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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 1 (Ff,FFf,anal,inc,AU)
by LL

It was the last day of human civilisation, just no-one yet knew it.

There was a rat-a-tat on Susan Meyer's front door and she hurried down to
open it. A flustered looking Lynette was on the other side.

"Hi Lynette," Susan greeted her friend.

"Susan, I need a really big favour. Tom and boys have all gone down with
some coughy flu. I've been trying to ring the Doctor's but his line is
engaged. I need to go to the Mall and get some medicine for them. Could you
look after them for half an hour?"

Behind Susan, her daughter Julie appeared. Unlike Susan she was already
dressed and ready to start the day. Her quick mind anticipated that her Mom
would suggest she went over and baby-sit. And if there was anything worse
than the Scavo boys, it was the Scavo boys ill.

"I was about to go to the Mall, Mrs Scavo," Julie said, "I can pick them up

"You were?" said Susan

"Yes, Mom," Julie lied, "in fact I was just coming down to ask if I could
borrow the car."

Lynnette looked desperately at Susan. Susan inwardly sighed, "The keys are
on the table. Be careful, you've only just passed your test."

Julie scooped up the keys, accepted a twenty dollar bill thrust into her
hand by Lynette and walked to her Mom's battered old car. She reversed out;
waved at Bree as she the redhead stepped out of her house, then switched on
the radio and headed downtown.

* * *

"MMMmmmh, you're a great kisser," Joyce broke her lips away from the teen
in the seat next to her and leant down to undo her seat belt.

In the seat next to her Cordelia, blushed, "Thanks. I've practised a lot,"
she giggled, "just not with my best friend's Mom."

Joyce leant into Cordelia again and opened her mouth. As their lips touched
she could feel Cordelia's tongue rubbing against hers.

Before her marriage and since her divorce Joyce had slept with as many
woman as men. But never before had she made a move on one of Buffy's
friends. As Buffy had grown up Joyce had found many of them sexually
attractive, but a vague disquiet about sleeping with people your daughter
went to school with had always held her back.

That was until she had met Cordelia. The brunette's flirtatious banter had
hinted that she was interested in Joyce. Buffy remained oblivious - too
caught up in her cheerleading to notice the looks her friend gave her Mom
when her back was turned.

Nothing might have happened though, if that morning Joyce hadn't been up
and heading to the Mall, when she passed the eighteen year old walking down
the sidewalk. She slowed and offered her a lift, light flirting had soon
led to sexually charged banter and instead of turning off into the Mall,
Joyce had kept driving with Cordelia giving her directions to a small
clearing a few minutes off the main road.

There was no resistance from Cordelia as Joyce's hand unbuttoned her
blouse. Nor did the teen make any effort to stop Joyce's hand sliding
beneath the material. Instead Cordelia started to move her own hand and
rubbed at Joyce's thigh. Even through the denim of her jeans Joyce could
feel the soft movements. The teen's hand stroked away and Joyce revelled in
the relaxing comfort. Her own hand moved lower, slipping beneath the lacy
bra, until her fingers touched the teen's hard nipple. She squeezed the nub
between her finger and thumb and Cordelia shook with excitement. Her other
hand reached over and undid some more buttons on the blouse, until it fell
away, showing one titty hanging loose, whilst it's partner was still
enclosed in the black bra.

It was the second tit she went for, pulling away the bra Joyce leant down
and covered it with her mouth. Her lips touched the brown flesh around the
nipple and her tongue lay gracefully on the rock hard centre. Cordelia
groaned and started to squeeze at her spare tit with one hand, whilst the
other started to massage the top of Joyce's hair.

"Shall we get ourselves a little air?" Joyce broke her suckling, a thin
trail of saliva leaked between her mouth and Cordelia's tit.

"Yes," Cordelia nodded and opened the door.

By the time Joyce had opened the door and joined her Cordelia had already
dropped her blouse and bra to the floor and was undoing her skirt. Even as
Joyce watched that to fell to the floor, to be swiftly joined by her
panties. Cordy stepped aside and stood naked apart from her heels.

She smiled as Joyce stripped off and soon the MILF was a naked as she was.
Taking Cordelia in her arms they kissed again and Joyce felt the excitement
in her loins growing as the smooth snatch of the teen rubbed against her
own cunt.

"Have you ever sixty nined?" Joyce asked.

"Once or twice," said Cordelia. Taking the hint she lay down on the grass
and opened her legs. Joyce squatted over her face and then leant over
Cordelia's pussy. She could smell the teen's sexual arousal and their
foreplay so far had been enough to produce the first shimmering of girl

Even as she lustfully admired Cordelia's pussy she could feel the teen's
tongue rubbing her own quim lips. For a few seconds Joyce stayed still,
enjoying the initial sensation. Then she moved downwards to return the

Soon they deep within each other's slots, the sounds of the slurping and
moans disturbing the morning peace. Both had found each other's clits and
were concentrating on licking the other to completion. Joyce tongue lapped
away, the sweet tang of Cordelia's jizz invigorating her tongue. She felt
her own juice dripping between her legs and she imagined that not all of it
was going down the teens's throat.

Several times one or the other paused as the sensations got too much and
the orgasmic feeling took control of their bodies. But each time they
restarted, until Joyce could feel she was covered in the warm juice of
Cordelia and knew Cordelia would be in the same position. She gave the teen
one more lick and then broke, her tongue was numb and her clit was throbbing
like a red-hot engine, both signs of a good time.

Standing up she reached for her panties.

"Come on, I better drop you off at the Mall."

* * *

High above the earth half a dozen spaceships were orbiting. There shape was
crudely functional, with no insignia or decoration. The only items that
interrupted their sleek form were the weapons, jutting from the bow and
sides. Inside there was even less decoration, indistinguishable metal
corridors leading to engine, weapon pits, laboratories, shuttle space,
prisoner cells and the bridge. There were no bedrooms, or canteens or
showers - the crew were Daleks and they had long done away with such

The Supreme Dalek swivelled to face it's underling, "Report!" it squawked
in its robotic tang.

"Virus has been released as instructed," the other Dalek informed its
superior, "Death of all human males calculated in fifteen Earth minutes."

The Supreme Dalek swung away and whirred over to where a monitor, showed
clouds slowly drifting over the Earth's surface. It's eye stalk took in the
scene, relaying it via a tiny processor to the brain of the tiny bubbling
lump of hate, which resided inside its case. If it had a mouth it would
have smiled in triumph, instead it turned back to the other Daleks, "The
Earth is ours. The human race will be our slaves or be exterminated."

The other Daleks broke into a cacophony of sound imitating their leader and
the bridge reverberated with the cries of "Exterminate, exterminate."

* * *

There were a crowd of women clustered outside the Mall when Julie pulled
in. That there were no men struck Julie as unusual, as was the fact it was
way past opening time and that the Mall Entrance was shut. As were all but
a handful of shops around it. Julie shut and locked the door and started to
walk over to the crowd.

She noticed Bree pull into the car-park. Julie considered pretending she
hadn't seen her, but the light bump on the horn and the wave from Bree told
her she was seconds too late. She paused and waited for Bree to park and
join her.

The redheaded MILF was immaculate as normal and walked towards Julie with a
poise the gauche teen wished she could emulate.

"Hello Julie," Bree looked at the crowd and tutted, "What's happening here?
I just wanted to get some medicine for Andrew, not walk into a riot."

For a second Julie felt a sudden stab of panic. Then she put it down, it
must just be a localised bug. It was her own fault for reading too much
science-fiction. Though at the same time, she didn't mention that was the
reason she too was there.

Bree didn't ask, but instead started to barge to the front of the gaggle of
people. At its epicentre was a frightened looking woman, wearing the
uniform of the Boots the Pharmacist. She shook away a hand one of the crowd
had put on her wrist and spoke to both no-one and them all, "I don't know
when we're going to open. The manager's not in and I can't get in to the
medicine cabinet myself."

There was a hiss of hostility from an already angry crowd. Julie felt the
fear she had suppressed a minute ago return like a dragster racer up the
highway. Her arms shook. Around her she could feel the hostility growing,
dark looks and mutterings. It was like in the history books where a crowd
of angry whites surrounded the black sharecropper. Except this time the
sharecropper was a frightened woman in the Boots uniform and the angry
crowd were middle-class women.

Just as she was about to panic, Julie felt a strong grip on her arm. It was
Bree. She was the only person who looked in any way composed. Julie didn't
resist as the older woman pulled her back from the crowd.

Bree guided her to the car and pulled a phone out of her bag. Julie could
see she was dialling 911. A slight grimace was only sign she gave that she
wasn't happy. "No answer from the police," she told Julie, "I shall be
complaining to the Mayor about having an answerphone on an emergency line."

There was a sound above them, like a crack of thunder, though the clouds
above then were white with no sign of rain. In the distance, a crowd of
small black shapes could be seen hurtling downwards.

* * *

Lynette pressed a damp cloth onto Parker's forehead. There was a slight
sizzle as the cool water touched him. Lynette tried to fight down the
rising fear she felt. There was still no answer from the Doctors, or the
hospital, or even the police who she called in desperation.

Beneath Parker gave a half-conscious groan of pain. His face was a brighter
red than she had ever seen it, and so much sweat had poured from his body
he was wetter than if she had just bathed him. Lynette placed her hand on
his forehead, the heat burnt painfully at her hand.

At least the coughing had stopped. She hoped that was because Parker, like
his brothers and Dad, was asleep. Though she feared it was because they'd
slipped into comas.

In the bottom bunk bed Porter gave a sudden retching cough. Lynette jumped
up from beside Parker and hurried over to him. His eyes were open, and then
she noticed that there was not the normal rhythmic moving of chest. She
fell to her knees beside his bed and took his hand in hers. The heat that
has suffused it was rapidly cooling.

Lynette screamed at the unfairness of it. Tears trickled down her cheeks
and she didn't leave go off Porter's hand, even as she heard his twin and
younger brother give the same cough as she'd heard earlier. In the distance
she could hear Tom too give his final cough. And then all was silent apart
from her sobs and the sounds of Penny gurgling merrily in her crib.

Finally Lynette dropped Porter's hand. It fell limply to the side of the
bed, swinging against the framework. Her eyes were clouded with tears as
she went to pick up Penny. She had to take Penny outside, away from this
house of death. Penny cooed innocently, unaware of what was happening, as
her Mom picked her up. Lynette felt her daughter cuddle into her neck and
she hugged her closer, so that she almost smothered her.

She stumbled from the house. Dimly aware that around her there was lots of
movements and people clustered together in small groups. She ignored them
and walked down the street, not caring where she was going. Behind her she
could hear people screaming her name. She continued to walk.

There was a metallic voice behind her, "Human female stop or you will be

She continued to walk. There was smoke on the horizon and flame. Above her
there was a wailing scream of an engine on overload.

The metallic voice spoke again, "Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!"

There was a moment of pain.

* * *

The Daleks swooped down like vultures after a dying Zebra. Julie looked at
them as they tumbled from the sky in their thousands. She had never seen
anything so strange. They were metal tubes with a round dome on top.
Instead of arms they had a small stick like object jutting from what, on a
human, would be their midriff. Next to that there was enough stick, but
this one ending in a rubber circle. From their top dome protruded a single

Behind her the crowd turned, the frightened showgirl momentarily forgotten,
to watch the spectacle of the Daleks raining down. Above the individual
Daleks a larger spaceship burst through the clouds, its grim outline
blocking out the sky above.

At first the Daleks descended in silence, the only sound was that of the
humans below them, some swearing, some weeping, some praying and some
muttering in shock. Then, in response to an unheard command, the Daleks let
loose a wave of sound and violence.

Blue rays shot from their sticks. People glowed, their bones briefly showing
through translucent skin and then fell smoking hunks of rag. Buildings
exploded outwards, showering those outside in shards of glass and broken
masonry. There were screams from the crowd and they stampeded in all
directions, falling over each other as they rushed to escape. The Daleks
ruthlessly dispatched them all.

Julie screamed and waited for death. Suddenly she was aware of Bree pushing
her into the car and then climbing in over her, brushing over the teen as
she crawled over her to reach the driver's side. The car started and Bree
slammed it into reverse. The tyres squealed a disregarded protest as Bree
swung the car in tight turn and put her foot down on the accelerator.

A Dalek flew towards them, its weapon pointing towards them. Bree swerved
onto the highway and the Daleks ray missed them. For a second it's eye stalk
followed them, then it floated away to targets running on foot.

As if by habit Julie reached for the seatbelt and felt the familiar clunk
as she clicked it into place. Outside Fairview was encased in flame and
smoke, as Bree whizzed past Julie could see a flashing neon sign fall to
ground and explode in a shower of sparks. Julie fought back the nausea as
she saw someone crushed beneath it.

In front of them, another car suddenly exploded. It raced off the road,
it's gas tank exploding. Above the whoompf of the gas, Julie could hear
screams from inside. Bree swung the steering wheel, momentarily
disappearing into the smoke long enough, to get past the Dalek that had
positioned itself of the sidewalk opposite. A blue streak flew after them -
it missed by inches and then Bree was squealing round a corner and out of
the line of fire.

For a second they paused at a crossroads. Julie followed Bree's gaze
towards Wisteria Lane. Smoke wrenched itself from burning houses and
vehicles, corpses lay scatted along the route. And in the distance over
where her house was she could see Daleks hovering into land.

"Damn," said Bree and Julie was a shocked by the prim housewife swearing as
she had been by anything else that day.

Bree put her foot on the gas and swung the wheel, away from Wisteria Lane
and out of town.

* * *

Beside her Katherine Mayfair, could feel her sixteen year old daughter
sobbing into her arms. Katherine was too shocked to cry, part of her brain
wished she could.

A few feet away was the still smouldering body of Lynette, face down and
arms outstretched. Further down the sidewalk lay the body of her daughter,
steam rising from where her brains were scattered onto the sidewalk.

Katherine closed her eyes and moved her head sideways, so that when she
opened them again she wouldn't see the body. When she opened them she could
see Susan standing beside her, still wearing the short nightie, she'd been
wearing when the Daleks had ordered her out of the house. Behind her Gabby
and Edie were clasped together in terror, Gabby's house was burning and
Katherine knew from the tears welling down Gabby's face and choking, cries
she was making that Carlos had still been in there.

Even as she watched a Dalek emerged from the van de Kamps, it sucker firmly
planted on Danielle's ass, propelling her forward. A slight movement of the
sucker and Katherine saw the teen wasn't wearing panties beneath her night
dress. Katherine suddenly blushed in shame. The Dalek thrust out it's
sucker and pushed Danielle so she staggered over to stand beside Gabby and
Edie. The older blonde reached out a hand and dragged Danielle to stand
with her and Edie in a tight three-way embrace.

"Humans," the Dalek that had come from van de Kamps announced, "Earth is
now part of the Dalek Empire. Resistance is useless. Obey or you will be

Around them the other Daleks took up the same cry and for half a minute the
only sound was the croak of "Exterminate".

A shuttle landed, crushing Katherine's well kept lawn. A ramp went down and
a Dalek trundled down to join the others. It's eye stalk swung round to
look at the captives.

It rolled towards them. It's sucker shot out connecting with Dylan's waist
and pulling her away from her Mom's embrace. Her daughter screamed in
terror and Katherine took a step forward. Five Dalek weapon's swung to
cover her and Katherine stopped.

The Dalek started to propel Dylan up the ramp. Katherine watched her daughter
go, terrified to move, but equally scared about what would happen if she
didn't. Then she felt a sucker from another Dalek slam into the her back, she
almost fell as the Dalek pushed her after Dylan. Beside her Susan was being
pushed forward to join them.

The shuttle was dark and cold. It's only light came from a small beam in
the cockpit, and Katherine followed her daughter into the gloomy interior.

One of the Daleks squawked it's orders, "Human females will stand against
the wall."

Katherine shuffled over to beside Dylan. Susan joined them and the three of
them stood their backs to the wall. Katherine reached out her hand, gingerly
she could feel them being taken by the others.

There was a whirr and three clamps whizzed out of the wall. They locked
round their chests and pinned the three women back.

Two of the Daleks retreated back down the ramp and the third moved into the
cockpit. A door closed behind it, shutting out the light. Then the ramp
slid back and the main doors came down and the inside was so pitch dark
Katherine couldn't even make out the shapes of the others. All she could
hear were light sobs and she was aware that some of those tears were coming
from her.

* * *

The trip could have lasted an hour or ten minutes. In the darkness all
sense of time and motion was lost. Katherine blinked as the main door
opened and a harsh artificial light swept in. As the clamps whirred back,
Katherine rubbed her arms to restore circulation. A Dalek came up the ramp,
"Follow or you will be exterminated."

The three women exchanged quick glances and then did as the Dalek said. It
led them down a succession of featureless corridors, until finally they
came to a room within which a dozen Daleks clustered. Katherine gulped as
she saw that three of them had spinning metal razors instead of suckers.
Even as she noticed it two other Daleks shot to her side and gripped her
firmly between their suckers.

Beside her Susan and Dylan struggled as they two were held firmly in the
Daleks grip. Almost as one all three of them screamed as the Daleks with
the blades rolled towards them. The sharp metal whizzed through the air so
fast that it became a blur. Katherine tried to back away, fully expecting
the metal to rip through her flesh, instead it cut through her clothing,
perfectly judged so as not to touch her skin. Her ruined clothing fell to
the floor and gathered in a heap beside her ankles.

A green Dalek moved in front of them, it's eyestalk fixing on each of the
three naked women in turn, "I am Scientist Kral," it exclaimed, "obey me or
you will be exterminated."

Katherine nodded dumbly. Kral continued, "We are going to conduct experiments
on you - to test human female sexuality."

"Why?" Susan spoke, her voice quavering.

Katherine closed her eyes and waited for the death rattle. There was no
scream instead Kral answered, "The Supreme Dalek wishes to see if slaves
are more efficient if Daleks understand their impulses and psychology.
Earth has been chosen for this experiment."

Kral's eyestalk swivelled towards Katherine and as it did so the Daleks by
her side lowered their suckers. Released of their support Katherine staggered
forward. Another Dalek moved forward, a rubber strap-on held in it's sucker.

"Put on the sexual instrument," ordered Kral and Katherine reluctantly

A Dalek moved behind Susan and pushed her forward towards Katherine.
Katherine reached her arms out to steady her neighbour.

"You will penetrate the older woman's vagina with your sexual implement,"
Kral's distorted voice echoed from his modulator.

There was a slight pause as Katherine and Susan looked at each other in
horror. Neither had even entertained sexual thoughts about another woman
and now they were being told to have sex.

"Obey! Obey! Obey!" shrieked Kral hysterically. His weapon swung between
Dylan and the two women. Around him the other Daleks took up the chant,
their plasma guns swinging round to threaten the humans.

"We better do as they say," said Susan and disengaged herself from Katherine.
She lay on the cold metal floor and spread her legs. With one hand she
started to pry apart her slot. She gave a nervous smile at Katherine, "Come
on, then."

Katherine felt herself blushing, she could see that her naked skin was bright
red. But one look at the Daleks menacingly pointing their weapons at Dylan
made her decision for her. She moved and lay on top of Susan. She could feel
the other woman's tits wobble slightly beneath her, as she clumsily tried to
move the cock into Susan's hole. Susan's hand helped guide it in and
Katherine felt Susan shudder as the dildo started to slide down her hole.

Katherine began to gradually move her waist up and down. Her topped remain
in situ, slight vibrations moving up her body made her tits bounce slightly
and she could feel her own nipples move against Susan. It didn't take her
long to get used to the thrusting. It was easy to get into a rhythm and she
began to move automatically, without any conscious thought needed.

Beneath her she could see Susan's looking up at her. The expression on
Susan's face was starting to change. No longer was it a mixture of terror
and disgust, but joy. A wide grin split Susan's face as Katherine rammed
the cock in. Katherine began to speed up, pushing the toy in as deep as she
could manage with each thrust, enjoying seeing Susan's face contort with
pleasure and to hear the little pants, which sounded so loud when your ears
were just inches from the other's face. Katherine felt she owed it to Susan
to go as deep as she could.

"Oh God," Susan suddenly cried, "Don't stop."

Susan's leg ratcheted up and wrapped round Katherine's thighs. Katherine
could feel that they were exerting pressure on her, encouraging her in
deeper. Katherine's mind was in a whirl, she forgot the Daleks, forgot her
own daughter standing watching by. She was consumed by the need to fuck
Susan until she screamed in pleasure.

She could tell that point was close, Susan's hands were gripping roughly at
her back and Katherine felt more stabs of pain as the nails scratched down
her back. She didn't mind - it was worth.

"Ohhhh, ohhh," Susan's was throwing her head back. Her teeth bit down hard
on her lip, as if she was trying to keep the orgasm in her body, keeping
the feelings for as long as she could. But she couldn't hold it, and there
was a blast of noise in Katherine's ear, as Susan came loudly.

Susan's legs fell back down and she outstretched her arms. Katherine
collapsed down on top of her, as she struggled to get back her breath.

In the background she could hear a Dalek spoken, "Proclatin production in
bottom human female 0.96, top human female 0.75. Younger human female

Katherine glanced up and saw that Dylan was blushing. She thought she could
see some glistening liquid round her daughter's twat. Katherine felt
herself go as red as her daughter - she hadn't a choice about banging
Susan, but she did have a choice about how energetically she had done it.

"Phase one of the experiment complete," announced Kral. Katherine could
feel a sucker on her ass starting to pull her up.

"You will now enter the sexual implement in the younger human female's
anus," croaked Kral.

Katherine felt a wave of nausea coming up, but she choked it back down, "I
can't. She's my daughter."

Kral seemed to note the information, his guttural voice saying, "Taboo of
sexual intercourse between human female and descendant."

He swung back towards Katherine, his eye stalk swinging up and down her
body, "Illogical. Union can produce no children. Obey, or you will be

Katherine turned to Dylan with a look of horror. Her daughter paused for a
second and then got to her hands and knees. Katherine walked over to her,
noticing that Dylan was quaking in fear. Katherine leant down and pulled
apart her daughter's ass cheek's as far as they could go. She was grateful
that Susan's jizz still lubricated the dildo, and she leaning forward she
began to gingerly push it in the hole. The cock struggled to fit in.
Katherine remove one of her hands from Dylan's cheeks and gripping the toy
hard began to push it in.

There was a cry of pain from Dylan and the teen began to whimper lightly as
Katherine tried to force the dildo down her virginal back passage.

"Ssshhh, sssshhhh, Mommy loves you," Katherine took her spare hand from
Dylan's cheek and stroked her daughter's naked back. Dylan slowly began to
relax and the dildo gradually crawled up her expanding hole.

Once it was in Katherine began to pull back. Then she moved forward again,
it was a slow movement, but faster than last time. The noise from Dylan was
different to, instead of a cry, it was more a sexualised moan. Katherine
felt shocked, but she reasoned, Dylan was probably trying to block out it
was her Mom and imaging someone else. It was better than Dylan tried to
enjoy it.

She moved her hand from Dylan's back and slid it down to her daughter's
naked slot. The pussy was already damp, and even as Katherine ran her
finger over the open hole she could feel further juice dropping down.
Katherine thrust forward again, as she did so she extended a finger and
slid it into Dylan's quim. She continued to move the finger as she banged
into her daughter's ass, continuing until she felt the little bit of hard
flesh of her daughter's clit. Dylan's moaned louder as the Katherine rubbed
at her. Katherine felt her own sexual excitement building as the end of the
cock buried itself within her.

"Oh Mom, fuck my ass. Fuck my virgin ass," groaned Dylan.

Katherine gave an embarrassed sigh, as she realised that Dylan wasn't
imagining it was someone else, but was enjoying the feeling of her Mom
filling her. Dylan mistook the sigh for pleasure of her Mom and began to
thrust her own ass backwards, forcing allowing the full length to slip in

Dylan's cheeks slapped against Katherine's thighs. And as there flesh
rubbed together Katherine could feel herself starting to ignore that it was
Dylan and just feel a sexual frenzy coming over her. She started to time
herself in time with Dylan's backwards squats. Her daughter's cries of
pleasure sounded musical, and like with Susan, all Katherine cared about
was making her partner orgasm.

With a finger in her twat and dildo up her ass Dylan came. She roared out
an orgasm, and a gush of liquid soaked Katherine's hand. Katherine didn't
stop she continued to thrust away, feeling the hilt of the cock, pushing
deep into her own cunt and leaving her on the tip of an orgasm. Only a few
more minutes more she thought, and then she felt the sucker of a Dalek
pulling her away.

One of the Daleks spoke, "Proclatin production in elder human female 0.72,
younger human female 1.02. Other human female 0.59."

Susan gave an embarrassed smile at Katherine, and dropped her hand away
from her pussy.

Kral swung round, "Experiment phase two complete. The slaves will go to
their cells."

Three Daleks glided forward and pushed the three women back down the

* * *

It was a nightmare. Joyce had just been dropping Cordelia out of the car
when the Daleks came. At first the crowd just looked up, a few muttering
and mumbling to their neighbours, unaware of what the metal pots hurtling
towards them were. A few, on the edge of the assembled mass started to
separate themselves and walked hurriedly away as a foreboding of doom
settled over the watching humans.

Then the Daleks were swooping down riddling people with plasma bursts. The
next few minutes were pandemonium. The crowd stampeded every way they
could. Cordelia felt Joyce grab her hand and pull her along, around them a
midst of people were running desperately for their lives.

The Daleks weapons screeched. Blue-white beams zipped from their weapons
and each time they hit a human there would be a sizzling sound, a flash of
white light and the woman would fall dead to the floor.

Cordelia ran, cursing her high heels. She paused momentarily to take them
off, aware that Joyce was shouting at her to hurry up. The crowd surged
around them.

A group of Daleks glided down the street, chilling cries of "exterminate,
exterminate" coming from their casings. Those at the front of the crowd
dropped and those behind tried to retreat. But there were more Daleks
behind them, gunning down the laggards.

Even as the crowd looked around for an escape route, more Daleks drove down
the side street. The surviving women sprinted for the gap between two
shops, the only remaining safe route.

Cordelia stopped. It was a dead end. A high wall blocked their way. She

The Daleks had entered the cul-de-sac, still chanting their mantra of hate.
Cordelia turned to Joyce. The older woman hugged the teen close.

Cordelia closed her eyes.


The flash of the Daleks weapons was hardly dimmed by her eyelids.
_ _ _

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