Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawnie's Little Kink Part 9 (F-mast,ws,voy)
by iluvdawnie ([email protected])

As Dawn got up off the bed to follow her friend to the bathroom,she picked
up the vibrator she and Tara had licked clean,and carried it with her.

'Well',she reasoned, 'if Tara really gets off on doing this like she says,
maybe she'll want to use a toy on herself while we do it...or maybe I will!'
she giggled to herself, slightly nervously.

Once the two girls had reached the bathroom,Tara began to undress.She felt a
little self-conscious at first,but quickly realized that that was a little
stupid, as Dawn was completely uninhibited about being naked in front of her.
Dawn watched with interest as the wicca disrobed...when Dawn had watched
Willow a week or so back,she had seen that the redhead's figure was much
like her own-slim and toned...but Tara had a much fuller figure,and seemed
far more womanly in Dawn's eyes.She actually enjoyed looking at Tara's curves
more than she expected,feeling a flicker of arousal as she noted the large,
heavy breasts, full belly and plump ass. Tara quickly finished undressing and
noticed the approving and curious looks that Dawn was giving her naked body.

"Sorry I'm not a knockout to look at like you are Dawnie."

"Oh you are, you look great...I was just thinking I like looking at you more
than I did Willow-I mean I liked watching her,but really she looks pretty
much like me,but you look different...curvier..." Dawn hesitated... "and

"Sexier hey? I thought you said you weren't gay," teased Tara. "That sounded
fairly gay!"

Dawn laughed.

"Well, maybe just a little bit...but no-one says I can't like boys AND girls
do they? And I like how you look,same as you like how I look."

"Ummm, probably not quite the same sweetie," smiled Tara.

"Why not?"

"Errr, well, because I seriously, seriously doubt you're looking at me and
thinking how much you'd love to eat out my pussy and finger-fuck me 'til I

Dawn laughed.

"Okay, fair point...but only because I don't know WHAT I want to do with
you, or any girl yet...or any boy for that matter." She winked at Tara "Maybe
I'll get some ideas when I watch you and Will at the weekend!" ... "But" she
added,slightly shyly, "that's what you'd like to do to me one day is it? Eat
out my little pussy and finger-fuck me?"

"Well, it makes a nice fantasy Dawnie...but no more than that - For one
thing, I love Will, and for another, you said yourself that you're not ready
for anything like that yet."

"I know, but I like hearing that you like me in a naughty's a turn

"From what I've seen so far, most things seem to turn you on!"

Dawn smiled.

"True-but hey, horny, curious teenager here remember? So shall we see if this
peeing thing is a turn on as well?"

"Oh yes please - and it's definitely a turn on for me... I just hope it
doesn't freak you out... Is it okay if I sort of take charge, and just tell
you what I'd like you to do?"

"Sure, I want you to enjoy it, so I'll do whatever you tell me to."

"Well, what I want to try and do first is get myself pretty near to orgasm,
so I can be ready to cum when you start pissing on me... so I'll get myself
comfortable in here first..."

Tara stepped into the bath,and sat down in it.

"...And now I'll start getting myself warmed up a little..."

With that Tara began caressing her breasts and tweaking her large nipples,
occasionally moving a hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. Dawn
moved closer, and sat on the edge of the bath, unashamedly curious to watch
her friend masturbate. She remembered she still had the vibrator in her hand,
and offered it to Tara.

"You wanna use this Tara? I'm pretty sure you won't catch anything off it! -
besides, we both licked it clean I think."

Tara smiled.

"Thanks sweetie - just what I wanted."

Tara turned the vibrator on, and left it buzzing against her clit while still
using her other hand to tweak her nipples. She looked up at Dawn.

"I still can't believe you're going to do this for me Dawn...I thought for
sure just the idea of it would gross you out... you can still back out if you
want, I'd understand."

"No, I want to do it, honest... I know that I turn you guys on when you watch
me,and that's way cool... but I want to do something special for you too, for
helping make me feel so good... so this is your something special... and
maybe I can do something special for Willow at the weekend, just to make it
all even again?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something she'll really love... but first,back to
me! Are you really desperate to pee yet,or do you think you'd be able to
control it? What I'd really like is if you can do short squirts, sort of
starting and stopping when I tell you,rather than one big stream."

"Oh sure, I can do that... I'm not desperate yet,it's all under control."

"Great." Tara smiled. "Well, what I'll do is ask you to piss on a different
part of me each time, okay? I don't expect your aim to be perfect though! And
I think you're going to have to stand a little awkwardly too - let's see...
if you get in that end of the bath Dawn... that's it... now step up towards
me, I'll squeeze over a little to the side, and you put your right foot in
the gap by my left thigh okay? Good, now if you can, put your left foot up
on the edge of the bath, so you're straddling me okay? There, that's it...
how is it like that? Not too uncomfortable?"

Dawn was now standing over Tara, her left leg bent at the knee as her foot
rested on the edge of the bath... Dawn looked down,and saw she was directly
over Tara's pussy. It felt a little awkward, like she was leaning slightly
all the time, but it certainly wasn't uncomfortable.

"No, that's fine, I can stay like this for as long as you want."

"Well, it won't be too long I don't think, I'll be ready pretty soon."

Tara continued masturbating, her and Dawn looking at each other as she did

"I sort of get why you like being watched so much Dawn - it is kind of
exciting isn't it?"

"I love it! I wish I could show myself off to everyone... but there's not
many people I can trust like you and Will."

"Well I think we'll always be happy to watch you whenever you want... and as
you like showing yourself so much,have you noticed what's right at my eye

Dawn looked down,and giggled as she realized her pussy was just a couple of
feet away from Tara's eyeline as she sat in the bath.

"I'd better give you a better view then," she said,and leant back a little
and reached down between her legs to hold her pussy open to Tara's view. "Is
that what you wanted to see again Tara? My tight little cunt,where you dream
of getting your tongue one day?"

"It's beautiful Dawnie, just like the rest of you... and looking at it is
really getting me close... are you ready to do this?"

"Yep, just tell me what to do."

"Okay, I'm going to keep the vibrator on my clit, and I want you to do a
short jet straight down onto my pussy, all right?"

"Okay, just give me a second... it's coming soon..."

"Oh do it Dawnie, please piss on my pussy."

Dawn started urinating, just a short burst, not more than a second or so...
her aim was perfect, and the warm liquid splashed on the vibrator and Tara's
hand and pussy... Dawn watched with interest as Tara rubbed the pee over her

"Oh yeah, so warm and wet and nasty, just like I like it..." She continued to
masturbate, but hadn't reached orgasm yet,hoping to leave that for a little
later if she could. "That was great Dawn... Now, can you aim a little higher
this time, at my boobs?"

"Sure, no problem." Dawn had felt a mixture of emotions when she had let the
first stream flow onto her friend... curiosity for a start,and also happiness
when she saw that Tara liked it... and she couldn't deny it felt a little
sexy to her as well,doing something so dirty and taboo.She leant back
slightly, and prepared to pee again.

"Here it comes Tara."

Dawn let go another short burst, twisting her body very slightly to make sure
that she pissed on both of Tara's breasts.Tara kept masturbating using one
hand and the vibrator,and with the other hand she massaged Dawn's liquid over
her tits, also pulling quite roughly on her erect nipples once or twice as

"Oh yes Dawnie, that's great... I'm getting close now."

Dawn had observed this for herself,noting how Tara's breath had quickened,
and how the hand between her legs was moving the vibrator faster than ever

"Dawnie, I want to finish now... I know this might be a bit gross for you,
but I want you to pee in my face now, okay? No bursts this time - just let
go and pee until you can't go any more, all right? And if I open my mouth,
I want you to aim for it,I want you to piss right in my mouth sweetie, can
you do that?"

Dawn was surprised how much this request turned her on... pissing in Tara's
mouth!!! This was so kinky,she couldn't believe she was about to do something
so perverse - her, a sweet,technically innocent girl! ...but the idea
definitely aroused her, and she prepared to do Tara's bidding.

"I'm going to do it Tara, I'm going to just let go and piss in your face...
here it comes..."

Tara shut her eyes,knowing from past experience that it could sting if it got
in her eyes... she was masturbating frantically now,and could feel her orgasm
welling up inside her... it just needed this final,almost depraved, act from
her beautiful young friend to bring her to her release. Dawn leaned forward
slightly, bringing her pussy closer to Tara's face, and then relaxed her
muscles, and allowed all the pee left in her to escape in a long, steady

She watched as the piss splashed all over Tara's face,some of it indeed even
bouncing back onto herself. After a second or two, Tara opened her mouth
wide, and following instructions, Dawn adjusted position very slightly and
aimed her jet of piss straight into the wicca's mouth... for a moment, Tara
let it run out of the sides of her mouth as fast as it came in, but as Dawn
watched her, she clearly saw Tara take a couple of gulps as well.

'Oh my God,oh my God,' thought Dawn, 'she's really doing it, she's drinking
my piss... this is so sick, so dirty... and so frickin' HOT!'

Actually swallowing Dawn's piss seemed to be the final trigger that Tara
needed, for just a second afterwards, her orgasm clearly hit her hard... she
was almost silent when she came, as the stream of piss continued to pour into
her still open mouth, pretty much precluding any sound coming out the other
way, but it was clear from the way that her body tensed up and a rosy glow
spread over her chest that the orgasm had been a strong and special one.

Dawn finally felt her stream coming to a dribbling halt,and shook herself a
little to get the last few drops to hit Tara's face. For a few seconds there
was a silence, broken only by Tara's ragged, heavy breathing, and the buzz
of the still running vibrator. Finally Tara composed herself, turned off the
vibrator, and used her fingers to 'squeegee' away the urine around her eyes.
Blinking a little, she looked up at Dawn, who had remained silent and in
position straddling her.

"Wow," Tara said. "Thank you so much Dawnie... that was fantastic... I'd
almost forgotten how much I enjoy doing that... I hope it wasn't too nasty
for you?"

"Are you kidding? That was like totally awesome... I can't believe how good
it felt watching you being so sick and dirty... it was unbelievable, pissing
right in your mouth, and seeing you drink it! I'll definitely do it for you
again whenever you want!"

"Really?" Tara's wet face lit up in a smile. "I would love it if we can do
this regularly Dawn... as long as Will is okay with it."

"Well, she should be, shouldn't she? I mean, you said that she doesn't like
doing it, so I'm sure she won't mind if I do."

"I hope so, and I think she'll be pleased to be honest - I won't have to try
and beg her to do it occasionally anymore! But she might be a little upset
about us doing something so special and extreme..."

"Awww, I'm sure she'll be fine... anyhow, I said I could do something special
for her when you watch me at the weekend... any ideas for something a bit
'nasty' that she would like?"

"Well, you saw for yourself that Will has a thing about asses didn't you,
when you watched her? So I guarantee you that she would flip if she could
watch you put something up your ass, like a vibrator or something... have
you ever done anything like that?"

"No,never... have you?"

"Oh yeah, lots of times... I'm not as into it as Willow - I swear sometimes I
think she likes stuff up her ass more than up her pussy!... but I quite like
it, it's fun sometimes..."

"Okay... ummm, I guess I could give it a try on my own this week, and if it's
okay I can do a special little show just for Will during my main show for
you guys - how's that sound?"

"I think she'll love it, if you can do it Dawn... just don't try anything too
big to start with okay? I don't want you hurting yourself..."

"I'll be careful, don't worry... what's the plan for the weekend then? You
talked about maybe buying me an outfit that you guys really wanted to see me
in - do you still want to do that?"

"Oh definitely... I'll talk with Will and we'll get something we think'll
look great on you... then you'll be ready to be our own little porn star
again! How do you feel about having two people watching you? If you keep
doubling your audience every week or two,we'll soon have to hire a stadium!"

"I'm pretty sure there aren't that many people I can trust - but it sounds
fun though! But I'm really looking forward to both of you watching me, I
hope I really turn you both on."

"I'm sure you will hun... now,I guess we better get cleaned up... time for
showers I think... and thanks again Dawn,this was really great..."

"You're welcome, and like I said, I really enjoyed it too... I think I like
being really naughty and nasty!"

Tara laughed.

"Well, I'm sure me and Willow will love seeing you being both at the
weekend... now come on, let's get cleaned up!"


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