This story takes place, oh... sometime a season or so ago. Please remember
that this story is only fiction about fictional characters in a fictional

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn Patrol (Mf,MMMff,M+f,bond,oral,ncon)
by Maddbean

"Eeeh!" Dawn squealed as the vamp, an unusually ugly male with sharp
fingernails, raked the fingers of its left hand across her sweater, tearing
the fabric just under her boobs. She hopped back, only to trip over a
gravestone and fall on her back, knocking the air out of her with a big
"ooof!" As Dawn recovered she looked up at the leering monster.

Buffy, sitting cross-legged on the ground, looked at her sister. Dawn was
lying flat on her back, with her knees in the air and her legs spread and
the vamp was ogling Dawn's white, lacy panties which did little to hide her
small, dark bush; but which at least slowed him down a bit. As Dawn looked
up in terror the vampire unbuckled his pants. Buffy, who had a couple of
stakes handy in case Dawn got into real trouble, was calm; she could easily
handle this vamp and figured if Dawn wanted to be a mini-Slayer she had to
learn the hard way. She said calmly, "Sweetie, unless you want Mr. Handsome
here to impale you I suggest you do something."

Dawn looked around, her own stake had rolled away out of reach, she turned to
Buffy, who sat looking at her and then up at the vampire. Her eyes opened
wide. He had dropped his pants and was sporting a huge, erect knobby 'thing'
that was maybe a foot long and at least 2 inches wide. Dawn squealed again as
the vamp yanked on one of her braids and pulled her to her knees so that she
was face-to-face with his 'thing.'

Buffy tensed, and leaned forward - preparing to leap into action. She looked
at her little sister. Her skirt had bunched up around her waist exposing her
panties which had pulled slightly into her ass crack, despite the fight Buffy
could not help but momentarily admire her sister's body. She shook her head,
that was just wrong. She had to concentrate.

Over the last few weeks Dawn had become particularly whiny and bitchy. Among
other things she kept demanding to 'help' with Buffy's slaying; Buffy argued
that it was too dangerous, but Dawn just whined and complained until Buffy
gave in. Buffy gave Dawn some rudimentary training and finally let her tag
along on a patrol. Dawn was happy and confident as she pranced ahead of
Buffy, and declared herself ready to 'smoke' a vampire or two, but there was
a LOT Buffy had not told Dawn about vampires. The main thing was that even
more than blood they craved sex; the last thing a girl wanted was to be
captured by a bunch or horny vampires because they would not tire until they
each had a turn at all her holes, and then some. Sure, they would bite you or
kill you eventually, but not after they raped you for a few hours - something
Buffy knew only too well. Buffy had wondered momentarily whether it was safe
to take Dawn on patrol, but she figured she could defend her easily enough,
so she was not worried.

As they walked together earlier in the night, with Dawn walking a little in
front, Buffy realized she had been looking at her sister in more than a
sisterly way, Dawn was wearing a short denim skirt, a long sleeved sweater,
sneakers and socks. Her hair was done up in two braids that swayed across
Dawn's back as she walked. Buffy found herself gazing at Dawn's butt as it
moved under her skirt, she fantasized about leaning Dawn against a tree and
kissing her up her legs, under her skirt, pulling her panties down and...
Buffy shook her head and told Dawn to walk towards the cemetery. What the
fuck was she thinking?

Buffy stood up. Dawn just stared in terror into the vamps crotch and did not
struggle as it forced it's huge dick into her mouth, almost up to the full
length. Once the 'thing' was all the way in she did start trying to pull
away, but the vampire was too strong. Buffy looked at her sister, with the
huge dick distending mouth, but still held back. Dawn felt the 'thing' moving
inside her mouth, she tried to scream but she was choked and could not do
anything, the vampire was pushing hard on the back of her head, forcing Dawn
into its crotch as it moved its hips back and forth. Dawn flailed her arms
around a bit, but was not strong enough to fight the vampire off. She started
to panic.

Dawn heard, somewhere at a distance, Buffy saying "bite it off!" But Dawn
couldn't do it. She felt the vampire tense, then heard it groan - suddenly
she was choked by a stream of sticky, warm liquid that pounded into the back
of her throat, causing her to gag. She felt her mouth fill with vampire cum
and her own vomit and thought for a moment she would choke to death when...
poof! The vampire turned to dust. The huge penis evaporated in Dawn's mouth
and she spurted a mass of cum and vomit as the pressure released. Dawn fell
to her hands and knees, and whimpered as she hawked up cum, vomit and vampire
dust. She saw Buffy standing with a stake, then fainted and fell to the

(While unconscious, Dawn had a short dream, she was nude and on her hands and
knees barking like a dog, with a collar around her neck. Willow was holding a
leash and laughing as Dawn performed oral sex on a large dog. She had another
short weird dream, she was on a stage wearing a schoolgirl uniform, Willow
was auctioning her off to a bunch of fat old men. Somewhere in the back of
her mind she wondered why she was having these horrible dreams lately.)

She recovered minutes later to find herself lying on the grass with her head
in Buffy's lap, as she awoke she simply felt terrible, there was a horrible
taste in her mouth, which felt sticky inside. Dawn suddenly remembered what
happened and started crying. Buffy patted her head and said, "Are you OK?"

Dawn did not feel OK, she felt worse than she had ever felt. She started to
cry, but then considered the situation for a few seconds and got angry, "No!
I'm not OK! Why did you let that happen? He... you know, came in my mouth!"
At this she moved her head off Buffy's lap, bent over the ground and coughed
a few times; trying to get the taste out of her mouth, she really needed some
water. Her eyes were red from crying.

"Shhhh, baby, it's fine. I wanted to teach you a lesson, if you get in
trouble you have to fight." Dawn had sat up and looked at Buffy with
anger, her arms crossed as Buffy continued, "Vampires are basically sex
and blood-craving machines. When they are like that you should bite their
penises off - they're so mindless with lust that they will just keep
coming at you."

"Teach me a lesson!? He raped me!" Dawn screwed her face up in disgust. How
could Buffy let that happen to her! She was deciding whether to dramatically
walk off in a huff, or scream at Buffy when she had a thought, "Buffy, have
you? You know, been attacked that way...?"

Buffy's face changed momentarily, as if she was remembering a horrible event.
She answered quietly, "Yes, Dawn baby, but I am not going to talk about it,"
she paused and looked at Dawn, sitting cross legged on the grass, "Do you
want to keep patrolling, or go home?" She stroked the side of Dawn's head.

Dawn felt so terrible, she was close to tears again, but she wanted to show
Buffy she was tough, "He didn't really hurt me, I - I think I can do it," she
smiled at her sister.

Buffy smiled, gave Dawn a little peck on the cheek and stood up, looking
down at her sister, "Let's roll! But maybe you should fix yourself up first.
You're probably going to attract a whole nest of vamps like that."

Dawn looked down, her skirt had bunched up around her waist and her sweater
had ridden up her chest. Dawn blushed and stood up, fixing her clothes the
best she could. She put on a brave face and said, "OK, Buffy, let's roll."

So the patrol continued. The girls walked out of the cemetery, up Main
Street, through the woods and back home - a walk of about an hour, which was
a lot shorter than Buffy's usual route but enough for Dawn's first patrol.
The girls chatted and Buffy noticed Dawn seemed at least to be less sullen
and whiny than normal; the shock of her recent experience had obviously
affected her. Buffy also had to deal with some strange feelings, that she
now attributed to some hellmouthy thing - maybe a demon. She still could not
help looking at Dawn in a decidedly non-sisterly way. Buffy had, of course,
seen Dawn nude many times but she desperately wanted to see her body NOW and
she was fantasizing about doing very bad things; she so much wanted to tie
Dawn down somewhere and fuck her senseless. Buffy shook her head in a vain
attempt to shake the thoughts out of her head.

As the girls walked Buffy considered the possibilities; it was maybe a
demon or some other annoying malevolent force, but a definite (and worrying)
culprit was Willow, and maybe Tara too. Lately Dawn seemed to get along with
Willow and Tara a hell of a lot more than she probably should, and she spent
a LOT of time in their room - sometimes sleeping there. Buffy trusted Willow
and thought nothing of it but, now Buffy wondered about it; she had had
strange dreams lately where Dawn was in some sort of peril and Willow was
always in the dreams. She had assumed they were just that... dreams... and
attributed them to jealousy or some outside party, but Buffy frowned as she
wondered exactly WHAT they did alone in the room.

In some of her dreams Willow, wearing a large strap-on penis, had fucked Dawn
up her ass while Dawn ate Tara's pussy, or sometimes the other way around. In
some dreams they actually did it in Buffy's room while she slept or the
enchanted Dawn would fuck sleeping Buffy with a dildo while Willow laughed.
In one dream Dawn, who seemed under a spell, was fucked by a demon with a
gi-normous penis that Willow conjured. In another, Xander (who also seemed
under a spell) performed a particularly brutal rape. Buffy had a repeated
dream that Dawn was sold as a whore to homeless people downtown. Buffy
frowned again as she wondered about those dreams - she had assumed they were
sent to her by some demon to freak her out, but now she was not so sure. The
concept that they may be true chilled Buffy.

Buffy decided she couldn't deal with the concept now, so she pushed them out
of her mind but she made a mental note to have a closer look at Dawn's body
when she got a chance, to look for bruises or other damage, and talk to
Willow. Dawn seemed to have recovered and was prattling on about something
at school when Buffy spoke, "Let's take another swing through the cemetery
before we go home," the girls walked past the gravestones in the cool evening
air, when Buffy heard a sound. She whispered to Dawn and put a finger to her
lips, "Shhh, wait here."

Buffy ran off, leaving Dawn standing alone amid some gravestones. Dawn
started to feel somewhat exposed, so she moved towards the direction Buffy
had ran. She head some noise and, through the trees, could see Buffy fighting
some vampires! Dawn's eyes opened wide as she counted half a dozen or more
vampires, and she could see some more coming through the trees. Dawn became
scared, she did not want to move towards Buffy, but then again she felt
uncomfortable staying where she was - if she got into trouble and screamed
she doubted Buffy could get to her quickly. Before she could make a decision
she heard a cough behind her; Dawn spun around and gasped. She was in

She was face to face with four vampires, three males and a female. The
men were tall and the female was a short blonde girl about her age. Dawn
screamed, spun around and ran towards Buffy but one of the vampires tackled
her, Dawn fell heavily with an "oof!" against a gravestone.

The vampires knew what they were doing; before Dawn could react her panties
were torn off and she was forced on her hands and knees. The girl vampire
talked for the first time, she was thin with big boobs and wearing a tattered
party dress, she spoke calmly with a sweet voice, "If you want to survive
stay just like that, me and my peeps need some loving, OK?"

"Please, don't..."

"Shhhhh, cutie, you may even like this," Dawn squeaked as she felt
something touch her between her legs, it was the girl who was licking her.
Dawn rebelled at this intrusion but was interrupted by one of the males who
grabbed her head and, for the second time that night, fucked her mouth. Soon
Dawn was caught in a blur as one by one the three males fucked her mouth,
each had enough stamina to come at least twice and Dawn's face was soon a
sticky mess. Meanwhile the vampire girl continued to work on Dawn's cunt, at
the same time encouraging the males. Somewhere in the back of her mind Dawn
thought, "Bite them off," but she was to traumatized to do anything. All the
time Dawn could feel the girl working on her pussy, which was starting to
give her some inappropriate feelings.

After a while the girl said, "OK, guys, she's nice and juicy and tight! Who
wants her first?" Dawn moaned as one of the vampires pumped her mouth. The
girl said, "Make her hurt," she felt some pressure from behind then BAM! The
vampire forced it's penis inside with a single stroke her which had a number
of effects. She felt a hell of a lot of pain as it forced it's way in, which
caused Dawn to clamp her teeth together... right into the vampires 'thing'
that was moving in her mouth. The vampire shrieked and disintegrated. Dawn
fell forward into the ground and the other vampires, far from caring about
the fate of their comrade, barely seemed to notice.

Dawn tensed and groaned as she came for the first time while the vampire
pumped her.

As she recovered she found herself face to face with the blonde girl's shaved
pussy, spread in front of her. Her head was forced down and soon she was
licking the girl's cunt while being fucked from behind. The two remaining
males switched, one fucking her while the other forced her onto the girl who
screamed, "Eat me you sweet whore, oh fuuuuck," Dawn knew what she had to do
to survive. She sucked on the girl's clit, soon she had it between her teeth
and, as the girl groaned in pleasure Dawn grimaced and clamped her teeth
tight, biting it off, causing the vampiress to scream and vanish in a puff
vampire dust.

Dawn came again, groaning deeply as the vampire expertly fucked her from
behind. As he pulled out Dawn spun around and sat up. The two remaining
vamps looked ready to go another round or two but Dawn, hurting and covered
in vampire semen and vampire dust, lunged at the first one and clamped her
mouth around his penis. He groaned as she sucked him for a bit then screamed
as she bit his penis in half and vanished. The last vampire was smart enough
to realize it was in trouble, but before he could react his dick was in
Dawn's mouth and he was gone.

Dawn sat for a minute or so whimpering and shaking all over, she was
splattered in cum, had vampire dust all over her and was feeling a pain
between her legs. As she pulled herself together she realized what had
happened, she had been raped by four vampires. Dawn had very little time
to assess the situation; at a distance she heard some fighting, Buffy
sounded very busy. Nearby she heard some noise and saw maybe eight
vampires moving through the trees towards Buffy, and towards her!

Dawn leaped to her feet, almost falling down again due to her shaky legs.
She looked around, to her left was a large mausoleum which was her only
possibility of safety. Dawn glanced at her panties, lying on the ground,
scooped them up and darted to the mausoleum, opened the door and shutting
it quietly behind her as she entered the structure.

The vampires passed and she looked around. In the semi-darkness, the roof
was broken and there was enough moonlight to see around, she could see a
couple of large stone structures, probably coffins. There was a stone cross
at one end of the room. She stepped forward onto the earth floor, and
tripped over something. Dawn screamed and fell forward flat on her face.
She lay there for a while and then looked back. It looked like she had
tripped over a tree root sticking up through the floor, she crawled forward
and then said, "Oh, gross!" The 'tree root' was a bone! Dawn guessed bodies
had been buried in the floor of the mausoleum as well. Dawn had seen grosser
things before, so she scooted away and sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

After the rape Dawn so much needed to just curl up in a ball and cry but
knew she had to get away and find Buffy. Absent-mindedly she used her panties
to wipe excess cum off her crotch and tossed them disgustedly in the corner
and sat there, wondering what she should do...

(Unknown to Dawn the panties landed on a gold amulet. A drop of vampire cum,
mixed with her own juices dripped off the panties and onto the amulet which
started glowing and then further down to drip in a single drop onto the
floor; which was just the right combination of substances and magic to cause
an instant reaction under the floor of the mausoleum.)

...when she felt an ever so slight tremor under her, sort of like an
earthquake but very small.

Dawn, still sitting, looked around. She had been around enough weird things
to know that a tremor underneath a mausoleum so close to the hellmouth was
not a good thing. Suddenly there was a crash as the dirt to her left burst
open and something stood up, Dawn shrieked. It was a skeleton of a man still
with some mummified skin that was rising up out of the ground. She knew it
was a man because somehow it had retained a mummified erect penis. There was
another crash to her right and another figure arose. Dawn scooted back on her
butt and screamed again, this figure was less a skeleton than a partially
decomposed body. It was also a man as evidenced by it's erect maggot-ridden

In an excess or terror Dawn scooted further back, still on her butt, and
felt something clamp itself about her left ankle. A mummified hand had
risen out of the ground and clamped itself over her ankle. She screamed
and tried to escape but soon felt other bony arms rising from the ground
around her and tearing at her clothes. More bony arms arose and soon she
was spread-eagled on the ground, stripped completely naked and bleeding
from a number of scratches. Dawn looked around; about 4 figures, in
various stages of decomposition, had risen and were all sporting large
horrible looking "things." They stood and looked at her waiting for
something... soon Dawn felt something at her pussy. She looked down, a
decomposing hand had risen from the ground and was fingering her. Dawn
groaned, "Noooo," but was soon caught up in terrible sensations as the
hand expertly manipulated her clitoris and tight cunt. Dawn knew what
was happening was wrong but she could not control her body and soon felt
herself orgasming once then soon after another time after which she lay
back exhausted. She felt herself being dragged to her feet towards the
cross, where she was tied; with each arm on the cross and her butt
pointing out.

For the next period of time, Dawn never knew how long, she was alternately
raped by a number of corpses; some of them old and bony, they hurt her,
and some newly buried, they at least provided some lubrication as they
fucked her ass... Dawn preferred not to think what that lubrication was.
The corpses knew what they were doing and Dawn came and came again as the
creatures fucked her ass and pussy, filling her with their own rotting
corpse-semen. They ran their mummified and decomposing fingers all over
her body, rubbing her boobs and manipulating her nipples. Dawn forgot about
screaming or anything except surviving and cried and whimpered as each
corpse had its turn, only stopping to moan as she felt each orgasm coming
on. She guessed she must have come at least a half dozen times from she did
not know how many corpses before everything became quiet again. She fainted.

(Dawn had a horrible dream. She dreamed Buffy found her and untied her from
the cross and then, in some frenzy fingered her until she came again. She
didn't even look like the real Buffy, but some animal as she molested her

Dawn awoke, she was still in the mausoleum. She was resting on something
soft, "Wha...."

"Shhh, baby, what happened," it was Buffy. Dawn was still nude and bleeding,
lying on the ground with her head in Buffy's lap.

"I..." Dawn paused, "They..." She broke down and started crying.

Buffy, traumatized about the sight of her sister and... something she did
that she would never speak of, hugged her sister and cried for her.

A few miles away Willow, nude and floating in a trance a couple of inches
above her bed slowly lowered and awoke. She looked thoughtful, then frowned.


The figure next to her moved and said sleepily, "Hmmm...?"

"Tara?? Wake up!"

Tara opened one eye, "Could we do this in the morning...?"

"Wake up Tara!!"

Tara sighed, "What do you want, Willow?"

"It's Dawn."

"Oh, leave the poor girl alone just for one night..."

Willow looked angry, "Don't tell me what to do!"

Tara sighed, Willow was surely a sexy bitch - but there was no dealing with
her in this mood, "OK, what is it, Will...?"

"I put a spell on Buffy and she should have seduced our Dawny, but it didn't

Tara shrugged, "Well, you know, magic sometimes..."

"Shut up Tara. MY magic works!!! Dawn decided to put out for some friends
instead of Buffy - I just wasted a perfectly good spell. I mean, Buffy did
join in, but..."

"What friends? Apart from when she is under your control Dawn would never
'put out' for anyone."

"Well, she fucking did and I am going to punish her and Buffy too."

Tara sighed again, "Not tonight," she smiled at Willow, "let's have some

Willow smiled back, "First... let me deal with sweet Dawn."

"Don't hurt them."

Willow looked at Tara with a black intensity that shocked Tara, "Don't
interfere. I doubt Buffy can kill 100 vampires AND protect Dawn..."

Sometime later Buffy, fighting to survive the onslaught, groaned as she saw
her sister being dragged away screaming by a large number horny vampires -
she was soon overwhelmed and felt herself being forced to the ground as her
clothes were torn off...

The End


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