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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 6 (Mff,anal)
by LL

It was the perfect weather for the funeral of someone who you didn't like, rainy and so blustery that there was no point having umbrellas up, the mourners standing sullen and uncomfortable as the chill wind bit at their soaked clothes. It was almost as if the Mayor had planned it, thought Snyder, which given his growing powers might have been true.

He smiled happily, the damp cold was worth it to see that snotty English asshole being lowered into a grave. Personally he'd have held the ceremony during the school-day and then not turned up, showing Giles what he really thought of him. However, the Mayor had overruled him; 'Why risk making Buffy rebel and skip school to go to the funeral of her mentor?' 'She was so nearly tamed with Ted's cookies - so docile and easy to control - it wouldn't be a smart move to force her into to a choice they didn't need to make.'

Anyway, "She looks very hot in that black dress don't you think?" Ted leant close to him to murmur; the machine looked not at all discomforted by the gale - whether this was because he was a robot or because he enjoyed seeing a Watcher being buried Snyder neither knew nor cared.

"She looks better out of it," he murmured back. Summers might be a rebellious reprobate, who'd have been better served by jail rather than school, but she had the hottest body of any teen he'd known and the tightest holes as well. Banging her made up for all his failures in school, college and beyond. He gave a thin smile, "I've already given her a mourning stuffing in the ass, to help her get over Giles."

"Gentlemen please," the Mayor said, "Can we leave the crudities until at least the Minister has finished the ceremony." But even as he said the words he was smiling, like a Cheshire Cat with a full helping of cream.

The wind blew some more and a spray of water lashed up from puddles on the path, leaving those near it shivering some more. The Mayor's smile got wider, "I do love a good interment - especially of an enemy; though it can enjoyable with a friend as well if they're coming back."

"Is he?" Snyder hoped not. Giles had been insufferable alive, as a vampire he'd be even worse.

"Not in this case. I'm not saying I wasn't tempted - they do say Watchers make the best vampires - so delightfully cruel, but I don't like to complicate. Simple plans are the best, even if they take a long time to come to fruition," the Mayor said, "And with Mr Giles now sadly deceased this one is coming along nicely - as long as you can keep Miss Summers amused." He turned to Snyder and looked at him pointedly as he spoke.

Snyder felt a flash of fear, failure wasn't tolerated by the Mayor, he knew that. Not that he was going to. He forced down the terror which rose into him and nodded, "I've got her covered."

"And Miss Rosenberg? Her powers are growing."

"Yes," Snyder said.

The Mayor seemed satisfied as he turned back to the ceremony where the Minister was just wrapping up, Jenny Calendar leading the mourners in throwing some earth onto the coffin. The Mayor's expression immediately switched from jolly happiness to the sombre seriousness expected of a leading public official mourning a respected educator and pillar of the community. "I better start shaking hands and make sure everyone realises how badly I, as Sunnydale's leader, feel about Mr Giles sad passing." He paused and for a moment a small flicker of a smile passed his lips, "I think Miss Calendar may also need comforting - I wonder if Mr Giles ever introduced her to anal?"

* * *

"It's not your fault Buffy," Willow looked at her friend so compassionately that Buffy almost wanted to sob.

Especially as she knew it wasn't her fault. She had thought it had been at first, if she'd have been out patrolling with him Giles wouldn't have been ripped to pieces by a family of rabid vampires. However Ted had quickly sat her down with some home-baked cookies and set her right - being a Slayer didn't mean she should be out hunting every single vamp every night, she was a teen in a committed relationship and she had to concentrate on Snyder. If Giles had cared for her as much as he'd claimed he'd have limited his patrols, to one a fortnight or those nights the world really did need saving and certainly he should have been sensible enough not to go out on his own - that was selfish. He was right, Buffy knew, Ted had a way of getting to the crux of the matter and talking more sense than anyone she knew.

Willow was still looking at her so Buffy just nodded like her friend was comforting her and changed the subject, "Has Miss Calendar left?"

Willow nodded, "The Mayor was escorting her home, he's so nice and handsome for an older guy."

"Dawn's seems to think so, she's got a crush on him," Buffy replied and frowned as the words came out her mouth.

Willow's forehead was creasing questioningly as well, "Who's Dawn?"

Shaking her head in confusion Buffy just shrugged, "No idea, the words just came from somewhere." She shrugged again, "It's Sunnydale," she said of way of explanation.

Her friend nodded, being as used as Buffy to the weirdness of their town. "Yes, it was good of the Mayor to come though and Ted as well," she smiled, having a way too obvious crush on Ted for Buffy's comfort. What was worse that Ted saw her and smiled back, obviously just in a friendly way, but still...

"Ted's like that," Buffy said, "It's why he and Mom get on so well." She placed an emphasis on her Mom, who couldn't come as she was cleaning the house to make sure it reached Ted's exacting standards.

"And he brought cookies as well," said Willow ignoring her friend's hint.

"Yes," agreed Buffy, who also hated the fact that the cookies had to be shared - not so much with Willow, but with everyone else, she'd even seen Miss Calendar nibbling a couple as the Mayor leaned close and offered his commiseration.

"Did I hear you mention cookies?" Ted was over with them beaming joyfully.

"Did we?" asked Willow, grinning less than innocently.

Ted shook his head in mock sadness and reached into his pocket. Like a rabbit from a hat he drew out a couple of cellophane wrapped cookies, so yummy looking that Buffy could almost taste their scrummy (sugar-free) goodness. Willow's reaction wasn't dissimilar, the redhead almost literally drooling as her eyes fixed on the raisin baked loveliness in Ted's hands. He waved them like a wand in front of them as he smiled, "I know how much the two of you like them, so I thought I'd keep a couple back for you."

Buffy wanted to snatch them from his hand, but she held back, "Oh thank you Ted," she gave him her best 'I would be a perfect daughter' smile.

He gave her a warm smile back, but the cookies remained in his hand, "I know Buffy was wanting to have a word with you before we left, now everyone's going."

"I did?" said Buffy. 'Want' was probably the wrong word, as there was little she less 'wanted' to do, not that Willow was judgmental - not as much as Xander anyway and thank God she didn't have to tell him. But she had promised Snyder and it would make him happy and making her lover happy made Buffy happier. "I do," she said more confidently.

"Well why don't you take these cookies and have your chat and by the time you've finished I'll be ready to give you a lift home," Ted smiled cheerily.

"That sounds like a plan," Buffy agreed, quickly taking the cookies before he could change his mind and, after a second's pause, giving one to Willow.

"That sounds mysterious, everything good?" asked Willow as she unwrapped her cookie.

"Yeah, let's go outside, its stopped raining," Buffy said and led her friend from the small building which was doubled as chapel for the ceremony and a room for the wake. Willow nibbled her cookie and followed Buffy.

It was sunny outside, the wind gone and the puddles glistening prettily. Buffy mentally took a deep breath, "I'm seeing someone."

"Oh God," Willow brightened, smiling at her friend excitedly, "That's great, you needed to get over Angel."

Buffy hadn't needed to get over Angel at all, she'd almost forgotten about the vampire as soon as he'd left Sunnydale, but she nodded and played along, "My new guy is so much better."

"Who is he? Is it someone I know?" babbled Willow, her happiness so genuine that Buffy knew why the redhead would be her BFF to death and beyond.

She reached out to take Will's hands in hers, because this would be the difficult bit, "Yes. It's Principle Snyder."

Willow didn't let go off Buffy's hands, but she did look at her like her friend had been dropped a stinker in church, "Snyder... the small, grotty little troll who you hate, Snyder."

"Oh he's not a troll and he's certainly not small," Buffy said and squeezed her friend's hand tighter as if that would make her understand. "Ted introduced us a few weeks ago." She decided to be vague on the dates and not say it was before Angel had left, it might make it easier for Willow to understand. For some reason - Buffy had no idea why - she seemed to think that Angel had been Buffy's soul mate; which was dumb, if anyone was that it had to be Principal Snyder.

Willow was still staring at her in shock, her hands dropping from Buffy's, "Snyder..." she repeated in a tone of complete bewilderment, "Snyder."

"Yes, he's so great, a real catch, we're totally in love. "

"Perfect... Snyder..." Willow's eyes had a glazed expression and she shook her head as if trying to bespell herself.

It wasn't going as well as Buffy had hoped, she had known Willow would be surprised, but she thought her friend would quickly realise how fortunate Buffy was and jump with happy joy. She wished Ted was here with her, he was so good at explaining things and making them sound reasonable.

And like a fairy godmother there Ted was, coming out of the small building smiling cheerily as he walked over to join them. "Has Buffy told you her news?" he asked.

"Snyder," Willow repeated in shock.

"Have a cookie," Ted said, offering another one from his pocket to Willow and ignoring Buffy.

The redhead took it like she was ravenous and bit into it, quickly chomping at it as Ted smiled beatifically at her like she was his daughter. "I'm surprised you find it a surprise Willow."

"Oh, I mean its Principal Snyder. Have you met him?" Willow sounded like she was surprised anyone thought she wouldn't be in shock.

"Yes, a fine educator and man, someone who's good for Buffy," he smiled. "Would you like another cookie?"

Buffy watched in jealousy as her Mom's boyfriend fished yet another cookie out and gave it to Willow before she'd even finished the last. It didn't stop her taking it and unwrapping the cellophane even as she was chewing the other. Ted continued, "They're absolutely perfect together, I can see Buffy's so in love with him and unlike previous boyfriends he doesn't go dragging her to the cemetery at all times of the night."

"Yes, I guess..." Willow still sounded doubtful, but a lot less than before.

Ted smiled and gave Buffy a quick wink before leaning in close to Willow to say in a stage conspiratorial voice, "And just between us Buffy needed a real man, not one who's just hairstyle and coat." Willow blushed and glanced at her friend. Buffy nodded to show how right Ted was. He smiled and patted Willow's hand protectively as she finished the cookie, "They're such a lovely couple, that's why I was surprised you hadn't seen it."

"It just came a little out of the blue," said Willow, "I could tell you'd been really happy last few weeks, I was just expecting it was someone our age."

"Experience is so much better," said Ted, "Now I'm just going to see everyone's having a good time inside, I'll leave you two out here."

"I'm sorry, Buffy," said Willow as Ted left them again, "I wasn't expecting it, but Ted's right, Principal Snyder is so much better for you than Angel."

"He is," said Buffy, glad her friend was in agreement. "And Ted's right we're doing it all the time, he's so brilliant in bed - and everywhere else. We're perfect together and he's so well hung, a real man." Buffy felt dreamy just thinking about it. However she quickly brought herself back down, "However, we were just talking a couple of days ago about how much he'd love to have a threesome with me and a friend." She looked pointedly at Willow.

The redhead's mouth fell open again, looking at Buffy in shocked surprise, "Are you asking me to join you and Principal Snyder."

"You're my best friend, yes. What about it?"

"I'd love to," laughed Willow happily.

* * *

Walking up the drive Buffy could hardly contain her excitement, it was only be a supreme act of willpower that she was stopping herself singing and skipping and generally acting like a five year old on Christmas Eve. Not only was this the first time that Snyder had invited her to his house but Buffy couldn't think of a better way for Willow to lose her virginity than in a threesome with her BFF and the sex-God Principal Snyder. She grinned at her friend as they walked up the steps, "Ready?"

"What if I'm not any good?" Willow asked nervously, "I'm not as hot as you, what if Principal Snyder finds me gross and was hoping you'd bring Cordelia."

"Too late," said Buffy and rang the doorbell. A piece of classical music Buffy didn't know played a few chimes, before falling into silence. The door remained shut for a few seconds, allowing more time for Willow to hop from foot to foot nervously. Buffy was just about to ring again when it opened and Snyder stood there. Buffy smiled lovingly at him, "Hi, I brought Willow."

Even though it was daylight Snyder didn't invite them in but stood back from the door, his eyes slipping up and down the two mini-skirt clad teens as they entered. Once in he closed the door and looked at his watch, "You're late Summers, Rosenberg."

"We had to stop off at mine so Will could borrow a short skirt, she was kinda dressed like she was going to a Church tea party," said Buffy, "I should have called and let you know."

"Huh," snorted Snyder. "Lucky I had some admin to do." He turned to Willow, "Buffy's says your a virgin."

"Y...y... yes Principal Snyder," Willow looked more nervous than the times she'd faced down a six foot six vampire.

"Huh," he snorted again. Then he shrugged, "Ted came by earlier and left some cookies, they're in the kitchen."

"For us," Buffy said wide-eyed, this evening just got better and better.

"Yes, who else," snapped Snyder and pointed down the corridor. Buffy almost sprinted there, Willow at her heels, the redhead's nervousness forgotten. Like the rest of the house the kitchen was neat but boring, modern functional furniture neatly arranged without any hint of personality. Even the only food on view was the cookies (though not for long). Buffy decided when she moved in, which was surely only a matter of time with her and Snyder being so much in love, there was so much more she could do to make the place more homely, he would thank her for it. In the meantime there was a plate of cookies for her and Willow to devour.

Snyder stood in the doorway watching them, a strange smile on his face, "So Willow, has Buffy told you about her little lesbian adventure."

"No," Willow looked at her friend in surprise.

Buffy blushed a little and swallowed a cookie, reaching for another one, "It was nothing, something me and Mom did for Ted's anniversary to give him a bit of a show."

"Ted's so lucky," agreed Willow, looking a little dreamy.

"So what do you think about the two of you putting on a little show to start this evening," Snyder leered.

Buffy snapped the last cookie in half and magnanimously offered half to her BFF, "What do you think Will? Up for that?"

"I...I..." Willow looked nervous again, until she bit into the cookie. She visibly relaxed, "If you want to I'm give it a go, if I'm going to lose one virginity I might as well lose my girl on girl wings as well."

"That's right," said Snyder lecherously. He turned and left the kitchen, the two teens swiftly finishing the remains of the cookies and following him into the main room.

Like the kitchen it was sceptic - a television, a couch, a couple of armchairs and a bookcase - and the bookcase's only books were a couple of hardbacks on educational psychology. Buffy decided that for his birthday she'd at least supply him with a picture of her he could put up, one where she was naked and willing. In the meantime she had a lesbian sex show with Willow to perform. She turned to her friend, as Snyder settled himself on the couch, "Shall we kiss to start with?"

"I'm in your hands," said Willow, sounding more confident than before, "You're the expert."

"Okay, just relax and enjoy it and remember Principal Snyder is watching," Buffy grinned happily. She took Willow's face in her hands and brought it closer, her mouth opening as it approached. Willow was ready, her lips ajar as she met Buffy, her hands reaching up and round her friend. They connected kissing greedily and hungrily, their mouths and lips moving together in unison, their jaws opening and closing, and their hands sweeping round and over each other.

"That's it, good," said Snyder from the couch, kicking off his shoes and undoing his tie. "Go on you sluts."

|Buffy kissed her friend harder and more vigorously, pumping her tongue forward and curling it around Willow's. Her friend responded with such enthusiasm that Buffy wondered if Willow was actually a lesbian, the redhead's hands reaching down to Buffy's butt. "That's hot," said Snyder, continuing to undress, his pants and shirt following the socks, "Now get those tops of and let me see some teen titty."

Buffy continued to kiss her friend as she reached for Willow's tight sweater and pulled it up. Her friend had insisted on wearing a bra with it, but Buffy wasted no time in removing it, angling her body so that she was pushing the tits from the side so Snyder could see them. Her man grinned and removed his Y-fronts, grabbing his big dick and stroking it. Willow gave a little gasp at the size, breaking the kiss, and Buffy took advantage of the lull to remove her own cropped top, dropping it the floor and jiggling her pert titties to her man.

"Get those skirts of," he instructed, "I want to see you sixty nine."

The two teens broke away from each other to shimmy out of their short skirts, wiggling them over their hips and down their thighs, their cute little butts waving enticingly. Buffy knew Principal Snyder didn't like her wearing underwear and so hadn't bothered with panties. Willow had, though luckily they were a pair of skimpy thongs which Buffy didn't even realise her friend owned. They didn't stay on the redhead for long as Buffy crouched in front of her and helped pull them down. As they dropped to her ankles Willow stepped out of them and Buffy looked up smiling, "Let's do this then."

She slid onto her back in front of a naked Snyder, marvelling (as she often did) on the size of erect prick. However, even as she was admiring it her view was being blocked as Willow's pussy descended on her face, the redhead's head coming down towards her own cunt. Buffy reached up and wrapped her arms round her friend's butt, massaging the cheeks as she raised her head just enough to lick it. It was soft and velvety and her tongue slipped happily over the slit - she wasn't a lesbian, how could she be when being banged by a stud like Principal Snyder, but she had discovered she wasn't always adverse to the desire of Sappho. She tongued at the slit, the tip of her tongue pressing at the opening, cum sizzling on it.

"Oooohh," moaned Willow as her friend licked her. For a couple of moments her head rose and she shuddered. Then she went down and her tongue pressed at Buffy, slowly at first and then faster as she got used to it.

"Go for it you hot little whores," snarled Snyder, "I want to see those faces deep in each others cunt." Buffy could hear the wap of his dick as he jerked and she licked harder at her friend to fulfil his instructions. "Yes, you sluts, tongue each other hard."

The pleasure rose in Buffy as Willow's tongue drove at her pussy, her friend moving a hand to help ease the hole apart so she could go deeper. The blonde shuddered as the lithe tongue found spots within her that were so sensitive, her pleasure heightened as Willow's tongue found her clit and started to circle it. She gripped her friend's ass and kneaded and massaged it, working the two sexy cheeks up and down and round and round. Willow's tongue got faster, as if she'd be waiting her entire life to be a cunt-muncher - she was certainly learning fast and Buffy could sense the orgasms coming.

"Oooohh, urrrrrhhh," she grunted and panted, blowing and gasping into her friend's wet hole, before resuming the licking. Willow paused long enough giggle and was then down again, tonguing Buffy's cunt. The blonde shuddered in pleasure.

"Enough of the twat you little dyke, time for you to feast on some proper man-meat," Snyder growled.

He grabbed Willow's shoulders and pulled her up, the teen straightening until she was upright, her pussy still on Buffy's face. The Slayer wasn't sure whether she was still supposed to be licking now that the sixty-nine had finished, but quickly decided that if the cunt was still in place her tongue had nowhere else to go. To licked the slit quickly, her hands now placed on Willow's thighs, her fingers drifting gently up and down. Above her stood Snyder, though she could only feel his feet on either side of her.

"Suck on this Rosenberg," she heard her man say and seconds later felt Willow bobbing and rocking in movements which weren't due to Buffy's tongue-lashing. Buffy fought down her jealousy as she heard the slurps of her friend's mouth on her lover's cock. There were many great things about being Principal Snyder's girlfriend, she knew, but the flip-side was that a man as stud-like as him had needs that couldn't always be fulfilled by just one woman. Her friend's slurps got louder and quicker and the redhead's body bounced and jiggled on Buffy's face. The teenage Slayer tongued quicker, determined to show that she could rise above her green-eyed monsters and be an integral part of the threesome.

"That's good Rosenberg, better than Summers on her first time," Buffy's ears turned red, but she was sure she had improved and that nowadays she beat Willow hands down. Snyder groaned again, pushing forward to feed Willow her evening meal. "Take it deep, that's right, I bet you must have been practising in the boys locker room."

Buffy was pretty sure that was untrue, Willow would have told her, her friend must just be a natural. Buffy grimaced and tongued up, hoping that she wasn't so much of a natural she could take away her lover's affection. Perhaps if she tongued Willow's cunt even harder, her friend would decide she was a lesbian and not at all interested in Principal Snyder's cock. Buffy licked with a frenzy, driving her tongue at her friend's hole like she was in the middle of a battle.

"Summer's get out from under Rosenberg," Snyder snapped, " and get on your knees next to her. I want your slutty mouths to share my dick."

Buffy felt a wave of relief that she hadn't been forgotten. She pushed herself away from Willow's dripping cunt and slipped onto her knees in front of her man. Snyder had his hand on the top-back of Willow's head and was working his hips as he drove the dick at her friend's mouth. It was near all the way in, saliva dribbling from Willow's lips and her eyes wide open as she forced herself further. Buffy didn't waste time, leaning forward she began to tongue at her man's balls and the small bit of dick that wasn't in her friend's mouth, brushing Willow's lips as she did so.

Almost immediately Snyder turned to her, yanking his prong out of Willow and presenting it to Buffy. "You know what to do Summers," he snarled as his hand moved to the back of her head.

Buffy did. Her mouth opened and she slid her lips over the massive ten-incher. Even coated in Willow's saliva it tasted of Snyder's manliness. Her hands gripped his ass cheeks so she could use them as a lever and she drove herself down as hard as she could. The cock penetrated her mouth and pressed along her cheek, bulging it before, it pushed at her throat. Before Buffy would have struggled to keep the dick in as she gagged and wretched, but now she was better (hopefully than Willow) and she forced herself to carry on.

"Take it all Summers, you know you can," Snyder said. His hand was on the back of her head, holding her in place as his hips jerked mercilessly, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Buffy bobbed and blinked, taking more and more of the dick in. Her jaw stretched and her throat ached, but it was a matter of pride that she'd have her boyfriend's dick balls-deep in her mouth. She could see Willow, the redhead's face wide open in admiration and Buffy felt a little guilty that she'd be jealous of her friend - no-one else could satisfy Principal Snyder like a Slayer. She took hold off Willow's hand and squeezed it as her lips drove down Snyder's shaft.

He groaned in pleasure, "Suck it Summers. Rosenberg lick my balls."

The redhead swiftly obeyed, her tongue pitter-pattering over the sack and her mouth closing round it to gently suck. Snyder's hand gripped at her head as with the other he pushed Buffy forward. "Get it all in Summers," he instructed.

And then it was.

Buffy's lips pressed at the balls, her face banging at Willow's forcing the redhead out of the way. Snyder snarled, "This is how you do it Rosenberg, once you're sucking off the school football team again, remember to take it all the way in. That way you'll getting them coming back for more."

Willow nodded and bowed her head so she could lap the underside of Snyder's balls. Buffy continued sucking and bobbing, making sure she kept the cock in, and ignoring the teary stains round her eyes and the bile rising and filling her throat. Snyder pumped forward, his face split in pleasurable grin, making the discomfort worthwhile to Buffy and she pressed her face further.

Without warning Snyder let go off her head and she sprang back half-way down his dick. He stepped back, pulling the rest of the dripping organ out and turned to sit on his couch. Gripping the dick he angled it upward, "Summers, help your friend onto my cock, it's time we broke that seal."

"It's already broken , I used to do gymnastics," said Willow pedantically. Buffy nudged her gently, "But I mean I've never been fucked there. I want to."

"Less talking, more fucking," snarled Snyder.

Buffy led her BFF over to her lover, instructing Willow to straddle him forward. The redhead nodded and did as she was told as Snyder leered at her naked body, eyeing her swaying teenage titties as they descended. "Get that cunt wrapped round my dick," he said.

Buffy held his cock with one hand, keeping it aimed at the hole and with the other she held open her friend's virgin pussy, making sure it was an easy target for the huge cock. Willow still gave a squeak as it entered her, no matter how many times she'd slid a finger into herself, it was nothing compared to a fat prick. Buffy smiled at her friend, reassuring her, "Come on down Will, it'll stretch and you'll love it."

"Oh yes, coming down," squeaked Willow, her hands round the back of Snyder's neck as she pulled herself down. He grinned and reached for her sides, guiding her and pushing up, more of his cock jamming into her cunt.

Buffy continued to help. Her fingers kept stretching her friend's twat whilst she leant down and licked around Snyder's cock, relubricating the dick in case it dried. Snyder took one hand from Willow and placed it on Buffy's back, "That's it Summers, you service my cock as well."

Buffy licked and lapped, moving her head to concentrate on the balls as Willow came down. Snyder grinned and pumped up, thrusting into the redhead and Buffy moved to alternate her tongue between his balls and her friend's clit, making Willow gasp and shudder even more. She could tell her friend was enjoying her first time from the juice, sliding from her cunt and down Snyder's cock, the older man going faster and harder as her cunt eased. "That's it Rosenberg, good little slut, take my dick."

"Uuurhh, urrrhh, urrrhhh," Willow panted as she bounced up and down, managing to take the whole length in her. She grasped Snyder's shoulders and used them as leverage, ramming at his cock.

He was pounding up at her as well, smiling widely as her tits bounced in front of his eyes. Now and then he'd look down at Buffy to see how she was getting on with the licking. The Slayer's lithe teen tongue sweeping round and round his balls and up his cock to connect with Willow's down coming pussy, before retreating back to dab at her friend as the redhead's cunt swallowed the prick up. Buffy's jealousy had vanished to be replaced by an eagerness to please her man and show her friend how good he was. She quickly flicked a tongue at his cock again, encouraging it on and up her friend. Willow gasped again, shaking in pleasure as she came, "Ooohhh, urrrhhh, aaaaargghh."

Snyder's hands reached round to the redhead's butt, clenching it and gripping it, playing with like it was a toy. The teen squealed and bucked, loving the loosing of her virginity. Buffy felt so proud to be there with her, helping her friend whilst pleasing Principal Snyder. He was so big and strong and manly and she knew that he could keep going and going so that not only a Slayer could match him. Willow screamed again, her back bending so much it threatened to snap, her long red hair trailing down like flames, "AAAAarrrrghh, yessssss, I am cumming, aaaaarrrghhh I am so cumming!"

Buffy could appreciate her friend's pleasure, she knew what it was like. Her tongue flicked round Snyder's balls again, sliding over the wrinkled skin and down to the bottom. He looked down at her and grinned, "Okay Summers, your turn."

He eased the panting Willow off his lap and stood, taking Buffy by the waist and positioning her over the armchair. He moved behind and pressed his cock-head at her cunt. The blonde teen moaned in pleasure as he split her slit open, going in. Only a man with the Principal's sexual power could pleasure her friend to oblivion and then take her, how she could ever have been interested in anyone but him was a mystery. His cock drove into her, deep and hard, pleasuring her intensely. Her hands gripped at the couch, digging into the leather coverings. "Oooohh, yesss, baby fuck me, good, ooohhh yesss."

"What are you doing just lying there Rosenberg?" said Snyder. "This is a threesome, not a twosome and a spectator."

"Come here Will, let me kiss you again," squealed Buffy, unsure where else to put Will at that time.

Snyder grunted something, but didn't object, continuing to pound the blonde Slayer as her friend crawled across the couch, before kneeling in front of Buffy. She opened her mouth and moved onto Buffy's. Buffy met her with appreciation, there was something so exciting about making out with Willow as Snyder rammed her from behind, both their tongues moving with an eager and energetic passion, slashing at each like swords in a duel. Snyder's hands gripped her waist harder, pounding at her hard and her body rocked and shuddered, her head held in place by Willow's mouth. The redhead's hands reaching out to stroke and caress Buffy's tits, stroking them tenderly.

"Yes that better Rosenberg, make out like a hot dyke with Buffy, use your tongue," Snyder ordered and increased his speed, driving the cock into the blonde's hole, stretching it. The couch squeaked against the floor, as if it wasn't used to this treatment. They ignored it, too wrapped up in pleasure to worry about the furniture. "Summers kiss your lesbian friend back, seeing you make out is making me go ram you harder."

Buffy wanted that so she kissed Willow even more vigorously, her mouth moving to take over her friends. Luckily Willow fought back, her tongue stabbing and her lips closing round Buffy's. The two teen's mouth fought a battle for domination, their kisses hot and passionate, tongues pressing and lacing around each other. Willow perhaps won the competition, her head pushing back Buffy's and her mouthing slurping round her friend's lips. But Buffy definitely was winning her own victories as Snyder's dick pounded her to a sexual oblivion. She dropped the kiss to cry out in ecstasy, "AAarrrghh, yesssss, yessss, make me cum more."

Snyder grunted and hammered, "You're a slut Summers."

"Yes, yes, I am, aaarrghhh, I am so cumming," Buffy squealed and shuddered, her back arching and bending into her man as she orgasmed powerfully.

"So am I, get down on your knees," Snyder grabbed Buffy and twisted her round, before gripping her shoulder with one hand to push her as the other jerked his large prick. Buffy went down willingly, looking up lovingly as she waited for his load. Beside her Willow craned over the sofa seat, her eyes shifting rapidly between her waiting friend and the pumping cock of her High School Principal.

She didn't have to wait long for the money shot, the redhead's fascinated gaze following the string of semen as it shot from the dick to splatter all over Buffy's face, one strand, a second and third and fourth. It slid down either side of Buffy's nose, over her smiling lips and down her chin. "Mmmnn, yummy," she giggled.

"Rosenberg get there and lick it off, I can tell you're a cum guzzle in training," snapped Snyder.

Willow enthusiastically obeyed, dropping down on her knees beside her friend and licking at the salty sperm, her tongue moving round to clean Buffy like she was the mother cat and the Slayer was the kitten. For a moment Snyder watched them, before walking over to the couch. "I'm going to watch the news," he announced.

Buffy smiled and giggled as her friend continued to clean her, Willow's hands moving to cup and play with the blonde's titties, just like as if she was a lesbian deep down. It was kinda hot, so once she'd finished licking Buffy's face, the blonde returned the favour, her mouth sliding down to Willow's tits to suckle the redhead's boobs and tease her teats with her teeth. Willow giggled as quietly as she could, so as not to disturb Snyder. Buffy meanwhile was keeping an ear out for the news's end and as soon as she heard the announcer's signing off, she was up taking her friend by the hand and leading her over to one of the armchairs.

She gave a naughty smile to Snyder sitting on the couch, "Willow and I are just going to make out here for a bit, if you're okay."

"Go ahead," Snyder smiled lecherously. He watched with interest as the blonde sat down, pulling her friend forward and onto her, Willow's legs straddling her friends. The two teens began to kiss again, their smooching loud and passionate, as they caressed and stroked the other's naked skin. Buffy was sure that soon they wouldn't be making out alone and that now he had a short rest their little show would soon revitalise Principal Snyder.

She was right. She could see his cock rising as he watched them, the iron member sticking up. "MMMnnn, Will, that's enough, lets go get some real dick," she giggled breaking the kiss with her friend and nodding towards the large erection on display.

"Sure thing Buffy," tittered Willow.

The two teen's scampered over, Buffy dropping to her knees in front of Snyder and Willow following. "Mmmnn, can I get this dick ready for an extra tight hole," said Buffy and started to lick one side. She gestured to Will, "Wrap your tongue round it, we can share."

Willow smiled and nodded, leaning in close and starting to lick up and down. The two teen's slithered round the erect organ, their tips touching as they worked it together, leaving hardly a millimetre unlicked. Up and down they went, round and round, swivelling to the tip and swirling to the balls. Snyder grinned and stroked their heads, encouraging them on, "Clean it you sluts, make it nice and wet so it'll slide up your tight asses."

Buffy quivered in anticipation, her finger stroking at her cunt as she lubed her man's dick,. Willow was smiling as well, showing an unanticipated skill in dick-polishing. The two teens cleaned in partnership, swirling their lithe tongues round the massive shaft, their saliva coating it with a viscous gleam. Snyder smiled lecherously, "Up you get Summers, plant that hot little asshole on my dick."

"Sure thing," giggled Buffy brightly and jumping up quickly. She turned her back towards Snyder and will well practised expertise got onto his lap, her naked feet balancing on his thighs as she lifted her tushy above the waiting cock. She could hear Willow's still slurping and licking loudly, as Snyder reached out and spread the blonde's cheeks. Buffy descended, giving a small gasp as the prong pressed at her pearl, breaking it open and pushing in.

"Work it Summers," instructed Snyder and Buffy did so, placing the palms of her hands onto the sofa and jerking her hips, slipping her butt down the waiting pole. It was as huge as it was, stretching her teen back passage. But Buffy loved the feel of that, no matter the discomfort or the pain of initial entry, it always felt so wonderful to have the High School Principal's massive rod up her anal passage. And she knew no matter how much the chute stretched she could take it and that soon the pleasure would overwhelm everything else. She gave another small grunt and pushed her butt down.

"Get it all in," instructed Snyder. He reached for her pussy and stuffed in a couple of fingers, opening it wide. The teen shuddered and worked herself up and down, jolting her ass down her man's huge prick.

Soon she was pressing down on her friend's head and Willow had to withdraw. The redhead crawled round to the front and sat between Snyder's legs, watching in fascination as her bff pushed herself down. Buffy ignored her and concentrated on Snyder. The older man's fingers pushed deeper into her twat and she gasped and shuddered. He spread them opening her wide and twisted his head so he could lick the nearest titty. Buffy was in heaven, "Ooohh, yessss, ooohhh please, please don't stop."

"Get that ass down," Snyder said in return, "I want my dong balls deep in this tight slutty hole."

Buffy complied, going twice as hard and fast, her body rocking down on her lover's dick. Soon she was down as far as she could go, feeling his balls brushing at her buttocks. She gave a satisfied groan and relaxed for a moment. Snyder pulled his fingers out of her pussy, much to the teen's disappointment - though she was too well behaved to complain. "Rosenberg get your tongue, down here," he ordered, pointing to Buffy's soaking cunt, "I'm going to pound her ass open."

The redhead's face pressed forward, her hands gripping her friend's thighs as she began to lap at the wet twat. Even as Buffy was feeling the touch of tongue Snyder was starting to move as well, pulling himself out and then thrusting in, his huge dick ramming her walls apart. Buffy gasped and giggled, enjoying both of her holes being used at the same time. "Oooohh, yessss, urrrhhh."

Willow's tongue was fast and powerful, lapping hard at the pussy and pressing at the slit, like she was trying to go head first in. Her fingers squeezed at Buffy's legs, massaging and kneading the thigh muscles. faster and faster she moved, obviously enjoying the tasty treat of Slayer twat. Buffy rose upwards as Snyder pounded her and her friend's mouth quickly followed, licking all the time, before swiftly dropping to teasingly tongue's Snyder's pole for a second before it vanished again into Buffy's ass.

The High School Principal grunted, "That's good, Rosenberg, swap between cunt and cock."

Willow nodded and continued her enthusiastic tonguing of Buffy's front fuckhole, before quickly returning to slurp at the older man's balls and dick as they pounded in and out. Buffy gasped in pleasure at her friend's equally quick return, her tongue lancing forward like it was in a joust with the cunt. Willow looked upwards, smiling with her eyes and evidentially enjoying the threesome as much as Buffy was, i.e. a lot. Up and down went the redhead, one moment tasting pussy, the next wrapping round dick, treating each to a sensual lashing.

"Yes, yes, take this dick Summers," Snyder continued to ram her hard from beneath.

"Yesss, fuck, yesss," Buffy squealed in response. The constant pounding was doing several things, widening her ass, reddening her butt and sending her to heaven on a sea of orgasmic waves. "Aaaarrrghh, yessss." Her firm teen tits jangled and bounced, swinging and rolling as her body bobbed like a cork floating on a sea. Her hands pressed down at the couch, trying desperately to grip it's smooth surface and her feet clenched like a parrot on it's perch. Snyder thrust harder, giving her the full length that she needed and Buffy shrieked out in orgasmic ecstasy, "Aaaarrrrghh, yesssss, aaaaaargghhh!"

"You next Rosenberg," Snyder pushed Buffy up and the teen stood, her ass both aching and pulsing with pleasure. She'd have loved if Principal Snyder had remained banging her, but she guessed the point of the threesome was to share and it was kind of exciting knowing that he was about to take her best friend's anal virginity.

"On your hands and knees," Snyder snapped and Willow twisted and turned, slipping round to present him with her ass.

"Let me help," Buffy smiled at her friend before straddling over her, rolling her pussy along the redhead's back. She leant forward so her face was resting at the edge of Willow's butt crack. She looked lovingly at Snyder as he gripped his large dick and pulled at Willow's cheeks, opening them and exposing the hole, "Come fuck this tight virgin butt," she giggled at her man.

Snyder didn't need a second invitation to thrust in. Willow gasped and shuddered as for the first time a cock opened her sphincter and pushed inwards. Buffy kept her friend in place, pushing her body down so that Willow didn't rock so much she spoiled Snyder's aim. Her head moved down and she stuck her tongue out so that it trailed at her older lover's huge prick as it pushed forward. He grunted and leered, "Keep it open, Summers, stretch Rosenberg's hole so I can fuck it properly."

"Oh yes," giggled Buffy and pulled harder. It was so hot to watch it slowly vanish into Willow and feel her friend vibrate as her tunnel was stretched and expanded.

Snyder was leaning forward, his chest inches from Buffy as his hands clasped Willow's waist. He was moving faster and harder, slamming forward to jam the dick in. It didn't go in as quickly as with Buffy, the blonde was more experienced and, even with Slayer healing, her ass had been banged enough that it was more flexible than it used to be. But still, gradually, slowly, but remorselessly the dick disappeared into the back hole.

"Ow, ooooh, ooohhh," Willow went. Buffy was keeping her in place, but she was still trembling and shivering, her naked body rubbing at Buffy's wet cunt. "Oh God, I want this, your dick feels sooo good. MMmmnnn, no wonder Buffy loves it."

Snyder thrust forward, driving deeper, looking down at the teens with a lecherous leer. "Buffy's a slut, you must be one too."

Buffy nodded in agreement, certainly for the first statement and probably for the second. Willow squealed and shuddered, "Yes, yes, I'm a slut, oooohh God am I a slut."

"You'll be sucking and fucking half the school like the dirty little skank you are," grinned Principal Snyder and rammed in.

"I will, I will," squealed Willow in response, her ass stretching as it was slammed, "I'll be the school bike, I'll be anyone's for cock."

"Keep her spread, Summers," instructed Snyder and redoubled his efforts, turning back to Willow, "Take this dick good and you'll be perfect for being the school's anal slut, a fucktoy for the football team and a sex doll for the senior year."

"Yessss, yessss, yessss," screamed Willow, though whether that was in agreement with Snyder's suggestions for her future plans or because his large dick was now all the way in and he was pounding her deep, Buffy wasn't sure. However, she was sure that Willow would make a great school slut and Buffy would support her in doing so, it was a great idea of Snyder - it would help bring Willow out of her shell and allow her real bubbly, funny self to shine. Still keeping Willow's ass apart Buffy dipped her head again to tongue at the top of the asshole and her lover's dick as it ripped it. The gap between cock and hole was so tight she couldn't even get her tip in, but she managed to swipe at Snyder's large dick and that was enough to make her believe it was worthwhile.

"Take it Rosenberg, I want to fuck this tight asshole good."

"Ooooohhh fuck, Principal Snyder, you're going to make me cum, aaaarrghh, fuck, yesssss!" Willow cried and Buffy could feel her friend's vibration as she orgasmed.

He didn't even pause.

Buffy grinned and tongued, it was so great to be here - and to see Willow enjoying it so much. Her friend was squealing loudly as her ass was repeatedly and vigorously pounded, Snyder's dick spearing down. The High School Principal was enjoying it as well, his face might have contorted with effort, however Buffy could tell from the speed and power with which he was thrusting into Will's back hole that he wasn't doing this just from a misplaced duty. Buffy licked down, feeling the whirr of the dick as it rammed in, the veiny ridges bouncing at her tongue. Willow gasped out again and shuddered.

"That's it Rosenberg, show us what an anal whore looks like," Snyder grunted, "I'm going to cum soon, I'm going to unload right in your ass."

"Yessss, yesssss, cum in me," Willow screamed in agreement and Buffy quickly nodded hers as well, just in case it was being sought.

Snyder didn't reply, but sped up, slamming so hard into Willow that Buffy had a hell of a job keeping her friend in place and stop her sliding across the floor like a hockey puck. Willow squealed in obvious ecstasy, "More, more, harder, ooohhhh, aaaaarghh."

"Yes," grunted Snyder and stopped. Buffy looked quickly up and could see from his face that he was cumming as his eyes screwed up and his mouth moved into a rictus grimace. Looking down she could see the cum starting to ooze out from the tiny crack between cock and wall, a tiny trickle of silver against the skin.

"I'm out," grunted Snyder as he pulled back and a veritable waterfall of sperm followed him. Buffy wasn't going to let any of that yummy goo go to waste. Even as Willow was slumping face down on the carpet Buffy was moving behind her and spreading her girlfriend's legs, so that she could see the hole with it bubbling cum. She gave Principal Snyder a quick look to make sure he was happy, he nodded and slumped back on the couch, breathing heavily.

Leaning down Buffy slipped her tongue into her friend's gaped back tunnel and began to lap out the cum, like a cat after cream. It was both bland and salty, but the to the teen it was still the most flavoursome food ever and she tongued it up with enthusiasm, her tongue sweeping round the bruised and battered hole to make sure she got every drop. Beneath her Willow groaned and stretched, rising her buttocks to help. Buffy mouthed and silent 'thank you' and tongued deeper, going as far in as she could to get the cum and lick the walls.

She only pulled back when the hole began to close around her tongue, but by then she'd got all but the last drops anyway. Swivelling round she looked up at Snyder, "That was fun," she giggled.

"The evening isn't over yet," Snyder leered.

* * *

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