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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 6 (FF,Ff,inc,anal,celeb)
by LL

They made an odd couple as they walked through the woods. The tall redhead
MILF skirted round muddy puddles and avoid getting any mud on her immaculate
flowery dress. The smaller blindfolded blonde teen she lightly guided was
wearing a black catsuit, it was creased and dirty, and her eyes were red and
swollen. If you looked closer you could see the family resemblance and that
the older woman's face, like the teens, was sad and drawn.

"You've got to do something with her," Buffy, Bree's second in command, had
told her. And Bree had agreed. They'd never taken a prisoner before;
normally they just killed the Robowomen like the vermin they were. But they
had never come across Bree's daughter before either and that had changed
things. Bree had been hardened by the war, but she couldn't just shoot down
her own flesh and blood as she begged for life.

So she had taken Danielle away and blindfolded her.

"I'll take you to a safe place, then you can go back to the Daleks or where
ever you want," she told her daughter and then led her away into the woods.
They had walked for twenty minutes before Danielle replied.

"I'm sorry Mom. I didn't have a choice. They'd have killed me. They did
kill others who said no."

Bree nodded and guided her daughter past a prickly bush, "I know honey."

It was all she could think of to say. What could Danielle have done? As she
said if she had resisted the Daleks she would have died.

"I love you Mom," Danielle gulped; tears were near the surface again.

Bree stopped. She had never been a good Mom, she admitted to herself. She
had always been too wrapped up in making the perfect family to actually
care about them. She leant forward and gave her daughter a light peck on
the cheek, "I love you too. I always will."

It was the truth. She could do one last thing for her daughter. Make it

The bullet shattered the silence as well as Danielle's skull.

Bree holstered the pistol and looked down at the body. The blood oozed from
Danielle's skull into a sticky puddle. A tear came to Bree's eye, "I'm so
sorry," she said.

She knelt down and took daughter's hand.

* * *

Somewhere a dog howled, to be joined second later by its fellows in a rabid
cacophony of cries. Rose shivered, it wasn't the cold, but seeing the city
she had grown up in wrecked and in tatters. Street after street was filled
with ruined, broken buildings. Charred curtains flapped through smashed
windows, burnt cars littered the streets making what had been even the most
salubrious areas look like downtown Brixton.

What was worse were the unburied skeletons. Tufts of grass grew through
ribs and eye sockets, giving them their first covering. But future
archaeologists would seldom find a whole body, many were missing limbs and
the limbs which remained were gnawed and broken, telling Rose more than she
needed to know about what the distant dogs had done for food now there was
no more Pedigree Chum.

She walked quicker and caught up with Martha and Jenny, who was trying to
explain the Blinovitch Limitation Effect, "Even when we're travelling in
time," she said, "we have somewhere as a constant, which travels forward in
time at the same speed as we do. So if I age a year that constant ages a
year. We can change the future of that constant, but we can't change its

She paused and swept her hands round the empty streets, "Twenty first
century Earth is our constant. This has happened. Even if we go back, we
can't stop it," she shivered, "if we do it would be catastrophic for the
space-time continuum. The Universe could cease to exist."

Suddenly Jenny's hands shot in the air and she gave a welcoming smile. Rose
and Martha turned to see what she was looking at. A group of women armed
with a mixture of modern and futuristic weapons were moving towards them.

"You can put your hands down," said their leader. She stepped forward as
Rose and Martha complied. Then she gave them a dazzling smile, "I'm Sarah
Jane Smith, you must be the Doctor's current companions. Where is he by the

The three women looked at each other, but it was Jenny who spoke, "I'm... I'm
his daughter. The Doctor." a gulp caught in her throat and Rose could see she
was struggling not to cry for the father she had hardly known, "he's dead. He
couldn't regenerate. But he saved the Universe."

Sarah's face went white and her mouth opened and closed like a goldfish
sucking in air. Then she recovered, "You better tell me as we head for our

As the small group headed through the streets Jenny recounted what had
happened, off the Doctor's final sacrifice and how the TARDIS had flown
through time and space looking for it's new owner. She was just finishing
the story when they got to a tube station. Sarah pulled back some grating
that covered the entrance and led them through into the ticket hall and
then down the escalators.

"Mum," Rose suddenly said in surprise.

The woman kneeling over a camping stove looked up in surprise, "Rose,"
Jackie was as flabbergasted as her daughter was. She jumped up and the two
of them hugged.

"I thought you must be dead," said Rose.

Jackie shook her head, "Not yet. And we're fighting back. If the Daleks
want Earth - they're going to have to fight us for it."

"Daleks?" Jenny, Rose and Martha all said in unison. This time it was Sarah's
time to explain and she quickly went through the story of the invasion.

"We're one of the resistance groups. We're not doing badly. The Daleks had
a big base in Bedfordshire, which we and other groups forced them to
evacuate. They've moved to California now, we've got some radio contact
with one of the groups there."

Jenny nodded, "I'll need some things from the TARDIS."

"I'll take you there," said Sarah, she looked at Martha and Rose.

"I'm ready," said Martha.

Rose paused. It had been a long time since she'd seen her Mum and she
realised she had missed her. Travelling was fine, but sometimes you needed
to go home, even if home had radically altered, "I'll stay here."

Jackie gave her daughter a quick squeeze, the smile on her face showing she
approved of the decision, "Do you want to head into my room?" she said,
"it'll give us some privacy."

She led Rose to a small room, which looked like it had once been an office.
The desk had been upended and lay against the wall, in its place was a
double mattress.

Jackie sat down, "It's a bit cramped, but it's home."

Rose joined her, sitting cross-legged opposite. Her Mum took her hands,
like she had when she was just a child and she wanted to have a girlie
chat. Rose began to tell her about her life in the TARDIS.

"...and that's how we ended up here," she finished the abridged version of
the tale, concentrating on saving entire races from extinction rather than
fun in bubble baths.

She finished talking. For the first time she noticed what beautiful eyes
her Mum had, if she stared at them hard enough she could see her
reflection. Her Mum smiled at her, showing perfect white teeth.

Rose inwardly gave a shudder. These were not normal thoughts. Then she
realised how soft Jackie's hands were, for her age they were surprisingly
smooth and the way she interlocked her fingers with Rose was sensual. Rose
thought of her adventures and what she'd seen. Compared to the triple-
cocked Polovians for example, having a sudden crush on your Mum was not
unusual. And it certainly wasn't as unusual as hermaphrodite Zoowayers.

Jackie must have been thinking on similar lines, as she didn't back away as
her daughter leant forward and kissed her. Instead she opened her lips and
allowed Rose to explore her mouth. As her tongue pressed inwards Rose
banished any thoughts about the morality of what she was doing and settled
on enjoying it; after all tomorrow they might be dead.

"MMmmmm" Jackie gave an appreciative sigh, as Rose broke for air; "I needed

Rose pulled of her top and jiggled her titties at her Mum; "You want to go

There was no reply from her Jackie, instead she pulled up Rose's top and
used her mouth in a different way. Rose felt her pleasure level rise as her
Mum's sucked and nibbled at her teats. She undid the top of her jeans and
slid her hand down beneath her panties and started to rub at her clit. Soon
she could feel the liquid cum slop out and glue against her panties. She
gave a sigh of bliss. The sigh redoubled as her Mum slipped a hand down to
join her and they started to finger-fuck Rose's pussy in unison.

It resulted in the best orgasm Rose had enjoyed for several hours.

Jackie withdrew her finger and stood up. For a second Rose thought she was
about to leave, "Don't go," she said.

Jackie pulled off her trousers, "I'm not going anywhere," she replied, the
lust in her voice giving it a husky quality.

Her jumper, bra and panties and socks soon joined the trousers. Rose took
the hint and tossed her clothes onto the same pile. She got onto her knees
and knelt in front of her Mum. Before Jackie had time to sit down Rose had
wrapped her hands round her arse and was licking at Jackie's pussy lips.

A thin sliver of jizz slid out and Rose moved her tongue to catch the
juice. She slid her tongue between Jackie's lips and started to wiggle it.
Soon there was too much cum bursting out for her to slurp up and
reluctantly Rose let it drip out.

There was a gasp from Jackie, "That's the spot."

Feeling the clit beneath her tongue Rose began to hammer at it with her
tongue. Her Mum grabbed the back of her head and pushed at Rose so hard it
seemed she wanted to put her daughter back in the womb. Rose responded to
the challenge and flicked as fast as she could at the button. She could
taste Jackie's juice as they trickled down her throat. Jackie started to
shudder. Rose increased the speed even more, her tongue rippling up and
down as fast as she could manage it.

There was an extra blast of juice, like water blasting out of a fountain as
Jackie gave a scream of happiness.

She dropped to the mattress and looked at her daughter in awe.

"Travel broadens the mind," said Rose

"You didn't pick that up from the Cybermen," her Mum replied.

Rose fished round for her backpack. Jenny always made sure they were
prepared. It took a few seconds to sort through the assorted junk, but then
she felt it against her hand and pulled out her strap-on.

She pulled it on. Jackie watched; her eyes widened and her mouth opened as
she licked her lips in anticipation.

Rolling over Jackie spread her legs and waited as her daughter made some
quick final adjustments. Then Rose got on top of her Mum and guided the
dick into her damp cunt. Jackie's legs ratcheted round and gripped her
daughter back in a vice like grip. She looked directly into Rose's eyes,
"Fuck me like a cheap whore," she said.

Rose was happy to comply and started to push hard into her Mum. With each
downward thrust she could feel her Mum's soft tits beneath her. They
wobbled as her Mum rose up to meet her and again as Jackie fell downwards
with the strength of Rose's thrust.

In her ears she could hear pants of joy as the cock beat against her Mum's
clit. Rose was aware she was also making animalistic noises as her own
orgasm started to build. She struggled to control it and was gratified that
it was Jackie who gave the first uncontrollable shriek. Rose continued
through her Mum's orgasm, galloping Jackie into a further frenzy.

Even in the cool of the underground room Rose was sweating in exertion and
below her she could feel her Jackie was also red and perspiring as they
rubbed together. It wasn't the only liquid they were both producing. Juice
from Rose's pussy seeped past the strap-on, joining the jizz in her Mum's
pussy and intermixing as it struggled out of the hole and coated Jackie's

The orgasm hit Rose like a long awaited express train. She yowled in joy as
she came. Her Mum's hands were grappling at her back drawing her down for
one final push. Rose collapsed on top of her. The two of them started to
kiss again in a tender post-coitus brushing of lips.

* * *

The dormitory door closed with a clang, locking away the slaves to dawn the
next day. Anna Popplewell stripped out of the canvas suit and dropped it on
the floor. In the next bed her lover, Joyce Summers, was doing the same.
Even in the harsh light Anna thought she was the most attractive woman she
ever met. And the sex was great - Anna had been an actress before the
invasion and she could put on a pretty convincing display, but with Joyce
she'd not had to fake an orgasm yet.

She was aware of some other women, starting to cluster round her. She
quickly looked from side to side; Cordelia was standing beside her. The
brunette had an innocent look on her face as she threaded her arm round
Evangeline Lily's waist. They made a nice couple, Anna felt. She wondered
if things had turned out differently, if the Daleks hadn't invaded and
interrupted their film that perhaps she and Evangeline might have been
going up the red carpet to the Oscars together. Looking at Joyce's large
tits Anna felt she had still got the better bargain.

Joyce turned round to Anna, "Are you coming."

She saw the small crowd and stopped, staring at them quizzically.

"Happy Birthday," said Anna and gave her lover a passionate kiss. There
were several claps from the audience and Anna could feel the heat from
Joyce's blush of pleasure.

"Now for presents," Anna broke the kiss and slipped over to a loose panel
in the wall. She pried it open and pulled out a rucksack. She opened it and
tumbled a selection of dildos and strap-ons onto the bed.

"I took them from one of the Robowomen cabins when they weren't looking"
she proudly said.

Joyce gave a frown, "You could have been killed."

Anna leant forward and whispered something in her ear. Joyce's frown went
and she wrapped her hands around the teenager and gave her a kiss on the
nose, "I forgive you," she said.

Picking up a strap-on from the bed, she addressed the assembled crowd,
"Help yourselves."

The women surged forward snapping up the toys like piranhas seeing a fat
German swimmer. Anna ignored them, she was already back in Joyce's arms,
her tongue in the Milf's mouth. Her hand slid down and massaged at Joyce's
cunt, then Anna started to finger her. Joyce broke the kiss to give a
passionate moan. Anna stepped away. She watched coyly as Joyce slid on the
strap on.

"Ready?" smiled Anna.

Then bending down she took the toy in her mouth. The rubber cock tasted
different from the real thing, but Anna used the same actions as she had
with her boyfriends. She waggled her tongue over it, looking up with fake
bashfulness as she licked between the ridges and bumps. Gradually her
tongue moved further down the shaft and the toy went deeper into her
throat, leaving her with little manoeuvring to lick.

Changing tactics she began to suck. She moved her head up and down the
cock, brushing her lips against the rubber surface. And with each thrust of
her head she took it a little bit deeper, until she could feel the tip of
starting to go down her throat. Anna pushed herself forward harder, trying
to ignore the gag reflex. She slid forward until she was touching Joyce and
the cock had slid past her tonsils. She gave one extra hard suck and then
pulled back.

Joyce looked down at the cock, dripping saliva onto the floor, "That was

"It was nothing," said Anne. She blushed and looked at the feet, "It was
larger than I thought though."

"You still." started Joyce.

Anna nodded eagerly, "Yes, yes. Where do you want me?"

It was no surprise to her that Joyce nodded.

Anna pointed to the wall, "What about if I lean against that?"

Again Joyce nodded. Anna leant forward and planted her arms hard against
the wall. She waggled her naked ass, and looking over her shoulder gave
Joyce a `come get me' look. She looked away as Joyce moved behind her. She
could feel one of the Milf's hands move across her pussy, playfully rubbing
at the lips. Anna groaned, relaxing as her fleshy flaps quivered under the
woman's touch. She could feel the first slight quakes of joy starting to
course through her body.

Even though she was expecting the cock entering her ass was still a shock.
Anna gave a shriek as Joyce thrust it in with all her strength. For a
second Joyce paused, "You all right?" she asked.

Whilst the first entry had been a shock Anna realised she enjoyed it. Even
as she stood, barely moving she could feel the toy rubbing against her most
intimate g-spot, sending jolts of pleasure through her. If that was what it
was like when still, she had no idea what it was going to feel like when it
was actively stimulating her. She couldn't wait to find out.

"I'm good. Just screw me, please," Anna said.

As Joyce started to butt-fuck her she discovered what ecstasy was. The
feelings she had before were like eating a Macdonald's, whereas now she was
devouring a cordon-bleu steak from cows that had only eaten the greenest of
grass. She screamed loudly, drowning out the sounds of all the other women
who were also orgasming. It got even better as Joyce moved from massaging
the outside of her twat to sliding a couple of fingers hard against her

Anna couldn't keep count of the waves of orgasms that wracked her body, nor
did she want to. All she wanted to do was bask in them and enjoy the
feeling of Joyce within her. She gave another cry of pleasure. Jizz was
sliding down the inside of her thighs, leaving a sticky trail.

"Oh God," she shrieked again and then again even louder.

On the next bed Cordy looked up from Evangeline's pussy, "I do wish Anna
would be quieter, I'm trying to concentrate."

Mentally cursing the interruption, Evangeline replied, "You're doing just
fine." She glanced to one side, "If I was giving you as hard a bang as
Joyce is giving Anna, you'd be screaming too."

Cordy's eye's lit up, "I think they're nearly finished. I'm sure Joyce will
let us borrow the strap-on."

Joyce was indeed slowing down as Anna's cries were now softer moans of
pleasure. With a pop she pulled out the cock and slid it down her thighs.
She stepped out of the leather band and guided Anna towards the bed.

"Can we have the dildo?" Cordelia moved her head away from Evangeline's

"Help yourself," said Joyce. She slipped into bed beside Anna and started
to remassage her girlfriend's pussy back into life.

Cordy picked up the dildo and slid it up Evangeline's thighs. The other
woman lay back as Cordy tightened the leather strap. The cock was still
damp from Anna and so Evangeline didn't think Cordy would need to lubricate
it. She was right. Cordelia squatted over it and lowered herself gradually
down. Evangeline guided the toy into her puckered back-hole. Cordy gave a
grunt and continued to push down, her weight pushing the cock hard against
Evangeline's cunt.

As Cordy started to bounce up and down, Evangeline lay back and enjoyed
herself. Her girlfriend did all the work and all she had to do was lightly
hold Cordy's waist and make sure when she gave an extra large jump up that
she guided Cordy down onto the dildo again. She watched beads of sweat
appear on Cordy's naked back. As they slid down her back to the top of her
ass crack they left silvery trails of water.

Cordy was screaming in pleasure, not as loud as Anna, but loud enough that
Evangeline could tell the teen was not regretting having the dildo up her
ass. Evangeline was also enjoying it. The haft of the cock was rubbing
within her own pussy, sending sparks of enjoyment through her body. Each
time it hit the clit, already well worked over by Cordelia's tongue,
Evangeline shuddered. Soon the individual waves merged into one cataclysmic
tsunami of pleasure and she roared in pleasure.

Cordy continued, thrusting back and forth through a number of orgasms.
Finally she was spent. She lifted herself off and collapsed across
Evangeline. Seconds later she was asleep. Evangeline rubbed her hair and
gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

All round the dormitory the orgasmic cries were stopping, to be replaced by
contented purrs and snores. Evangeline closed her eyes. Soon it would be
morning and the pleasant interlude would be over for another day.

* * *

Ducking behind the ruined wall Jenny grimaced to herself. Beside her, Sarah
Jane, who had also peeked round, was pulling a similar face. The older
woman made a gesture with her hand. The teenage brunette, who Sarah had
introduced as Dawn, nodded. She took Martha's arm and moved back a few feet
to some new cover. Dawn took up a firing position, covering the gap in the

Crouching Jenny and Sarah ran to join them. Jenny replaced Dawn in the
firing position, as the teenager again took hold off Martha and hustled her
back. They repeated the manoeuvre again and again, Jenny silently impressed
by the professionalism that the rebels displayed.

Eventually Sarah moved back to a new position and instead of moving when
Dawn appeared just let out one heart felt word, "Fuck."

"What's up?" said Martha, "Wasn't the TARDIS just down the street?"

Jenny nodded, "It was. Together with about twenty Daleks. And they looked
very interested in it."

Sarah gave a bitter smile, "I don't think I've ever seen a Dalek in a panic

She stood up, "Let's head back to base. If there's a bright side I can bet
the Daleks are taking the TARDIS to their base in California."

"That's the bright side," said Martha, "its not like we can go to Heathrow
and get a flight over."

Jenny paused, "You said you had radio contact with a Californian rebel

Sarah nodded.

They walked on in silence, Jenny was aware that the others were looking at
her, suspecting she had a plan. She didn't want to say anything until she
got to the hideout and saw if her plan would work. If it did they wouldn't
need a Virgin Airlines flight, if it didn't.. She had no idea how they
would get back to the TARDIS.

* * *

Beneath her Julie squealed in pleasure. Bree grunted again and thrust
downwards into the teen's asshole. Ever since she'd been introduced to anal
sex Julie just couldn't get enough and she continually pestered her lover
to use the strap-on dildo up that hole. As Bree raised herself up, girding
her loins for another stroke, she conceded to herself, that this wasn't a
bad thing to be pestered about.

"Do me harder, please," squealed Julie as Bree crashed down on her with all
her strength. Bree couldn't comply she was already using as much strength
and weight as she could muster. Luckily Julie didn't ask again and instead
switched to a series of orgasmic cries.

Bree finished her off and then rolled of Julie. For a few minutes they lay
together, whispering sweet nothings at each other. Finally Bree swung her
legs of the bed and slipped of the strap-on. A quick shower followed and
then she was ready to face the day.

In the bedroom Julie had slipped into a robe, leaving it loose enough that
it only just covered her cunt and left most of her tits on display. Bree
gave her a kiss; Julie could be a bit of an exhibitionist at times. In fact
the night before she had entertained most of the rebel band, with a display
of what she could do with a cucumber.

The first sitting for breakfast was just finishing and queues were already
starting to develop for the downstairs bathroom. Over the last few months
the rebel band had grown until there were now about forty women crushed
into a house, which was designed to fit no more than eight.

Preparing breakfast was one of Bree's favourite times of the day. It
allowed her a brief respite from being in charge and thinking up plans to
hit the Daleks, instead she could imagine that she was just cooking for an
extremely large number of houseguests. Then for a few moments she could
imagine Danielle was alive and about to come downstairs, rather than
rotting in a shallow grave out in the forest.

The breakfast fantasy was rudely interrupted. A shriek came from the room
upstairs, where the radio was kept. Bree grabbed her pistol of the counter
and took the stairs two at a time. She was dimly aware that Buffy was
behind her.

The door to the radio room had been pushed open and Phoebe and her sisters
were standing rifles clasped to their shoulders. Bree noted that their
fingers were tensed on the triggers and the weapons were moving slightly as
they tracked someone in the room. A young attractive blonde stepped out;
she placed a hand on the barrel and pushed away the rifle pointed in her

"Hi, I'm..." she started to say.

Before she could complete her sentence a brunette teen followed her out.
She looked nervous and her hands were planted so firmly on her head that
they looked like they sprouted from there.

"Dawn!" shrieked Buffy and ran forward to embrace her sister.

"... Jenny," completed the blonde. She looked slightly aggrieved; "You know
each other?"

"We're sisters," explained Dawn, but as Piper was still pointing a weapon
at her, even being embraced by her sister didn't persuade her to move her
hands from her head.

Jenny introduced the others as they came out," Sarah Jane Smith, Rose, her
Mum Jackie, Martha," she paused, "You must be Bree. I need your help to
destroy the Daleks."
_ _ _

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