Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains explicit acts of
sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This story takes an unrealistic
and, in this case, supernatural look at hypnosis. It does not work this way.
If it did, it'd be immoral. Don't try this at home. If you feel like it, seek

HypnoTV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Forever Knight (f/f,mc)
by MAW

The sun set along the coast, the last few rays disappearing into darkness. It
was cool, the breeze coming off the ocean and blowing through the town. There
was no moon, the shadows deep and dark. Perfect for a vampire. Janette's
heels clicked as she walked down the streets of the small town. California
seemed to be a nice change from Toronto. The warmth of the night was as close
as she had come to day in centuries. She needed to get out of Toronto, away
from Nicholas and his whining for mortality. Besides, she'd spent twenty
years in Toronto. It was time to move on.

She was tall, with short, dark hair and a body to die for. Literally. She
appeared to be in her late-twenties, perhaps early- thirties. To look at her,
no one would guess that she was over nine hundred years old. She was wearing
a tight red velvet dress that was guaranteed to turn heads. Her beautiful
face was highlighted with dark lipstick and makeup. She was on the prowl.

She had forgotten the name of the town. No matter, she wouldn't be here long.
Just a night to feed, then on to Los Angeles. L.A. was perfect for her kind.
Large, expansive, filled with plenty of transients to make feeding easier.
Janette's mouth watered just thinking of it.

She was slinking down an alleyway when she heard it. The grunts of battle. A
swooping sound she recognized. She moved further down the alley and spotted
them. The assailant was a vampire, one of the American variety, judging by
the animal-like face. His victim was a young girl of about 18, with blond
hair, dressed in a dark black outfit.

Janette corrected herself quickly. The girl wasn't a victim at all. In fact,
to put it somewhat vulgarly, she was whipping ass. She blasted her attacker
with a pair of savage kicks. She backhanded him across the face, driving him
back to a wall. She executed a backflip that allowed her to kick him in the

Janette's appraisal of the girl was interrupted when her acute hearing picked
up a sound on the roof. Glancing up, she saw two more vampires leap from the
top of the roof. They landed behind the girl, shoving her towards the ground.
The three vampires moved in.

Nine hundred years ago, Janette was a prostitute, not by choice but by need.
She saw her friends killed, treated like outcasts, like animals. When she was
brought across, she loved it. She considered it payback for the abuse of her
life. Janette may have been a vampire, but there was no way in hell she was
letting any woman be stuck in this predicament.

She flew down the alleyway, knocking the trio aside. One moved towards her
and was greeted by a punch that snapped his neck. The other tried to grab
her. Janette crushed the bones on her wrist and slung her into the wall. She
turned back in time to see the girl ram a wooden stake into the heart of the
original vampire. He fell back to the floor and immediately became dust.

There was dead silence in the alley as the girl took the stake and
methodically dispatched the still forms of the other two attackers. Only then
did she look up at Janette. The instant she saw the fangs and the glowing
eyes, her "thank you" died on her lips and she held her stake ready. Janette
simply stood there, looking her over. "You killed them."

"I'm the Slayer. That's kind of what I do." The girl and Janette slowly
circled one another, neither making a move that could be interpreted as

"Do you have a name or do I just call you 'Slayer'?" Janette said. If she was
nervous, she didn't show it.

"You mean there's an undead character that does not know me? Relief. My
name's Buffy."

Janette stared at her. "You are kidding me."

"Yeah, I know, I get that a lot." She examined Janette closely. "So, been
undead long?"

"About nine hundred years."

"You're not like most of these guys."

"I'm of the old European vintage. Not as weak or frail as these pathetic

"Weak? Ex-cuse me, but I have been stalking and slaying these guys for a
while now and it's not real easy."

"Oh, I have no doubt you can handle yourself well against these -- ruffians.
But me and my kind?" She shook her head. "We're a little tougher."

"Maybe, but I'll bet wood through your heart would still dust you," Buffy
said, holding her stake higher.

"Perhaps," Janette said. "If you could make it that far."

"I could have this in your heart before you could move."

Janette laughed. She couldn't help it. Something about the child's sureness
amused her. "You're young, so take some advice. Give this up while you can.
You can never win, you know."

"No, but I can shorten some life spans."

"My dear, you have fire and enthusiasm. I admire that." Janette didn't
mention that she found Buffy quite attractive. "But you are only one girl. We
are legion. There are far more of us than you think and all we need to is
avoid you long enough. Remember, you age and die. We do not."

"Look, Frenchie--"

"Janette. I abhor national nicknames."

"Okay, Janette. Are you going to try to kill me or am I just going to stake
you here and now? I've got a killer test tomorrow, my mom's always yelling at
me about curfew and I need my sleep. So, I think I'll just slay you and call
it a night, okay?"

Janette decided to end this. She had better things to do all night than argue
with some child who thought herself a Slayer. She locked eyes with Buffy and
let her mind touch the younger woman's. Buffy was instantly captivated by
Janette's brilliant green eyes. Drawn by the shimmering orbs, Buffy was
helpless as Janette entered her mind, her will being quickly overpowered.
Buffy tried to fight, but Janette's hypnotic gaze was too strong. A pounding
filled her head like a drum. Almost before she knew it, Buffy was entranced.

"Drop the stake." Janette's voice echoed in Buffy's head as if whispered in
an empty corridor. Janette stepped back to appraise the young slayer. She was
rather attractive. Her form was hard to make out in the baggy outfit she wore
but Janette saw enough to know the girl kept in shape. Of course, that was
something of a requirement for her work. Janette looked into Buffy's blank
eyes and made a decision. Food could wait another night. Tonight, she would
satisfy another craving she had been without for some time.

Janette looked into Buffy's eyes and slowly spoke. "Buffy, would you like to
go home?" Buffy nodded. Janette's vampiric powers had completely frozen her
will. Buffy's conscious mind was completely shut off and she could only do
what Janette said. Janette took Buffy by the arm, pulled her in close and
kissed her.

It had been almost a century since Janette had kissed a woman. She had
forgotten how good it felt. She moved her tongue inside Buffy's mouth,
tasting the sweet touch of her lips. Buffy was slow to respond, her reflexes
dulled by her mesmerized state. But soon, she was answering Janette with a
kiss of equal power. As the two women embraced, Janette slowly lifted them up
into the air.

It was about five minutes before Janette came to Buffy's house. Luckily Buffy
had left her window open for her return. Janette landed inside, her charge
hung at her arm like a rag doll. It was a typical teenage girl's room, filled
with posters of rock stars, makeup trays and an overfilled closet. Janette
appraised it before turning back to Buffy, who stood swaying slightly in the
middle of the room.

Janette sat down on the bed. "Buffy, remove your clothes." Buffy slowly
obeyed. Her windbreaker went first, revealing a white T-shirt. Then her
pants, showing a pair of white panties underneath. Removing her T-shirt
showed a white bra. Unhooking it, Buffy let her breasts go free. They were
slightly larger than Janette had imagined and seeing the nipples hardened
gave her a shot of adrenalin she hadn't experienced in decades. Buffy then
pulled her panties down her shapely legs, showing off a blond tuft.

Janette leaned down on the bed, her arms outstretched. "Come to me, Buffy."
With awkward steps, the hypnotized teenager complied. She crawled along the
bed until she came to Janette. Janette pulled her in close and kissed her
long on the lips. Her arousal high despite her entranced state, Buffy wrapped
her tongue around Janette's, pressing her lips hard on the older (much older)

Janette turned Buffy over and straddled her. She moved her mouth down to
Buffy's tight breasts. She let her tongue drag along one nipple, eliciting a
moan from Buffy. She kissed the other nipple, sucking on it long and hard
like an infant. She moved her tongue to the sunken belly and gave it a kiss.
Then she came to Buffy's clit.

Janette was old enough to spot a virgin when she saw one. She was also old
enough to know that Buffy had been experimenting on her own. Time to give her
the real deal. Janette placed a red-nailed finger into Buffy's pussy and
began rubbing it. Buffy moaned softly as Janette continued. An expert in the
ways of sexual satisfaction, Janette took her time, moving her finger in and
out, getting Buffy's juices flowing. When she was ready, she stuck her tongue
into Buffy's clit and began licking. Buffy clutched a handful of covers as a
wave of ecstasy filled her. The wave culminated in a rush of pleasure as her
womanhood was released onto Janette's face. Janette savored the taste. Next
to blood, there was nothing sweeter.

Janette decided it was Buffy's turn. Moving back onto her, she took Buffy's
limp hands and led them to her chest. She slowly started to turn Buffy's
hands in slow circles along her breasts. Letting her hands go, Janette was
pleased to see Buffy continue to rub them. Janette let her own hands drop to
the girl's body as she massaged the nubile breasts beneath her. Buffy slipped
off Janette's top, exposing her large breasts. Janette leaned down, letting
her young victim get a good look. Buffy buried her head between the mounds
before showering them both with long, wet kisses. She kissed in circles
around the curves before finally coming to the nipple. She kissed it long and
seemed to enjoy it hardening under her touch.

Janette moved further up Buffy's body, allowing Buffy to see up her dress.
Janette wore no panties. She calmly sat on Buffy's face. Buffy's tongue went
into Janette's clit. After several quick jabs, it went to work, licking the
vampires pussy. Janette groaned as the mesmerized teen went to work, licking
off juices that hadn't flowed in a very long time. Janette moved herself
along Buffy's face, allowing the girl to lick all around her pussy. Before
Janette herself could realize it, she came, her oversized orgasm spilling
onto Buffy's face. Janette arched her back, her eyes glowing, her fangs
extended. It took a supreme effort not to bite the girl right there.

Janette climbed off the limp Buffy and stood up. Moving to the bathroom, she
washed off a towel and used it to clean Buffy's body. She then ordered Buffy
to put on a t-shirt and panties. As she complied, Janette washed the towel
off and hung it up to dry. She walked back into the room and knelt by Buffy.
Like a mother with a child, she tucked Buffy underneath the covers and even
fluffed up her pillow.

Janette leaned towards Buffy's ear and whispered. "Forget me. Forget any of
this happened. Sleep. Sleep and awake with all this just a dream. Forget."
Buffy slumped deeper into her bed as sleep took over. Janette kissed her on
the cheek, then moved to the window and flew off.

As Janette flew, she thought about what Nicholas would say. She had let a
Slayer live and had not fed. Any other vampire would consider that
treasonous. Nicholas would probably consider it charitable. Janette
considered it a night well spent.


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