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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 6 and is a Buffy/Dawn

Keywords: BDSM, Ff, Inc, Language, Oral, Spank, TV-parody

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Disciplining Dawn Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Buffy Summers leant back on the door that she had just closed and let out a
long sigh. There was so much in that one sigh alone. Sadness, weariness, and
most of all frustration. There was just so much in her life which sucked
right now.

Feeling like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, which
technically she did, Buffy stumbled into her kitchen. She wasn't feeling
hungry but after eight hours at the double meat palace and an additional
six hours slaying had her feeling exhausted and all she wanted was something
to drink before going to bed. Not that she had anything to look forward to
when she woke up. It was a Wednesday, not that it mattered any more.

She had recently agreed to work on weekends in addition to her already six
plus hours at the double meat palace. She smelt so bad that vampires were
actually running in disgust from her. But she had to do it. She had bills to
pay and her qualifications were a joke. This was the only job she could get
and by her calculations she would be working there for at least the next 10
years just to pay back enough debts so that she could cut her hours down to
a reasonable rate. She had lost all hope of returning to UC Sunnydale and
accepted the best she could hope for in the world of work was to be a lifer
at the double meat palace.

If that wasn't soul crushing enough all of her friends were surpassing her
work wise. Willow and Tara were in college, Giles had some kind of job in
England, Xander was rising through the ranks in the construction world and
Anya... well she just leeched off Xander but she was sure as hell better off
than Buffy. And her sister Dawn, she had her whole life ahead of her and had
a much better chance than Buffy did of making the best of it.

Not that her friend's lives were perfect. Her best friend Willow had almost
killed Dawn in a recent car crash when they were being chased by a daemon
which the redhead had accidentally summoned. Buffy loved her friend but she
honestly wasn't sure whether or not she could trust her any more. After a
lot of talking it had been agreed that Willow would move out but Buffy would
be there for her as much as she could. It had been a few days now since the
redhead had moved out and she had heard nothing from Willow. Which either
meant the witch was doing fine or... Buffy didn't want to even think about

Willow's magic obsession had led to the love of her life Tara leaving her,
which broke both their hearts. Buffy was trying to stay friends with Tara
best she could, but it was obvious that the blonde witch missed Willow sof
much it hurt and Buffy hated to see anyone in pain.

And speaking of pain Xander was marrying Anya and it was obvious even to
Buffy that he was getting cold feet. She wanted to talk to him about it but
she was afraid if she said anything it would scare him into doing something
stupid. If she was lucky maybe he would come to her or at least talk to
someone else in their group before it was too late.

And then there was her sweet little sister Dawn. Dawn, or Dawnie as she was
sometimes called, used to be such a good girl. Well it would be more accurate
to say that Buffy remembered Dawn being a good girl because technically Dawn
had only been around for two years which was something Buffy always thought
about but then dismissed. She knew that the majority of her memories with
Dawn were fake and the brunette was made from her blood to the point where
she was almost her clone or something but in Buffy's mind Dawn would always
be her sister, a sister which she was sworn to protect but she wasn't doing
a very good job of that as of late.

Dawn's grades had been slipping, she had been cutting classes, and even
missing school altogether. And she had taken up petty theft. Buffy had
thought that she had put an end to it, but then she had found a fresh batch
of stolen goodies in Dawn's room when she had been cleaning. She of course
had grounded Dawn, again, but her sister had paid no attention. In fact the
littlest Summers had started staying out late and coming home when it suited
her. Not exactly the best thing to do considering Sunnydale was swarming with
vampires, daemons and other nasty little things which would just love to use
Dawn to get to the Slayer.

The past few weeks Buffy had been getting a lot of visits from social
services. Thanks to getting hit with a invisibility ray she had been able
to get rid of the first social worker, but the second seem to be even more
determined to take Dawn away from her. Irresponsible she had been called.
Unable to provide a safe environment. Unable to discipline a child. Not fit
to raise a child. Not strong enough. Not strong enough? She was a slayer how
much more freaking strong did she have to be? Of course they meant strong
emotionally, something which Buffy hadn't been in a long time.

Ever since coming back from the dead Buffy had felt like a shadow of her
former self. She remembered the person she used to be but she just wasn't
that person any more. There was no joy in her life. No happiness. Not even
when she was with her friends who she remembered loving so dearly. She just
went through the motions feeling nothing.

Except of course when she was with Spike. He made her feel something, but
she still was having problems deciding what that was. In reality it was many
things, but none of them were anything that she should be feeling for him.
He was a soulless vampire who had killed thousands of people and she knew he
didn't regret it. He couldn't, he didn't have a conscience. No conscience,
no soul, just a an unhealthy obsession with her which he called love. Buffy
remembered love and she missed it. She missed a lot of things. All that
seem to be in her life now was pain, suffering, violence, depression,
hopelessness, and sex. Given those choices it was no wonder Buffy was
embracing her sexual side like never before. She seemed to be in a constant
state of arousal and was so horny that just about anyone and anything looked
sexy to her right now. But was that what she had become, the girl who lived
only for sex? Why not, it wasn't like she had anything else to live for, just

Buffy was awoken from her thoughts by the gentle sound of her front door
opening. The sound wouldn't have been heard by a normal person but super
hearing was just one of the many benefits of being a Slayer. The blonde
Slayer moved silently, putting her glass down and slowly creeping towards
her front door to see who it was. Much to Buffy's anger that figure trying
to creep into her home was not some daemon trying to get the jump on her
or some misguided human trying to burgle her house but her little sister

"Dawn, what are you doing?" Buffy said angrily as she confronted her caught
red-handed sibling, "It's 2... no it's almost 3 o'clock in the morning. What
are you doing out so late?"

"I was just... was just..." Dawn stuttered.

"You were just what?" Buffy said, folding her arms, "Sneaking in at a ungodly
hour! On a school night! After you've been grounded! For God's sakes Dawn
what am I supposed to do with you? You're behaving like a little brat and I
cannot and will not stand for it!"

"I'm not a brat and you can't speak to me like that." said Dawn defensively.

"I can and I will." Buffy said, "And that's not all I'm going to do, because
honestly Dawn, I've had enough of this. No more Miss nice girl, this time
you're in serious trouble."

"Oh what are you going to do, ground me?" Dawn muttered, before turning to
try and walk up the stairs, "It's not like you're ever around anyway."

This comment had Buffy fuming with rage but at the same time heartbreakingly
depressed. The thing was Buffy was out of punishments. She had grounded Dawn
for months, took away her allowance, and even forbid her from watching TV but
it seemed a losing battle. Most of her punishments she couldn't enforce when
she wasn't around and her friends were too busy to baby-sit, and even if they
weren't she felt too embarrassed to ask them to help keep Dawn in check. That
was supposed to be her job and it was her fault that she couldn't seem to do
it right. So what was she going to do? How could she deal with this? If she
couldn't disciplined Dawn then she would be taken away from her...
discipline... now there was a idea.

"Hey... hey... get off of me! What are you doing?" Dawn said as Buffy grabbed
her by the arm, and escorted her over to the sofa.

Buffy didn't answer. Instead she sat down on the sofa and forced Dawn across
her knee. Holding her little sister in place Buffy undid the buttons on
Dawn's jeans and pull them down, before doing the same to her panties.

"I said what are you doing you freak! Get the hell off of - oww!" Dawn was
cut off by a hard slap to her exposed back side which made her cry out in

Buffy was immediately filled with regret. She hadn't meant for the slap to
be that hard. She needed to try and control herself, and she needed to better
explain this situation to Dawn who was speaking so quickly she couldn't
understand it.

"I'm sorry Dawnie, but I have to do this." Buffy said, running her hand
over Dawn's buttocks in an attempt to soothe the stinging skin, "If I can't
discipline you they'll take you away from me, and I can't let that happen.
So just hold still ok?"

"No, not ok, get off - oww!" Dawn's words became lost in cries of pain as
her big sister began to bring her hand down upon her exposed flesh again and
again, spanking her like a small child.

Dawn found it humiliating and began screaming in protest but she should have
known better. It was just herself and Buffy who were living in this house now
and it was unlikely that any of their friends would come round at this hour
of the night. And there was certainly no chance that a random stranger would
help her. There were screams in Sunnydale all the time and the only person
who came to the rescue was spanking her right now.

So after a lot of screaming, crying and begging Dawn finally gave up and lay
limp as her elder sister spanked her.

Buffy hated having to do this to her little sister, but she had tried
everything else and she felt she had no other choice. So she continued to
spank her, trying her best not to hurt Dawn too much but just enough to
convince her this was something she never wanted to go through again.

In her life Buffy had only been spanked once, and after that she had done
everything in her power to avoid a second spanking. She knew her mother never
spanked Dawn which was something that had always annoyed Buffy. Her little
sister had always been the favourite and had gotten away with just about
everything when they were younger which was probably why Dawn was so
disrespectful of her authority now. Buffy hoped that after this Dawn would
do as she was told whenever she threatened to spank her.

Buffy tried her best to keep her blows as gentle as possible but she found
her mind drifting to all the things that Dawn had gotten away with over the
years and she couldn't help feel that maybe she should use this opportunity
to punish her little sister for those things as well. And then Buffy started
to think about all the things in her life that sucked again. Whether
conscious of it or not Buffy began looking for excuses to blame it on Dawn.
At first she found plenty, after all if it wasn't for Dawn she would never
have died in the first place, which was arguably the cause of all her
problems, but it soon transitioned into Buffy blaming Dawn for everything
that had ever gone wrong in her life and punishing her accordingly.

What started out as a gentle spanking soon became a rough ass beating which
had Buffy's little sister weeping in pain. Originally Buffy had hit one cheek
and then the other but now her hits had become far more random to the point
where not even she knew what part of the tight flesh of Dawn's backside she
would hit next. The force of the blows also became random. Some were soft,
gentle, and almost teasing while others were violent, savage, and almost

Buffy tried to stop herself but it was like she was possessed. She just kept
spanking her little sister over and over and over as if she didn't even care
about Dawn anymore. And then in the middle of this ruthless spanking Buffy
felt something, something which was enough to scare her out of her trance
long enough to finally stop and survey the damage she had caused.

Dawn's flesh had been very quick to turn pink but the pink was a distant
memory. Dawn's butt was a dark, swollen red which was covered in bruises from
the slayer's ruthless assault. Considering Buffy's superhuman strength it was
a miracle that she hadn't drawn blood. As for Dawn herself she was now very
quiet, the only sounds she made was the softest of sobs. The poor girl didn't
even move.

Buffy hated herself for what she had just done and began to rub Dawn's butt
cheeks in an attempt to amend the damage she had caused. She brushed her hand
all over Dawn's red and swollen skin, until her hand slipped a little farther
down Dawn's butt cheek than she intended and she felt something which scared
the shit out of her. It was her little sister's pussy, and it was soaking wet
and drooling juice everywhere. It was almost as wet as her own.

There was a moment of nothing. It wasn't just silence because there was no
movement, no thought, no nothing that was passing through the sisters at that
moment in time. There was just nothing.

And then Buffy through her little sister to the floor and ran, ran up the
stairs and into her room where she sat down ready to cry. She felt like
crying, but nothing came out. She felt dead inside again. She had been
feeling dead inside for so long now, but for a moment back there she felt
alive again. She felt something other than pain, disappointment and
suffering, but it was something terrible, something wrong, something so...
perverted. She... she had just spanked her sister... her little sister...
and got off on it! Oh God, what had she become.

Hearing a noise Buffy turned her head to see Dawn standing in her doorway.
She tried to find her voice to apologise to Dawn, to beg her forgiveness,
but her mouth was dry and she didn't know where to begin. And then she
looked down and saw that Dawn had now fully removed her jeans and panties.
She wasn't even wearing shoes anymore. All she was wearing was a top which
was hanging low just enough to hide her girlhood. Buffy finally felt those
tears come to her eyes as she felt herself becoming further aroused at the
revelation that her little sister was almost naked in front of her but the
sound of Dawn's voice broke her concentration.

"I went out last night as well. And the night before that. And the night
before that. You're never around so when you're not here, I pretty much do
whatever I want." Dawn said as she began to walk towards Buffy, confessing
her sins as she went, "I haven't been to a full day of school in weeks. And
this top, it's yours. I took it from your room the other day."

Nervously Dawn pulled off her last piece of clothing and offered it back to
its rightful owner.

Buffy sat there staring at her little sister's naked body, before her eyes
eventually became fixed on the item of stolen clothing. After another moment
of nothing Buffy grabbed the top and threw it aside. She then grabbed her
little sister, threw her over her lap and began the spanking all over again.

Unlike before Buffy didn't even try and be gentle with Dawn. One blow after
another rain down on the teen's tight tush, causing Dawn to writhe and squirm
in pain.

Dawn was still crying but now she was crying tears of joy. Well, more
accurately she was crying from a mixture of joy and pain, but it was a good
type of pain which Dawn just couldn't get enough of. She didn't know why but
there was something she found so wonderful about this pain. It was probably
a combination of things. She did genuinely feel guilty about the way she had
been acting lately, and maybe, on some level she wanted this, she wanted to
be punished for the way she had been acting and now she was she found it
glorious. Also with every agonising blow a jolt of electricity seemed to run
from her butt to her pussy. Dawn knew she should be ashamed but she just
couldn't care. It just felt so good.

As Buffy ruthlessly beat her little sister's already red swollen ass she
desperately tried to figure out why she was enjoying this. She quickly came
to a conclusion. She knew she was a control freak but lately there seemed to
be nothing in her life she could control. Not work, not slaying, not even her
home life. Until now that is. Why hadn't she thought of this sooner? This way
she would be able to control Dawn and she could finally control least part of
her life again. Oh yes, things were going to change around here. But even as
Buffy tried to convince herself that was all it was her pussy started to drip
again. There was no escaping it, she was becoming aroused, as in sexually,
something that shouldn't happen under any circumstances when you're with a
sibling, but Buffy just couldn't stop herself. God help her, she was loving
this, and from the way Dawn was now lifting her butt up to receive her
punishment it was obvious that her little sister was loving this too.

Buffy and Dawn became lost in limbo, a limbo filled with nothing but
whimpering, crying and most importantly of all spanking. It seemed to last
for ever and for the two Summers sisters, they wished it could. But of course
it couldn't, and it didn't.

Unlike before Buffy never tried to stop herself, instead choosing to enjoy
the moment of punishing Dawn, trying to ignore everything else in the world
and how it made her feel. All that mattered to her was her hand connecting
over and over with the soft flesh of Dawn's ass cheeks. But eventually
fatigue set in and Buffy was forced to stop. Looking down she examined the
damage she had done to her sweet little sister's bottom.

She hadn't thought it was possible for Dawnie's butt to become even more red
and swollen looking but she had been wrong. She might have marked the poor
girl for life but instead of being ashamed like she should be Buffy only
found it even more arousing.

Her hand reached out, as if it had a mind of it's own, and fell on Dawn's
smooth, swollen butt cheeks and gently began to massage them again. This
time, whether it was consciously or not, Buffy spent a lot of time gently
rubbing the beated flesh of her little sister's bottom, the whole time Dawn
happily cooing. Once again Buffy's fingers found Dawn's little pussy, which
if possible was even wetter than before. Buffy expected Dawn to pull away,
cry out in protest, do something, anything that would end this trance that
seem to have fallen between them but she didn't. Instead the littlest
Summers raised her ass, pushing herself upwards as if she was trying to
impale herself on her big sister's fingers.

At this point Dawn was just acting out of instinct, moving were the pleasure
was, no longer caring where that pleasure came from, but to Buffy it seemed
like an invitation, like Dawn was giving her permission to do something
unthinkable, but something Buffy wanted to do right now more than anything
else in the world.

With her last bit of self-control Buffy gave Dawn a test to see if this
was what she really wanted. Placing a finger tip to the edge of her little
sister's girlhood Buffy gently slid her finger around Dawn's pussy lips,
waiting for the brunette to respond. The response was immediate.

Not giving a single thought to any of the possible repercussions Dawn
shamelessly thrust herself back and forth. The slayer's sister just didn't
care anymore, about anything. She wanted those fingers inside of her. She
wanted Buffy's fingers inside of her. She wanted her sister's fingers inside
of her. She did not have to wait long.

Buffy did a whole clockwise circle around Dawn's pussy lips, desperate to try
and give her sister a chance to object before her own horniness overcame her
and she slammed two fingers up to the knuckles inside Dawn's little love

Dawn responded by letting out a long moan dripping with desire which sent
Buffy into a frenzy, slamming her fingers in and out of her little sister's
welcoming cunt.

Blocking out every thought and instinct that was screaming at her that this
was wrong Buffy became lost in finger fucking Dawnie... in finger fucking her
baby sister, revelling in the feeling of power and control she had over the
little brunette right now. As she pounded Dawn's pussy with her fingers Buffy
was very careful not to break her little sister's cherry, desperately wanting
to leave her that, but it was a struggle because part of her wanted too, part
of her wanted too breakthrough her sister's cherry, too take her virginity
and make Dawn hers.

For her part Dawn wanted Buffy to take her cherry, she wanted Buffy to be her
first, to officially be her first. Growing up, or at least the memories that
she had of growing up, consisted of her looking up to her sister and her
sisters friends. One by one she had had a crush on every single one of them,
and that included her dear sister. It not only included her, but truth be
told Buffy was the only constant in her fantasies.

For as long as she could remember Dawn had been in love with her sister,
but had accepted a long time ago that Buffy would never love her in that
way. Buffy was so straight-laced Dawn had problems believing that she'd
ever consider being with the girl who wasn't her sister so what chance did
she have. Although if tonight was anything to go by perhaps more than she

Of course by this point none of that really mattered to Dawn. All that really
mattered was those beautiful, wonderful fingers that were moving inside her,
making her feel things she could have never imagined. It was about a thousand
times better than masturbating, something which Dawn had done a lot, but her
little solo sessions just didn't seem to compare to what Buffy was doing to
her right now. And it only seemed to get better because the more and more she
thrust herself back against Buffy the more and more her big sister pounded
her cunt with those heavenly fingers.

Dawn tried to hold on for as long as she possibly could but was so horny from
the spanking that she just couldn't help herself. In what felt like no time
at all she was cumming and cumming hard. In fact this orgasm was so strong it
seemed an insult to her to call her previous orgasms orgasms when not one of
them had made her feel half as good as this.

When Dawn's body finally stopped shaking Buffy removed her fingers and sat
there as her sister recovered from her orgasm.

Another long period of nothing occurred and Dawn worried that her sister had
shut down again, her mind unable, or perhaps un-willing to accept what just
happened between them, but all of a sudden Buffy began to stand up, easily
lifting Dawn with her and placing her on her feet facing her. Buffy stared
into Dawn's eyes and the brunette was honestly worried about what was going
to happen next. After everything that had just happened between them it was
hard to tell what Buffy was going to do next.

As it turned out what Buffy did next was strip off her clothes faster than
Dawn had ever seen somebody do, grab her by the hair and pull her back
towards the bed. Once reaching the bed Buffy laid down with her head resting
on the pillows, and pushed her little sister's head in between her legs. Dawn
didn't hesitate for a second. She clamped her mouth around her big sister's
pussy and shoved her tongue in as far as it would go.

Buffy moaned in approval and pressed Dawn's face to her cunt as if she was
trying to smother her or something. Dawn welcomed it, as the sweet flavour of
her sister's pussy juice filled her taste-buds and drove her cunt crazy. She
had little or no idea what she was doing, but she had prepared and studied
for this, for her first pussy, for what felt like her entire life and she was
determined to do a good job of it now she finally had the chance. And this
just wasn't any pussy, this was Buffy's pussy, her sister's pussy, a pussy
that had been little Dawnie's biggest fantasy for years and now she was
finally getting to taste it.

The voices inside Buffy's head were back and this time they were screaming.
Those screams were deafening. They told her to put a stop to this madness,
that this was crazy, that it was wrong, that she was evil for even
considering going along with it, but Buffy didn't care. After months of
feeling nothing, nothing but emptiness, this was something... something that
wasn't pain or suffering or emptiness... something that felt... good... and
nothing else mattered. She could hate herself for this later, but right now
she needed her sweet little Dawnie's sweet little mouth. She needed it like
she needed air. She needed it so much that she wasn't willing to give Dawn
the choice. The teen was going to eat her out and there was no one and
nothing that was going to stop that.

Clutching to the brunette's hair tightly Buffy pushed her little sister's
face as deep into her cunt as it would go, not allowing the teenager to
breathe anything that wasn't the smell of her pussy. Buffy liked holding
Dawn's head in her vice-like grip. It made her feel completely in control
of Dawn, like she had turned her little sister into her little pet. Buffy
also liked this because it allowed her to put all the blame on herself,
and she could ignore how eagerly Dawn was licking her pussy and concentrate
on the fact that she was forcing her little sister to do this, that it was
she who had been corrupted by a faulty spell which had brought her back
wrong and that's why this was happening. Dawn didn't want to eat her out,
that would be just crazy.

The truth was that Dawn had found paradise in between her big sister's legs
and was at this moment desperately trying to do a good enough job so that
maybe, just maybe Buffy would let her do this again. It was a long shot, but
Dawn had always thought that lapping at her sister's cunt would never happen,
and now that it had she supposed anything was possible. Of course all that
depended upon whether or not she could bring big sis to a trembling, toe
curling orgasm.

Determined to achieve this goal Dawn drove her tongue in and out of Buffy's
pussy as if she was possessed, stopping only occasionally to slide it around
inside her before going back to a hard tongue fucking. As she did so she
used her mouth to greedily suck at Buffy's honey hole, desperately trying to
swallow all those juices but it was no use, the bottle blonde was running
like a river and Dawn's face became well covered in her sister's cunt cream.

As much as Buffy didn't want to admit it spanking and fingering Dawn had got
her so wet it was surprising how long she lasted before Dawn's sweet little
mouth drove her over the edge and she came, filling that sweet little mouth
and covering her sweet little sister's innocent little face with her girl
cream. Shooting stars flew past Buffy's eyes as her toes curled and her whole
body shook violently with the power of her climax, a climax which drained her
completely of her physical and mental strength and left her lying motionless,
allowing herself to become an empty shell in an attempt to ignore all the
thoughts and feelings that were tearing at her very fragile emotional state.

The littlest summers had always known that her big sister would taste good,
but she really did have no idea. And Buffy's tasty pussy juice didn't even
compare with the indescribable taste of the blonde's cum. It was like heaven
in liquid form and Dawn eagerly swallowed as much of her big sister's cum as
she possibly could. When she was absolutely sure that Buffy had no more cum
left to give Dawn went to work cleaning her sister's pussy of any remnants
of the tasty liquid. Then, and only then she realised that Buffy's hand had
left the back of her head.

Looking up she saw her sister lying there, saying nothing. Dawn wasn't sure
what to make of this, or in fact anything that had just happened between
them, but all she knew was what she truly desired now was comfort. So she
crawled up the bed and laid her head down upon her sister's breast and
snuggled up to her to go to sleep.

Buffy lay there as Dawn fell asleep on top of her. Despite all that had
happened between them Buffy couldn't resist wrapping her arms around Dawn,
finding it oddly comforting. Buffy decided that she wouldn't try and analyse
what just happened and would just leave it for tomorrow. She had no idea what
would happen when she woke up, and quite frankly the thought of it scared
her, but for now, whatever this was, it was enough.


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