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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 8 (no sex)
by LL

The doors opened and Kral glided into the bridge of the Dalek mothership.
The Supreme Dalek stood in the centre, watching the realms of data that
whizzed across the huge screens on the wall. He swung round to face the

"Report," he screeched.

"Relationship between subjects has led to close emotional bonds which has
made human subjects more compliant and increased their output," Kral
shrieked. He knew it was a lie. Lying was un-Dalek like - it was an
emotional response to dealing with a problem.

The Dalek Supreme did not seem to show any interest, "The resources put
into this experiment for minimal success do not equate to optimum use of
Dalek time. Exterminate the subjects."

The Daleks clustered around the room took up his shriek "Exterminate!

Only one was silent. Kral backed out and headed towards the cellblock where
Susan, Dylan and Katherine were.

* * *

It had been just after dawn the day before when Bree had led the rebels
from their hideout. They marched out, knowing well that not all of them
would return. Buffy had hardened her heart to the weeps of the girls' left
behind, especially Willow, who did not know whether they would see their
lovers behind.

Bree had kissed Julie lightly, before disengaging herself from the teen.
She too had not looked back, but Buffy could tell it pained her as much as
her own separation from Willow. She walked in step beside Faith, with Dawn
walking a little bit behind. She had pleaded with her sister not to come.
But Dawn had appealed to Bree and Sarah Jane, saying someone had to watch
Jenny's ass as she infiltrated the ship.

Sarah Jane had replied that she thought Dawn had being watching the Time
Lady's ass all night. There had been a burst of laughter as Dawn blushed,
but Buffy knew that Sarah Jane saw Dawn as a fighter, not one of the girly-
girls, to be left behind to await the warriors return. Buffy felt
differently, but she also knew that she had lost the argument. She didn't
press the point.

Now they were all in position, waiting for sun up.

Then there was a shout from Bree, and even as spoke the redhead was up and
moving. Buffy let off a few random shots in the direction of the camp and
followed. All around her dozens of women, aged from sixteen to sixty, were
doing the same. Bree dived into a dip in the ground, raised her rifle and
fired. Buffy crawled beside her, but Bree was already up and zigzagging to
her next spot.

"Fire and movement," she shouted, "fire and movement."

Buffy let of a couple of shots. One of the rays struck a Robowoman and she
fell backwards, a ragged burning hole in her chest. Buffy snapped another
shot at the fallen woman, then she was up and running.

* * *

"Let's go," said Jenny. She got up and started to sprint towards the cover
of a copse of trees a few dozen metres away.

For a second Dawn watched her ass. Then she blinked her eyes. Thinking
about Jenny in that way could get her killed. She picked up her rifle and
ran towards the Time Lady.

Sliding into cover Dawn looked at Jenny. The blonde put her arm on Dawn's
shoulder to steady her, "Five seconds, four, three, two, one!"

They dashed from the copse towards a small gully. Dawn gratefully scrambled
into its cover - thankful that the Daleks and their allies were occupied at
the other end of the camp. She briefly looked over the edge of the gully,
focussing on the boulders that she and Jenny had identified earlier as the
third bit of cover. Jenny was up and running, Dawn followed her.

"Almost there," Jenny gave Dawn a reassuring smile. Dawn gave a brief nod
and gripped her weapon tighter.

"Ready. go!" said Jenny and ran down the incline, Dawn at her heels. They
stopped at the fence. Dawn dropped into a firing position, scanning for any
Daleks appearing from behind the wooden huts in front of them. She was
aware that Jenny was pointing a small metal object at the electricity
generators on the fence. There was a bang and whiff of smoke.

"That's the fence's power off," said Jenny. She touched another button on
her screwdriver, setting of a light whine. The wires of the fence trembled
and then snapped back, leaving a hole large enough for them to get through.

"The teleporter should be over here," Jenny vaguely pointed towards her
left and then started to creep towards it. Behind her Dawn followed,
constantly turning round, weapon at her shoulder.

"Halt," screeched the Dalek as it came round the corner of one of the huts.
It's weapon flicked up. Dawn swivelled towards it, knowing she would be too

Leaping forward Jenny gripped the weapon and pushed it downwards. There was
a flash as it discharged; the only damage it did was to send up a puff of
smokes and few pebbles.

"Down," screamed Dawn.

Jenny threw herself to one side. Dawn pulled the trigger, pumping shot
after shot into the Dalek. At that range she couldn't miss and the plasma
bolts ripped through the Dalek's armour, frying the mutant inside. The
creature shrieked, then went silent, leaving the only sound as the crackle
of flames and the pop of exploding microcomputers.

Peeking round the corner, Jenny put up her hand in a halt sign. She stepped
back and turned to Dawn, "I was right. Teleporter's just down there. Let's
pay the Dalek ship a little visit."

* * *

They'd got into the camp without any difficulty. The Robowomen had been
surprised and had been shot down before they could offer any organised
resistance. The Daleks had reacted quicker, but there had been too few of
them and they'd fallen under the combined fire of the rebels.

However, once they got through the fence it had all started to go wrong.
Robowomen charged out of their dormitories like a herd of lemmings. Many
had fallen, but the survivors got to cover and started shooting back. If
that wasn't bad enough Daleks had converged from all over the camp, their
weapons raking into the rebels.

Swearing Faith got up from behind the aluminium boxes she had been using
for cover and sprinted for the large lump of concrete. Behind her she could
hear someone scream as the Dalek weapons punched through the thin metal and
fried the rebel behind her.

She dived the last few feet, feeling the heat of a plasma beam as it
skimmed millimetres above her back. She landed heavily and let out a
heartfelt "Fuck!"

"No need to use that language," said Bree primly, "you're not in the
bedroom now."

Faith just grunted. She raised herself above the barrier and fired a few
shots at a half-hidden Dalek. She ducked back just in time, as the concrete
barrier shuddered under a barrage of return fire.

Martha thudded into the barrier between her and Bree. There was trickle of
blood running down her head. She closed her eyes and Faith could see the
tension contorting her face. Then she opened them again, she ignored Faith
and spoke to Bree; "Daleks are moving up behind us. We're pinned down."

Bree took the news so calmly that she might have been told that the store
was out of milk and she'd need to go down the street to another shop. She
nodded, "That's that then."

She raised herself and fired at a Robowoman who was crawling between bits
of cover. The woman screamed and rolled over. Bree lowered herself, "Let's
hope Jenny and Dawn made it. And let's take some of these motherfuckers
with us."

* * *

Katherine looked up as the door to the cell opened. Then she relaxed when
she saw it was Kral.

"Come quickly," said the Dalek. Katherine recognised the urgency is his
voice. She stood up and helped Susan and Dylan to their feet, their bumps
making them slower to stand.

"You must come with me," continued Kral, "the Supreme Dalek has ordered you
be exter. murdered. If we can get to the labs there is a teleporter. It'll
get you out of here, there are still rebel bands around, you could find
safety with them."

He started to lead the three women down the corridors. Occasionally they
passed other Daleks, but none seemed to stop them. Katherine guessed that
it would never occur to them that any Dalek would question the orders of
his superiors, especially for something the Daleks regarded as
inconsequential as friendship.

Out of one of the branch corridors suddenly stepped two young women. The
brunette teen raised her weapon, bringing it to bear on Kral. Katherine
stepped in front of the Dalek, covering him with her body, "Don't." she

Kral's weapon was also up and pointing. It didn't fire, instead he just
said; "Stop or I'll shoot."

The blonde put her hand on the teen's weapon and lightly pushed it down,
"Hold it Dawn."

She looked quizzically at the Dalek; "You don't sound very Dalek like.
Isn't it normally `Halt!' followed by `Exterminate!"

Kral weapon pointed towards the floor and his sucker gently pushed
Katherine out of the way, "I no longer follow the Dalek code," Katherine
could detect the pride in his voice, "I now do what is right."

Jenny stepped forward and walked round Kral, examining him closely. When
she had circled him she stopped, "A Dalek with a moral code. Now I have
seen everything."

"It's true," burst in Dylan. She let out a sob, "They're going to kill us
and Kral came to the rescue."

As she moved forward Dawn pulled up her weapon, but didn't pull the
trigger. Dylan hugged the Dalek closely, whilst Kral tried to move to make
sure it was he and not her who was in the brunette's line of fire.

Jenny spoke again, "I can help you escape. But I need to find my TARDIS."

"The TARDIS," Kral replied. There was a pause as he seemed to consider his
options; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I will take you there."

He extended his sucker. Gingerly Jenny shook it.

* * *

As Joyce picked through the door of the wooden hut, a Dalek glided in front
of it. She could see the Dalek fire and one of the rebels who was running
forward flickered in its blue ray and then fall to the ground.

"Exterminate," shrieked the Dalek.

Perhaps it was the triumph in the Dalek's voice or it may have been that
all the killing and suffering finally overcame any instinct for self-
preservation, but something in Joyce just snapped. She wrenched open the
door and ran towards the alien, screaming, "Death to the Daleks."

She slammed into the back of the Dalek and started to push it forward. The
Dalek resisted and started to shove back and turn round to bring its weapon
to bear. Joyce became aware she was alone. Then she felt Anna beside her,
the teen lending her meagre strength to her lover.

The Dalek was stronger than the two of them and Joyce watched as it
gradually swung round. She closed her eyes and waited for the blast.

It didn't come. Instead she could feel more bodies piling in behind her.
She opened her eyes seeing Cordy on the other side of her, Evangeline
beside her as they gritted their teeth and pushed the Dalek. Gap-tooth was
pushing the weapon to the ground, ignoring the heat radiating off the
barrel as the Dalek fired uselessly again and again.

In front of them was a mineshaft. Gradually they pushed the Dalek towards
it. It tottered on the edge for a second and then it fell. A scream echoed
from it as it plummeted down abruptly cut off in clang of metal against

Looking up Joyce saw that from every building slaves were surging. The
Daleks and Robowomen shot them down ruthlessly. Amidst the whine of plasma
weapons came the death screams as woman after woman was dropped. The
survivors picked up whatever weapon came to hand; a few lucky ones picking
up rifles dropped by dead rebels or Robowomen, the majority picking up
nothing more substantial than a plank of wood, a brick or a crowbar.

They ripped through the Daleks like a tidal wave. The Daleks killed them
mercilessly, but the slaves couldn't be stopped. Suddenly Joyce saw a
blonde rebel step from behind a hut, "Buffy," she cried and ran towards

They hugged, crying in relief. Finally they broke, "Have you seen Dawn? Is
she alright?" asked Joyce.

Buffy nodded, "She's alive, but she's gone to take out the Daleks at their

She pointed towards the Mothership sitting silently in the centre of the
camp. Even as she pointed ramps shot out it's side, doors opened and out
came a new wave of Daleks - thousands of them.

* * *

"Youch," snapped Dawn. She pulled her finger back from the shimmering red
force field, which covered the TARDIS and put the stung tips in her mouth.

Ignoring her Jenny hunched over a console in the side of the lab, "That's a
bit of luck," she said.

"What is?" Katherine stood in the between Dylan and Susan. Their arms were
wrapped around each other protectively.

It was Kral who answered. He was beside Jenny and his eyestalk gazing at
the data screen, "We can remove the force field and overpower the
microchips from this console."

There was an enthusiastic nod from Jenny; "The force field is the difficult
bit, twenty minutes or so. Once that's done I can just get the frequency
modulator from the TARDIS and it'll be over in a jiffy.

She turned to Kral, "Just make sure you're in the TARDIS when I turn it on.
It's in a different dimension - it should protect you from the surge."

She turned back to the console and for a few minutes they all waited in
silence as Jenny fiddled with wires and muttered about reversing the
polarity of the neutron flow. Dawn looked up at a screen on the wall, a
series of blue dots flickered on and off as a series of red dots advanced
towards them.

"What's that?" she asked.

Jenny looked up, "What's what?" she said and looked at the screen. Her face
went pale. Then the dots faded and in its place the screen showed the Dalek

"The Doctor's daughter," he croaked, "Like your parent you cannot resist
the lure of your TARDIS. I knew you would return to it and set an alarm. My
Daleks are on their way. You will be exterminated!"

The screen faded again and the dots reappeared. The red dots were getting

Kral glided forward, "How long?" he asked Jenny.

"Fifteen minutes, ten if I'm lucky," there was a resignation in her voice.

"They will be hear in five," said Kral. He paused, "Unless they can be

He started towards the door, but Katherine stepped in front of him, "You
can't go out there - they'll kill you."

Kral was silent for a moment; "If I don't go out Kath-er-ran they will kill
you and Su-zan and Dy-lan. Whilst I am alive I will not let that happen."

His sucker extended and he pushed Katherine away. She resisted for a
second, but he pushed harder and she fell back. He glided forward and then
stopped, as Susan and Dylan ran forward and wrapped them arms round him.
Katherine joined them and the four of them stood there for a moment as the
women kissed and hugged him. Then Kral trundled forward and the door

He stopped for a moment and turned back to the human's, "It is a far, far
better thing that I do than I have ever done."

The door shut behind him and Kral trundled forward. There was a strange
feeling flowing through him, and he realised what it was. The experiment to
understand the human's had succeeded, but not in the way the Dalek Supreme
would understand. In the last few months Kral had seen joy, love and
friendship and now fear. Kral felt.

The first Dalek trundled down the corridor. It halted as it came to Kral,

"Fuck you," said Kral and fired. The Dalek ahead of him exploded.

More came forward and Kral fired again and again and again.

* * *

Joyce huddled next to Anna, holding the shaking teen in her arms. Beside
them Buffy fired and gave a shout of triumph as a Dalek halted, oily black
smoke pouring from a hole in the dome. Then she fell back, as a near miss
sent chunk of concrete smashing into her weapon. Buffy picked it up, took a
disgusted look at it and threw the rifle to the ground.

Three Daleks moved round the barrier, their weapon's pointed at the women
"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

* * *

The door into the lab opened and let in a cloud of smoke. The Dalek stood
in the door. Dawn brought her rifle round, but even behind her target she
could see dozens of Daleks moving forward, past the blazing remains of

"Exterminate," they shrieked in a unified cackle.

Jenny flicked the switch.

Sparks flew from the Daleks and they let out agonised shrieks. Their
eyestalks, weapons and suckers moved in random directions as they twirled
in a macabre dance. Then there was silence.

"It's over," said Jenny and walked over to the TARDIS, "Let's go."

* * *

Standing up Joyce helped up Anna. Buffy walked over and banged on the dome
of the Dalek. It eyestalk wobbled. Buffy pushed it and it offered no
resistance, but instead glided backwards.

All around them survivors staggered to their feet. Buffy looked around.
Dead bodies littered the camp. They'd won, she thought. Then she saw Bree
walking towards her and following her was Faith. Buffy ran towards her and
hugged her, kissing the brunette all over her face.

"Steady on," grinned Faith, "let's leave enough for Willow. She'll get

* * *

The plaza as thronged with women enjoying the summer sunshine. Grandma's
watched their granddaughters stamp in fountains, young lovers walked hand
in hand and married couples sat enjoying an ice cream.

If any of them saw anything strange about the young blonde and the younger
brunette walking hand in hand they didn't say anything, even though both
were clad in clothes which had been fashionable a thousand years before.

"It looks so different," said Dawn, "It's hard to think this is where we
beat the Daleks."

Jenny nodded, "A thousand years ago. It's a legend now."

She stopped at the first statue and read the inscription, "Empress Bree I -
leader of the resistance and founder of the Earth Empire. Hammer of the
Daleks. Beloved Wife of Julie, Mother of Empress Andrea I."

The two of them walked to the second statue, "That looks nothing like us,"
said Dawn.

"They do seemed to have increased our bust size," admitted Jenny. She bent
down and started to read the inscription, "Jenny and Dawn. Saviours of
Womankind. Whenever we call they are here. Dalek War 2008, Second Dalek War
2031, Cyber War 2086," she stopped and looked up, "Better not read anymore -
some of this is in our future."

Dawn nodded, "But what the hell are Zygons?"

They walked to the last of the three statues. On a plinth was a model of a
Dalek. The inscription was simple, "Kral - He liked Dickens."

"Come on," said Jenny, "All this walking has made me as randy as a
Karkanian stoat."

She took Dawn's hand and they headed back to the TARDIS.
_ _ _

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