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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 6 and is an Buffy/Dawn

Keywords: Ff, Anal, BDSM, Inc, Language, Rim, Spank, TV-parody

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Disciplining Dawn Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Shutting the door behind her Buffy Summers couldn't help think just how
different this was compared to last night when she came home from patrol.

She remembered feeling so hopelessly depressed and how she felt she would
never again have anything to look forward to ever. Oh what a difference 24
little hours make. Well not quite 24 hours yet but getting there. The point
was she was home at a reasonable hour, she didn't smell like she was fresh
from a slaughterhouse and she staked pretty much the usual number of vampires
on any given night. In fact the only difference was she found it easier than
before because she was no longer going through the motions. She had something
again, something to look forward to, something which she couldn't wait to get
home for, but now she was finally home she didn't want to rush it. She had a
lot of plans for tonight and she wanted to savour and enjoy them all.
Besides, she could do with a drink.

So Buffy walked into her kitchen to make herself a strong cup of coffee,
making sure to make as much noise as possible. Unlike the last time Buffy had
walked through her house she wanted it to be known that she was there. With
her coffee in hand she sat down to watch some TV, but it tried her patience.
At least she now knew she wasn't missing anything while on patrol.

Eventually she turned off some boring programme and started making her way to
the basement. She was careful to tread heavily on every creaky step, easily
grabbing the attention of her little sister Dawn Summers who to Buffy's
delight was still exactly where she left her, chained up and gagged, reading
her textbooks like a good little girl.

Dawn looked up as her sister approached, watching as Buffy smiled at her,
walked over and took a seat in front of her.

The two Summer sisters stared at each other for a short while before Buffy
broke the silence.

"If I were you I would be studying Dawnie, you don't have much time left."
the elder Summers sister said, as she sipped her coffee.

Dawn gulped softly and immediately went back to flicking through her
textbooks, every so often looking up to see if her big sister was still
watching, which of course she was.

Buffy slowly sipped her drink, watching as her little sister skim readed like
crazy. When she had finally finished her drink Buffy placed her coffee cup
down and stood up.

"Ok, time up Dawnie." Buffy said, picking up the textbooks, "You may remove
your gag now."

The littlest Summers struggles to remove the gag but eventually it came off.

"Finally," Buffy said, "Let's begin shall we? Mmmmm... let me see... this
one will do," the slayer opened one of the textbooks, flicked through it and
opened it at a random page, "In 1969 Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, named
the two other astronauts who were with him?"

"... Erm... erm..." Dawn said, her mind going completely blank.

"... Erm... what?" Buffy taunted her little sister with a hint of anger in
her voice, "Answer the question Dawn."

"I... I... I..." Dawn stuttered, desperately trying to remember, but
ultimately failing, "... I don't know."

"... You couldn't even answer the first question..." Buffy said, her voice
filled with a silent rage, "... well... I guess someone won't be cumming for
a while... a long while..." Dawn whimpered, "Let's continue shall we?"

* * *

"Pathetic," Buffy said, closing the textbook, "Absolutely pathetic, and very
disappointing. You didn't even get half the questions right. You struggled to
even get 3 out of 10. Were you even studying while I was gone, or did you
just sit here daydreaming? Well, answer me!"

"No... no... no... I... I... I..." Dawn stuttered.

"You... you... you... you what?" Buffy mocked.

"I'm sorry." Dawn whimpered, lowering her head.

"Sorry isn't good enough Dawn." Buffy said, grabbing her little sister by her
hair and forcing her to look into her eyes, "I will not have you failing out
of school. It's embarrassing. I expect you to try harder in the future. I
mean, you couldn't even get half the questions right, how pathetic is that?
I'm so ashamed of you that I can barely look at you right now."

Dawn began to cry.

"Oh Dawnie, it's ok," Buffy said, stroking her sisters hair softly, "Once
you've been properly disciplined you won't be such a disappointment anymore,
because the idea of upsetting me like you have today will be unbearable, do
you understand?"

Dawn nodded her head.

"Good girl, now, I think it's time I gave you a little more discipline."
Buffy said, getting up and walking over to the wall where the other end of
the chains attached to Dawn were, "You see Dawnie, it's kind of like training
an animal. I give you a little negative reinforcement, a little discipline,
when necessary, and eventually you become a good little girl again," Buffy
explained as she pulled on Dawn's chains, pulling the brunette upwards, until
her little sister's body was as tight as a bowstring again, "Now... let's
see... how many spanks should I give you... you got a whopping 7 questions
wrong... and I think given the circumstances I'm just going to have to give
you 50 spanks for each wrong answer... so that's 350 spanks, which I will
give you anywhere on your body I want, after all, I'm in charge and if you
haven't learned that by now you better soon, or else."

"I... I... I know... I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry... I... I... I..." Dawn

"Oh for God sakes shut up," Buffy said, pushing the gag back into Dawn's
mouth and attaching the straps, "I am so sick of your whining. You should be
grateful that I love you enough to do this for you. You do understand I'm
doing you a favour right? Because if you continue on failing out of school
you'll wind up flipping burgers or worse. So when I'm done disciplining you
you better say thank you. You understand me Dawnie?"

Dawn nodded her head as fresh tears began to fall.

"Good." Buffy said, as she walked towards her brand new toy chest and picked
up something that made Dawn squirm with fear, "This... is called a cat o'
nine tails. I'm told it's a lot worse than a regular whip. Let's see if
that's true shall we?" Buffy smiled as she walked over to her bound little
sister and began to slide the whip all over Dawn's body, eventually coming
to rest against her already sore ass, "Now... the guy in the store was very
pacific... I'm to hit you like this..."


"But never like this..."


"Because you see this..."


"Is using the main body of the whip while this..."


"Is using the very tips of the whip which I'm told can be excruciatingly
painful. What do you think Dawnie? Is this..."


"Excruciatingly painful?"

Dawn tried to reply but all that came out was a garbled cry through her gag.

"You don't say... well since this is a punishment maybe I should only use
the tale ends, I'm sure that would teach you a lesson about failing out of
school." Buffy said menacingly as Dawn desperately shook her head, "You don't
like that idea do you? Well I'll tell you what, this time I'm going to be
nice and only 1 in 10 spanks will be from the tail end. But next time we find
ourselves down here it will increase to 2 in 10 spanks, and then 3 in 10
spanks, and so on, so if I were you Dawn I'd get better at school real quick,
or I'd imagine things are going to get very unpleasant for you, very quickly.

Dawn whimpered and nodded her head.

"Good, now I've got your pretty little butt all warmed up let's begin shall
we?" Buffy said cheerily, as she raised her whip, "And remember, 350 spanks,
where ever I want on your pretty little body. Enjoy."

Dawn bit down on her gag and try to stifle the urge to scream as Buffy began
to bring the cat o' nine tails down again and again on her already well
spanked backside. Little Dawnie's rear had taken a lot of savage beatings
lately but this was by far the worst. The tails dug into her flesh with every
blow. It was bad enough when Buffy just used the sides of the whip but when
she used the tips it was unbearable. It wasn't constantly either, Buffy would
go a long time without giving her the tips and then suddenly Dawn would
receive several tips strikes in succession. She didn't even know if Buffy was
keeping count. It didn't matter though, Dawn was happy to receive her
punishment because it meant she could earn the forgiveness of her big sister,
and if she did that may be Buffy would give her a treat and finally allow her
to cum.

Buffy was keeping count, but this spanking probably seemed longer than usual
to Dawn because it hurt more and the slayer was happily taking her time with
this spanking, running the harsh, stinging ends of the whip over Dawnie's
swollen flesh, taking sadistic pleasure in watching her little sister's ass
turn back to that dark swollen red colour which was becoming its norm. Buffy
thought about delivering all the spanks to Dawnie's rear but ultimately
decided against it and when she reached 50 spanks she slid the cat o' nine
tails over her sisters skin, moving it from her ass all the way up and along
to her tits.

"That was 50, only another 300 to go Dawnie."

The littlest Summers whimpered and then screamed as Buffy began to slowly,
methodically beat her nicely blossoming bosom with the cat o' nine tails, the
tails digging into her flesh with every strike. From the look in Buffy's eyes
Dawn could clearly tell that her big sister was loving this and that made her
so happy, because she was making Buffy happy. Buffy's happiness meant
everything to Dawn and if she had to suffer for it then so be it.

The blonde vampire slayer enjoyed bringing her whip down upon the tender
flesh of Dawn's tits time and time again for a number of reasons. One of them
was obviously because she enjoyed watching those sweet little tits turn a
pretty red, and another was the fact that she was giving Dawnie some much
needed discipline, but mostly it was because her baby sister was being such a
good girl and taking her punishment without any complaints. She was even
trying to restrict how much she wriggled and writhed around in her chains as
she received her discipline. Time to see how much that self-control would

Once again Buffy slipped her whip over her sisters skin, the cat this time
coming to rest upon Dawnie's only slightly protected little pussy. To remove
any doubt in Dawn's mind about what was going to happen to her Buffy quickly
slid the Venus Butterfly down, just enough to expose Dawn's cunt before her
whip came to rest against it.

Dawn immediately started protesting, struggling as much as she could, staring
into her sisters eyes, looking for a trace of pity, but finding none.

"Stop struggling Dawn, you're only making this worse on yourself." Buffy
said, as she slid the whip over her sister's cunt.

The littlest Summers said something very muffled through her gag which Buffy
couldn't quite hear but understood to be some kind of protest again.

"I said stop struggling!" Buffy yelled angrily, "If you don't stop struggling
I'll double the count!"

Dawn sniffled and finally stopped struggling and just lay there hanging

"That's better." Buffy said, as she continued to play with Dawn's cunt with
her whip, causing her little sister to whimper with fear, "Oh stop crying you
little baby, you brought this on yourself and you know it. Besides there is
only 250 spanks more to go, and let's face it, you deserve every one of

Buffy raised her whip and waited for a long second while Dawn's mind raced as
it tried to comprehend the pain she was about to feel before the slayer began
to bring the whip down, quickly stepping around at the last minute so that
the cat came crashing down upon Dawn's ass with a sickening smack. The
sickening smacking sound began to echo throughout the room as Buffy began to
viciously beat her sister's ass, using her full slayer strength to give
Dawnie the discipline she deserved.

The littlest Summers thought that she had experienced the worst possible pain
the last time Buffy used the cat o' nine tails on her but she was mistaken.
This was much worse. Before Buffy had at least been slow and methodical about
her blows, which had given Dawn time to recover after each one, but this time
Buffy barely hesitated for a second between each spank, giving Dawn no time
to recover whatsoever. The tail dug into her flesh like never before and it
was even worse when Buffy used the tail ends, which was far more frequent
than Dawn would have liked, but at least this hopefully would finally earn
her sister's forgiveness.

Buffy wasn't in a very forgiving mood at the moment because she was using all
her memories of everything Dawn had done wrong lately to motivate herself
into beating her baby sister's behind with every ounce of strength she could
muster, and being a slayer, that was a lot. She refused to show Dawn any
sympathy or remorse, knowing that this is what her little sister needed and
that she was really doing her a favour. Buffy had dropped out of school to
take care of Dawn which was an acceptable excuse. Dropping out because you
were just too distracted, or too lazy, to pass your classes was not an
acceptable excuse, and Buffy would not have it. Dawn was going to graduate
school even if she had to viciously beat her like this every day for the rest
of the school year.

After she had counted out another whopping 200 spanks on Dawnie's poor beated
bottom Buffy slid the whip round until it was resting on Dawn's exposed cunt

Dawn whimpered softly but did not move. She didn't have the strength to move.

Buffy lent in close and whispered in her little sister's ear, "I really hate
to do this Dawnie, but you leave me no choice. Just remember, you brought
this on yourself."

And with that Buffy stood back, raised the whip slowly and began to bring it
down upon the vulnerable flesh of her little sister's pussy. It was not as
hard as the ass beating but not as gentle as the tit smacking. At least Buffy
gave Dawn plenty of time to recover between each strike. She continued to use
the tail end every so often though, which Dawn had thought was painful on her
butt and boobs, but was agonising on her cunt. Dawn was in so much pain she
could barely comprehend it. Her only saving grace was knowing that it was
almost over.

Buffy took her time with the spanking, realising Dawnie was in a fragile
emotional state and not wanting to break her completely, but at the same time
wanting her to know she wasn't playing around. This was serious. Dawn was
going to learn who was in charge around here, and if that had to be done the
hard way then so be it. And from the way Dawn was whimpering and crying and
from the way her little sister's cunt was becoming puffy looking and sore
Buffy could tell that Dawn wasn't much liking the hard way.

Once the whipping was finally over Buffy stood there admiring her handiwork,
listening to Dawn's pitiful cries, before she put her whip back in her toy
box, re-attached the Venus Butterfly and removed Dawn's gag.

"Now, what do you say?" Buffy asked once the gag was removed.

"Th... th... thank y... y... you." Dawn wept before breaking down and crying
hysterically. In seconds her bounds were removed and she was in her big
sister's arms.

Buffy gently rocked Dawn back and forth, cooing in her ear as her baby sister
wept. Eventually as Dawn began to run out of tiers Buffy began to run her
hands over her little sister's body, innocently enough at first but that
quickly changed. Soon the slayer was shamelessly groping her baby sister's
beaten butt, boobs, and eventually her swollen little cunt.

The terrible pain was quickly replaced by wonderful pleasure and Dawn was
soon thrusting herself against her sister's touch, praying that Buffy would
slide a finger into her wet and needy hole.

"I bet you'd like to cum now wouldn't you Dawnie?" Buffy said as she
continued to grope at her little prize.

Dawn nodded meekly.

"Then what should you do?" Buffy asked.

"Ea...ea... earn it." Dawn whimpered.

"That's right Dawn, good girl, you should earn it." Buffy said, smiling
happily, "Now, I'm not sure you've been good enough to have the privilege of
eating my pussy again, but that's ok, I've got another place you can put that
soft tongue of yours..."

Lifting Dawn up Buffy placed her little sister on the floor before removing
her pants and panties, turning around so that she could lean against the wall
with one hand and reach behind her with the other. Dawn was surprised to see
a butt plug very similar to the one stuffed up her own backside buried inside
her sister's butt hole. It didn't remain there for long as Buffy pulled it
out, placed it down on the bench she had been sitting on, and reached back
again to spread her ass cheeks.

"Spike was pretty rough with my ass hole tonight. It was hurting all through
my patrol. I think what it needs is a nice soft tongue to make it feel all
better... get my drift Dawnie?"

Dawn couldn't believe her ears. Buffy had been sleeping with Spike! She
always knew there was sexual tension between her sister and the blonde
vampire but she never thought Buffy would actually give into her desires
and sleep with him. Then again that was rather a moot point considering
the circumstances, but still this was her sister, goodie two shoes Buffy
Summers, having sex with a vampire... again... god what was it with her
sister and vampires?

And what exactly did Buffy mean when she said Spike had been pretty rough
with her ass hole tonight? Had her big sister been having anal sex with a
vampire? God that was so... hot.

Buffy made a coughing noise which quickly got Dawn's attention. She hadn't
decided yet whether she liked the idea of licking someone's ass hole or not
but she had been asked to do something by Buffy and if her big sister wanted
her to do it then she would.

A little hesitantly Dawn gently leaned forward until she was face to face
with her big sister's ass hole, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and
leant forward again.

Buffy was becoming impatient. She was about to say something else when she
felt something soft against her ass hole. The blonde slayer smiled to herself
as her little sister's tongue began to gently lap at her butt hole, gently
caressing the soft flesh which had been so well fucked not that long ago.

For a while Buffy was content to have her little sister lapping gently at
her ass hole, but ultimately she wanted more. She wanted her sister's tongue
inside her butt so that little Dawnie could taste the cum that was left there
by Spike. After all that was the whole point of going to see him, so he could
dump a load of cum inside her so she could feed it to Dawn. Of course it had
meant to be her pussy, but this was just as good, if not better. However Dawn
wasn't picking up the pace as Buffy would have liked so Buffy decided to give
her little sister some encouragement to licking her ass.

"Come on Dawnie, you can do better than that. I want to feel that soft tongue
of yours inside my ass hole right now or I swear to God I'm going to give you
another spanking which will make the last spanking seem like a picnic."

Trembling with fear at the idea of being spanked again, Dawn closed her lips
around Buffy's ass hole and put as much pressure on her sister's backdoor as
she possibly could until finally that tight ring expanded enough for her
tongue to slide through it and into the slayer's shit hole.

"Ooooo, good girl Dawnie," Buffy moaned in encouragement, as her fingers slid
from her butt cheek to her pussy and began to rub her wet love hole, "Just
like that... that's it... push that sweet little tongue of yours inside my
ass hole..."

The littlest Summers did as she was told and shoved her tongue as deep into
her sister's butt hole as possible. As she did so she encountered a strange
liquid which was buried within Buffy's bowels. She panicked for a moment and
began to remove her tongue which quickly got Buffy's attention.

"Don't you dare take that tongue out of my ass until I tell you to Dawn!"
Buffy practically screamed, which soon got her little sister's tongue back
inside her shit hole, "That's better. If you're wondering what that liquid
is its Spike's cum. He made quite the mess back there, and your going to
clean it up for me."

And with that Buffy relaxed her anal muscles to allow her dead lover's cum to
slowly slide from her ass hole and into her little sister's mouth. Much to
her delight instead of being repulsed little Dawnie obediently swallowed and
went about cleaning even the deepest part of her rectum with her soft tongue.
God, what a rush.

Overwhelmed by the feeling of power she now had over her little sister Buffy
frantically increased the pace of her pussy rubbing as Dawn continued to
clean her ass hole with her now very eager tongue.

"Oh god Dawn, your tongue feels so good in my ass. I'm definitely going to
have to make you do this more often. Would you like that Dawn? Would you like
me to turn you into my little butt cleaner? Maybe I should throw all the
toilet paper out and start using your tongue instead. Bet you'd like that
wouldn't you Dawnie, wouldn't you?"

With her tongue up her big sister's ass hole Dawn was in no position to
answer, but the truth was she would do anything for Buffy and Buffy could
do anything to her. She loved Buffy so much to the point where she actually
began to consider it an honour being given the privilege to clean her
sister's ass, and secretly hoped that Buffy would use her in any way the
slayer saw fit.

"Oh Dawnie... I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum so hard... but don't you
dare remove that tongue of yours... I want to cum with your sweet little
tongue up my ass hole... cleaning the place I shit from... oh god... so
good... oh my god I'm going to..." Buffy's last words ended in a long cry
as she fingered herself to climax, her little sister's tongue never leaving
her ass hole.

Fresh tears fell down Dawn's face as she was once again denied her big
sister's cum. She wanted so badly to clamp her mouth around Buffy's cunt and
drink big sis's creamy cum, but Buffy had given her an order and she had to
obey it.

Buffy lent against the wall panting, regaining her strength as her little
sister's tongue continued to move through her shit pipe.

Eventually the blonde vampire slayer said, "Ok Dawnie, that's enough, you may
remove your tongue now."

Dawn did as she was told and waited patiently on her knees for her next

"Mmmmm... you've got quite a nice little tongue there Dawnie... for a
disgusting little butt licker." Buffy said, kneeling down so she was face
to face with Dawn, "That's what you are, aren't you sis? Your a disgusting
little butt licker." Buffy said as she grabbed the plug that had recently
been inside her own ass hole and pushed it into her little sister's mouth.

Understanding what was expected of her Dawn licked and sucked the plug clean,
hoping this would somehow lead to her big sister letting her get off.

"Well Dawnie, I asked you a question, aren't you going to answer it?" Buffy
asked her little sister, who replied but it came out garbled through the gag
so the blonde pulled the now clean plug out and said, "Naughty, naughty,
Dawnie, looks like I'm going to have to spank you for speaking with your
mouth full, later, but for now, what are you?"

"A... a... a disgusting little butt licker." Dawn replied obediently.

"Good, at least you understand what you are." Buffy said smiling, "Now,
speaking of butts, turn around and show me that pretty little butt of yours."

Dawn did as she was told but it didn't quite satisfy Buffy.

"Lay down so your head is resting on the ground, reach back, and spread both
your butt cheeks with your hands." the slayer instructed her little sister,
who much to her delight obeyed instantly.

Buffy enjoyed just kneeling there staring at her baby sister's vulnerable
little holes for a few seconds before reaching out and removing the 2 inch
butt plug that had been buried in Dawnie's little butt hole and replacing it
with a slightly larger 3 inch plug which had so recently been inside her own
ass hole. Dawn let out a little gasp of shock and then of pain as her big
sister did this, but it wasn't so bad. There was still quite a bit of KY
jelly up her butt, and the plug had at least been lubricated with her spit.

Once the plug was firmly embedded inside her little sister's rectum Buffy
stood up and smiled.

"That was fun... now... let's go make dinner. I don't know about you but I'm
starving." Buffy said, making her way towards the stairs when she heard her
sister let out a little whimper. Turning around she said, "What?"

"Please." came Dawn's pitiful cry.

"Please what Dawnie, I don't have all night?" Buffy said impatiently.

"Can I cum?" Dawn begged.

Buffy looked thoughtful for a moment before she said, "Ok Dawn, I'll make you
a deal, the only way you can cum is by humping my right leg like the little
dog you are. You have 2 minutes, and unlike this morning I promise you I will
not take pity on you and let you cum even if you fail. I'm tired of having to
accept failure from you Dawnie, from now on you will only be awarded for
success. Now, come and get it little doggy."

Dawn hesitated, but only for a moment. She didn't care how she just needed to
cum. So she bounded towards Buffy on her hands and knees like a good little
doggy, but at the last second the slayer moved and began to run around the
basement laughing as her desperate to cum sister chased after her. But it was
no use. Buffy was too quick. Dawn wouldn't catch her unless Buffy wanted to
be caught.

"Come on Dawnie, hurry up and catch me, you've got less than a minute now."
Buffy laughed as she ran rings around her little sister.

Dawn whimpered, and tried harder, her hands and knees scraping badly against
the floor as she desperately tried to keep up but failed miserably.

Finally taking pity on her sister Buffy said, "I'll tell you what Dawn, bark
like a little doggy for me and I'll let you catch me."

"Woof woof." Dawn yelped and whined desperately, "Woof woof."

"Good doggy." Buffy said, stopping in her tracks, allowing her little sister
to leap onto her leg and begin to desperately hump her needy pussy onto it,
"Oh my God, this is so gross. I can't believe you're willing to debase
yourself like this Dawnie. Do you have no self respect? No sense of shame?
Obviously you're in more desperate need of discipline than I thought. I'm
obviously going to have to find a way to be even tougher on you. But I bet
you don't care about that right now do you Dawnie? No, you just want to cum.
Well you better hurry up, because you've got less than 10 seconds..."

Dawn whimpered again and frantically redoubled her efforts, but it was no
use, she needed more time.

"Please... I..."












Dawn let out a heartbreaking cry as Buffy pushed her away.

"I'm sorry Dawnie, but you failed me, again, and that means no cumming for
you. Now, let's go and make dinner. I'm starving." Buffy said, as she walked
over to the stairs, "Oh, and don't you dare stand until I tell you too."

Dawn wept at the frustration of not being able to cum but did as she was told
and crawled after her big sister, up the stairs and towards the kitchen.


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