Unfortunately I don't own The Daleks - they belong to the Estate of Terry
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 2 (Ff,fff,f/tentacle,ncon,cons)
by LL

The Dalek weapons flashed. There were a series of death screams and the
women at the front of the crowd fell to the ground. There was a quiet whirr
as the Daleks recalibrated their weapons and pointed them at new victims.

"Halt!" a new Dalek entered the alley behind the Daleks, "We shall take
these female humans as slaves."

"We obey," chorused the other Daleks.

Cordelia opened her eyes. Five bodies lay smouldering in front of her,
their eyes wide and their mouths opened in cut off yells of agony.

A Dalek sucker clamped on her arm and pulled her away from Joyce,
momentarily. Another Dalek gestured it's weapon at the survivors and Joyce
took hold of Cordelia's other hand and followed the Daleks instructions.

The small group trudged down the street.

* * *

Through the leafy canopy of the forest Julie could see the Dalek Mother
ship levitating below the clouds. Crowds of Daleks flew back and forth
towards it, sometimes joined by larger ships. As they got nearer the Mother
ship would open its bow and the medium ship would float in like a Great
White swallowing a penguin.

As she followed Bree deeper into the forest the sounds of destruction
became more muffled. Only the louder explosions could be heard, dull
reverberating booms, which woke the birds into a chorus of flapping wings
and tweeted warnings.

They had left the car a while back. Bree opening her glove compartment and
pulling out a pistol and box of ammunition. They'd run across the field or
rather Julie had, Bree had walked slowly her pistol always held in line
with her body scanning the horizon for threats. Luckily the Daleks were
concentrating on the town, not it's rural surroundings, as Julie seriously
doubted a .44 bullet would have even slowed their ruthless efficiency.

Now Julie was following Bree, as the older woman flitted from tree to tree.
Each time she paused and looked round, before dashing to the next bit of
cover. Julie, tired, scared and feeling in desperate need of a bath just
walked without any of the precautions. If one of the monsters was going to
get her, she didn't feel a tree would be much cover.

Finally Bree stopped on top of a bank and Julie stumbled up the slope to
join her. Below her was a large wooden cabin, more a house really. Through
the trees, which surrounded it, Julie could see sun glistening of a lake.

"It belongs to my County Club," explained Bree, "we use it for weekend get

She placed her pistol in her bag, the grip that stuck out looking incongruous
in a trendy leather Versace imitation. She walked down to the house and Julie
followed a safe distance behind her, half-expecting Daleks to be waiting for

Bree pulled a key out of her bag and unlocked the door. Julie followed her
in. The house was luxuriously decorated, but with a rustic feel. Even the
fridge was covered in a mock-wood coating. Bree opened a cupboard and
flicked some switches.

"Power's on," she smiled at Julie.

The two of them walked into the lounge and Bree walked over to a cupboard.
She opened it and switched on a widescreen television. The screen was
filled with the terrifying visage of a Dalek, it's eye stalk so close to
the camera it was like it was staring at the viewers.

It's voice poured out of the speakers set on the walls, "Humans surrender.
You will obey the Daleks or you will be exterminated. Humans."

Bree switched over the channel. The same Dalek continued with his spiel.
The remaining channels were the same. Bree switched it off and closed the
door. She looked up at Julie, who was standing nervously in the doorway. In
normal times Bree would never have invited her to her Country Club Mansion.
The redhead smiled.

"You look like you could use a shower," she said.

Julie nodded. She felt the grime she had picked up in the last few hours
had seeped into every pore and was swimming around her bloodstream. Bree
gently took the teen's hand and led her to the shower-room. As Julie
undressed, Bree got some towels out of the airing cupboard and placed them
on the floor.

"I'll go and make us something to eat," she said and left, closing the door
behind her.

* * *

If she had chosen anyone to be running from Daleks with, Buffy Summers,
thought Willow and Faith would have been the last two she would have
chosen. Buffy after all was the head cheerleader, prime candidate for prom
queen and unofficially voted 'Girl most likely to.' three years in a row.

The redhead who was following her was dressed in clothes so out of fashion
Buffy would have disowned her Mom if she wore them and the redhead's hair
was so poorly styled she looked like she'd been attacked by a horde of
vampire hedgehogs. But Willow whilst embarrassingly geeky was not nearly as
bad as Faith, the brunette, who was walking beside her. She was wearing a
low-cut T-shirt and leather pants which were a size to small. A tattoo of
thorny rose wrapped round her exposed belly-button and even as they walked
she was puffy sultrily on a cigarette.

But when the Daleks had come down and started strafing Sunnydale's Mall
parking lot they had somehow found themselves running together, twisting
and turning to avoid the bright bolts and ignoring the screams as those
around them died and fell. Somehow they'd continued running through the
devastation, each time they spotted a Dalek it gunned down someone else and
they got to cover.

Now they were out of Sunnydale and walking down a road, looking for help.

"I'm tired," whined Willow, she was limping in her bright red pumps, which
Buffy thought would have been trendy on a six year old. Buffy ignored her,
but to her surprise Faith stopped and took the redhead's arm to help her

"C'mon Willow, it can't be far now. There must be help coming," the brunette
slapper said.

Buffy paused and waited for them to catch up. Her eyes scanned the sky.
Apart from an odd bird, which was ignoring the war below, the only things
she could see were Daleks. No USAAF fighters or missiles or attack
helicopters. She was about to say something cattily about this to the
others and then stopped. As far as she knew they were the only survivors,
they had to get on together.

Instead she waited until Willow and Faith had nearly caught up, before
starting to walk again. The road ahead was filled with debris; Buffy walked
on gingerly trying to avoid the red-hot metal chunks that littered the
surface. The wind changed, blowing a petroleum laden smoke over her and she
choked as she smelt the burnt flesh interlaid with that of the gas.

"Halt! Halt! Obey the Daleks! Exterminate! Exterminate!" Buffy turned. From
behind the burning truck a Dalek glided, it's weapon pointing towards Faith
and Willow. It hadn't seen Buffy. She turned.

"Exterminate," the Dalek was shouting hysterically as it closed on Willow
and Faith. Willow was screaming in terror.

Buffy scooped up a piece of metal, ignoring the heat that burnt at her
skin, "Hey you! Frat boy!" Buffy called out surprised at her own vehemence.

The Dalek swivelled to face her, it's weapon came up and it fired.

Buffy somersaulted out of the way. She had always been sporty and agile -
it was why she led the cheerleader team, but the leap surprised even her.
As she twisted in the air, she came to the horrible realisation she would
be landing on tarmac not a training mat.

She slammed to the ground in a perfectly balanced pose. Her knees bent
slightly to take the weight of her body and the shooting pains she had been
expecting didn't appear.

She threw the red-hot piece of metal with all her strength.

It whizzed through the air as fast as a bullet, landing with perfect
accuracy on the Daleks eye stalk. Beneath the roar of the flames, Buffy
could hear a cracking sound as the metal penetrated the glass and hit the
delicate machinery beneath.

"I am blind" shrieked the Dalek, "I cannot see! I cannot see!"

It began to gyrate randomly, firing bursts of energy in any direction.
Buffy saw that Faith had grabbed Willow's waist as was dragging her into

She ran forward and position herself behind the Dalek. Taking hold she
began to push it towards the burning pool of petrol. The Dalek screamed
hysterically, "Do not move or you will be exterminated! Obey! Obey!"

Ignoring the Daleks cries Buffy pushed it into the petrol. Flames rose up
to engulf the metal monstrosity. There was a sound of something exploding
in the heat, and then high-pitched cry of pain. There was another explosion
and the dome of the Dalek rose into the air, before falling to earth with a
clang. Popping sounds came from within the canopy and strange, nauseating
smell joined the aromas.

Faith was picking Willow of the ground.

"You saved us," said Willow.

Buffy shrugged, "It was nothing," she said, "we better get off the road.
Let's head for those woods over there."

As she strode across the field Buffy was aware that her senses were more
sharply attuned than they had ever been in her life.

* * *

Wrapping the towel round herself Julie opened the bathroom door and headed
downstairs. Bree had been as good as her word and had lain on a marvellous
spread from whatever food she could lay her hands on.

"Tuck in," she instructed Julie as the teen stared at amazement at the
dishes on the table.

It was until she started eating Julie realised how hungry she was. She had
nothing since breakfast, six, perhaps seven hours ago. Bree ate more
sparingly, but between them they finished it all.

"Okay Julie, help me take the dishes to kitchen," Bree said. She wiped her
mouth with a napkin and started picking up the empty plates.

Doing as she was told Julie picked up the remainder, though she was more
used to living in a household where dishes piled up for hours before being
removed. She followed Bree into the kitchen and passed her the plates,
which Bree deposited in the dishwasher.

It all seemed so normal, thought Julie. And then it hit her; life would
never be the same again. Her Mom might be dead, all her friends, all her
family. And even if they were alive the Daleks ruled them all. She couldn't
stop herself and burst into tears.

Bree encased her arms round the sobbing teen, "It'll be alright," she
whispered gently in Julie's ear. Julie felt Bree lightly patting her flesh,
just above the towel. Julie flung her arms round Bree, hugging her tightly
and smothering her head into the redhead's shoulder. Gradually her snobs
turned into sniffles and with Bree comforting her soon even they disappeared.
She still clung tightly to Bree, scared to let go.

Bree disentangled herself from the teen. She put her hand under Julie chin
and gently lifted the teen's head up so that they were looking into each
other's eyes.

Bree lip's puckered and Julie realised the redhead was coming in for a kiss.
Julie had just time to start opening her lips in return before Bree was down.
She slurped greedily at Bree mouth and she felt the passion increase as Bree
opened her lips, lightly flicking her tongue out to caress Julie's.

Julie hugged herself closer, as she did so Bree's arms returned to round
her back. Except this time they weren't patting at her shoulder blades, but
going lower to rest on her butt cheeks. Julie rubbed her body against the
redhead's, feeling her own firm breasts push at Bree's larger and more
malleable ones. Bree groaned a sigh of satisfaction, before returning to
making out with Julie.

The towel, loosened by the friction of the two bodies, lost its knot and
fell to the floor. Julie knew she should be embarrassed by being naked with
Bree embracing her, but the feeling of lust coursing through her body pushed
any such thoughts to the back of her mind. Instead she just wrapped her
tongue around Bree's and licked at the flesh.

One of Bree's hands left Julie's ass and the teen briefly wondered where it
was going. She soon got her answer, as she felt Bree's fingers lightly
stroking at her quim lips. She shuddered with enjoyment, as the redhead
lightly traced an abstract pattern around them. With difficulty she broke
the kiss. It was only fair Bree knew and she stammered "I'm a virgin. I've
never had anything up there."

Bree moved her hand, and blushed, "Sorry Julie, I thought you wanted it."

It was Julie's turn to go red, "I do. I thought you should know, that's all,"
she paused and then added, "I want you to take it."

Bree smiled, and caressed Julie's head, "Why don't you lie on the floor?"

Nervously, Julie did as she was told. The tiles felt hard, but not
uncomfortable against her back.

"Relax, Julie. Spread your legs."

Kneeling down beside the teen, Bree started to repeat her rubbing of the
outside of Julie's pussy. Julie quivered in excitement as a finger rolled
over her naked cunt, briefly touching within the top of the hole. For a few
minutes Bree continued to finger massage her pussy, every now and then
lightly dipping in a finger. Until finally she pulled it out and sucked
away a sliver of juice that Julie had deposited on it.

"Let's make sure you're nice and ready," smiled Bree. She flicked a strand
of hair away from her face and bent down over Julie. The teen gasped in
surprise as she felt Bree's lips touch her quim, and she gave another gasp
as those lips opened and Bree tongue dipped into her slot. The redhead
licked leisurely at the clammy flesh within the hole, and Julie moaned in
appreciation, sounds which got louder every time Bree's tongue rolled over
her clit.

The redhead moved her head up, and licked her lips of the cum which had
started to build up on them. She gave Julie's thigh a brief pat. "Stay
there a second," she said.

Julie watched as Bree opened the fridge and bent over the salad drawer. When
she turned to face Julie she was holding a large cucumber.

"Do you think it will fit?" Julie asked nervously.

Bree nodded, "Now you're ready it's amazing what will fit up there."

She knelt down beside Julie, and opened Julie's legs wider, as they had
begun to involuntary contract on sight of the cucumber. Bree slid one hand
over the pussy and with a finger on each side opened the crack. She pushed
the tip of the cucumber into the teen's twat. Julie shuddered as the cold
piece of vegetable entered; it was too big she thought, it'll never get in.

But Bree was patient. She slowly pushed aside the resistance and thrust the
cucumber in.

"Julie, use the floor as traction, slide forward."

Julie closed her eyes and did as Bree said. It wasn't as difficult as she
thought and she could feel the cucumber moving in more easily. She began to
relax, even more and as she did so she felt the cucumber slide deeper.

"That's not so bad, is it?" asked Bree.

Julie shook her head, "No."

Bree pulled the cucumber out and then put it in again. Julie knew what to
do this time and pushed herself forward. She gave a little pant as the
cucumber bounced against her clit. She could see Bree smile and direct the
cucumber to the same position when she pushed it in for the third time.
Julie lay back and went with the flow. Bree was moving faster now, pushing
the vegetable in and out so quickly that Julie thought her arm would soon
be tired.

And as she the cucumber hit the spot, Julie began to feel a new sensation.
She had rubbed herself before, but never had she touched her clit. And now
as the feelings of pleasure coursed through her she regretted that she had
denied herself that pleasure for so long. She began to loose control and
cry out inarticulately, as the cucumber bounced back and forth within her.

The trickle of juice, which had been slowly building out, became a flood,
saturating the cucumber. As it went in it drew out tiny droplets of jizz,
which splattered onto Bree's hand. The sensation became too much for Julie
and she bucked her back, and screamed out in excitement.

"Welcome to your first proper orgasm," said Bree.

Julie could only pant in reply, as Bree took the cucumber out of her pussy.
The redhead gave it a quick lick. Then she stood up and dropped the ruined
vegetable in the waste disposal unit.

Bree undid a few buttons on her dress, before lifting it up and sliding it
over her head. She was wearing a pair of red thongs and a matching sexy
bra. She reached behind her back and Julie could hear the snap of the
fastener. Bree shook her body and bra fell to the floor. Her tits continued
to bounce as she posed for Julie. Then she slid her hand beneath her panty
elastic and pulled them down, revealing a full Brazilian.

"I suppose you've never eaten pussy before either?" she asked.

Shaking her head Julie replied, "I'm a quick learner though."

Bree leant down and pulled Julie to her feet. She led the teen into the
main room and sat on the sofa, spreading her legs apart. Julie knelt down
between them. There was a slight, delicious aroma, coming from Bree's cunt.

"Tease the outside first, with your tongue," instructed Bree.

Julie lowered her head and gingerly stuck her tongue out until it touched
the flesh outside the quim lips. She began to waggle it slowly, and then as
she gained more confidence to move it around quicker. She moved it onto the
lips and felt a slight shudder from Bree. Julie was glad the redhead liked
it and put a little more force and speed into her licks.

Bree spread her legs wider, pulling apart her pussy, "Now go in and try and
find my clit," she said, "don't worry I'll let you know when you've found

Julie lowered her head further forward and slipped her tongue between the
lips. She started to explore. Bree's juice rolled onto her tongue, a salty,
but sweet taste. She lapped at the cum and rolled her tongue against the
soft flesh Driving in deeper she felt a harder piece of flesh. A shriek
from Bree confirmed that the bud was the target Julie had been searching

Concentrating on the spot Julie licked away. More cum came out, too much
for her to lick away and Julie felt the excess spread onto her lips and
roll down her chin. Above her she could hear Bree's panting in excitement
and the clit throbbed as Julie ran her tongue against it.

Bree gave a final cry of pleasure. Julie lifted her head back, aware that
her face was covered with Bree's juice.

"You're a quick learner," Bree congratulated her.

* * *

Darkness enveloped the forest. Willow stumbled and Buffy reached out to
steady her. A couple of feet away she could hear a curse from Faith as she
too tripped over another root which littered the forest floor. The only
light came from a few stars, which weren't hidden by dark clouds and rays
from them hardly penetrated the leafy canopy above them.

The three of them had been walking for hours, there only food being some
apples they had picked from an orchard a few miles back. The sounds of
battle and of the Dalek invasion force had receded into the background. The
only noise of the wood's night-time denizens as they snuffled and flew and
searched for prey.

Dimly, in front of them, Buffy could see a bit of clear ground. Still
holding Willow's arm she walked towards it and then halted. Faith was
coming up behind them and Buffy spoke, "If we carry on like this we're all
going to get ourselves split up. We better stay here for the night."

Through the darkness she could Faith's head moving, as the teen looked
around. Then she nodded, "Okay. I'll get some branches and we can light a

Buffy shook her head, then looked up into the night sky. Above them she
could just make out the silhouette of a Dalek ship. "No. They might see."

"But it's cold," Willow shivered.

There was a coolness to the air, but it was bearable, thought Buffy, they
might be chilled but they wouldn't freeze to death, "We'll snuggle up
together. The body heat should keep us warm."

Buffy took off her shoes and lay down. The ground was covered with soft,
spongy moss. Not as good as a bed, but better than being dead at the Mall.
The other two looked down at her for a moment and then Willow shrugged,

The three of them huddled together and Buffy closed her eyes to go to
sleep. But sleep wouldn't come - all she could see were Daleks shooting and
people falling their lives extinguished before they were ready. She huddled
closer to Willow, her head resting against the back of the redhead's neck.
Buffy could feel the tenseness of the teen's body and she started to rub
her hand across Willow's arm to relax her. Willow made a humming noise.

Buffy bit her lip. She had never had lesbian urges before and she was
surprised that there was a feeling of lust towards the redhead starting to
form within her. In fact, Buffy thought, if she had entertained lesbian
fantasises the geeky redhead would have been so far down the list, she'd
have only just been above her Mom and sister.

Buffy's hand moved from Willow's arm and down to her thigh. She could hear
the redhead beside her give a sigh. Buffy ran her hand over the naked
flesh, enjoying the sensation of the smooth skin against her fingers.
Daringly she moved her hand up, beneath Willow's skirt and down round the
top of her thigh. She slipped her hand under the panty elastic.

And jumped back as her hand connected with an others. On the other side of
Willow Faith had rolled away and was holding her hand as if stung. The two
of them looked at each other, and even in the dark Buffy could see that
Faith was blushing.

"Don't stop," whined Willow. The redhead turned onto her back and slid her
panties off.

"I'm game if you are," said Faith.

Buffy said nothing, but Faith seemed to take that as a 'yes'. The brunette
lay down in front of Willow and started to licking at the teen's twat.
Buffy watched the dim shapes as Faith's head bobbed up and down, and Willow
rocked against the floor. The sound of slurping was overlaid by moans
coming from Willow.

Buffy reached down and undid her jeans. Her hand slipped down beneath them
and under her thong. She slid her hand down the faint trace of pubic hair
that she allowed to grow and down towards her slit. As the sound of Faith's
lapping became faster, Buffy ran her hand over her pussy and extended her
middle finger downwards. Practice had shown her exactly where her clit was
and the best way to get it off. She began to rub her finger against it,
feeling the nail scrape against the flesh beside it.

The cries from Willow got louder and petite redhead's body arched and
thrust against the ground. Finally she gave a scream, which would have
notified any Daleks within miles where they were. Buffy didn't care. Her
own finger was pushed against her clit, rubbing intensely. She could feel
the jizz coming out and soaking against her panties. She couldn't keep the
feelings bottomed up any longer. She closed her eyes and let the sounds
bubble out of her mouth, incoherent shrieks and gasps.

When she opened them Faith had rolled away from Willow. The redhead still
lay with her skirt up over her midriff and her legs apart. Buffy replaced
Faith and positioned her head over Willow's cunt. The pussy was still damp,
a mixture of Faith's saliva and Willow's own juice. Buffy leant down and
slid her tongue into the hole.

She had never eaten a girl before, but was surprised how natural it seemed
to slide her tongue in and out, dabbing at the wet flesh. Willow gave a
moan and this time Buffy didn't draw back her tongue, but ran it around the
inside of the pussy, tasting the sweet nectar of the redhead. Her own pussy
was still leaking, she could feel the damp panties sticking into her own
slot and rubbing against her as she moved against the ground.

The excitement drove her on and she sucked and lapped at Willow, feeling
the redhead shake with every blow of her tongue.

"Uuurrrgghh, aahhhh, uuurhhh," Willow groaned, louder. Buffy felt as much
as heard Willow's orgasm. The teen thrust her pelvis up, almost drowning
Buffy in the sweet taste of pussy juice. Then she relaxed and fell down to
the ground. Buffy withdrew her head, "Now we're all feeling a bit warmer,
let's try and get some sleep."

* * *

The door slid open, the light from the corridor silhouetting a Dalek.

"Move, female descendant!" the Dalek shouted, its staccato tone echoing in
the small cell.

Dylan, climbed off the small mattress, she had been lying on and did as
instructed. She had no idea, how long she had been lying there on her own.
The Daleks had escorted her, Susan and her Mom to adjoining cells and
pushed them in. Dylan had tried to bang on the wall, but it was too thick
and no noise seemed to get through to the other side. Or at least there had
been no answer.

At various points the door had opened and a Dalek had deposited some food
for her to eat. It was neither good nor bad, just bland, like eating a very
flavourless raw carrot. The trays hadn't been collected and were piled up
in the corner.

Blinking, as she moved into the light, Dylan could see her Mom and Susan
were already in the corridor. Like her they were naked and there hands were
clasped over their pussies, in a vain attempt to disguise their nudity.
Dylan spoke, "Mom!"

She couldn't say anything more before the Dalek interrupted, it's weapon
swinging menacingly towards, "Human females will not talk! Human females
will obey! Move! Move!"

The Dalek gestured with it's sucker down the corridor and the three of them
began to walk. After about ten minutes of featureless corridors the Dalek
stopped them before a door. It's sucker extended and it hit a button beside
it. There was a hiss and the doors opened.

The Dalek prodded at Dylan's ass and she tottered into the room.

The green Dalek, Kral's eyestalk swivelled towards them, "Human subjects
will obey!" he shrieked habitually, even though he had given no orders.

Like the rest of the ship, the room was drearily functional. Half a dozen
Daleks moved around it, there purpose not immediately apparent. Against the
walls, computers hummed, their monitors flashing up, it seemed to Dylan,
random symbols. Even the Dalek letter's seemed harsh, having no curls, but
just straight lines and dots.

Kral pointed his suckers towards three metal beds in the centre of the
room, "Human subjects will repose on the apparatus."

Above him a spherical object spun, fleeting over to the beds and then back
to whirl around Kral's dome.

Dylan paused and looked at the others. The slight delay was enough to set
the Daleks to another cacophony of shrieking, "You will obey! Obey the
Daleks or you will be exterminated!"

Lying down, Dylan felt the cold surface of the metal brush against her
back. Even as she wriggled to get into a more comfortable position,
manacles flipped out of the sides of the table. One zipped across her tits
crushing them downwards, and with a clank locked itself into the other
side. Two smaller manacles gripped round her ankles and pulled them apart.

The spherical object flew nearer. From out of it's body an arm detached
itself, a large needle at the end of it. Dylan struggled, uselessly,
against her bonds as the robot hovered over. Then she felt a brief stab of
pain as the needle was driven deeply into her pussy. The spherical object
withdrew its arm and floated away. A few seconds later Susan gave a brief
shriek, followed a short while after that by Katherine.

There was the sound of a Dalek speaking, without seeing the flashing lights
on the top of their domes, Dylan couldn't tell which one, "Human female
descendant and older human female two are both currently fertile."

There was a brief pause and then another Dalek spoke, "Proceed with the

Shaking with fear, lifted her head from the table. The spherical object was
rotating towards her. Even as she looked a panel on it's side opened and a
metal tentacle hosed out. The tentacle's end was shaped like a circumcised
penis, even complete to a little hole at the top. Dylan watched as it
dipped down. She tried to lift herself up as the tentacle went below her
line of sight, but the manacles held her firmly in place.

"I'm a virgin," she cried as she realised where the tentacle was heading.
The Daleks ignored her.

There she felt the cold metal object insert itself in her. It pushed deeper,
banging against her walls and pushing itself further into her than any human
appendage could go. Dylan struggled for breath and just as she thought it was
going to burst out through her ribcage, the tentacle withdrew itself.

She lay back, breathing heavily, and trying to blink the tears from her

She could hear Susan start to scream.
_ _ _

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