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PAIRING: Dawn/ Buffy


SUMMARY: Buffy keeps her promise to Dawn, and Dawn keeps her promise to


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~Denotes Thought~

Buffy The Vampire Salyer: For You Part 2
by Nero ([email protected])

Dawn slowly stirred, becoming more aware of the hand stroking her hair. In
her foggy state of mind, Dawn didn't care who was petting her, because
whoever it was, was also holding her tightly, lovingly against their body.

Curiosity finally getting the better of her, Dawn opened her eyes, finding
the smiling face of Buffy looking down at her.

"Morning Dawnie." Buffy whispered, letting her hand rest on Dawn's back.

Dawn's heart soared as she realized that the night before hadn't been a
dream. Smiling softly at Buffy, Dawn told her as much. "I thought it was a

Shaking her head, Buffy said, "It was real." Dawn nodded, looking up at
Buffy, thinking. Catching this, Buffy asked, "What's on you mind?"

"I'm trying to figure out what to do without ruining this." Dawn said.

Motioning for her to come up with her finger, Buffy said, "You come up here,
and you kiss me, then we snuggle."

Moving slowly, Dawn crawled up and kissed Buffy on the lips softly, her
inexperienced lips matching Buffy's skilled ones better than she had planned.
Breaking the kiss slowly, Dawn moved to rest her head on Buffy's bare chest,
letting her lover return to stroking her long locks.

Looking up at Buffy's smiling face, Dawn said, "There's my happy slayer."

"And there's my happy key." Buffy said. "I think it's been a long time since
we've both been happy."

Taking Buffy's hand in hers, Dawn smiled at her. "I have plenty of reasons to
be happy now." She said, kissing each of Buffy's fingers individually.

Giggling, Buffy hugged Dawn to her body tightly, letting the small girl
cuddle against her. Looking out the window, Buffy smiled, her mind
remembering something.

"You like this?" Buffy asked. When Dawn nodded, Buffy pecked her on the
forehead. "See? Your dreams pretty cool."

Looking up, Dawn realized that the setting was just like in her dream.
Snuggling with Buffy, watching the sun come up.

"It is." Dawn said, holding Buffy softly but firmly.

After a few minutes of snuggle time, Buffy looked at the clock, noting the

"I hate to spoil this, but we should get dressed." Buffy said. "Willow's
going to be home soon."

Nodding, Dawn slowly uncurled herself from Buffy, getting to her knees and
stretching out, letting her muscles unwind.

Moving quickly, Buffy knelt in front of Dawn, taking the younger girl back
into her arms and kissing her softly, catching Dawn off guard. Moving closer,
Dawn hugged Buffy tighter to her body, her own nude body matching Buffy's as
they kissed deeply, Buffy's hands stroking Dawn's back.

As they broke apart, Dawn fired a few parting pecks on Buffy's lips, which
Buffy responded to with a few kisses of her own on Dawn's jawbone.

Fully breaking apart, Buffy waited for Dawn to exit the bed, making sure to
wait until she was fully off of it before moving, not wanting the girl to
think she was trying to run away. Grabbing their discarded cloths, Dawn and
Buffy quickly redressed.

Moving behind her sister, Dawn hugged Buffy, leaning in to rest her head on
her shoulder.

Working up her courage, she whispered, "I didn't mean for this to be a one
night stand, you know. If you know."

Turning to face her, Buffy pecked her softly on the lips, saying, "I was
hoping you'd say that."

Getting serious, Dawn asked, "Why were you scared last night?"

"Your going to have to be more specific that that." Buffy said, smiling

"When I got up to leave, you looked scared." Dawn said. "Why?"

Her smile fading, Buffy hung her head a little. "Because I thought you were
going to leave me. I don't especially like being alone after.doing that.
Brings up bad memories, like Spike and Parker."

The mention of the two people who used Buffy almost made Dawn vomit. "I'll
never be like them." Dawn assured her. "I'll stay with you whenever you want
me too."

Her smile returning, Buffy looked at Dawn from under her bangs. "Anytime?"

"Just name it."

"Tonight?" Buffy said. "We can't do any sex stuff, since Willow will be home,

"Consider me there." Dawn said with a smile. "I'll sneak out when she goes to
bed, ok?"

Smiling, Buffy kissed Dawn on the lips. "That's my little fink." Breaking
apart, Buffy motioned towards the door. "Now go take a shower. You have
school, don't forget."

Smiling softly, Dawn dropped her head down and looked up at Buffy from
between her long locks.

"Wanna shower with me?" Dawn asked sweetly.

"That's not such a good idea." Buffy said, immediately regretting not flat
out saying no.

"Why not?" Dawn asked, pouting out her bottom lip.

"Because, Willow's going to be home soon." Buffy said, resisting the urge to
kiss the pout off of Dawn's lips.

"And she'll go upstairs and right to sleep." Dawn said. "Just like she does
every Wednesday."

"Dawnie." Buffy whined pathetically.

Smiling, Dawn shook her head. "Fine, don't." she said, reaching down and
taking off her shirt, kicking off her socks before taking off her pants.
Quickly ridding herself of her underwear before Buffy could stop her, Dawn
smiled, standing before Buffy, nude. "I'll shower all by myself." Dawn
said, before adding softly "And not be able to clean my back properly."

"We have a shower brush." Buffy said, trying to keep her eyes from the neck
up on Dawn, but failing miserably.

"Yea, but it's really rough." Dawn said. "It always scrapes my back. I don't
like using it." Turning, she started out of the room, letting her butt sway
erotically as she moved down the hall. "But I guess I don't have any choice,
do I?" she said. Getting no response, she turned to find Buffy a step behind
her, also nude.

Closing the distance quickly, Buffy picked Dawn up and carried her toward the

"You are so gonna get it, you little fink." Buffy muttered into Dawn's lips,
kissing her fiercely.

"Promise?" Dawn said with a smile, reaching out with her foot and trying to
open the door.

When it didn't budge, Buffy reached out, trying to open it. Failing, she
cursed loudly.

"It's stuck again!" she yelled, rearing back and kicking the door, jarring it
enough to un-stick it.

Laughing loudly, Dawn wrapped her arms around Buffy's neck, kissing her on
the lips. "You're a Slayer of stuck doors."

"Hey, I needed to get you in here." Buffy said, smiling as she closed the
door behind her.

"And why would that be?"

"Because you need a shower." Buffy said, smiling.

"I think your lying." Dawn said, moving towards the shower, turning the water
on. "I think you just want to see me all wet and naked."

"And?" Buffy asked, smiling. Looking around, she noticed something. "There's
only one towel." She said, turning and opening the door. "Lemme grab one."

"No!" Dawn said, pouncing on her. When Buffy turned and looked at her, Dawn
smiled. "We'll share. You dry me, I'll dry you, k?"

Smirking, Buffy closed the door and picked up Dawn, carrying her to the
shower. "Deal."

Setting Dawn down under the stream of hot water, Buffy watched in awe as Dawn
let the water run over her body, leaning into the stream and slicking her
hair back. Turning to Buffy, she smiled.

"Gonna come in or are you just gonna stand out there and watch?" Dawn asked.

"Both are good options." Buffy admitted before stepping in to the shower.
"But I'd rather touch then just look."

"Then touch away." Dawn said, holding her arms slightly away from her sides,
hiding nothing from her lover.

Moving forward, Buffy kissed Dawn, taking her in her arms and hugging her
tightly. Spinning them around, Dawn let Buffy get into the stream of water,
never breaking lip contact as the water ran down there faces. Reaching down,
Dawn grabbed Buffy's butt in her hands, squeezing softly, smiling as her
sister shrieked slightly.

"You like that?" Dawn asked, squeezing again, getting the same response.

"Yes." Buffy hissed, kissing Dawn as she reached between there bodies, taking
Dawn's small breasts into her hands, returning the favour and squeezing them.
Hearing Dawn groan into the kiss, Buffy pulled back slightly, asking "You
like that?"

"God yes." Dawn answered.

Moving Dawn into the shower spray, Buffy smiled as she spun Dawn around away
from her, letting Dawn's back rest on Buffy's chest.

"Good, then you'll love this." Buffy whispered into Dawn's ear, letting her
hand roam down to her lover's pussy, quickly finding her small clit. "Get
ready for your punishment, fink."

Moaning loudly, Dawn leaned back against Buffy more, using her for support.
As Buffy used her fingers and thumb to massage Dawn's clit, Dawn's moan's
echoed throughout the shower, ranging from small whimpers to full blown moans
of pleasure.

"Oh god, Buffy, that feels so good!" Dawn whimpered, humping her hips against
Buffy's hand.

Smiling, Buffy kissed the back of Dawn's neck. "Well, duh."

Smirking, Dawn twisted her head around to look at Buffy, peering out at her
from beneath her hair-covered face. "Remember, I've only done this once
before. I'm not the seasoned vet that you are."

"Seasoned vet?" Buffy asked, a little annoyed. "Are you calling me a slut?"
Dawn giggled loudly, so Buffy asked "Are you trying to get me mad?" Dawn only
nodded. "Why?"

"Well, I figured, if this is punishment, then I'd love to see full blown

Buffy had to smile at that. Pulling her fingers out of Dawn, she started
stroking the sided of Dawn's pussy, carefully avoiding the clit, asking her
"This is torture. Like it as much?"

"No!" Dawn whined, reaching down to move Buffy's hand back into place.
When Buffy resisted, she took her clit in her own hand, which Buffy quickly
swatted away.

"Don't even think about it." Buffy said, turning Dawn to face her. "Don't
ever do that. If you ever need to do that, just ask, and I'll do it."

"Please do me." Dawn pleaded, leaning forward and kissing Buffy quickly,
trying to coax her into getting back at her pussy faster.

"How do you want me to do it?" Buffy asked, teasing Dawn's pussy lips with
her fingertips.

"How ever you want, just do it, please." Dawn pleaded again, her hips
thrusting forward towards the fingers dancing around her most sensitive area.

Dropping to her knees, Buffy smiled as Dawn moaned. "You're too good to pass
up, Dawnie." Buffy said, spreading her legs open further.

Kissing Dawn's soft flesh quickly, Buffy dove into her wet sex, taking the
clit back in between her fingers, rubbing it as she lapped greedily. Dawn
moaned softly, riding Buffy's face as she worked her sex.

"Yes Buffy." Dawn whispered, running her fingers through Buffy's hair,
holding her lover's mouth to her pussy, making sure she didn't decide to
"Torture" her some more. "Your so good." Dawn whined, Buffy's tongue
sliding deeper into her, feeding on her juices.

"You're my first girl." Buffy muttered, taking her mouth away long enough to
collect the Dawn-cream that dripped onto her chin.

"You're a quick learner." Dawn said, smiling as Buffy's tongue plunged back
into her, licking her ruthlessly as she worked her over.

Pulling back, Buffy slid her finger along the slick opening, pushing it up
slowly, making Dawn scream immediately as she hit the right spot. Smiling,
Buffy pulled back and pushed it in again, repeating the process over and
over again.

"Do you want to come, Dawnie?" Buffy asked, slowing her motions down, barely
rubbing her clit.

"Yes, yes!" Dawn pleaded, taking Buffy's head back into her hands and urging
her to finish the job.

Leaning forward, Buffy kissed Dawn's clit, telling Dawn "Come for me,
Dawnie." Sucking her clit into her mouth, Buffy re-inserted her finger,
moving quicker now, her motions less about prolonging the pleasure than
bringing it to it's peak.

Dawn moved her hips to ride Buffy's face harder, sobbing in pleasure with
each thrust of Buffy's long finger, her nerves on fire as she came, her
lover's name erupting from her lips as she let loose. Gripping the soap rack,
Dawn pulled on it as her muscles tensed up. Buffy heard the item begin to
tear, and grabbed her hand with her free one, stopping her as she winded

Standing up quickly, Buffy held Dawn up, holding the tired teenager to her
body tightly.

"Oh Buffy." Dawn muttered softly, holding onto the mighty Slayer for support.

When she felt Dawn stand on her own some more, Buffy pulled back, kissing
Dawn softly on the lips.

"Was it good?" Buffy asked. When Dawn merely nodded, she smiled. "Good."

Smirking, Dawn stood up on her tiptoes, kissing Buffy. "Now, your turn." Dawn
said, turning away from Buffy, grabbing something.

As Dawn turned around, Buffy noticed that the stream of water had stopped
flowing from the showerhead. Looking back down, she found out why.

Dawn smiled at her, holding a bar of soap in one hand, the shower sprayer in
the other.

"Your so dirty." Dawn said, smiling. "You need to be cleaned out thoroughly."

Looking at the small girl, Buffy stared at the shower spray for a second,
before looking up at Dawn, asking "Why is that on high?"

* * *

"We so need to get more towels in here!" Buffy said, wrapping a towel around
her body, checking out Dawn, who was standing nude, unable to locate another
towel. "God, your gonna be late!"

"Not if I run." Dawn said, checking the clock. Smiling, she added, "This is
all your fault."

Turning to face Dawn, Buffy looked at her, a look of confusion on her face.
"How is this my fault?"

"I thought Slayers were the masters of self control." Dawn said with a smile.
"You should have been able to control yourself from dragging me into the
shower and doing all those things to me. You should have at least brought
another towel."

"Self control only goes so far. Wet naked hotties definitely push my limits."
Buffy said, opening the door and heading out. "And you told me we'd share!"

Hearing the front door open, Buffy looked in horror to find Willow moving in
the front door.

"Hey Buffy." She said sleepily, moving up the staircase at a rapid pace.

Turning around, Dawn moved towards the bathroom, but found the door had
closed behind her. Trying to open the door quietly, she found resistance.

"It's stuck!" Dawn whispered, trying the door one last time before trying to
find a place to hide, knowing what Willow would probably thing finding both
Summers women in the hallway, freshly showered, and one of them naked.

Looking around, Buffy tried to think up something. Finding only Willow's room
out of the witch's line of site, Buffy did the next best thing, causing a

Letting go of her towel, it dropped to the floor. Faking shock, Buffy tried
to cover herself, watching as Willow looked at her, wide-eyed.

Turning away quickly, Willow looked away from Buffy. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!"
She said.

Buffy motioned for Dawn to move, and Dawn ran into her room, smiling at Buffy
as she passed.

"Giving away my goods pretty quick, aren't we?" Dawn whispered with a smirk.

Looking at her sister, Buffy motioned for her to move.

"Is it all clear?" Willow asked.

"No!" Buffy said. "I'm having trouble tying it." She lied. Turning to Dawn,
she whispered, "I didn't hear you coming up with a plan!"

Smiling, Dawn closed the door to her room quietly as Buffy tied the towel
back around her body.

"All clear." Buffy announced.

Willow, looking slowly to make sure she heard right, looked up.

"Sorry, Buff. Didn't mean to.well, you know." Willow said, blushing.

"No problem." Buffy said, moving into her room. As she moved into the
doorway, she saw Dawn's cloths on the floor, blocking the door. Kicking them
in quickly, she closed the door. Moving to sit on her bed, she shook her
head, smiling.

"Note to self." Buffy said, moving to her dresser and pulling out a pair of
panties. "Fix bathroom door."

* * *

Buffy moved past the cemetery gates, moving towards Spikes crypt, the route
ingrained in her mind by now. Smiling, Buffy let her mind wander, thinking of
what she could say to him.

Moving to his crypt, she didn't bother knocking, instead just kicking the
door open and walking in slightly, staying in the sunlight.

Seeing the Slayer in the front door, Spike smiled wickedly, moving towards
her, already taking off his shirt.

"Good to see you, Slayer." Spike said, smirking. "I was getting a bit antsy.
Glad you showed up."

"You probably won't be in a few seconds." Buffy said, smirking.

"Why? Can only stay long enough for a quick jump?" Spike asked. "That's fine
by me."

Shaking her head, Buffy let the smile fade off her face. "Actually, no. Not
here for a jump of any kind. More of a warning notice, actually."

"And what kind of warning notice would that be?" Spike asked, smirking as he
approached, but held at bay by the sunlight.

"That it's over." Buffy said firmly.

Chuckling, Spike looked at Buffy. "You know, love, I've heard this song

"And I've said it, before." Buffy said. "But there's a bit difference this
time." Leaning forward, Buffy got as close as the sunlight would let her.
"I mean it."

"Again, heard this before."

"Yea, but I've got something now that I didn't have then." Buffy said,
standing back up, smiling. "Self respect."

"Self respect?" Spike said, almost spitting the words out. "Where was your
self respect when we broke my bed together? I seem to remember you saying
this shit that time too?"

"I didn't have any." Buffy admitted. "And that was why I was hear in the
first place. But things change. People change."

"You'll never change." Spike said. "You'll always need me."

Shaking her head, Buffy put on her "Thinking" face for a second before saying
"You know, I don't think I will."

"I don't believe it." Spike said, now getting scared she was serious.

Hearing the fear, Buffy smiled broadly again. "Weather you believe it or not,
I don't really care. But if I were you, I'd believe it. I don't want to see
you ever again. Not near me, not near my family, and not near my friends. If
you were smart, you'd leave town and never come back."

Deciding to fight back, Spike smiled, and asked "Or what? You'll dust me?
Just like Angel?"

Her smile never fading, Buffy said "I killed Angel when it mattered,
remember? And he meant a hell of a lot more to me than you ever did, so just
imagine how quick my patience would run out with you." Before Spike had a
chance to respond, Buffy told him "I'm telling you this one last time. Stay
away, or I'll do something you'll regret."

Turning, Buffy walked out of the crypt, leaving Spike behind. Smiling softly,
she moved towards another crypt, quickly ducking behind it. Leaning up
against the wall, Buffy looked up at the sky, smiling as the sun shined down
on her.

A thought crossed her mind, and Buffy laughed softly. Turning towards the
main gate, she started sprinting towards it, heading to the grocery store.

* * *

~God, shut up, shut up, shut up.~ Dawn though, listening to her teacher drone
on and on about x's and y's. Checking the clock again, she noted the time.
~Two minutes since you last checked.~ She thought.

Setting her head down on the desk, Dawn did her best to listen to the
teacher, but couldn't. Her mind was elsewhere.

~Why does Buffy have to have such perfect lips?~ Dawn thought, smiling at the
mere mention of her lover's lips. ~Of course, her tongue isn't bad either. Or
those long fingers.~

Looking up at the clock again, Dawn started counting the seconds, counting
down to when she would be released from school/prison and be able to see her
girl again.

~Buffy's gonna think I'm a spaz.~ Dawn thought. ~Daydreaming about her all
day. ~

Counting down, Dawn closed her books slowly, sliding them into her book bag
without anyone noticing. Double-checking that she had the books she needed,
Dawn waited for the bell.

Rocking impatiently in her chair, Dawn kept her eyes locked on the clock. As
soon as the bell rung, she dove out of her seat and flew into the hallway,
almost halfway down the hall before anyone else was even out of their seats.
Flying out the front door, Dawn made a sharp left turn, heading towards her
house as fast as she could.

"Please let her be home, please let her be home." Dawn repeated over and over
as she flew down the road.

* * *

Buffy stood in the kitchen, eyeing the stove, checking her watch. Hearing the
front door open, she looked down the hall, smiling as she saw Dawn come in
the house.

"Buffy?" Dawn called out, not bothering to look around as she wrestled with
her shoes.

Moving into the hallway, Buffy watched with amusement as Dawn struggled to
get her coat off, her hurrying being more of and hindrance than a help.

"Right here." Buffy said, laughing as Dawn looked up and almost fell over her
own shoes.

"Is Willow home yet?" Dawn asked quietly, looking around.

"Nope, you got home before her for once." Buffy said, moving towards Dawn,
who was panting softly, trying to catch her breath. "Why are you out of
breath?" Buffy asked.

"I ran home. I kinda wanted to get home before Willow." Dawn said, before
admitting, "I wanted to do some smooching, if you wanted to, maybe, please?"

Buffy smiled slightly, taking Dawn's hand in hers and leading her to the
kitchen. Reaching down, Buffy grabbed Dawn by the butt, making her shriek as
she lifted her onto the island, setting her down before diving into her lips,
kissing her softly.

Dawn immediately kissed her back, all the tension of the day fading away with
the contact.

Giggling slightly, Buffy pulled back, kissing Dawn's jawbone. "You're a
wicked kisser, Dawnie." Buffy said. "You practice much?"

"Only in my dreams." Dawn said, pulling Buffy back up to smoochie depth.
"I've only had like two kisses before you, and both of them were with a
homicidal vampire that wanted to turn me."

Smiling, Buffy kissed Dawn on the nose. "Well then, maybe I should be a good
person and teach you a few things?"

"Ok!" Dawn said, a little to eagerly.

Placing her finger under her earlobe, Buffy traced a line almost to her chin.
"Kiss me here, and work you way down." Buffy said, leaning in to give Dawn a
better reach.

Leaning in, Dawn did as she was instructed, gaining a purr of approval from
Buffy. Kissing her one last time, she leaned back again, smiling. "Good?"

"Very." Buffy said. "You're a quick learner." Pointing to the front of her
neck, Buffy said "Ok, now here, kiss it and flick your tongue across it very
gently. I like that."

Nodding, Dawn leaned down, thinking for a second before opening her mouth,
pressing her open lips to her sister's throat, her tongue flicking across it,
trying to do both instructions at the same time. Trying it a few times, Dawn
pulled back, frowning slightly.

"I can't get that one." Dawn said.

Smiling, Buffy chuckled a little bit before saying "Do one, then the other.
Kiss, then lick, k?"

Shaking her head, Dawn looked away slightly. "I'm dumb, don't mind me." She
said before trying to try it again, but Buffy stopped her.

"Your not dumb." Buffy told her firmly. "I just didn't explain it right, and
I'm sorry."

Blushing, Dawn looked down at the floor. "It's ok." Breaking free from Buffy,
she leaned forward again, kissing Buffy's neck before flicking her tongue
over it, repeating the process a few times. Hearing the soft moans from
Buffy, Dawn smiled, proud of the response she got from her lover.

Sitting back up, she kissed Buffy on the lips, resuming normal smooching.

"Wicked kisser." Buffy murmured around Dawn's lips, holding the girl steady
as she slide her tongue into her mouth, making her moan softly. Reaching up,
Buffy let her hands graze lightly over Dawn's chest, cupping her breasts with
Dawn's urgings.

As Buffy's tongue wrestled with Dawn's, Buffy heard the front door open.
Jumping back, Buffy tried to look busy as Dawn stared at her, confused, until
she heard Willow bellow "I'm home!"

Turning to face Dawn, Buffy smiled at her, mouthing "Sorry." Dawn smiled
back, mouthing, "It's ok."

Moving into the kitchen, Willow smiled at the two sisters. Sniffing the air,
Willow moved over to the stove, peering in the front glass.

"Chocolate chip cookies!" She yelled, jumping up and down. Looking from
sister to sister, she asked, "Who's are they? Can I have some, please?"

Dawn looked at Buffy, shaking her head. "You were making cookies and didn't
tell me?"

"You mean you can't smell them?" Willow asked.

Grinning, Dawn said, "I was a little busy."

Before Willow had a chance to ask, Buffy said, "I'm making them, and yes, you
can have some." Checking her watch, she moved over to the stove, opening it
and grabbing the cookie sheet with a towel, setting it down on the island.

Dawn quickly reached to grab one, but was swatted away by Buffy.

"Wait till they cooled down a little." Buffy said.

Whining, Dawn pouted. "But there better hot! They're all hot and gooey and
stuff!" As Willow went to get a glass of milk, Dawn whispered to Buffy "And
you know how much I like hot gooey things."

Blushing, Buffy turned away, waving her hand over the sheet. "Help yourself."

* * *

"Stupid fucking bitch!" Spike raged, holding the blanket steady over his
head, blocking the sun. "Who the fuck does she think she is?"

Approaching the Summer's home, Spike moved into the back yard. Moving towards
the door, he looked in through the window, seeing Buffy drag someone into the
kitchen. Picking the person up, Buffy set them on the island, starting to
kiss the person immediately.

Anger rising, Spike stared. "That.bitch replaced me.with another girl!" He
said, trying to figure out who the other person was.

Watching for a while, he saw Buffy pull back, letting the girl move the hair
out of her face.

"Little Bit?" Spike said, shocked. "What are they doing?"

Watching as Buffy dove back into Dawn's lips, her hands grasping Dawn's
breasts, the facts fell into place for Spike. Retching, he watched as the
sister's made out on the kitchen counter, hands roaming and finding each
other's private parts, caressing each other with the skill of lovers.

"Oh my god, she's fucking Dawn!" Spike said. Seeing the two break apart
quickly, Spike watched as Willow moved into the kitchen, smiling and talking
to the two. Seeing the stolen glances between Buffy and Dawn, Spike figured
out the rest. "Red doesn't know?" he said, smiling at the situation.

Moving away from the door, Spike moved out of the yard, smiling as he headed
back to his crypt, a plan forming.

* * *

Buffy stood behind the counter of the Doublemeat Palace, looking out the
window, waiting for another customer to come in.

Turning around, Buffy hopped up on the counter, sitting with her head in her
hands, smiling slightly as she let her mind drift.

~My Dawnie.~ Buffy thought, smiling brighter at the thought of "Her" Dawnie.
~My little fink.~

"You look better than last night." Came a voice from in front of her.

Looking up, Buffy smiled at Alex. "I feel it. Leaps and bounds more happy."
She said, before whispering "Thanks for helping me with that guy last night."

"No problem." Alex said. "He bother you much?"

"More than you could possibly know." Buffy said. "But, hopefully, he got the

Smiling, Alex nodded. "Hope so." Moving to sit next to Buffy, he asked "So,
you gonna spill on what's making you so happy?"

"Excuse me?" Buffy asked, her mind a million miles away.

"You've walked around here with a frown since day one, and now you're all
smiles." Alex explained.

"Oh, that." Buffy said. "Well, I don't know how much I can say." Thinking for
a minute, Buffy added, "I finally got something I've wanted for a long time,
and it turned out to be better than I ever dreamed." Blushing slightly, she
said "I don't think I can say anymore about it."

Holding up his hands, Alex's smile never faded. "Didn't mean to push, just
asking. It's good to see you happy for once. I was getting worried about

"I was too." Buffy admitted. Looking at him, she grinned. "But I'm better
now, promise."

"I hope whatever has you happy, lasts." He said, moving away from the

"I think it will." Buffy said. As he started to move away, she said, "If you
see that guy creeping around here, can you let me know?"

"No problem." Alex said, moving back behind the deep fryer. "Don't forget,
the boss wants you to take your break. I think she's getting tired of having
to come out and make you take it."

Thinking for a second, Buffy turned to him. "Can you watch the register for
a second? I gotta make a call." When he nodded, Buffy moved into the store,
making her way to the payphone set up in the back of the store, away from
the employees for privacy.

Popping a quarter into it, Buffy punched in a phone number.

"Pick up pick up pick up." Buffy chanted, looking over her shoulder to make
sure no one was around.

"Hello?" Came Dawn's voice over the phone, sounding tired.

"Hey." Buffy said. "Did I catch you in the middle of a nap or something?"

"Nah, just homework. Mind numbing homework." Dawn said. "What's up?"

Stumbling over her words for a second, Buffy checked again if she was alone.
"I was wondering if you were doing anything?" she fumbled out.

"Not really, why?"

"I was thinking about you." Buffy whispered.

Smirking, Dawn paced around her room. "What kind of thinking are we talking
about here?"

"Dawn." Buffy whined, wishing she hadn't made the call.

"Come on honey, what were you thinking?" Dawn teased.


"Buttercup?" Dawn tried.

Giggling, Buffy asked, "What's with the nick names?"

"I dunno...sweetie." Dawn said. When Buffy's laughing died down, Dawn asked
"So, you gonna tell me what kind of thinking you doing?"

"What kind do you think?" Buffy replied in a husky voice.

Putting her hand over her mouth, Dawn said "Oh my god."

Getting freaked, Buffy tried to back track. "Dawn, I didn't mean it like
that, I mean...what I meant to say."

"This is a booty call, isn't it?" Dawn whispered.

"What? No!" Buffy said.

"Yes it is!" Dawn proclaimed. "This is so a booty call!"

"Dawn, keep your voice down!" Buffy hissed. "Isn't Willow home?"

"She's down stairs." Dawn said. Making a disapproving noise, she added,
"Buffy, I didn't know you had that dirty a mind. Fantasying about me at

"I was not!" Buffy hissed, again checking to see if she was still alone.

"Oh, what, you were day dreaming about taking me out for a burger?" Dawn

"Maybe." Buffy said defensively, but even she didn't believe it.

"Tell me what you were thinking about, and I mean exactly what you were
thinking about." Dawn said, lying down on her bed.

"God, Dawn, I'm on the phone at work!" Buffy almost cried.

"Oh Buffy, please?" Dawn whispered.

"Dawnie." Buffy whined.

Sitting up, Dawn shook her head, smirking. "Ok, I'm gonna let you off the
hook, but just this one time." When Buffy whispered a thank you, Dawn said,
"Now tell me why you called."

"Think you could drop the homework for a hour or so? I got a lunch break
coming up."

"I think I can drag myself away from the fun-ness of homework for a while."
Dawn said. "Want me to meet you at work?"

"Just wait for me outside." Buffy said. "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't
want people seeing us going where were going together."

Grinning from ear to ear, Dawn asked, "Can I know where were going?"

Swaying from side to side, Buffy smiled. "There's this little motel across
the street." she trailed off.

Smiling, Dawn hopped off her bed, grabbing her shoes. "Ok, I'll be right
there, on two conditions."


"First, we're going to a movie tonight." Dawn said.

"We are, are we?"

"Yes. We are. You can pick it, but were going." Dawn said firmly.

"Ok, a movie then. And second?"

"You admit here and now that this was a booty call from the start."

Smiling, Buffy said, "It was more than that, but if that's what'll get you
here, then yea, it was a booty call."

Exchanging goodbyes, Buffy moved towards her boss's office. Knocking, she
waited for the ok to come in before moving in.

"What can I help you with, Buffy?" her boss asked, looking up from her desk.

"I'm gonna take my break in a few minutes, ok?" Buffy said, smiling. "I'll
be using the whole hour, hopefully."

"Fine by me." Her boss said, smiling. "It's good to see I don't have to get
on you about it this time."

"I promise, I won't be a pain about it from here on out." Buffy assured her.

Nodding, Buffy's boss said "Tell Kevin your going, and that he's on register
until you get back."

"Ok, thanks." Buffy said, moving out the office. Flagging down Kevin, she
told him what was happening and went out to the main counter, waiting for
Dawn to come into view.

* * *

Dawn moved into the room quickly, looking around.

"Not bad." Dawn stated. "I'm sure it'll serve our purposes well enough,

Locking the door, then the chain, Buffy said "You know, I'm spending my whole
lunch hour in here. And I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. You didn't
bring anything to eat, did you?"

Still looking around, Dawn shook her head. "Nope, sorry. Wasn't thinking
about that."

As Buffy dimmed the lights slightly, Dawn turned to see her making sure the
blinds were fully closed before turning to look at her. The look of raw,
un-controlled lust in Buffy's eyes ripped the air out of Dawn's lungs.

Swaying her hips seductively, Buffy slowly moved over to stand in front of
Dawn, who was breathing hard as she locked eyes with her lover.

"Are you sure you don't have anything that I could eat?" Buffy asked, her
voice conveying that she didn't mean food.

Dawn's breath hitched in her throat as Buffy moved forward, letting her face
brush slightly against Dawn's, sending a shiver down her spine and forcing a
moan out of her.

"I was hoping you might have brought something hot..." Buffy said, running
her tongue along Dawn's jaw bone, "...And wet for me to eat. Are you
absolutely, positively sure you didn't bring anything I can eat?" Letting
her hands roam lightly over her sister's body, Buffy brushed her sides
slightly, making Dawn close her eyes and tilt her head back.

Licking her lips, Dawn tried to force the words out, but her will to speak
was quickly shot down by her shyness, and all she could muster was a few

~God, what's gotten into her?~ Dawn thought. ~Last night, I all but had to
force her to do this. Now she's seducing me!~

Smiling, Buffy pelted Dawn's jawbone from one side to the other, making sure
to lick each ear lobe.

"Dawnie, I'm starving." Buffy whispered into her ear, her breathing making
her lover moan softly. "Please, please, please give me something to eat. I
know you have something hot, wet and sweet for me. Can I please have it?"
When Dawn whined more, Buffy let her body brush up against Dawn's. "Please
tell me what to eat."

Ducking her head down, Dawn hid her blushing cheeks in her sister's shoulder,
and whispered "Pussy."

Smiling, Buffy pulled back slightly, pouting at Dawn. "Dawnie, I couldn't
hear you. Please speak up. And look me in the eye this time."

Snapping her eyes open, Dawn stared at Buffy and exploded "God Buffy please
eat my pussy!"

Smiling, Buffy leaned her forehead to rest on Dawn's, licking her lover's
lips as she reached down, unbuckling Dawn's jeans and dropping them to the
floor, quickly disposing of her panties in the same fashion. With one hand
tickling her squirming thighs, Buffy let a hand run over the wet sex of Dawn,
making the younger Summers cry out.

"Dawnie, you sure are good to me. Letting me have this nice, tasty meal."
Buffy said into Dawn's eyes. "Do you think it'll taste as good as last time?"

Bucking to her lovers touch, Dawn whined as she pleaded with Buffy. "God, how
should I know? Please just eat me Buffy!" she whined, her panting growing
more and more rapid.

Picking Dawn up, Buffy set her down on the bed, not bothering to take her
shirt off as she bent down, planting light kisses on her thighs and stomach.

"Thank you Dawn." Buffy whispered, before diving into her lover's core.

Running her finger up and down Dawn's slit, Buffy sucked her clit into her
mouth. Once her finger was wet, she plunged it into Dawn's sex, wasting no
time in getting her lover going. Bending her finger slightly, Buffy let her
fingernail scrape along Dawn's g-spot, making Dawn erupt in an ear splitting
scream before she covered her face in a pillow, muffling the sound just
enough to keep anyone passing by the from thinking someone was being murdered
in the room.

"God Dawnie, you're a loud one." Buffy said. "I've never been with someone
who gets as into it as you."

Dawn offered no reply, instead concentrating on keeping the pillow steady.
Thrashing around on the bed, her legs involuntarily fought Buffy's head's
position in her crotch as they flailed wildly. Realising that the current
approach wasn't going to work, Buffy crawled onto the bed, moving so she
was facing Dawn's pussy from the side. Sliding her finger back in, Buffy
kept up the speed, going hard and fast, slowly working another finger into
the screaming girl.

Reaching up with her spare hand, Buffy cupped Dawn's bra covered breast,
massaging the flesh as much as the bra would let her. Dawn groaned out in
approval, her feet slipping and sliding on the blanket covering the bed.

Feeling the now-familiar feeling in her crotch, Dawn pulled the pillow off
her head, warning Buffy. "God, Buffy, slow down, too fast." She muttered,
whining loudly as Buffy looked up at her and smiled, and Dawn knew at the
minute that she didn't care about anything but finishing her off.

Putting the pillow back over her face, Dawn braced for the intense pleasure
that was about to multiply the existing pleasure that Buffy was giving her.

"Come on, Dawnie." Buffy urged her with a smile. "Just think: The quicker you
come, the quicker I can make you come again!"

Dawn moaned at that, her hips bucking against Buffy's plunging fingers,
Buffy's thumb rubbing her lovers clit in quick circles.

Holding the pillow over her face, Dawn erupted, her screaming getting louder
and louder with each second until Buffy was sure that the whole world had
heard her, pillow or not.

As Dawn rode out the last of her orgasm, Buffy didn't stop, quickly pushing
Dawn through a series of after-shocks, each one making the young girl yelp.
Pulling her fingers out, Buffy dove into Dawn's pussy, her tongue lapping up
any girl-cream she could find. Finding most of it had seeped down Dawn's butt
and onto the bed, she sat back up with a pout.

Pulling the pillow off of her face, Dawn looked at Buffy through half closed
eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I forgot to be down there when you came." Buffy said, making it sound like
the end of the world.

"So?" Dawn asked, not fully grasping why that wasn't good for her lover.

"But there wasn't much Dawnie-goodness left." Buffy whined, her face moving
down to kiss Dawn's stomach. "Can I try again?"

Shaking her head quickly, Dawn pulled Buffy up. "I need snuggle time to rest
for a little while."

"How long?" Buffy asked.

"I don't know, maybe until my voice box comes back and I can feel my legs."
Dawn said with a smile.

"You're a loud little lover, Dawnie." Buffy said.

"I think I can keep it down a little, if you want me too." Dawn said,

"I don't want you to, but maybe you should." Buffy said softly. "It's not
that I don't appreciate it, but it's just, you might hurt your throat or
something. Screaming that loud can't be good for you."

"I'll try." Dawn promised, snuggling closer to Buffy. "Now, I think it's time
for you to get the favour repaid."

Before Buffy could protest, Dawn slide her hand down the front of her pants,
quickly finding her wet sex.

Reaching down, Buffy quickly un-did her pants, sliding them off as she laid
down on her back. Moving down, Dawn kissed her sex before licking it softly,
letting her tongue explore her lover's pussy again.

"Oh, Dawnie, you're the best." Buffy whispered, running her fingers through
Dawn's long hair, urging her to lick to her hearts content.

"The best, as in right now, or the best you ever had?" Dawn asked with a

"The best ever." Buffy said.

"How much competition am I up against?" Dawn asked, kissing the soft petals
of Buffy's sex.

"Every guy I've been with except for Angel." Buffy said.

"So that's like, what, thirty guys?" Dawn asked, smiling.

Sitting up, Buffy glared down at Dawn, who looked apologetic as she kissed
Buffy's pussy.

"How big of a slut do you think I am?" Buffy asked flatly.

Dawn grinned, kissing Buffy's thighs. "I know you're not a slut." She said.

"Then why do you keep saying things like that?" Buffy asked.

"I was just joking." Dawn whispered, sitting up now, looking at her sister.

"Well, I don't find it funny." Buffy said.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be mean." Dawn said. ~Jeez, that went downhill
fast, didn't it? ~

Pulling Dawn into her lap, Buffy held her tight. "I've been with four guys,
and now, one girl." Buffy said.

"You don't have to tell me this." Dawn said. "I shouldn't have said that."

"I'm just telling you so you'd know." Buffy said. "But you should know, that
I've only ever been with one person at a time. I've never went behind my
boyfriend's back and slept with someone else." Leaning down, she kissed Dawn
softly. "And I'd never do that to you. I know how much that hurts, and I'd
never, ever hurt you like that."

Dawn hugged Buffy tighter. "I know." Smiling, Dawn pecked Buffy on the lips.
"I'm a slut for you, and only you."

Buffy laughed at that, laying back, taking Dawn with her. "And I'm your slut,
and only you."

Dawn nodded, lying down on top of Buffy. "Good."

"Now, my little slut." Buffy said, smiling. "Please finish what you started."

Smiling, Dawn slid back down Buffy's body, making the Slayer squirm as she
approached the target, licking her lips before diving back in, her hands
holding Buffy's nether-lips apart as she licked away, stealing the breath
from Buffy's lungs as she stuck her tongue in.

"Best ever." Buffy moaned, making Dawn smile.

Flicking her tongue in and out of her lover's core, Dawn poked and prodded
Buffy's pussy, exploring her lover's needy sex. Lapping away, Dawn took
Buffy's clit into her greedy lips, sucking on the sensitive flesh hard,
making Buffy moan and arch her back, struggling to keep her hips on the bed
within Dawn's grasp.

Letting go of Buffy's clit, Dawn started licking and sucking on Buffy's
pussy, making sure to give each part of it that she could reach its
much-needed attention.

"Dawnie." Buffy whined, moving her hips slightly, humping Dawn's tongue.

Amused, Dawn stuck her tongue out fully, holding it steady as Buffy tried to
ride it, failing miserably.

"More lickie, please?" Buffy asked, lying back down. "I'm sooooooo close."

Hearing that, Dawn dove back in, taking Buffy's clit back into her mouth and
sucking hard, making the Slayer howl happily, urging her lover on with grunts
and pants of encouragement. Driven on by her lover's needy calls, Dawn
started licking her again, taking her clit in between her fingers and
massaging it, giving her two stimuli to have.

Moaning softly, Buffy grabbed the blanket under her, holding onto it as Dawn
dragged her across the finish line, Buffy giving her lover the wet treat the
she herself was denied. Dawn greedily accepted it, not leaving a drop of

"Mmmm, yummy Buffy goodness." Dawn said, smiling.

Panting slightly, Buffy reached down, un-buttoning her shirt, making Dawn
purr. As Dawn started to move up, Buffy held out her hand, smiling.

"Sorry, honey." Buffy said. "As wicked as that was, I can't go again. I need
to take a quick shower and get back to work."

Hearing "Shower", Dawn perked up. "Please let me shower with you!" Dawn
pleaded, latching on to Buffy's stomach.

Trying to pry the teenager off, Buffy said, "Dawnie, I can't be late for
work. We need the pay check, remember?"

"I won't make you late, I promise!" Dawn argued, still clinging to Buffy.
"I'll be good, no funny stuff, I swear! Just cleaning, and maybe a tiny itty
bit of cuddling, promise."

Realizing she wasn't going to get to the shower without Dawn, Buffy relented.
"No funny stuff?" When Dawn nodded, Buffy said, "Swear to me that you won't
try any horny stuff."

"I promise." Dawn pledged.

"Ok, you can shower with me." Buffy said, smiling at the speed which the
young girl let go and bounded into the bathroom, tossing her shirt and bra
out the door onto the bed. Following Dawn slowly, Buffy smiled, her whole
body on fire from the prospect of being close to Dawn again.

~God, how does she do that?~ Buffy thought to herself, watching her sister
test the water and adjust it slightly, grumbling at the poor quality of the
one dial shower system. ~Make me feel like a kid again?~

Pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind, Buffy picked Dawn up into her
arms, carrying the squealing girl into the cold stream of water, hugging Dawn
tightly as the water turned warm.

* * *

"Oh god, I'm gonna be late!" Buffy yelled, running into the main room of the
motel room, grabbing her work uniform and pulling it on.

Moving out after her, Dawn picked up the stray pieces of the uniform, handing
them to Buffy. "I'm sooooooo sorry, I didn't mean to make you late." Dawn
apologized. "I shouldn't have snuggled so long."

Smiling at Dawn, Buffy pulled on her socks, before grabbing the bra from
Dawn's hand. "Don't ever be sorry for snuggling, Dawnie. I should have kept
better track of time, is all." Buttoning up her shirt with the speed only a
Slayer could do, Buffy looked around, finding her shoes.

Running over and grabbing them, she pulled them on, making her way to the
door. Grabbing the door knob, she stopped, turning to watch Dawn, slowly
gather up her cloths and pull them on, her top and bra still MIA. Watching
Dawn move to the bed and sit on the edge, Buffy moved over to kneel in front
of her.

Taking her hands in hers, Buffy smiled at Dawn.

"Thank you so much for coming, Dawnie." Buffy said softly, leaning up and
kissing her. "Works pretty dull, so having you come over was really nice. I
hope I was good for you."

"You were, really good." Dawn assured her just as softly.

"You can come by, know, even if we can't get away to do this...
just to visit." Buffy said.

"I'll start dropping by more often." Dawn promised.

Standing up, Buffy smiled at Dawn. Looking out the window, she said "It's
still light out, but not for long. Hurry home, and please do your homework."
Hearing Dawn whine, Buffy added "I'll help you when I get home if you want."

"Ok." Dawn grumbled, before smiling slightly.

"Just leave the key on the bed and lock the door knob when you go." Leaning
down, Buffy kissed Dawn on the forehead. "I'm sorry to rush out on you here,
but I have to get back to work. Please don't think that me rushing out has
anything to do with how wicked this was, but I can't be late again." Buffy
said, smiling. "Don't worry, if I could, I'd give you a proper send off, but
that'll have to wait until tonight." When Dawn giggled happily, Buffy turned
back to the door. "Thanks again, Dawn." Buffy said before moving out the

Smiling, Dawn pulled her shirt on, getting up and waiting for a few minutes
before moving out the door, locking it behind her.

* * *

Dawn opened her door slowly, peering around the corner, checking Willow's
room. Seeing that the light had finally gone out, Dawn moved out and closed
her door softly. Making sure not to hit the creaking floorboards, Dawn moved
swiftly down the hall, knocking quietly on Buffy's door.

"Come in." Buffy said.

Moving in, Dawn shushed Buffy. "Willow finally went to sleep, you want to
wake her up?" Dawn whispered.

Buffy smiled, closing the book she was reading. Patting the bed beside her,
she smiled as Dawn scurried up beside her, cuddling up and moulding to
Buffy's body.

"I missed you." Dawn said softly, holding on to Buffy softly but firmly.

Smiling, Buffy stroked Dawn's long hair, letting the young girl get a good
hold on her. "Dawnie, I saw you like a half hour ago." Buffy said.

"I meant.being with you.kissing you and stuff." Dawn said, looking up at you.
"I know we can't, but I miss holding you when we can't."

Buffy felt her heart break slightly, holding her lover tightly. "Oh, Dawnie."
Buffy said, not wanting to cry in front of the girl. "I miss you so much too.
I wish we could do that stuff too."

Looking up at Buffy, Dawn shook her head slightly. "I didn't mean to make you
sad about it. I just want you to know how much you mean to me. Seeing you
happy makes me so happy."

Buffy rolled to face Dawn more, holding her close, kissing her on the lips.
"You make me so happy Dawn. I've never been this happy in my whole life."

Chuckling slightly, Dawn pointed out "Buffy, we've only been doing...this...
for like twenty four hours."

"And that should tell you how much you mean to me." Buffy said, careful to
avoid the "L" word.

Dawn only nodded, letting Buffy cradle her in her arms. Letting herself be
held in Buffy's strong arms, Dawn didn't say anything, letting the blissful
silence over come them.

Sitting up, Buffy laid Dawn down on the bed, kissing her softly. "We should
get some sleep." She said, pulling back the covers on her bed and letting
Dawn crawl under.

Getting out of bed, Buffy moved over to the window, looking out. Reaching up
to close the curtains, Buffy felt something hit her in the side of the head
and fall onto her shoulder. Looking down, she found a pair of white panties
resting on her shoulder. Looking back at Dawn, she found her pretending to
be asleep, but her laughing giving her away.

"You little." Buffy said, closing the curtains and diving into bed, grabbing
the giggling girl and tickling her sides.

"I thought you said no horny stuff!" Dawn pleaded, trying to break free.

Grabbing Dawn's hands and holding them above her head, Buffy looked down at
Dawn, locking eyes with her. Leaning down, she kissed her softly, sliding her
tongue into her mouth. Pulling back, she smiled at Dawn, who was panting

"I never said a little make out session was out of the question." Buffy said,
leaning down for another kiss.

"Thank god."

* * *

Spike watched the bedroom on the second level of the Summer's home, watching
as Dawn crept into the room, diving into her sister's arms, kissing her
immediately. Watching with great interest, he watched as Buffy got up to
close the curtains, and Dawn reach under the covers, wrestling with
something. After a few seconds, he saw as Dawn pulled out her underwear,
using the elastic waistband to shoot it at Buffy.

As Buffy closed the curtain, Spike stood up on the rooftop across the street,
smiling as he lit a cigarette.

"Kick me to the curb, will you?" Spike asked, smiling. "We'll see."


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