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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives:
Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 12 (FFff,Fff,inc,anal)
by LL

"I'm getting married in the morning/Ding Dong the bells are gonna chime/Pull
out the Stopper! Let's have a whopper! But get me to the church on time."

Okay, it's not me getting married and it's not for a couple of months yet,
but I love weddings, especially when Mom and Bree will be dressing up as
bridesmaids and I've been asked to take the photos.

It has to be said the two brides moved fast. Gabby and Edie had only came
out a couple of months ago, moved in a fortnight after that and now they're
getting married. It probably won't last, but Bree will be doing the catering
so I guess it's probably worth them tying the knot.

Of course speaking about money the wedding presented me with a small problem.
Namely my camera just wasn't good enough and I was broke. Some car washing
for Mom and nude pictures for the soon to be blushing brides had increased my
funds to $15. That left me only a few hundred dollars short.

I was just rearranging my sock drawer and thinking about it when the answer
came to me. A few weeks ago I'd done a strip at our neighbouring lesbian bar,
'Juicy Lucy's'. And my dance had impressed a porn producer, who invited me
to, um, 'star' in one of her films.

I looked but couldn't find her business card. Though that didn't present a
problem as I guessed Bree would know the number.

Not only did Bree have the number, but she also offered to come with me and
show me the ropes. Of course, Danielle heard about this and wanted to come
too (or perhaps cum too). Bree pursed her lips and refused; though with a bit
of oral persuasion on Danielle's part and mine she changed her mind.

* * *

So that was why on a Saturday morning found the three of us driving over to
the neighbouring town of Sunnydale. Bree had previously talked to Buffy, the
producer, who from Bree's description of the conversation she had been more
than happy for me and Bree to star together (and pay me well). Danielle would
serve the drinks and act as a general dogs-body (and be paid less well).

I wasn't sure what I was expecting of the home of a filmmaker. A palatial
mansion filled with buxom babes perhaps. Instead it was a medium sized
suburban house, though luckily it was filled with buxom babes.

Buffy introduced me to the crew (all of whom seemed to know Bree rather
too well), before introducing me to Bree's and my two co-stars, Joyce, an
attractive Milf, and Dawn, a busty teenager of about my age. The family
resemblance and the fact they were both called ‘Summers' suggested that
family fun and frolics don't only happen in Wisteria Lane.

Whilst Danielle ‘helped' with the lemonade and food (I'm using the word in
its widest sense here) I went upstairs with Bree. Once we'd changed into our
costumes we'd looked through the script. The story wasn't exactly an Oscar
winning contender. Bree and I played a Mom and daughter who had just moved
in and were visiting Joyce and Dawn, our new neighbours. Within a few minutes
of meeting we were all naked together... How come that never happens in real

The four of us did a couple of fully clothed read through; this acting lark
isn't as much fun as I thought. Finally Buffy was satisfied we'd remembered
our lines and didn't look totally wooden, and decided to do it for real.

We got through the speaking part in only a couple of takes, which was good,
as I wanted to get into the real point of the story.

I spoke my lines, "Wow, Joyce, you have really nice hair."

As the script demanded I then reached up and stroked at Joyce's blond curls.
This, of course, led to us start to sensually kiss at each other. On the sofa
beside us Bree was slipping her tongue between Dawn's lips (on her face - we
hadn't got far enough for her to be down below).

I forgot about the camera and just concentrated on giving Joyce a good time -
though given that she was a pro, this might be more difficult than giving my
cheerleader girlfriends a top fuck.

I swiftly managed to wangle Joyce out of her shirt and went straight for the
naked mounds of flesh in front of me. I slurped happily at her titties for a
few minutes, before helping her off with her skirt. The film had decided not
to waste time with panties that so I could go straight for her twat. It was
a brazilian - just as I like them.

After a bit of a nibble at the labia, I started to roll my tongue around her
lips. Joyce groaned and stroked at my head. I slurped a bit more, if that
juice coming out was acting Joyce ought to have been up for an award.

Seeing that the teasing had gone on long enough (and in response to Buffy's
directions), I slipped a hand up and pulled her cunt apart so that I could
slip my tongue down. Soon I was popping away at her clit. Joyce called out
'Do me, do me.' which I was anyway.

Soon Joyce really was squeaking in pleasure, I know some women have to fake
orgasms, but from her shudders and screams I was guessing that this was for
real (still, it's hardly a decent fake orgasm if you can tell). She grabbed
the back of my head and shoved me down so far I almost popped into her womb.
I, in return, redoubled my speed slurping away at her pussy like it was
Bree's home-made leek and potato soup (though with worse table manners).

Well Joyce, orgasmed again. Very loudly I have to say. I was going in for
another helping when Buffy tapped me on the shoulder, "Julie, I said 'cut'."

I blushed, I'd been so carried away I hadn't been listening.

Joyce and Buffy laughed as I apologised. "Don't worry," said Joyce and
winked, "I think it was worth it."

Buffy briefed us on the next position, as a plainly jealous Danielle passed
round some soft drinks. Certainly a nice cold drink of lemonade helped perk
me up for the next scene, as did the fact that this time I'd be the naked one
with the MILF between my legs.

I quickly gulped down the lemonade and stripped out of my clothing. An
already naked Bree was on the sofa and I sat down beside her. She leant over
and whispered "Having fun?"

I grinned and nodded. Joyce and Dawn finished their drinks and put the
glasses on Danielle's tray. Then they walked over and knelt down, Joyce
between my legs and Dawn between Bree's.

"Okay, action," called Buffy from the sideline. Joyce briefly pushed some
hair away from her head and bent over. She didn't waste any time in working
me up, but went straight into my hole. I gave a purr as her tongue groped
around, feeling for the best part to concentrate on.

She quickly found it and I gave a squawk to confirm that she'd just hit the
spot. Joyce started to slobber heartily at my bud, and I pushed her head
slightly forward.

Beside me I could see that Bree was also having fun, as she grunted in
pleasure and wrapped her legs around the teen's head. She moved her hands up
to her chest and started to push her titties together, then threw back her
head and started to moan.

With my spare hand I reached out and began to rub at her thigh. "Oh, yes,"
groaned Bree as my fingers clawed at her naked flesh and the nubile Dawn's
head bounced back and forth.

At the same time Joyce was going for gold on my pussy. She was one of the
best pussy-lickers I'd yet to meet (and I'd been with some good ones
recently). She was doing something with her tongue that was driving my
clit into a frenzied orgasm.

I moaned as a particularly strong burst of pleasure ran through my body.
Bringing my legs together I began to rub them against Joyce's shoulders,
acting as a spur for her to redouble her efforts, not that I think she
needed much encouragement.

Soon the sofa was pounding as orgasm after orgasm hit Bree and I. Our
trembling bodies and screaming howls combining to make this a scene I'd
have paid to see.

"Cut" called Buffy, Joyce gave me a few more licks and I gave a few more
squeaks before she reluctantly withdrew her head. My legs were weak and I
continued to sit for a few minutes as Buffy outlined the next scene.

I sipped at the lemonade that Danielle had brought me, then lifted up my
legs and allowed Buffy to buckle-up my strap-on. She had already done the
same for Bree. I‘d never seen Bree with a rubber cock before. With one
hand she played with the jutting monster sticking out of her pelvis and I
was almost overcome by the hotness of her. Judging from the way that the
lemonade on Danielle's tray was shaking and spilling I wasn't the only one.

"Are you ready?" called out Buffy and the four of us quickly confirmed that
we were good to go.

"Okay action," called out Buffy.

I had a brief chance to see Bree climb on top of a naked Dawn, lying on the
floor, before something more exciting hove into view - namely a stark naked
and very excited Joyce.

I was still sitting on the sofa, the cock sticking upwards. Joyce lowered
herself onto the pole. With one hand I helped her down, with the other I
massaged her tush. Her pussy slipped down onto the dong, and we both gave
mutual gasps of satisfaction.

Joyce squirmed to find the best position. And whilst she did so I leant
forward and began to lick at her tits. They were certainly a mouthful, and
I opened my mouth as far as I could comfortably go to have a meal of her

I was so concentrating on the sucking I wasn't prepared for her to start
bouncing and the bosom leapt free from my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and
started to lick at them, instead of sucking, and soon her tits were covered
with my saliva.

It was also not fair to expect Joyce to do all the work, so I began to thrust
upwards. Grasping her hips I timed her jumps so that they combined with my

"Ohhhh, yessss, Jules. Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me." Joyce was babbling happily
away as we fucked away merrily. Her tits juddered like a bouncy castle on
school sports day. I grasped her hips tighter and forced her down deeper, so
that her whole weight was pushing the cock back into me.

Our juices were intermingled, as we both banged away. And whilst Joyce's
tits blocked my view, from the squeals coming from the rug in front of me
I guessed Bree and Dawn were also enjoying their liaison.

I could feel that Joyce was just on the edge of an orgasm. And with a few
thrust upward she was squirming and gasping, her hands gripping together
tightly as the bursts of pleasure wracked her body. Behind her Dawn was
bursting into a cacophony of shouts as Bree's brought her to climax.

"And cut..." shouted Buffy, "Okay just one more take."

I sipped at the cool drink as Buffy went through the final scene. Danielle
looked on jealously as we began to reposition ourselves.

Joyce and Dawn got onto their hands and knees beside each other.

"Action," Buffy ordered.

Bree and I moved behind our respective partners and slipped our strap-ons
up their back holes. Joyce grunted as I penetrated her, sliding the dildo,
still wet with her juice, deep into her ass tunnel. Both Bree and I were
soon pounding and I could feel them shuddering in joy.

There were no moans as Joyce and Dawn were too busily exploring each other's
mouths. I looked at Bree and Bree looked at me. Then as we continued to fuck
we started to kiss each other. It was pretty amazing, my tongue was exploring
Bree, whilst Joyce bucked away at my toy.

I slipped one of my hands from her hip and began to lightly slap Joyce's
ass-cheeks. This seemed to have an impact as she really started to ride my
cock, pushing herself deep against it so fast I had trouble keeping up.

Finally Joyce and Dawn broke their kissing, so that both could start to let
out some deeply meant screams of pleasure. I broke from Bree to give all my
attention to making sure Joyce got the butt fucking she so obviously wanted.
Soon I was panting from exhaustion, but from the sounds Joyce was making it
was worth it.

Dawn and Joyce climaxed together, both loudly. I gave Joyce a few more
thrusts, feeling the cock slide against my own damp cunt.

"Cut," called Buffy, "That's a wrap."

* * *

Danielle was frisky the entire way home. I thought I'd had my fill in
Sunnydale, but Danielle's comments on what she wanted me and her Mom to do
to her soon had me champing at the bit as well. Mom was out when we returned
to Wisteria Lane, so I was more than happy to go to Bree's house for a snack.

We had hardly got in the door before Danielle was throwing off her clothes
(though a steely glance from Bree and she picked them up and neatly deposited
them on the table). Bree and I undressed more leisurely, and as we folded
them up Danielle bounced with impatience on the sofa.

"Just a minute girls," said Bree and went upstairs.

Well, Danielle couldn't wait and jumped over to kneel beside before her
Mom had even managed to leave the room. She slipped a hand up to my nether
regions and rubbed away at my pussy. It didn't take long to get me hot, and
I gave a little moan. Sounds that intensified as Danielle used her fingers
to pry apart my lips and put her tongue between the hole.

She had just started licking when Bree returned. She had used the break to
strap on a dildo to herself, and whilst not as big as the prop earlier, it
still gave her a certain je ne sais quoi. She dropped a second strap-on onto
the sofa.

Danielle's head flicked away from my twat towards her pussy and her face lit
up in pleasurable anticipation.

"Don't stop," I ordered, and returned Danielle's head to my pussy. I kept a
hand on the back of it to ensure she wouldn't stop her slurping.

Bree meanwhile was repositioning Danielle so that instead of kneeling she was
on her hands and knees, with her gorgeous pussy and ass ready for a rousting.
Tenderly, Bree started to slip one of her fingers into Danielle's pussy. This
had result of driving Danielle's tongue into a frenzy of not very well
directed, but enthusiastic, licks.

Bree continued to slide her digit in and out, until it was covered with her
daughter's juice. Then content that Danielle was well lubricated she slid the
cock into her daughter's slit.

The vibrations from Bree banging against her daughter added a frisson to the
cunt eating I was getting and I let go of Danielle's head (which was now well
entrenched) and started to fiddle with my own boobs. It didn't take long
before my quiet moans were getting louder and I felt that familiar hot flush
spread though out my body.

Breaking from Danielle I scampered over the sofa and quickly got myself
equipped. I returned to Danielle and waved the cock enticingly in front of
her. It took a few tries for her to get her mouth round it (mainly because
I kept pulling it away as she snapped forward).

Still once she got it in her mouth she sucked away like a pro. It didn't take
long for the dick to become nice and wet so I pulled it from her mouth and
went to stand behind Bree.

"Stay still for a second," I instructed Bree who did so despite Danielle's
plaintive cry of "Don't fucking stop.... Sorry Mom. I mean don't stop." (I
think Bree may be having words with her later).

I slipped the toy up Bree's ass and she gave a cry of pleasure as the
lubricated cock slid down between her walls. Gripping Bree's hips I began to
buck. Bree took it like the trooper and soon was bouncing back against me and
forward against Danielle in time with my own thrusts.

We were soon all moaning in pleasure as the jerks from each others bodies
flowed through us. Working on the theory that ‘one is never enough' we
managed to fuck away through a number of orgasms, screaming with delight at
each one and soon the carpet was damp with our exertions.

Finally Danielle could take no more and after an extra loud scream fell face
forward onto the floor. I continued to fuck Bree until she came one more time
and pulled out my strap-on.

The three of us got dressed and I walked home counting my recently earned

"Hi, Mom, I'm home," I called as I walked through the front door.

"In the kitchen..." shouted back Mom.

I walked into the kitchen to see Mom sitting on the table, fingering her
naked pussy. She grinned at me, "Let's play before dinner."

I smiled back.


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