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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 4 (Mf,MMFf,anal,inc)
by LL

"What's the time?" Buffy asked, though it would have been the work of a moment to turn her head and look at the clock.

Ted looked up from his newspaper and took the effort for her, "Two minutes after you last asked," he smiled and stroked Joyce's head as she nestled comfortably in his lap, purring almost like a contented cat.

Buffy nodded impatiently as if that could move on time and glanced at her reflection in the mirror next to the sideboard. She looked hot, with her red lipstick and her eye-shadow, her blonde hair pulled back and the tight top and small skirt that made up her ensemble. It would have been a terrible outfit for Slaying, but she'd made her excuses for why she wouldn't be out - telling Giles she had a migraine coming on - surely, she thought, the first time the headache had been used as an excuse to have sex. However, she was starting to worry, it was past eight, and that's when Snyder had said he would be over; surely a man who hung round the school gates for tardy students would be dead on time himself. She turned back to Ted, "Are you sure he's coming?"

Ted grinned and nodded confidently, "He said he had a hankering to fuck some slut butt and would be over."

"For eight?" Buffy asked nervously.

"Just after eight," corrected Ted and Buffy let out a sigh of relief that he wasn't actually late.

Two minutes later she was nervous again, what if Snyder was bored of her? Or she hadn't been as sexually satisfying as he wanted? Oh my God, what if he was banging Cordelia Chase? The brunette was much more busty than Buffy and she never got told off for being in the corridor during lesson time. The teen felt her heart speed more than when she'd faced off half a dozen blood hungry vampires, love does that to you she concluded. She wished she could have another of Ted's cookies, but she'd had two after dinner and Ted wouldn't let her have any more - else they wouldn't be a treat - but she had found whenever they crumbled deliciously in her mouth, the world became a better place.

The doorbell rang, chiming loudly. "I'll get it," called Buffy with the enthusiasm of a small child on Christmas morning. She rushed to the door, telling herself she shouldn't be too disappointed if it was the Avon lady rather than her lover, but knowing she would be.

She opened the door so fast it almost fell off its hinges. It was no cosmetics saleswoman, "Principal Snyder..." Buffy gushed. she was about to invite him in, but managed to stop herself just in time, no-one invited anyone in in Sunnydale, no matter how much in love.

Luckily Snyder knew the drill. He stepped over the threshold, looking her up and down, "Summers," he said in greeting, before looking over at the sofa and allowing a small smile to pass his face, "Ted, how are you?"

"Life's good, and you?"

"It's the weekend, two days without screaming brats polluting my corridors," he said with feeling.

Shutting the door Buffy slid against Snyder, wrapping her sexy body round him, so that her pert titties pressed through her top and into his arm, "I've missed you baby, it's been so long."

"I banged you Wednesday," he said, which to Buffy was a lifetime ago.

She hugged herself closer, using her body to caress his and sliding her hand down to the large mound under his pants, drifting slowly over it and giving him her most sensual smile, "That was a whole two days ago."

"You fucked your Mom yesterday," Snyder smiled, or perhaps leered.

"But that wasn't your big dick," Buffy replied, a little nervously, it just being her luck that Snyder was really over to finish with her.

He nodded however, "That's right."

Buffy felt her moment, "Do you want to go upstairs to my room?" she smiled so dirtily she was sure he would understand what she meant.

His grin was as lecherous back and replied, without words, that he knew exactly what she was saying. "I'll see you tomorrow Ted."

Ted gave Buffy a friendly wink before speaking to his friend, "I'd say have fun, but I know you will."

Joyce lifted her head briefly from her boyfriend's lap to look at her daughter, "You make sure you show Dick a good time."

"I will," said Buffy, twisting round so that she was looking at Snyder as she said it and giving her best Marilyn Monroe impression as she took hold off his tie and gently led him up the stairs.

She shut the door behind her and gently pressed her hand on her lover's chest, encouraging him to sit on her bed. She smiled and moved her hand down to massage his dick inside his pants, "Mmmnnn so big."

"All the better to fuck you with," he leered, thinking along the same lines as the blonde Slayer.

She giggled and stepped back, "Let me get out of my things," she purred and instantly reached up and pulled off her tops. Her tits weren't big, but they were firm and jiggly, bouncing gently as she swayed and rocked them. Snyder looked at them with unconcealed lust. Buffy blushed with happiness as her hands reached down for the elastic of her shorts, pausing for a second before bringing them down to show her bare, shaven pussy in all its glory, wet and excited by the thought of her lover. "What are you thinking?" she asked as she paraded in front of him.

"Whether you should suck my cock before or after I've fucked your ass with it," he responded.

The teen smiled and turned round to wiggle her butt, twerking the delightful derriere at him, before twirling round and sashayed towards him like a stalking puma. "Who said you can't do both?" she purred sexually. She slipped down onto her knees and undid his zip, pulling out his massive manhood. It pulsed in her hand as she stroked it, the blood pumping through the veins, engorging them further as she licked it slowly and sexily, her spare hand pulling the pants away to give her room.

"You really are a slut Summers," he grunted, not telling her anything she didn't know.

"Only for you Principal Snyder," she clarified, just so he knew that though she was one, she was a one man woman, albeit with three holes (and a couple of hands). Her tongue moved round and round his rod, licking it and cleaning it before she opened her mouth wider and engulfed the top, slurping downwards, her hand still working.

Compared to a week ago Buffy knew two things about giving blow-jobs; one, she could take it a long way into her mouth and two, Snyder loved deep-throat. She stroked the cock with her hand, gripping tightly as her head descended. Snyder grunted and grinned, removing his jacket, tie, shirt and vest, so his scrawny but sexy chest was bare for her. She kept an eye on it as she went down, looking over it and then up to his face to make sure she was keeping him in rapture.

She was.

He leered and placed his hand on her, pressing downwards, "Go on Summers, suck my big dick."

"Mmmnnn," she moaned, "Mmmnnn, yum." Her mouth went down again, going deeper and deeper, wetting his dong with her saliva. It tasted so good, or rather it was flavourless but enjoyable, especially knowing how much he was enjoying it. Up and down the teen went, rising for air, before going down, pushing herself deeper and deeper, slurping in the cock with little grunts. As she got further it pressed at her gag reflex and she choked; it was uncomfortable, but the retching was worthwhile for him; as was the blurred vision as her eyes teared up.

"Take it you whore, drink my cock up," Snyder groaned in appreciation, kicking off his shoes. "I am going to really enjoy your ass." So saying he took his hand from her head and leant forward over her. His hands reached for her ass, gripping it tightly and pulling the globes apart and letting them spring together. Then he extended and finger and pushed it, shattering the rosebud and pushing into the hole.

Buffy would have groaned in pleasure if her mouth hadn't been full. As it was she let herself be guided further forward, taking the hard cock even deeper into her mouth,. Snyder grunted and twisted his finger round and round, easing open her back hole, ready for his use. Buffy knew the dick would be pounded deep and hard and she did her part as well, lubricating the hard cock, taking it far into her, like a sword-swallower at the fairground.

Snyder grunted and worked his hips, pushing the dick forward. The teen blanched and gagged, momentarily pulling her mouth back to gasp for air. Then she was down again, giving her older lover what he needed and she wanted to give. He was pushing up, hitting her gag reflex and making her choke a white, watery bile down his cock, soaking it with her saliva. Her eyes teared, but Buffy didn't care, all that mattered was pleasing Snyder. He twisted his finger harder into her ass, making her shudder as it scraped at the hole; he thrust and turned it, opening her ready.

"Okay Summers, turn round and on your knees, I am going to rip open that slutty ass of yours," Snyder grunted. As he spoke he was pushing her forehead, easing the teen's mouth from his dick, to which Buffy was attached like a magnet. The teen spun on her knees, presenting her man with her butt.

"Oh yes, this will be fun," Snyder leered at the hot cheeks, reaching forward to yank them apart so that he could see her hole. He grabbed his dick with one hand and guided the huge organ to half-opened hole.

Despite his anal fingering and the spit lubrication Buffy could feel the cock as it entered, stretching her, both painfully and pleasurably. "Youch," she gripped her rug and raised her ass to meet the down-coming cock, "Ow, that's so big. Ooohh, that's going to open my asshole."

"It's going to be so stretched that you could shove a football down there," confirmed Snyder, grabbing her sides and using them as a lever. His cock pushed down further, driving down past the walls that had been opened by his finger and then further, shoving back the resisting tunnel as he went deep. The blonde teen shuddered and rocked, making sure she was quickly matching his rhythm to minimise the work he had to do and maximise his pleasure.

And her own; nerves screamed in excitement, electrical currents surging through her body, muscles gripping and relaxing, blood pumping. "OOoohh," she groaned, "Oooohh give it me good, Principal Snyder."

"Yes, yes, you slut, I am going to fuck this ass," he grunted and rammed harder. His hands squeezed at her waist, as he slammed back and forth and soon his thighs were thumping against her as his dick drove in so far that his balls bounced at her.

"OOohhh, yesss, Principal Snyder, harder, faster, fuck me so good," Buffy shrieked, bouncing back with his thrusts, meeting his pounding with enthusiastic shudders, "Fuck my butt, fill it with your big dick."

'Slap!' Snyder's palm spanked across Buffy's butt, not hard enough to be painful, but enough to show who was in charge. Buffy squeaked and squealed, riding back on his dick as his he came down again. Her buttocks jiggled more than they were already as his hand landed squarely on them. "Harder, yes, harder, spank my ass, ooohh yesss, show me who's the boss!"

"You like it slut? You like me slapping your whore butt whist I fuck it," snarled Snyder.

"Oh God, yes, I love it, hit it harder, slap my bitch butt," squealed Buffy.

Snyder's hand slapped across her cheeks, swishing across first the left and then the right, making the buttocks wiggle as they slowly reddened. He didn't slow his pounding either, slamming his full length down her hole and opening it as he promised. Buffy squealed in delight, so happy she could cry. Snyder's cock was so good in her and the slap of her ass was a real turn on as well, a show of submission to her man's dominating desires. She was so glad Ted had brought them together, without that she'd have never known so much pleasure or met a man who fitted her so well, his cock gliding in and out of her ass like they had been designed together. "Aaaarrggghh, yessss, give it me good, I'm your little anal whore, fuck my ass."

Snyder grunted and pounded forward. He gave her butt one last stinging slap and then gripped her waist again, using it to pull himself forward hard and fill her with his prick. The cock pounded down, stretching and straining her hole. Buffy shrieked in ecstasy, so loud she was sure the neighbours could hear, and certainly her Mom and Ted would gave no doubt what she was doing (though that was only fair as her Mom wasn't quiet when Ted was giving her her nightly anal banging). Snyder's hands gripped her waist even tighter, his fingers digging into her slender frame like he was trying to break her in half. His pants were loud and passionate, showing his effort as he hammered in and out. "Urrh, urrhh, urrrh, you slut, you whore, take my cock up your ass."

"AAaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrghh, fuck my butt, ram me open," Buffy shrieked in anal appreciation. Her pussy was dripping wet in excitement, the cum dribbling over her lips as she shuddered and rocked. She reached under herself to rub and stroke it, feeling the vibrations of her labia as Snyder hit her from behind. "Aaaarrrghh, give it me, hammer my butthole open."

"Uuurhh, urrrhh, urrrhh," Snyder panted as he pumped, ramming down into her. Then without warning he pulled it all the way out, leaving her open ass hole cold and lonely. He reached down gripping her shoulder and pulling her round and up onto her knees. "Suck it," he said, standing in front of her, "Finish me with your mouth."

For a moment Buffy looked at the massive cock jutting in front of her. She knew she should feel disgusted that it had just been in her ass and she was being told to gobble it, but she didn't, she just felt a desperation to please Principal Snyder and be the best girlfriend ever. She grinned up at him, nodding, "I'll give you the best bj ever."

"Less talk, more action," snapped Snyder and Buffy hastened to obey.

Her mouth closed round the engorged penis, her jaw opening to fit it. Her lips moved down, rolling over the veins and skin; she could taste a slight bitterness, but it wasn't much and certainly not enough to put her off doing what she'd set out to do. She moved halfway down and then back, slurping and tonguing the prick as she did so. Her gaze went up to Snyder and she was pleased to see the smile on his face, like a troll who'd found a virgin under his bridge.

The teen's head bobbed down and up, the cock popping from her mouth as she turned her head up to him and smiled to show how much she was enjoying sucking the dick, "Mmmnn yummy." Before he had a chance to tell her, she was back on his cock sucking and slurping with enthusiasm. He groaned and gripped her shoulders, leaning on her as she knelt.

She went quicker, driving her mouth down the cock until she could feel it pressing at her throat. Her tongue wrapped round the bottom, licking the underside of the huge shaft, tickling and teasing. He groaned louder, his face contorting, as she sucked him deep. "Fucking fuck, Summers you're a sucking slut," he complimented her. The teen's head went down, keen to prove him right. "Oh fuck Summers, I'm going to cum all over that whore face of yours."

Even as he was speaking he was pulling his cock out and grabbing the back of Buffy's head to force it upright. The teen smiled as she looked up, the huge cock pumping over her and Snyder looking down in rapt concentration.

The only warning he gave was that his face twisted and then his dong was pumping cum out. It shot out like water from a hose, a single long strand of cum, followed by another burst and then another. It landed on Buffy's face, across her nose and cheeks and in her eyes, stinging her, and she closed them, scrunching her face up as the silvery tendrils shot all over her. Over her forehead and down past her nose, it slid down her cheeks and chin, dripping down her naked chest. She opened her eyes and smiled as she wiped some of the cum from her face and put her finger in her mouth, "Mmmnn yum."

* * *

It was almost lunch by the time Buffy came downstairs, tingling all over and smiling like a cat who got the cream. She and Snyder had banged three times the last night, her older lover using all three of her holes indiscriminately, and then she'd woken him up in the most pleasurable way she could think of, with her mouth, and they'd fucked twice again. It was no wonder she was beaming, though Ted laying out some freshly baked cookies on a plate did no harm either, especially as he offered one to her and Principal Snyder. Snyder turned it down, which allowed Buffy to gobble two in good conscience.

Her Mom entered the kitchen, she was wearing a tiny skirt and a boob-tube, which barely held in her titties. Not that Buffy could comment, she was wearing similar. "You two had fun last night." It wasn't a question, but Buffy giggled and nodded, casting a dreamy look at Snyder. Joyce put on her apron to begin to prepare lunch, "We should do something after lunch, as couples."

Ted nodded, "What about you and Buffy do that lesbian show again, only this time me and Dick will join in and pound your sexy holes?"

Joyce nodded. Buffy paused a moment, she'd already had lesbian sex with her Mom, being caught by her with Snyder's dick in her ass and been across a misty hot pool as they both had sex; but having a foursome orgy with her might be a step too far. Snyder was nodding though and everyone was looking at her. Ted smiled fatherly, "If you say yes, you can have another cookie."

"You should have started with that," Buffy smiled, "Yes, I'm in."

They had a light lunch and then Joyce and Buffy went upstairs. They quickly changed into suspender belts and stockings, all other clothing being superfluous. They stood in front of the mirror in Joyce's bedroom, checking that they looked as hot as could be, their make-up fresh, their hair brushed, their pussies fully shaved. Joyce smiled, "I'm really looking forward to this, Ted and Dick will love it."

"I know, I am as well. I'm a little nervous, I've never had a gangbang, 'specially not with my Mom."

"This is my first as well, but it feels extra special sharing it with you and Ted," her Mom smiled.

"It does," Buffy admitted, before adding, "And Principal Snyder as well."

"Oh yes and Dick," said Joyce in a tone that said, he was definitely second behind Ted to her. Buffy didn't mind, in fact it was better her Mom wasn't crushing on her man.

"Shall we go downstairs?" Buffy giggled and reached out to take her Mom's hand as the Milf nodded her agreement.

Down they went together, sashaying into the main room sexily. The two men were sitting on the couch, they eyed the mother and daughter hungrily as they entered the room, the mounds in their pants showing the impact the Summers were having on their boyfriends.

"Let's start with a kiss," said Joyce reaching down to her daughter's waist and gently turning her towards her.

"Join in when you're ready," Buffy giggled at Snyder and Ted, before slowly bringing her head forward to meet her Mom's.

As they came together their mouths were already open, clamping onto the other's like magnets, albeit slippery ones as they moved their jaws and lips together, munching an invisible food as their tongues swung in and back. Buffy slid her hands down her Mom's waist and behind, caressing her round rump and pressing the cheeks back and forth against each other. Her Mom did the same and Buffy felt her fingers kneading at Buffy's firm buttocks, digging into the flesh and grappling with it like a wrestler trying to get a hold.

Out of the corner of her eye, as she paused for breath, she could see movement on the couch as the two older men undressed in a flurry of movement. The teen didn't wait, but returned to her Mom, kissing her slowly, but seductively, sure the sexiness of it would turn on her lover (who she was vaguely aware had not yet kissed her - not that it mattered). Her body pressed forward, her firm titties brushing and pushing at her Mom's swinging pair - the two of them so close they were moulded as one. Tongues darted and probed as fingers gripped, legs intertwined and stomachs rubbed. Buffy could feel the wetness in her pussy, growing damper as she could see Snyder naked and ready when she brought her head back for a second. Neither he nor Ted made a move towards them, so Buffy moved into her Mom again, giving the two guys a show.

"They're such hot sluts," said Snyder and Buffy's heart pounded with self-pride, especially as Ted replied, "Totally bangable."

Her Mom must have felt the same as her kissing became more passionate and harder. Her hand reached round to Buffy's twat, rubbing up and down the slit, making the teen even wetter and hornier than she was already (which given how much she was off both, was saying something). The teen responded in kind, her own hand finding her Mom's cunt and massaging the silky softness round the hole, slipping a surreptitious finger in. The Milf's mouth pressed harder at hers...

"Come over here and stick those fuckable cunts down on our dicks," ordered Ted.

Immediately Buffy and Joyce broke, turning towards the men. Both were now lying naked, their clothes strewn on the floor in typical guy fashion. Joyce slipped her hand in Buffy's and the two of them slowly walked across the floor, their hips swinging and their mouths bright with smiles. Buffy could see her man's hard cock in front of her, ten inches of erect blood and muscle, ready to enter her. The teen let go off her Mom's hand to straddle Snyder, kneeling forward over him and lowering her cunt down. It felt so good to have him in her and she moaned as his massive dong split open her slit and slipped in. Her Mom was making a similar noise as she too impaled herself on dick, sliding her wet Milf cunt down Ted. The two Summers worked themselves up and down for a few moments, spreading their cunts with cock until the two dicks were fully up them, their balls pressed hard against the cunt lips.

The teen moved forward, her bare tits brushing at Snyder's chest. She licked her lips, as if hungry, her hands reaching down to hold his waist, "MMMnnn, Principal Snyder baby, I want to ride you, I want to fuck you with my sweet pussy."

"Oh Ted, I love having your big cock in me," her Mom moaned next to her.

"Do it," snarled Snyder, "Fuck me." His hands were gripping her ass, harder than her Mom had, his fingers digging in controllingly.

"Ooooohh, yesssss, yessssss!" the blonde teen moaned as she went up and down, her wet pussy sliding over the large dong, her juice covering the lips.

The blonde teen began to ride, her body moving up and down as she jumped the huge spear. Beside her Joyce was doing the same, so close to her daughter that there feet rubbed at each other as they bounced. Buffy was so glad she was doing it, fucking her man was always special, but doing it whilst her Mom rode Ted added to the occasion; it made her feel so close to her - why she hadn't been sure about doing this before was one of life's little mysteries. She leant back, still bouncing and gripped Snyder's shoulders, feeling the full length of his large cock inside her. Her Mom copied her move, grinning widely as she enjoyed her lover's equally large prick.

Then her Mom reached out for her hand, Buffy took it in her own and gripped it. She felt even closer to her Mom as they rode their guys hand in hand and she was sure her Mom felt the same way. They quickly matched each other's rhythms, moving fast and powerfully, driving themselves down on the large pricks. Neither of the men were complaining that Mom and daughter were fucking in partnership, they had gripped the Summers' waists and were meeting their down drops with upwards thrusts of their own.

"Mmnnnn, ooooohhh, urrrrhhhh, uurrrhhh," Buffy moaned, it felt so good. "OOooohh fuck me, fill me with that big cock, oooohhh yes, yessss!"

"Ram me hard, slam my wet hole, I want you to make me cum," squealed her Mom beside her, squeezing Buffy's hand.

"Make out with each other," commanded Ted and Snyder nodded his agreement to Buffy.

The teen leant sideways, lowering herself down the cock all the way and remaining there, as her Mom did the same. Their heads turned to each other and their mouths opened. The two men thrust up and into them as Buffy and Joyce connected, their lips trembling as they slid round each other like they were trying to eat. Their tongues slipped and skittered across each other, wet and flexible and fast. Below them Snyder and Ted hammered up, "That's so sexy," grunted Ted.

"Keep at it Summers," Snyder instructed Buffy.

The teen was keen to please her man and she kissed at her Mom harder. Joyce must have been out to please Ted in the same way as she responded with passion, her mouth swallowing up Buffy's and her tongue probing in. The two of them kissed and slurped, remaining in place and letting the men do all the work, thrusting their large dongs into the wet holes. It felt so good, to have her pussy being filled by Snyder's marvellous cock whilst her mouth was being treated by her Mom, and all the time knowing that Ted was pleased and enjoying himself. "MMmnnn, yes," the teen moaned in a brief break before her mouth returned to her Mom.

"You really are a dirty little whore, Summers," Snyder grunted and Buffy tingled in appreciation at his words, knowing that she was his; he'd never have to pay a cent to have her. She squeezed, encouraging him to pound her harder. His cock rammed up her cunt and her tongue flickered back at her Moms.

"Mmmnn, ooohh, urrrrhhh," Joyce moaned as she kissed and fucked, her hands reached out to grope and knead her daughter's firm tits, making Buffy even more excited and wet, the teen's tongue thrashing forward as she wiggled her cunt down the thick prick. Her Mom slurped back passionately, her lips pressed so hard against Buffy's it was as if she'd forgotten they were related. "Mmnnnn, uurrrhhh," the Milf grunted as her mouth encased her daughter's, the hot breath filling it, "Mmmnn, urrrhhh."

"Take it you hot slut," Snyder grimaced as he rammed up. Beside him Ted smiled gently and fucked just as hard.

The two women jerked and shuddered, their backs arching as they broke the kiss and squealed out in pleasure, "Yesss, yessss, yessss, aaaarrgghhh." Their cries energised their lovers and both men sped up, pounding deep into the wet pussies, making girl cum spurt out from the overfilled holes. The two blondes leant forward gripping their lovers' shoulders and riding them hard, their tits bouncing and swinging against the men's chests, "Aaaarrrghh, fuuuckk , yesssss!"

Buffy knew why sex was such a powerful driver of the human condition, making people murder, steal and lie to get it. She'd have done anything to get Snyder's big dick in her, the thudding organ sending her to extremes of heavenly pleasure she'd have killed to get. "Aaaarrrrghh," she screamed, "Yesssss, yesssss!" She was so glad she'd split with Angel, Ted was right about the vampire's monkish tendencies, but if he wanted to be chaste let him, Buffy wanted huge cocks in her; more specifically the huge cock of her High School Principal. "AAaarrrghhh, yessssss, harder," she shrieked.

"Aaaarrghh, yessss, aaaaarrghh," her Mom screamed, her back bending so much it looked like it might break, "Aaaaarrrghh cum in me Ted, cum in my cunt."

Ted shuddered and groaned his face twisting as he came. Buffy smiled and continued to slam down on her own bucking bronco, Snyder's huge dick stretching her pussy walls in a most satisfying way. He snarled and rammed up, "I'm going to cum Summers, I'm going to shoot my load all the way into your hot twat."

"Yes, Principal Snyder, do. I want to be filled with your goo," Buffy squealed, going even faster. Seconds later, Snyder stretched and strained, his legs straightening and his feet skidding at the carpet and Buffy could feel his warm, wet seed blasting into her pussy and filling it. She slid slowly off, letting it run down her insides and out over lips and mons. She reached down and took a dollop on her finger, sliding it into her mouth and grinning coyly, "Yummy."

"You should let your Mom taste it," said Ted smiling, "and you could taste the cum in her cunt at the same time."

Buffy looked at her Mom, who nodded in agreement with Ted's good idea. The older woman got down on the floor in front of the men and Buffy got down on her. The teen's tongue gently probed at her Mom's pussy, sliding into the wet cunt and soaked white goo, which was slowly sliding down it. Ted's cum was salty, but passable, not as yummy as Snyder's was; Buffy was a biased towards her man. She was, however, happy to lap at it, slurping it up like she was a cat after cream. Below her Mom was tonguing at her own cum-filled cunt, yumming away at the sweet snatch and its salty filling. Even as she was licking Joyce's hands were on her daughter's ass, massaging and kneading the two cheeks.

"Damn, that is hot," grunted Snyder.

"They're very close," agreed Ted.

Knowing how horny it was making Snyder and Ted the teen licked down enthusiastically, her eyes lifted upwards so she could look at the men lustfully, as if her sight could make them hard.

It probably wasn't her gaze, but it didn't take long for Ted and Snyder to be erect, their large dicks sticking up and out; it had the effect of making Buffy feel even more horny and her tongue pounded at her Mom's slit, licking it clean. Her own pussy was tingling and dripping as her Mom ate it with enthusiasm, her tongue driving into the teenage twat as her hands continued to play over the blonde's buttocks.

"I could go again," grinned Ted, "What about you?"

"I've not stretched Buffy's ass for a while, it's needs re-opening," leered Snyder to Buffy's excitement.

The two men got up and came over to the slurping Summers. Snyder walked behind and out of Buffy's sight, but she could feel his hands joining her Mom's on her ass, brutally gripping the cheeks and spreading them so her hole was exposed to his lustful look. Ted meanwhile was sitting on his knees and raising her Mom's ass upwards, Buffy continued to lick excitedly at the pussy as she watched Ted's hand grab her Mom's cheeks and yank them. She could see the tip of his dick pushing forward between the globes, aimed at her Mom's hole, though she missed the moment of penetration as her man thrust into her and she momentarily closed her eyes to savour the pleasure and moan gently. By the time she opened them Ted was in her Mom and pushing forward. The teen smiled and continued licking her Mom's front hole, her tongue just inches from Ted's massive cock.

"What sluts," grunted Snyder behind her as he gripped her waist for balance and thrust deeper in. Her Mom's tongue slipped up her cunt, adding to the teen's excitement as she shuddered and rocked to her man.

"They are a pair of cock hounds," agreed Ted. He smiled fatherly at Buffy as he pushed on her Mom's thighs with his hand and ploughed his cock into the Milf's tush.

Joyce shuddered and drove her tongue harder at Buffy who was replying in kind. The blonde watched in fascination as Ted's large dong slammed in and out of her Mom's ass; she'd known they'd enjoyed anal, but she'd never thought she'd be so close to them as they did. And especially not be enjoying the intense pleasure of Principal Snyder in her own butt at the same time. "Mmmnn, yummm," the teen slurped at her Mom, grinning wildly. Ted smiled back and slammed in deep.

"Ooohh, urrrhhh," Joyce moaned before bringing her mouth back to Buffy. The teen quivered as the tongue drove in at the same time as Snyder's cock, the older principal's balls bouncing against her as he gave her the full length.

The teen shuddered and squirmed, both of her holes thrumming with pleasurable sensations. Whilst being butt-fucked by your Principal, at the same sixty-nining your Mom and watching her ass get vigorously penetrated might be taboo and something that would never happen outside Sunnydale (and not often in it) it was certainly hot; and Buffy was loving it. "Mmmnn, uuurrhh," she grunted and slurped as her boyfriend's big dick pounded deep, her tongue slipping and slurping over her Mom's sexy wet hole. "Mmmnnn, yum."

"Good girl, Buffy, lick it deep," Ted gave a beatific smile as he rammed his cock inches from her face. "Give your Joyce's cunt the attention it deserves."

"Fuck me baby," Joyce pulled her mouth long enough from Buffy's slit to squeal out the words, "Aaaarrrghhh, yessss, yesssss." Ted smiled and slammed harder as Joyce returned to teenage twat, her tongue pounding as fast and enthusiastically as her daughter's.

The teen shuddered once more as Snyder slammed against her, his hands spreading her cheeks and playing with them as he fucked open the hole between. "Take it Summers," he grunted, "You can take my cock up your slut ass."

Buffy could. And loved it.

She drove herself back, springing forward as her man thrust again, all the time her tongue lapping at her Mom and her eyes on the huge cock ramming inches in front of her.

"My dick needs some more lube," Ted smiled, "Your Mom's ass is so tight."

Snyder then said, "Summers, stick your mouth round Ted's dick, make it nice and wet."

Buffy nodded, eager to please both men "Good idea," grinned Ted.

He pulled out from her Mom and presented his prick to the blonde teen. Buffy's mouth closed round it, her lips and tongue drifting over the skin, sucking down the rod which had so recently been in her Mom's most intimate hole. Not that her Mom seemed in the least jealous, her tongue continuing to go fast and hard at Buffy's slot. It took her a second or two to realise that as Snyder was still ramming her ass, this was her first spit-roasting and she was sharing it with her Mom. It made it seem special, even more so as it was with Snyder and Ted, the best men in the world to the teen. Buffy's head jerked forward as Snyder banged in from behind, even harder than before, as if her was turned on by her sucking another guy's dick. He grunted and reached forward to high five Ted like they were teens. Buffy didn't mind, it was cute. She sucked forward deeper, making sure she was really cleaning the cock and lubing it to go back in her Mom's ass.

"Oh, that's good Buffy," Ted ruffled her hair, "Shine my dick, make it nice and ready."

"Yeah Summers, suck that cock like a whore," Snyder pounded forward, driving his cock into her ass.

"Mmmnnn, yes Buffy," her Mom's tongue flicked back and forth, "Make it nice and wet for my butt."

The teen sucked eagerly, her tongue playing on the underside of the shaft, tickling Ted. She looked at him as she bobbed her head, making sure he looked as happy as she felt. He grinned at her, making her feel so important and appreciated. "That's good Buffy. Let me get it back in your Mom." He pulled the dick out and as Buffy watched guided it back into her Mom's open hole. It glided in as easily as it was a key in a lock and the teen knew she had done her job. Ted grinned and said, "What about you get Joyce to relube your dick, Dick?"

Snyder nodded, "I though you'd never ask."

There was a brief pop and Buffy felt the chill as his cock was pulled from her asshole, letting in the cold air. Her Mom's tongue moved from her slot at the same time and she could hear the gulping, slurps as she started to suck Snyder off. Buffy forced herself not to feel jealous and to remind herself she'd just had the treat of being spit-roasted by Ted and Snyder, so it was only fair her Mom got a go. It didn't really help, even moving her mouth back down to her Mom's slot and lapping hard at it wasn't really a distraction. Ted's cock pounded fast into her Mom and Buffy wished he'd pull it out and present it to her again, at least until Snyder had finished getting his cock lubed and was ready to ram her again.

Luckily dating Ted had turned her Mom into a skilled and enthusiastic dick-gobbler and it wasn't long until Snyder's prick had been polished to perfection. He pulled it out and Buffy could feel the thick dong pressing at her sphincter for a moment. "Here it comes, Summers, take me like the slut you are," he snarled and then he was in, ramming away.

"AAaarrrghh, yessss, aaaarrghh," Buffy squeaked with excitement, her mouth lifting from her Mom's pussy, her lips dripping juice. Snyder gripped her waist and slammed harder and faster, stretching the teenage asshole even wider until Buffy felt it was about to pop. She shrieked again, squealing at Ted's stomach as he pounded in front of her, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, make me cum, oohhhh fuckkkk, yessss!"

Her Mom was shrieking and screaming in ecstasy as well, her head dropped onto the carpet, the hot air of from the shouts rolling over her daughter's wet pussy like a warm wind. Snyder and Ted continued to hammer, driving their dicks into the Summers' butts.

When they pulled them out again they gave no warning. One moment Buffy was gasping and shrieking as Ted's massive dick pounded her Mom's hole, the next it was in her mouth and she was giving enthusiastic atm. Snyder pulled his dick from her ass at the same time and the air was filled with the eager slurps of the Mom and daughter as they sucked the cocks deep and cleaned them until they shone. The two men jerked and shoved, thrusting the dicks in and out of the wanton mouths, pressing them deep, running along the women's cheeks and at their throats, making them gag and gasp and paint the hard cocks with their saliva.

And then they were out and Buffy was squeaking and squealing in intense joy as her butt was banged open again by her man. In he went and out, slamming and hammering her hole, until his cock was ready for another mouth wash. Buffy gasped and trembled in frustration as her holes went unfilled, her body rubbing up and down her Mom's as the Milf jerked from the double-pounding she was getting. Not that Buffy was without for long as Ted yanked his dick out again and passed it to the teen who went at it greedily.

The two men continued to swap holes and Summers, the contrast between teen and Milf, mouth and ass, driving them to frenzied exertions. It left the Summers' asses sore and tender, their jaws aching and their mouths dry, but it was worth it. In between sucking Buffy shrieked and screamed with ecstatic pleasure as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her likes gales in the night. Every nerve ending seemed on fire and every muscle clenched, her brain a mass of whizzing electrons that threatened to overload.

"Yes, yes, yes," grunted Snyder and pulled out. This time he didn't pass it to her Mom, but pointed it over the blonde's ass cheeks and Buffy could feel the warm wet cum splattering over her buttocks and sliding down the round rump, dripping onto her Mom's face.

Sighing contentedly, pleased she'd satisfied her man, Buffy leant further forward, pulling her Mom's cheeks apart so her lithe tongue could flicker at Ted's pricked as it rammed the ass deep. Whether it was that or that he'd been butt-fucking Joyce so hard and long he was ready, but even as the teen's tongue was curling down Ted was blasting his seed into the hole.

He grunted and withdrew. Behind her Snyder gave her ass a like swat, "Lick that cum out of your Mom's ass Summers."

"Yes," giggled Buffy. She pulled the Milf's cheeks further apart and slipped her tongue down to the gaping hole. She spun her tongue round the entrance cleaning up the cum, before sliding further in to the salty back passage, licking at her Mom's tender asshole. The Milf trembled and moaned, obviously not minding a bit. Even as the teen was licking she was raising her eyes to see Ted and Snyder dropping down on the couch, their huge dicks deflated after their efforts.

Ted grinned at her, "That's my girl, Buffy, you make me so proud."

The teen pushed her tongue deeper, taking out the last of the cum. But looking up and seeing how the men was enjoying her show, she continued to tongue her Mom's ass. Below her Joyce moaned again, "Oooohhh, urrrhh." The teen's tongue swirled round the battered hole, her saliva soothing it. Slowly however, the cute tightened again, forcing Buffy to retreat until all that was left was the outside ring, her tongue dancing round the sphincter.

"You're a slut, Summers," Snyder said.

Buffy raised her head a little higher, smiling brightly, "I am and I'm yours."

* * *

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