Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon. I just borrow them.

Rating: NC-17 (MF, FF, anal)

Timeline: AU Season 3

Setup: Unknown to Buffy,her mother Joyce and Xander are now having sex.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Forbidden Desire Part 3
by Robbins([email protected])

Joyce Summers has Xander tied to the bed. She is on top of him nude.

"Your Joycie's bitch now Xander" she tells him. He looks excited.

Joyce licks his chest. She spread his legs and puts his dick into her pussy.

"Nothing beats experience my bitch" she tells him. He likes this.

Joyce begins to ride him. He enjoys the riding Joyce gives him. Joyce feels
like a woman with him.

Joyce wakes up. She has been having another of her sex dreams about Xander.
She sure wishes she didn't have to hide her relationship with him.

She was horny. She picks up the phone.

"Xander, it's me" she says.

"Yes" he replies on the phone.

"Can you talk?" she asks.

"Yes" he says.

"I missed you last night" she says.

"Me too" he replies.

She smiles.

"Joyce, let's get this out in the open" he says.

"Xander,I would love that. But, Buffy is not ready yet to know you and me
are a couple. But, once you guys graduate we will tell her and I will gladly
let everyone know I am your girl friend and you are the best fuck I ever
had" she tells him.

"All right Joyce" he says.

She smiles. "After school come to my office and we enjoy the afternoon
together" she says.

"OK" he replies.

She smiles. She already has her mind on the afternoon.

* * *

Joyce walks Into the Kitchen where Buffy and her younger sister Dawn are
having cereal for breakfast. Joyce also knew Dawn would be breaking hearts
in a few years plus she was always better in school than Buffy.

"Buffy, I am going to be late tonight so I need you to make Dawn dinner"
Joyce tells them.

Neither one likes this. "Mom, why can't I just have something delivered?"
Dawn asks.

"I want you having real dinners" Joyce says.

"Mom, I can't baby her tonight" Buffy says.

"I am not a baby!" Dawn says.

"Yes you are!" Buffy says.

"Why not Buffy?" Joyce asks.

"Me and Faith are patrolling tonight" Buffy replies.

"Buffy, I need you to take care of your sister tonight. Faith can handle it
without you" Joyce says.

"Fine!" Buffy says.

* * *

Joyce sat at her desk In the office when Xander walked in. "Close the door"
she tells him. He closes the door. She stands up.

She goes over to him. They kiss. "You are mine" Joyce says.

Joyce begins to undress. Xander likes this. He begins to follow suit. Joyce
is down to a lacy bra and panties. She removes her bra. She removes her
panties. She lays on the floor. Xander is now nude.

"Fuck me Xander" she tells him.

Xander puts her dick Into her,and begins to anal fuck her. Joyce enjoys this.

"Oh Xander! That's It! That's it! More! More! Keep going!" Joyce moans as
Xander goes into her.

* * *

Xander stands up as Joyce gets up and begins to get dressed.

"You were great Xander" Joyce says as she is getting dressed.

"Joyce, I am tired of having us have to sneak around in your office" he tells

"I will get Buffy and Dawn out of the house tomorrow so we can have some time
together in my bedroom" she tells him.

"Why can't we just tell them?" he asks.

"Dawn could handle it. Buffy can't. I mean she did run away. I love you
Xander. But I love my girls more" she says.

"All right Joyce. I understand. But sooner or later Buffy will have to find
out us" he says.

"As soon as graduation comes we will tell them about us" Joyce says and
kisses Xander.

* * *

Buffy is doing the dishes as Joyce walks in.

"I want to talk to you Buffy" Joyce says.

"What now?" Buffy replies.

"Since you had to stay home tonight I want to make it up to you by letting
you stay out all night patrolling tomorrow night" She tells Buffy.

"What is the catch?" Buffy asks.

"No catch" Joyce says.

"Really?" Buffy asks.

"Really" Joyce says.

"OK" Buffy says.

* * *

Joyce closes her bedroom door. She picks up the phone.

"Xander, it's me. We are on. Dawn Is staying at a friend's house and Buffy
will be out" she says.

"I can't wait either" she says,and smiles.

* * *

The next day Joyce waits in the living room. Xander walks In. Joyce sees him.
She goes up to him.

"Hi" he says.

She smiles. They kiss very passionately.

"Let's go upstairs and fuck!" Joyce says. Xander smiles.

* * *

Buffy and Faith finish off a nest of Vampires.

Faith comes up close to Buffy. She kisses her.

"What are you doing Faith?" Buffy asks.

"Come on B, we were made for each other. Let's go back to my motel" Faith

"I can't Faith" Buffy says.

"You can fuck a Vampire but not me." Faith says. She slaps Buffy.

Faith runs off. Buffy knew she has a situation to deal with.

* * *

Xander lays nude on the bed. Joyce,nude,Is ontop of him. She is riding his
dick with her pussy. Xander enjoys this.

"Oh Joyce! You are so good! You are the best!" Xander moans as she continues
to ride him.

Joyce enjoys this. She likes fucking Xander.

Suddenly the door opens. Buffy walks In.

"Mom, I..." Buffy says and stops as she sees Joyce riding Xander. "Oh my
God!" Buffy says. Joyce stops riding Xander.

"Buffy" Joyce says.

"How could you two do this!" Buffy says and runs out.

"Buffy come back." Joyce says. "Damn it" she says.

* * *

Faith lays on the bed in her motel room. Buffy walks in.

"What are you doing here?" Faith asks.

"I need to be with someone" Buffy says.

"Why?" Faith asks.

"I found my mother having sex with Xander" She tells Faith.

Faith laughs.

"What's funny?" Buffy asks.

"Your mom is something" Faith says.

"This is sick!" Buffy says.

"Please leave B" Faith says.

"Why?" Buffy asks.

"You know what I want" Faith says.

Buffy locks the door. "Yes, I do" Buffy says and begins to get undressed.

Faith is surprised but happy by this.

* * *

Buffy is laying nude on the bed. Her legs are spread. Faith has her face
into Buffy's cunt. She is eating Buffy out. Buffy enjoys being eaten by

"Oh Shit!" Buffy moans. "Your so good Faith!" Buffy continues moaning.

* * *

Joyce sits on the couch waiting as Buffy comes In.

"Where have you been?" Joyce asks.

"With Faith. How In the world could you have sex with Xander? You are old
enough to be his mother!" Buffy says.

"I am your mother but I am still a woman Buffy. I have wants, needs, desires
too" Joyce says.

"He Is only fucking you because he can't have me" Buffy says.

"You need to get over yourself Buffy. Xander and me are not together because
of you" Joyce says.

"This is sick mother!" Buffy says.

"No sicker than you and Angel" Joyce says.

Buffy says nothing.

"You are going to have to deal with this Buffy because I am not giving up
Xander. He makes me feel like a woman again. And after Graduation he is
moving in here" She tells Buffy.

"Does Dawn know?" Buffy asks.

"No. I am telling her tonight since you found out" Joyce says.

"Don't you understand the idea of a friend screwing my mother and moving in
with you is twisted!" Buffy says.

"It's the way it's going to be Buffy. I am in love with Xander" Joyce says.

Buffy can't believe this.

"We may even get married at a later point" Joyce says.

"I can't handle this" Buffy says.

Buffy runs upstairs. Joyce wanted to follow her but knew Buffy needed to
come to terms with this.

* * *

Buffy closed the door of her bedroom. The idea of Xander as her stepfather
was crazy. Buffy had to do something. She picked up the phone.

"Willow, I need to tell you something you wouldn't believe" Buffy says.

To be Continued


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