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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Closing time was by far Anya's favourite part of the day. She tried not to say that allowed too often as it made Xander all pouty, but as much as she loved spending time with him, especially when they were having sex, closing time only came five times a week. She saw Xander and had sex with him a lot more than that, so Anya didn't understand why she should be frowned upon for savouring this precious time above anything else. After all this was the time those annoying customers finally left and she could count the money.

Today was extra special because business had been slow so Giles had left early, mumbling something about having plans tonight or something. Anya hadn't really been paying attention, she was just glad she was being left alone with the money, no one to frown at her for having a smile on her face.

So when Anya heard that annoying bell she sighed and without looking muttered, "We're closed."

"Anya... hey..." A familiar voice greeted her.

Anya's heart sank. She'd had a feeling it wasn't a customer and for the most part vampires and daemons were polite enough to go after the Slayers in one of the many graveyards in Sunnydale so she'd been fairly confident that it was somebody she knew interrupting her. That meant she couldn't just shoo them away or use the risky-but-hey-if-she-has-no-choice teleportation potion. She had to socialise.

"What?" Anya asked, already regretting it as she looked up to see the blonde haired Slayer, "Giles isn't here. He went home."

"That's ok. I wanted to talk to you." Buffy said, something she honestly didn't think she'd ever say to Anya, and from the look on the other blonde's face the feeling was mutual, "I was just at Dawn's school and no one was there. At lease no one helpful. And I might not have made the best impression with the receptionist, so I was wondering if you could help me find someone. A vengeance daemon. She disguised herself as a guidance counsellor and Dawn made a wish and I have to clean up her mess again. You know, the usual."

"Dawn made a wish with a guidance counsellor around?" Anya said in disbelief, though thinking about it she could believe it, "That's like the most popular form for a vengeance daemon. Second only to therapist. I swear I mentioned this."

"I know. And you did, but well, you know Dawn." Buffy sighed.

"Yeah." Anya murmured, things between the two blondes becoming silent, Anya biting her lip before she asked the question she really didn't want to ask, "So... this vengeance daemon... are you going to kill her?"

Knowing she had to be tactful about this Buffy replied, "I can try not too. If you think you can convince her to end the spell, or if there's something we can give her, I'm totally down with that. But..."

There was a long silence, Buffy not needing to finish her sentence. Anya got it, but she wasn't so sure Buffy got what she was getting into, "Can you live with it? The wish I mean?"

"NO." Buffy said flatly, "Absolutely not."

"Ok, but just FYI... there are thousands of vengeance daemons, and we... they, are all connected by D'Hoffryn." Anya tried to explain, "Besting one is no big deal as D'Hoffryn sees that as one of his girls being a failure, but if you go around killing them left and right you'll piss D'Hoffryn off, and that..."

"Would be bad, I get it. And I get you don't want to piss D'Hoffryn off or whatever, but seriously Anya you need to do this!" Buffy ranted before calming herself down and adding, "Look, I'm sorry to put you in the middle of this but you're my best chance. And the longer this goes on for the worse it could get. I'm not even sure how bad... please just... please help me."

Anya couldn't ever remember seeing Buffy more frazzled. Frighten even. That was very worrying. In fact if Anya didn't have Xander she would probably start packing up her things the second the Slayer left. And if something had the almighty Buffy this upset perhaps she could again try telling her friends, or at least Xander, about the importance of knowing when to run. Of course it would be good to know what she was potentially running from, and when Xander inevitably insisted on staying did they have a chance against it.

So Anya sighed, "Fine, I'll help. What did Dawn wish for?"

Buffy tried not to react but there was no way Anya could have missed her blush, "That isn't important."

"But..." Anya began.

"Look, just find the vengeance daemon who was at the new Sunnydale High today, ok?" Buffy snapped as she turned and headed for the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Anya called out, and then when Buffy stopped in her tracks, obviously thinking about something, the former vengeance daemon called out, "Look, if Dawnie's growing a tail or something and you promised not to say anything I understand, but if you could just give me a rough idea of what this wish is about it would really narrow down my search. Also if we're talking end of the world bad, or some kind of invisible daemon on the loose, some heads up would be nice."

Buffy continued standing still for a moment, then she turned around and said, "I don't know exactly what she said but now Dawn has a power. An evil power which is corrupting my little sister and making her... do things. When you find out who did this to her please call me immediately. Until then I'm going home to have a serious talk with Dawn. Make her understand that she can't just do what she wants. She's just a kid. No more rebellious Dawn crap. I'm putting my foot down!"

* * *

"Faith, sweetie, are you sure you're ok?" Joyce asked again.

"I told you Mrs S, I'm fine." Faith quickly replied again.

Joyce frowned. She used to think of herself as pretty perceptive of what was going on around her. Then she found out her daughter was a Vampire Slayer. Of course whatever was going on was unlikely to be such a big revelation but Joyce could swear she was missing out on a joke or something.

Dawn was practically beaming, happier than Joyce could ever remember seeing her, and Faith seemed... off. The Slayer almost seemed like she was in pain or something, and if Joyce didn't know any better she could have sworn Faith was even blushing a little. Joyce had asked repeatedly whether Faith's chair or food were ok but the Dark Slayer insisted they were fine, and Dawn wasn't willing to share why she seemed happy either.

Part of Joyce felt she should push a little more given the crazy things which happened in Sunnydale almost on a weekly basis, however she had always believed part of being a good mother was not overstepping boundaries and it would have been rude to try and push Faith any further. So for better or for worse Joyce returned her attention to her meal, blissfully unaware she was witnessing the after-effects of her supposedly innocent little daughter taking a Slayer's anal cherry.

Dawn still couldn't believe it. She had fulfilled one of her biggest fantasies ever. She had ass fucked the Dark Slayer into submission. She, little Dawnie Summers, had made the big bad Dark Slayer Faith Lehane her bitch.

Those thoughts and memories of sodomising Faith echoed in Dawn's mind, along with all sorts of nasty thoughts of what she could do to her new bitch as she tried to concentrate on eating food and not staring at the stronger brunette sitting across from her on the ass Dawn now owned.

It was difficult, as was talking or looking at her Mom. Dawn managed it of course, the problem was every time she looked at her mother she couldn't stop thinking about giving the woman who gave her life the exact same treatment she had just given Faith along with a variety of other nasty things. And her mother didn't deserve that.

Dawn didn't want to say it out loud because it would make her a huge dork but her Mom was the nicest, sweetest, most loving woman Dawn had ever met. She didn't want to inflict her perverted little desires on her. Besides Dawn had to learn to control her desires otherwise she'd end up fucking most of Sunnydale. Luckily she had Faith and her perfect body to indulge her twisted fantasies on.

Faith felt herself blush again as Dawnie gave her another burning hungry look. Part of Faith wanted to pull Dawn upstairs and yell at the younger girl for giving her such a blatant look of lust right in front of her Mom. Then she wanted to tell the uppity little twig that she had no idea what was going on but Faith Lehane was nobody's bitch and if Dawn told anyone about that earlier moment of insanity when Faith had bent over like some submissive little anal slut then the formerly evil Slayer would make sure it was Dawn who wished she never had to sit down again. And there were similar defiant thoughts raging through Faith's head but all Dawn had to do was look at her and the bad ass Dark Slayer was practically melting.

Those looks told Faith she was fucked. She was housebroken. She was Dawn's bitch. All little Dawnie had to do was look at her like that to remind Faith of the heaven that had been submitting to the smaller brunette and the big tough Slayer would happily do whatever the fuck Dawn wanted.

Not even the rather terrifying thought of Buffy finding out would be enough to stop Faith from submitting to Dawn. In fact while Faith was imagining about a billion different ways Buffy could kick her ass for daring to corrupt the sweet, innocent little Dawnie the idea of actually telling the almighty B that she was now her kid sister's bitch actually kind of made Faith hot. Or even better, little Dawnie telling her big sis that Faith was now her bitch. Then maybe telling her Mom. Or maybe telling them at the same time. Or maybe Dawn was about to turn to her Mom right here, or about to make Faith do it, the Dark Slayer feeling herself blush as she imagined having to turn to Joyce and tell her that her sweet and innocent little girl had turned her into her bitch.

Wanting to pull herself away from her current thoughts Faith turned to the Milf and, doing her best to put on her usual sly grin, asked, "So Joyce, hot date tonight?"

"No, it's another meeting." Joyce insisted, although she wouldn't have sounded convincing even if she hadn't blushed.

"Really." Faith said, deciding to push the subject, "Because you seem to be having a lot of meetings lately."

Before Joyce could start explaining everything that was going wrong with her gallery lately, which Dawn was almost 100% sure her mother only did because she knew it made everyone else around her zone out, the littlest Summers quickly butted in, "Faith, go make a start on the dishes. I'll be there to help you in a minute."

Faith blushed as she quickly got up and collected the empty plates like some kind of waitress or maid. Of coarse such a act didn't automatically make her anything like that, but it felt like no matter what she did Faith felt subservient to Dawn, a feeling the Slayer was growing to love.

Dawn tried to keep the smile off her face as she watched her bitch carry out her order, waiting until Faith left the room before turning to her Mom, looking her in the eye and softly but firmly asking her, "Mom, do you have a date?"

"Yes honey." Joyce replied, surprising herself with her answer.

"Good." Dawn smiled softly, leaning in and taking her Mom's hand before continuing, "Now here's what I want you to do. Go out tonight and have fun. Do whatever you want to do. You deserve it. You're a great Mom and you should get some time to yourself."

"Ok Dawnie... but, I..." Joyce blushed, feeling an odd tingling sensation from her daughter's hand covering hers.

"No argument." Dawn said firmly, "Tonight you go out and have fun. Stay out as long as you want. Longer even. I'll be fine. Faith is going to be here. So... don't hurry back. Ok?"

"Ok." Joyce found herself replying, and while she did think about it for a moment she supposed Dawn was right.

"Ok." Dawn smiled, letting go of her Mom's hand, silently wishing that such a simple touch didn't immediately send her mind to a really perverted place, "Now, why don't you go upstairs and change so you won't be late for your 'meeting'."

Dawn smiled as her mother nodded, got up and headed upstairs, the speed in which she moved probably not quick enough to arouse suspicion but in addition to her Mom's truthfulness seem to suggest that Dawn's little wish was still in full effect. And just as importantly, if not more, it worked on her Mom.

The smile on Dawn's face turned into a wicked grin as she briefly imagined the shit she could get away with now. And sure, she should probably try and not abuse her new power to much, but at the same time it would be just wasteful if she didn't use it at all. Like, telling her Mom to stay out late and have fun was good. She had an obvious ulterior motive for it, but her Mom really did need to get out more, and Dawn was sure that not every middle-aged guy in Sunnydale was a killer robot in disguise. And Dawn could always ask her Mom's new boyfriend if he was evil and if he replied yes she could just make Faith kill him.

Of course just a brief mention of Faith's name had Dawn's mind once again travelling to a very perverted place, only this time it wasn't a place she felt guilty for being in. Dawn did however question why she would settle for simply thinking about doing nasty things to the beautiful Dark Slayer when she could be doing them. Or at least be ready to do them the moment her mother left.

With that in mind Dawn practically skipped through her house and into the kitchen. There she was greeted with the sight of Faith washing up, not something Dawn would have ever thought as erotic until that moment however there was just something about it which had her juices flowing.

Perhaps it was the idea of the big bad Dark Slayer who had always seemed so rebellious, crude and seemingly too good for menial chores suddenly seeming so domesticated. Like after just one ass fuck Dawn had turned the foulmouthed street tough Slayer into her doting servant, willing and eager to serve Dawn, to do whatever she said no matter how trivial it was.

"You wanna dry?" Faith asked with a smirk, pretty much knowing who it was before she looked behind her.

Blinking a few times to fully pull herself out of her thoughts Dawn smiled, "Na, I think I'll just watch my bitch do all the work."

Faith blushed slightly, "Your Mom..."

"Is upstairs, and was never that good at hearing." Dawn interrupted, heading over to lock the back door which was only a few feet away from where Faith was washing up, "Seriously, you'd be surprised how many fights Buffy has had down here without Mom being any the wiser. Sure, most of them were with me so I suppose she could have heard and just repressed it, but I'm horny so I say it's worth the risk. Especially as Miss I'm The Boss Of Everyone probably won't be back for hours."

Seeing where this was going Faith quickly pointed out, "But your Mom will be going soon."

"Not soon enough." Dawn said, moving behind her prey and roughly squeezing Faith's ass, "There's no way I'm waiting that long to fuck you again."

After groaning softly and biting her lip Faith asked, "Shouldn't we at least take this upstairs?"

Leaning in so her lips were pressed against Faith's ear Dawn whispered, "No. I like the idea of taking you right here, which is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to pull down these tight little leather pants and finger fuck your slutty little Slayer ass! If Mom or Buffy shows up we can stop and act like everything's cool, but chances are my Mom is just going to leave you here to get your ass abused, which lets face it, is what's going to happen. My Mom is going to leave, and then I'm going to get my big strap-on cock and ass fuck you while you're bending over the sink. Then I'm going to ass fuck you in every room of this house, in every position I can think of, your tight Slayer ass getting drilled so much you won't be sitting right for a week! And the only thing you're going to do about it is bend over, or get in whatever position I want you in, because your my bitch and I own your ass hole! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Dawnie." Faith whimpered submissively, unknowingly adding of her own accord, "Do whatever the fuck you want to my ass! It's yours!"

"Damn right it is!" Dawn growled softly, her hand now greedily sliding over Faith's butt and groping it, a smile crossing her face as she added, "This hot Slayer ass is all mine now, but maybe if you're a good little anal slut for me I'll give you the honour of eating my pussy. Maybe my ass too. Would you like that Slayer?"

"Fuck yeah Dawnie, I'd love that." Faith moaned softly, "I'd love to munch on your cunt and ass. Use my mouth and tongue to please the little stud who popped my anal cherry and made me her bitch. Make you cum real hard in my mouth."

"Looking forward to it. But for now, bend over!" Dawn ordered, giving Faith's ass a firm slap literally the moment before her little wish made the big bad Slayer bend over the sink and stick her ass out, "Yeah, that's it. Give me that hot Slayer ass of yours!"

"Already given it to you Dawnie. My hot Slayer ass is yours now!" Faith grinned as she felt Dawn giving her ass another squeeze.

"Yeah it is." Dawn murmured, reaching round to unbuckle Faith's leather pants. Then a wicked idea popped into her head, "Which is why you should never, ever hesitate to let me do what ever I want to this bitch ass of yours."

"I know, I'm sorry Dawnie. It won't happen again." Faith promised.

"Damn right it won't." Dawn said firmly before she gave Faith's leather pants covered ass a hard smack.

Faith cried out in surprise, the sound of that cry and the smack seeming to echo throughout the kitchen which plunged into silence shortly afterwards. Then there was another smack and another cry, the smack being just as loud as before but since she had been sort of expecting it Faith was able to stifle her cry.

As her ass received a third and a fourth smack Faith opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out. She'd had yelling matches with B plenty of times while she was here, well mostly B yelling at her with her giving a few short responses, but she'd always figured that Joyce was too much of a proper lady to want to discuss it. Or maybe the older woman thought it was best not to get between the two Slayers, something Faith had to admit was pretty smart. But Mrs S being a little hard of hearing did make sense, although Faith wasn't so sure the sound of Dawn's hand smacking off her ass wasn't going to draw attention considering how deafening it sounded to her.

Of course the danger of getting caught had always been a turn on for Faith, and the idea of explaining why Dawn was spanking her ass or what those weird noises were actually made the Dark Slayer kind of hot.

Then there was the fact she was getting spanked. She, bad ass Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane, was getting her ass spanked by little Dawnie Summers.

It didn't hurt that bad, especially considering that Dawnie seemed just as if not more interested in caressing Faith's butt in between spanks. Faith had taken much worse beatings even before she became a Slayer, but never on that part of her body before. Sure, a few cocky guys had smacked her ass but she had quickly knocked them the fuck out. Now only a very small part of her wanted to do that, the much bigger part of her wanting to do exactly what she did, that being to stay where she was, bend over with her ass pushed back, taking whatever the dominating young girl wanted to give her.

So for a little while butt kicker extraordinaire Faith Lehane got her butt whooped by a girl she could snap like a twig, every smack making Faith love it all the more, her pussy becoming dripping wet as the big bad Dark Slayer submitted to the humiliation of getting spanked. Then the Slayer felt Dawn reached down to unbuckle her leather pants before whispering in her ear, "How do you like being punished Slayer?"

"Fucking love it Dawnie. I love you punishing me." Faith answered, unknowingly adding of her own accord, "Punish me Dawnie. Mmmmm, spank my hot Slayer ass and then fuck it."

"Oh, I'm going too. But you know what? If this is going to be a real punishment... I think it needs to be a bear bottom spanking." Dawn said, stepping back, grabbing a firm hold of the waistband of Faith's pants and thong before beginning to slowly pull them down.

"Yeah Dawnie, you're right. You should spank my bear bottom for being a naughty little Slayer." Faith moaned before switching her concentration to listening out for anyone coming their way. After all maybe Dawn smacking Faith's leather pants covered ass could be laughed off as a joke or something, but if B or Mrs S walked in on their precious little Dawnie spanking Faith's bear ass there was going to be trouble.

Dawn didn't even hear Faith's last comment as she was fully concentrating on lustfully watching as inch after inch of her bitch's butt was revealed to her. The only thing except lust that was going through Dawn's mind was amazement. Slayer healing had never been more interesting to her than in that moment, Dawn marvelling how Faith's shapely ass cheeks had already returned to their previous creamy perfection, and the hole in between them which had been obscenely gaping about 15 min ago now looked virgin tight again. But was it?

As incredibly tempting as it was to find out, and Dawn promised herself she would very soon, the youngest Summers girl had promised her bitch a bear bottom spanking and she intended to deliver. So, after what seemed like about an hour of Dawn staring lustfully at Faith's butt, the little brunette let go of her slut's leather pants and thong, letting them fall down around Faith's ankles. Almost immediately after that Dawn lifted her hand up and brought it down as hard as she could on Faith's backside.

The cry that the big tough Dark Slayer let out caused a grin to spread across Dawn's face. She had been going easy before, just enjoying the heaven that was living out her fantasy of giving Faith a spanking. It would have been very risky to deliver strike after strike without a pause, even with her Mom's worryingly bad hearing, so Dawn had intended to give Faith more of the playful spanking. However the gentle spaced out strikes had grown tiring and now Dawn could no longer resist giving Faith a real spanking. The type of spanking she had given Buffy earlier.

With that in mind Dawn channelled all her frustrations into this spanking, hitting Faith's butt as hard as she could as she reminisced about how the Dark Slayer had been cruelly taunting her with this perfect butt for so long without letting her have it. How Dawn had to be satisfied with her own fingers when Faith should have realised she was a submissive little slut ages ago and offered herself to Dawn to use and abuse. How that damn sister of hers kept slipping into her mind even though she had the perfect woman bent over in front of her offering up her ass just as Dawn had always dreamed.

As she continued brutally slapping it Dawn decided to focus on that perfect ass she had dreamed about for so long. Before tonight she'd only really got to enjoy quick glances but even then she had known Faith's posterior was the definition of perfection. The Dark Slayer's bubble butt cheeks were so full, well rounded, shapely. Not too big or too small but just right. A perfect 'white girl booty' which looked even more perfect now Dawn was watching it jiggle from the force of each one of her blows, that creamy skin slowly turning first pink and then red from the force of her assault.

Honestly Dawn thought she was making enough noise now to alert her mother so she just went for it, beating Faith's butt as hard as she could, just waiting to hear the sound of footsteps on the stairs so she could turn around and act like it was her ass that had just been spanked. The thought of it caused her to grin wickedly, especially when she dreamed up the image of the look on Faith's face. Then again the idea of being caught spanking Faith and having to explain that the Dark Slayer was now her bitch wasn't entirely unappealing. However minute after minute past and there was no sign of anyone.

Of course Dawn had told her Mom to go and get changed, and it wasn't like Buffy or Faith had been able to do something completely different after Dawn gave them in order, so maybe her mother had heard something. Maybe she had heard everything, and the only reason she hadn't come down was because she physically couldn't until she finished getting ready, and knowing her mother that could be hours.

The idea that her Mom had heard was kind of scary, but if that was true the damage was already done and Dawn was just too horny to dwell on that possibility.

So instead Dawn concentrated on giving Faith the hardest spanking she could possibly give her, the weaker girl relentlessly beating the ass of the stronger girl until Dawn's hand was aching and sore.

At that point Dawn's desire to see if Faith's puckered little back hole was as tight as it looked had become overwhelming. Plus Faith had taken her spanking like a good little bitch, and while that wasn't very surprising given just how submissive the Slayer had been acting by the end of the earlier butt fucking Dawn figured that her pet deserved a reward.

So Dawn abruptly ended the spanking, quickly pushed a finger into her mouth and sucked on it before she pressed it against Faith's ass hole and forcefully pushed forwards. Faith's butt hole resisted for a brief second then welcome Dawn's finger inside it, Dawn happily taking advantage of the hospitality and burying her fingers as deep inside Faith's rectum as they would go.

Both brunettes cried out joyfully at the anal penetration, both of them taking a moment to just enjoy the feeling of Dawn's finger and Faith's rectum walls respectively, before Dawn gasped, "Oh my God Faith! Your ass... it feels virgin tight again!"

"Oh shit, mmmmmm, yeah, guess my Slayer healing is going to keep me nice and tight for you, huh?" Faith groaned as Dawn began gently pumping her finger in and out of her ass.

"Uh-huh." Dawn murmured, lost in her own little world for a few long moments before a grin spread across her face, "You really are just the perfect anal slut, aren't you Faith?"

"Seems like." Faith agreed, "Guess I'm just a natural butt slut who was always meant to bend over for a cute little natural butt fucker like you Dawnie. Guess I was always supposed to bend over so a little ass fucking stud like you could have fun stretching out my tight little slut ass!"

"You want your ass stretched Slayer?" Dawn teased, pressing her middle finger against Faith's butt hole.

"Yeah Dawnie, stretch out my ass hole!" Faith quickly replied, "Get as many fingers as you can up my tight little slut ass! I want you to oooooohhhhhhhh!"

Faith lost her train of thought when she felt another finger being pushed into her ass hole, the Dark Slayer quickly forgetting all about talking in favour of keeping her moans of pleasure as quiet as she could, while of course listening out for Joyce, Buffy or anyone else.

It was hard to concentrate on those things given how good little Dawnie's fingers felt inside her ass, which was actually kind of weird. Faith had never really been much into getting her cunt fingered. It always felt like a poor substitute for a guy's cock or a girl's tongue. Besides, Faith always preferred dishing out the penetration, which was exactly why even though she kept it quiet from Little Miss Self-righteous Buffy Summers the truth was Faith always preferred fucking girls. But this gentle little anal finger fucking was making Faith hotter than any previous fuck she'd had, only exception being when Dawnie had used that big strap-on to take her back door cherry.

Maybe Faith was enjoying this so much because getting her butt fingered was reminding her of her first butt fucking. Her ass might be fully healed but it was still pretty sore and tender, that little bit of pain combined with the feeling of a dry finger getting shoved up her butt appealing to Faith's freaky side. Then again Faith had always liked public fucking, and getting her ass finger fucked in the middle of the Summers family's kitchen was the most daring public fuck Faith had ever had. Her cunt burned at the idea of getting caught, the fact that it might be literally the end of her not deterring her slutty body from finding the whole situation a twisted turn on. Then of course there was the fact Faith was getting her ass hole stretched by innocent little Dawnie, the weaker girl once again having her way with the supposedly tough Dark Slayer.

Whatever the reason was Faith tried not to think about it too much, or the pleasure she was receiving from Dawn's fingers methodically pumping in and out of her butt hole. Especially not when she felt Dawn adding another finger, and then another, into her butt, although at that point Faith was a little too lost in the heaven of having her ass taken to care whether they got caught or not.

Dawn was just as lost in the butt stretching, her eyes locked onto her fingers sliding in and out of Faith's butt hole, that sight pretty much commanding all of Dawn's attention. It was just so beautiful. Dawn honestly didn't think she'd ever seen a more beautiful sight than that of Faith's butt hole stretching for her. She knew that was extremely wrong and perverted, but Dawn couldn't help how she felt. Whether it was her strap-on or her fingers Dawn loved the sight of something pumping in and out of Faith's perfect posterior.

The only other thing Dawn was really concentrating on was the incredible feeling of Faith's amazing ass. It was so tight Dawn thought her fingers were going to get crushed but Faith's back passage had continued stretching with every additional finger. It was like the Dark Slayer's ass recognised Dawn as it's owner, that because she was the first inside it Dawn had officially conquered Faith's ass and now that beautiful butt would do whatever it could to please it's conqueror. Dawn liked that. And it was only right. Faith's ass was hers now and should rightfully take whatever Dawn wanted to give it.

On that note Dawn slid her thumb into Faith's ass hole and then whispered in the older girl's ear, "Do you think you can take more Slayer?"

"Yeah Dawnie." Faith whimpered softly, seeing where this was going, "Give me more! Ohhhhhhhh, please stretch my ass some more! Fist me Dawnie! Fist my fucking Slayer ass! Oh fuckkkkkkkk!"

As if she was possessed by some kind of sex demon, or maybe just by the dominant top she'd always wanted to be, Dawn slammed her hand forwards as hard as she could, forcing the amazingly tight ass hole of the Dark Slayer to ever so slowly stretch wide enough to let her knuckles pass through it. A heartbeat later Dawn's entire hand disappeared in between the beautifully rounded cheeks of the Slayer's bubble butt, both girls letting out a half moan half whimper almost simultaneously as they both tried to get used to the feel of Dawn's fist up Faith's ass.

After a few long seconds Dawn started pulling her fist out of Faith's butt only to push it back in again and then repeat the process, the Slayer's anal ring stretching for Dawn's knuckles every time. It was gentle at first, but then Dawn almost felt possessed again, the younger girl beginning to fist the older girl's ass harder and harder. Only Dawn wasn't possessed. She was just acting like her true self, who she'd always wanted to be. The dominant top who abused her submissive bitch's ass. It was exactly why Dawn was loving every second of it.

It was also why Dawn started using her free hand to smack the Dark Slayer's juicy bubble butt, those already beaten bright red cheeks jiggling with every soft blow as Faith began moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck Dawnie, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fucking fist fuck my slutty ass! Tear my fucking ass wide open Dawnie! Mmmmmmm shit yeah, tear my fucking shitter apart! Leave my shit pipe nice and loose for your big strap-on cock! Make it easier for you to butt fuck your bitch with your fucking strap-on! Ooooooooooh butt fuck me Dawnie! Fuck me in the butt! Fuck me up the ass with your fucking fist! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck your bitch! Show me why I'm your bitch Dawnie! Show me why you own my fucking shit hole! Oooooooooh fuck, fuck, I'm gonna, you're gonna make me..."

Just then both brunettes heard a sound which almost gave them a heart attack. Or more accurately two sounds, the first being the sound of a door opening, the second being Buffy's voice calling out, "Mom? Faith? Dawnie? I'm home."

The sound of the front door being opened froze both girls with fear, but the sound of Buffy's voice had the brunettes scrambling to make themselves presentable. Dawn barely had time to notice with glee that after she pulled her fist out Faith's ass hole remained gaping again before the Dark Slayer was pulling her pants up, Faith only just finishing buckling them when Buffy walked in.

"He, hey B." Faith stammered, trying to get a hold of herself, "I thought you weren't coming back until later?"

"Change of plans." Buffy said with a frown, trying to work out why Faith looked nervous and Dawn looked pleased with herself, "Can I have a word with you? Outside."

"Sure." Faith shrugged, however she barely got the chance to take a step forward.

"Faith, where do you think you're going? You need to finish in here first." Dawn said in a scolding manner, almost like Faith was a disobedient student of hers, before she turned to her sister, "Wait outside Buffy. Faith will be there soon."

Dawn very much enjoyed the scowl that crossed Buffy's face as the blonde turned and left the way she came. At the same time Faith returned to washing the previously forgotten about dishes, her gaze nervously shifting over to Dawn who was grinning widely. That grin was mostly a result of Dawn being able to order the Slayers around, but their reactions were definitely a contributing factor, Dawn very much enjoying Faith's before she eventually asked, "Do you think that's what I meant by you needing to finish in here?"

"No Dawnie, I don't." Faith said before biting her lip. She was so horny. She needed to cum real bad, and she was so close, but it just wasn't worth the risk, "Dawnie I... your Mom's probably going to be down any minute. B's outside! Please don't..."

"Relax. All I want to do is make sure you administer the proper amount of cleaning." Dawn reassured, holding out her hand in front of Faith's face.

Licking her lips Faith unnecessarily shifted her eyes in the direction of the hall that led to the stairs and the front door. She already knew no one was there, but it was instinctual, Faith's brain telling her to double check before she lent forward and began sliding her mouth and tongue all over Dawn's hand, the Dark Slayer

moaning softly as she cleaned her butt juice off little Dawnie's fist.

Not wanting to get caught Faith cleaned Dawn's hand as quickly as she could while still making sure to be thorough. After all she still wanted to please Dawnie, which was the most important thing, that big grin on Dawn's face and the little giggles the other girl was making proving Faith was successfully doing just that, which in turn made Faith happy.

Fuck, Faith thought, Dawnie really had her housebroken.

Dawn would have liked to be able to order Faith to go slower. The earlier strap-on sucking had been reasonably quick but Faith still seemed to find the time to savour the taste of her own ass, and that was definitely something Dawn missed. However Dawn understood the need for quickness, and it wasn't like she wasn't enjoying this.

After all Faith was still being very thorough, her mouth and tongue sliding over every inch of Dawn's hand, the mighty Dark Slayer moaning like a little ATM whore as she sucked the flavour of her own ass off of Dawn's hand, making sure she got every little bit of it like a greedy butt slut. Dawn wasn't totally sure if those moans were exaggerated or if Faith really did love the taste of her own ass that much, but she was pretty sure it was the latter which made Dawn smile.

Faith was such a slut. Perfect for her.

Once she had slid her mouth and tongue over every inch of Dawn's hand Faith quickly asked, "So, we gonna see B now?"

Dawn grinned, loving that her bitch was asking permission. But while it was the right thing to do, and more importantly the smart thing, it wasn't what Dawn wanted to do, and she felt like Faith felt the same way. So, unable to resist, Dawn asked, "Do you wanna go see Buffy, or do you wanna cum?"

"I wanna cum." Faith found herself answering honestly with a blush.

"Turn around." Dawn ordered, grinning as Faith immediately did as she was told, "Push your pants and underwear down. Now bend over... and shove your right fist up your ass!"

Like a puppet on a string after her pants and thong fell down around her ankles and lent back over the sink Faith reached behind herself and forcefully shoved her fist into her ass hole. Luckily that hole was gaping from having Dawn's fist inside it so Faith's fist easily slid into her own back passage. There was a little pain but the cry that escaped the Slayer's lips was mostly from shock at just how quickly and eagerly she performed this perverted act.

"Be quiet!" Dawn said firmly, before moving close so she could whisper, "Now start fucking that slutty ass of yours! Fist your slutty Slayer ass hard! I wanna see you cum. Do it! Fist fuck your ass until you cum!"

Faith couldn't believe little Dawnie had her doing this but the formerly 'I'm always on top' street tough was soon slamming her fist in and out of her ass as hard as she could. The way she was reaching back was awkward and kind of painful, and it was hardly the most effective way Faith could have masturbated, but she was pulling her fist all the way out of her ass and then pushing it all the way back in, rapidly stretching her already aching and battered butt hole for her own perverted pleasure.

However as much as Faith wanted to cum the main reason she was now fisting her own ass was to please Dawnie, which all of a sudden was more important than anything. The increasingly likely chance of getting caught by B or Mrs S, her own pleasure, her own fucking welfare, the entire fucking world didn't mean shit to Faith in that moment compared to doing what Dawn said.

All the previous spanking and fisting fun had got Faith as horny as fuck so it didn't take long for the Slayer to once again reach the edge of orgasm. Only this time Faith was fisting her own ass and if she heard B or Mrs S approaching, or even come in the damn kitchen, the Dark Slayer wasn't sure she could stop. She needed to fucking cum. She needed to please Dawn.

Just then Dawn grabbed a handful of Faith's hair and yanked down hard on it, causing the Slayer to cry out and bring her head down slightly so Dawn could growl directly into her ear, "Harder! Fist that slutty ass of yours as hard as you can bitch! Tear your own fucking ass hole apart! I want to see that perfect little butt hole of yours gaping wide open from being abused! Do it! Do it because I said so! I own your fucking ass hole Faith, that means if I want to see you abusing your back door you do it! Isn't that right Faith? Answer me?"

"Yes Dawnie, mmmmmm, you own my slutty ass hole which means I've got to abuse it if you tell me too!" Faith whimpered as softly as she could.

"That's right bitch, I own your ass hole!" Dawn practically moaned, "Mmmmmm, that means you've got to abuse that hole, but I bet you wish I was the one abusing it, huh? You wish it was me fisting your ass?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah Dawnie, fuck, I wish it was you fisting my ass." Faith moaned as softly as she could, "Or you fucking my slutty shitter with that big hard strap-on of yours!"

"Imagine it." Dawn ordered, "Imagine it's me fucking your ass with my fist or strap-on. Imagine me fucking you up the butt as you cum!"

Faith whimpered as two incredibly vivid images popped into her head, both of which she thoroughly enjoyed earlier in the evening. The first was that of Dawn pumping her fist in and out her Slayer ass, the image being extra powerful as with Faith continuing to slam her fist all the way in and out of her own ass hole it was pretty easy to imagine little Dawnie doing it to her instead. The second image was of Dawn using her strap-on, that dildo reaching the very deepest depths of Faith's bowels with every hard thrust of the little Alpha female's hips, the stud who popped the big bad Dark Slayer's anal cherry ruthlessly pounding into Faith's pooper for her own pleasure.

Both images flooded Faith's mind, the supernaturally strong girl slipping into a dreamlike state as she imagined the weaker girl dominating her. Of course little Dawnie was dominating her right now by making her fist fuck her own ass, that fact combining with the images in her head and the now blissful pleasure of her fist pumping in and out of her widely stretched butt hole had Faith cumming in her hardest ever self-induced climax.

It was intense, the Dark Slayer's whole body trembling as her back arched so that her cum squirted onto the side of the sink and thankfully mostly missing her leather pants. Although it was hard for Faith to concentrate on that when she was busy gritting her teeth as hard as she could and pressing her free hand over her mouth so she could keep the scream that was escaping through them as quiet as possible. That scream was mostly of pleasure, although there was some pain mixed in as her ass clamped down painfully on her hand. Of course in a twisted way that pain only added to Faith's enjoyment, the Slayer continuing to joyfully fist fuck herself up the ass all through her orgasm.

Faith would have happily kept anally fisting herself at this point regardless of the ever increasing possibility of getting caught, however Dawn, who had graciously let go of her hair when she started cumming, softly ordered, "Pull your fist out of your ass and spread your cheeks."

Eager to please the girl who was responsible for the pleasure she had just felt Faith quickly pulled her fist from her ass hole and spread her ass cheeks, the now very submissive bottom hoping that the dominant top standing behind her enjoyed the view.

Dawn had been enjoying the view throughout this new little act of perversion, the little brunette once again licking her lips as her bitch presented her gaping ass hole to her. At first glance Faith's back hole didn't seem quite as stretched open as it had been when Dawn had used her strap-on, but as she continued staring at it Dawn realised while she couldn't see quite as deep into the taller brunette's bowels Faith's butt hole might be stretched a little wider. That made sense as by the end of the anal fisting Faith had been frantically punching her own ass hole, and the Slayer's clenched fist was much wider than Dawn's strap-on.

For a few moments Dawn considered getting a thicker strap-on, perhaps using a variety of different shaped toys to use on her personal fuck toy's beautiful little butt hole, all sorts of twisted images flooding Dawn's mind as she continued to stare at Faith obediently spreading her ass cheeks. Then she heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Acting quickly Dawn ordered, "Pull up your pants and clean your fist! Then quickly finish washing the dishes and come out to join me!"

As Faith did as she was told Dawn left the kitchen to greet her mother at the bottom of the stairs, Dawn almost doing a double take as she saw her Mom in a classic, elegant yet not entirely motherly dress which took her breath away, "Wow Mom, you look hot."

"Thanks sweetie." Joyce blushed, biting her lip before adding, "You don't think it's too much?"

"No, it's really beautiful. You're really beautiful." Dawn said, her gaze lingering perhaps a second too long. Realising her mother was noticing that Dawn quickly try to get a hold of herself, smiling innocently at the older woman before asking, "So, were you off now?"

"Yes Dawnie." Joyce said, then with a hesitant expression on her face added, "Erm... did, did you girls hear something? Before I mean, w, when I was upstairs?"

"Like what Mom?" Dawn asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

"I don't know honey." Joyce answered truthfully, "I could have sworn I heard something earlier... were you girls fighting?"

"No." Dawn said as calmly as possible, "It was just... girl stuff."

"Oh... ok." Joyce said with a frown.

Joyce could have sworn she heard something, but both her little girls seem to be getting into a lot of arguments lately, especially Dawn, and she had found it was easier to just let them all blow off some steam rather than trying to get in the middle of it. Besides she'd felt oddly compelled to continue getting ready.

Switching gears Joyce looked around and then asked, "Where's Faith?"

"Just finishing the washing up." Dawn said, trying to hide her grin as she added, "We got distracted. You know, talking and stuff."

Joyce frowned as she remembered something, "Isn't washing up part of your chores? I thought you were at least going to help."

"I was..." Dawn said, deciding there was no time like the present to try using her powers to get out of trouble, "But considering all we do for Faith shouldn't she start doing chores? I mean she's constantly here, eating our food, watching our TV, smoking inside and right outside the house no matter how many times you and Buffy ask her not too? She should have to earn her keep by doing chores."

Joyce opened her mouth to protest Faith was risking her life to help them and had saved every member of the Summers family at least once. That had always seemed to be enough for Joyce. However her youngest daughter brought up a lot of good points, and it might be good to give the Dark Slayer some more responsibilities. It could be character building, maybe even help Faith feel more included and less like an outsider.

"You're right Dawnie." Joyce found herself quickly nodding, "Faith should have to do more around here."

"It would help spread the load a bit more." Dawn nodded, having no intention of doing any chores now she could get one of the Slayers to do them for her, but still, "I mean, Buffy has me doing almost all the chores and I haven't even done anything wrong. You know don't you Mom? I've been really good lately. So Buffy shouldn't be so hard on me."

Joyce couldn't find a flaw in her youngest's logic and happily nodded, "Yes Dawn, Buffy has been very unreasonable. I'll talk to her for you. Make sure the chores are more equally distributed from now on between you, her and possibly Faith."

"Thanks Mom, your the best!" Dawn beamed, practically leaping into her mother's arms.

It was instinctual. Something she'd always done, and Dawn knew her mother didn't think anything of it, but for as long as she could remember the soft gentle embraces with the woman who gave her life always gave her these tingles. Naughty, perverted tingles, this time accompanied by more vivid thoughts of doing such unspeakable things to her dear sweet Mommy.

"You're welcome honey." Joyce said, blissfully unaware of what was going on in her youngest daughter's head as she happily returned the embrace.

Dawn desperately tried to push those twisted thoughts aside but they circled around inside her head like never before, the teen so very tempted to slide her hands down to her Mom's ass, maybe give that nicely rounded rear a little squeeze, maybe even...

"I'm finished Dawnie. Everything's clean." Faith said, the words out of her mouth before she even noticed the mother/daughter hug.

Breaking the hug to look over at her bitch Dawn allowed a frown to cross her face which was part 'how dare you interrupt' and part 'everything'?

Faith just continued staring at her like a little puppy waiting for it's master to give her a command, Dawn about to do just that when she was interrupted again, this time by her mother, "Is Buffy back yet?"

"Yeah, she's outside. We were just going to see her." Dawn said, before turning back to her bitch, "Come on Faith, let's see what Little Miss Bossy Pants wants."

"I do wish you girls would be nicer to each other." Joyce sighed as she and the other girls made their way outside, "You know Buffy only wants what's best for you."

"Sure." Dawn said unconvincingly as she opened the front door to her home and gave her big sister a wicked smile which only she could see, "Hey Buffy, was there something you wanted to say?"

"Yes." Buffy said truthfully, then she froze.

She had wanted to talk to Faith privately to see whether Dawn had done anything weird in her absence but it was clear Dawn wasn't going to give her the privacy to do that and she didn't want to escalate the situation. At least not when there were other people around.

"But it can wait." Buffy said, turning to her fellow Slayer, "Faith, sorry about this but can you take the rest of the night's patrol? I really need some one on one time with Dawnie."

Faith really wanted some one on one time with Dawnie, but she couldn't say that or really protest. After all Faith had made it no secret that she preferred slaying to babysitting so at best a sudden change of heart would arouse suspicion. At worst it would result in her and B throwing down, with B probably kicking her ass right out of Sunnydale. So Faith simply mumbled, "Sure, whatever."

Dawn opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out. Perhaps it was because she was so deliriously horny but Dawn couldn't think of a good excuse for Faith to stay and Buffy to leave. More importantly Dawn didn't trust herself not to blurt out the wrong thing, which in this situation could be very bad. Besides some one on one time with Buffy would give Dawn the chance to reason with her sister, make her see these powers were a good thing and maybe used them to finally...

No Dawn caught herself. Fucking her sister would be sick, wrong and gross. No matter how horny she was she had to try and remember that.

Pushing those wicked thoughts to one side Dawn just watched Faith leave, comforting herself with the knowledge she could later called the Dark Slayer to come over for a little more fun.

"Faith wait, can I drop you off somewhere?" Joyce called out.

Faith called back, "It's cool Mrs S, I'd prefer to walk."

Of course the reason the Dark Slayer preferred the idea of walking was that after all the abuse her ass had taken from little Dawnie sitting down just wasn't an option. It had been painful and humiliating enough at dinner, Faith actually blushing at the memory of it. Not that her ass wasn't aching any way which was pretty humiliating, that pain a constant reminder that Faith had been completely dominated by sweet innocent little Dawnie.

Faith still couldn't believe it. She had been turned into a bitch. Little Dawnie had turned her into her bitch. Sweet innocent little Dawnie had brutally fucked Faith in the ass and turned her into her bitch. And the Dark Slayer knew it wasn't wise to be doing anything with little Dawnie, and if she was going to do stuff it should be her on top, but fuck, Faith didn't think she'd be able to top anyone ever again. Not when she knew the joy of being a bottom. Not after she had felt the ecstasy of getting fucked up the ass. Not now she had found true happiness in life as Dawn's bitch.

With Faith disappearing off into the distance Joyce turned to her daughters and asked, "Are you sure everything's ok?"

"Sure Mom. It's just... Slayer stuff." Buffy reassured.

"Yeah. You go and have a good time." Dawn said, knowing what effect her words would have, "But before you do, wasn't there something you wanted to tell Buffy?"

"Oh yes." Joyce nodded before turning her attention to her eldest daughter, "Buffy, I think you've been too hard on Dawn lately. I understand you wanted to punish her but she's been so well-behaved as of late I think you need to cut her some slack. Take on some of the chores you've been dumping on her and share the load a little more, ok?"

Buffy gritted her teeth and glared angrily at her little sister. It was bad enough Dawn had made her wait outside like a kid on a naughty step, but now the Slayer was certain Dawn had already started abusing her powers to manipulate their mother, yet another clear sign that Buffy was going to need to put her foot down and make it crystal clear to Dawn that her current behaviour would not be tolerated. However Buffy needed to do this on her own and not rely on her Mommy to fix this problem for her.

So instead of arguing Buffy simply smiled, "Ok... I'm sure we can work something out."

"Good, I'm glad you understand." Joyce beamed, giving each of her daughters a quick hug, "Well, I guess I'll be going. I love you both. Be good."

"We will." Buffy and Dawn said almost simultaneously as they watched their mother get in her car and drive away.


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