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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 2 (fff,Ff)
by LL

"Well we can hardly go back and look for them," Buffy snapped.

"It's your own fault," Faith agreed.

Willow blushed and looked at her feet, "If you two hadn't woken me with
your fingers I'd have remembered," she said, "it was just when we left I was
still recovering."

Buffy snorted, "Willow, no-one can forget their panties. You'll just have
to do without them."

She could see Faith grin at the thought, but Buffy was too hungry and too
tired to really care. She wanted to bang Willow again, but only after she
had washed, eaten and slept - and at the moment she didn't care in which

Abruptly she turned and continued to walk through the woods. There was a
steep incline rising in front of them and Buffy girded herself to start
climbing it, grabbing at roots to help her. She was aware that behind her
Willow and Faith, too, were struggling up the hill.

She paused when she got to the top and called quietly down to the others,
"Come, look at this."

* * *

It had been a long time since Bree had woken with someone else in her bed.
Not since her husband died, and for the last few months of their married
life as often as not he had been sleeping in the spare room. And she had
never awoken with a naked sixteen year old blonde, breathing gently beside
her. Bree reached down and caressed at Julie's naked shoulder. The teen
moaned gently in her sleep and muttered something into the pillow.

For a few minutes Bree continued to rub at Julie, admiring her flawless
skin and the petite firm titties crushed into the bed. Then she pulled the
covers down and gave the teen's butt a light slap with her hand, "Come on
sleepy-head, time to get up."

Bree got out of bed and slipped a robe over her naked body. Behind her,
Julie stirred and sat up rubbing her eyes. The teen yawned and Bree looked
admiringly at her boobs at they bounced lightly in time with the teen
stretching her arms out.

"If you don't hurry up, they'll be no breakfast," Bree picked up her pistol
and opened the door. Behind her Julie was reluctantly getting out of bed.

Heading to the kitchen Bree began to busy herself with breakfast. There was
enough food for a few days. She was glad the County Club always made sure
the getaway was stocked. But soon they would run out and then. Bree put the
thought to one side. She would think about it later.

Outside on the veranda there was a creak of wood as someone stood on the
loose plank near the door. Bree thanked God, that the club's handyman still
hadn't got round to fixing it. Her hand reached for the pistol. She moved
stealthily into the living room. Julie was coming down the stairs, the
naked teen still half asleep and not really registering that Bree wandering
round with a weapon was a sign of trouble.

The handle on the front door turned. Bree brought her pistol up,
automatically moving into the firing position she had taken so many times
at the gun club. Her thumb, pushed down the safety and she squinted along
the barrel.

The door opened, "Freeze! Hands on heads!" shouted Bree at the interlopers.

The blonde, redhead and brunette's hands shot up. They were about eighteen
Bree guessed and the dirt covering them suggested they had slept in forest
last night.

"You're not aliens," gasped Buffy gratefully, she started to lower her hands.

"Keep them up," ordered Bree and waved the pistol threateningly.

Buffy's hands returned to their original position.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Bree demanded.

* * *

It was good to be back on Earth, Joyce thought, as the shuttle door opened
and the Dalek shrieked at the prisoners to leave. The morning sunlight
dazzled her eyes and she stumbled down the ramp, jostled by the other

"Joyce," there was a shout from a crowd of women, who were standing in a
group a few metres away. A dishevelled looking Cordelia stepped to the
front of the crowd and her hand swept up to wave desperately. The eyestalk
of one of the Dalek guard swivelled to examine the teen, but then decided
she was no threat.

Joyce and the others were herded over to join the larger group. Joyce
pushed her way through the crowd until she was next to Cordelia. She hugged
her arms round the teen and kissed her, "I thought you were dead."

When they had been captured the Daleks had separated them out and the last
Joyce had seen of Cordelia was the teen's screaming face as she was dragged
away by the Daleks.

"They took me to the spaceship. And threw question after question at me. It
was horrible," Cordelia gave a little sob and hugged herself closer to the
older woman.

Joyce remembered the same. The Daleks had crowded her in with others in a
small, suffocating room. Now and then the door to the room would open and a
terrified victim would be ordered out and not seen again. When it had come
to Joyce, she thought she was dead.

Instead the Daleks had taken her to an interrogation room and bound her to
a chair. Then they had screamed questions at her in their identical voices,
"What was her name? Did she have descendants? What would she do if her
descendants were in danger? What would she do if she as alone on a desert
island with just a puppy scampering around?"

The questions had come so fast that Joyce had trouble answering them. But
she soon learned not to think about the answer. Every delay or wrong
response would send result in a painful electric shock, which left her
nerves jangling and tiny pains, like being repeatedly stuck with a pin,
carousing through her limbs. She began to just shout out her initial
responses, not caring what they were.

After a while the interrogation stopped and a Dalek had taken her to the
overcrowded shuttle.

The shuttle lifted off, a wave of warm air from it engines, rippled over
the crowd. The Dalek guards swung round to cover the crowd, "Move slaves!
You are prisoners of the Daleks! Obey! Obey!"

* * *

The water coursed from the shower, a heavenly rain of warmth against
Buffy's skin. Once they had convinced Bree that they weren't allies of the
Dalek, the older woman had relaxed and invited them in. The two groups of
survivors had exchanged stories whilst Bree had cooked up breakfast, before
showing them the shower.

The last bit of mud sluiced from her bodies and gurgled down the plug, but
Buffy was still loath to leave the shower. The hot, steamy water played
against her and relaxed her tense muscles. Buffy reached up and rubbed some
of the water into her tits, feeling it trickle down and drip from her

Beside her she could see that Faith and Willow were also busily soaping
away their last remaining dirt. The shower was crowded with the three of
them enjoying it concurrently, but Buffy didn't complain as they brushed
against her. Now she was safe, clean and well fed, Buffy was also starting
to feel her horniness rise. Seeing Willow's cute butt a few inches from her
did nothing to reduce that feeling.

Reaching out Buffy ran her hand over the redhead's naked cheek. Willow gave
a giggle and a quick squirm.

Faith looked at Buffy, with a raised eyebrow, "I thought you wanted to get
some sleep?"

Buffy blushed, but it was Willow who answered, "It's scientifically proven
you sleep better after an orgasm."

So saying she turned round and crouched down in front of Buffy. Even as the
warm water played against her Buffy could feel Willow's fingers spreading
her quim, before the redhead dove in. Buffy could feel a new feeling of
warmth begin to creep through her body, and the dampness she felt between
her thighs was not only caused by the shower.

She groaned and arched her back. Her hands automatically reached up for her
own tits, groping at the firm, smooth flesh. Her fingers rubbed at her
nipples, she could feel the little nubs at the end getting excited as
Willow slurped at her down below. Beside her she could see that Faith was
watching excitedly. With one hand the brunette was rubbing her pussy,
fingering herself to orgasm. Her other hand was behind Willow's head pushing
the redhead deeper into Buffy's twat.

Buffy cried out in joy, her back pushed back against the shower wall. She
closed her eyes and let her face contort in pleasure before she gave out
another orgasmic shout.

Willow moved back, the water from the shower wiping away any juice before
she had a chance to lick it away. Buffy took Willow's head and directed it
towards Faith's sopping pussy. Willow started to lick it with as much
enthusiasm as moments before she had been licking Buffy.

Faith gripped the teen redhead's shoulders and pulled her deeper. Buffy
kept her hand on the back of Willow's head, encouraging it to remain in
place. The shrill cries that Faith soon started giving told Buffy that the
brunette was enjoying her muff dive as much as Buffy had. The two of them
kept Willow in position, until Faith's shrieks subsided and the brunette
was gasping for breath under the orgasm's force.

"Your turn," said Buffy and together she and Faith pulled Willow to her feet.

With one hand Buffy gripped at the redhead's waist. She extended a couple
of fingers, like a pistol, on her and started to push them into Willow's
slot. Faith joined her and started to slide two of her fingers in. Buffy
could feel the friction of Faith against her as the two of them started to
fuck the redhead.

Willow groaned and Buffy could feel her warm jizz secreting over Buffy's
finger. The liquid slid over the skin and lubricated her and Faith's
movements. Both sped up, competing to hit the clit. Buffy looked at Willow's
face. She had her eyes closed, and her teeth were bit down hard on her
bottom lip. Through the closed mouth, animal grunts were still coming and
Buffy watched as Willow's face contorted in joy.

Finally Willow couldn't hold it any longer. Her mouth opened wide and
guttural screams came from deep within her. As Buffy slid her fingers down
she could feel Willow shaking uncontrollably as she lost the power of her

Outside the shower Bree smiled and placed some towels on the floor for the
three teens. She tiptoed out and left them to it.

* * *

Looking down at her thigh Dawn Summers winced as she saw the bruising. When
she had been captured the Daleks had taken her up to the mother ship. She
remember the fear that she had felt as the razor equipped Dalek had advanced
towards her and the relief she felt that it was only her clothes which had
been sawn off. The Daleks had taken her and number of other women into an
adjoining room and then the experiment began.

She knew what had happened there would haunt her dreams forever. Dawn had
been lucky. A Dalek had swiped at her thighs with a rubber truncheon,
registering the pain it caused. This had been nothing compared to the pain
she felt when the rubber truncheon had been stuck inside her breaking her
hymen. Dawn had often fantasised about how she would loose her virginity;
most of these dreams involved a young hunk deflowering her after a
seductive evening of dancing and fun. None had been by a Dalek pushing a
rubber object up her and then emotionally disclaiming "Human subject
one-oh-nine-six pain quotient eight five point nine."

It had left her alone after that and in many ways Dawn wished it hadn't.
It allowed her to see the other experiments. Women shrieked in pain as
electricity was poured through them and items stuffed into orifices that
weren't designed for such large metal objects. And in one case two Daleks
had taken hold off a woman with their suckers and pulled so hard she had
been ripped apart in a mist of blood and intestines.

Eventually the Daleks had bored of their game and Dawn and the few other
survivors were escorted to some cells. She lay down and tried to sleep.

* * *

Bree wiped the table one last time. It was sparkling clean. Only a few
hours earlier she and four teens had been seated round it, demolishing the
remaining food supplies. Tomorrow Bree knew she would have to risk going to
town and appropriate some food supplies. She shivered at the thought, less
from fear of the Daleks and more at the realisation that whatever she
called it what she was doing would be looting.

She switched off the light, still surprised that the Daleks had not yet
shut off the power, and headed upstairs. From the bedroom, Buffy, Faith and
Willow shared, came the sound of giggles and an orgasmic moan. Bree grinned
to herself, she had told them there was enough rooms to have one each, and
had been deluged by a series of excuses why they thought they should share -
ranging from Willow being worried about nightmares to Faith's practical
reasoning that less beds meant less linen needing washing. From the sounds
she was hearing Bree knew that this was not the real reason. Not that she
could say anything, she mused, as she opened her door. Julie was just coming
out of the en-suite bathroom.

"Ready for bed?" she asked Bree, before removing her panties and climbing
into the double.

"Just let me clean my teeth first," said Bree.

When she came out a few minutes later, the main light was off, and the only
illumination came from a small bedside lamp. Julie was lying on one side,
her head leant in her hand. The bedding was down far enough that Bree could
see the teen's nude titties and a slight sliver of naked slit.

Stripping her clothes off, Bree folded them and put them away. She was
aware as she bent over the drawer to place her panties in, that Julie was
staring at her naked butt lustfully. Bree carefully smoothed the panties
and gave her ass a slight wiggle, imaging the look of Julie's face as she
did so. She closed the drawer and walked towards the bed. Julie pulled back
the bedclothes. Bree slipped in, glancing at the teen's pussy as she did

Rolling over Bree positioned herself on top of Julie. She could feel the
teen's small snatch rub against her stomach as Julie wriggled and giggled.
Bree waited until Julie had stopped giggling and then moved down to kiss
her. Julie's tongue passionately dove into Bree's mouth. For a few minutes
the only movements were there heads and the two of them made out, reluctantly
breaking every now and then to get a breath of air before going back in.

Then Julie began to slide up and down the bed. Her pussy slid against
Bree's stomach as she moved. Bree continued to kiss at the teen, though the
breaks were more frequent as Julie started to pant. Bree pressed her stomach
down deeper, crushing Julie's quim lips against her. Julie pushed her head
back and Bree started to lick at her neck. Julie groaned louder and Bree
could feel the juice from Julie's cunt starting to wet her midriff.

"Uuuuurrrghh, uuuuurrrrggghhh," Julie articulated and then she twisted her
legs round Bree, before pushing herself upwards and rubbing her twat
against Bree as hard as she could. Then she gave a scream and Bree could
feel her relax. The redhead rolled off the teen. As Julie panted for breath
Bree ran her hand through the teen's hair, enjoying its soft caress.

"My turn," Bree said when Julie had got her breath back.

"Goodie," said Julie and disappeared beneath the covers. It did take long
for Bree to feel the Julie pushing apart her legs, before the teen's tongue
started kissing gently at Bree's slot. Bree lay back and enjoyed it. Given
that Julie had never eaten muff before yesterday she was a quick learner.
Bree gripped at the sheets as Julie expertly ate away at her pussy.

Once the teen had finished teasing she went down the slot. One of Bree's
hands ratcheted from the sheets and clamped itself to her tittie. She
gripped at the orb, grasping at it in time with Julie's licks. She could
feel juice trickling down her thighs and from the sound's Julie was making
the teen also lapping it up.

Bree let out a shriek as Julie placed some well connected laps onto her
clit, before teasingly moving her tongue elsewhere. Just as Bree was getting
her breath back Julie returned to her bud and the orgasm which wracked Bree's
body was terrifying in its intensity. Julie didn't stop, but continued in the
same vein, first licking at the clit and then moving to the outside, before
charging back in.

Eventually Julie's head reappeared. She smiled at Bree, before creeping up
to snuggle her head on Bree's tits. Bree stroked at Julie's hair and watched
as the teen slowly drifted into sleep.

* * *

A single under-powered light was fixed into the ceiling, illuminating the
functional metal bunk beds and lockers. But even in the dim light the black
rubber cat suit sparkled seductively. Danielle gave another twirl in front
of the mirror, before leaning forward and pouting. The suit clung tightly
to her and she admired the way it brought out not just the curves of her
tits, but even draped itself so the nipples stood out.

The suit looked like rubber, but its suppleness and the way it let her body
move unconstricted suggested it was made of other material. Danielle picked
up some mirrored sunglasses and struck another sexy pose. The world might
be in flames but Danielle was all right and that was all that mattered.

Like the other survivors she had been taken to the Daleks for processing.
Seating her in a chair they had hysterically shouted random question after
question at her. There seemed no order to the questions, nor any hint in
the interrogation that they listened to the answers. But they must have
done, because after she was released the Daleks took her to another room.

There were a few women already there, sitting on the metal benches.
Danielle had joined them and sat in silence. Every few minutes the door
would open and another woman would be thrust in, to join the others. It
took a few hours, but eventually all the seats were taken. The women
waited, all caught up in their own thoughts.

The room was suddenly galvanised as the door slid open, except this time
instead of a human being thrust in, a Dalek motored through. It ignored the
frightened shrieks and muttered cries of despair and glided to the front.

"Silence!" its dry metallic voice sounded above the hubbub.

The room went quiet, even those sobbing in fear did so soundlessly. The
Dalek's eyestalk swept from side to side, before it centred again.

"Human females you scored high in the interrogation! You all score in the
top tenth percentile for sociopathic tendencies! You are being given a
great honour! You will serve the Daleks! You will act as our security force
on the ground! You will smash the traitors and terrorists that uselessly
seek to threaten Dalek Hegemony! You will obey! Obey! Obey!"

It's eyestalk again swept the room. There was a hint of malice in his next
words "Dalek Supreme only wants volunteers! Any human females who do not
want to volunteer step forward."

Part of Danielle wanted to say `I'll have no part in this', but the rest of
her told her to stay still. If a slave she was going to be it was better to
be at the top of the heap rather than the bottom. And something in the way
the Dalek spoke told her that she would be better sitting where she was.

Not everyone agreed. Two women got up from their seats and pushed past the
crowd to the front. The Dalek sucker gestured them to stand in the corner
and as they moved hesitantly over the Dalek turned to cover them and
shrieked "Obey! Obey!"

It turned back to the remaining audience and waited for a few minutes.
Noone else moved. The Dalek swung back to the two captives in the corner and
it's weapon purred twice in close succession.

Danielle looked disinterestedly at the two smoking corpses in the corner.
They should have stayed put, she thought, they were given a choice of life
and they'd blown it. She would not be so stupid.

The remainder of the day was spent in getting uniforms and training, if
that's what being put in learning booth and have tactics and training
beamed directly into her brain could be called. A shuttle had come to take
her back to Earth, as she and her colleagues got in she mused it was more
comfortable and less crowded than the one she had come up in.

Danielle gave one more pout at the mirror and turned as the door opened. It
was a tall, statuesque older woman, also dressed in the cat suit, "Lilah
Morgan," the woman held out her hand, "I'm your new bunk mate."

* * *

What had once been a middle class suburb was deserted. The only sign of
life were a few birds cawing from the rooftops and a couple of dogs eating
at something that had once been human. Buffy looked away, in a vain attempt
to suppress the feeling of nausea that was growing in her stomach. She
could tell from the paleness of Bree's face that she too had suddenly
realised what the dogs were snuffling at. The older woman's hand rested
lightly on the pistol in her bag, and she kept her eyes on the dogs, just
in case they decided they wanted live meat.

"Almost there," called Faith from inside the van.

Seconds later the engine gave a vrooming noise and a burst of smoke trickled
from the exhaust. Buffy opened the door and climbed in. She squeezed into the
middle seat, as Bree joined her. The redhead looked at Faith, "I'm not going
to ask how you know how to start cars without the key," she said archly.

"It's not like the owner, will be wanting it back," said Faith and put her
foot down. The drive to the shopping district was silent. The fires that
had been burning brightly a few days before had all gone out, but in many
cases recently enough that the buildings were still puffing smoke. Faith's
twisted through the wreckage of other vehicles that lined the street. Buffy
tried not to look at the burnt out skeletons which resided in too many of
the cars.

"Okay," said Bree as they stopped, "We need food, spare clothes, weapons and
anything else which will be useful. The three of them started systematically
looting, Buffy kicked down the doors, before the three of them went in and
stripped the shop bare of anything of use. Running over to drop it in the van
the three of them looked like refugees from the January Sales.

Suddenly as they were heading towards the gun-shop there was another sound.
That of marching footsteps and a Dalek shrieking orders. Buffy's foot latched
out to the nearest door and the three of them piled in.

Buffy could see Bree blush. Looking round Buffy could see why. The door she
had kicked in belonged to that of a XXX store. DVDs, magazines and various
sex toys littered the shelves and racks. Faith grinned at Buffy and Bree,
Buffy grinned back and Bree went even redder.

Outside the tramping of feet got louder and with them they could hear the
whirr of servomotors as a Dalek glided along. Bree reached into her bag and
silently drew her pistol. She pointed it at the door, which in the wind
banged lightly against the frame. The footsteps continued, tramping past
the door and into the distance, until they faded away.

Faith picked up a carrier bag and started dropping in various toys, "We
might as well pick up some of this stuff whilst we're here."

Buffy agreed with her and picked up a fetching naughty nurse uniform that
she thought would fit Willow. She dropped it in the bag and then scooped up
a couple of DVDs to join it.

"This isn't the type of stuff we're meant to be collecting," protested Bree.

The two teens ignored her and continued to loot a variety of sex toys and
films. Bree sighed in defeat and dropped in a double-ended dildo. She
sighed again and picked a couple of strap-ons from a shelf.

* * *

The gruel was almost tasteless, but not quiet. Which, was a pity, as it
slight flavour was enough to tell Joyce she didn't like it. She still ate
it, whatever it tasted like it provided energy. One of the women in queue
ahead of her had looked at it in horror as it was ladled into her plate.
The slave doling it out had shrugged, "You don't eat, you don't shit, you
don't shit, you die."

Joyce had accepted her helping gratefully. Beside her Cordelia licked at
the plate, desperate to get the last drops. If the last few days were
anything to go by they would be raised at dawn and this would be last food
until they stopped at dusk. As slavery went Joyce felt that she and
Cordelia had been lucky. All day they and some other stood at a conveyor
belt, as pieces of metal came down they picked them off and washed them
clean. It was boring and it left her hand wrinkled and chapped, but she
could have been amongst those carrying the metal or taking it away again.
The Daleks showed no mercy to those whom exhaustion had overcome - once a
woman in her sixties had fallen over. A Dalek trundled over and shot her.

But the robowomen were worse. They were humans who did the Daleks bidding.
They walked around in their black leather and sunglasses, whips in hands
and holstered pistols at their side. They seemed to take a perverse delight
in tormenting the other slaves - as if by doing so they could separate
themselves from the less fortunate. Twice a guard had cracked a whip across
Joyce leaving her shirt ripped and a weal on her back. The first time the
robowoman had shouted at her to work faster, the second time she had just
sniggered and walked off without a word.

A Dalek trundled into the kitchen. The robowomen at the door stiffened to
attention. The Dalek ignored their subservience and instead shrieked at the
others, "Move human females! Get to your dormitories. Obey or you will be

The slaves hastened to obey, even those who were only half finished. Bitter
experience had shown that the Daleks did not tolerate slackness at this or
any other time. Joyce and Cordelia trudged to their dormitory. Around them
the others who they shared it with, were also starting to undress and climb
into the beds.

Joyce got into her bed, but she hardly pulled the covers up when she heard
a commotion beside her. She turned as Cordelia gave a cry of "Get off."

A muscular looking woman with a shorn head and tattoos had hold of Cordy's
wrist. She was dragging the teen, who cried out again.

"Or what you going to do," the woman hissed. Her front two teeth were
missing. Her other hand reached round and grabbed at Cordy's naked butt, "I
just want some fun."

Joyce rolled out of bed. Everyone else lay still, trying to pretend they
didn't see or hear anything.

"Let go off her," said Joyce.

The tattooed woman laughed, "Why?"

Joyce paused, it wasn't a question she had been expecting.

"She's mine," she finally answered. The language of the jail was probably
the only thing the woman understood.

The woman laughed and pushed Cordy back on the bed. She turned to face
Joyce, her hands on her hips. She looked the MILF up and down, before
spitting on the floor beside her, "What you going to do, bitch?"

Before Joyce had time to respond the woman's fist had lashed out. Joyce
twisted as it hit her under the eye. She struggled to regain her bearing
just as the woman's other fist went in lower and crashed against her solar
plexus. Joyce struggled for breath, knowing she would be unable to stop the
next blow.

The woman lifted up her fist and brought it down on the top of Joyce's head.
She fell stunned.

The woman turned back to Cordy, "Now where were we?"

She climbed onto the bed, pinning Cordy arm's hard against it. Cordelia
struggled as the woman's gap-tooth mouth came nearer. The woman just laughed
again and her slobbery tongue slurped against the teen's cheek.

"If you lie still you may enjoy it," she laughed. She started to rub her
pussy against Cordelia's twat. The brunette squirmed and tried to push
herself deeper into the bed. The woman just laughed and pressed down deeper,
her tongue lapping at Cordy's face.

Joyce staggered to her feet. Beside her she could see Cordelia struggling.
A red rage overtook her. If the Daleks weren't bad enough, some people had
become little more than animals. She gripped the woman's shoulder and
pulled her to her feet. The woman turned, the surprise on her face turning
to pleasure, "Not had enough yet," she said.

"No," said Joyce and thumped her. The woman staggered backwards, her hand
came up to her nose and she wiped away the blood. She looked at Joyce again.
Her fist snapped out.

Joyce twisted in a circle, avoiding the punch. She swung her elbow back and
was rewarded with a satisfying crack and a scream. She didn't allow the
woman time to recover, but instead kicked at her legs, sending her toppling
forward to the floor. Standing over her Joyce took the woman in a

"I told you she was mine," said Joyce and hit the woman's head hard against
the floor. Once, twice, three times.

"Stop, stop," the woman cried out, "Please stop."

Joyce let her go, "Try it again, on anyone here and I'll kill you."

The woman nodded and slunk to her own bed. Elsewhere in the dormitory there
was a round of applause. Joyce blushed and got into bed, she was still
shaking. Seconds later she could feel the sheets being lifted and someone
else joined her, "I thought you said I was yours," whispered Cordelia.

The teen squeezed herself closer to Joyce and slipped a hand over Joyce
side. She stroked at Joyce's midriff and then moved her lips to kiss
lightly at the back of the MILF's neck. The adrenaline of the fight began
to soak away, to be replaced by another chemical. Joyce gave a light moan.
She took Cordelia's hand and guided it lower.

Taking the hint Cordelia began to massage at Joyce's pussy. Joyce could
feel the blood coursing through her quim as Cordy's light touch sent
feelings of lust throughout her body. Cordy murmured something that Joyce
couldn't quite hear. Whatever she said her finger started to get more
adventurous. It slid into Joyce's twat and began to wriggle around. Joyce
lightly took hold of Cordelia's wrist and guided it, until she could feel
the finger tickle over her clit.

"There," she said.

The finger slid back and forth within her. Joyce could feel her juices
starting to form as she got closer to an orgasm. She began to make light
groans, then louder, not caring if any of the others heard. She felt a warm
flush starting to form as Cordelia beat a sexual rhythm within her. The
feeling got hotter and more intense. Joyce gave a scream of sexual pleasure
as she came.

As she lay panting she aware of moans from several of the other beds. The
sound of Joyce being fingered had made others so horny that they had to get
rid of the feelings somehow. For a few seconds Joyce listened to the grunts
and groans that filled the dormitory. Then she put her head under the

She went down until she found Cordy's pussy. The excitement of fingering
Joyce had started to dampen Cordelia and Joyce wasn't going to let the juice
go to waste. She knelt over the pussy began to nibble at the quim lips. She
could feel Cordelia start to shake and through the blankets she could hear
the teen give a quick cry of pleasure.

Joyce started to stick her tongue out and use it to pry apart the hole. It
wasn't difficult to get her tongue in. She started to lick at the teen's
twat, feeling Cordelia shudder with each lap. Soon the pussy was bubbling
away jizz like an overpowered Jacuzzi. Cordy was screaming and beating her
fists against the bed. Joyce continued to thrust her tongue around until
the cries fell to a more manageable level. She slid her head back and
kissed Cordelia.

"I guess you're mine now," she murmured.
_ _ _

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