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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 7 (Ff,fff,Ff,anal)
by LL

"I have scanned for the nutrients for a healthy baby and have prepared
breakfast to ensure that you get the optimum requirements," Kral intoned.
Dylan winced, when she came down for breakfast after a hard night's bonking
she'd been looking forward to something tasty. She patted her stomach, both
to make sure the baby was still ensconced in her womb and because she was

"You are such an old woman," she told the Dalek.

Kral's eyestalk wiggled at her, "Correction Dy-lan - my gender is male."

"It's not literal. it's a figure." there was a sound like an disc drive
overloading from Kral, ". you knew that didn't you? You're just teasing

The Dalek continued to laugh, "You are so gullible," he said between

Dylan blushed. There was only one thing to do with a maniac Dalek and that
was revenge, "If you don't stop laughing I'm not eating your nutritional
breakfast. I'll make something myself."

"It's pancakes - the nutrition is in the fruit."

"Smart ass," said Dylan. She waited a few seconds until Kral was back in
control of his servomotors and had put the food in front of her. She tucked
in; Kral was an excellent chef. Over the last few months Kral had read
through every book in the house, including a variety of cooking manuals and
had picked up all the skills. It also meant he could bore for America on
the works of Charles Dickens, with who's writing he seemed to have an
unhealthy obsession.

As Dylan was half way through the meal Susan came into the kitchen. Her
eyes were black from lack of sleep and several times Dylan had been awoken
by her lover tossing fitfully, struggling to sleep. Dylan's pregnancy was
going like a dream; her daughter seemed to sleep at the same time as her.
Susan's unborn baby was not only bigger, pulling hard at her back muscles,
but also wanted to indulge in kick-boxing contests at three in the morning.

Dylan could see Kral considering whether to tease Susan, but he decided
against it and just put the plate in front of her, before whirring over to
the fridge to get some juice. It was impressive, thought Dylan, how quickly
the Dalek had learnt to read human emotion and that a grumpy Susan, first
thing in the morning, was someone to be trifled with.

"Good morning."

Susan looked up with a scowl, as the fourth member of the household bounded
in. Katherine had taken a shower, a towel wrapped round her head kept her
damp hair in place, but there were still traces of water visible beneath
her open robe. She kissed Dylan lightly on the head, who patted her Mom's
behind in greeting. The kiss on Susan elicited a brief smile from the other
Milf. Finally Katherine pecked Kral on his dome and grabbed the final plate
of pancakes.

Waiting until they were finished Kral scooped up the plates and took them
over to the dishwasher.

"We report to the Supreme Dalek tomorrow," he announced. He paused and
Dylan could detect a slight edge of worry in his voice, "I am understanding
humans better, but the Supreme Dalek does not accept my recommendations. I
must stop him terminating the experiment - there is much more we must

There were audible gulps from Katherine and Susan. Dylan too understood
what this could mean.

* * *

"It was easy," said Jenny, before launching into a stream of technobabble.

Sitting beside her sister Dawn nodded sagely trying to look like she
understood. Buffy frowned, as a cheerleader she didn't have to make any
pretensions for intelligence. Dawn also guessed, from the light touches
that Faith and Willow, were giving her sister, that Buffy didn't have the
same ambition to get into Jenny's knickers as Dawn did.

There was a sigh from Jenny as she saw her explanation had gone over the
head of her audience, "I reversed the singularity neutrons of the radio and
using the power from the tube lines boosted the radio waves to make them
transport matter. It's how all teleporters work."

There was assorted noddings and mutterings of agreement, though Dawn
suspected she wasn't the only one to whom the explanation was still

The redheaded MILF, who seemed to be in charge coughed, "Thank you Jenny,
that's made things a lot clearer."

Jenny beamed in delight, obviously not recognising the sarcasm in Bree's
voice. Bree spoke again, "Now you said something about killing Daleks."

Nodding Jenny stood up and moved to the front of the room. She pulled over
a stool and put a foot on it, standing in a heroic pose, like a squadron
commander about to brief her Spitfire pilots before they took on Goering's
best. "Have you ever wondered why the Daleks haven't switched off the

Dawn nodded and started to speak, but Jenny continued without a pause,
"It's very simple. Daleks need power. They can store enough to cope without
it for only a few days at most. However, they learnt from the Sontarans."
there was a series of blank looks around the room. Jenny sighed, "Potato
headed dwarf like creatures. They have a vent in the back of their neck to
power up - it's there only real weakness.

"Well the Daleks have learnt from them that standing, er, rolling in line
to be juiced up is when your enemies attack. And then you're toasters. So
the Daleks draw electricity from the atmosphere - all those rays pushed out
by the power stations don't only fuel your lights and fridge, but also

"Of course that strength is also their weakness. Each Dalek has a tiny
microcomputer that regulates the amount of electricity they draw in. Too
little and they whirr to a halt, too much and." Jenny waved her hands in
what was supposed to be a drawing of an explosion, but which to Dawn looked
like an outline of a woman's hips, "Kaboom!"

"I understand," said Bree, "so we shut down all the power plants."

Dawn glared at her, but Bree ignored her and continued unabashed, "Or
perhaps we go in and turn them up a notch?"

Shaking her head, Jenny continued, "No, nothing so drastic. As each planet
is different all Dalek command ships have a modulator which adjusts the
microcomputer based on gravity, atmospheric fluctuations etc. I've some
equipment in the TARDIS which will allow me to make a few changes to the
modulator - with fatal results for the Daleks."

There was a pause, Dawn could see the big problem with that plan, but
waited for someone else to point it out. It was Faith who spoke first, "I
thought this TARDIS thing was on the Dalek ship."

There was a slight grimace from Jenny, "Yes."

"You'll need a diversion, then," said Bree.

There was another nod from Jenny, "Yes."

There was silence for a few minutes as everyone looked at Bree. Dawn could
see that there was a sudden crushing responsibility on the Milf's shoulders -
the human race in the abstract versus the reality that some, or even all, of
the women in this room might die for a forlorn hope.

"We'll do it," said Bree finally. She smiled as around the room the rebels
spontaneously broke into cheers and applause, "We'll fight."

* * *

"Okay," Bree folded up the map and slid it into her pocket; "Everyone knows
the plan. It'll be an early start tomorrow. Try and get some sleep, or
whatever you all do at night to keep you relaxed."

There was a burst of laughter from the assembled crowd. Julie laughed with
them, though she was hoping Bree was aiming more for the relaxation part
than the sleeping part. They had been planning the attack all afternoon and
well into the evening. There had been a brief break for dinner and back to
planning and yet more planning.

She stood up as Bree stepped down from the stool she'd been standing on and
came towards her. Bree arms slipped lightly into hers, "Ready for bed?" she

Julie nodded and they gave their goodnights as they headed for their room.
All around them others were thinking the same and heading for one last fuck
before they went to war. In the bedroom they both undressed and as she
looked at the naked woman in front of her Julie felt a sudden burst of
absolute happiness.

It might all end tomorrow, but tonight she was with the woman she loved
dearly and with absolute commitment. And as Bree smiled at her she knew
that the feelings were mutual. After all the pain and death and destruction
it almost seemed worthwhile.

"I guess you'll want to relax before sleeping," Julie stepped closer to
Bree. She ran her hand over the redhead's pussy.

"Yes," said Bree. They leant together and kissed. Julie could feel Bree's
large tits crushing against her chest, the nipples rubbing harshly against
her skin. She extended a couple of finger and slotted them in Bree's cunt.
Bree's tongue lashed about wildly as Julie moved her fingers to the clit.
She massaged it between them, enjoying the warm wet jizz that leaked
against her fingers.

As she played Julie could feel Bree's excitement mounting. Her mouth was
pressed against Julie as with each swish of an orgasm Bree tongue slurped
deeper into her. She shuddered and clasped Julie closer and the teen
vibrated from every shake of her lover.

"UUUUrrrghhh, aaarrrrggghhh," Bree came in an explosion of noise. Her head
whipped back and her face contorted in pleasure.

"And that's only the first," said Julie.

She guided Bree onto the bed. The redhead offered no resistance as Julie
pulled apart her legs. Julie pushed back her long hair and knelt down. Bree
moved her legs so that they rested on the teen's shoulders as Julie leant
forward. She took the older woman's quim lips in her mouth and lightly bit
at it. Bree gave a slight cry as the teeth dug into her smooth skin. Julie
let go and slid her tongue over the bite marks, easing the slight wound.
She continued to rub away at the outside cleaning away some of the excess
juice, even as Bree's sexual excitement produced more.

Then her tongue went down the damp hole. Julie could feel Bree's legs
rubbing against her shoulders as each dip of her tongue brought a reaction.
Knowing the effect she was having on her lover, was the second best feeling
in the world. The best would wait until she had pumped Bree into multiple
orgasms. She licked Bree's spot; each time her tongue flicked back it
brought with it the sweet taste of Bree's cum.

Bree's legs rattled against Julie's shoulder blades as she shrieked in
orgasmic delight.

"I love you," gasped the redhead between her pants.

There was no reply from Julie who was still eating away at the Milf's
snatch. The orgasm had wetted her appetite and she wanted to eat away more
of the jizz, to feel it trickle down her throat and to so embed the taste
in her mind that she would remember it forever. Her tongue rocketed out and
rubbed against the hard bud of flesh. It rammed down, not just with
strength, but also with precision and experience of being able to hit
exactly where she knew Bree liked it.

Again Bree exploded in a series of shrieks and cries. Julie could feel the
Milf's body tense and relax so quickly that it was if Bree had been plugged
into the grid. She continued to slurp away, slower now, as her tongue
tired. In Bree's heightened state the slow, tender movements were as
powerful as the earlier ones had been. She groaned in pleasure and it was
obvious she was enjoying the teen's ministrations.

When she came again it was louder and more intense than before, a series of
cries and shrieks that almost rattled the windows. Julie returned to the
outside and gave some small kisses on Bree's lips. The excess cum on the
outside of the pussy smudged against her and once more she brought out her
tongue to lick away at the liquid.

For a few minutes they lay intertwined in each other's arms as Bree
gradually regained her composure. She broke the comfortable silence, "I do
love you," she stroked a strand of hair away from Julie's eyes.

Blushing Julie leant forward and kissed at Bree's nose, "I love you too,
more than I thought possible."

They lapsed into silence for a few more moments until Bree spoke again,
"If... when I come back will you marry me?"

Julie thought of growing old beside Bree and of living the rest of their
lives together.
The surge of joy which ran through her threatened to explode so high that
she couldn't speak, only nod. Bree kissed her once more and then stood up,
"I've had my orgasms, now it's time for yours."

She pulled on her strap-on and Julie rolled over on her back, "Fuck my ass,
Bree. You know I love it."

Bree put her hands under Julie's stomach and rolled her over, "Of course
baby, but I want to see your face as I do it."

Pulling her legs back as far as she could Julie offered her ass to her
girlfriend. Bree slid forward and pulled apart the teen's butt-cheeks. The
cock pushed in and Julie gave a sigh of joy as it filled her. She dropped
her legs down, so they rested on Bree's shoulders and began to rub at her

The waves of pleasure started to fill her as Bree started to hammer in and
out. Julie's slid a finger down her own cunt, flicking it around her clit.
The double sensation sent hot flushes throughout her body. She closed her
eyes and opened her mouth to let out sighs of contentment. Warm cum soaped
her finger and seeped out of the top of her pussy, leaving a sticky lather
on her cunt lips.

The enjoyment started to increase as Bree thrashed hard at her, the redhead
getting into a consistent rhythm. Each thrust stabbed hard within Julie,
rubbing against her secret bud and bringing her closer to an orgasm. When
she came it was wonderful. Her moans, which had been gradually getting
faster, suddenly switched pitch into a scream as sudden intense, burst
which exploded within her.

A sweaty Bree pulled out the cock with a pop and collapsed into Julie's
arms. They kissed passionately for a few minutes.

"Mrs van de Kamp," Julie broke the kiss for a few seconds, "I could get
used to that."

Her lips reconnected with Bree.

* * *

"You two be careful tomorrow," said Willow. She was lying naked in the
middle of the bed, diddling her pussy with a small dildo. On each side of
the bed an equally naked Buffy and Faith were adjusting their strap-ons.

"Yes, Mommy," laughed Faith and jumped onto the bed.

"I'm being serious," replied Willow, "keep your head's down and don't play
at being heroes."

"Okay Mommy," giggled Buffy. She got onto the bed and leaning over Willow
engaged Faith in a lustful kiss.

When she broke, she looked down at Willow. The redhead's face was worried
and Buffy regretted the light teasing she and Faith had given their

"We'll be fine," she said, "I'll look out for Faith and she'll look out for
me. And we'll both get home in one piece. And." she tweaked playfully at
one of Willow's nipples, ".when we do you better be waiting legs akimbo."

Forcing a smile to her face Willow nodded. She tried to answer lightly, but
her voice constricted and she couldn't say anything.

"What you need is a good fucking to take your mind off it," said Faith,
"whose turn is it? Mine or Buffy's?"

Forcing herself to speak Willow said, "What about giving me a treat and
both doing me together?""

Buffy and Faith looked at each other and both gave a smile. Willow had,
despite their pleas, steadfastly refused to go for double penetration and
here she was offering it them.

Before Willow could change her mind Faith was lying on her back. She
waggled the cock, "Come on, slip on down."

Biting her lip nervously Willow squatted over the cock and went down. She
gave a purr of satisfaction at it entered her.

"Relax, Will," said Faith. Her hands moved round the back of Willow's body
and she ran them down to Willow's butt. Grasping it hard Faith began to
pull the cheeks apart.

Buffy could see Willow tense, so she went in slowly so as not to shock her
too much. From the grunting noise Willow was making it was a tight fit and
the redhead's face contorted as the two cocks filled her. Buffy gripped
hold of Willow's waist and began to slowly rock back and forth. At first
the only sound from Willow were little shrieks of pain. Buffy fingers
massaged at Willow's waist and she could see that Faith had moved her hands
and was rubbing the top of the redhead's back.

Slowly Willow began to relax and her sounds changed texture, become more
guttural and animal like as the cocks began to do their work on her g-
spots. As Willow got more used to it Buffy pushed in deeper, feeling the
cock slide up the back-hole so deep that her thighs slapped against her
friend's ass.

"MMMmmmmm," gasped Willow. Buffy held her in place. With each push she feel
her own pussy lips being rammed by the end of the cock.

"UUUuuuurrggghhh", Faith's face was contorted. Her chest heaved upwards,
thrusting her titties high into the air. Buffy could see her friend's hold
on Willow's back was weakening as she too fought off an orgasm.

It was Willow who came first. Her cries of pleasure ripping through the
night air as she was racked with joy. Buffy continued to bang at her butt
as she could see that Faith too was about to cum. The brunette barely
waited for Willow's cries to subside before she too was yelling in
pleasure. Her arms dropped from Willow and clenched at the bedding as she
fought to keep control off her body.

Buffy fell backwards, "Swap," she asked Faith.

"Minute," gasped Faith and for a short while she and Willow lay still as
they recovered their composure.

Buffy lay back and waited for the others to recover from their orgasms.
After her own exertions it also gave her a brief chance to get her breath
back. Willow scrambled on top of Buffy and thrust down on the cock. Buffy
felt the strap-on push deep within her, even under Willow's slender frame.

It went even deeper as Faith's weight pushed down on Willow. The redhead
gave a squeal of pure joy as she was sandwiched. Buffy lay back and let
Faith fuck for the two of them. Every push from the brunette slammed
Buffy's toy hard against her clit. She gasped with each thrust, letting out
low grunts of pleasure. Above her she could hear Willow's groans and
shrieks. The redhead's tits bounced in front of Buffy's face and she was
almost hypnotised by their sleek beauty. Lifting her head she let them bash
against her face.

The cock slammed back down within her again and Buffy felt the orgasm
building. She dropped her head back down and waited, knowing that every
movement was bringing her closer. The warm, fuzzy feeling in her loins got
hotter and she expelled air in sexual grunts. The cock rammed down again
and Buffy felt her body arch as she was rent by the orgasm. She screamed in
pleasure, dimly aware that Willow's mouth was open and she too was letting
loose with a loud yowl.

They lay in bed together, comfortable in each other's arms.

"You'll be careful, won't you?" said Willow. Buffy kissed one of her
titties and Faith, the other.

"We will," said Buffy.

* * *

The stars shone down brightly, casting a pale glow over the garden. Dawn
stood beside Jenny as the Gallifreyan looked up at them, an enigmatic look
on her face. From inside the house came muffled shrieks and moans. And in
other parts of the Dawn could see huddled shapes as Rose and Jackie and
Sarah Jane and Martha fucked away beside the rose bushes.

She stepped closer to Jackie and looked up into the night sky, "They're
beautiful aren't they?" she said.

"Yes. Up there are worlds teeming with life. Children playing in streets,
old men picking fruit, couples walking on beaches. And pure evil; slavery,
rape, murder and love and joy. Once I get the TARDIS back I'll visit them
all," Jenny's eyes didn't move from the night sky.

"I'd love to see them as well," said Dawn and then hopefully, "I could go
with you."

The only answer from Jenny was a shrug.

"It would be fun," said Dawn.

"Perhaps," Jenny replied non-committally.

They stood in silence for a few more minutes, until Dawn spoke again; "Do
you want to fuck?"

Jenny turned from the sky and towards the teenager. Her mouth widened in a
grin, "I thought you'd never ask."
Dawn slipped of her shirt. It was cooler than she expected, though she
suspected that the erection of her nipples might have been more to do with
Jenny slipping down her panties in front of her, rather than the
temperature. The Time Lady gave Dawn a wicked look and then stepped forward
to take the teen's tits in her hands.

"This will warm them up," she said as she kneaded at the flesh, crushing
and caressing it in her hands.

Dawn let the woman's head slip down and suck at her titties. She removed
her trousers and thong, letting them fall down to her ankles. Pushing at
Jenny's head she guided the Gallifreyan to her naked cunt. Jenny didn't
waste any time with further pleasantries and instead pushed her tongue deep
into the slot. Her tongue beat an irregular pattern within Dawn, sometimes
light quick licks and at other times long-drawn out slurps.

Like an overflowing bath Dawn's jizz began to overflow from her cunt. She
no longer felt cold - a warm feeling was rippling from her clit and
spreading through her body. Her head thrust back and she cried out. Above
her the stars above her seemed to be twisting in a whirlpool of movement.
She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the orgasms that Jenny was
delivering. In her minds eye she could still see the stars, flickering on
and off and twirling around in a kaleidoscope of silver blurs.

"Yesssss.. Oh my God, yessss," said Dawn. In the last few months she had
been licked out plenty of times, but no one had ever been able to do things
with their tongue like Jenny. And like the Energizer Bunny she just kept
going. Dawn shrieked again as yet another orgasm bubbled up within her. She
suspected if she didn't stop Jenny the blonde would lick her until Dawn was
dry and the teen had other plans. Reluctantly she pushed Jenny away.

Reaching into the rucksack beside her Dawn pulled out a strap-on. She
handed it to Jenny.

Taking it Jenny slid it up her legs; "You're well prepared."

Dawn removed the clothes wrapped round her ankles, "I was a girl scout,"
she replied.

She lay down on the grass, it prickled against her naked back. Spreading
her legs she looked up at Jenny. The huge toy dangled in front of the
blonde's pussy. Dawn breathed deeply. It was at least ten-inches, probably
more and thought of it entering her was both exhilarating and nerve

"Come on Jenny. I want you in my tight little pussy," Dawn slid her hand
down and started to pull apart her lips. Jenny was on top of her in a
moment, the blonde's hand reaching down to help slide apart the hole, so
she could push the dildo in.

It was a tight squeeze, but with the recent lubrication and bit of
shuffling from them both, Jenny managed to fit it in. Dawn lay there for a
few seconds enjoying the snug fit of the dildo within her as she felt
Jenny's body crushing on top her own. Jenny's hands came down on either
side of her and the blonde pushed herself up, before lowering herself again
with a grunt.

A sliver of perspiration appeared on Dawn's forehead, dropping from Jenny
as the blonde started to exert herself. Dawn gasped as the cock banged hard
within her. Her hand went up to Jenny's ass. She slid it across the
blonde's cheeks until she came to the hole, then she extended her middle
finger and slid it in. Jenny bucked and gave a whine of pleasure. Dawn
looked into her face, enjoying the lustful contortions that played across
the Time Lady's features. As she pushed herself up for another thrust Dawn
wiggled her finger slightly. Jenny yowled and slammed down hard.

They moaned in unison and soon the cool of the night was forgotten as
Jenny's warm, sweaty body clashed repeatedly against the naked teen. Dawn
body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm, each better than the last. The
waves rode through her, sapping her strength until eventually all she could
do was lie back and moan deliriously. Jenny finally stopped and fell
exhausted across the teen. The two of them lay naked under the night sky.

* * *

The gates opened and Kral glided out of the garden, followed by Susan,
Dylan and Katherine. They plodded glumly behind the Dalek, seeing the work
camps for the first time.

The horde of women heading towards the foot hut briefly paused as two older
women (one pregnant) and a pregnant teen walked past them following a
Dalek. Then Joyce shrugged, she wrapped her arm round Anna's shoulder and
followed Cordy and Evangeline to their morning gruel.

In the woods Martha passed her binoculars to Buffy who stared at the mass
of women heading out for the day's work. She in turn passed them to Faith,
who stared through them a few minutes. Buffy gripped her weapon, waiting
for it all to begin. She could see Bree rapidly discussing plans with Sarah
Jane. The redhead Milf then turned to Rose and said something quietly. The
teen let go off Jackie's hand and went off in a crouching run into the

There was the sound of footsteps behind them and Dawn turned as Rose came
through the undergrowth. She slid to a stop beside Jenny, "Bree say's it's
a go."

Ahead of them the Sun started to rise above the horizon - its red rays cast
a bloodlike luminance across the camp.
_ _ _

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