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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Forever Knight: Love Birds Part 1
by The Fan

Toronto, Canada...

Nick Knight was tired.

He was tired of it all. The life of excitement. He was beginning to feel
like no one cared about him. Oh, sure, he had pals but then again so did most

He yearned for someone but was beginning to realize she was never coming
around. It would never be possible for Nick to love. He was a solitary
vampire. The laughingstock of the vampire community of the city. Starting
with his mentor Lucien Lacroix. The vampires preyed on humans. The life of
a vampire was thrilling and endless.

Nick had grown tired of it.

He had been alive since the 1200s. He had many thrills. Oh, he had the raw
strength of ten very healthy men. He could move at dazzling speeds and fly
when he wanted to. His body healed quickly and could be destroyed only by
sunlight, fire, garlic, a stake or decapitation. He was immortal and would
remain that way forever... Forever.

He came to Toronto City to start a new life. He came as a cop and met
Natalie Lambert, a woman who had been his dearest friend and confidante for
years. He had met Schanke, a fast food-eating balding cop with a bad wife. He
had met the captain. People who were like family to him. They took away some
of the loneliness. He wanted it all to end sometimes.

Suunydale, CA

Buffy Summers was one bored gal.

She had done her job for years now. Fighting everything from vampires and
werewolves to demons and witches and zombies, warlocks, rogue slayers,
government issue supermen and dark gods. Now she was bored stiff.

All of her friends were leading nice lives. Xander Harris had Anya. Willow
had Julia, a girl who newly discovered the other team. Dawn had Eric, her
football player boyfriend. Spike had left with Drusilla, they got back
together. Spike was going to try to get her to change her ways. Giles dated
some watcher lady in England.

The Slayer was alone.

She checked up on her exes. Riley had fallen for Faith. She always thought
they were alike. Back in Los Angeles, Angel had Cordelia and his son Connor
and his whole posse. Word was they were helping some do-gooder black lady
with mystical charms. She was happy for him. Too bad it did not make her
feel better. She was in the mood for something new.

She went out hunting.

She saw a zombie girl raising her dead boyfriend. Ordinarily she would have
killed both but they just lay there in each other's arms. It was all "I love
you and I miss you" and "wow". It made her so sick she walked away. In her
chest she felt a yearning. Buffy Summers wanted to stop being a slayer and be
a woman.


Nick stood on a rooftop. He gazed at Toronto City. So beautiful. He hated
it. He envied the mortals. They fell in love, lived and died. He did none
of the above.

He suddenly got the urge to fly. He did. Leaping from a rooftop, he glided
in the air. He easily flew four hundred feet above ground. He flew higher
and higher and faster. Into the night he went. He flew beyond Canada and
decided to head south. To America. Something over there beckoned him. He
flew over mountains. He liked flying. It was just as thrilling now as it
had been eight centuries ago.

He flew over the states. His flight speed was keen. Nick belonged to a
very old clan of vampire. The kind Buffy had never seem for they kept to
themselves. Nick's kind were humans inside vampiric bodies, not demons
inhabiting soulless shells. Even Lacroix was human inside his immortal

He flew to California. He made it before sunrise. Faster than any airplane
and far stealthier. He flew into the small town of Sunnydale and decided to
rent a room at the local hotel. This town was small and tranquil. He would
like it there. Or so he hoped.

* * *

Buffy Summers stretched and yawned. She had slept since eleven o'clock pm
and now it was ten. Her slayer body had the strength and speed of a mountain
gorilla, only it was beautiful and hot. She was a slender girl with blond
hair and blue eyes. For some reason she felt excited. It was Saturday. She
decided to go jogging.

She passed by Eire Shaor.

It was a new bar.

She went in. The place wasn't packed. About twenty people. So early yet
the drunks were coming in. Men and women with nothing to do. She looked
at them. One of them caught her attention. He was a tall, dark haired,
distinguished-looking gentleman with a certain manner about him.

"Greetings," he said to the barman. "May I have something to drink?"

"What will ye have?"

"Whiskey," said the man. He looked around and offered some people to drink
to his health. "Drink to Nick Knight," he said.

Buffy burst out laughing. Nick Knight. Nick at Knight. Nick at Nite. The man
looked at her. He smiled.

"You find something funny, young lady?"

Buffy stiffened. Who was he to call her young lady? Only Giles called her
that but he was older and this Knight guy couldn't be older than thirty.

"I am not young lady to you," she said.

"Ok," he said. "What do you call yourself?"

"Buffy," she said.

His turn to laugh. "Buffy!"

Buffy joined him in his laugh and they had a drink. He was from Toronto.
A cop on vacation. Detective Nicolas Knight of the Toronto PD's night shift.
He was also single. Buffy promised to see him tonight before she realized
she had slayer duty and before she could rearrange, he was gone.

That night....

Nicolas Knight went out. There was something wrong with this town. He sensed
vampires but not his own Kind. Rather than human souls in immortal bodies,
these beasts were demons in human shells. He loathed them. Lacroix told him
of such creatures. Wreakers of havoc. The Vampire community of Toronto did
not tolerate them. There had been wars between the Humans in Vampiric Bodies
and the Demons in Human Shells. The latter group prevailed only because of

Nick went on a stroll. He senses several of the D.I.H.S. (Demons in Human
Shells). He went after them. He flew in the night. He used his vastly
superior strength to beat vampires and demons alike. The demons were a
novelty to him. It occured to him he was on the fabled hellmouth. Lacroix
would have to be informed. ASAP.

He was about to fly back to his hotel when he beheld an amazing sight.

A girl. Slender, blonde. She was facing six vampires. He wanted to intervene
but thought better of it. The creatures of the night fought fiercely but the
girl drove a stake through them and they became dust. He admired her skill.
She had to be a slayer.

He saw two vampires coming at her from behind and moved in. He flew and
grabbed the first, a big black man and snapped its neck. Then he caught the
second, a punky girl and did the same to her. The slayer saw the whole thing
and regarded him with suspicious eyes. "Who are you?" she asked, stake in

He looked at her. "Nicolas Knight, at your service."

Buffy could not believe this. "Nick!" she said.

"Yeah," he said. This was Buffy! The girl from the club. Who knew she was a

They walked home together, getting to know each other. They encountered
several vampiric and demonic gangs and showed each other their stuff. Nick
flew and saughtered thirty vampires. Buffy staked five. She watched in
astonishment as he fought a Tharrolf demon. The creature was humanoid, 7
feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. Its strength was superhuman. And there
were 7 of them. Nick killed them like a wolf would sheep. They hung out
together. For several more nights.

Buffy kept it to herself.

The gang would never approve of her outing with a vampire from Toronto. Or
any vampire, period. Angelus and Spike had been good examples of how undead
males were unstable. But she sensed Nick was different. He was so old and
nice. He told her of his story. He was a knight back in 1200. Lacroix changed
him. He traveled for centuries. Became a cop. Loved Natalie Lambert but could
never be with her. He told her of his beloved Vachon. And how he grudgingly
loved Lacoix and Stacy. He told her of his quest for mortality. She told him
of Angel, Riley, her friends. Her sister. Everything.

Buffy felt really attracted to him. One night they battled a Vishtar demon.
A spirit who took over the body of a Grizzly bear and escaped from its prison
beneath the zoo and killed 5 people and wounded 7. No one could stop this
bear. The escape happened in daylight so Buffy had to go to the rescue of
those people. She was strong but a bear was infinitely stronger than her. The
beast tossed her aside like a raggedy ann doll.

Nicolas Knight was asleep when he heard Buffy's cry of pain. "Buffy!" he
cried. He dressed and, covering his body ran to the zoo. Daylight hurt him
but he could not let her be hurt. He simply could not. Damn, she was so...
if anyone hurt her he would... no, he wouldn't let himself think that. He
hypnotized a cab driver into driving him to the zoo.

Buffy got up to fight the bear. The possessed beast roared. It sent her
flying. Buffy hit her back against hard stone and felt something hurt. The
bear came at her. Huge and ugly. It occured to her she was going to die...
at the paws of a possessed animal. She felt so tired. Her mind started to
entertain the end.


The bear stopped in its tracks. Something roared with inhuman rage and
despair and hit it. It actually stopped. Buffy looked on with amazed eyes to
see Nicolas fighting and fighting. 'Nick,' she thought. 'Was that really
him?' She watched him fight for her with a desperate fury.

"Let her go, you monster," said Nick.

The bear lashed out with a huge paw and Nick took the full hit. Blood spat
from his wounds and Buffy winced. The bear claws had torn through the thick
fabric of the costume he wore to shield himself from sunlight. Human or not,
he still had a vampiric body. His flesh sizzled in the light and he howled.

Buffy tried to rise. She wanted to be at his side so bad. She wanted to help
him. But she could on;y watch on helplessly as the man who had come to mean
a lot to her was hurt. The bear came back at her and she recoiled.

Nick leapt upon it. His arm was burning and with it he touched the bear's
head. The beast howled as its thick fur caught on fire. It threw the
desperate vampire off its back and Nick fell. Unconscious. He lay there,
mere feet from Buffy. She looked at him. He was bloodied and burning. She
shielded him from the hateful sun as best as she could.

The bear came at them again and Buffy thought this was the end. Just then she
heard gunshots. Three red holes appeared on the bear's head. It simply fell
on the ground and lay still. Buffy looked up to see the cops who had fired.
She found herself staring at her friends. Then she passed out.


Buffy Summers woke up slowly and painfully.

She lay in a bed. Covered with bandages. Her accelerated slayer's healing had
its limits. She saw people around her and recognized them. Xander. Willow.
Dawn. Anya. The whole gang except for Spike and Dru and Julia and Giles.

"Hello, Buffy," said Willow. She was her usual cheery Willow self.

"Hey, Will," said Buffy. "Where is Nick?"

They looked at her. "Who?"

"Nick at Nite, Nick Knight," Buffy said.

Her friends traded looks of concerns. "What re you talking about?"

"The guy who was with me," Buffy said. "He was hurt. Where is he?"

"Buffy, when we got there, there was no one with you," said Xander.

"No," said Buffy. "Where is Nicolas Knight? He saved my life. I want to thank
him. God, I love this man." She paused. "Well, he's not a man per se but he's
a vampire."

Willow looked at Dawn then at Xander. "She's delirious. A side effect of
the heavy duty pain killers."

"Yeah," Xander agreed.

Buffy began to worry. Where was he? Did he die in the light trying to save
her? No, it couldn't be. He was much too strong. But... he was... the image
of Nick Knight, wounded and lying exposed in sunlight flashed through her
mind and she felt tears roll down her eyes. He had perished and it was her
fault. If only she hadn't gone against the demonic bear... he'd still be
alive. She told her friends to go look for him, even gave them a description
but no one took her seriously.

She swore she'd look for him once she got better.

* * *

Nicolas Knight lay in the cave.

He had gone there after the cops had arrived. Oh, he wanted to be with Buffy
more than anything but sunlight would kill him in a sec. He had to get away.
He took refuge in the cave. He had burns all over his body. He no longer felt
that great strentgth of his. He could move even slower than a human. His body
would take a long time to heal.

He went deeper into the shadows and slept. Dreaming of Buffy.

* * *

Buffy got out of the hospital.

It had been three days. The docs were still mumbling about miraculous
recovery and blah blah blah. She sped into the streets. She passed out sketch
artist pictures of Nicolas Knight. She called the Toronto PD and told them
about it. She spoke to Natalie Lambert. Speaking to Nick's old love made her
nervous but the woman really cared about Nick and provided a lot of info
about him. She was worried as well but so overworked a trip to Cali would be
career suicide.

Buffy went to the Stonebridge caves.

They were ancient and old and wild. A popular hangout for teens and demons
at night.

She went in. The place was dark. She walked in there for about two hours. Her
slayer senses detected a weak vampire. She drew her stake and immediately
dropped it as the flashlight in her hand bathed Nicolas Knight. He was lying
there, wearing rags, his flesh still healing from the wounds inflicted by the
demon bear and the sun. She looked at him.

"Oh, Nick," she said. He looked at her and smiled weakly.

"Hey, Buffy, what's up?"

She knelt in front of him and stroked his cheek. He was so tired and hurt. It
hurt her to see him like this. She helped him up. Her strength supported this
6'1, 190-pound man. She took him home. There were people there but she didn't

Willow's jaw dropped when she saw Buffy walk in supporting this rag-wearing
wounded man.

"Nick, the gang," Buffy said. "The gang, Nick." They all stared at her.
"Will. Dawnie. Xander. Anya. Eric."

Willow as the first to come to her senses and help them. She helped Buffy
carry Nick upstairs and tried to use her magic to heal him but it did bot
work. Nicolas Knight explained how the Human Souls in Immortal Bodies were
supernaturally immune to all magic, good or bad. This puzzled the red
headed witch.

Nicolas would have to heal the regular way. Even though his body healed 100
times faster than a human's, he had a long way to go. He slept upstairs.
Buffy watched over him. She realized she had never seen him at rest. She's
seen him battle vampires and demons and fight ferociously for her life at
great risk to his own but she had never seen him sleep. At rest Nicolas
Knight was a ruggedly handsome fellow. She reached out to touch his hair
and stroke his cheek, careful not to wake him up.

She spent hours just watching him, rememebring everything that had transpired
between them in so short an amount of time. She heard a faint knock on the
door and saw Willow. The witch came in. She looked at her best friend. "Hey,"
she said.

"Hey," said Buffy. They talked

Then Willow said, "You really love him, don't you?"

"Yes," Buffy said. "I guess I do."

Willow shook her head. "Guess you have a thing for vampires, huh?"

Buffy grinned. "Hey, you have a thing for dopey-eyed chicks so I wouldn't be

They both laughed. She told her friend about Nick.

"Well," said Willow. "I'm not into guys or anything but from what I hear,
He's a keeper." Willow got up. Julia was calling her. They were going
clubbing. Before she left, Wilow said. "Y'know, he's not half bad looking
either." Buffy smiled.

She watched her friend go and focused on Nick. His wounds were gone. She'd
fed him pig's blood lately. He would wake up soon. She would introduce him
to the whole gang, properly of course. She looked at him sleep.

He was peaceful and neat looking. He had that innocent look about him. Plus
he was so human. While Angel sought redemption and Spike sought adventure,
Nicolas sought love. He wanted to be mortal. A simple aspiration. To be an
ordinary man. She would find a way to make him mortal. There had to be a way.
They would be together. She watched him closely. He was resting, he had that
scholarly look. He kept talking in his sleep. He was just the most beautiful

She would make him hers.... somehow.

The End


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