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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Gilmore Girls: The Daughter Swap Club (FFFFfffff,anal,inc)
by LL

Turning slightly Dylan Mayfair admired her ass in the mirror; there was no doubt about it - the eighteen year old butt was perfectly shaped. The mini-skirt, which encased it, was shorter than would be considered decent, made worse (or better from another point of view) by the fact at the right angle you could see she was pantyless. She reached over to the bed to pull on a vest over her naked chest, it concealed little more than her skirt, travelling so high that the bottom of her tits were exposed and be so low at the neck that someone could stick their face in her cleavage.

She turned as the door opened and in came her Mom, Katherine. The older woman, unlike her daughter was dressed classily wearing an expensive evening dress. Though in its sluttiness there were certain similarities, it was cut low at both the front and back, barely keeping her tits in at the front and showing the top of her ass-crack behind. A suspicion she wasn't wearing panties would have been confirmed by the split that went up her legs from the ankle to just above the waist.

"You look hot," purred Katherine, she stepped forward and took her lover in her arms. Her lips pressed down against Dylan and the teenager opened her mouth to accept the tongue. She could taste her Mom's saliva and feel her hands groping at her naked flesh. For a few minutes they remained locked in the embrace, until, almost reluctantly Katherine broke the kiss and took a step back.

She looked her daughter up and down admiringly, before asking, "Have you shaved?"

In answer Dylan pulled up her skirt, to reveal a snatch so recently shorn that the skin was still slightly red; "As instructed," she laughed.

Katherine sat on the bed and reached for a pair of high heeled shoes, as she fastened them on she looked again at Dylan, "You don't mind, do you? It's not too late to cancel."

Dylan gave another laugh and twirled in front of her Mom, so that her skirt again flapped in the air, "I'm looking forward to it."

Her Mom frowned, "I'm just worried I'm forcing you into it. I've been your only lover; but if we go tonight - well you'll be passed around like a lump of meat to be shared."

Dylan walked over and sat on her Mom's lap, she put one hand round her back stroking at the skin and with the another gently brushed at her hair, "Mom; three things. Firstly I really am looking forward to this - it's all I've thought about since you told me. Secondly; I've seen you looking at Danielle - you'll be too busy having her to need to worry about me. And finally; it's just fun - but you're the one I really love."

Katherine sighed, "If you're sure."

* * *

Joyce Summers popped her head round the door of the room she shared with her daughters, Buffy and Dawn. The two teenager's matching pair of tiny red shorts were hooked down to their knees and the two of them were fingering each other's clits. Joyce sighed and jangled the carkeys, "Enough of that you two - if we don't get going we'll be late."

Guiltily the two girls let go off each other and pulled up their shorts, "We were just preparing," said Buffy as she reached for the black bra, which was going to be her only cover up top.

Dawn already had her bra on, it barely covered her nipples and if it hadn't been for a bit of extra dark material over the teat, you'd have been able to see them through the lacy material, "Sorry, Mom - you know what we're like when we're excited."

Joyce sighed, "Hurry up." She was unusual in having two daughters within the club, all the others only had one. She felt it put an extra responsibility on her not to be late, especially as the others so enjoyed seeing Buffy and Dawn together.

The teenagers were soon `fully' dressed. Joyce held out her hands and the two of them took one each, as they walked to the car. Having two daughters could be exhausting, Joyce reflected ruefully, but as she looked at the two sexy vixens beside her, she also concluded it had its advantages.

* * *

It was typical in the Mayer household, that with only a few minutes before they were due to go out Julie was ready, whilst her Mom, Susan, was still running about trying to find the right earrings to go with her evening dress.

"These?" Julie held up a pair of diamond drops.

Her Mom shook her head, "They don't go with my dress."

Julie sighed and resumed rummaging around in the mess her Mom called a jewellery box. If her Mom wanted something that went with the dress she'd need to break her jewellery in half, so low cut was the cleavage.

"What about these?" Julie pulled out a pair of dangling hoops and her Mom gratefully snatched at them.

"Where's my lipstick?" she asked as she fixed the earrings. Julie groaned. Okay, her Mom had more to do than Julie did, after all Julie's garments consisted on white suspenders, panties and bra, but even so she was slow. Reaching over Julie picked up a lipstick and passed it to her Mom. Susan took one look at it and passed it back, it took three further exchanges before Susan was satisfied.

She smacked her lips in the mirror, "That's better," she turned to Julie, "Do you think I'm being sexy enough?"

"You're always sexy Mom," said Julie. She put her arm round her Mom's waist and started to guide her towards the door.

* * *

It wasn't a long drive from Star Hollows to Fairfield, fifteen minutes, more like ten the way Lorelai Gilmore drove, but to her sixteen year old daughter Rory; it seemed to take forever. She was the youngest of the daughter's - only just below Dawn and this was only her third visit. However, the first two had been so mind-blowingly awesome that she struggled to contain her excitement. Not only did she get to have sex with lots of other women, but some of the tricks she had picked up were
enlivening her and her Mom's sex life in between the Daughter Swap Club meetings. Just thinking off what they were going to do that night made her fingers wander to her pantyless pussy, she pushed aside the small skirt and slid her fingers into the hole.

"Rory," said her Mom, "Could you stop fingering yourself whilst I'm driving. It puts me off."

"Sorry," said a suitably chastised Rory. She straightened her skirt and placed her hands in her lap. Beneath the tight T-shirt she was wearing her nipples began to itch, slowly she started to move her hand up the thin material until it was resting on the nipple. She began to tweak it as it.

"Rory." warned Lorelai.

"Sorry," said Rory, luckily they were just drawing into Wisteria Lane, otherwise she'd have exploded with horniness.

* * *

Taking a step backward Bree van de Kamp admired the place settings; each piece of cutlery, each candlestick, each wine glass had been lovingly positioned so that as a whole they reached perfection. She turned to her daughter, Danielle, who on her Mom's instructions lent carefully forward and lit the candles.

Danielle, Bree concluded, had been a great help in preparing the meal. This was unusual, Bree loved her daughter - most nights in fact, but she would be the first to admit that helpfulness was not one of Danielle's most obvious virtues. The meetings of the Daughter Swap Club was the only time her daughter would help around the house without being forced into it; in fact so keen was Danielle to help that Bree had hardly to do anything.

Danielle looked at the clock on the mantelpiece, "They'll soon be hear," her voice was quivering with excitement.

"Are you ready?" asked Bree. It was a stupid question. Danielle had been wearing her old cheerleader uniform since about three in the afternoon. It was one that had been bought for her three years ago, when she was sixteen, she had filled out a lot since then and the uniform clung to her body like lycra. Nor, had Bree's needlework skills detracted from its look - shortening both the skirt and top so that they showed even more skin than they would naturally.

"I'm ready," replied the teen, almost jumping from foot to foot, "Lippy on, teeth cleaned, pussy shaved."

"And you've got out the toys?" Bree was aware that she was a micro-manager, but she wanted everything to go well and Danielle, even at her most enthusiastic, was inclined to be slipshod.

There was a exaggerated groan of displeasure from Danielle, "The toys are out, I've put pop and snacks in my room and I've even left some disposable cameras around the house in case anyone wants to take some snaps."

Bree nodded. There was a ring at the doorbell.

* * *

It was the tradition of the Daughter Swap Club that new members wouldn't arrive until everyone else had come. Dylan peered nervously out the window, as first one car and then another drove up, the first one disgorging a Mom and one teen, the second a Mom and two. It seemed like ages before the Mayer's front door opened and Julie and Susan rushed across to the Van de Kamps. And it was a further age before the phone rang. Dylan leapt for it, but her Mom was quicker.

"Hello Katherine Mayfair speaking. Bree. We'll be over in a second," Katherine put down the phone and looked at her daughter, "Ready?"

"Damn, yes," Dylan was already outside the front door, closing it milliseconds after her Mom joined her. They took hold off each other's hands and walked across the street.

The door opened almost as soon as it was rung, Bree must have been waiting beside it, "Katherine, Dylan," she lent forward and gave both of them a welcoming kiss on the cheek before ushering them into the house.

Apart from Susan and Bree, there were two Milfs who Dylan didn't recognise in the front room. All of them were dressed elegantly, but sexily. Dylan felt four pairs of eyes apprising her and her Mom, and she wondered whether she hadn't overdone the slutty look. There was a whistle from Susan, and Dylan immediately felt better.

"My - where are my manners," said Bree suddenly. She picked up a glass of wine from a tray and passed it to Katherine, "Let me introduce everyone, Katherine and her daughter Dylan, you know Susan, this is Lorelai, her daughter's Rory. And Joyce, she brings double with both Buffy and Dawn."

"Hello," said Dylan shyly, fighting an urge to curtsey.

Bree took her arm and called upstairs, "Danielle, Dylan's here," she turned to the teenager, "We realise that you young girls don't want to listen to your Mom's gossiping, so we normally have a dinner in the main room whilst you girls have pop and snacks upstairs." She tweaked at Dylan's ass with her fingers, "And then after dinner you all come downstairs."

"Hi Dylan," Danielle had bounded down the stairs like a Mountain Goat on steroids. She put her arm through Dylan's and disentangled her from Bree, "It's great to see you. Come on upstairs and we'll let them have dinner."

Dylan allowed herself to be led upstairs and into Danielle's room. The four teenagers on the bed allayed Dylan's fear she was overdressed. Julie jumped up as she came in and hugged her, "I'm so glad you've come. Welcome to the Club."

Leading Dylan over to the bed Julie introduced the others "That's Rory. Buffy and Dawn; and you know Danielle. Dip?" Julie passed a chip to Dylan.

"So what's it like?" asked Dylan. There was a tittering from the others as they began to reminisce about previous meetings.

* * *

"That was delicious," Katherine pushed away the plate and took a sip of the expensive wine Bree had provided.

Bree blushed, "It was nothing," she lied, "Just a little thing I knocked up."

"Speaking of knocking up." said Susan. She stood up and began to wriggle out of her dress.

"Susan." said Bree in a scandalised voice, ". at least wait until I've got some hangars. I mean we wouldn't want to crease the dresses."

Susan ignored her and continued shimmying out of her dress, dumping it over the back of the chair and standing naked apart from her high heels. Bree picked up the dress, seeing she was beaten with hangars, folded it more neatly over the chair. Katherine took another sip of the wine; she had been nervous, but at least she knew Bree and Susan, and both Lorelai and Joyce had been keen to integrate her into the group. Still disrobing in front of the others was a big step, and she waited as Joyce
and Lorelai also stripped down. For a few seconds she waited, but Bree made no move to get undressed. With a nervous giggle Katherine undid the back of her gown and wiggled until it fell to the floor, she was about to put it over her chair, but Bree scooped it up, "I'm just going to hang these properly," she said, "why don't you all wait in the main room."

Katherine had gone straight into the dining room, so got a jolt of surprise when she walked into the main room. Instead of the normal art, the walls were covered with nude females; it would have been a lie to call them tasteful erotica as each one showed women getting penetrated by various toys in various orifices in graphic detail. A couple of bottles of wine were on ice, looking incongruous beside the open boxes with various sex toys inside them. Katherine helped herself to another glass as
Lorelai, Susan and Joyce rooted in the boxes, laughing and joking as they pulled out the various sex toys. Lorelai turned to Katherine, she was holding a large strap-on, "Why don't you try this one?" she asked.

Katherine blushed, but still stepped over. Lifting her legs she allowed Lorelai to slide it up her thighs and buckle it in place. There was a quick round of applause from the others, "Looks good," said Joyce and she went to pick up a toy herself.

Lorelai and Susan joined her, Katherine fortified by alcohol began to feel confident enough to point out a few suggestions herself. A naked Bree arrived down a few minutes later, unlike the others she didn't spend time examining the quality, but went for a strap-on she'd obviously had her eye on. Once she pulled it up she gave a quick clap calling the others attention.

"Thank you ladies and can I welcome you to another meeting of the Daughter Swap Club, with a special welcome to our new member Katherine Mayfair. We have six lovely daughters tonight, but it would be remiss of me not to especially mention Dylan - I am sure you're all looking forward to fucking her as much as I am," Katherine gave a blush of pride as she noticed the other Mom's nodding

For a second Bree paused and then she resumed, "The normal rules apply. No holes are off limit; try to avoid doing your own daughter or daughter's. at least at first; and finally have fun."

There was a brief round of laughter and the women refilled their wine glasses, before taking seats on the couches. Bree called out, "Girls we're ready."

There was a brief pause and then the door opened. First Danielle, then Julie, Buffy, Rory and Dawn entered. A few seconds later a nervous looking Dylan joined them as they paraded in front of the fireplace. Five pairs of lascivious eyes bore into the teenagers as they posed and preened, giggling like schoolgirls and keen to show of their bodies. Beneath her strap-on Katherine felt her pussy begin to itch with horniness and slowly start to juice up of its own volition.

"Danielle, will you get the boxes," Bree interrupted the beauty show. Danielle scuttled into the kitchen, Katherine licked her lips and continued to concentrate on the wiggling bodies in front of her.

"Katherine." Bree gave her a small elbow in the ribs and Katherine looked round to see that Danielle was standing expectantly beside her, holding a small biscuit tin in each hand.

"Sorry." blushed Katherine.

The others laughed, "It's easy to loose concentration," agreed Joyce.

Reaching into the first tin, Katherine read out the name on the piece of paper, "Lorelai".

Reaching into the second tin, she pulled out a slip, "Julie."

There was a squeal of delight from Julie and Lorelai winked at her as Julie came over and positioned herself beside the Milf.

"Bree," intoned Katherine and put her hand into the second tin, "Buffy."

There were further excited giggles from Buffy and she ran over to sit on Bree's knee as the remaining names were pulled out.

"It's me," grinned Katherine and reached into see who she'd get. If she'd cheated she couldn't have got a better choice, "Danielle," she was itching to fuck her nineteen year old neighbour and from the way Danielle clapped her hands and gave a yelp of excitement the feeling was mutual.

"Joyce," Katherine said, "Dylan."

Katherine hoped Dylan was pleased. Certainly the teen looked so, clapping her hands and gasping in excitement as she looked at the naked blonde. Joyce rubbed her strap-on with a hand and Dylan blushed as she walked over, to position herself precariously on the Milf's knee.

"Looks like the last one," said Katherine, "Susan" she reached into the final box pulling out two pieces of paper, "And you get the double, Rory and Dawn."

As was customary the two daughters shrieked in delight. They lent forward to give each other a congratulatory peck on the lips, before skipping over to Susan. Danielle put the boxes down and kicked them under the couch, before sitting on Katherine's knee. The teenager wiggled for a few seconds, deliberately making sure her skirt rode up so that her bare buttocks were rubbing against Katherine's thighs. She lent her head back, resting it on Katherine's shoulders, "I was hoping I got you first," she murmured.

"Mmmnnn," replied Katherine. The Milf put her hands on the bottom of Danielle's sweater and hoisted it up. The tight material stuck to the teenager's skin for a second, as Danielle giggled and moved some more. But gradually it peeled away and Katherine was able to slide it off and move her hands to Danielle's naked titties.

There was a groan from Danielle as Katherine tweaked and played with the erect nipples. She buried her head deeper into the Milf's shoulder and let out another moan. Katherine groped harder at the tits, feeling the plump flesh move under her hands and the teats rub against her palms. Danielle's hands moved to her thighs, before sliding down to massage at the older women's legs, "I always like a new partner," she moaned.

Katherine didn't reply, she just squeezed tighter at the teenager, slamming the tits together like too lumps of clay. Danielle moved her ass against Katherine, the smooth flesh of her buttocks gliding over the Milf like syrup on a pancake. From around the room came a myriad of noises, slurps, groans, gasps, the sound of skin striking skin, the gurgle of cunts and mouths and the scrape of rubber against flesh. But within all that the noises that stuck in Katherine's mind was Danielle's pants of passion and the sound of the couch squeaking under them. The Milf moved one hand from the teen's
tits and pushed it beneath the elastic of the skirt. Danielle was already wet, Katherine felt the dampness on her fingers as she probed, "That's it," moaned Danielle in excitement.

She took Katherine's wrist in her hand, and pushed it down until Katherine's fingers were in her twat. Katherine explored with a couple of digits, swirling them around in the wet hole, encouraging more liquid to coat them. Every now and then she touched the teen's clit; each time Danielle bucked with joy and let out a squeak of pleasure. However the skirt, restricted Katherine's movements and she withdrew her hand. She took hold of the top of the skirt, "Let's get this off," she said.

Danielle lifted her legs and together they brought the skirt to Danielle's knees, before the teenager kicked it off. Katherine watched it sail through the air and land on a fucking Lorelai and Julie. The older woman brushed it off before continuing to thrust into the teenager. Danielle turned her head and gave Katherine a smile, "Good shot. Aaaarrgghhh."

Katherine slid a finger into the teen's slit again, rolling it around as she searched for the clit. It didn't take her long to find it and she began to rub at the hard flesh, feeling Danielle quiver on top of her, the vibrations sending spasms of enjoyment back through Katherine's thighs. The older woman waited until she felt Danielle was on the cusp of cumming and then withdrew her finger. There was a squeal of annoyance from the teen and she turned to look accusingly at Katherine.

"I thought you might want something bigger," Katherine reached down and rubbed her toy.

There was a nod from Danielle, "You're reading my mind," she grinned, she stood up and turned round, before lowering herself legs akimbo onto the dildo. Katherine held it upright until she felt Danielle's body pressing on her hand, signifying the cock was well up her. She let go and with a moan of pleasure Danielle slid the rest of the way down, leaving the entire length of the toy buried in her twat. For a few seconds she leant on Katherine, panting heavily and wriggling to make sure the dildo was positioned for maximum enjoyment. Once it was rubbing against her clit the teen began to bounce up and down. Katherine grabbed hold of her waist and let her do the work.

"Uurrgghhh, aarrrggghhh" Danielle threw her head back and let out gasp after gasp of pleasure. Her sweet juices slid from her cunt and along Katherine's thighs.

"Faster, baby, faster," the Milf instructed. Danielle sped up as fast as she could. Her body pounded the strap-on against Katherine's cunt and the older woman felt wave after wave of pleasure. She let out a desperate moan and closed her eyes, above her she could hear the teenager's orgasmic moans and feel the sweat sliding down the young woman's body in rivulets of salty water.

"Room for another," Katherine opened her eyes. In front of her was standing Susan, rubbing her strap-on, behind her Rory and Dawn were on the floor sixty-nining each other.

"Sure," Katherine grinned at her friend, before turning to Danielle, "Stop a second, baby, let Susan join in."

Katherine transferred her hands from Danielle's waist to her butt. The cheeks were as slippy with sweat as her side and Katherine's hands slithered until she got a could grip of the flesh. She pulled each cheek apart and waited as Susan guided her own toy into the teenager's hole. Danielle gave a little strangled cry and put her chin down on Katherine's shoulder. The Milf could hear the teen quietly murmuring, "So good, so good," in her ear.

Katherine began to thrust upwards and for a few minutes the three women worked to find a rhythm. They found a harmony and Danielle began to give further groans of pleasure, her face reddened by bursts of orgasmic love.

"Enjoying yourself?" Susan asked, her arms wrapped round Danielle and playing with
her nipples.

"Yes," grinned Katherine, sweat from Danielle's forehead dripped down and splashed across the Milf's tits, "I only wish I'd known about the club earlier."

Susan turned her head, "Looks like Dylan's having a good time as well."

Katherine's answer was drowned out by an intense scream of pleasure by the sandwiched Danielle.

* * *

"Remember to clap, remember to clap," Dylan repeated the final words Julie had said to her before they entered the main room. She was so nervous her body was on automatic pilot as she copied the others preening in front of the Milfs.

"Dylan," her Mom's voice intoned. For a second Dylan panicked, so lost had she been that she hadn't heard who she was supposed to be with. She squealed and clapped, as she tried to work out who her partner was. Then she felt a flood of relief, the Milfs were looking at Joyce and congratulating her - Dylan knew she had the big titted blonde. She walked over and sat on the Milf's knee.

Her mind was still in a whirr as the others were paired off, in fact it wasn't until she felt Joyce's lips kissing at her shoulder and the woman's naked tits brushing against her back that she began to relax. Dylan gave a light moan as one of Joyce's hands slid under her vest and began to rub at a spot that only her Mom had touched. The whole evening both delighted the teen and scared her silly. And the conversation upstairs hadn't helped her nerves - some of the things that the others said they had done sounded so kinky and exciting, but at the same time reminded Dylan how inexperienced she was compared to the teens. She only hoped Joyce wouldn't find her wanting.

"Let me get a proper grip of these," Joyce lifted her mouth from Dylan's skin and whispered in her ears. The way she groped at the teen's tits made clear what `these' were.

"Do you want me to take off my top?" Dylan asked nervously.

Joyce laughed, "Sure baby."

Dylan pulled it up and dropped it to the floor in front of her. Joyce resumed suckling at her shoulder whilst her hands pulled and tweaked at the teen's nipples until they were both sore and sexually sensitive. Dylan let out another gasp. All around her she could see her friends getting fucked by Mom's, the sounds of slurping driving through the air like a hurricane. Dylan looked to the side; her friend Julie was on her knees, squealing in pleasure, as Lorelai repeatedly drove a strap-on into her ass. It was a lovely sight.

Joyce had been following what she had been looking at, "Want to me to fuck your ass?"

As she looked at Julie writhing in excitement there was no doubt in Dylan's mind she did want it, but. "I've never done anal," she said nervously.

Joyce almost let go off Dylan's tits so shocked was she by the confession, "Never? How long have you been fucking your Mom? Four months, five?"

"Nearer six," blushed Dylan, "but one of the reasons we wanted to come to the Daughter Sex Club was that we've got into a groove - a very conservative groove."

"It's almost criminal," said Joyce, "that Katherine hasn't popped your anal cherry. I did both Buffy and Dawn on our first dates."

Dylan blushed some more, painfully aware of how inexperienced and innocent she must sound to the older woman, but then Joyce smiled again, "It looks like I get to pop it then."

A rush of relief flooded through Dylan, she'd almost expected Joyce to throw her off her knee and look for someone else to fuck. She nodded enthusiastically.

Grabbing her sides Joyce gently lifted Dylan up, "You'll need to lubricate it first," she pointed to her strap on.

"How?" asked Dylan

"Get on your knees and suck it," instructed Joyce.

Giving blow jobs to her Mom's strap-on was something Dylan had done and she was confident she could clean it to a more than satisfactory standard. She got down on her knees and started to roll her tongue over the ribbed plastic. As she did so she looked up at Joyce, the Milf was licking her lips in anticipation and was obviously being turned on by having a topless teen between her legs. Dylan tongue went all over the rubber, until the dong was soaked with her saliva. Then, for good measure, she opened her mouth and took the toy in. She bobbed her head down. She could see juice sliding from beneath the toy and hear Joyce grunts of excitement. Dylan began to relax and concentrated on sucking the toy in.

"I think that's ready," Joyce reached down and gently pulled Dylan up. Drips of saliva slid down the toy to mix with the cunt cum, which Joyce had secreted in her excitement, "Now let's get that skirt off."

Dylan wriggled out of it and kicked it aside next to her top. She could almost feel Joyce's eyes bore into her naked body and she was glad she'd shaved before she'd left. The Milf stood up and taking Dylan's hand led her past the grunting bodies to a wall mirror.

"Lean against that," said Joyce, "and you'll be able to see me as we fuck. It's a bigger turn on than normal."

Doing as was suggested, Dylan laid her hands against it and stuck out her ass, wiggling it invitingly as she did so. She was expecting Joyce to put the cock right in, so she was surprised when instead the blonde knelt down behind her. Pulling apart Dylan's ass cheek's Joyce stuck in her tongue. Dylan gave a gasp, part shock, part lust, as the older woman licked at her ass bud. Joyce drew her head back and Dylan felt the woman spit against her ass, then before the saliva could slide down her butt,
Joyce stuck in her middle finger. It wasn't how Dylan imagined it would feel, it was uncomfortable and slightly painful, but these feelings were minor compared to the waves of pleasure which rolled through her.

Giving a groan, Dylan briefly closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of Joyce's finger moving up and down her colon. The joy stopped with a pop as Joyce withdrew her finger. Dylan opened her eyes and was about to register a complaint, when she felt Joyce grab her ass cheeks again. The complaint was never voiced as she felt the tip of the rubber dong rub against her back hole, "I think that's big enough," grinned Joyce.

Dylan almost collapsed as Joyce pushed the rubber toy in. The feelings she'd had with the finger were magnified ten times as the large cock scraped in. Behind her Joyce grunted in exertion and Dylan pushed her ass back to help the older woman, slowly, painfully, pleasurably the cock entered, pushing aside the flesh as it did so. Until after what seemed like hours, Dylan felt Joyce's flesh press against her butt, the dildo fully in.

"That's better," said Joyce, she gripped Dylan's waist, "How you feeling?"

Dylan wasn't sure how she felt - still scared, excited, uncomfortable, pleasured, all were mixed in a gigantic cauldron of bubbling. bubbling lust, "Good," she grinned, "I feel good."

"Well let's fuck," in the mirror Dylan could see Joyce smile back. She was still smiling as she started to shaft the teen, though soon her mouth opened and the Milf started to let out grunts of exertion. Dylan's mouth movements were aping her, except the sounds were different, more high-pitched squeals of pleasure. The toy may have burned in her ass, but it was a burning which sent flames of orgasm reaching through her body.

"Aaarrgghhh," Dylan let out a wail. If she had known anal was this good, she'd have been badgering her Mom to take her up the ass months ago. Her whole body seemed to be quivering as jolts of joy rushed through her nerve endings. The thump of Joyce against her was invigorating and Dylan gave another squeal as the blonde's large tits bounced against her back. Sweatily, Dylan continued to brace herself against the mirror, her warm breath fogging it so much that Joyce was a pink blur behind her.

"I'm going to cum," she squealed a warning to Joyce. The Milf took no notice and continued to bang the teen's ass hard. The feelings of pleasure rose higher and higher in Dylan, until she was shaking like an exploding jelly. Then she came - her whole body seemed rent with a fiery pleasure and she shrieked so loud that if her brain had been capable of functioning she'd have been surprised the mirror didn't shatter. Joyce slowed down, moving from high speed to a slow, relaxing rhythm.

"Enjoy that?" it wasn't Joyce, but Bree who asked the question.

Dylan nodded, her mouth opened, but she could find no words to describe the feeling so she just grunted a reply.

"You want a go?" Joyce pulled her strap-on out of Dylan's ass. There was a popping sound as it exited.

"Don't mind if I do," replied Bree. She took position behind Dylan and the teen could feel the redhead's hands gropingly trying to find her tits. Bree found them and grabbed them hard, pushing them together. Dylan giggled as she felt the woman knead at her flesh.

With the hole already widened by Joyce Bree's dildo entered easily. Unlike Joyce, Bree was prepared to sacrifice speed for depth and Dylan was almost surprised, so deep did the redhead go, that the cock didn't exit her pussy. Which isn't to say she didn't enjoy it, the feelings from her previous reaming had barely subsided when Bree began to push them up again. Dylan pushed back, encouraging Bree to thrust all the way in. They soon developed a slow, joint rhythm and Dylan could feel her cum juice out of her cunt and soak her pussy lips.

"Yess, yesss, yesss," Dylan couldn't believe she had been nervous - it was without doubt the best night of her life since her Mom had taken her virginity. The orgasmic feelings were as strong as before. stronger. She squealed once more, the sound turning into a window shattering squeal as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her heart pounded like it was on overdrive and cum dripped from her wet twat like a leaky tap.

"Me next," Bree barely had time to pull out her dildo before Lorelai pushed her in. With one hand she grabbed at Dylan's hair, pulling her head back. The other reached down to the teen's cunt. For a few seconds she scrabbled around before sticking two fingers into the hole. Dylan screamed in pleasure, her entire being captured by lust. Susan began to thrust with her strap-on, each time she pushed in her fingers swarmed down hunting for the clit. Dylan's brain couldn't cope, all she could do was shake and scream as her entire body gave itself over to intense pleasure.

"Aaarrrggghhh," she screamed. Another orgasm began to brew within her.

* * *

A sated Danielle slumped on the couch. Her skin glistened under the lights, covered as it was with a mixture of sweat, saliva and the her own cum, as well as that of Susan and Katherine. Katherine took the refilled glass of wine from Lorelai with a thanks.

"I'll just go and join the queue," said Susan.

Katherine nodded, "I'll join you in a minute."

Katherine took a sip of the wine as Susan went to stand behind Lorelai. Katherine smiled, the cool wine refreshed her, replacing the liquid which had seeped from her body. She stared at Lorelai, she was busy slamming into Dylan's ass, one hand pulling at her teenager's hair; the other, visible in the mirror, fingering her daughter's pussy. Katherine hadn't realised how erotic she'd find watching her daughter getting fucked by her friends was. She was glad she'd come, and from the screams of passion Dylan was making the teenager was also having a great time.

Katherine smiled to herself and looked round the rest of the room. On the couch opposite Bree was lying on her back, her arms were gripped round Julie, the teen's sweat dripping onto her. Above Julie Joyce crouched slamming the dildo into her ass. The teenager's squeals of enjoyment as she was double fucked were both loud and high pitched. With each thrust her long hair flicked round, sending out droplets of sweat.

On the floor in front of the couch, Buffy, Dawn and Rory were in a triangle. Their tongues lapped at each other's pussies in a relaxed orgy of licking. Katherine watched the teenager's enjoy each other, it was so horny she couldn't help but rub herself as she stared.

She picked up one of the disposable cameras and began to take some souvenir photo's of the teen triangle, of Julie's DP and finally of Susan buggering Dylan. Susan gave a satisfied groan and pulled out her cock, tottering back to the couch. Katherine stared at Dylan's ass, the hole was stretched as further than Katherine had thought possible, red rimmed and with little bruises where the over enthusiastic had slammed into her buttocks.

"More, more," moaned Dylan, "Please who's next."

Katherine put down the camera, "I am baby."

"Yes, Mom, fuck my ass," groaned Dylan. She seemed to use all her remaining strength to wiggle enticingly at her Mom. Not that Katherine needed any encouragement - she'd always held off fucking her daughter's ass, nervous that Dylan would find it a taboo too far. Now seeing how much the teen enjoyed it, she was eager to make up for lost time. Stepping up behind Dylan she grabbed at the teenager's tits, grabbing hold so strongly that they were pushed into the teen's body. The hole was so large she didn't need to guide the cock in, and it slipped in as easily as hot knife through butter. Even so it hit Dylan's battered anal G-spot and the teenager gave a cry of ecstasy, "Fuck my ass, Mom, fuck it deep."

Katherine pushed the cock all the way in, hardly slowed by friction. Beneath her Dylan shuddered and shook, her entire body quivering under her Mom. Katherine started slow, enjoying the movement of Dylan and the way the teenager groaned with each thrust. Katherine may have been slow, but she was deep, pushing the cock in so deep that her tits crushed against Dylan's sweaty back. Her daughter tried to arch her back to rub at them, not very successfully, but it was the thought that counted and
Katherine didn't mind, she got enjoyment from feeling and hearing how much Dylan was enjoying her ass reaming.

Gradually Katherine sped up, pushing Dylan's towards an orgasm. Sweat poured from her forehead as she exerted herself and as her hands fell to grip Dylan round the stomach, pulling her towards the cock, she felt her daughter's breathing get faster and faster. Soon Dylan was panting with pleasure, anything she said lost in exhalations of air. Katherine had never felt so as one with Dylan than fucking her in public. And she had never heard Dylan orgasm so loudly before, either. The teenager's screams were loud, and filled with lust.

Katherine pulled out her cock. Dylan collapsed to the floor in a sweating, gasping heap. Katherine was about to lean over and help her up, when Bree arrived beside her. She passed a glass into Katherine's hand, "Margarita?"

Katherine accepted gratefully. A hobbling Julie wandered over and helped up Dylan. Bree took Katherine's arm and the Milf took a step back to allow the two teens some space.

"Okay girls," Bree clapped her hands, "Go and get ready for bed. We'll join you in thirty minutes."

* * *

Half an hour later Katherine and the other Milfs were standing in the landing. Muffled giggles could be heard from the various bedrooms. On each door a name had been pinned, Katherine walked over and stood beside hers.

"Girls," Bree called out sharply, "Please be quiet."

The giggling faded away.

"Now ladies, I hope you enjoy who I've chosen for you tonight. I'm sure you will," Bree said and opened the door.

Katherine excitedly opened her door. The duvet of the double bed was half-turned down, covering the bottom half of Buffy and Dawn. Two pairs of cute tits wobbled as the teenagers sat up.

"Hello Mrs Mayfair," said Buffy, "We were just saying we hoped we'd get you."

"Call me Katherine," the Milf replied. It didn't seen right to be so formal.

She walked towards the bed, glad of the bed mates she'd got for the night. Not, she reflected that any of the daughters, would qualify for being kicked out of bed. Buffy pulled back the duvet, exposing both her and her sister's shaved twats and Katherine climbed in between them.

Barely had Katherine's back hit the sheets than Dawn and Buffy had their mouths on her tits. Katherine lay back and sighed in contentment as the girls suckled at her nipples. Ruffling their hair, she smiled as the slivers of enjoyment coursed through her body.

"Eat my pussy," groaned Katherine.

The Summer's were so keen to oblige they banged their heads together as they moved. Buffy got there first, pushing her tongue deep into Katherine's slot. There was a grunt of annoyance from Dawn, as she returned to Katherine's tits, but without Buffy's head in the way she was able to give them a lot more personal attention. Not that it was the main pleasure Katherine was getting, it was mustard to Buffy's steak. The blonde teen was expertedly licking at Katherine's clit, lapping away the juices as
quickly as they could form. Katherine groaned and her body arched. She was definitely going to have a word with Dylan about using some of Buffy's tricks - what the blonde could do with her tongue was almost professional.

"Yeesss, that's it," screamed Katherine. She came in a wash of girl cum. It sprayed from her pussy, drenching Buffy's face. The teen moved her tongue and began to lick the dripping juice from Katherine's thighs. Her sister stopped sucking the Milf's tits and crawled down the bed to clean her sister's face. Katherine lay back, as she drifted to sleep she saw could hear Buffy and Dawn starting to French kiss.

* * *

The bed rocked slightly and Katherine opened an eye. Daylight spread in through a gap in the curtain, the light creating shadow's under Buffy's tits as the teen stretched. She smiled at Katherine, "We're just going down to make breakfast. Don't get up."

"Okay," replied Katherine snuggling into the empty bed - whilst she hoped that Dylan was picking up lots of tricks for their joint pleasure, she especially hoped that she would pick up that breakfast in bed was a definite way to love your Mom.

As she was dozing Katherine wasn't sure how long she was alone. She opened her eye again as the bedroom door opened, "Wakey, wakey," called out Julie softly.

Katherine opened the other eye and sat up. Her naked neighbour was standing in a doorway holding a tray. It was sleep that Katherine rubbed away, but that wasn't how it must have seemed to Julie, who explained, "We always swap at breakfast. It's our one chance to choose who has us," she walked forward and put the tray on the bed beside Katherine, before pulling back the covers and carefully sliding under them. Her hand reached for Katherine's naked tit, "You were a very popular choice - we had to toss a coin. I won."

"Lucky for me," grinned Katherine. She sipped at the orange juice, it was fresh and cold and did nothing to cool the warmness between her legs. She raised the glass to her lips, looking at Julie. The teenager was staring in rapt attention, her body quivering in excitement.

"I'm not that hungry. at least not for food," Katherine put down the glass.

Julie quickly picked up the tray and moved it away, "That's good," she purred and pulled the covers away from the bed, dropping them on the floor, so they covered the tray - more cleaning for Bree later.

Spreading her legs, Katherine rubbed at her pussy, "Get on down there," she instructed.

The teenager did as instructed, crawling between the older woman's legs she descended to the crack. Katherine gave a start of pleasure as Julie's tongue started to play with her hole, licking at the quim lips and sliding between them. "That's good," she moaned and reaching for her titties she began to fondle them.

Below her Julie was ravenously eating her cunt, the teen's lips and tongue buried deep within Katherine as the teen tried to suck the clit to the back of her throat. Katherine gasped and groaned, her whole body on fire. She closed her eyes and let the feelings take over, her body screaming in pleasure as the orgasm tore into her, There was a final explosion and Katherine could feel her juice pumping out in a spray, soaking Julie's teen face in her cum. She opened her eyes and looked out, the liquid dripped down from Julie, the teen smiled and the sunlight made both her pearly white teeth
and the juice glisten.

"That tasted better than waffles," grinned Julie.

* * *

Katherine opened the front door to her house and with her hand still on her daughter's butt guided the teenager through it. They were both exhausted and exhilarated.

"We'll be going again?" Dylan turned to her Mom.

Katherine nodded, "I think we're going to be regular members of the Daughter Swap Club."

* * *

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