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This is fiction and I'm not suggesting in real life that in the event of an
alien invasion Anna Popplewell would have lesbian sex with a fictional
character. That would just be silly.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 4 (Fff,Ff,FF,anal)
by LL

There was a constant quiet whirr, sometimes in changed in pitch and volume,
but it was always there. The only other sound Susan had heard for the last
few days was when the door opened and a Dalek, Kral, would deposit a tray
on the floor. Horrible though it was Susan began to look forward to those
brief moments. At least it meant that she wasn't yet being left in the
cool, featureless room to die.

The door opened, revealing Kral. There was no food tray attached to his
sucker this time and Susan looked at his weapon mesmerised with fear. Was
this finally it? Kral said nothing for a moment. His eyestalk examined her,
gauging her sudden speedier and deeper breathing and the tremble of her

"Move!" he grated and swung back from the door to allow Susan out. She
gratefully noticed that Kathleen and Dylan were standing in the corridor.
Like her, the Daleks had not bothered to replace their clothes and all
three were naked.

Kral gestured with his weapon for them to walk down the corridor ahead of
him. The three women silently walked on, the Dalek trundling behind them.
Every few minutes they would come to an intersection and Kral would bark,
"Left" or "Right"

It was about twenty minutes before they got to the shuttle. The cargo door
opened. Susan entered, followed by Katherine and Dylan. Steel halters swung
out of the wall and pinioned them back. Kral followed them in, his eyestalk
swung to look at the women as he reversed into a corner. The cargo door
shut again, and the shuttle rear pitched into absolute darkness.

"Human females," Kral's disembodied voice came out of the darkness, "The
Supreme Dalek has decreed that Dalek-kind will learn more about humans in a
natural setting. We have selected a house and entertainment implements for
you to live in. I will be observing your natural habitat."

He lapsed into silence for the rest of the trip. Only speaking again as the
rear door opened on the shuttle, "Observe your new home human females."

The clasps sprang off Susan and she rubbed her wrist where the metal had
dug into her skin. She followed Kral outside and looked at her new home.

The Daleks obviously hadn't realised what Susan's normal habitat looked
like. Instead of her peeling plasterboards and a garden that could do more
weeding, the house in front of them was a gleaming white palatial mansion.
Ivy tastefully crept up the walls, to lace round the metal patterned
windows. The garden was well better groomed than David Beckham, with not a
weed daring to thrust itself above the earth and shatter the almost perfect
symmetry of the red, white and blue flowers. Susan hated it, though from
the gasp of admiration coming from Katherine she suspected that she was in
a minority.

Kral floated up the steps to the veranda and pushed open the front door.
The three women followed him as he guided them round the house. A
well-stocked kitchen, a library, a pool, a living room - all furnished by
the expensive classical furniture. Susan paused by the TV and looked at the
stack of DVD's - there must have been several hundred, all neatly piled
with their titles on display.

They went upstairs, a snooker table dominated one room, a further library
in another, a couple of bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, one double bedroom, with a
king sized bed.

"There's only one bed," said Susan.

Kral swung round to look at her, she wasn't sure but she thought she detected
a slight peevishness in his response, "Human female. We wish to test you in
your natural habitat. You will need to sleep together for us to understand
female sexuality as fully as we desire."

The three women looked at each other, and Susan noticed that they were all

* * *

The drive back to the cabin had taken much longer than it normally would.
It had been dark when Bree, Buffy and Faith had loaded the last of the
supplies into the van and started out. Fear of the Daleks seeing them had
meant they'd driven without lights, scanning the sky, whilst knowing even
if they did so that by the time they saw the Dalek it was likely to be too

There was a communal sigh of relief when Faith turned the van off the road
and up the bumpy track leader to the house. Willow and Julie were waiting
as the Faith parked the van.

"Did you get everything?" Willow asked.

Buffy nodded and opened the rear doors, "Let's unpack."

Willow nodded towards the carrier bag, Faith was carrying, "What's in there?"

Faith grinned at her, "We'll show you later."

It didn't take them long to unpack; though longer to put everything away.
And even longer for Bree to give the other's enough basic firearms training
that they didn't blow their own feet off with the looted automatic rifles.

Finally Faith gave an exaggerated yawn and stretch, "I'm about ready for
bed," she announced.

She gave Buffy a wink and Willow noticed the blonde give a slight smile.
"Me too," said Buffy.

She reached out and slipped her arm through Willow's, "Coming?"

Willow nodded and looked at Faith, who was trying to convert a snort of
laughter into a pretend sneeze and failing to convince anybody. Willow held
out her other arm, and Faith threaded hers through it. The three of them
went to the bedroom. Faith went over to the plastic bag and pulled out a
thin slip of material. She unfolded it to reveal a sexy nightie, it's size
suggested it was designed either for a midget or a porn star.

"Why don't you put it on?" she said to Willow.

"Okay," said Willow and started to undo the top of her blouse.

"Not here," said Faith, "In the bathroom. Then you'll be ready for the
second part of our surprise."

Intrigued Willow went into the adjoining bathroom. She slipped out of her
clothes and into the nightdress. It light blue material cut down at the
front, it's v-shape slipping just under her nipples. The lacy bottom
tickled against her midriff, leaving her pussy and ass exposed. Willow
admired herself in the mirror, a few days ago she'd never have imagined
wearing anything so daring. Times changed, she mused, and some of the
changes were not for the worse.

She opened the door and sexily sidled back into the bedroom. Faith and
Buffy were lying on the bed. They were nude, except both had a large dildo
strapped to their waist. Buffy was playing with hers seductively. Faith was
lying back, her hands under her head, waiting for Willow.

"Wow," Willow looked at the two phalluses and felt a wave of lust rushing
up from her toes, "Just wow."

"Better than fingers," Buffy purred.

Willow nodded. She climbed onto the food of the bed and clambered on her
arms and knees to between the others.

"Much better," she said, as she briefly ran her hand down the ribbed rubber
of Faith's cock. It was at least eight inches, possibly more and its girth
was such that Willow couldn't quite fit her finger and thumb round it. She
glanced at Buffy's toy - it seemed even larger.

Buffy saw her look, "You'll want to suck it," she said, "make it nice and

Tensely Willow bent forward. She had never sucked at a cock before and
wasn't sure she could swallow it. To start with she lightly licked at the
toy, running her tongue between the grooves and ridges. As she did so she
began to feel Faith's hands slipping under her nightie and massaging at the
small of her back. The teen's strong fingers kneaded into Willow's flesh.
Willow felt herself begin to relax and as she did the thought of taking the
cock in her throat, didn't seem so scary.

Willow enclosed her mouth round the dildo and began to suck up and down.
Once she got used to it wasn't as difficult as she imagined, it fitted well
between her lips and she could control how deep she went. The look on
Buffy's face made up for the slight discomfort as the cock crushed against
her tongue. She gradually became more daring, sliding herself deeper down
and feeling the end of the toy tickle against her tonsils. It made her eyes
water a bit, but she could cope with the slightly blurred vision.

She moved onto her hands and knees. It allowed her greater control as the
cock slid up her throat. The redhead deep-throated it, feeling the toy push
back to deep down her gullet. It almost choked her, but Buffy was lying
back and giving such purrs of contentment that Willow enjoyed her own

Suddenly Willow felt Faith's hands on her waist. The brunette's fingers
stroked at her sides and then Willow felt the tip of the rubber dong,
brushing against her quim. She moved a hand under her body, feeling towards
her pussy. The rubber of the toy brushed against her fingers as she spread
apart the lips. It was all the help Faith wanted, as she started to push
the cock into Willow.

If she hadn't had her mouth full, Willow would have let out a cry of
appreciation. The ridges of the thick rubber toy scraped against her pussy
walls. Faith guided it towards Willow's clit before starting to back her.
The downward thrusts swept along and through Willow's body, forcing her
deeper down onto Buffy. As Buffy's toy passed her tonsils, Willow finally
decided it was enough. She reluctantly pulled her head back and concentrated
on rebounding to Faith's thrust. Buffy didn't look too disappointed. She
turned to lie her head on her hand and watch her two girl-friends fuck.

With her mouth empty Willow was able to give full reign to her emotions and
soon she was crying out in pleasure, "Oh God, fuck me Faith, fuck me!"

Raw excitement was flooding her body and it was like a firework display was
taking place in her pussy. Then a rocket exploded within her and Willow
yelled out as her body shook with the orgasm.

"My turn," said Buffy and got up to replace Faith.

* * *

In the bathroom next door, Bree rinsed her toothbrush and put it back in
the glass. Even through the thick wall she could hear the sounds of the
three teens. She smiled to herself; they sounded like they were having fun.

From the bedroom, came the sound of Julie's voice, "Are you ready Bree? I'm

"Just a minute," Bree called back. She marvelled at how Julie had changed
in a few days from a virginal schoolgirl to a sex-crazed nymphomaniac. Bree
reached down and picked a strap-on from the bag at her feet. As she slipped
it on, she realised that she had also changed. Gone was the prim housewife
and mother, in its place was a leader of an embryonic resistance group. It
was strange she mused, but she had never felt more liberated.

She opened the door and stepped into the bedroom. Julie had thrown back the
covers of the bed, so as not to conceal her nubile form from Bree. The
teen's mouth opened and shut in shock as she goggled at the large strap-on
jutting in front of Bree.

"Like it?" Bree stood still for a moment, allowing the light of bathroom to
frame her. Julie nodded and Bree basked in the teens admiring glance.

Bree clambered onto the bed and Julie rolled on her back, and spread apart
her legs. Bree sat beside her brushing her hands over Julie's nipples and
ignoring the teens begging for the banging to begin. She moved down to the
pussy and slid a finger into Julie's slots. Julie gave a giggle of enjoyment
as it found her clit and Bree lightly tickled it until she was sure the teen
was juicy.

She took out her finger and sensually licked the cum from it. Then she
crawled on top of Julie and the between the two of them they guided the toy
into Julie's slopping hole. It slid down easily and Bree could feel the
teen trembling with lust beneath her. Bree took her time as she began to
slowly thrust in and out. Julie shook more as the cock banged against her
clit and she began to moan. Her arms reached round to hug at Bree's back
and push her down. Bree could feel the teen's pointed nipples dig into her
own titties each time she went in.

"Faster, faster," Julie panted at Bree.

Gradually Bree started to increase the speed as Julie thrashed about
beneath her. The teen's breath was coming out in sobs as the orgasm ripped
through her body. It took control of her and she arched her back up as the
toy banged against her clit again and again. Bree also found that she was
struggling to control herself, the end of the dildo scraped within her
sending slivers of pleasure through her body. But she was also panting with
exertion as she banged Julie as fast as she could.

It was a relief that Julie gave a piercing cry as the final orgasm took
her. Her arms fell from Bree's back and she thumped down her fists on the
bedding in a failed attempt to regain control. She gave out groaning sighs
of contentment as Bree slid off her.

The redhead lay on her back, getting her breathing back in control. She
became aware that Julie had recovered first and was planting little kisses
on her bosom. Bree reached down to pull of the strap-on. Julie's head moved
away from her tittie and the teen rested her hand on Bree's wrist.

"Not yet," Julie said.

"You want to go again?" Bree asked.

Julie leant down and sensually ran her tongue over the Bree's left nipple.
She lifted her head, "Once you've recovered," she paused and wicked looking
grin enveloped her face, "this time I want you to do my ass."

Julie went down and started to lick her cum off the cock. That, and the
thought of taking Julie in her tight back-hole, reinvigorated Bree. She
waited until Julie had finished cleaning the toy, whilst still leaving it
nice and wet. Bree's hand slipped under the teen's stomach and she rolled
her over.

Julie lightly bit her lip and gave her lover a wanton, sluttish look. Her
hands moved to her behind and she started to pull apart her cheeks. Bree
looked down at the teen's naked butt, even with Julie pulling herself apart
the hole looked small. As she paused, Julie looked over her shoulder. She
was still giving Bree the `take me now' look.

"Come on Bree, I'm horny," Julie purred seductively.

Bree lowered herself down. She halted for a few seconds as she felt the tip
of the toy touching Julie's hole. Then she continued to go down. The cock
gradually crunched in as Bree pressed forward. Below her she could hear
Julie's wails, first in pain and then, as the dildo dug deep within her,
pleasure. Bree pushed herself as far as she could; only stopping when the
balls of the strap-on were dug deep into Julie's cheeks. She could hear
Julie breathing heavily as she adjusted herself to dick.

Bree waited until she was sure Julie was ready and then she began to rock.
The cock sled in slightly easier with each thrust and Julie's moans got
harder and louder. The teen's arms were outstretched and she was gripping
the bedding. Bree moved her own hands to Julie's side and ran her finger
along the teen's flesh.

"Don't stop," moaned Julie.

Bree had no intention of doing so. She wondered why she had been worried
about penetrating the teen. The tightness of the ass kept the dildo jammed
tightly against Bree's slot and Bree could feel herself rushing towards a
minor orgasm, even as she could see Julie was heading for a bigger one.

Julie's squeal, when she came, was loud and penetrating. Her entire body
seemed to shake and her hands clasped and unclasped at the sheets, as if
they were no longer under her control. Bree continued for a few more
minutes, until she could feel herself cumming. She collapsed on top of
Julie, letting the red warm feeling subside.

* * *

"Ouch," Dawn winced as she touched her nipple. Again, she felt she had got
off lightly with the Dalek experiments. A machine had tweaked and twisted
at her nipple, sometimes hard enough to draw spots of blood. It had left
her sore and bruised, and she appreciated what her Mom must have gone
through when she and Buffy were teething.

But compared to some of the other's she had got off lightly. Other slaves
had lost appendages, been beaten into unconsciousness or had been impaled
so far in their orifices that the tentacle had sprouted, fatally, through
another hole.

The door hissed open, and a Dale's sucker pushed a newcomer into the cell.
Like Dawn, she was naked, her body covered with bruises, weals and small
cuts. She was older though, Dawn guessed she was in her early to
mid-twenties. Small indentations on her nose, showed that she normally wore

The door shut again and Dawn watched as the other pounded on it for a few
seconds, screaming obscene, though unlikely, comments about the Dalek's
parentage. Suddenly she stopped and turned round to face Dawn. She stuck
out her hand, "Winifred Burkle - though everyone calls me Fred."

Dawn shook the proffered hand, stunned by the absurdity of shaking a naked
woman's hand whilst they were stuck in a Dalek torture ship. Fred smiled
and showed her sparkling white teeth.

"I think they're a bit cross with me," she said disarmingly, "they had me
tapped down to some machine and were trying to flood my brain. I fought
back. I think I might have broke it."

She turned back to the wall. She began to pry away a panel. Dawn had
noticed it was loose earlier, but when she had managed to take it off she'd
been faced with what seemed a random display of wiring and flickering LCD
displays. She had put it back and admitted defeat. Fred had no such qualms.
Her fingers slipped into the hole, "Now if I just reverse the polarity of
the neutron flow... Voila."

The door hissed open and Fred stepped outside. She turned and put her hand
out to Dawn, "Coming?" she asked.

Dawn paused. It was dangerous, she didn't imagine the Daleks would show any
mercy if they caught them. Then she remembered the screams of a woman as
tentacle was shoved up her anus. Better a quick death than a slow one. She
nodded and stepped outside.

"The ships laid out in logical pattern," Fred explained as she led Dawn
through a series of passages, "one side effect of out-thinking the machine,
was its logic was imprinted in me. We just head to the transmat beams and
teleport out."

She made it sound so simple. And it almost was. They made it to a teleporter
room. Dawn stood on the mat, as Fred fiddled with the controls.

"Nearly done. I just need to programme in a slight time delay for me to join
you and then I'm done," Fred smiled confidently at Dawn. And despite her fear
Dawn smiled back.

Then the door opened, "Halt," shrieked the Dalek. It's weapon moved to cover
Dawn, as another Dalek pushed past it to cover Fred.

Fred glanced up. To Dawn her face was inscrutable. She didn't stop pressing
at the buttons.

"Exterminate," cried the first Dalek. It fired.

Fred pressed the button and Dawn's faded away. The plasma bolt shredded the
air where she had been and crashed, in a bundle of sparks, against the back
of the room.

Looking up and the Daleks Fred raised her hands, "I surrender," she said

The Daleks ignored her. Both fired.

* * *

"Move, move, fucking move," the short blonde robowoman screeched. Her
colleague, who had the looks of a classical Greek Goddess, cracked her whip
across the back of someone who stopped to take an extra lick of their plate.
The woman screamed in pain as the leather band dug through her clothing. She
dropped the plate and scurried behind the others.

Joyce hurried to her dormitory. In the crowd in front of her the woman she
had beaten last night kept briefly turning and looking at her with an
expression mixed between hate and rage. It gave her the look of a feral
weasel. Gap-tooth, as Cordy had nicknamed her, saw Joyce look in her
direction. She spat at the floor in a mock heroic action, but turned
herself away from Joyce quickly enough that the Milf could tell it was just

The dormitory was soon filled with the twenty or so women who shared a
space that would have been cramped for half that number. The building had
been closed all day and with no fresh air to fumigate it had a musty smell
of sweat and damp. Overlaying it was a faint musk of pussy. At another time
it would have been a dream of Joyce to be surrounded by women masturbating
desperately. Now, it just seemed a sign of how far civilisation had

Sighing, Joyce began to pull of her clothes. They were worn and battered,
the first rips and holes already beginning to appear. She folded them up
and slid them under her bed. She pulled back the thin sheet and climbed in.
She closed her eyes.

They were barely shut when she heard a voice beside her, "Excuse me."

Joyce opened her eyes. In the dim light she could see a young woman, in her
late teens, standing beside her bed. She was as naked as the others, but
held a hand coyly in front of her pussy, her arms almost covering her large

"Excuse me," said the woman again. It was an English accent, not just
English but the stereotypical middle class accent of the Home Counties.

"Yes," said Joyce.

"Erm," the girl stammered, "I, er wondered, um." she paused and then blurted
out the rest of the sentence in a rush, "if I could be your bitch tonight?"

Joyce ignored the stifled giggle from Cordelia in the next bed. Instead she
pulled back her sheet and gestured to the teen to join her.

"What's your name?" Joyce asked as the girl slipped nervously into the bed.

"Anna. Anna Popplewell," the teen said.

She lay tense against Joyce, even under the covers her hands were cupped
over her naked cunt. Tenderly Joyce ran her hand over Anna's smooth skin.
The teen relaxed a little, but not much.

"Is this your first time?" asked Joyce.

Anna nodded, "I'm sorry. I. You seemed nice. Nicer than her," she raised her
hand long enough to point to gap-tooth, snoring in the corner, before
whisking it back to its previous position, "I just. I want to choose. I want
it to be special."

"It will be," said Joyce. She leaned closer, then ran her tongue lips over
Anna's cheek. A brief smile came to the younger girl's lips. She relaxed
enough that Joyce was able to slip a hand under Anna's arms and roll a
finger around the teen's nipple. She gave it a playful nip and Anna responded
with a light squeal. One of her hands slipped covering her naked pussy as she
started to rub the back of Joyce's hand.

Joyce brushed a strand a hair from Anna's brow. She looked at the teen's
face. She was scared, but trying to hold it. Joyce puckered her lips up and
kissed Anna. The teen kissed back chastely, but she didn't resist when Joyce
pushed out her tongue and pressed it between her lips. As their tongues
interlinked Joyce could feel the remaining tension go, like air from an
escaping balloon.

Rolling over Joyce positioned herself on top of Anna. The younger woman's
hands slipped to her side for a few moments. Then they reached up and
enfolded the Milf. Joyce could feel them brushing at the small of her back,
a moment of hesitation when they got lower. Then Anna's hands were gripping
at her butt cheeks and Anna was returning her lover's kisses passionately,
her previous nervousness forgotten.

Lifting her head Joyce broke the kiss. There was a look of disappointment
of Anna's face, until Joyce spoke, "I'm going to finger you. Are you ready?"

"Y...Yes," Anna paused, then lifted her head to lightly peck at Joyce, "I'm

Joyce extended her hand downwards. She had already felt the dampness of
Anna's juice against her flesh and knew the teen was lubricated. Her hand
rubbed through the light thatch of dark pubic hair and stopped on Anna's
cunt lips. She rubbed her hand over them, feeling them quiver against her
flesh. Anna gave a light moan.

Joyce extended two fingers and dipped them between Anna's lips. As she
rocked them back and for the excess juice splashed out, coating the sides
of the quim. Anna closed her eyes and moved her pelvis up and down in time
with Joyce's thrusts. Even as she whipped up and down Joyce was exploring
for the clit. She knew she'd found it from the gasp of pleasure Anna gave.
The teen's ass lifted of the bed as she bucked and strained. Joyce
continued to thrust away, as Anna grunted and groaned.

From the teen's movements and sounds Joyce could feel she was on the verge.
She sped up; feeling Anna's cum slopping against her fingers. Anna gave a
whistling cry as she came. Joyce withdrew her fingers.

"Want to taste?" she offered the wet digits to Anna. Anna took them in her
mouth and Joyce could feel the teen's tongue wiping the jizz away.

* * *

It felt like she had been ripped into a million pieces by red hot claws.
Dawn was on her hands and knees retching painfully. It took her a few
minutes to appreciate that this was good - it meant she was alive. Gingerly
she got to her feet, the sharp burning pain subsided, first to be replaced
by a tingling sensation and then normality.

She waited for Fred to join her. But there was no flash of light.

"Hands up," a voice came out of the darkness.

Nervously Dawn raised her hands and stood still. From out of the shadow's
stepped a woman. Her hair had streaks of dark and grey showing through the
light brown dye. As she came closer dawn could see that her face was not as
youthful as it appeared, light wrinkles creased around her mouth and eyes.
She pointed a futuristic weapon at Dawn's midriff, "What's your name and
where did you come from?"

There was a faint accent to her. Dawn couldn't identify which city it was
from, but it was definitely English.

"I'm Dawn. Dawn Summers. I escaped from the Dalek ship."

The woman eyed her suspiciously, "Not many people can do that," she paused,
"Come with me. If you're lying."

She left the threat unfinished. Instead she gestured to Dawn to walk in
front of her down the rubble strewn street. After a few hundred yards she
spoke again, "I'm forgetting my manners. I'm Sarah Jane Smith."

* * *

Julie wrapped her dressing gown tighter around herself and watched the rain
batter against the window. It was a size too large, but the fact it was
silk, looted from one of the more expensive stores, cancelled that out.
From downstairs she could hear the sound of chairs been scraped and muffled
hubbub of conversation.

She turned as Bree entered the bedroom. The redhead was as impeccably
dressed as she always had been. But she was carrying an automatic rifle,
which she lay on the dressing table and started to clean like it was her
best silverware.

"More survivors?" asked Julie.

Bree looked up from the weapon, "They came early this morning. I didn't
want to wake you - you looked so peaceful. Six of them, led by a cheerleader
called Claire. They've been on the run for the last two weeks, sleeping
rough, getting food where they could. They were half-starved by the time
they came here."

Julie turned and looked out the window again. Her lover, Bree, was so in
control, so calm, so cool. There was a flash of lightning followed by a
nearby rumble of thunder. Julie felt safe whenever Bree was around. She
turned back to look at the redhead.

"What do we do now?" she asked.

Bree cleaned a little bit of grime away from the firing pin, then looked up
at Julie. Her face was grim and determined.

"What do we do now?" she repeated, "Now. now we fight."
_ _ _

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