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Previously on Buffy without Boys...

Buffy has started a porn business, with her and Willow fucking her Mom as
the first film. Of course one starlet isn't enough for a burgeoning porn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives:
Buffy Without Boys Part 9 - Bree's Secret (FF)

Bree looked again at her bank statement. It was the third time she had gone
through the figures. And each time they said the same thing, she was sinking
into greater and greater debt.

Bree sighed and placed the bank statement in a drawer. To everyone outside
Bree had coped stoically with the sudden death of her husband, her boyfriend
turning out to be the one who murdered him and her son running off. And in
many ways she had. But what they didn't know was how poor Rex had been at
looking after his finances. The money he had left Bree in insurance, stocks
and shares was not enough for her to continue to make repayments on the house
and car, never mind put food on the table and keep up appearances.

The doorbell rang. Bree briefly brushed down her dress before going to answer
it. Gabrielle was there with a bottle of wine and two glasses, "Hi Bree, I've
got a bottle and no-one to share it with."

Soon the two friends were sitting in the kitchen drinking the wine and
gossiping about the latest goings on in Wisteria Avenue. Gabby soon noticed
that Bree wasn't her usual self - not showing much interest in the comings
and goings of their mutual friends and acquaintances.

"Anything wrong Bree?"

Whether it was the wine or something else Bree felt a sudden need to unburden
herself of her financial difficulties. Gabby nodded sympathetically as Bree
spoke about her problems and about how she was soon going to have sell the
house and move to a downmarket area.

"You need an extra income."

"That's fine, but I've no skills. I married Rex straight from university and
we had Andrew soon after. The only work experience I've had is cooking and
cleaning house. And I'm not going to get a job as a housekeeper."

Gabby nodded, "I've had a few difficulties myself. Now, don't take this the
wrong way, but there's money to be made, in. how shall I put this. the adult
end of the modelling business."

Bree looked shocked, "I couldn't go topless."

Gabby blushed. "There's no money in just going topless. It'd be more than
that. Full nudity at least, and if you want the big bucks a bit more."

Bree stood up, "Have some cake Gabby. Have I told you about how Susan lost
her car keys again?"

* * *

Bree looked at the statement again, before she went to bed. The facts were
the same. They hadn't changed when she woke up in the morning.

She looked round the room that she had so artfully designed over the years.
Everything was just perfect. She couldn't bear to give it up. With a sigh she
rang Gabby.

* * *

Bree knocked at the address that she'd been given by Gabby. It was in a
pleasant non-descript suburban avenue. Not unlike Wisteria Lane, with its
white picket fences and carefully groomed gardens.

A blond teenager opened the door, "Hi, you must be Bree, she said and
beckoned the older red-head in, "I'm Buffy."

Bree walked into the house, the smell of home-baked cookies lingered in the
air. Buffy introduced the other two teenagers, "Bree, this is Willow, she'll
be your co-starring with you." The teenage redhead waved as her older

"And this is Cordy. She'll be doing the filming." The brunette smiled at Bree
and went back to fidgeting with the camera.

"Is this your first time?" asked Buffy.

Bree nodded.

"It's as easy as falling off a log, when you get into it. There's some
clothes upstairs you'll want to change it. And my Mom cooked some goodies
before she left this morning. They're in the kitchen if you want to help

"I'll go and get changed," said Bree.

As Bree was getting changed (into a short skirt and low-cut top that she'd
never normally be seen dead wearing) there was a knock at the door and Buffy

"Hi, here's the check." she passed it to Bree, "same as agreed."

Bree took it and looked at it. It would pay the mortgage for this month.
"It's not signed..."

"We sign it once the filming's over," explained Buffy.

"Okay, I'm ready now."

"Wow, you look hot," Buffy exclaimed. "This should be one hell of a fun

The two of them went downstairs.

* * *

"Okay, shoot" Buffy called.

Bree walked into the line of the camera. She turned as Willow joined her.

"We shouldn't be doing this." said Bree in a slightly wooden voice, "You
should be at school."

Willow responded by kissing her deeply. Bree could feel Willow's tongue in
her mouth. She was surprised by the fact that she enjoyed it. And she
reciprocated greedily. She could feel Willow's move her hands under her top
and begin to caress her boobs.

"Okay Will, lift it off" ordered Buffy.

Willow did as instructed, pulling Bree's top over her head and dropping it
on the floor. She began to kiss greedily at the older redhead's tits. Bree
threw back her head and gasped, she pushed Willow's head deeper into

"Okay Bree, you need to help Willow with her shirt."

Bree began to unbutton Willow's shirt, which as it came undone Willow
shrugged to the floor. Bree began to kiss at Willow's tits, just as the teen
had done to hers.

"Go down, Bree"

Bree kissed Willow down her body, Willow in turn pulled down her shorts so
that the her smooth snatch was on show. Bree didn't pause, but began to kiss
the outside of that as well.

"Okay Bree, you need to put your tongue in it, and eat away, so Cordy can get
a close-up."

Bree did as she was asked. Willow helped by holding her lips apart, as Bree
put her tongue in the sweet slot. By instinct she began to lick, her tongue
probing for the younger woman's clit. By the sounds Willow began to make
she'd found it.

"Let's take five," called Buffy, "Bree, when you're ready I want you butt
naked on the sofa, spreading that pussy ready for Willow to dive in."

Bree slipped off her skirt, "I'm ready now."

Willow grinned, "That's what I call commitment." She waited a second for Bree
to settle herself and then knelt in front of her.

"Carry on rolling, Cordy," Buffy instructed.

Bree felt herself being taken to heaven as the teen began to kiss, suck and
lick at her pussy lips. She'd never felt a feeling like it. Though even that
feeling was overtaken as Willow's tongue moved from the outside to the in and
began to hammer, first at her pussy walls and then the clit itself.

Bree pushed Willow's head further in and Willow redoubled her efforts. Soon
juice was leaking out of Bree's twat and Willow was busy licking it up.

"Okay. Cut. Next scene." Bree reluctantly let go of Willow.

Willow stepped away and began to pull on a strap-on.

"Bree, get down on your hands and knees. You'll really want to make sure you
lubricate that cock." Bree nodded. She couldn't believe how excited she was.

"Roll," ordered Buffy.

Willow stepped up in front of Bree. Bree decided with a bit of artistic
license not to swallow it straight away, and instead began to lick at the
rubber. She carried on licking until she was sure she had covered every part
of it and then moved her mouth and began to suck at the dong.

Willow began to thrust, and Bree moved her head back and forth, trying to
see if she could time it so that Willow's forward thrusts were timed with
her own, so that only the end of the dildo was visible. She could feel
herself getting into it, when Buffy called out, "Okay enough blow-job. Good
job girls. Bree get on your back. Will, whack it in."

Bree could feel the plastic cock enter her twat. Willow began to thrust
excitedly. Bree bucked her hips in reply. She could see Cordy coming in to
get a close-up. Without any shame she began to push her pelvis even harder
against Willow's, feeling the rubber dong pushing in.

"Okay, swap position. Bree you want to be on your hands and knees, so Will
can enter your pussy from behind."

Bree nodded. She could feel sweat start to trickle down her body as Willow
re-entered her. The younger woman was holding on to Bree's hips to give
herself better traction and was fucking with wild abandon. Bree could feel
her tits bouncing beneath her. Buffy whispered something to Cordy and Cordy
moved in closer, first to film the juddering juggs and then a close-up of
Bree gasping in ecstasy.

"Okay Willow, now lie on the floor. Let Bree do the work."

Bree squatted over the long pole and then lowered herself on it. She could
feel Willow sitting up slightly, so that with one hand she could caress
Bree's tits, whilst she leant on the other. Bree began to push herself up
and down, making sure that she went down as far as she could manage, so
that the maximum length would enter her.

She was loving it. She could hear Willow groaning in pleasure, but her own
moans were louder as the dildo banged heartily against within her pussy.
Then with a final shriek Bree had her first ever orgasm.

Buffy clapped, "Okay, give each other a big, sloppy kiss."

Bree kissed Willow deeply. She wasn't sure whether she was acting or not
anymore. But she could feel the teens tongue exploring the inside of her
mouth. Bree cuddled her closely.

"Cut," yelled Buffy.

Bree and Willow pulled reluctantly away from each other.

"You're a natural," said Buffy as she signed the check.

Bree blushed with pleasure, "Thanks I enjoyed it. Er, could you keep me in
mind for any other film's you're doing."

"Will do," Buffy nodded.

"What's this going to be called by the way?" asked Bree

"Lesbian Milf hookers" replied Buffy.


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