DISCLAIMER: All things Buffy and Angel are the property of Joss Whedon, and
Mutant Enemy Productions. I don't own them I'm just taking them for a while,
perverting them and putting them back in place slightly shakier and in more
or less one piece.

NOTE: Set during the Season 4 that would have existed in the memories of the
characters after Dawn was created.

RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, Initiative Soldiers/Dawn (MMMf, oral, nc)

WARNING!!!: Kinky and taboo subject matter with strong sexual content. If
you don't want to read about a sexual relationship between an underage teen
girl and various other males then turn away.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: False Memories - Dawn Shows Some Initiative
by Valleyboy69 ([email protected])

Dawn looked around desperately as she tried to regain her bearings. She
was lost. The darkness had come down while she was on her way home from a
friend's place on the other side of town and now here she was, who knows
where, not sure where home was. "Mom's gonna kill me," she muttered to
herself as she looked around nervously. She had spent all day trying to
convince her mother that she could make it back on her own but it just
led her to this.

This would be scary enough for most thirteen year olds but having a sister
who was the Slayer made things a little worse. Dawn knew exactly what lurked
around Sunnydale and it's outskirts pretty well, especially after years of
Buffy telling her all the stories to scare her away from any attempt to run
away. Of course, being the defiant teenager that she was, she refused to
just be locked away from all the dangerous stuff. With Buffy in college now
she'd hoped that her mother would give her a little more freedom.

Dawn began to get a little more scared as she found herself in an area
surrounded by trees. She knew that home was near but exactly in which
direction near was started becoming more of an issue. Every noise she
heard made her jump. An animal scampered across her track, taking her by
surprise. She shrieked and began to run off in the opposite direction,
glancing back occasionally and hoping that nothing was following her.

The trees that she hurtled passed seemed like a blur. She just kept going
but the vast area of trees didn't seem to end. Her foot got caught on a
stray branch and she stumbled towards the ground in a flurry of flailing
arms and hair. The ground was damp and muddy and now covered her hands.
She looked at them and frowned, attempting to get to her feet only to
become aware of several figures around her. Four silhouettes in heavy
military-like uniforms.

"Well, what do we have here?" one of them said, taking a step forward
towards Dawn. She recoiled from his touch.

"D-don't hurt me..." she stammered, looking up at the tall, definitely male
but otherwise unidentifiable group. "Please..."

"Now, why would we want to do that, cutie?" the apparent leader said with a
vague hint of lust in his voice, glancing at the young girl. "We're just
here to help people like you, aren't we boys?"

"Uh, yeah," the second soldier said and the others nodded in agreement.

"Look, we better get going," another one said, lowering his voice to a
whisper so that Dawn couldn't hear them. "Agent Finn told us to meet him a
mile from here in thirty and I don't wanna see him getting pissed at me.
Plus, we've been seen by a civilian... Professor Walsh ain't gonna be happy
about that."

"Ah, forget them," the first one replied. "I've been doing this patrol every
damn night for the last two months. I'm sick of it. We're supposed to be
college students too y'know... We're supposed to be getting laid and not
hunting demons."

"So you're suggesting what? We shrug off our duties and go to a party or
something? Somehow I don't think that's gonna work."

"God, no. I was thinking maybe we could have a little fun here." He
turned towards the scared, unmoving Dawn with a vicious smile under his
balaclava-covered face.

"Jesus, man," one soldier exclaimed then quickly lowering his voice to the
level of all the others. "Look at her. She's scared... Lost in the woods
probably. You're not suggesting... And she's a fucking kid for Christ's
sake! Can't be older than fourteen!"

The first soldier nodded lecherously. "And they're always the best. I swear,
this chick back home... She could suck cock like a pro. I bet this little
bitch is just the same." He finally addressed Dawn again. "Now, I'm guessing
you're lost?" he asked with mock sympathy. She nodded in reply, not really
noticing the malicious tone in his voice. "I reckon I could help you get back
home... If you did me a little favour. You think you could do that?"

"Sick fuck," the argumentative trooper said under his breath.

"I notice you're not stopping him," one of his companions said as he
continued to watch the scene in front of him, feeling himself getting turned
on by it.

Dawn was still on the floor, looking up at the leader of the group who moved
a little closer. "Here's the deal," he said. "You give my cock a good sucking
`til I cum in your mouth then we'll help you get back home."

"What?!?" Dawn suddenly said, utterly shocked and unsure of how to react.

"Think you could do that, cutie?"

"N-no. Go away!" she called out and struggled to get back onto her feet. The
soldier grabbed her hair and pulled her back down violently.

"God damn it!" he growled. "You're all the same. Work us up with that
innocent act but you all give it up in the end. C'mon!" He struggled with
his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock, waving it in Dawn's face.
"Suck it!"

The other three watched this in shock but didn't move. Even the soldier who
was against this couldn't bring up the courage to say a word against his
commander who tried to push his cock between Dawn's lips. "Take it in," he
ordered. "Take it!" She was disgusted at the thought of letting the thick
erection in her mouth. He was sweaty from having the heavy military fatigues
on all night and his cock was glistening from it. "C'mon! Suck it, bitch,"
he said, clearly getting angrier. "I've seen your type before. You think just
because you're so young you can't do it. Well, you can! It's easy." Dawn
continued to avoid letting the hard shaft that was rubbed across her face
from entering her mouth. The solider lashed out, smacking her across the

Dawn's face was sore from this. She couldn't believe what she was being made
to do. It was horrible but she was beginning to realise it would get worse
if she didn't obey. She cringed a little as she opened her lips a little,
recoiling quickly at the taste. "I'm not gonna say it again," the soldier
said aggressively. "You're gonna be our whore then we're gonna help you. That
sounds like a good deal to me, I don't know what the fuck your problem is."
He slapped her again. She called out in pain giving him time to grab her head
and pull her forward onto his cock. The head got in but she clamped her mouth
shut down around it so he couldn't move. "C'mon bitch, suck it," he ordered
again. Dawn reluctantly parted her lips once more with tears slowly forming
in her eyes so that the solider could enter her mouth. He continued to guide
his cock between her soft lips, moving her head along the bulging tip.

"You got yourself a real hot mouth, cutie," he sighed as he picked up his
pace, pushing her face on and off his cock faster than ever. "But let me
feel that tongue... C'mon lick it!" Dawn didn't want to but as each thrust
continued to torture her mouth she gave in and started moving her tongue
around along the thrusting cock. She could feel the stiff rod pulsate a
little larger and harder in her mouth as his precum began to coat her mouth.
She heard about this from some of the sluttier girls in her school and knew
that he was going to cum. She was rather intrigued as to what it would taste
like but dreaded the feeling that was going to go with it. The strong hands
on either side of her head pushed the cock further into his mouth as the
first blast filled her up. She gagged at what she now realised was a foul
taste but any attempt to move away was just stopped. More and more of the
sticky substance was shot down her throat until finally she was finally set
free. The cock was pulled out of her sticky mouth and she coughed up as much
of the disgusting white cream as she could onto the forest floor, not looking
at her abuser who towered over her.

"Please..." she said quietly. "Don't..."

The commander ignored her and turned to the others. "So...he began. "Who
wants a go? She's pretty damn good. You'll be missing out."

"Sure, I'll give her a try," another soldier said as he stepped forward, his
hard cock already in his hand. Dawn tried to pull away but the leader of the
group grabbed her again, pushing her face towards the new cock. Her head was
forced down on it and soon it was very quickly thrusting deeper down her
mouth than the last one had been. The head of the cock hit the back of her
throat. Dawn couldn't stop his force as he pulled even harder and the tip of
this new dick squeezed into her throat. She tried to gag as the shaft lodged
in the entrance to her throat and put up another struggle to break free of
this strong grasp but couldn't. She got even more terrified. At first this
was a shock but now it was dawning on her what she was being forced to do.
Sure, she'd heard about her friends who always talked about doing this to a
guy, usually older than them but the idea of doing it herself was incredibly
alien. The cock was being pushed in further and she could feel it slide down
her throat, deeper and deeper. The gag reflex continued, her throat muscles
gripping and clutching the cock as it slithered down her oral passageway.

Dawn was feeling dirtier than she thought was possible as the stiff meat
fucked her face over and over, the soldier's balls ramming against her chin.
He moved her head along his thick shaft, her discomfort making him even more
excited with each thrust she tried to block by tightening her throat. The
violation got even more humiliating for the girl and her fear intensified
knowing that her attacker was actually enjoying every moment he continued
raping her mouth. He had to know this wasn't right... she was so young...
but perhaps that was why he was loving this so much. He began to call out
with each violent push deeper into her mouth.

"Take it bitch," he groaned. "All of it! Swallow my cock you little whore! I
know you're loving this!" Dawn gagged louder as the rapid thrusts got even
worse. "You're gonna make me cum, bitch..." His grip on Dawn's head got
harder, rougher. "Yeah... Make me cum! God, yes... I`m gonna cum all the way
down your throat."

The soldier rammed Dawn's down onto his groin and the cock buried in her
throat began to throb quickly, sending the warm cum down her body into her
belly. She couldn't believe what was happening to her, a hard cock was
spasming in her mouth, ejaculating the thick fluid which she tried to reject
but failed. He eventually pulled out of her mouth, the shaft gliding out of
her throat then shooting another blast into her mouth and over her tongue.
She finally got the chance to breathe, gasping desperately for air. She spat
the cum onto the ground again and looked cautiously behind her, wondering if
she could get away.

Before she got a chance to think, a third cock appeared above her face. The
newest soldier moved forward until he was towering over her and his balls
were just about her face. "Lick them," he said. She refused to. She'd
suffered enough already.

"You heard the guy," the commander said from nearby. "Lick his balls, bitch."
He moved forward grabbed Dawn's head again, pushing her face even closer to
the other soldier's testicles. "Lick!" The young girl closed her eyes and
stuck out her tongue, slowly letting it run over his scrotum. She hated the
taste but after all she had been through so far this seemed to almost relief.
She stopped thinking about how she had got into this and just wanted to get
it over with as quickly as possible. She continued to lick the balls until
the soldier dismounted her face and let his stiff cock sink into her mouth
just as the other two had.

Her mouth opened almost naturally now as she knew that she had to take
drastic measures to get herself out of this situation. The huge cock slipped
in and eventually reached her throat. The man didn't waste his time and
quickly shoved it passed the point of no return and started to work it down
Dawn's young throat. He pushed down deeper, making her throat expand more
than had with the last cock that violated her. She realised she had no choice
and didn`t even try to put up a fight beyond the natural gag reflexes of her
throat. The sudden throbbing that she felt indicated that the sensation of
planting his shaft in the cute young teenager had left him already at the
point of climax. She felt the pulsating but not the cum moving down her body,
she just know it was inside her when the cock was pulled out of her mouth
and left a trail of semen down her chin.

"Damn it you're good," he commented. "Reckon you can fit one more in you

"No," the last soldier said coldly. "She can't." He took a few steps forward
and grabbed the man towering over Dawn, throwing him aside. "I can't believe
I even stood though this..." He kneeled down in front of the girl. "Get outta
here. Now."

Dawn nodded quietly. She got to her feet and took off without even looking
back. Her defender got closer to the commander and pulled his hands up into
fists. "I swear to God, if you weren't in charge of this unit I'd..."

"You'd what, soldier?"

He backed down at the piercing stare he received. "Nothing, sir," he said

"Good. Then you're not gonna mention this little incident to the professor
are you? It's like it never happened. We gotta make the most of our secret
lives, Graham my man, because no one else is working in our favour."

"But that doesn't mean..."

The three soldiers walked off into the darkness. Graham stood and watched
them leave, cursing himself under his breath. He glanced in the direction
that Dawn ran and sighed. He began to follow his team mates.



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