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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Friends: Friends Spiked
by BAP ([email protected])

New York, New York so good they named it twice, or so a good friend of mine
had said a little while ago. It's 1999 and raining hard, I'm sitting in a
little coffee house just off of the park enjoying a coffee, slowly killing
time till the seedier more entertaining nightlife in this town lumbers into
life, as always I was looking for something, anything to try and stem the
long bouts of abject boredom that my kind is always cursed to develop in

I don't know what it was that first attracted me to the girl, her youth, was
it her firm pert breast's their ever erect nipples pushing through her tight
t-shirt, was it her incredibly tight little ass encased in a very short
clinging skirt showing off to perfection her long well toned legs to their
best advantage, was it her dazzling smile and glittering eye's, or was it all
of this together adding up to a jaw dropping beauty marred only slightly to
my sharp eye's and old fashioned ideals by an almost indeterminable nose job
done some years ago, probably as a graduation present from her adoring

I easily chatted her up and secured an invite up to her apartment, on the way
there we both new we were heading for sex, what she didn't think was how soon
we would be at it. The apartment door swung shut and I had her in my arms
kissing her deeply our tongues in each others mouths and our hands all over
each others body's, I reached my hand under her skirt and ripped her
microscopic thong panties from her perfect ass. She gasped into my mouth as I
jammed two fingers into her already soaping wet pussy, if she thought she was
in for some slow sensual sex, she was wrong.

I fingered her eager cunt as I backed her towards the big couch in the middle
of the living room, as her ass touched it she came; throwing her head back
she screamed her orgasm to the world. When her head snapped back to look
deeply, longingly into my eyes I was naked having shucked my leather duster
and heavy leather jeans. She gazed down my pale lithe muscular and sculpted
body; automatically she cupped my flaccid cock in her warm little hand,
before she slid to her knees and took me in her hot wet mouth.

If I had been breathing I would have gasped as she took all six inches of my
cock into her lava hot mouth and sucked eagerly, bobbing her head giving me
as expert a blowjob as I have had even from the most expensive of whores.
After ten minuets she stopped and looked up at me with a quizzical look in
her eye, the silent question asking why I hadn't erected under her masterful

I looked down into her confused and pleading eyes and said, "Bedroom!"

She stood up and led me to her room by my cock, I liked that. Once in her
room I sat on the big king size bed and told her to strip. Then as if to some
unheard music she started to dance erotically as she stripped, it didn't take
long as she only had two items of clothing on. As she danced naked for me I
realized that her body was as perfect as it gets, absolutely stunning. I
stood up took her hand and lead her to the bed, it was time to return the
oral sex favour.

I laid her down onto the bed and kissed her on the fore head, and then moved
down to the tip of her nose, to her lips lingering as we swapped tongues for
a while, I kissed her chin her neck, I could feel her pulse on my lips and
unconsciously my incisors (not my knines like in all those dreadful movies)
elongated into razor sharp fangs for a second or two as I could smell how
rich her blood was through the thin skin of her neck. Down more I took her
erect nipples one at a time into my mouth, nipping them a little with my
teeth making her moan. I continue down over her flat belly kissing and
sucking all the way till I reach her quivering labia, the smell of her sex
accosting me as my lips make first contact with hers.

She gasped and came as soon as I touched her; the taste of her girl cum was
exquisite. Spreading her labia with my fingers I gazed at one of the cutest
pussy's I've ever seen wet pink and pulsing along with her pulse. I began
lapping at it like a thirsty dog licking the full length of her sex, sucking
gently then strongly every time I got to her throbbing clit. Yet another big
advantage of not needing to breathe is how good it makes your head giving
skills. God she was hot approaching yet another orgasm, falling back on
countless years of pleasuring females I skillfully brought her to the brink
and held her there for a while before taking the plunge, my two front teeth
extending I and bit deeply into the artery in her groin drinking deeply as
her burning hot blood flooded into me as she came and came in a body
shattering multiple orgasm, as I took my fourth massive draft I felt my cock
come to life inflating with the girls delicious blood.

Pumped up now to my full erection I assumed the position over her panting
prostrate body, I looked into her eyes and asked her if she wanted to be
fucked now, she looked at me with her big doe eyes and whispered a little
exhausted yes. I positioned my raging cock head at her wet opening and
pushed slowly. I watched her face with a crewel smirk as she gasped and her
eyes shot opened as she realized just how big my erection is.

Now I had her undivided attention I pushed all of my cock into her in one
strong brutal stroke, she screamed as my bell end breached her cervix and
fucked directly into her womb. Her face was so beautiful to me screwed up
in agony as I rocked my hips just enough to pull my massive cock head clear
of her cervix, and then pummel it back in bottoming out against the roof
of her rapidly bruising womb. Finding my rhythm I started to lengthen my
stroke eventually plopping out of her cunt completely before slamming back
in giving her the benefit of all eleven and a half inches of my manhood, I
had her pinned to the bed by the shoulders as I ravaged her mercilessly.
Her screaming and pleading were turning me on no end as I fucked her harder
and wasn't surprised that she started to cum again, it's been my experience
that just as their pain reaches a peak the bitches cum harder than they
have before, they may not want to because they are getting brutally raped,
but they do and they do it hard.

As she came down from that one and thought it couldn't get any worse, I
flipped her over onto her knees and fucked my cock all the way into her
arse feeling her sphincter tear and split as I invaded her virgin ass hole,
grabbing her perfect arse cheeks I fucked her hard and fast, her blood and
cum were greasing my way as I fucked her to another screaming orgasm as I
pumped my cold seed deep into her ruined bowels, as the last spurt entered
her she passed exhausted into unconsciousness.

As I went into the living room to retrieve my clothes a small skinny girl
with black hair came into the apartment, her eyes went wide and her jaw
dropped as she seen me move like a cat across the room naked with a massive
hard on that was so hard it didn't even move. Well what's a gentleman to do
when his blood is up; well to be pedantic someone else's blood is up. I
reached her before she could react and bit into her throat, just enough to
exert my control. In a blink of an eye she was naked and on her knees
gobbling my knob into her mouth tasting her room mates cum, shit and blood
under my foreskin and by the way she was handling it I don't think that she
had encountered a foreskin before.

This slut also turned out to be an expert cock sucker and it wasn't too long
till I was pumping my cold seed into her suckling mouth, she swallowed every
drop moaning as she lapped at it. I pulled her up to her feet and bent her
over the kitchen table and entered her shaven pussy, no screams this time
just deep throaty moans as I fucked her hard and fast, she was actually
fucking back at me with her skinny boy like ass. I reached round and grabbed
her tits, they were a nice size but implanted. She started to cum, her cunt
milking my cock forcing me to orgasm with her, I pulled her hair back hard
arching her back and bit hard into her neck as we came. I drank long and deep
from her until I felt her heart slow down before I stopped dropping her to
the floor.

It was then an evil idea flashed into my brain, I pulled her to her knees her
face inches from my cock still raging from all her blood, with my thumbnail
I made a deep slash in the vain just behind my glands and pushed into her

As she tasted her cum and my blood on my cock the thirst took her and she
sucked on me as if her life depended on it. God the pain was intense, so
fucking good that I didn't last more than a few sucks before unloading
another load into her hungry suckling mouth. She didn't stop and kept on
sucking my blood down until I couldn't take any more and pulled her head
away, her eyes rolled up in her head and she passed out.

I carried her through to her friend's room and put them into bed together she
would need to feed when she woke up, chuckling to myself as I arranged them
in an intimate if rather pornographic embrace.

As I walked out of the room to leave, a third girl came into the apartment,
before she could react, I pounced onto her knocking her out cold, then as an
after thought stripped her naked and put her to bed with her two friends.
The three of them were so cute laying I couldn't resist, out came my still
spectacularly erect cock and I fucked the tall blond girl's virgin ass till
it bled and then stood on the bed and sprayed them with my cum, god my cock
was sore.

Getting dressed I could hardly button up my jeans the hardness of my cock
after the two sweet loads of blood I had saver making it almost imposable to
move it, I would have to go out and find another couple of fuck holes to play
with. I lit a fag and left the friends apartment.

The End


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