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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 3 (Mf,Ff,inc,anal,toys)
by LL

Buffy had always hated school Mondays; previously it was because it heralded another five days filled with hours of stupefying boredom, briefly punctuated by breaks with friends. But now it was because she had to walk past a scowling Principal Snyder, standing at the school entrance looking at his watch and counting the seconds until the arriving students were officially late. And as she walked past she had to ignore him and continue her conversation with Willow, even though she wanted nothing more than to grab her lover and drag him into the nearest classroom so he could ram her whilst she was bent over a desk. She hoped he knew she wasn't wearing panties, as he instructed, but Ted had told her to wear a longer skirt, a tiny mini was fine for when she was in the house, but outside she needed to dress more conservatively or else she'd get a reputation.

"You okay Buffy?" Willow's voice was sympathy itself and Buffy forced herself back to the present as her friend walked down the corridor with her to their lockers, "Still thinking about Angel?"

"Yes," Buffy lied, though she'd hardly given the vampire a thought since last night, "But it had reached the end of the road."

"Are you sure? You seemed cute to me? And he was hot for you. It could be a panic reaction to you getting close, you think?" Willow persevered in looking after Buffy's heart, which was why she was Buffy's best friend for life (and beyond). However in this case she was wrongly repeating what Buffy and Ted had talked about on yesterday morning, only the opposite way round and without Ted's wisdom.

It did however, give Buffy an idea how to end the conversation. "Before I broke with him I had a heart to heart with Ted, he thought I was making the right decision."

"Oh Ted," Willow smiled and nodded as if Buffy's step-dad's (or at least soon to be, the blonde hoped) name was enough to end the conversation. Buffy wondered if her friend had a crush on the older man, not that Buffy would blame her, she was sure if it wasn't for Principal Snyder she'd be crushing on Ted as well. Willow walked a few more steps, "He's probably right. Angel was too old for you."

"Yes," agreed Buffy, not wanting to mention that, depending on exactly how you measured it - human or vamp years, her new lover was older still. She turned to give Principal Snyder one last look down the corridor. He was standing there getting ready to close the door behind him, so that he could stand on the steps and chastise the latecomers.

"He's kinda cute though," Willow said.

"Who? " Buffy frowned, "Principal Snyder?"

"Why would you think I'd be talking about him?" Willow laughed and continued "Ted... I mean Angel, look you've got me at it,"

"Which reminds me, he gave me some cookies for lunch and told me to share them with you and Xander," said Buffy.

"Who? Angel?"

"Ted," smiled Buffy "and trust me cookies never tasted so good."

* * *

The next few days were cockless suffering for Buffy; she'd see Snyder glaring at his students as he waited at the door and during the day they would pass as she drifted from class to class and he stalked the corridor. Every-time her pantyless pussy would itch with desire, her quim quivering as she thought of his large prick entering. And each time he ignored her, not even to yell at her for being late or to stop loitering like a hobo around the hall. The dickless spell was made worse at her Mom and Ted seemed to be continually going at it everywhere and all the time, even on her bed, if the crumpled quilt she found when she returned from school was any indicator.

The dildo in her weapons chest got a nightly work out harder than it had ever had and the teen still remained unsatisfied...

It was on Wednesday evening that Snyder finally noticed her. Giles was just closing the library door behind him, Xander, Willow and Buffy standing behind him in the deserted corridor hoping they could get a lift. Buffy's super Slayer hearing heard the footsteps coming down the shiny floor before any of the others and so she was able to turn and get a glimpse of Snyder as he powered towards them, before Willow and Xander could turn. She held her breath for a microsecond, awash with desire and so imagining she was alone and he was coming down to take her there and then against the wall.

But then Giles turned and the illusion was shattered. "Principal Snyder," he said with that mixture of outwardly polite civility laced downright rude contempt that only educated Englishmen could manage, "We were just doing some cataloguing."

Which was a lie, but Xander and Willow put on innocent expressions and Buffy felt she had to follow or have her cover blown.

Snyder scowled and looked at his watch, "Do it during school hours, Mr Giles," he snapped, "I'm not paying overtime."

"Perish the thought," said Giles, trying to appear as innocent as if he was a newborn babe.

"Well it's lucky you're here, I've some boxes of old reports I want moved to my car," he looked round the four of them before settling on Buffy, "Summers you'll do."

"Mmnn, I volunteer?" Buffy tried not to appear enthusiastic in front of her friends, but Snyder was already glaring at them.

"It's past the school bell so out," he pointed to the door.

Xander and Willow knew better than to argue, slouching slowly towards the exit. Giles looked like he was going to for the moment, and then seeing Snyder standing like an evil imp with power of life and death (or at least employment) he gave a small shrug at Buffy. "Goodnight, Buffy. Thanks for your help, enjoy your night out later." She guessed that was code for 'see you in the Graveyard for patrol', which she fully intended to do, if she wasn't banging Snyder.

The Watcher left leaving the High School Principal and teen Slayer alone. Snyder gave a lecherous grin, "Have you done what I said with panties?"

Buffy gave a coy, but charming smile back, "Not worn any? Yes."

He glanced sideways at the swing door to make sure Giles had really gone, then "Show me," he ordered.

Giggling the blonde reached down and lifted her skirt to her navel, exposing her shaven slot. Snyder's lecherous smile got wider as she looked down. His hand reached out and took the bottom of her mons between his finger and thumb, pinching it and rubbing at her slot. "Uuurrhh," Buffy moaned lightly as a light frisson of pleasure rode through her, missed for too many days.

Snyder let go, still leering, "I see your behaviour has been improving over last few days, always on time and no unexplained happenings in my school."

"I've been trying to be good, for you," Buffy cooed, biting her lip gently as if she was a naughty schoolgirl, which to be fair, she generally was.

Snyder opened the door to the library and gestured her in, before following her and locking it behind him. He walked over to Giles' desk, looking down at the two books on it; one a first edition seventeenth century treatise on witchcraft, the other an only edition (bound in what looked like some demon's skin) on the best ways mushrooms for spells to raise the dead. "Hmpft," he grunted, "I'm going to have to review the library budget, it's obviously too much."

As he was speaking he was undoing his pant buttons and zip, Buffy leaning forward so that she could help with the belt buckle and pants. His dick bulged at the Y-fronts, straining the material so hard that Buffy was surprised it didn't tear. It was only covered for a moment as he yanked them down his thighs and presented her his erect, large penis. "Let's see how good a girl you are," he leered.

The teen knew what he wanted and she wanted to give it to him. She immediately dropped to her knees on the vinyl tiles. His meaty thick prick pointed at her, inviting her down and the teen licked her lips briefly before transferring her tongue to it. It moved round, stroking and sliding over the massive organ, slipping to the top and sensitive, but bulbous, head, her tongue pressing at the small hole, before down again, tracing a line over the veins and ridges, going down the side and underneath until she got to the balls. Her tongue darted over them, the meaty sack trembling with her touch. All the time she kept her eyes on her lover, looking at his face for any signs of dissatisfaction or displeasure.

Luckily there weren't any. He grunted and sucked in some air, leaning against the desk, so that he was half-sitting on its edge, his face a mixture of bliss, lust and anticipation. The teen inwardly smiled, glad that her tongue alone could have such an impact. She slid her tongue round once more as her hand reached up to take the base of the shaft gripping it hard. "Yeah, that's it," groaned Snyder, his eyes fixed on her and knowing what she had planned.

"I love your big dick, Mr Snyder," she purred, before opening her mouth and sliding down it.

She didn't get too far with her first attempt, as she expected the large dick strained at her jaw and swiftly filled her mouth. She tickled it with her tongue further wetting, before pulling back, taking a deep breath and going in again, This time she jerked at his cock as she did so, driving it into her mouth until it was pressing at her cheek. Snyder grunted and his eyes rolled. Buffy would have smiled, but as she couldn't she worked the dick, pushing it into her. "Go on you little slut, Summers, go on," he snarled.

"Huuh," Buffy pulled back. This time she did smile at him, a beam of pleasure to light up the room.

It had no effect on Snyder, "Suck it," he ordered her back.

Buffy enthusiastically complied, her jaw opening wider and her hand jacking overtime as she took the cock further in. Snyder grunted on pleasure, his hand on the back of her skull, pushing her forward. Not that Buffy needed any encouragement, if Snyder like having his cock sucked the Slayer liked sucking it. Ted had been right about Snyder being the man for her and she wanted to prove it to the Principal, by being the best slut in California. She took it deeper, ignoring the choking and gagging feeling, Snyder's pleasure mattering more to her than her own discomfort.

"Yes, that's it, you whore," he groaned, his own hips moving as he pressed forward.

"Mmpfff" Buffy gasped as the cock filled her mouth and pressed at her throat, choking her. Despite her best efforts she was sure she'd have ricocheted back if Snyder's hand hadn't been firmly clamped on the back of her skull. The cock pushed further, utterly overpowering her tongue and pushing back to hit her tonsils. She choked and gag, her nose running and her mouth filling with a sickly sweet bile, as her eyes watered like rain. She could hardly breath, lights flashing in her brain as the oxygen struggled to get through.

Then just as Buffy thought she was about to faint, he eased a bit, pulling it out enough that she could gasp in a thin torrent of air. Just for a second and then he was forward again, his hips jerking as he fucked her face. Buffy's eyes blurred, but she looked up, trying to show him with blinks and gulps and bobs how much she wanted his dick deep down her throat. Her hand moved to her pussy, pulling up the skirt and starting to rub heavily at her slot, it was enjoyable in itself and was sure to give him the message to keep on ramming his cock into her mouth, that she could take it, she wanted it.

Whether he understood her non-verbal communications or not he fucked her mouth with enthusiasm, thrusting in and out, pushing it over her lips and hitting her throat, making her jerk and gag, soaking his cock in her spit. "That's it my hot little slut, suck my cock like a whore."

Buffy didn't know how whores sucked, but she moved her head back and forth as much as she could, sandwiched between his hand and his massive thick cock, the balls pressing at her chin. She hoped her enthusiasm told, even if her bobs were constrained. Certainly the look on Snyder's face was far from that of a man unhappy with his lot, a leery smile, so wide that it threatened to split his cheeks, plastered across it. "Yes, Summers, take my dick, mmmnnn, yes, good."

Buffy continued to rub her twat, feeling the wetness beneath her fingers. There was a dampness on her chin as well, as spit leaked from the cracks between her lips and down her cheeks as her eyes watered. Snyder pushed some more, his dick thrusting into her. Then without warning he yanked it out.

"Huh," gasped Buffy bending over and struggling for air, "Huh." She lifted her head ready to take him again, the cock dripping saliva hovering in front of her face like a promise.

Snyder had gripped her arm and was pulling her up, twisting her round and positioning her against one of the bookshelves. She reached forward, leaning on the books, pushing their spines in until they hit the wooden back of the shelf. Behind her the High School Principal was lifting up her skirt with one hand, letting it drop down over the other as he used it to guide his cock to her ass crack, pressing it between the two mounds and rubbing her rosebud with the pythonic member.

"Oh, yes," Buffy moaned in anticipation, wiggling her butt, "I want you to anally fuck me, I've missed that big cock so much."

"I'm going to so enjoy that hot fuckhole of yours," Snyder snarled in her ear, leaning forward against her and pushing his cock at the hole. The rosebud fell away as his huge manhood tore and it and he grunted with exertion as he pushed the thick rod into the tight teen tush. "Take my cock, you little slut," he breathed.

"Oh yes, oooohh," Buffy moaned, her body arching as she felt her ass walls expanding delightfully. She pressed her face at the shelf, ignoring the way it dug into her face, not caring about the dry smell of musty books. All that mattered was taking Snyder's dick deep. "Oh give it me Principal Snyder, gape my asshole."

Snyder grunted once again, one hand gripping her waist as another grab the shelf beside her hand. He pressed forward, driving the dick deeper into her. Buffy squeaked and raised her ass, meeting his thrust with one of her own. Snyder's fingers squeezed her waist tighter, "That's it slut, you know you want it."

"I do, I want it all the way in, I want to be fucked so hard by your massive big prick," Buffy squealed.

Snyder pounded forward, thrusting hard and opening her tunnel. Soon the teen Slayer could feel his chest slapping at her back as he went all the way in. It felt wonderful to have him again, his massive cock sending her to orgasm heaven - how she could have ever felt that Angel compared to Snyder her sex God would be forever a mystery. "Harder, Principal Snyder, ooohhh yes, ram me harder," she moaned, "I want you to fuck me so hard my butt splits open."

He grunted and slammed, the books rocking and shuddering and the only the fact the shelf was fixed the floor stopping it tumbling. Dust particles spread into the air from books long unopened, hanging like crystals under the light before blowing away. Buffy squealed harder, gingerly letting go with one hand from the shelf to return it to her front hole, two fingers diving as she worked her twat. Cum filled her pussy, smothering her fingers and smearing the lips. It felt so good to be finger fucking one hole whilst Snyder rammed her other that Buffy couldn't help but squeal, "Yesss, aaaarrghh, yessss."

Behind her Snyder pounded harder, a hand moving to her front to squeeze a tit through her top, his fingers digging deep through the material and lacy bra, stabbing it to her firm, flesh. The teen squealed and rocked, moving with him, enticing him to move faster and harder with her shudders and shrieks. The cock slammed in, pounding open the walls, leaving them stretched and battered, the nerves in them unsure whether to sing hymns of praise or screech war-cries of hate. They compromised and pain mixed in with pleasure so deeply that Buffy's orgasm addled brain was hardly able to tell them apart. "AAarrrghh," she screamed, "AAAArrrghh."

"Yes, that's good Summers, cum for me, tell me what you want," Snyder grunted in her ear as he banged against her.

"AAaarrrghh, you're making me cum so hard, aaaaarrghh I want more, I want that big dick stretching my asshole until it's wrecked, aaaarrghh fucckkk, I want it!" the teen screamed. Her fingers scrabbling at the shelf, trying to grip it. "Aaaarrrghh, tear open my butt, slam it so good."

"That's my hot little slut," Snyder grunted, "You're just a whore for my dick."

"I am, a free whore, you don't need to pay Principal Snyder," Buffy squealed, ignoring the contradiction, "Just fuck my butt hard."

Snyder grunted and sped up, his huge dong opening her ass so wide that you could have sent a caving expedition through it. As it stretched he went faster, the friction which slowed him down easing. And if his cock pushed at the walls less, the pounding he gave the back of her clitoris as he hit the membrane from behind more than made up for it, sending Buffy into a constant maelstrom of sexual bliss. He gripped her harder, tit and waist, his dick thudding deep and Buffy cried out again, "Yessss, aaarrrggghh, yesssss."

She was unable to think or control herself, just a bundle of muscles held together by quivering flesh, her whole life an orgasm. Her fingers slammed into her cunt and juice squirted out, like an unleashed hose, the girl cum pouring all over the books (luckily it was the Classics section and seldom read). "Aaaarrrghh, yessss, I am cumming so hard from your dick, pound my butt open."

"You slut, dirty anal whore," he panted, "You just love my dick in your skank ass. If I wasn't fucking you you'd be selling yourself on street corners."

"Yes, yes, aaaaaarghhh I would, I'd be an anal hooker," the teen screamed, "but I'd never meet someone as big dicked as you to fuck my butt. Oooohh God, aaaarrghhh!"

Sweat poured from her, so much she could taste the salt, her clothes clinging to her perspiring body like limpets. Snyder still in his suit top and tie with his pants around his ankles must have been even worse, but he was letting that stop him from vigorously banging her tushy like it was a race. "Huh, huh, huh," he panted as he gave her his full length repeatedly, at speed and deep. "Huh, huh, huh."

"Yesss," she screamed back. Bucking with pleasure she shuddered and slammed herself back on his cock like she was on a suicide mission, "Aaarrrghhh, yessss, fucckkk!"

"Damn, you dirty little slut," he grunted, "I'm going to cum in your asshole."

He was as good as his word, within seconds pumping what seemed like gallons of cum into the butt, the gooey liquid stinging and soothing as it leaked over the battered and gaped walls. Buffy sighed with pleasure, as she felt it slide down her butt, dripping out and down her legs. She remained in position for a few minutes, letting it glide out, before forcing herself to stand.

Snyder had taken advantage of the brief gap to pull up his pants and was buckling his belt as Buffy turned back to him. "Principal Snyder, that was totally wicked, I came so much, you're my stud."

He smirked and nodded, "As I said you're a slut Summers, a slut for cock. Don't tell anyone, certainly not your precious Mr Giles we fucked in his library and you squirted all over his books, like you were a porno starlet."

"I couldn't help it," Buffy gave a small giggle, "You were so enormous, I just had to cum. Mmmnn, I'm going to be thinking about you tonight as lie in my bed, touching my sweet hole." She smiled and turned to the door.

He snorted, "Summers, where do you think you're going? You're loading my car remember?"

* * *

"Hello Buffy," Joyce looked up from the stove as Buffy entered the back door. She was wearing a pinafore and what looked like a bikini for a much smaller woman, underneath. It was warm in the kitchen, but Buffy wasn't sure it was that warm. "You're a little late?"

"I was helping Principal Snyder, load some things." Buffy replied, with an innocent smile.

"I was just talking to him," her Mom laughed, "I know exactly what was loaded and unloaded and in what hole."

"I can't help it Mom, he's so hot," Buffy explained.

Her Mom carried on smiling, "I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'd much rather that you were having anal sex in the library with a man like Dick Snyder, who's so good for you, than hanging around with that thug Angel, who's just using you for his own ends."

"Angel's out of the picture," Buffy said, vehemently, "He's a jerk, I don't want anything more to do with him."

"Good," Joyce nodded in agreement with her daughter's decision, before taking a seat at the kitchen table and gesturing for the teen to do the same, "Anyway I want to talk to you, about Ted."

"Are those some of his cookies?" Buffy pointed to the plate in the middle.

"They are, he suggested we share them whilst he's just doing a few things around town."

"You should have started with the cookies," Buffy said in a fake aggrieved voice reaching for one.

"Confession," her Mom tittered reaching out, "I had a couple before you came in."

The two of them quickly munched through half a dozen and then competed to pick up the crumbs with their fingers before Buffy looked up and said, "You wanted to talk?"

"You know it's mine and Ted's fortnight anniversary tomorrow?" Joyce asked.

"I didn't, wow is it really two weeks, it feels like we've known him forever, its been so great having him around."

"I know, I can't believe I put up with your jackass of a father when I could have been out meeting Ted."

"Yes, and he could still be my Daddy..."

Joyce ignored the hint about future wedding plans, "Anyway I was talking to Ted about what he'd like and he suggested he'd love to see some hot Mom daughter lesbian action..."

"With me..." Buffy gave a little gasp of surprise, not that she was against it if it made Ted happy.

"Do I have another daughter?" her Mom smiled, "That was why I rang Dick, as he's your boyfriend I wanted to check he was happy before I spoke to you."

"If Principal Snyder's happy and Ted wants to watch us go for it..." Buffy nodded and smiled, "I'm in."

* * *

Buffy got strict instructions from her Mom to be home as soon as she could the next day, much to Giles annoyance who wanted to work on Buffy's reflexes in the gym. However, even Watchers can't overrule Moms and so Buffy was out of the school, if not at the bell, not long after. Opening the house door she called out, "Ted? Mom?"

"I'm in my room," her Mom called, "Ted will be back soon, hurry up."

Pausing only to drop her bag and things in her room Buffy rushed to the main room. If Buffy had been a lesbian, she'd have said her Mom was looking gorgeous. She'd had her hair styled and permed, the blonde locks flowing like golden barley in a field, her lips were as red as ruby the lip-gloss as carefully applied as any brushstrokes on an Old Master painting. And she was looking hot as hell, in a pair of white stockings held up by an equally pristine looking suspender belt, her pussy bare and bald.

She pointed to another setting of similar lingerie on the bed, "Quickly Buffy get changed."

The teen did as she was told, dropping her clothes on the floor. They might have been about to do a lesbian sex show, but her Mom was still her Mom and even as the younger Summers was stripping and changing her Mom was picking up her skirt and top, folding them and placing them on a chair. Once she was 'dressed' Buffy sat at the dresser and put on the lipstick, a redder shade than she normally wore, the crimson so deep it was almost indecent the way it accentuated her lips. As she applied it her Mom talked through how she wanted the show to go, it was so choreographed that she must have been planning it all day and Buffy wouldn't have been surprised if she'd opened the drawer to find a script, with her cries of pleasure written in. However she just nodded, thinking about much it would please Ted.

Speaking of Ted her Mom said there were a couple of cookies left in the jar and the two Summers rushed down to eat them, before glancing at the clock and speeding upstairs waiting for Ted's return.

He was on the exact dot of when he'd told Joyce he'd be back. "Hello?" he called.

"Upstairs," Joyce shouted back whilst gesturing for Buffy to get into position.

The teen did so, tittering with excitement at what Ted would see as he came in the room. She dropped onto the bed, opposite the door, spreading her legs to entrance his entrance with her shaven cunt. Her Mom got onto the bed beside her, slipping one leg over Buffy's as she too opened her thighs to show her slit to Ted. His feet continued up the stairs, the clump of them mapping his movements and acting as a count-down to his arrival and the pleasure that would follow.

The door opened and Ted stood there, a smile instantly slipping onto his face. It got wider as Joyce purred, "Happy anniversary Ted," and immediately the words were out her mouth clamped it to Buffy's.

The teen opened her lips slightly, running them over her Mom's, feeling the tip of the older blonde's tongue easing it way out to tease and touch hers. It kinda felt weird to be making out with her Mom, especially as Joyce's hands were on her thighs, gradually moving up, her fingers tracing a line next to the suspender cord. But at the same time, she figured that if her Mom thought Ted would enjoy the show it was worth some incestuous lesbian sex - it wasn't as if her friends would know and Snyder seemed okay with it. In fact, the teen wondered as her Mom's mouth opened wider, she might see if her Mom would be willing to try the experience again for her own anniversary. She was sure he'd find it hot and her imaginings quickly went to how hot...

"Buffy," her Mom broke the kiss, with a half smile, half frown, "Put your hands on my waist as we said."

"Sorry," Buffy blushed. Snyder and her anniversary would wait, she needed to concentrate on the here and now and see how that went, before planning more. She put her hands on her Mom's waist, half-turning her head with a coquettish toss of the hair as she did so. She could see Ted, taking a seat in the comfy chair, a beam as big as Manhattan spread across his face. Her hands moved up her Mom's thighs, starting from the suspender belt and continuing to next to her side-boob and down again. They resumed kissing, slurping and lapping at each mouths, slowly, but sexually, pressed hard together and making clear this was no mother-daughter peck.

It was Buffy who broke the kiss this time, in line with the plan her Mom had given her. She could still taste her Mom as she lowered her lips to the older woman's tits, her mouth open to suck a nipple inside. Her Mom gave a small whine of pleasure as her daughter's lips closed round her boob and the teen's teeth tore teasingly at the teat. The older Summers shuddered, giving every indication of enjoy the feel of her daughter feasting on her tit. Buffy smiled as she moved to the second one, her mouth slipping onto it, her tongue sweeping round and round the nub, rapidly making it hard with lust. The teen licked faster and harder, her tongue interspersing with her lips and teeth, as she lapped and then nipped, pulling the teat back and stretching, before opening her mouth to suck it in like she was trying to swallow it.

She swapped from tit to tit, casting extremely quick darting looks to Ted as she was doing so. She was gratified he seemed to be enjoying it as much as her Mom, his zip was down and his massive cock was out, gently stroking it as he gave the Summers' sex show his rapt attention. He saw Buffy's glances and smiled broadly, giving her a quick thumbs up with the hand which was currently free. The teen smiled inwardly and sucked her Mom's boobie even harder, swallowing the round mound into her so deep and hard her Mom groaned and shuddered.

"Oh Buffy," the older blonde moaned in passion. Her hand moved from Buffy's thighs to her open legs, sliding up and down over the slit, from mons to clit, her stroke sending little waves of excitement through the teen. They got harder as her Mom's hand went quicker, slipping over the slit and rubbing it hard. It felt weird to have her Mom playing with Snyder's hole, mainly because it was his and no-one else's, not even her Mom's (well, perhaps Ted if he wanted it at some point). However, the High School Principal had given her Mom permission to play with it, so it was okay. The teen licked harder at her Mom's booby, opening her legs wider so that Ted could see how well they were playing together.

"Mmmnn lower, Buffy," the Milf instructed and Buffy did as she was told, her mouth trailing down her Mom stomach and belly button, kissing and licking it. As she did so she and her Mom was moving round so that Joyce was lying back on the bed and Buffy was above her. The teen continued down slowly, looking at Ted in her peripheral vision and seeking the smirk of enjoyment on his face as Buffy's mouth got nearer and nearer her Mom's fuckhole.

And then the teen was there. Her mouth open and her tongue out as she swiped the pussy with her tongue, breaking one of the most global of taboos, parent and child in sexual congress. She felt a little disgusted, with herself, with her Mom, but that was nothing to the pride she felt as Ted grunted and said "Go on," transfixed by show they were giving. Buffy stuck her tongue further, artfully sliding it up and down the slit. She had vaguely had imaginings of lesbian sex, half wondering whether it turned her off or on, and being sure it was something she'd try once when she went to college. Events were going faster than her imaginings and she tongued up her Mom, whilst sliding a finger to her own cunt and rubbing it gently.

"Ooohhh, Buffy, oooohhh," her Mom squirmed in pleasure as her daughter's tongue explored her slot. "Ooohhh, that feels so good."

"Use your tongue harder, Buffy, stick it in, use your finger to open your Mom," Ted said from the seat. Buffy nodded, glancing at him as she raised her head to allow a finger in. His large cock was in his hand, throbbing as he jacked it at their show. "That's good Buffy, get it in all the way."

Buffy thrust in a finger, still slick with her own juice, working it up and down her Mom's pussy and feeling the older Summers' wet wall slip round it. She quickly added her tongue, the digit and lithe muscle moving in harmony. Joyce squealed and shuddered, her hands gripping her tits and squeezing them, "Ooooohhh, Buffy, oooohhh." The teen licked away, tasting her Mom's juice, the most taboo flavour a girl could have; it was, however, kinda bland and watery. The teen still yummed away, making her Mom wetter and wetter, her eyes quickly shooting over to Ted as she lapped to make sure they were still keeping his interest.

They were...

"Mmmnn Buffy," her Mom moaned, "Let's do it together. I want to eat your sweet pussy while you lap mine."

As they'd already agreed to this Buffy nodded and got up. Her Mom moved again so that she was lying length ways down the bed, her pussy pointing to Ted, her face to the bed board. Buffy moved into the opposite position, on top of her. As she wriggled to get comfortable her Mom was reaching up to her cunt and prying apart the lips with her fingers. Buffy gave a small squeal as the first ever tongue touched her, slipping inside her walls, which were surprisingly wet, and exploring her hole.

Ted nodded, grinning happily, his manhood erect and hard as he stroked it. The teen smiled back and moved her hands to her Mom's twat, pulling apart the lips and displaying the pink. "Mmmnn, yum," she purred, still smiling at Ted, telepathically telling him they were doing this for him. He beamed even wider, his hand moving a little faster as the teen went down again. Her tongue found her Mom's damp insides and she began to lick, slowly at first, then quicker and harder.

Under her the older Summers was matching the teen's speed, her tongue driving up into the teen's hole, wiping and cleaning it, pleasuring and stimulating. The two of them groaned and slurped, yummed and aahed, their hands held each other's cunt, stretching them apart for their mouths, allowing their tongues to dip deep. Faster and harder they moved, the bed squeaking under them, rocking gently as they shuddered and shook, trembling in sexual ecstasy. Buffy could just make out movement from the chair in front of them as Ted's hand went up and down his cock, fast enough to count, slow enough not to cum. The teen grinned, feeling good it was because of what she and her Mom were doing, glad she could turn on her Mom's boyfriend and help them celebrate their anniversary. Her tongue flicked quicker, slipping over her Mom's soft, pink flesh. Her Mom shuddered and lapped back.

After a few more moments, Joyce patted her daughter's butt. It was a sign to move to the next part of the show and teen and Milf disengaged from each other, their pussies wet and dripping

"You two were putting on quiet a show," grinned Ted, "It's really hot seeing a mother and daughter so close."

"It's not finished yet," grinned Joyce as she went to the wardrobe and brought out a shoe box. It was where she had kept her sex-toys, supposedly hidden, though Buffy had known they were there pre-Ted, having discovered them whilst nosing for some belt she could borrow to go with an ensemble for school.

As her Mom got out a couple of toys, Buffy retook her position, sitting on the edge of the bed opposite Ted. She smiled at him as she addressed her Mom, "Oh, I'm still so horny, Mom, mmnnn, I'm so wet and hot for something in my pussy." To confirm she gently, sensually traced a finger over her wet slot.

"This should help," her Mom tittered as she passed the teen a large dildo, before picking out an equally large one for herself.

As her Mom sat beside her Buffy used one hand to peel apart her wet lips and another one to hold the toy as she stroked the damp flesh between. Joyce's legs touched hers as she sat close, the older Summers quivering with the same excitement that Buffy could feel. The two of them worked the toys, sliding them over their slits, teasing themselves and Ted, who watched them with lust filled eyes. He jerked his hard cock as they pushed the toys into themselves, the three of them matching speeds. He grunted in support as Buffy and Joyce turned to each other, their mouths opening and meeting. They carried on sliding the toys in and out as they kissed, their tongues grappling with each other as their bodies vibrated.

Cum slipped from their pussies, giving the toys a wet sheen. It dripped down their lips and shone over their mons, gleaming under the light. Buffy's spare hand moved to her Mom's tit, fondling the large mound, her fingers teasing the nub. It was all carefully synchronised and planned, but still hot and Buffy felt that it if hadn't been her Mom she'd have enjoyed it without an audience. As it was her Mom, she was enjoying it because they had an audience. From her peripheral vision she could see Ted, grinning widely, his eyes watching the action with the same fixation as if it was a closely fought football game, following every move and touch they made. Buffy kissed her Mom harder and drove the toy into her pussy, more cum leaked out, warming her hole and lips. "Mmmnn," she moaned as she kissed harder, her mouth moving over her Mom's, "Mmmnnn."

"Oooohh, mmmmnn," her Mom replied. Her own spare hand brushing Buffy's hair back, like she had done when the teen was in Kindergarten. She kissed Buffy like Angel used to, slowly and passionately, it was as false as his, but more enjoyable, like being an actress in a well received play. The two Summers shuddered and shook as they drove the toys in, their bodies vibrating sexually against each other.

They split again, giggling and eyeing Ted, the man visibly excited, his hand gripped round his hard dick as if he was worried that if let go it would escape. "We haven't finished, time for the finale," Buffy giggled as she got onto her hands and knees on the bed.

She couldn't see the dildo that her Mom was getting out of the box, but she knew what it was. It hadn't been there before her Mom met Ted, Buffy didn't think it had even been there yesterday when her Mom had asked her to join her in the lesbian sexfest; she suspected her Mom had been shopping in the seedy sex store down by the docks earlier for it. Not that it mattered when and where her Mom had bought it, all that concerned Buffy was that the toy was big and double ended. She turned her head to the side, grinning at Ted. Her expression changed into an excited frown as she felt her Mom pushing one end of the double-dildo into her cunt, sliding it deep in and making Buffy quiver with pleasure.

The bed shook gently as her Mom swapped positions, getting onto her hands and knees and reversing until her ass was resting against Buffy's. The older woman's hand went between her legs, finding the other end of the dildo and slipping her pussy against it. "MMmnn, that's nice," she moaned, "Let's fuck."

"Oh yes," giggled Buffy, giving Ted a smile as she pushed herself forward, her titties jiggling. She could feel the toy slipping and sliding out of her cunt, the ridges along its surface bumping over her walls, sending little stimulating waves through her. Then she pounded back, the toy shooting in again, the grooves doing their job again, so that she gasped in pleasure. Her butt smacked against her Mom, the toy fully impaled in them both and Buffy smiled, "Oh yes."

Out she went again, springing forward like a gun dog scenting a fallen duck. Her teeth bent gently down on her lip as the pleasure flowed through her like a fine wine. Back she went again, her ass cheeks clapping at her Mom's. Again forward, faster back, speeding up and moving into a rhythm, out, in, spring forward, fall back, harder and harder, driving the toy into her own pussy and her Moms. They grunted and gasped, their buttocks bouncing as they slapped each other in the taboo dance they were doing.

Buffy knew it should make her guilty, but it didn't. Ted was there, his shoes kicked off, his pants to his ankles, his large cock in his hand, pumping away as he watched them. "Yes, go for it girls, fuck each other," he grunted, his eyes not leaving their swaying naked bodies.

"Ooohh, urrrrhh, uuurhh," Buffy grunted as behind her Mom made similar noises of pleasure. The double-ender squeaked and bent, thrusting into both of them as they squashed together, juice filling their holes. The bed rocked, the sheets and quilts crumpling under them; faster, harder, thrusting themselves with abandon at the toy, feeling its grooves and ridges rip over their walls, making nerves cry with excitement. "Oooohhh, uuurrhh, fuuuckk."

Buffy had never thought you could have so much pleasure with another woman, certainly not her Mom. Her earlier thoughts of experimenting in college whisked away, she'd do more than experiment in college, she'd fuck every pussy she could. Obviously only when not with Principal Snyder, and however good double-dildoing with her Mom was, it could never be as good as the real thing from her man. It did, however, make a good substitute for when he wasn't around to give her his ten-inches. She slammed back, driving her cunt down the plastic, stretching her hole, "Oooohh, urrrhhh, yes, oooohhh."

"Yes, yes, yes," her Mom gasped and squeaked behind her, butt slamming Buffy as fast as the teen was moving. Their asses were red where they slapped together, the cheeks bouncing and jiggling like they were jellies (Joyce's more than Buffy's to be fair). They banged at the wall, knocking at it like a deranged trick or treater unable to stop rapping at an unanswered door.

"OOohhh, ooooohhh," Buffy gasped and shuddered, her hands gripping the bedding, her mouth half-open and her eyes fixed on Ted and his large cock. It was because of her he was hard, because she and her Mom were giving him a show and a half. "Ooohhh, urrrhhhh, yesssss."

"Oh fuck, this is so hot, I'm going to cum so soon," grunted Ted.

"Hold it baby, hold it for a minute and let me finish you," gasped Joyce. She didn't move off the bed at first, speeding up and squeaking as she pounded back at her daughter, filling them both with toy. Then she sprang forward so far that the toy slipped from her mouth. Buffy giggled, swinging from her knees to her ass, sitting with the toy still in her as her Mom dropped to her knees in front of Ted and slid her mouth down his cock. Buffy grabbed the toy, still soaked with her Mom and began to thrust it hard into her cunt, letting the pleasure explode up her.

"Oh yeah," grunted Ted and he strained his legs outwards. Buffy knew he was cumming in her Mom's mouth. She continued masturbating hard for him, even as he closed his eyes and scrunched his face.

"Mmmnnn," Joyce withdrew her mouth, a finger reaching up to wipe away some of the goo, which was trickling out from between her lips. She smiled and swallowed, "Mmmnnn tasty."

"Thanks for the anniversary present," Ted leant back, relaxed against the chair. "That was so special."

"It's because you're special to us that we did," replied Buffy. It was saccharine but true.

* * *

It didn't surprise Buffy that after dinner her Mom took Ted upstairs for yet more anniversary presents, this time solo. They were still at it when Buffy crawled in her bedroom window after patrol and she could hear them as she crept under the covers, continually fucking away like a machine and a professional porn star. The teen's hand moved down to her own pussy. She began to rub, dreaming, not of the lesbian experience - though that had been nice, nor Ted - though he was big, but of her man, Principal Snyder and how good it would feel to have him in one of her holes.

* * *

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