mom stood there, looking in. It was hard for Buffy to pretend she wasn't getting ass-fucked by Mr Snyder, so she didn't even try, continuing to work his cock and play with her pussy. Her Mom didn't seem to mind, in fact she smiled encouragingly, "I'm going to do a full English for breakfast or would you prefer some cereal and pancakes, Dick?"

"Full English," he grunted, not pausing from pounding Buffy's butt.

"Okay," she smiled, "No need to hurry, finish the anal with Buffy, I know she's loving it."

"Uuuuhh, thanks Mom," grunted Buffy, still not stopping. Her Mom gave her a loving smile and closed the door behind them. Buffy grinned as she pounded up and down, she couldn't believe how cool and relaxed her Mom had become since meeting Ted, another tick in the 'Ted is great' box as far as the teen was concerned. She rammed down at Snyder, gasping as he slammed back up in response, spearing deep into her anal passage, making the walls elongate.

They continued slamming and grunting, pumping the cock up her ass, making the bed squeak and rock. The teen shuddered and shook even as she bounced, her body afire with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body in an flaming wave of ecstasy. She couldn't imagine that Angel would come close to fulfilling her so completely as Snyder was doing, Ted was so right, she must have had a self-destruct mechanism to even contemplate Angel over Snyder; why settle for second when first could pound her so pleasurably. "Aaaaarrrghh, yesssss, aaaaarggghh, fuuuucckkk, yesssss, yesssss," she screamed.

"Good, Summers, that's good, take my dick balls deep into your ass," he panted in her ear as he repeatedly gave her his full length.

"Aaaarrrghh, yesss, yessss," Buffy screamed in reply, her fingers jamming deep into her soaking wet cunt. Another orgasm charged through her like cavalry.

Snyder kept a tight grip on her waist, pounding up, hard and fast, driving his massive prick up her asshole, leaving her weak with sexual bliss, cum leaking from her pussy like rain. "Yessss, yessss, yesssss," she screamed in orgasmic joy, her body arching and her head banging on his shoulder like her neck was broken. "Aaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, yessssss!"

"Urrrhhh," he grunted in satisfaction as he came, his prick unloading within her bowels, flooding her widen asshole with his gooey seed. He flopped back as Buffy slipped off his legs and collapsed spent, half on the bed, half on the floor. The cum leaked down her anal chute and dripped from the gaping hole onto the carpet.

* * *

Buffy finished putting her hair into a ponytail on the top of her head and glanced in the mirror. She had reapplied her lipstick and some eyeliner, got dressed in a tight cropped top and short skirt (no panties, Snyder had said) and done her hair. Behind her Snyder was just tying his shoelaces, sitting on her bed, fully dressed in his slacks and shirt. She smiled thinking how sexy he was, she hoped he thought the same about her. She shyly took his hand as she opened the door and exited the room, she felt it should be a big deal, the first time she brought a guy out from it who had spent the night with her. But there was no round of applause or shocked gasps, not even hisses and boos as she led him the down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Her Mom was at the stove frying some bacon and Ted at the table, reading a paper, a plate of his cookies next to him. Buffy wondered if they were the same batch as earlier or whether he cooked some more up, in either case they looked delicious.

"Sit down, Dick," Joyce said. "I'll bring you a plate in a moment."

He took a seat and Buffy took one beside him as Ted folded up his paper and passed her the cereal from the morning, still untouched. Buffy picked up the milk jug and poured some in as Ted gave her an encouraging smile, "How are you feeling Buffy? Feeling better after our talk? Your Mom said she saw you doing anal with Snyder?"

"I was so proud," chipped in Joyce as she placed a plate filled with sausages, bacon, black sausages and baked beans in front of Snyder.

"What talk?" Snyder asked as he picked up his cutlery.

For a second Buffy feared her secret would be out and Snyder would find out about her dumb doubts, but Ted just smiled and said, "I talked to Buffy about a few things that were worrying her."

"Fatherly advice," the teen said.

"Oh," said Snyder, not showing much interest and attacking his breakfast with the gusto of a man who has worked up a hearty appetite.

Buffy spooned hers down as well, all the time glancing at cookies as Ted returned to his paper. She pushed the bowl away once she had finished and Ted looked over the paper, smiling as he nodded towards the cookies, "Have one," he said.

Buffy almost snatched for it and then remembering her manners, slid the plate towards Snyder, "Do you want one as well? They're delish."

He mopped up the last beans with a slice of sausage and shook his head, "No."

The teen munched hers, secretly glad that she didn't have to share. Ted put down his paper again and smiled, "As Buffy and Sny got on so well, the four of us should go out."

"Why not? I've got nothing I need to do," said Snyder.

"That's a good idea," nodded Joyce as she started to wipe the table.

Buffy nodded enthusiastically, looking forward to spending more time with Snyder, her man... "Yes, lets."

"Why don't you give your Mom a hand in cleaning the kitchen and then we'll set off?" said Ted, folding his paper a final time.

"Where?" asked Buffy, she hoped it wasn't Crazy Golf, though if that was what Ted wanted off course it would be fine with her.

"It'll be outside Sunnydale," said Snyder, "I don't want to be seen with you, people would talk."

"Me and Sny will have a think whilst you clean up," said Ted and the two men left the kitchen to Joyce and Buffy.

Joyce began to wipe the table as Buffy started to fill the dishwasher, "Ted told me about how you were having second thoughts about Sny this morning?"

Buffy blushed a little, "No biggie, Mom. You know he was the first guy I've been with and when I woke up and saw him, I just kinda panicked."

Her Mom smiled and nodded, "You seemed to be recovering quiet nicely when I walked in."

Buffy went even redder, "Sorry about that, I just..."

Her Mom laughed, "Don't apologise, you both seemed to be having fun." She leaned forward conspiratorially, "I'll tell you a little secret, after you and Sny went upstairs last night Ted and I were talking about you. He was telling me he thinks you make a great couple."

"We do?" Buffy said, then more confidently repeated, "We do." Ted was such a great judge of character that if he was giving her relationship with Snyder the seal of approval it must be right.

"I think you do as well," added her Mom. That was less of a selling point, and if Ted hadn't been a supporter her Mom's approval would have been the kiss of death; however if Ted agreed... well even her Mom could be right on guys sometimes, look how she'd got Ted, who was a real catch.

Of course she didn't want to show too much enthusiasm, so she just nodded and said enigmatically, "We'll see."

"That's the kitchen done," her Mom said, "Let's see if the boys have decided where we're going."

They headed into the main room. "Are you ready?" asked Ted, standing up and jangling his keys.

"Do I need to put on some panties?" Buffy asked.

"Don't bother," said Snyder, looking her up and down, "The slut wear suits you."

Buffy smiled and nodded, pleased he liked her appearance.

"Let's go," said Ted.

* * *

They soon left the environs of Sunnydale and onto the freeway, zooming along, Buffy in the back seat with Snyder, her hand slipped into his, as the time passed feeling all was perfection. She didn't know how long they'd be, Ted and Snyder not telling them the destination. It didn't matter, Ted had helpfully packed some cookies and she nibbled on a couple of them. After an hour they drove off the freeway and gradually moving from secondary highways to minor roads to private dirt tracks, bouncing across the rutted surface until they came to a metal fence with 'Property of Sunnydale Council' signs across it.

"It's a retreat for conferences and such, for council officials," explained Ted. He drove up to the gate and typed a number into the pad, "I'm owed a favour by the Mayor and it's free this weekend."

The gate swung open and they drove into the compound, past the trees that shaded the buildings from outside view and the sealed shut buildings to small parking lot, nestling beside some rocky hillocks. They got out of the car as Ted led them to some steps that led onto a stone paved path between a gap in the hills. He started up it, Joyce behind him. Buffy took Snyder's hand and followed them. They didn't have far to walk before they turned a corner and came to a small patio, with some carved wooden seats and a view down into a small dip, at the bottom of which was a bubbling hot spring. Another set of steps led down to it. Ted stopped and looked down, smiling. "It's a great spot for a relaxing bathe," he explained.

"I haven't brought my bikini," Buffy said, disappointed.

"Have a cookie," Ted smiled and offered the open bag to Buffy and then to Joyce. As the two Summers eagerly took one each and bit into the sweet loveliness he placed the bag on one of the seats and begun to undo his shirt. "We don't need swimming things."

"As you're not wearing any panties you should be able to get undressed quicker," Snyder said, sitting down and starting to undo a shoe lace.

Buffy looked at her Mom, who smiled and finished her cookie, licking her fingers, before reaching down and pulling off her top. Like Buffy she wasn't wearing a bra, though unlike Buffy's small pert tits, hers were large and bouncy. Buffy swallowed the remains of her own cookie and began to undress, dropping her clothes onto the bench beside Snyder. He was right she was the first to get naked, though as her Mom wasn't wearing any underwear either, she was a quick second.

It was the first time that she'd seen Ted naked and as he pulled down his boxers she could see why her Mom was squealing late into the night. He was as big as Snyder, in fact if Buffy had put her boyfriend's and (soon to be) step-Dads cocks next to each other she'd have struggled to say which was the largest. It swung free as he turned and went down the path, Joyce following.

Buffy waited for Snyder and then taking his hand skipped down following the other couple to the bubbling spa. The path was rough on her feet and she gave tiny little squeals, not like a Slayer at all, before arriving at the pool just as her Mom and Ted were settling down on the far side. She began to get into the water, feeling the heat, even before she put a foot on the steps, carved out of the rock. The warmth flowed through her as she got in, a red flush spreading across her skin. She waded into the water, splashing forward as it bubbled around her thighs until she found a small seat, which, even if the pool itself was natural, was definitely a man-made addition. Checking it was big enough for two she sat down, waving to Snyder to join her.

He waded through the water and as he got closer, she could see he was hard, the big dick pointing ahead even as bubbles popped above it on the water's surface. He sat down and steam rose, clouding their vision, so that even though Ted and Joyce were only ten feet away they were swallowed as if by a magical mist. Taking advantage of the privacy Buffy's hand slipped under the water, finding Snyder's massive manhood. He gave a grin and relaxed against the side of the pool as she gripped it, gently rubbing it up and down. She could feel it pulsing and throbbing in her grip as the blood pumped, the bubbling water seeming to make it more powerful, like she was holding a beating heart (at least proving he was no vampire). Snyder grinned happily, "Get a good grip Summers," he said, "Don't slip."

The teen nodded and giggled, biting her lip as she concentrated, moving her hand faster and faster up and down, jerking away so that the ripples and waves on the surface weren't only because of the gaseous bubbles floating upwards. He was so big and manly, a stud and she was so lucky Ted had introduced them. And speaking of Ted across the water she could hear her Mom giggling and Ted panting small guttural grunts of pleasure, not dissimilar from the noise Snyder was making. The teen grinned, thinking she wasn't the only one who had a big dicked boyfriend. The mists seemed to thicken muffling the sounds from over the water and Buffy pressed herself against Snyder, her wrist working up and down, "Do you like?" she smiled sexily.

"Grip it hard, you slut, squeeze it as you work it," he said, leering at her. His own hand slipped under hers, finding her cunt and starting to stroke it.

She giggled and tittered, tossing her hair sexily as she tossed him sensually. Her hand glided up the giant dick, holding as tight as she could, even so her fingers were barely touching the tip of her thumb as she ringed it. "Is this better?" she asked and as he just gave a small grunt of what sounded like pleasure she took it that it was.

His finger slid into her and she gave a small squeak, it might be a quarter the size of his cock, but it still pleasured her as it scratched and bent with her, teasing and tantalising her special spots. "Mmmnnn, that's good, you're making me hot and wet," she giggled.

"You're in a hot spring," he replied dryly. He did however add a second finger, pushing deep into her cunt and making her shudder and shake with pleasure, quivering as the water bubbled around her. In turn she passed that passion to his cock, working it excitedly and firmly, whilst just keeping it on the right side of the boil so that he didn't explode too early. His feet stretched out along the bottom and his face twisted as Buffy hand did its magic, her smile showing how much she too was enjoying the stimulation they were giving each other.

"Ooohhh, Ted, ooohhh," a moan came from her Mom, it seemed further away that it should be, as if the steam was deadening the sound or alternatively, masking that the two couples had floated into different dimensions separated by ten feet and a billion miles. "Ooohh, Ted, yes, stick it in me, ooohhh."

Buffy giggled, her hand stroking Snyder's thick meat, "I wonder what Mom's doing," she said fully knowing the answer.

Snyder seemed to take the question seriously, looking at her like she was stupid he snarled "What do you think she's doing? You're not the only slut in the Summers' family."

"Mmmnn, no," Buffy licked her lips sensually, running her tongue slowly round the lips like there was a cock she needed to shine, "but I am your Summers slut."

Snyder nodded mollified by her response and she gave his dick an extra squeeze and jerk. He grinned and pulled his finger from her slit, "Having your hand work my dick is fine, but little beats having a nice tight teen cunt slipping down it, especially as it is nice, wet and hot."

"You want me to fuck you now? Here?" Buffy asked her skin reddening and not from the steam burning across it, "My Mom's just feet away, what if she sees?"

"She caught you with my cock balls deep in your ass a few hours ago and didn't suffer a coronary, now get that fuckable little hole of yours down my dick," he said.

"I d...don't know," she faltered nervously. She did want to please him, but it was one thing to be caught by her Mom in anal flagrante delicto, it was another to deliberately ride Snyder when her Mom was just feet away (even if she strongly suspected that was what her Mom was doing to Ted).

Snyder caught her hesitation and stood up, his erect cock yanking from her hand, "If you're not going to do anything Summers I might as well tell Ted we should go home."

The thought of not pleasing Ted overcame the reservations Buffy had, especially after the pep-talk this morning and his explanation about Buffy's self-destructive tendencies where men were concerned. She grabbed Snyder's sides and pulled him back down, quickly smiling, "I mean of course, let's bang."

Snyder grinned as he sat back on the seat, the water bubbling around him as she stood up and then almost immediately, sat down forward on his lap straddling him. Her hand reached again for his dick, finding the large organ, except this time she didn't stroke and jerk it as her hands closed round it, but lifted herself and guided herself down on waiting rod. She groaned as it penetrated her, the feeling just as lovely as the first time, sliding herself down the massive trunk. He grinned as his hands moved to her waist, steadying her at the same time as encouraging her down and stopping her from having second thoughts, not that she was having any as her lips and tunnel stretched to accommodate his wide girth, nerve ending buzzing in pleasure. "OOohh, yesss, oooohhh, urrrrh, I love your big dick, I love it," she moaned as softly as she could.

Snyder hands crept round to her ass, gripping the cheeks and kneading them between this fingers and thumbs. She rose and fell again, her slit slipping further down the dick, the erogenous zone humming in ecstasy as the cock pressed over it. He began to move as well, slowly, but firmly, pushing his dick up her hole, thrusting it deeper and deeper, until she could feel his balls slapping at her mons. She moaned again, wrapping her hands round the back of his neck, rubbing at the lower back, her knuckles gently scraping the smooth rock behind them as they rode. "Uuurrh, urrrhh, fuck me, Mr Snyder, fuck my sweet pussy."

He grinned and shoved harder, slamming his dick far into her cunt and stretching her pleasurably. She grunted and groaned again, her head and back falling back, her hands clasping his upper back to stop herself falling. He rammed up and she fell down forwards, giggling as her teen twat slipped down his shaft. "Ohhhh, this is so good, fill me with dick."

"Yeah Summers," he thrust up his cock and lowered his head to her bouncing boobs, the two titties jiggling just above the bubbling spring. His mouth opened and he slurped one in, his teeth grinding just the right side of painfully on her teat, dragging it out as she shuddered back. After a couple of seconds he switched, closing in on the second tit like a vampire with a breast feeding fixation. The teen continued to ride him, gasping and giggling as he bit down and sucked, yanking at the teat hungrily, whilst all the time his hips were moving as he plunged his dick into her body.

"Uuurhhh, yesss, baby, yesss," she moaned louder.

"Ooooohhh, yessss, aaaarrghhh," the squeaks and squeals from across the water reminded Buffy she wasn't alone, but as Snyder's dick hit her spots, she cared less about her Mom and more about her lover's prong. It was so good in her, like a key in her lock. The teen thrust down harder, grasping Snyder's back and pulling her chest further into his mouth. Her Mom shrieked louder, her cries echoing in the dip, "AAaarrrgh, Ted, aaaarrgghh."

"Fuck me, Mr Snyder, fuck me," Buffy squealed louder. She rode the older man so hard her pert titties bounced out of his mouth. He didn't seem to mind, just relaxing his head back looking up at her as she slammed down and up, her hands leaning on the edge of the pool. She didn't care that the smooth rock was as hard as marble as it pressed into her palms, all that mattered was getting the cock. Up and down she went, panting with exertion, egging on Snyder to match her, his hard prick smacking in and out.

"AAAarrrrghhh, yesssss, yessssss," her Mom screamed, "Aaaarrrrghhhh, yessss Ted."

Buffy wasn't sure if the sounds of her Mom cumming helped her own orgasms, but they certainly did no harm. "Aaarrrghh, yessss, yessss, fill me with cock, ram my sweet pussy, aaaaaarrghhh!"

Snyder grunted as he took her at her word, his massive dong slamming up, completely stretching and filling her pussy, leaving hardly for a molecule of air between his thick girth and her soaked cunt walls. "Go for it you slutty whore, ride my cock like a pro hooker."

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss, yesssss, fuck me, harder, oooohh fuck, harder!" Buffy shrieked, no longer at all worried about her Mom, "Aaaarrrghh, yessss, yesssss!"

Snyder gripped her ass cheeks harder, using them like a leverage to help him ram her like he was knight attacking a dragon, charging and swinging, hammering and slamming. Her pussy sang a song of fire and ice, as orgasms of legendary proportions clashed in her cunt like feuding kings. "AAaarrrrghh, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrghhh, yesssss!"

The pool bubbled round them, splashing and steaming as she went up and down. The teen's body was covered in its wet sheen, the water indistinguishable from the sweat that slid down her, mixing with the juice that was seeping from her cunt with every thrust of her big cocked Principal. "Aaaarrrghh, it feels so good, you're making me cum, oooohh, aaarrrghh, you're so good!"

The orgasms blasted her like asteroids hitting the moons, crumps of pure ecstasy driving her insane. Her tits bounced at the water, splashing at they drove down inches from his chest. All the time he was continuing to thrust up, his face contorted in a concentrated snarl of sexual lust. "Huh, huh, huh," he panted in exertion as he gave Buffy his all and then some.

"I'm cumming again, aaaaarrghhh, you're making me cum so hard, aaaarrrghhh, Mr Snyder you're my stud, aaaaaaarrghhh, aaaaarrrghhh," the teen squealed, vaguely aware that her Mom's cries had ceased.

"Fuck, yes," grunted Snyder and Buffy could feel a new source of wetness as he pumped his sperm into her, blast after blast emptying his balls, coating her with his cum. She slid down groaning and then up, feeling his dick deflate as she was doing so, his seed washing away in the water as she did so. She slipped down on the seat beside, him purring with pleasure, as he panted, laying her head on his shoulder.

As if by magic the steam cleared, revealing her Mom and Ted, his arm round her shoulder as she relaxed with a very satisfied smile, something Buffy felt that she was probably matching.

* * *

They got out of the pool and moved back to the seats, the two couples sitting naked on the seats, drying in the sun until it cooled and they headed back to the car and then Sunnydale.

Buffy's Mom and Ted were in the kitchen, Joyce preparing dinner, Ted cooking up a fresh batch of cookies. She stood with Snyder just inside the front door, saying goodbye.

"So you'll break-up with that delinquent Angel?" he asked.

"I'm already finished with him," she explained, "I'll just tell him tonight." She'd promised Giles on Friday she'd do a patrol, but with Angel accompanying her and not her man, Principal Snyder, she felt less enthusiastic than normal.

"And remember no-one must know, not that redheaded witch you call a friend - Rosenblatt or something, nor that other one - the moron with the stupid hair. And certainly not Mr Giles, who I must see if I can sack for inappropriate conduct towards students," he repeated for about the tenth time.

Buffy nodded, "Just you, me and Mom and Ted," she gave a coy smile, running a finger through her hair, wanting to make sure his last look at her for the weekend showed her desire for him.

"And another thing, at school on Monday, don't wear any underwear. When I see your slutty ass wandering the corridors aimlessly with those other criminals in waiting, I want to be the only one who knows that your pussy is just inches from exposure."

"No panties, got it," she giggled, biting her lip sexily and looking down at his package. "I'm going to miss you," she purred, "I wish you could stay longer, even for a few minutes." She reached down and stroked the lump under the pants, "You'd enjoy it."

He grinned, reading her mind, "I can stay another five minutes."

"Let me give you a goodbye blow-job," she giggled, undoing his zip.

"On your knees slut," he nodded.

* * *

The people of Sunnydale got a good deal in the hours the Mayor worked, thought Principal Snyder as he walked up the steps and into the municipal headquarters, Sunday night and he was still working. Admittedly the problems he was working on were less sewage or zoning regulations and more to do with sacrificing virgins and disembowelling late night college kids (who made perfect dinners for demonic servants). But as housing was cheap, there were plenty of teenagers and the water pumped without problem the Mayor's election was guaranteed; and if it hadn't been magical vote fixing would do the trick.

His PA indicated he should wait in a side room as the Mayor was still in meeting with Deputy Mayor Finch. He entered to see Ted had arrived already, he had an eye out and was sticking a screwdriver in the hole tightening some loose wire. He smiled as Snyder entered, "How did the admin go?"

"Running a school isn't easy, students are just a pox," replied Snyder.

"Buffy's already missing you," Ted picked up the eye and screwed in back in, looking more human than most humans and he almost was, his emotions and motivations might have been evil, but they were real. His skin, the blood pumping under it, even the sperm he produced were so perfectly produced that it would take an expert biologist to tell they were synthetic. "She's been mooning all dinner."

"She's telling Angel?" Snyder asked.

"She told me they're going to hang with Willow and Xander at the Bronze and she'll tell them then," he smiled, "She'll say he's not right for her and they're growing apart as people, not give the real reason, the fornicating little slut."

"Now, now, is that any way to talk about your beloved girlfriend's daughter?" the Mayor entered with his normal cheery smile on his kind looking face. He gestured them from the waiting room to his office, nodding a greeting to the PA and asking her for three green teas, it being too late for coffee. He closed the door behind him and gestured at a couple of seats in front of him. Snyder settled in one and Ted in the other, as the Mayor got behind the desk and pressed his fingers gently together in a triangle. "The plan went well? Buffy nicely cookied up?"

"She's finding them very tasty," smiled Ted evilly, "The dumb whore can't get enough."

The Mayor frowned, "Language, please. This isn't a college football drinking den." He turned to Snyder, "And how is your latest endowment?"

Snyder grinned, "Shall we say Buffy is enjoying it." He just wished that all those sluts and whores who'd giggled when they used to see his old and tiny three incher could see it now it had more than tripled in length.

"Call at in-work benefit," the Mayor said, "And I assume that Joyce is also enjoying her cookies and your endowment, Ted."

"Oh yes," Ted nodded and smiled evilly, but happily.

"Good, good," the Mayor leaned back in his seat. He looked philosophical as he gazed into the middle distance, before returning to look at them. Leaning forward on his desk "Over the years so many plans have been ruined by Slayers, countless demonic risings wrecked, numerous apocalypses averted and I'm so close I don't want my own ascension to go the same way. Not after nearly two hundred years of preparation, that would be a real pest. I could kill her, I suppose, but that's so messy and risky. This way is so much better." He smiled, "And it's a reward for all your support as well, a real win-win for us all."

"Apart from Buffy," smiled Ted.

"Oh I think she's enjoying it as well, isn't she Dick?" Ted smiled at Snyder.

The High School Principal leered back, "She's a natural," he said.

* * *

"It's not you, it's me," explained Buffy at the end of the monologue which had left Angel speechless. "I better go, I'm meeting Will and Xander later."

"But the Hellmouth? Demons?" Angel's confusion was written on his bland face, it might be handsome but it was not as interesting as Snyder's, which had the look of a real man.

Buffy forced herself not to think about the Principal and concentrate on the issue at hand, "I'll handle them, I am the Slayer."

"But us?" his voice was anguished, an unattractive whine.

"I think we should put some space between us. Not see each other. I don't want to be cruel, but you came here to see how if I needed help in handling Sunnydale, I'm coping well, so perhaps its time to leave? What about Los Angeles?"

He nodded, defeated, turning and tramping dejectedly away.

"That went better than I thought," Buffy said to herself, quietly and then broke into a smile, "I can't wait until I can tell Principal Snyder I'm all his."

* * *

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