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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Confusion Part 3
by DCForever ([email protected])

"I thought my sister would never leave. It wasn't all that hard talking her
and the scoobies into going out on the town without me. They probably prefer
it that way." thought the younger Summers girl. Once her sister and their
friends were gone, Dawn locked up the front door and dashed to her upstairs
bedroom. Once inside the door, she closed and locked herself in so she could
once again get back to her journal reading. See Dawn is confused. Has been
for sometime now. Her life has started changing and she doesn't know how she
should feel or what she should do about it. Buffy Summers was the Vampire
Slayer, plus she was Dawn's sister and on top of all that...had become her
love interest.

Dawn stripped down to her bra and panties and once again retrieved her
journal from its hiding place and began where she had been forced to leave
off the last time. She picked up reading where she had last stopped, while
at the same time lowering her hand beneath her panties inserting her fingers
into her sex.

~ ~ ~

The story continues.

Buffy and Dawn got home that evening and Buffy set about her normal duties of
cleaning and cooking. She had already decided that she needed a night's break
from her normal patrolling of Sunnydale. Buffy not once brought up her
earlier conversation with her sister or what had taken place afterwards with
Principal Woods. Dawn didn't know what to think. She had a feeling that her
sister was mad at her since she hadn't said a word to her since they left

Dawn was up in her room pacing, walking from one side of her room to the
other. She didn't know if she should mention their earlier talk or even sit
across from her sister at supper. She knew her feelings for her sister were
wrong, but it didn't seem to matter, as her love for her sister was growing
ever more. Her sex was overheating just thinking about some of the things
she would like to try with Buffy. The longhaired brunette decided the time
was right.

Turning to look at her fully clothed body in her full-length mirror, she
quickly rid her body of the clothes she had worn to school. Forty seconds
later she continued to stare at her frame in the mirror, only this time,
there was a bra and panties covered body looking back. She could see her
moisture coming through, which only made her hotter and more determined.
Exhaling a breath she has been keeping in, she reached for the doorknob,
turned it, and walked out of her room.

Buffy was in the middle of preparing supper when the door leading from the
living room to the kitchen swung open.

Hearing the door she asked, "Dawn, could you get some ice for the glasses?"
Buffy never turned around.

Shortly after her request, she felt a warm presence leaning into her body,
pushing her against the stove. A hand quickly captured her own and pulled it
behind her back. Dawn pressed her sister's fingers against her now soaked
through panties, against her mound of desire that was about to erupt. Buffy
could smell her sister's scent all throughout the kitchen, as it grew
stronger, causing an awakening arousal within her own body. Dawn led her
sister's fingers up and down the fabric as pressure remained supplied to her
body. On her own accord, Buffy pressed her hand against her younger sister's
mound. She felt for the outline of Dawn's folds. Once found, she pushed her
finger towards the target, bending her finger while it attempted to enter.
The material was no match for the slayer's strength as it pushed into Dawn's
womanhood along with Buffy's finger. Dawn's breasts hardened at her sister's
touch and pressed more firmly into her sister's back. Meanwhile, Buffy's own
nipples and sex were becoming hard and overheated.

Leaning forward, Dawn pressed her lips against her sister's neck and started
planting light kisses along her neckline, underneath the edge of her chin,
all the way up to her ear. Buffy let out a soft moan of approval. Buffy
hadn't felt this good since the first time she and her best friend from her
first high school had experimented with kissing. The older Summers girl felt
a bit disappointed when her sister pulled her lips away, but the
disappointment wouldn't last for long. Dawn placed her hands upon the tops of
her sister's shoulders where she began a light shoulder massage. Inch by inch
her fingers edged underneath Buffy's shirt and each movement exposed more of
the slayer's flesh. Soon Dawn was kissing her sister's shoulder blades. Buffy
knew she was quickly falling for her younger sister.

Kisses soon became light lingering, moist licks. Dawn's tongue slid along its
previous path after each kiss, always ending back up along her ear lobes. The
slayer's body trembled each time she resumed licking the underside of her
ears. Dawn didn't want to just have sex with her sister...she wanted her
sister to experience a state of erotic bliss. Buffy's own sex juices were
staining her slacks. The slayer extracted her finger from her sister's sex,
but Dawn was quick to once again cover her sister's hand with her own. Dawn
smiled at her sister's blonde locks of hair as she again controlled her
sister's fingers. She pushed them inside of her soaked panties and relished
the intense pleasure her sister's fingers had on her inner flesh. Buffy
smiled her own smile as she regained control of her fingers and hand.

Dawn brought both her hands to either side of Buffy's arms and lightly
squeezed and released her flesh. Buffy wondered where Dawn had perfected her
massaging techniques. The younger girl massaged up and down her sister's
muscled arms. Buffy's shirt was continually being stretched out and lowered
as Dawn's hands worked their magic. More and more of Buffy's flesh was being
exposed. As Dawn looked over her sister's shoulders she could see her
sister's aroused breasts and hardened nipples pointing toward the wall behind
the stove. Once her sister's shirt was low enough, she pushed her hands
through the opening that had been created by the shirt and her arms. Reaching
around Buffy's waist, Dawn lightly stepped her fingers against the slayer's
skin, making their way towards higher ground. She caressed the underside of
her sister's breasts while gyrating her hips to the motion of the two fingers
in her own sex. The two girls' scent of arousal, now combined, filled the
kitchen and drifted towards the living room.

Walking through the front door, "So Anya, what are you and Xander doing
tonight? Movie?"

"Probably just sex. We haven't seen each other all that much lately and I'm

"Okay. I so love it when you just open up."

"That was sarcasm right?"

"You're learning."

"Xander is a good teacher...among other things."

"Yeah, I know of a few of those other things," thought the younger redhead.
"I wonder where Buffy and Dawn are? Why don't you check upstairs Anya while
I check down here." Anya headed up the stairs while Willow gathered in the
awe too familiar scent radiating from the kitchen. She could tell Buffy had
been cooking, plus she knew something else had been going on. She slightly
opened the swinging door leading into the kitchen and took in the spectacle.
The position Dawn had Buffy in reminded her of the position she was in
earlier that morning.

"Wow, Buffy's breasts are nice. And look at little Dawnie's ass shaking back
and forth. Damn those two are erotic looking. Wonder if they would mind a
third party." thought Willow as she watched on at the two Summers girls. Anya
broke her concentration as she heard the smaller girl walking back down the

"Did you find them Willow?" Willow shook her head as she walked towards Anya.

"No. I guess they had to make some stops before coming home. Maybe we should
just go and come back later."

"Go? Why?" Willow thought for a moment.

"Well, I was thinking we could go see Xander at the construction site." Anya
grabbed the redhead's arm and snatched her through the front door.

"What are you waiting for? I need sex and Xander is good at sex. Lets go
see Xander." Willow closed the door behind them as they left the Summers'

* * *

"Did you hear something, Dawn?"

"Just the loud sound of our two hearts beating as one," whispered the younger
one as she continued her breast massage on her older sister.

"Dawn, you know we shouldn't be..." Dawn leaned in and bit on her sister's

"Don't even go there, Buffy. Just relax and enjoy yourself. I know I am." The
younger girl returned to kissing and nibbling on her sister's light skinned

Buffy brought her free hand up and cupped one of her sister's hands. Leading
it down her body, she pressed it against her own cloth-covered sex. "Turn
about is fair play."

Dawn didn't need any other hints as she removed her hand from her sister's
slacks and pushed her hand between her sister's flesh and her tight fitting
clothes. In seconds, her hand was feeling the slayer's wetness; a wetness
that she had caused. Penetrating the folds, she sought out her sister's
aroused and exposed nubbin. Buffy arched her back as she felt the warmth
growing between her legs and the pressure being applied to her clit. She
usually didn't care for her clit being directly assaulted, but she usually
didn't let her baby sister finger her either. The slight pain was nothing
compared to the pleasure she was receiving and giving.

A second and third finger from Buffy's hand entered her younger sister's
mound. This action set off a chain reaction as Dawn began thrusting her own
fingers in and out of her sister. The tight confines gave her little room to
work with, but she made do with what room she was given. They both wanted
more. Buffy retracted her fingers and using both hands fought to get her
slacks off. Once free of the tight garment, Dawn had plenty of room to work.
The younger Summers turned her sister around and stared her directly in the
eyes as her hand really started thrusting in and out of her sister's body.
Buffy's mouth opened, eyes squinted, and head tilted as she experienced
pleasure in its rawest form.

Dawn grasped her sister's up tilted chin with her free hand and brought it
back down so she could keep direct eye contact. She wanted to see the
pleasurable expressions on her sister's face as she continued to thrust her
hand into her sister's sex, now with four fingers. Buffy couldn't resist
those determined eyes and quickly sought out Dawn's lips with her own. The
sisters allowed each other's tongues to enter each other's mouths as they
increased the suction on their lips. Dawn slowed the pace of her hand as
she intensified each forward thrust. Soon after, Buffy was holding Dawn as
tight as she could to her body while her own body shook violently. Even
after the shakes had ceased, Dawn refused to stop fingering her sister.
Short time later, Buffy tensed for a second time and then a third time as
her head laid atop her younger sister's shoulder; her own body without an
ounce of strength. The slayer was putty in the younger girl's hands.

Dawn finally extracted her fingers, covered in her sister's juices, and laid
them against her sister's lips. With her eyes closed, Buffy ran her tongue
across her lips and her sister's fingers unknowingly taking in her own
juices. She opened her eyes, but was too late to resist the taste of her own
juices. She reached up placing her hands on either side of Dawn's fingers
and guided them past her lips, while sucking her sister's fingers dry.

Pulling the fingers free, "I never thought..."

Interrupting her sister by placing a finger over her lips, "Shhh." Dawn then
leaned in and pressed her lips upon her sister's lips...tasting her sister
for the first time.

Buffy wanted more than anything to return the favor, but was too weak to
hardly even stand up on her own two feet. Dawn realized her sister's weakened
state and helped her step out of the slacks that were gathered around her
feet. Pulling her shirt up a bit so she could wrap an arm around the older
girl, Dawn led her almost naked sister out of the kitchen, across the living
room, up the stairs and into her bed.

Dawn helped her sister get into the bed, where she laid flat on her back. The
other Summers girl quickly removed her bra and panties allowing her older
sister to have a good look at her completely exposed, and quite seductive
looking body. A light patch of hair covered her mound. Leading from her mound
to the floor were two long, smooth and taunt legs. Rising from the mound and
leading heavenward was two beautiful breasts that had yet to reach their full
maturity. Up from there was a face of an angel, looking back down across her
older sister's naked body just waiting for her own body to join with. Again,
staring her sister in the eyes, Dawn could see the wanting in Buffy's eyes
and she was sure Buffy could see her own wanting desire.

Dawn placed a knee on the soft mattress and crawled over her sister. Looking
down at her sister's weakened body, she lowered her tongue to her sister's
belly button and licked her way up to her sister's lips. They resumed their
kiss from earlier as the younger girl relaxed her body atop of her sister's
body. Lips to lips, breasts to breasts, mound to mound, they kissed and
finally rested.

Willow had once again returned home to the Summers residence and had found
Buffy and her sister in a compromising position. Stepping into the room, she
made her way towards the bed. As she looked down at the two naked bodies,
Buffy's eyes opened. Willow immediately sensed Buffy's scared and embarrassed
state of mind. Buffy was about to speak when the redhead leaned down and
placed a finger upon her lips. She needed no explanation. Kneeling down
beside the bed, Willow took hold of Buffy's hand and extended her fingers.
Buffy didn't know what to make of this gesture. Buffy's best friend since
moving to Sunnydale, one by one took each finger into her mouth where she ran
her lips and tongue along the finger's length and then extracted it for the
entrance of another. Buffy wasn't about to make any sudden moves with her
sister sleeping on top of her, so she had no way of stopping her friend.

The redhead stood up after she had sucked all five fingers on Buffy's left
hand. Keeping eye contact with the slayer she began removing her slacks, her
panties soon followed. Buffy's eyes had slowly drifted towards the red pubic
hair that covered her friend's mound. Stepping closer towards the bed, she
could see the shocked look in her friend's eyes. Reaching down towards the
bed, she picked up Buffy's hand again. She balled the fingers into a fist,
and then extended one finger. Lifting her right leg onto the mattress, her
folds slightly separated giving the slayer an up close view. Willow slowly
pushed the extended finger all the way into her pussy and extracted it. She
bent the fingers back into a ball and extended another. She repeated this
procedure with four of the five fingers. Reaching for a fifth time, she
pushed the girl's thumb against the underside of her clit and began rotating
it around her clit causing the redhead to leak out some of her juices.
Buffy's mouth was becoming dry as she watched her friend's actions and felt
the tenderness of her insides.

Willow extracted Buffy's thumb, laying her hand back against the mattress.
Her leg returned to the carpeted floor and she redressed herself. Buffy
looked on in a state of confusion as her friend pulled up her panties and
then her khaki slacks. Resting her hands on the bed, Willow leaned over and
kissed Buffy's forehead. Leaning further down she whispered in the slayer's
ear, "She doesn't have to know." Pulling back away, Red once again grasped
Buffy's hand and this time led it towards Dawn's backside. Stepping to the
end of the bed, Willow placed one knee on the mattress followed by the other
as she gathered her balance. Leaning forward she ran her tongue over one of
the younger Summers' ass cheeks and then the other. Spreading her cheeks
apart just a bit, her tongue ran along the crack and pushed into her opening.
She looked up to see Buffy staring directly at her. Smiling back at the
slayer, she replaced her tongue with Buffy's hand and stepped back off the
bed. As she backed her way out of the room, she smiled and ran her tongue
across her lips before closing the door.

Buffy wasn't sure what had just happened or even why it had happened, but she
was pleasantly glad it happened. She looked down on Dawn's forehead as she
still slept atop her body. Pulling her fingers from atop her sister's ass,
she sucked on what remained of Willow's juices. Her own juices were flowing
once again. She reached down and lightly pulled up on Dawn's body; their
breasts rubbing across the other. Lowering her hand she pushed her fingers
between their bodies and into her sister's sex. Bending her buried finger
forward, she started a light thrusting action, with which soon let her drift
back to asleep herself.

Dawn awoke the next morning still lying on top of her sister. Pulling her
head up, she looked at her beautiful, sleeping sister. She placed her hands
on the mattress on either side of her sister's body and pushed back and up
in an attempt to get up, but quickly felt a pleasurable obstruction. Looking
down between their bodies, she saw Buffy's finger buried in her pussy. She
smiled, as she liked what she was feeling. Determined to take advantage of
her position, she lifted her hips up and back down. She continued this as
she leaned forward and kissed her sister on her lips. To her astonishment,
the taste of her lips had changed since the previous night. She licked her
tongue across her sister's lips and tasted something familiar...Willow.

~ ~ ~

"It's hard to believe that I haven't written in my journal since that day.
Guess that is when the ultimate confusion began. Did I really taste Willow's
juices on my sister's lips or was I just imagining it? Willow is pretty
special, but did I really think of her in a more intimate way? Had what I
thought was love for Buffy been nothing more than just a lustful craving? I
never went down on my sister. I was satisfied with just making her feel what
it was like to be with me. Were my actions of conceitfulness? I just don't
know. I know one thing...I love my sister more than anyone else on this
planet, but why did Willow's taste come from my sister's lips? Confusion.
Confusion is a part of life and I'm living it to its fullness."

Soon time after Dawn had read her last entry, her eyes had closed and had
drifted off into a deep sleep. Her naked body was laid across her bed when
Buffy entered, having had Xander pick the bedroom door's lock. Willow led
Xander down stairs while Buffy walked over towards her sister's bed. Looking
down, she ogled her sister's perfect and naked body. Her ass stood out the
most to the slayer. Leaning down she ran her hands across her younger
sister's flesh until she spotted a book under her sister's head. She slowly
lifted the younger girl's head and pulled the book free.

"Her journal." She looked at the latest entry dated today. It read,

'Dear journal, I don't know what to think anymore. I'm more confused now
than ever. First there was my love for Buffy or was it just lust for I still
remember the taste of Willow after the night with Buffy. That doesn't seem to
be that important now that there is another. Being Principal Wood's assistant
has turned my world upside down. I can't say for sure if I'm in love with him
or not, but I'm definitely in love with the power and control that being his
close personal assistant has given me. I've had sex with more than my share
of the student body now and only crave more. Love is one thing, but Power
over another is something Completely Different. The cheerleaders are on my
agenda for tomorrow. Still confused? Yes. Satisfied? For the time being. More
tomorrow journal.'

Buffy dropped the journal to her side. She had no idea that Principal Woods
had indeed gotten to her sister. A tear fell from her eyes, landing on her
younger sister's flesh. Looking toward the window and the darkness on the
other side, a set of familiar eyes stared back at her from the darkness. Her
head dropped upon her sister's body as tears rained out upon their bodies.

(Are you confused? Good, then welcome to a glimpse of Dawn's world.)

The End


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