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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 5 (MMf,anal,dp)
by LL

In normal circumstances Buffy loved parties, especially surprise ones and even more when they were for her. The old Buffy would have been so giddy with excitement that she'd have been doing cartwheels across the hall and tearing at the wrapping paper desperate to get to the presents inside. However, that Buffy had been a staid virgin, who seemed the epitome of valley chic on the outside, but was just vacant and boring on the inside. The, new and improved Buffy couldn't wait to leave and return home - before she'd left Ted had mentioned something about a joint present from him and Snyder and her Mom had smirked knowingly. Buffy wasn't sure what it was - a car perhaps? no, too expensive; a secret engagement ring? so romantic, but it wouldn't be joint with Ted, a cookie birthday cake - mmnnn that would be nice.

"It defoilates the skin," said Willow and Buffy was brought back from her imaginings. She looked at the plastic bottle, filled with a slimy mucous like substance and mentally vowed whatever its health giving properties she wasn't touching it.

"Thanks, Will, it's great," Buffy lied with an easy fluency. She glanced at the other presents, a long and boring book from Giles about some war in Russia, a set of novelty pens from Xander, a new top from Cordelia (actually that was OK) and a CD of some random boy-band from Jenny. The teen grinned, forcing her lips upwards as if they were the best gifts since the three kings had popped into the stable. "Guys these presents are amazing, I can't believe you kept it secret." That was another lie - secrets were easy if you wanted to keep them so.

Giles blushed, obviously he found the keeping of secrets a trial - Buffy couldn't believe he had once been a teen with parents; he must have been easy to raise. "It was nothing, we, er, thought you deserved it - what with saving the world multiple times."

"It kinda comes with the job," said Buffy, hoping he wasn't going to suggest a patrol.

"Well, I know you've been busy with your Mom, but perhaps a quick pop round the cemetery - a nice relaxing walk round after your, er, party," he said.

Buffy put on her most pained, but dutiful face, as if she was being torn between two promises; "I would, but I promised Mom, I'd be home early tonight - she's baked a cake, specially. I'll do double over the weekend, promise..."

* * *

It had taken a little more persuasion before Giles, reluctantly agreed that as there was no apocalypse scheduled for tonight she could take it off (he'd do a quick patrol for any vampires who were breaking out of their coffins, his training was enough to take a disorientated newly risen). It had taken some more persuasion to convince Willow and Xander to let her go and even then she had to sample some of Willow's carrot birthday cake. Eventually she managed it and walked home as fast as she could manage.

"I'm back," she called as she entered the kitchen, the smell of newly baked cookies wafting through the room like a crunchy, yummy perfume.

"Happy birthday," said Ted and pointed to a perfectly iced cake. "I baked it, using my special cookie recipe. Have a piece," he added and slid a ready cut segment out.

Buffy lunged for it, the best present of the day.

"Happy birthday, Buffy," her Mom said as she entered the kitchen, smiling in greeting.

"Mmmfff, eerrfff," it was meant to come out as 'thank you' but the cookie cake filled her mouth.

Her Mom just smiled, knowing what her daughter meant.

"I got you a card," Snyder said as he followed her Mom into the room.

Buffy swallowed the cake so quickly that she almost choked and licked her fingers, desperate both to get all the taste and also so that she could get her lover's card which was proffered in his outstretched had. He waited impatiently for her to snatch it. She opened it, the paper was thin and cheap and the picture on the front was off a random tree without any mentions of birthday. The teen opened it trembling. 'To Buffy Summers' it read 'From Dick Snyder' 'Happy b'day[sic]'.

"Oh its lovely, wonderful," Buffy gushed delighted that he had taken the time to get a card. She'd keep it forever in her memento box - that was once it went off her shelf where she'd keep as long as it was reasonably possible to keep a card up. "It's so personal, you know me so well."

"Why don't you have another slice of cake?" Ted gave her one of his endearing smiles, "And then its time for your birthday present."

"Have two slices" Snyder said magnanimously and turned back into the room.

Buffy was torn between following him immediately and the cake, but as she'd been told to have it, the cookie cake won (it was her birthday after all), though she ate so quickly the others had barely time to sit before she joined them in the main room. Snyder was sitting on his favourite seat, whilst her Mom was reclining on Ted's lap on the sofa, her barely covered tits rubbing gently at him as she massaged his chest. There was a brand new video camera sitting on the floor in front of them. |It wasn't what Buffy would have liked and they could have wrapped it first, however, it was the thought that counted and she resolved to be suitably grateful (especially to Snyder when they went to her bedroom).

"Happy birthday," the three others chorused - or her Mom and Ted did, Snyder just muttered something whilst glancing at his nails.

"Oh thank you," giggled Buffy with the false thankfulness of someone who hadn't been expecting anyone to care or even remember her birthday.

"As you've been good we're giving you a birthday present," Ted smiled and looked at Snyder.

Her lover gave a shrug and then looked at her, Buffy trembling with delight and excitement at what she was going to get. Snyder said, "As you enjoyed being spit-roasted like a whore, we're going to go one better and give you a birthday DP."

Buffy's heart and breath stopped for a moment and then her stomach and everything else jumped with pure pleasure and she rushed forward to embrace the Principal, "Oh my God, thank you, thank you, both of you together, my boyfriend and my step-daddy... oh my God, this is so wigging." It was much better than a car or any other of her wishes, the chance to get fucked in both holes by a pair of huge dicked stallions was any slutty Slayer's dream. She rushed from Snyder to Ted, hugging him in gratitude, "Thank you, thank you."

Ted gently pushed her away and her Mom disentangled herself from being caught between her daughter and her lover. Ted nudged her gently and Joyce smiled, "I'll be filming so we'll all have a souvenir of your birthday."

"Oh, this is so exciting," trilled Buffy, thinking how lucky she had decided to blow off patrolling and make her excuses to come home, "When are we doing it?"

Snyder's face split in a lecherous grin, "Why wait?" he asked, "Go upstairs and change into your sexiest slut wear and we'll be up in a few minutes to ball your brains out."

Buffy sped up the stairs like all the hounds of hell were after her. Over the last few weeks she'd amassed quiet a collection of sexy lingerie and naughty nightwear, Ted was more than generous with his credit card. She looked through her drawers quickly deciding, she wanted something sexy, but which would allow her plenty of flexibility and which gave easy access to all her holes. There were a couple of loose nighties, which covered nothing, but were too flimsy to stand up to what she hoped was going to a rough double pounding and one-piece net suit which allowed lots of access, but was a demon to clean - she put them to one side. Under them were a pair of white stockings and suspenders - as clothing they were useless, as sexy enticements to men they accentuated her legs and bald pussy. She slipped into them easily, standing in front of the mirror to admire herself.

The door opened and her Mom came in with the camera. She smiled proudly at her near naked daughter, "Oh Buffy, you look so fuckable and slutty. Ted and Dick have been so excited about this, ever since we talked about it and agreed this is what you'd want."

"You're kidding Mom, this is seriously the best present ever," Buffy grinned, "Officially you must be the world's best Mom for helping arrange it."

Joyce blushed, "I'd love to take credit, but it was Dick who suggested it - though I thought it was a good idea and when Ted suggested I film it I thought that even better."

"It means we can watch it again and again, it won't be as good as the fucking, but it'll be a lovely keepsake," Buffy grinned.

Her Mom nodded in agreement, "If you're ready I'll give the guys a call."

"I more than ready," tittered Buffy, her hand automatically moving to brush her pussy in anticipation. She turned back to her Mom, "Make sure you get my welcome to them, let's make this a proper porno."

"I'll make sure I get everything," the older blonde smiled as she lifted up the camera, "Every squeak and thrust and groan."

She called down to Snyder and Ted as Buffy skipped over to her bed, sitting down on it opposite the door, her legs wide open so her bare twat was fully on display. The door opened, Snyder walking in followed by Ted. Buffy gave a coy, but sexy smile, almost as if she was shy, "Hi," she purred keeping her eyes on the guys, taking as trust her Mom was filming, "I want you both to fuck my holes, give me a real birthday treat."

Even under their pants the lumps were visible, two massive cocks straining at the material, like greyhounds in their cages before a race. The two men grinned and nodded. "We're going to fuck you to oblivion," promised Snyder as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Goodie," giggled Buffy. She stayed on the bed a moment longer, gently sliding her finger round her pussy, teasing her own lips with its touch. Two shirts went to the floor, socks following pants. As they pulled down their boxers Buffy moved, dropping to her knees between them. Immediately she turned her head to Snyder, his large cock jutting out and pointing towards her face. The teen opened her mouth and slipped her lips over it with a practised expertise. She loved pleasing her Principal with her mouth and other holes and from the look on his face he was enjoying her sliding down his prick as much as he ever did. She bobbed her head like the skilled cock-sucker she'd become, taking more and more of it in with each gulp. He groaned in pleasure as she went down, pressing the dick against her cheek and then letting it slide round and deeper,

She didn't leave Ted alone - that wouldn't be fair. Even as she was facing Snyder, head bobbing, her hand was grappling for Ted's hard rod. It was so big it wasn't hard to find and her fingers closed round it. She began to stroke and gently jerk it, feeling it pulse against her palm, the veins pumping blood like a water station. Her hand closed tighter round it and the beat got harder, pounding like a drum as she tossed him. In front of her she could see her Mom, smiling proudly as she held the camera, feet away, recording the tableau.

"Mmmnn, you're a slut Summers," moaned Snyder and Buffy quivered with delight.

"I am," she giggled popping his cock out of her mouth. Not that it remained empty for long as she switched to Ted, her lips pursing as she slipped them down his massive dick. The older man groaned as the teen's tongue tickled him as she descended, even as her hand went to Snyder to take his cock and work it up and down with her hand.

"That's it Buffy, there's a good little Summers," grinned Ted. He placed his hand on top of her head and jerked his hips, gently feeding her his dick.

"She's such a cock-hound," said Snyder, "Two dicks and even then I don't think she'll be satisfied."

Buffy slurped harder at Ted and gripped Snyder harder, she wasn't sure whether she'd be satisfied or not, as Snyder said she was a cockaholic. However even if she wasn't satisfied at the end and was begging for more, she knew she'd be happy - after all Snyder and Ted would be. Her mouth took Ted balls deep, making him grunt in pleasure, the satisfaction of her written all over his face. She grinned inwardly and swapped back to Snyder.

"Buffy, I'm so proud, you're doing so good," her Mom twittered, "Shake your tits for the camera."

Buffy twisted her hips, making her pert tits tremble and bounce as much as she could make them. Her mouth slipped down Snyder once more, pushing her nose into him as she took the cock balls deep. She gagged and choked a little, but she was more used to it than before and if her eyes watered, she didn't wretch as she had done. Snyder grinned, holding her in place as he gave her Mom a thumb's up with the other hand. After a couple of seconds he let go and Buffy slipped back.

In some ways she could have happily carried on switching her mouth and hands between the two men all night - they were both obviously enjoying it and a bj movie would be fun to watch. But she also knew it was only the starter, a preparation for the feast of fucking to come. She smiled and licked her lips, turning back to the camera as she said, "I'm ready for my first dick... in my ass."

"Your my girlfriend so I'm getting first shot of that whorehole," Snyder snarled, gallantly helping her to her feet.

"Get on the bed and take her reverse cowgirl, Dick," suggested Ted, "Let Joyce get a good shot of you deeply sodomising her daughter, then once she's nice and ready and stretched I'll join you for her first double-banging."

Buffy nodded enthusiastically as a smiling Principal Snyder lay back on her bed and gestured for her to join him. She climbed up, balancing her ass over his cock as she placed his feet on his thighs and stretched her hands back so that were pressed into her bedding. She lowered her ass onto the waiting dick, forcing the sphincter against the iron rod until it split and allowed her down. It was tight and hard, the spit being her only anal lubricant. But Buffy didn't mind, the soreness was the price you paid for huge dongs in your butt and the coming pleasure would more than make up for it. Anyway she knew how much Principal Snyder loved fucking Summers slut butt. "Mmmnn, ooooohhh," she groaned as she went down, Snyder's hands reaching up to grip her thighs and wrap round her stomach, encouraging her down. "OOOohhh," she groaned again, "Oooooohhh."

In front of her Ted was beaming broadly, one hand gently stroking his cock as he waited his turn, the other placed proprietarily on her Mom's shoulder as Joyce knelt down to stick the camera between Buffy and Snyder's legs to make sure she was getting it close. Buffy grinned and moved one hand to her pussy, balancing on the other. She strummed her pussy gently, making the lips vibrate and shiver, before slipping a finger in, easing it down. At the same time she gently worked her hips, lowering herself on the massive cock.

It felt good as it spread her anal tunnel, opening the tight hole. It was made all the better by Snyder grunting and pushing upwards, shoving his dong up there. That was topped by the audience, there was something so pleasurable and exciting about lowering herself on her lover's dick as her Mom filmed and her soon to be (she hoped) step-Daddy looked on. And the best bit of all was knowing that soon Ted's ten-incher would be joining Snyder's in sending her on a heavenly ascent. "Mmmnn," she moaned lowering herself further, "MMnnnn, fill my butt."

"Yes, Summers, take my cock in your ass," Snyder grunted. His hands reached up to squeeze and grip her waist, his fingers digging into her waist, the nails stabbing. He was moving faster as he got into his stride, pumping his cock at her tight tush, each time thrusting deeper, pushing back. Buffy met him, her bounces matching his pace so that they were in unison, the perfect partnership. Soon she could feel the slap of his balls against her buttocks, the cock slamming in all the way. Snyder grunted again, "That's it Summers, let me stretch that slutty butthole."

"Mmmnnn, yes, oooohhh," Buffy bounced enthusiastically, her pert teen tits jiggling like two jellies on a plate. Her hand rubbed harder at her pussy, feeling the wetness against the palm. She looked at Ted, smiling enticingly for him to come in. He grinned back, still happy to watch. It was a little frustrating to Buffy, she always hated waiting for presents, but the wait was made more bearable by Snyder pounding upwards. "Oooohhh, uurrrhhhh" she moaned again, his thrust lifted her upwards, "Oooh fuck yes."

Her Mom was inches away, the camera lens even closer, filming in close-up the cock ramming in her ass, the tight hole closed round it like a lock around a key. Buffy went faster and harder, her fingers spreading her cunt so that her Mom could pull an inch or so back and take film the wet pinkness as the teen's digits plunged. The lens was so close that it was almost certainly misting up as Buffy jilled herself as she rammed Snyder's cock. The bed squeaked and Buffy squealed, "Fuuckk, yesss, yesss, yesss."

Still Ted didn't step in, Snyder pounding her with a frenzied lust. The teen shuddered and shook, her arm she was resting on aching as she placed more and more weight on it. Her ass was afire with pleasure, opened wide and gaping as Principal Snyder's massive dick slammed in. He went faster and harder, driving her like she was a racing car. The teen shrieked and cried, her hand moving faster. If this was the pleasure she got with one cock, what would it be like with two? Ted was still watching though, not making any move to join them. Buffy shrieked again, her band bending and arching against Snyder's stomach as she came. She wondered if it was a trick, to promise her a DP and not deliver. But, no Ted wouldn't be like that and she could tell from the lust in his eyes that he wanted to bang her. He was denying himself the pleasure she realised, to make sure her Mom got a good shoot of her for the movie - something to treasure, not a short clip, but a proper show.

The realisation turned her on and she went even faster, making Snyder struggle to keep up - the two of them slamming so hard and fast that if they'd been kids in the schoolyard the teachers would have been breaking them up for fighting. "AAaarrrghh, fuuuckk, yessss," the blonde Slayer squealed, her fingers digging deep, "aaaarrrgghh, fuuuckk, yesssss." She went down hard and Snyder met her with a hammer blow of his own. "Aaaarrrrghhh," she screamed her tits jumping, "Yesssss..."

Her Mom smiled, taking a step back so that she could get Buffy's face, jiggling titties, bouncing tummy and dripping cunt in the same shot as Snyder's thrusting cock. The teen smiled and then gasped as another orgasm hit her, her beautiful face contorting in ecstacy. "Yessss, yessss, aaaarrghh, make me cum, Principal Snyder, oooohh fuck, yes!"

"Your ass is so fuckable," he grunted, "So tight when I start, so open as I pound it. It's a real slut ass, a whore ass, an ass made for ramming."

"It is" squealed Buffy, her fingers working overdrive, "Fill it with dick."

"Why don't I come in at this point" grinned Ted. He stepped forward and Joyce moved out of his way, still filming as he moved into frame.

Snyder grunted, "There's room for two," he agreed and slowed his thrusts to a halt. He reached his hands out, grasping Buffy's thighs and opening them wider so they lay over his.

The teen giggled, placing her hands back on the bed and leaning down on Snyder, her legs agape. Ted's cock brushed over her slit as he teased her for a moment, taking the dick and slapping it across the hole . Her cunt hummed in anticipation, slick and wet, ready for the second cock. Ted continued to tease, smiling down at her, even as he spanked his prick across her pussy again. The blonde teen giggled, forcing her legs open wider in a welcoming split, "Fuck my cunt Ted, please. I want to be double-banged by you and Snyder."

"You slut," grunted Snyder in her ear, his hands squeezing at her firm thighs as she eased his cock up her hole again.

Buffy moaned in pleasure, "Mmmnnn, yes. Like that, so good, mmmnnn, another prick would be heaven."

Ted smiled at her adoringly, before turning to Joyce, "Shall I give it her? You want me to DP your daughter?"

"Oh yes, Ted, it'd mean so much to to Buffy and I both if you're the one to break her DP virginity," Joyce smiled and nodded, focusing the camera on the teen's soaked twat.

"Happy birthday, Buffy," said Ted and pushed her pussy lips aside with his ten-incher.

The teen moaned and gasped, shuddering as he continued in. Within seconds he was balls deep in her cunt, smiling adoringly above her as he filled her pussy. He didn't move fast, at first, but slowly and deliberately, letting Buffy get used to her first double-penetration. The teen lay back on Snyder, making little whinnying noises; if she'd felt stretched with one, she was even more so with two, her ass and cunt straining at the two huge cocks. And it felt weird to have them both bumping at her membrane separating cunt and ass, the wall bulging as they pressed it from different sides. It was disorientating as well, the body designed to think that sensations she came from your front or back fuckhole, not both at the same time. But it felt good, the two cocks filling her and rubbing at hidden spots of pleasure, touching her insides and making them hum with pleasure. She pushed her back down on Snyder, her feet pressing on the bed as she raised her cunt. "MMMmmnn, guys, fill me up with dick."

At her word Ted began to speed up and Snyder restarted his thrusting. If it had felt good slow and steady, it felt even better when the tortoises metamorphosed into hares. She squealed and gasped, her body rocking as it was pounded between the two older men. Her Mom was there with her, making sure she got every hammering thrust of dick, every jiggle of tit, every orgasmic arch as Buffy squealed and came. "AAArrrghh, yesss, yesss, harder, give it me so hard I snap, aaaaarrghh, fuccckkk, yesssss!"

The two huge cocks rammed in, filling her. Buffy had cum before, Snyder was her stud after all, but the orgasmic rushes blasting through her seemed even more powerful than usual - the old adage about two being better than one proving itself true again. The blonde teen shrieked again as the ecstasy flowed through her, her body shuddering out and shaking out of control, "AAaarrrghhh, yesssss, fuck me so good, I need both your dicks."

The two men smiled at her words and pounded even faster and stronger, their large pricks slamming in and filling her holes so completely that she almost felt she was being dipped in concrete. Buffy bucked in pleasure, her body afire - having her first DP was the best present ever, better than she any other could imagine, even a car. Ted and Snyder were so manly and big, knowing exactly how to make the blonde teen cum again. Her body bucked as another wave of orgasmic pleasure burst within her, like a barrage of explosions. Her mouth opened and she screamed loudly. It didn't make either man pause for thought, they continued to plough into her like she was made of rubber. Snyder's hands were up on her tits, squeezing the pert pair so much it hurt - but Buffy didn't mind as a Slayer she was inured to pain and the grip brought with it increased and harder pounding as if they were energising him.

"You're doing so well Buffy, you're taking it like a pro," her Mom smiled proudly as she stood right next to the bed, the camera pointed down at Buffy's cunt, filming Ted's cock stuffing it. She moved the camera upwards, filming Buffy's stomach raising as her back arched and her bouncing tits as she fell back down, onto her face, zooming in to pick up the teen's rapidly changing expressions of discomfort and delight as she was totally filled. Buffy forced the next expression to be a smile for her Mom and the camera; she couldn't wait to see the movie. Actually she could - she'd only see it when Snyder and Ted had finished double-banging her and she wanted that to last for ever. Her Mom smiled and slipped down on knees so that she could concentrate on the pelvis and the pricks pounding it. "My goodness Buffy I can't believe how good you are taking those two dicks," she shook her head proudly.

"She's a slut, that's why," grunted Snyder as he pounded up, "A whore who needs cock, I knew it the first day I entered the High School."

"She certainly is," said Ted, his hands gripping the top of her thighs as he slammed in, "a real Mommy's girl." He smiled at Joyce who smiled lovingly back.

Buffy had to agree, "Yes, yes, I'm a total dick hound, I love big Snyder cock and large Ted dick, uuuurrhhh, ram me so hard."

"I'm so proud, Buffy," said Joyce, "I don't think many other teens could take it so hard or deep on their first dp."

"She is a natural," said Ted with a smile, "You've brought her up well."

Joyce blushed and brought the camera in for a close up of the two dicks ramming into Buffy.

"You've got to have a go at this butt, Ted," panted Snyder, "It's seriously fuckable."

"Sure," said Ted, "If you insist."

He pulled his cock out of Buffy's dripping cunt and took a step back as Snyder pushed Buffy off him. She staggered to her feet, standing bow-legged as Snyder swung round so that he was lying fully on the bed. He grabbed his cock and held the erect gland straight up in the air, "Come get your cunt on this," he ordered.

Buffy giggled and got back on the bed. She straddled Snyder and lowered herself on the large dong, groaning happily as it slipped up her wet twat and filled her. Snyder reached round and grabbed at her ass cheeks, squeezing them and pulling them apart. Before Ted could get on the bed her Mom had moved their, her camera shoved towards the teen's butt so that she could get a view of the reddened, open hole. The teen began to move up and down her lover's pole for a moment, letting her Mom film her moving asshole, Snyder hands grappling at the firm cheeks.

"Oh Buffy," giggled her Mom approvingly and got off the bed to make room for her lover.

Buffy slid all the way down Snyder's pole and waited, in excited anticipation, for Ted.
She only had seconds to wait. The bed creaked behind her and she could feel one of Ted's hands on her waist, for balance, as the other guided his ten-incher into her butt. The passage had been so stretched and loosened by Snyder that it slipped in with so little effort that Buffy could feel his balls within seconds of the tip pushing passed the sphincter. She moaned happily as both dicks met in her middle. "Give it me, I want more of my birthday present."

They did, both men pounding at their holes. Buffy squealed in pleasure, her back bending as orgasmic waves travelled her spine. Her hands and knees pressed at the bed and her titties bounced in Snyder's face, making him thrust even more. Her Mom was close filming all the action, smiling proudly as she did. The teen rode and bucked faster, wanting both to make sure Snyder and Ted were getting as much out of it as she was, but to continue to show her Mom what a good girl she was. Joyce's beam got wider and she stood so close to the bed to shoot the scene that she was almost in it.

"You're all doing so well," the older blonde announced, taking a step back so that she could shoot the whole tableau - the two older men sandwiching her teenage daughter with alacrity. "Why don't you give the camera a thumbs up?"

"Sure," grinned Ted and without pausing in his thrusting raised his thumb towards the camera.

"Yes," agreed Snyder and did the same.

For a moment the two of them kept their thumbs up, thrusting and pounding the writhing Buffy as they did and then they returned their hands to grip her, holding her tight body and thrusting even quicker. Joyce grinned and got onto the bed, "Buffy, a wave."

The teen smiled at the camera and raised her hand to give a quick wave to it and her Mom, like she had done in dozens of other home movies, before planting it back down on the bed before she overbalanced. "Hi, oooohhh, yes," she giggled and groaned.

Her Mom pulled back again, filming the three of them pounding away, the gasps and pants, the shuddering, rocking, heaving bodies and the hard, deep thrusts of dick into the blonde teen's holes. Soon Buffy was cumming again, her body shivering as the orgasms smacked into her, "AAaaaargghhh, yessss, harder, harder, fuck me, aaaarggghhh."

The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard smacking at the wall, doing yet further damage to the wallpaper. Luckily Joyce didn't mind, grinning as she watched Buffy enjoy her birthday treat. The teen shrieked again as an orgasm like a thousand suns going supernova exploded in her, "AAarrrrghhhh, yesssss, aaaaarggghh my fucking God, aaaaarrrghhh."

If two cocks always felt this good Buffy could easily see herself becoming a DP addict. The orgasms were coming swift and fast, as intense and power as she'd had, burning her, pleasuring her, ripping her, exciting her, destroying her, healing her, straining her, relaxing. "Aaarrrggghh, yesssss," she screamed as she came again.

"Good, Buffy, good," her Mom said, standing to the side, her breath was coming in such pants that it was obvious she was as almost excited by the fucking as Buffy was. "You're doing so well, I'm so proud."

"You're right about her ass, Dick," panted Ted, "It's so rammable, I'm going to cum soon."

"Me too," grunted Snyder back as he slammed up into the teenage twat, "Let's give her a birthday facial."

The three of them untangled themselves. Buffy getting off the bed and dropping to her knees, coming full circle as the men stood either side of her, their hard erect cocks inches from her face. She quickly turned to suck Snyder, her head bobbing and jerking as she stroked Ted. After a few seconds she turned and swapped, slipping her mouth down the hard cock of her Mom's boyfriend, slurping away at the prick that had just been stretching her ass. From the corner of her eye she could see her Mom had positioned herself in front of them, the camera pointed at the teen's face. Buffy slipped out the cock from the mouth and turned to face the lens, grinning broadly. She giggled as Snyder and Ted jerked hard at their cocks, taking over for the last few seconds, "I'm ready for my close-up"

The two men jacked harder, so their hands were a blur. "Happy birthday," they called. The shots were so close together Buffy wasn't sure which of them came first - she'd could check on the film later. The silvery tentacles of cum leapt from their cocks, to splash across her face, the wet globules landing over her cheeks and nose and chin, further strands landing in her hair matting it and down over her chest, slipping over her titties and down the cleavage in between. Buffy grinned happily as she soaked in their dew, the cum covering her face. They continued to pump until they were empty and Buffy smiled proudly at the camera as her Mom filmed the silvery seed slipping down her daughter's face and chest.

After a few moments Joyce switched off the camera. She grinned at her sperm soaked daughter, "Why don't you go and have a shower? Then we can all watch your birthday movie together."

* * *

Buffy always felt a little guilty when she woke up next to Principal Snyder. It was only less a month ago that she had woken for the first time and believed it was a terrible mistake. It had needed Ted's wise words to calm her down and make her realise that far from it being the biggest blunder she could make it was the best thing that could happen. Still, every time she woke up, for a brief second she felt a nagging sensation that it was wrong and he shouldn't be in her bed.

Luckily it never lasted and Buffy had quickly evolved coping mechanisms to stop her making the same mistake as the first morning. Even as her eyes were opening she was rolling over to where Snyder was asleep on his side of the bed, the quilt up to his neck. Buffy kissed him gently on the lips, he wasn't a great one for kissing so about the only time she got to do that was when he was still asleep - it still made her toes tingle and curl, any reservations vanishing as her mouth brushed his. As he didn't stir she slipped her head under the quilt. Her lips began to purse and peck at his chest, weedy to some, slender and thin was how Buffy would describe it. And if his pecs and limbs weren't muscular, he still had size elsewhere and a stamina to keep it up.

She continued on down with her mouth, even as her hand went lower, finding his dick. Even asleep and flaccid it was large, her fingers stroking it as if it was her favourite thing in the world. She could feel it starting to stir, the blood pumping and forcing it into erectness. Snyder grunted something, not yet awake, but no longer in a deep sleep. The teen carried on down, kissing him sensually as her hand stroked the rod.

The air was stuffy under the quilt, with a darkness near pitch. Her mouth was down near his cock, kissing and licking the flesh above it. Her hand let go and immediately her tongue shifted to replace it, licking up and down the hard shaft. He grunted again, more awake as the teen tasted his balls, gently sucking them into her mouth and then licking them, teasing them with her tongue, touching them with the tip. She went upwards, slowly and sexually, letting him enjoy the wet slithering motion. Round and round she went, coating the cock with her saliva, leaving it slipping.

"MMmnnnn," Snyder moaned appreciatively.

Buffy giggled under the covers, sliding her tongue up the cock in one long leisurely lap. This time, however, she didn't twist and twirl it down, but opened her mouth and slipped that over the mushroom head of his cock and down. She knew this was how he liked to be woken in the morning and luckily she loved waking him this way, all her worries and concerns flooding away as she bobbed down his dick, the quilt flapping over her head.

"Mmmnnnn, Summers," he moaned. Buffy went down again, deeper, so that the dong pushed at her cheek and slid along inside her. She reached down and stroked her own pussy as she went to him, there was no reason she couldn't get pleasure as well as give it. She could feel him straightening and tensing as her morning work-out continued, groaning in enjoyment as he fully awoke.

She pushed her mouth down, taking it deeper than she normally did in the morning. She wanted it to be special, to thank him for yesterday's perfect birthday gift - her first DP. It had been so perfect, and if she had dreamt of being taken in both her holes together, it would have been exactly how she would have dreamt it. Afterwards they'd all watched it together, her Mom sitting on Ted's lap on one seat, Buffy snuggled into Snyder on the couch. Even for someone who'd been in the middle of it, Buffy found it amazing how hot the movie was and the others had agreed. They hadn't even reached the cum-shot before her Mom was kissing Ted whilst tugging his cock out of his pants and making him hard. With Buffy's help Snyder was soon the same, the teen's hand stroking him erect.

She had been jerking him quickly, aware it was a school night and Snyder never stayed on them. However he had stopped her and told her that he'd planned to stay the night. Buffy was in heaven with joy. As soon as the movie was over she was leading him upstairs barely pausing to say goodnight to her Mom and Ted (Ted anyway as her Mom by this time was on her knees, oblivious to anything apart from the large dong in her mouth). In her room Snyder had pounded her again, slamming her well-used ass until it was aching and battered and filled with his cum.

The teen needed to reward him, show him how grateful she was and that if he stayed over again he could expect the same high-quality deep-throating. Her mouth drove down hard, the cock pushing into it and against her throat, making her gag and choke. She was used to it now and didn't even need the touch of Snyder's hand to continue, a fact he knew as no persuading palm came down. "You slut Summers, suck my cock," he groaned.

Faster and harder the teen bobbed and bounced, her hair matted with sweat under the heat of the quilt. The thick material wrapped round her, like a hillock on her head, rising and falling. Her lips pressed against his sack as she went all the way down and then up again, the quilt going with her, a stormy sea of bedding. He grunted and strained, his thin legs stretching down the bed as his muscles were exercised in pleasure. "I'm going to cum in your mouth, swallow it," he grunted.

Good as his word seconds later he was shooting his cum into her willing mouth. Buffy gulped down the salty seed, swallowing it enthusiastically. It wasn't yummy to taste, it actually made her a little queasy, but it was still yummy because it was Snyder and he wanted her to drink it down. She continued sucking until he was drained, the dick slowly deflating between her lips.

Smiling she crawled up him and popped her head out the quilt. "Morning." she giggled.

He gave a curt nod and reached for a steaming cup of coffee her Mom must have brought in whilst she was sucking him. "You better have a shower Summers, you've not got any excuse for being late for school."

* * *

Feeling refreshed and energised after the blowjob and shower Buffy headed into the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked morning cookies wafting like oatmeal perfume. Even better Ted past her a plate with some on, so fresh they burnt at her fingers as she grabbed for them. A few moments later Snyder appeared, dressed and doing up his tie.

Buffy offered him one of her cookies, no sacrifice was too big for her man. Luckily he turned it down and instead took another cup of coffee that her Mom proffered him. He sat at the table. Ted took another swig of his morning orange juice, "It's just been on the radio there was another murder last night in the cemetery."

Buffy tried not to feel guilty, even though she knew this wasn't a drug hit gone wrong. Snyder seemed less concerned, "Happens all the time, some looser out late at night."

"I think you might know this one - guy called Rupert Giles."

Buffy thought she was about to throw up, only the fact that it would have meant spewing over the delicious cookie on her plate prevented her. She looked up and gazed around wildly as beside her Snyder scowled, "That's irritating. He was my school librarian - I'll have to put an advert in for a new one when I get into work."

Ted nodded and looked at Buffy, "Anything the matter? You look a little peaky? Do you want another cookie?"

"Yes please," Buffy managed to mutter.

* * *

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