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WARNING: This Chapter, and the others in the story, contains explicit descriptions of fictional characters having sex while under the age of consent. Notice the key word, fictional? If this really bothers you, don't bother reading any further. You have been warned.

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SETTING: The Summer before Welcome to the Hellmouth

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CASTING NOTE: Jill is played by porn goddess extraordinaire Jewel DeNyle

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Darla's Childe Part 9
by Red Jacobson

Saturday; early evening

Xander had spent the last couple of hours working with each of his children, teaching them how to control their appearance, as well as practicing their walking, so they look older than they actually are. After he was satisfied, and had Darla coaching Willow on the 'innocent school girl' act, they were all sitting around relaxing on the sofa. Xander suddenly smiled, "Well, somebody must have had a good afternoon, Jill is in a wonderful mood!"

Jesse and Willow looked up at him in confusion, while Darla just smiled. "Wait until you meet her, she's delicious!"

"Remember, you are absolutely not to do anything to Jill without her express permission, she is under my protection!" Xander warned them. "Now, Jesse, get the door, it sounds like she's got her hands full."

Jesse jumped to his feet, and had the door opened in an instant; surprising Jill who was still fumbling with her keys.

As soon as Jill was inside, Jesse shut the door and Xander pulled her into a hug and kissed her firmly. She moaned against him, and dropped her bags, wrapping her arms around him and opened her mouth to him. When Xander could tell that she would need to breathe, he released the kiss and said, "Jesse, you and Willow take Jill's bags to the master bedroom, and when you get back, I'll properly introduce you."

When Jesse and Willow returned, they were a bit surprised to see Jill sitting on the couch, between Xander and Darla, and Darla was nuzzling her neck. "Jill, these two are part of our family, I've already told them that you are under my protection; so you have nothing to fear from them. The red head is Willow, computer genius extrordinaire, and even more of a natural submissive than you are! I'll make sure you get a chance to experience her tongue before the weekend is over. The brunette is Jesse, he is my good right arm, he's been at my side my entire life, and now he'll be beside us beyond that!"

Jesse and Willow nodded and said hello, and Jill responded.

"Willow, I'm going to want you to head home shortly and get started on our little surprise for tomorrow, okay? After you get that taken care of, come back to the apartment. Darla, I want you to take Jesse and Willow out hunting tonight, because we may not have a chance tomorrow." Xander said, his tone clear that it wasn't a request.

"Jesse, why don't you head back home as well, let your parents see you, so they won't worry. Willow will come and get you when she gets finished what I need her to do."

The two of them nod and head out the door.

Turning to Jill, he smiled and said, "We are going to get some revenge for you tonight, my love, in preparation for tomorrow's festivities."

Jill returned his smile with an almost feral intensity. "I can't wait! Who are we going after?"

"That little troll Snyder, not only did he think he could have you, he's been an annoyance to me and my friends for the past year!"

"I hope we can do something humiliating to him, Xander, I've met the little shit, and he made me feel slimy just being in the same room with him." Jill said, with a shudder.

"Oh, I think you'll enjoy what I have in mind. But, to get what we need, we're going to be driving to LA later tonight, so it might not be a bad idea to go lay down for an hour or so, I'm going to want you rested and alert for everything that we have to do."

"Okay, Xander, are you sure you don't want to join me?" She smiled, flirtatiously as she got up from the couch.

"Maybe after we get home, babe, not right now!" Xander laughed as she wiggled her behind at him as she left the room.

Darla moved over after Jill got up off the couch and said, "Well, I guess you won't be fucking me through the mattress tonight, then?" with a grin.

"It all depends on whether we get back before midnight, otherwise I'll have to take care of you early tomorrow morning. The important thing is to find out if Jill actually has the stomach to kill. I think she does, but I want to make sure."

Darla nodded, "That makes sense, I had forgotten that it's sometimes difficult for a mortal to kill. I guess that's what comes from so many years of being a vampire, we just don't think that way anymore."

The two of them sat talking for next few hours, as Xander laid out his plans for the next several months. Eventually, Jill awoke, and, after getting ready, the two of them left for LA. Willow and Jesse arrived as they were leaving, and Willow told him that she was successful.

Later that Evening

Darla Willow and Jesse are walking toward the Bronze, just talking and laughing, looking like any other teenagers in town, until they hear a voice screaming for help. Looking up, Willow and Jesse recognize the girl running toward them. "Crap, it's Amy!" Jesse cursed, "What the fuck is going on here?"

Amy rushed up to them, panting. "Please, help me, my mother, she's..." Amy struggled to catch her breath, "she's lost her mind, she wants to do some kind of spell on me, Please, Willow, can you help me?"

Darla was watching, slightly amused that the girl was turning to them for help, when they were much more dangerous than any witch, until she caught a whiff of Willow's arousal. Smirking, she said; "Willow, take your friend back to your house, Jesse and I will take care of this and meet you back there in a little while, okay?"

Willow smiled brightly, "Sure Darla, we'll see you guys in a bit. Come on Amy, you'll be okay." Willow put her arm around the crying girl as she was lead away.

Willow and Amy had just turned the corner when Darla saw a car moving toward them. Slipping into the shadow, she decided to watch and see how Jesse handled himself. The car pulled up to the curb and the woman inside the car looked up, and recognizing Jesse, parked the car and got out. "Jesse? I'm glad it's you! Can you help me? I'm trying to find Amy, have you seen her?"

"Hey, Mrs Madison; yeah, I just saw her a few minutes ago, she was heading into the alley over there." Jesse replied, pointing to a spot further down the street. "Let me show you where it was."

As Jesse lead Catherine Madison down the street, he turned back and looked at Darla, who smiled and nodded. As soon as Jesse lured Catherine into the shadows of the alley, Darla grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth. "Sorry, Mrs Madison, at the moment Amy is safe with Willow, but, don't worry, casting spells is about to be the least of your worries." Catherine tried to struggle as Jesse vamped out and bit into her neck. After drinking deeply, he pulled away and said, "Would you like a bite Darla?" "No thanks, I'm good." she replied, just as politely, and Jesse went back to his feeding. As the woman was in her dieing seconds, Jesse sliced his wrist, and fed her a few drops of his blood. Darla released the woman, and, as soon as she died, Jesse punched her in the chest, leaving behind nothing but a pile of dust.

Los Angeles, later that night

Xander leaned back in the passenger seat of Jill's Malibu and relaxed as she put the car in drive and drove away from the Adult Book and Toy store. As soon as they were away from the streetlights, he allowed his features to relax, going back to his normal face. Jill looked over and smiled as he finished. "I'm glad you are done wearing that asshole's face, Xander. I had to see Jimmy every day and night for the past two years, and I really don't want to have to look at him any more than I really have to!"

"I understand, and you won't have to see his face more than a couple of more times, once when we go take care of Snyder, and once when we go see that Lawyer that he cheated on you with, what was her name? Oh, yeah, Lilah! But, that's not going to be for a week or two, I think our new playmates are going to be keeping you quite occupied. Of course, I doubt Margaret and Mallory or their daughters Cordelia and Harmony would be very pleased to find out they are going to be playmates for us!" He laughed, "Which just makes it that much sweeter, to be able to break those haughty bitches!"

Jill smiled as well, imagining the two women kneeling before her, servicing her as she was forced to service them in the past. She was pulled from her thoughts by Xander telling her to pull over. Pulling to the curb, Jill shuts the car off as Xander waves for her to follow him. Jill could barely see a couple of figures struggling in the shadows of the alley. When she got closer, she winced as she saw a woman lying on ground, bleeding from multiple wounds, as well scrapes and bruises. The closer she got, though, the blood in her veins turned to ice as she saw that the woman was naked below the waist. Looking at Xander he had the other figure held up against the wall. Jill saw that the man was also naked from the waist down. As Jill moves closer, Xander looks over at her and points to a knife that is lying on the ground. Jill picks up the knife, using a piece of cloth from the ground around the handle. Walking up to the struggling man, she says,

"Can you cover his mouth? I don't want his screams to attract attention."

Xander grins at her and nods. Putting his hand over the struggling mans mouth, he turns to watch what Jill is going to do. Jill grabs another piece of cloth from the ground, and grabs the rapists rapidly shrinking cock. Jill doesn't even look at the man as he tries to struggle away, she just grips firmly and slices! Opening her hand, she shakes out the cloth, and the offending flesh falls to the ground. Taking another grip on the knife, she moved closer, and, feeling his ribs for just the right spot, shoves the knife into his heart, killing him instantly.

Xander let the body slide to the ground, and turned to the woman on the ground. Jill was already kneeling beside her, trying to comfort her. "Xander, can you do anything for her? It doesn't look good at all!"

The woman on the ground looked up at him, and whispered, "Please, Mister, help me! I'm scared!" Xander looks at Jill, "Alright, go and start the car, and open the back door, I don't want to hang around here, and, drop the knife!" Jill hurried to obey as Xander bent down over the girl. By the time she has the car door open, Xander is putting the woman in the back seat, along with her clothes and purse.

Jill pulled away from the curb, and Xander said "Well, this does change some things for the evening, we aren't going to be able to go back to Sunnydale for a few hours yet." Pulling his cell phone, Xander calls and gets two rooms in a nearby motel. After giving Jill directions, Xander opened the purse, looking for some ID, so he knows who his newest childe is.. Pulling out a Texas Drivers License he said, "You sure managed to die a hell of a long way from home, Winifred Burkle."

Revello Drive, Sunnydale

Buffy Summers was sleeping, having finally found a comfortable position after tossing and turning for an hour or more. The window by her bed was closed, but the curtains were open, and the moonlight was shining on the piles of cardboard boxes stacked around the room.

Her mother cracked open the door to look in, and frowned as Buffy started mumbling in her sleep and moving around. "I hope you do better at this school Buffy, I just don't understand where all these problems are coming from. I mean, really! Vampires? I just hope we don't have to go through that again." Joyce said quietly, not realizing just what the real world had in store for her or her daughter.

Unaware of her mother looking in at her, Buffy dreamed. The dream was typical of ones she had been having for several months now, she is in a graveyard, fighting for her life, but there is something different this time, this time she isn't alone. There are several men and women fighting along side her, and as the last vampire is dusted, the dream changes. Now she is in the center of a large room, with all the others who had been fighting with her, and they are all naked! Looking down, she blushes when she realizes she is naked as well! They are touching and licking her and each other. Part of her is enjoying the sensations; but another part of here is holding back, trying to figure out what is so wrong in the picture. Eventually the dream fades, and she dreams she is ice skating, waltzing with a stuffed pig, who looks just like Mister Gordo, and then she knew no more until the next morning.

Approaching Willows House

Darla and Jesse were walking toward Willow's house, and they were discussing how Jesse had handled Amy's mother, when Darla's phone rang.

"Hey Lover, what's going on?"

"Jill and I are going to be staying the night here in LA, so our date with the mattress is going to have to wait, unfortunately, but, it can't be helped. We will be bringing somebody back with us when she wakes up. There's a lot that I won't say on the phone, but Jill pleasantly surprised me this evening"

"That's good to know, and I'm sure you are going to be rewarding her, aren't you?" Darla teased him.

"As soon as we get situated here at the hotel, I'm going to be rewarding her brains out! Why, do you wish you were with us?"

"Actually, I'm expecting to have a fairly interesting evening myself. Jesse, Willow and I were on our way to the Bronze, when Willow ended up running into her friend Amy, and the two of them decided to hang out at her house while Jesse and I took care of getting a bite to eat. I have to tell you, Jesse pleasantly surprised me as well. But we can talk about that when you get home. I'll see you in the morning, right?"

"I'll see you in the morning." Xander said, hanging up the phone.

End Chapter Nine


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