Buffy TVS/Dawson's Creek: Joey And Buffy Part 3 - Charmed To Meet You (Fff)
by Phreak921

Phoebe Halliwell was getting used to being a witch. She had recently been
using her powers to get all the guys she wanted and sometimes more. She
needed to get away from her sisters for a while so she just woke up early
and jumped into her car to go for a long drive and maybe stay at a motel
for the night. After she had drove for as long as she could stand she
pulled over to some old ratty looking motel and checked in. She was in the
mood for some action so she asked the clerk if there were any night spots
around. He told her to check out a place down the road called The Bronze.
Phoebe was very attractive at 21. She liked her age because she was young
enough so she could still have a good amount of guys, but now she could
finally drink!

Everyone in the Bronze looked like they were in high school. She was feeling
kinda loose so she figured that maybe it would be fun to fuck a high school
guy. She knew she could get anyone in the place. She would be outta this
town n the morning anyway. Just as she ordered a drink two young girls who
appeared to be about 16 stepped into the club and sat down next to her. She
felt some kind of feeling coming from one of the girls. She figured if she
was going to fuck a high school guy, why not a girl? Or even better two. She
remembered a spell to hear what people are saying around you better. She
mumbled it under her breath and was instantly able to hear what the girls
were saying.

"So Buffy, what's it like being some kind of slayer thing?" Joey said.

"Shhh someone might hear you," Buffy responded.

Shit two hot girls and one of them was a vampire slayer. Phoebe started
getting really turned on. "Excuse me but I couldn't help but overhear that
you're a slayer," said Phoebe.

"Who are you?" Buffy said. "Oh I'm sorry. Don't worry, my name is Phoebe
and I'm a witch. Maybe we can all go back to my hotel room and maybe have
some fun?"

"Yeah ok," Joey said.

"Why not," said Buffy.

The three girls walked back to the motel that Phoebe was staying in. As soon
as they got through the door Phoebe locked it and looked at the two beautiful
cunts laying on the bed. Joey posed herself as sexy as she could. She was
already enjoying her vacation in Sunnydale but now she would get to have some
fun with someone outside Buffy's circle of friends.

"So is anybody going to eat me out or will I have to do it myself?" asked

"I don't think that will be necessary," said Phoebe as she removed her tight

Joey unzipped her jeans and started to finger fuck herself to the sight of
Phoebe's nice big tits, much bigger than hers or Buffy's. Phoebe crawled up
from the foot of the bed to where Buffy was laying waiting for her. They
kissed the most erotic kiss Phoebe had ever felt. She broke the kiss and
took Buffy's tight jeans off of her. Joey joined in and took off Buffy's
shirt. Joey started to passionatly suck on Buffy's lucious breasts. Phoebe
spread Buffy's legs and started to fuck her with her tongue. Buffy let out a
moan of pleasure as her tongue slipped into her waiting pussy, passed her
delicate pussy lips and reaching inside her unlike anyone, even her love
Joey, had before. Shit that felt good, she thought. Joey was enjoying her
own fingers as she sucked away on Buffy's body. Buffy's body started to
shake as she thrust her hips up violently into Phoebe's face. Phoebe felt
Buffy's juices shoot all over her face as Buffy cried out with an incredible

"I'm next," said Joey. Joey stood up and straddled Buffy's face.

Phoebe straddled Buffy's cunt and started to make out with Joey as she ground
her cunt into Buffy's. Buffy reached her tongue up and licked the outside of
Joey's pussy. Joey let out a slight moan just before Buffy slid her tongue
up all the way inside Joey. Joey was very, very good at making out, thought
Phoebe. The way the girl moved her tongue around in Phoebe's mouth was making
her very excited. She kept grinding against Buffy's cunt and started to feel
her orgasm growing.

"Fuck" she cried out as she had an even better orgasm than Buffy. She kept
grinding until her orgasm was done which made Buffy have another orgasm.
Buffy's moaning into Joey's cunt made Joey have an incredible orgasm also.

With that the three girls parted ways. Phoebe drove back home the next
morning hoping that maybe her sisters would want to have some fun with thier
newly found powers. Joey and her friends went back to Capeside and continued
thier orgies and Buffy continued to slay and sleep around Sunnydale.



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